Glenn on O’Reilly : I consider it a badge of honor

Cable king Bill O’Reilly interviewed Glenn last night on The O’Reilly Factor and pushed him for details on his bid for Current TV. Glenn said he considered it a ‘badge of honor’ that Al Gorezeera is more offended at him than he is of the women stoning, homosexual killing, Osama Bin Laden supporting network that is al Jazeera.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Al Gorezeera, good name for the network that acquired Current TV and for the treasonous deal made by Al Gore. 

    Anyone trying to make a difference for the better in the world, from a local level to that on the international will face intense opposition from all directions. Many people seek to leave things in the ‘status quo’ or assume that anything ‘new’ will actually do more harm in the long run or they will not benefit from it in some shape or form.

    Too many people simply ask “What is in it for me?”

    Those who seek to make a difference may ask the same, but also ask “How can I improve things for others at the same time?”

    Dare to pursue your dreams to the fullest of your abilities, and see how far you can go while making the difference in your area of the world. You may be surprised along the way.

  • Sam Fisher

    I wonder if Al Gore sold his soul to the devil yet.

    • Anonymous

      you can bet on it.

    • Anonymous

       actually, I think you have that backwards…..

      Satan sold his soul to Algore….

    • S. Boulliardi

      I wonder if X did Y yet…….

  • landofaahs

    Why do you think it’s named “AL” Jezeera?  Al’s green agenda is keeping American dollars rolling into the Jihadist oil producers in the middle-east.  If we don’t use oour own energy then we are beholden to the arabs.  Redistribution of wealth on a global setting.  How do you like it obama supporters?  Everytime you pay that high gas price, thank obama for it.   Laugh at the dumb liberals folks.

    • Anonymous

       we get most of our oil from canada, mexico, nigeria and venezuela.  Saudi arabia being the only arab country we get a sizable portion from, but more than half comes from canada

      • landofaahs

        Oil is a world commodity. When we take our ppotential supply out of the mix, it raises the prices all over the world, including Mexico,Canada and yes Saudi Arabia. Shiiping costs make it cheaper for us to import from Canada, just like Alaskan oil going to Japan was more cost effective because of the shipping and goofy environmental rules of the U.S. west coast. But the oil Japan getting from Alaska reduced what they need from elsewhere. Taking our oil off the supply table raises the world price all over. Redistribution from ythe U.S. to places like Saudi Arabia. So your comment is a non sequitur.

  • Jason Young

    Every single time ANY liberal insults me, I get all warm and fuzzy in my heart, and birdies with flowers in their beaks start flying round my head!  It’s simply paradise for me, because I know I’m making their libtard progressive liberal facist life worth living!  Go ahead and hate me, liberals!  Glenn and I are in good stead, right up there with Breitbart!

    • S. Boulliardi

      Jason Young, how does it feel to be the person you are? How does it feel to wake up and be Jason Young, the eminent follower of Mr. Glenn Beck and his teachings? How does it feel to have no standard of what counts as knowledge and to blindly ignore any sense of self-criticism?

      -a smug libtard who thinks you’re an idiot for actually entertaining the usage of the word libtard

      • Anonymous

        Says the childish troll who defends Al Jazeera.

  • Anonymous

    Gorezeera?  Very close to the pronunciation of the Japanese word Gojira which is otherwise known as Godzilla in the USA.

  • Karen Rose

    This is the straight truth…Al Gore looks just like a zombie or a count drackula…he looks like a manikin…lol I hope I am spelling all theses names right…anyway he doesn’t look like a real human lately…he may be involved with those blood drinkers in London, and he is turning into something bad…lol 

  • Anonymous

    God Bless you Alex Jones! Infowars is simply the best there is. Caution real men are on Infowars!

  • Melly

    So will your “American Dream Labs” continue to spread the same xenophobia and blind hatred that you seem to want us all to feel?

    I fail to see how someone who preaches love, acceptance, intelligence, and other positive things, can turn around and advocate such hatred.

    Al Jazeera has done more for fair reporting around the world than someone like you will ever do.  Like I said on the Alex Jones article, stop with the hatred, stop with the two-faced attitude.  If you want to bring people together, stop trying to divide them.

