How do conservatives win the debate over new gun regulations?

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Debates over the new gun laws are starting to heat up, but is anything going to happen? Glenn thinks that as far as the current round of negotiations go, the talk will ultimately result in a compromise. The President, however, will publicly be unhappy with the compromise, and when the next tragedy strikes he will blame gun owners, conservatives, and do-nothing Congress for the event. Glenn believes in such an event, the President will try to regulate guns using an executive order – at which point second amendment advocates will have two choices: violent rebellion or peace. Violent rebellion and talk of violent rebellion will not work. All credibility will be lost and the chances of success are slim to none. Instead, Glenn says it will take every person peacefully objecting to the new regulations to ensure a victory. Watch him explain in the clip above.

  • Anonymous

    “And for
    the support of this Declaration with a firm reliance on the protection
    of divine providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes,
    and our sacred honor.”  enough said?

  • sparducks

    Nice try Glenn. This is not going to go the way you think in such simplistic terms. Americans are much more sophisticated than that. Well at least those who didn’t vote for Obama. What’s more likely is that people will resist gun confiscation including governors and sheriffs. Impending financial crisis will cripple all economies and other political parties will emerge to offer a solution like a fascist party. There will be fascists in canada and mexico and other countries. They will start posturing for control of the government. crisis after crisis will bring the emergence of a strongman who will enact policies that will save the country and unite the people. A minority will be picked out and they will be persecuted. War will start in europe or the middle east and then back and forth power struggles will ensue. There will be mass killings. Vendettas, reignited blood fueds. America will watch but be crippled by economic anemia. If civil war starts here it will be by the federal government attacking certain state governments. There may be some ethnic murders and random violence but it will not be by the majority. Econmoic disparity will polarize fiscally responsible states from those who refuse to deal with their spending. But take a lesson from history. Our own revolution was started by the British and our own continental legislators voted for war. Crazies who start firing on police will be jailed.
    My point is that when the shtf we’d better have some guns. The AR15 is the key to world freedom. And if you watch youtube there is a whole new generation of young people very adroit at building them.

    • sparducks

       I don’t think Obama has time to wait before the impending fiscal collapse. He wants those guns now. Governors and Sheriffs will resist and lawyers will sue but europe and the middle east will become bigger than gun control. Just to clarify.

  • gbtv post

    We don’t lose the violent rebellion.
    We lose if we don’t undo 100 years of progressivism in 100 days with 100 million dead progressives, liberals, socialists, communists, “call it political system X”, whatever they want to call themselves this time.
    We lose if we do not purify ourselves and our nation.
    We lose if we leave just one of THEM breathing to accuse us of the crimes THEY have committed.
    We lose if we continue to let them dictate the terms of our national suicide.
    We lose if we are weak.
    If I fail, one million die…  Let this be a mantra.
    For freedom no longer stands at the precipice… it holds on by it’s fingertips, and these savages are trying to beat our hands with hammers.
    No negotiation.  No peace.  We take their tactics and apply them with full force against them.

    • Austin

      “We lose if we don’t undo 100 years of progressivism in 100 days with 100 million dead progressives, liberal, socialists, communists. ‘call it political system X’, whatever they want to call themselves this time.We lose if we do not purify ourselves and our nation”. Holy fucking shit. Calling for the death of 100 million individuals just because they have a different view of the political spectrum is not going to gain any recognition from anyone who thinks rationally. The only people who would be behind this are mass murders or in this case EXTREME right wing fundamentalists. You are the last person who should own a weapon. 

      • John Dale

        Few would have to actually die in a revolution, Austin. Wake up. It would be a velvet revolution like the one in Chile, where they threw out the socialists.

        • Austin

          In gbtv post’s mind it would honestly be the exact opposite of the Velvet Revolution. When one says “We lose if we don’t undo 100 years of progressivism in 100 days with 100 million dead progressives, liberals, socialists, communists” then there after proceeds to go on and say “We lose if we do not purify ourselves and our nation” that is the polar opposite of the Velvet Revolution and sounds a lot more like the rhetoric of Adolf Hitler then anything else (the mass killings of the other side that is). To add on the Velvet Revolution was the peaceful revolution against the one party communist system of Czechoslovakia, not the overthrow of a socialist government in Chile John.

          • sparducks

             This is exactly why you need to be armed with an AR15 Austin. Procure one for yourself immediately and buy 1000 rounds of ammo and go to the range and shoot them. Take time at the range to walk around and talk to all the folks that are there shooting. After your hooked and have made some new friends go buy a glock and get your concealed carry permit and help the rest of us defend eachother. I promise you’ll be able to hang on to your core principles. In your own words;”just sayin”

          • Austin

            Im sorry but I will have to respectably decline, though I don’t have a problem defending anybody.

      • Anonymous

        While not calling for their deaths…I most certainly call for an end to their treason against the Consitution of the United States in bastardizing the original intent and the blood of our awesome soldiers, sailors and military…and our forefathers..nothing like this muslim weasel in the White House.

        • Austin

          How are liberals treasonous to the constitution, because we want to regulate weapons and not allow military grade weaponry (assault rifles for example) in the hands of ordinary people? Honestly how are liberals bastardizing the “original intent and the blood of our awesome soldiers, sailors and military”? Because we don’t think it was a good idea to start an unnecessary war (police action technically) and police the rest of the globe for wrong doers against what are standards of democracy are? You would be throwing a lot of independents, libertarians, and a small amount of conservatives under the bus on that one too, just saying. How are liberals disregarding the forefathers as well? Im assuming that has to do with the second amendment one way or another. Finally “the muslim weasel in the White House”. Did you know he attended a CHRISTIAN church for over 30 years? 

