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Vice President Joe Biden is making a list of recommendations that he will submit to President Obama on Tuesday on which weapons he feels should be banned. Glenn argues that this is all an act, Obama knows exactly what he wants to ban. They were just waiting for the right opportunity to take advantage of a crisis.

Glenn explained, “So here’s what’s going to happen with gun control. Joe Biden ‑‑ I love this. Joe Biden is going to recommend to ‘that guy; exactly what weapons should be banned on Tuesday. So they’re waiting in the Oval Office for Joe Biden to get back to them with his recommendations. Does anybody think that ‑‑ that’s actually the news of the day. Does anybody think that Joe Biden is ‑‑ that anybody is actually waiting for anything that Joe Biden has produced? I don’t even think his doctors are really interested in the stool sample they would ask him for from time to time. Nobody’s waiting for anything that he’s producing, and I think the stool sample is the only thing that he could actually produce.”

“This guy is a complete buffoon and they’re trying to have us believe now that, well, he’s going to come up with that list of all the things that should be banned. Then the president is going to look at it, and they’re going to have a good strong discussion. Bullcrap they are. Bullcrap. You know it and I know it.”