    • Anonymous

      That’s right, Melly.  Spew your hate and vitriol and ignorance.  We will feed upon it and convert it to peace and  love and we will triumph because anger, ignorance and hatred weakens the soul and you will do yourself in.  So, c’mon!  Give us more!  We’re hungry, and the sooner you destroy youselves in your own hatred, the better!

      • Anonymous

        Wait. WAIT.

        How did you construe her statement as some kind of hate-filled diatribe? She said, pretty accurately, I might add:

        “I fail to see how someone who preaches love, acceptance, intelligence, and other positive things, can turn around and advocate such hatred.”

        Glenn DOES say a lot of incredibly nice things. Glenn DOES speak about everything that she mentioned and then he often DOES turn around and advocates the very opposite of what he’s trying to preach. Some of his rants DO get a little xenophobic and Al Jazeera actually has done some REALLY accurate and fair reporting.

        Left and Right media outlets are doing their utmost to make us look at eachother as if we’re some kind of mortal enemies that need to duke it out. Progressives see Conservatives as draconic patriarchs and Conservatives see Progressives as new-age communists. Is anything Melly said not fair? Are people like Glenn, Hannity, Matthews, Maddow and almost every other talking-head pundit on either side of the political fence NOT adding to American divisiveness?

        I don’t hate Conservatives; I don’t agree with them on everything. I don’t worship at the altar of Progressivism; even if I am a bit left of center. What you’re being fed and what you’re seeing in the media is a crystallization of two political extremes and neither side has been very fair to one another in the portrayals.

  • Anonymous

    Its always good to see Glenn and Bill talk.But for .Al Gore to sell Current TV to a terrorist TV station only shows what kind of character he has.Thank God he wasn’t president.

    • S. Boulliardi

      DUDE, I know! Al Jazeera must be a terrorist organization!!! We should all start watching their news instead so we can be up on their plots!!!!!!

  • Snorri Sturluson

    Given Obama’s anti-Constitution legerdemain, consider for the future what the rising influence in U.S.politics of Islam, Organized International Crime and the UN along with covert radical Islam might mean for San Francisco, Greenwich Village in NYC, Las Vegas, Gay Marriage, Feminism, Planned Parenthood, Freedom of Religion and Speech.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn stated (not the precise narrative) that Gore’s representative said NAY as to his purchase simply because Gore had a reputation to maintain?????  Love the “Al Gorezeera” moniker, Glenn. 

    **Also, Glenn’s provocative; however, truthful statement: “….that Al Gorezeera is more offended at him than he is of the women stoning, homosexual killing, Osama Bin Laden supporting network that is al Jazeera.”  Wow, it doesn’t get better than that………THE TRAITOROUS TRUTH.   

  • Anonymous

    I am really blown away.  To think that this man missed being our President by a hair!!!  Good grief!

    • Carol Morgan

       I know, right? but now look WHAT, (not WHO) we have!

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    glenn…the only badge of honor anyone wants to see on you is the bloody exit wound the hollow point leaves when you finally do us all a favor and end your pathetic life.

    • Guest

      The vulgar, leftist racist, bigoted cockroach is back again.

      When did you abandon your wife and child for the boozing girlfriend?

      Another death threat you sick pervert. Go back and support your family you moron.

    • BentGhazi

      Why don’t you just wait for him at the corner window on the 4th floor of the Texas school book depository, Lee?

    • BentGhazi

      This is way over the top, toilet swab jockey. 

    • Anonymous

      Hey  what’s up SUCTION great to see your back to let everyone here know that you will now and forever be known here as SUCTION
      Can’t wait to see you here again SUCTION see ya the next time SUCTION!!!

    • Carol Morgan


  • Irina Krasnyuk

    The strongest will compete, and the winner will be the king of the island. That’s the burden of culture.

  • S. Boulliardi


  • S. Boulliardi

    re: Al Gore
    re: Glenn Beck
    re: God
    re: metaphorical forms

  • S. Boulliardi

    Hey, who hear wants to watch a movie tonight? itd be gr8

  • Anonymous

    Love you Glenn. Was so good to see you on O’Reilly, I tuned in just for you!

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