          • greywolfrs

            Hey stupid, civilians can NOT buy assault rifles, that is a lie. So, you liberals don’t want to police the wrld? Why is Obamao in Yemen or Africa? Nice try, but you obviously don’t have the first clue about which you speak. Rev. Wright’s church can hardly be considered “Christian.” Onelast thing, do not think you speak for Libertarians, you do NOT. In fact, you proably have no clue what one is.

          • Austin

            This is what I get for trying to be polite here huh? Odd you’re calling me stupid because its “true” that civilians can’t buy assault rifles. That would only be true for a few states, but you can purchase and own assault rifles in any other state thanks to expiration of the Federal Assault Weapons Ban back in 2004 fucktard. Yes liberals don’t want to police the world but individuals such as Obama, who has really just been another Bush, do. To add on how can Rev. Wrights church barley considered Christian? Finally I never thought I spoke for Libertarians, I was simply saying that a majority do not support the War on Terrorism, or drugs for that manner. To add on the the definition of a libertarian seems to differ from person to person, much like “liberal” but the philosophy of Libertarianism in a nut shell is the emphasis of freedom, liberty, and voluntary association. Libertarianism also calls for the minimizing of the state. Basically the government who governs least, governs best.

          • greywolfrs

            First, you have no clue what you are talking about:

            As the United States Defense Department’s Defense Intelligence Agency book Small Arms Identification and Operation Guide explains, “assault rifles” are “short, compact, selective-fire weapons that fire a cartridge intermediate in power between submachine gun and rifle cartridges.”[21] In other words, assault rifles are battlefield rifles which can fire automatically.[22]

            Weapons capable of fully automatic fire, including assault rifles, have been regulated heavily in the United States since the National Firearms Act of 1934.[23] Taking possession of such weapons requires paying a $200 federal transfer tax and submitting to an FBI background check, including ten-print fingerprints.[24]

            Many civilians have purchased semiautomatic-only rifles that look like military assault rifles. These civilian rifles are, unlike actual assault rifles, incapable of automatic fire.

            That is an “Assault Rifle.” You can not buy an “Assault Rifle,” since the ban in 1934.

            I doubt I need a moron like you to tell me about Libertarianism, since I have been a Libertarian for a VERY long time. Do you also realize that Libertarians are about the Constitution, as it is written, which means NO guns laws are legal.

            Next time, have some clue about what you are talking about, before opening your pie hole. Dunce.

            It’s better to be thought a fool, rather than open your mouth and remove all doubt.
            -Abraham Lincoln

            P.S. Shove your politeness where the sun doesn’t shine. You come here spouting your left wing lies as if anyone here cares. Piss up a flag pole, dirtbag.

          • Austin

            Hey dipshit you contradicted yourself. Claiming that individuals can’t legally own “assault rifles” in its own definition, then going around and giving me a lesson how I can legally own one. “Taking possession of such weapons requires paying a $200 federal transfer tax and submitting to an FBI background check, including ten-print fingerprints[24].” You are a fucking idiot. To add on, I tell you the basic definition of libertarianism and you berate me with insults and nothing but? Sounds like a defined it fine but you just don’t want to admit that a liberal answered correctly. 

            “It’s better to be thought a fool rather than open you mouth and remove all doubt”
            -Abraham Lincoln

          • greywolfrs

            First, you seemed to miss the point on the definition of an “Assault Rifle,” imagine that. Second, an “Assault Rifle” requires a “collector’s permit,” something you could never afford. Third, morons like you saying that anyone can just walk into a gun a store and buy an “Assault Rifle” is pure B S. So, continue lying because that’s all you have.

            You think you told me the definition of a Libertarian, but since I have been one for 15 years or more, I doubt I need a dolt like you to tell me what one is, since I am living, breathing proof. I see you missed the most important part of Libertarianism, being a Constitutional fundamentalist, which relating to this gun control crap, there should be NO laws restricting guns. Never mind that though, that doesn’t fit into your stupidity.

            So, let’s recount, you think you know the definition of an “Assault Rifle,” but don’t. You conveniently leave out the MOST part of Libertarianism and give some B S you looked up on the internet as an answer, proving you know nothing about it. Then attempt to throw the exact quote I used back at me. Yep, you are a moron. The only thing you have correct is you are a left wing dolt, then again, we really didn’t need any confirmation. One only needs to look at the drivel that drops out of your pie hole to know that.

            Go back to the Huff Puff Post.

          • Austin

            I was lying? I never said, “that anyone can just walk into a gun store and buy an “assault rifle, I was saying that its was legal to purchase and own an assault rifle in some states, though one can get the weapon through different means besides just walking into a gun store. I was not the one saying it was illegal for any citizen to own and have possession of an assault rifle, which now it seems you have seemed to completely bail from that argument. Yeah I left out the part where libertarians are “supposed” to be constitutional fundamentalists but I did not need to mention it because anyone who subscribes to any political ideology seems to deem themselves “constitutional fundamentalists” so its was superfluous to state, until now that is. So I am a complete idiot because I left out that part and told you, in a nutshell, what libertarian ideology is, was not aware of the definition of an assault rifle; which you told me the definition of, so I don’t see why I would still be ignorant of the proper term of an “assault rifle” unless you completely lied to me, and because I lean to the left? Well shit I must be so stupid for rendering you original argument of it not being allowed to purchase an assault rifle anywhere wrong. Sorry bro but I don’t read the Huffington Post so i’m not going back to it.

