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Glenn played the epic grilling of the sleazy publications who outed the addresses and names of those living in NY and owning guns. Jeanine Pirro absolutely devastates the slimeballs who thought it made sense to equate legal gun owners to child murderers.

During an appearance on Fox News, Pirro said:

In the aftermath of the shooting of innocent children you, the Journal News, thinks it’s important to what? Out us? Think about it. You think it’s important to out us in the aftermath of the Newtown shooting? How dare you connect law-abiding citizens who’ve gone through rigorous background checks, who’ve been finger-printed, investigated and received judicial approval to exercise their Second Amendment right.

How dare you compare them to a nut job on the lunatic fringe, in desperate need of medication, playing violent videogames for days at a time. How dare you compared him to battered women in hiding, to the families of policies officers and to judges and D.A.’s like me.

This animal massacred babies. He didn’t have a pistol permit. He didn’t go through a vigorous background check to get a pistol permit. He took someone else’s gun. And, by the way, although it is none of your business, there is a reason people have guns. We don’t need your sanctimonious permission.

“She’s pretty much taken care of it there,” Glenn said.

But, Glenn decided to take the conversation a bit further. He said that gun owners are basically being treated like criminals even though they haven’t done anything wrong.

Stu said anyone on the right who printed the names and addresses of anyone registered as being in a same-sex marriage would immediately be vilified.

“Can you imagine how people would react to that?  And believe me I don’t support that at all.  We should not be making those obviously.   But imagine how the media would react if some conservative paper did that,” Glenn said.

“Imagine how the media would react if we printed the name of women who had abortions,” Glenn said. “We’re just going to put their names in the paper and we’re going to put their addresses.”

“Nobody would say that that’s reasonable by any stretch of the imagination, and everyone would say that puts those people in dangerous from crazies.  Why isn’t it the same respect shown to people who have guns?  You’re putting these families in danger from people who are crazy or criminal,” Glenn said.