          • Anonymous

            It has something to do with 100 years of perverting the intent of the founders, usurping the principles of the individual liberty and the rule of law, and violations of the Constitution too numerous to list, not to mention the violations of their oaths of office.

          • Austin

            If you are going to make a statement like that you really need to lay down specifics. So heres what you can do, you can make a response with actual specifics of how liberals are “usurping the principles of the individual liberty and the rule of law, and violations of the Constitution…” then we can have a debate of some sort, basically when I can respond, because as you can see it happens rather late.

          • Marie

             Okay, so it’s not okay to start “unecessary” wars but it is okay to borrow trillions of dollars from China (to pay for those wars and all the gov’t agencies you liberals  love so much), it is okay to steal money from hard working Americans to give to poor welfare queens and foreign countries that hate us, and it’s okay to start a massive Ponzi scheme masquerading as a retirement fund, of which is then raided to pay for Section 8 housing?

            Liberals are the ones who insisted upon all these government agencies and departments to “help” people, and it is these government agencies that are financially killing this country.  The war in Iraq is a drop in the bucket compared to all the wealth Social Security, the Department of This and That (Department of Education, Department of Energy, Department of Human and Health Services, the Environmental Protection Agency) have drained out of the economy.

            That is why liberals do not belong in this country – you people cannot spend money responsibly.  It’s time to turn everything over to the people who CAN spend responsibly.

      • Anonymous

        You haven’t been paying attention to your boy in the White House and his good buddy, Weatherman terrorist Bill Ayres.  The idea of mass murder is all yours.

        • Austin

          But I wanted Jill Stein to win.

  • roy rambo

    24kt bullsh!t

  • Anonymous

    It may work if, and that’s a large if, the president isn’t totaly evil. Like the Jews who only wanted peace and did not resist the nazis in the 1930’s and 1940’s. Is that how we should accept peace? As for holing up like others in the past, waco will not work either. We must march against evil. Christ said sell your cloak and buy a sword, so he was not always for the peace route, and still isn’t. Read your Bible, it gets very violent in the book of Revelation, and Christ slaughters alot of people. That said Glenn is right, the peace route will work with honest government, but we don’t have that anymore do we? So what to do, i wonder if Glenn recalls talking to the retired military men who said in a fight the military will side with the people not the feds.

    • Texian

      You just easily knocked down Glenn’s house of cards.  Pacifism has never won anything.  Glenn – peacefully objecting?  Are you kidding me?  They are tyrants. For a person who claims to know history he sure isn’t learning from it.  If Glenn were around in 1776 and they listened to him there would never have been an “America.”  I don’t understand Glenn anymore.  His plan wants us to just wait and be thrown to the lions.  May your chains set lightly upon you Glenn..

      • Greg Williams

        You don’t really pay close attention to Glenn.  Do you realize that advocating violence to otherthrow the government is a crime.  However, we get to have a peaceful revolution every couple of years – it’s called voting.  Now a funny thing is, the Declaration of Independence.  The second paragraph is pretty informative.  Here it is – “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.–Such has been the patient sufferance of these Colonies; and such is now the necessity which constrains them to alter their former Systems of Government. The history of the present King of Great Britain is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States. To prove this, let Facts be submitted to a candid world.”

        Even though it talks about the people abolishing a government that has failed them, it points out the hardships that arise from such action and that the cure may be worse then disease until it is cured.  This was a peaceful declaration separating the US form England.  The war began because the King sent troops to secure the weapons.  Let us hope, there is a light at the end of this tunnel.

    • Anonymous

       Right on, we don’t have an honest government anymore.

  • Michael Murphy

    MLK, Gaudi and Jesus were all murdered. Not a good way to end your day. I also seem to remember that a recent defense funding bill gave the president the right to arrest any citizen and hold them indefinately. They will not be using the jail cells either. A barbed wire enclosure is all they need. I am afraid that if our States don’t come to our rescue we are going to be up that well known creek. The States created this monster and they need to get it under control.

    • sparducks

       Precisely. Your Sheriff is just the guy to start with. is the place to go for info. Our founding fathers designed an ingenious way to stop tyranny. It’s called The County Sheriff. he answers to no one but the people. he is th highest law enforcement oficial in his county and the fed has to go through him to effect an arrest or seizure. Printz v. United States – 521 U.S. 898 (1996) establishes this president and several sheriffs have used it in recent months and years to thwart federal raids against their constituents. Check this out and spread the word. Call your sheriff find out where he stands. I’ll bet 90% of sheriffs are red state guys. How many are in this nation? lets find out. SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL SHERIFF!!!!!

      • Greg Williams

        Actually the highest law enforcement officer is the individual.  When you find yourself called to jury duty, go.  Do your best to get picked.  Then follow the constitution (not federal, state or local laws) when deciding guilt.  You want to win on any issue, just acquit anyone that is charged with violating liberal agendas that have been made law.

        • sparducks


    • Sam Fisher

      Seeing how God wanted Jesus to die on the cross to save our

    • Sam Fisher

      Seeing how God wanted Jesus to die on the cross to save our souls.

  • William Winkelman

    Glen seems to be under the mistaken impression that the upcoming revolt against the Federal Government will be some kind of American Civil War redux.  People will foolishly form ragtag armies and march out into the countryside to meet the Federal troops head on.  Well, I suppose, early on, some idiots might try such things, and if they do, their quick and pointless deaths will be a valuable lesson for others.  They would be easily wiped out by modern battlefield weapons and air power.

    No, it would be a guerrilla war, Glen.  Attacks would be against the Federal Government and all who would continue to support it.  It is unfortunate that this would be their only option, for this is a particularly brutal type of war.  The revolutionaries would first target obvious representatives of the Federal Government, the list would quickly expand to include state and local law enforcement and officials that refuse disavow all ties to and support for the Federal Government.  Employers who continue to collect Federal taxes, welfare recipients, illegal aliens, neighbors who rat out revolutionaries, etc. would all be targets.

    Yes, the Federal government would send in troops, but their difficulties would be Afghanistan times 100.  They would have overwhelming force at their disposal but with no clear way to apply that force.  These troops would also be asked to attack their fellow countrymen; many would refuse; others might even support the aims of the revolution.

    How odd that this could all be precipitated by an attempt to ban semi-auto rifles, as these would not be quite as handy to have as a scoped, bolt-action rifle capable of making accurate shots a much longer ranges.  (Well, some more expensive, tricked-out semi-autos can do this too, but they are more expensive and harder to maintain than the average hunting rifle.)  Even as simple Molotov cocktail might be a better weapon in such a conflict.  Oh, and bombs would be all over the place.

    Not for me, though.  Not only am I too old and sick to participate in such things, but as a traditional Christian, I am not sure that this is the proper way forward.  Glen was wrong to speak our Lord’s name in the same context with Gandhi and MLK (who, by the way, had Communist ties and used threats of violence in his speeches.  Just read the unedited text of the darn speeches before your knee starts jerking.)  Also, when Christ came into the world, He did so as our High Priest.  Priests do not fight in battles or wars (ref. Levites in the OT).  This does not mean that God expects His people to be pacifists.  In the Old Testament, God’s people fought wars and battles according to God’s instructions.  When Christ returns, he will return as as Judge.  The evil empires of this world will be cast down.  God is not a pacifist according to any honest reading of the Bible.

    I believe that there is still hope for a political solution and that war is not necessary.  There will be a forceful political counter reaction to the things that Obama is doing.  American history is replete with examples of such counter-reactive political movements.  Further, I believe that Obama might get us into a serious war with his reckless foreign policy.  When we are weak, our enemies are tempted.  Obama is tempting our enemies more and more as time passes.  This is the war that worries me.  What if, for example, Russia and China decide that this would be a good time to nuke us?

    • sparducks

       First Russia would back Iran and maybe invade Poland or Ukraine. China would probably annex Taiwan. They would probably attack Japan or Australia before Attacking the U.S. They are already flexing their muscles in the south China sea. And as for a civil war. It would be one coalition of states against another. probably with a deck slightly shuffled this time. i think states like Kentucky and Indiana would not fight for the fed.

  • Anonymous

    The question was how do conservatives win the debate over gun control? The answer is quietly. Stop telling everything you know and tipping your hand. Stop stoking the flames and feeding into the progressive trap.

    • Draxx

      People are losing sight of their goal of removing guns from American Households…

      It is not so much that they are afraid of a Civil War, but by American Citizens holding on to their weapons/guns that gives the common man/woman HOPE!  Hope that if things get bad enough they could affect change by fighting back, but without Rifles & Pistols people would not attack with the same rigor (and many give up easily because they do not want to be the Martyr).  Sticks and Stones may break bones, but Military & Police Weapons Kill At A Distance!  Even though the average gun owner is not a lunatic they are going to paint that picture anyway, if people act as individuals or small groups. 

      All Social Media is being tracked, emails too, they used Egypt as a test bed to find out the extent of Social Media in a Revolution.  And they already have counter-measures in place (but Google will never admit to it), all they have to do is go to one of the HIDDEN/Secret Federal Judges that Issues Warrants behind closed doors (for National Security of Course, NOT) and recieve the go ahead to take them out as Domestic Terrorist with the FBI, Federal Marshalls, and Military Units.  And I know some people are going to say this is BS, but they have never been to a country where this happens (but there are many, many, many of them)….

      A Single Thread Of HOPE Can Change Everything!!!

      • Bonnie Somer

        true then there r the real Americans the ones who remember y the constitution exits the ones who understand America and who and what she is obama is not American he believes we are sheep he heards but we the people own him and the govt that is his mistake not remembering that yes peaceful that is the way come together in DC and just hold signs stop this commie nut he will stop at nothing we must not either

  • Anonymous

    First few funerals of these types and their families and political positions will change very rapidly.

    Only question is when and where the first shots of the second American civil war will happen. 

  • Brad

    “How we act and REACT will chart the future…” I think it better to say Respond. A man once explained to me that I shouldn’t react like a nuclear warhead to a hostel situation but rather respond like an EMT. Food for thought.

  • Nes


  • Nes

    Do you mean like the occupy movement and all that accomplished? Give me a break.

  • Tim Marshall

    Just point to the FBI statistics over the last 5 years that show homicides by guns are going down, especially by rifles- which make up only 3.8% of all gun deaths anyway- while gun sales have increased. But then the left never let facts get in the way of their progressive agendas.

    • Elena

      This needs to be the response — made loudly and made clearly.

      Do not be distracted by the children he will use tomorrow as mere props and puppets.

  • Faith Kolb

    Glen, You have been a great support and inspiration to the American People. I, for one, would very much like to thank you for digging deep into the political dirt and exposing the pollutant soils within. Thanks again and again for all you do.

  • Don Quick

    we win by going after Planned Parenthood,a diversion tatic, beat Libs at their own game,for every shooting victim that libs blame guns and the NRA for,we blame every dead babie and the loss of value of a Childs life on Planned Parenthood…

    • Elena

      Well, that put Planned Parenthood and other abortionists in the lead with like a million dead!

      Get the facts out — gun crimes are not committed by lawful gun owners.  They are committed by criminals in possession of an illegally obtained gun.  It’s 4 percent lawful gun owners to 96 percent unlawful gun owners.

  • Richard Hughes
  • Guy Linn

    Glenn, you are assumng that the law enforcement officers and the military would follow illegal orders to violate the constitution.  The military takes an oath to support and defend the constitution against all enemies foreign AND DOMESTIC.  That includes illegal exectuive orders and any NATO countries trying to enforce them.

    • Anonymous

      Sorry, but I am afraid that you will find a significant number of military and law enforcement (I hope and pray not the majority) cannot even paraphrase much less recite or explain the relevance of the 2nd amendment to their sworn duties. It is naive to anticipate that many will not simply follow orders with little or no informed consideration of the constitutionality of those orders. 

  • John

    I have the misfortune of living in New York State. When they screwed over the citizens of this state with a secret, closed midnight vote where legislators had only three minutes to read the bill. I was outraged…I served a year in Iraq fighting for other peoples rights and now I am losing them at home?!
     I wanted to strike out and fight. Rather die on my feet than serve on my knees…or so I thought. I watched this video that Glenn Beck just did and it stopped me dead in my tracks. He is right. I let my blind rage at the injustice to the American people cloud my judgement. I will follow the advice the he has given.
      I will not comply with the unconstitutional law. I will go peacefully to jail so that I may not inflict harm on a fellow serviceman/woman. I will protest loudly the injustice but I will not be one of the few who fan the flames that burn out our Second Amendment.
      Thank you Mr. Beck. I feel a huge weight lifted from my shoulders.

  • Anonymous


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    December 17th session Region 4 contact: or (860) 537-7562

    3. As of October 1, 2012 anyone applying for FEMA courses
    must obtain a FEMA Student Identification (SID) number. For more
    information and to obtain a SID go to:

    You will need this number to complete the course
    application form (119-25-1) that will be filled out at the beginning of the
    class. FEMA certificates will be mailed to participants after completion of
    this course.

    4. Class size is limited to 30. Please sign up as soon as
    possible to  guarantee a spot in the
    class of your choice.

    5. There are no prerequisites for this class.

    6. There is no cost for the class and lunch is on your own.

    Instructor: Bruce Lockwood

    Bruce is the Deputy Director of Emergency Management for the
    Town of New Hartford, CT and the 1st Vice President of the International
    Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM) – US Council. He is a Certified
    Emergency Manager through IAEM. Previously, he served for 15 yrs as the
    Director of Emergency Management/Fire Marshal for the Town of Canton and for 5
    yrs as the Emergency Response Coordinator for the Bristol Burlington Health
    District. Bruce is a founding member and was the First President of the Connecticut
    Emergency Management Association (CEMA). He Co-Chairs the Connecticut Child
    Emergency Preparedness Committee, and serves on the Sub Committee for Early
    Childhood and Daycare Preparedness. Bruce is on the Public Health Preparedness
    Advisory Committee for the Connecticut Department of Public Health. He served
    as the 2nd Vice President of IAEM from November 2011 -2012 and two terms as the
    President of Region 1 from November 2007-November 2011. He chaired the IAEM
    Children and Disasters Ad Hoc Committee from 2008 – 2012. He serves on the
    Advisory Committee for the Emergency Preparedness Initiative Global (EPI).
    Bruce served from 2007 – 2011 on the National Commission on Children in
    Disasters, where he chaired the sub-committee on Evacuation, Transportation and
    Housing releasing reports to the President and Congress in October 2009, May
    2010, and October 2010. In 2009, he worked with FEMA as the IAEM SME in the
    development of a “Children in Disasters” course released in June 2010. In 2010,
    he served on the OJJDP – Juvenile Justice Programs and Facilities Emergency
    Preparedness working group releasing a planning guide in October 2011.


    My first response is: You Got To Be Fn Ass (FnA) Kidding

    When I say SOB’s, S stand for that which you give birth to

    So, when I say – You SO-FnA-B’s!!!   Understand what I am truly saying.

  • Anonymous

    The “do nothing Congress” will have to chose. Follow the Constitution and IMPEACH and knock down any Executive Orders he signs or capitulate and turn the country into total tyranny. Peace is achieved ONLY when one group completely OBLITERATES his opponent.Peace is not the absence of war but the defeat of the enemy. “SI Vis Pacem, Para Bellum”. 

  • Keino Boyd

    i really feel sorry for you guys,you just spread hate when there are so many other things going on in this world,whats the big deal about guns,i think you are trying to compensate for something else you are missing,there is no need for assault weapons in the hands of citizens,you want one join the military,im sure the would love to have you

    • Anonymous

      Not much of a historian, are you Keino?

    • Elena

      Dude — it’s not hate that you are hearing, it’s fear based on past events.  Gov’ts are not truly the friend of any people.  When left to their own devices, all gov’ts become oppressive of the natural liberties of the citizenry.  When led by power-hungry men, they can become deadly to their own citizenry.  Witness Syria, Iran, Iraq under Saddam in the present tense.  References to Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, are all equally valid.  These men stipeed their citizens of rights to bear arms before engaging in wide scale slaughter of all citizens or oppressed minorities within the country’s borders.

      No civilian can own an assault weapon.  They can own a semi-automatic “lookalike.”  A military rifle has a selector switch that moves betw semi-automatic and burst mode.  Semi-automatic means one bullet is fired only after the trigger is pulled.  Burst means three (3) bullets are fired only after the trigger is pulled once.

      Automatic weapons have been forbidden to civilians for decades.  An automatic fires bullets until the trigger is released or it runs out of ammo.  Automatic weapons are typically belt-fed not magazine-fed as are semi-automatics and M-16’s.

      Gets the facts straight.

    • greywolfrs

      Hey stupid, civilians can NOT buy assault weapons. Learn somthing before you spout this drivel. I feel sorry for you, our tyrannical government is taking away your freedom and you are not smart enough to realize it.

    • Anonymous

      Public school?

    • Frank Balcer

       in the 1930’s, Hitler disarmed the Jews & look what happened/

  • Anonymous

    It was for the protection against an oppresive govt that we put these rights in in the first place..out of control..just like the big O…and it seems like the people are still following like sheep…after all this…WHY?  He is not legally in the office.  He is a foreign born traitor to this country.  The deficits are intentional to destroy us..he did this in collusion with Pilosi and the left in Congress. of the most evil countries ever…owns us.  I used to try not to buy Chinese products, as they are so horrible and they would destroy our economy.  It is now almost impossible to buy anything not made in China.  And your jobs..

  • Laura

    Hitler disarms Germany, Mao disarms China, Stalin disarms Russia, Obama disarms America? OH HELL NO!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, I’ve always liked what you’ve said, but I think you’re horribly naive on this one. The Native Americans surrendered their weapons peacefully at Wounded Knee and were slaughtered. The Jews surrendered their weapons during Nazi Germany and were slaughtered. Those who lived through Hurricane Katrina can tell you that even without legislation in place, the National Guard was kicking in doors and snatching weapons. If they get legislation to back them up, who knows what will happen?

    This President will have no qualms about exterminating those he fears will threaten his rule. We’ve protested. We’ve talked. We’ve tried to negotiate. The media won’t cover it, and the government covers its ears. If we aren’t allowed to defend ourselves with our guns then the Second Amendment is worthless. That’s what it’s there for–to defend BY FORCE against tyranny. Going peacefully to the slaughterhouse is the same as flushing our Bill of Rights down the toilet.

    I love peace, and would prefer to live in peace. I have no plans to attack the government. But defense is not the same as attack, and if they come knocking, I have every right to defend myself and my family. If our Founding Fathers, whom you love to glorify, had put down their weapons and peacefully surrendered to their opponents, we would still belong to Great Britain.

    • Elena

      What I am thinking is that Glenn does not want a French Revolution style revolt.  The French just killed for killing’s sake.  In the American Revolution, there was a greater purpose, and it was led by men of principle.

  • Anonymous

    “Glenn says it will take every person peacefully objecting to the new regulations to ensure a victory.”

    Do we peacefully climb into the boxcars after they take our guns, Glenn?  That worked great for the Jews, as I recall.

  • Anonymous

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  • Ryan Charmbury

    Your assuming you will go to jail.  You might go to a camp instead!

  • Sloane H

    Um, Glenn I’m not sure about that endgame. I don’t think our Military will fall in line with a anti-constitutional movement. You would have a split in our Armed Forces. Additionally Our Armed force would not allow other Nations to operate on American soil. If anything that would start a war but it’s not a Civil war it’s a war against an oppressive government that needs to be removed from power. I think there is a point where a line has to be drawn in the sand where we the people say that we have had enough of our ruling class politicians and quickly escort them out of office for good. If Obama uses as many executive orders as reported or goes overboard with these new laws thats the start so what is next the 1st Amendment? You know the one where they come in and close everyone news source down that does not suport the Government.

  • Sam Fisher

    Fighting should be the final option when all other bridges are burned down. We should not be even talking about an armed revolution right now when there are so many other things that can be done in the here and now. Civil war should be used only when they trampled and shoved so much tyranny in our face that other countries will take notice of how evil Obama has to be the next Hitler before we could even stand a chance. Without backing from other countries it would be almost impossible to win and we would be just sending people into a meat grinder with no hope of ever winning. A revolution can be won but our leaders have to be made to look evil in the eyes of the other countries which with Obama we don’t even have that because most countries are controlled by Marxist as is. Obama is no fool when it comes to manipulation of the useful idiots in this country how else would he won the election with things as bad as they are and we would not only be facing half of the military which I think Sloane H is right on that regard and the U.N. troops which most of them sees us as the great Satan we would be crushed by the weight. It would be mass suicide on our part of the field. There are smart was of fighting and really stupid ways of fighting and fighting with no back up is really stupid. Even Sun Tzu got help to bring China into one nation. We may someday have to fight but let’s make damn sure we don’t have to with all other options first.

    • sparducks

       I concur

  • Jeffrey Saupp

    The people’s argument on Constitutionally protected Rights                      – Failed
    The people’s argument on the 2nd Amendment’s rational                          – Failed
    The people’s argument on Human’s Right to self-defense                          – Failed
    The people’s argument on defense of third-person                                     – Failed
    The people’s argument on facts about violence involving guns                    – Failed
    The people’s argument on the Tenth Amendment and State’s Rights          – Failed
    The people’s argument on personal privacy about gun ownership                – Failed
    The people’s argument on magazine capacity                                          – Failed
    The people’s argument on “sporting and hunting” purposes                       – Failed
    The people’s argument on mental health, medicines and guns                   – Failed
    The people’s argument on media bias against gun ownership                     – Failed
    The people’s argument on firearms manufacturing jobs                               – Failed
    The people’s argument on Government monopoly on gun ownership            – Failed
    The people’s argument on Government Tyranny and Historical examples     – Failed
    The people’s argument on …

    Where do The people go from here?

  • Jeffrey Saupp

    The people’s argument on Constitutionally protected
    Rights                       – Failed

    The people’s argument on the 2nd Amendment’s rational                            – Failed

    The people’s argument on Human’s Right to self-defense                            – Failed

    The people’s argument on defense of third-person                                         –

    The people’s argument on facts about violence involving
    guns                   – Failed

    The people’s argument on the Tenth Amendment and State’s
    Rights      – Failed

    The people’s argument on personal privacy about gun
    ownership            – Failed

    The people’s argument on magazine capacity                                                     –

    The people’s argument on “sporting and hunting”
    purposes                        – Failed

    The people’s argument on mental health, medicines and
    guns                   – Failed

    The people’s argument on media bias against gun ownership                     – Failed

    The people’s argument on firearms manufacturing jobs                                                –

    The people’s argument on Government monopoly on gun
    ownership    – Failed

    The people’s argument on Government Tyranny and
    Historical examples             – Failed

    The people’s argument on …


    Where do The people go from here?

  • Anonymous

    I believe the President WANTS a violent reaction to his executive gun ban. He has all the provisions in place to put himself completely in charge of all transportation, communication, law enforcement, martial law, postpone any and all future elections, bypass congress and the judiciary, arrest and detain citizens at will, etc… as soon as a riots begin. He is provoking violence so that he can be the complete dictator he always wanted to be.

    • Anonymous

      You are so right Tia. Obama couldn’t get his occupy wallstreet group to instigate riots, so he is goading the conservatives into doing it. We are falling right into his well crafted trap as usual. We have become like victims, reacting instead of acting. After all we have been through it is understandable, but we must stop and think this through carefully. There are ways to make sure guns are not confiscated. We will ban together and help each other get through this because we are family, all of us together.

      • Anonymous

        Our local Sheriff was asking his officers last week whether they would willingly participate in a gun seizure from the citizens if the federal government enacted a gun control measure requiring it… The officer that told us about this responded with, “hell no, don’t (expletive removed) ask me to do that!” however, the fact that they are asking this question of our local law enforcement tells me that the works are already in place to do this. Our military, foreign military, local law enforcement have trained for just this scenario.

  • Anonymous

    For those who want peace, you won’t have peace until you get rid of intentions of hatefulness. Those who want to  get rid of guns, get rid of hate. Hate is the cause of all problems in society. 

  • Anonymous

    Sad thing about Glenns’ idea is that, yes you can be arrested,  and yes when they release you, you come home to your ransaked house and your guns missing.  Or maybe you had taken the time to hide them.   Will they waterboard you?  Will they release you,  suspecting highly that you do indeed have guns.   Or will they open the doors to the FEMA camps or something like that? 

  • Anonymous

    We ban together, help one another, and fight with our heads, not our emotions. Think outside the box and find a way. Obama was counting on occupy wallstreet to give him the widespread riots he needed to instigate marshall law. Now he is goading the conservatives into starting the riots. We have become the reactionary party! Come on guys, we are much, much smarter than this. Take a deep breath and think this through. We are going to be okay as long as we can count on each other. Your family can count on my family, and this I guarantee.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn keep reminding the people of doing things peaceful and the right way.Even JFK even
    encouraged peaceful means.MLK and Jesus were perfect to remind people.We don’t need
    another civil war.

    • Anonymous

      “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable.”

    • Anonymous

      “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable.”

  • Anonymous

    I have to point out that gandhi said this – Among the many misdeeds of British rule in India, history will look upon the Act depriving a whole nation of arms as the blackest.” – Mohandas Gandhi, an Autobiography, page 446.

    Learn more:

  • greywolfrs

    I hear what you are saying, Glenn, but there is one thing you are not seeing or refusing to see. These left wing dolts will not allow this to happen peacefully. You go into this without the will to do what it takes and they WILL do to you exactly what you are saying not to do. They will arrest and hold you, without due process. They may even just kill you and the people with you. This is great in theory, but would never truly work. They will NOT go down without a fight. That is reality.

    • Anonymous

      greywolfrs…I essentially agree.  I’ve supported Glenn for years.  Not always agreed with him, but I thought he was good at setting aside the self (ego) and WAS open minded. Most of all I figured he was getting people involved and helping them to think for themselves, so I support that.  He is so freaking arrogant these days I can barely listen to him or watch him.  He definitely led the charge for many people regarding the awakening…5 years ago.  I don’t know if he’s too busy touring around selling books or what, but he’s lost the edge that made him unique and popular.  He claims he’s moving forward, and I do applaud things he’s developing, but it seems pretty apparent that his level of consciousness is stagnating.  

      Virtually everyone I know who use to watch him has maintained the path of awakening and has far surpassed him at this point.  He is still such a freaking Republican / Neocon about several topics and just can’t let go!  And I love when people call him and Pat out on the show about it.  They get super defensive and shut people down by making fun of them and talking over them…like Liberals do!  And we all have been there so everyone should be cognizant of what I’m saying.  You know, when that tiny thing in your gut sees validity in the opposing argument  but then emotion overcomes you as the indoctrination you identify yourself with and find comfort in is legitimately challenged. Then the defensive mechanism kicks in and you lash out with a passionate response.  Well that’s not extremely common with him, but prevalent on a few topics at least.  The truth lives here huh?  If this trend continues, he should change it to “The ego lives here”.  How many times a show do we need to hear, “I called this 5 years ago…I called this 3 years ago..”  Yeah, so did many of us who actually think for ourselves.

      He needs to be more objective and set aside his emotions on several topics and look at them strategically and objectively.  I don’t need some guy who has more ego than I, let it blind his vision, and then PREACH to me…and that’s what he does these days.  For example, the service member who called in prior to the election…while Glenn was putting everything he had into get Mitt elected (but anyone not blinded by ego / emotion could plainly see that he was virtually the same and had ZERO clue regarding the debt based Ponzi scheme we call an economy), Glenn and his crew proceeded to tell this service member that he was the dumbest person they knew…or something of that effect.  I could write a book on the election and discuss morality, principle of non-violence and how voting would make me hypocritical, etc. but I’m not in the mood.  But Since Glenn is such the Libertarian these day…ROTFLMAO…maybe he can explain this to us.  The problem is that he can’t because he’s still, in many ways, stuck in the box of indoctrination.  And his ego is preventing him from admitting this and stepping outside. 

      Just my 2 cents.

  • michael

    Beck failed to note one other commonality of Ghandi, Jesus, and MLK. They were all victims of political murder. Dead men cannot struggle to perserve their life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
    If you truly believed your opinion to be legitimate Glenn, why did you move out of the belly of the liberal beast, New York city?
    Currently, our military threatens to be mothballed due to debt . Certainly veterans of the middle east conflicts would be in the ranks of an armed rebellion. But in the American revolutionary tradition, a typically invisible (and unpredictable) guerilla resistance would be the mode of engagement for any government paramilitary forces.
    Compliance and non-resistance earned the mid-20th century european jewry 6 million helpless fatalities. Americans might desire and expect a different fate.

  • Anonymous

    Any attempt at armed rebellion would give the President te right to declare Marshall Law.
    This President would like nothing more. It would give him the power to suspend the Constitution. Think before you act stupidly. We still are a Nation of Law and have recourse.

  • Anonymous

    There have been several cases of positive “interaction” lately where instances of possible violence have occurred and the only person that is injured or “taken down” has been the attacker and maybe an innocent bystander with minor injuries.  But the general public would never know it because the lame stream media refuses to report it.  Fortunately, some of us live in Fort Worth, Texas, where we can subscribe to the Fort Worth Star Telegram and read of these incredible events.  Even some of the local radio and television stations report on these events.  It’s amazing how well informed we can be. 

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know about peaceful revolution.  The revolution for our independence wasn’t peaceful.  But it was successful.  The libratards aren’t playing the issues with quiet, peaceful revolution, so, why should the rest of us.  The Russian revolution wasn’t peaceful, as millions of the lower, middle and some upper class Russians and others were murdered in the name of communism.  Ditto with Stalin, Mao, Ho, Che, Castro and on telling how many other commie crazies.  Then there was ‘Museolini’ and of course ole Hitler.  The commie and fascist countries cause cleansings, wars and conflicts every so often to thin out the population ‘for the good of the collective’ and the elite bosses.  If a future American Revolution happens, it will be due to the oppressive nature of BHO and his commie minions.  The commies have been trying to take us over for the last 100 years, from within.  Well their predictions are becoming more and more true.  It’s time for some good ole fashion decisions, America, It’s time to wake up and smell/see the dangers.  Do we want to become the USSA, or not.  I choose the “not”.  I will become part of the local “militia” if necessary. 

  • Guess Again

    Translate: TURN IN YOUR GUNS and go to a FEMA camp. Someone please explain how Glenn is NOT a government/CIA operative? Jesus, MLK and Gandhi were SLAUGHTERED. 

  • Anonymous

    If the 2nd most important amendment is violated and no one acts but rather complains, acquiesces and submits; then no one need insult you. You will live with the shame of being who you are: hypocrite, coward and slave.

    To rebel and resist as a civilian citizenry against government are not the aspirations of the insane or the reactions of the agitator; rather each is a Constitutional Right promoted and practiced by the Founders.

    The Founders acted with force and passion, placing their lives and fortunes in mortal uncertainty; none awaited the next “ballot box” for a quiet resolution.

    But if you submit, you do not deserve to be enslaved, you need to be enslaved.

  • Marie

    This is such BS.  Peace NEVER works.

    Why does Glenn have such a boner for Ghandi?  Ghandi was a sack of crap who hated Christians – some peaceful person he was.  MLK Jr is highly overrated and was a communist Republican who believed in reparations.

  • Marie

    Furthermore, the country is NOT on the Tea Party’s side already!  The Tea Party – us, whoever – are already hated by the public.  As I said, peace is NOT going to work. 

    Other countries already hate us.  They’re not going to support us no matter what we do.

    Glenn proposes we play patty cake with the evil people in this country because it’s mean or something.  Utter nonsense.

  • Anonymous

    It pains me to hear all this talk of armed rebellion. Consider the actions of the Founding Fathers prior to the Declaration of Independence. They exhausted every peaceable option open to them first and pointed out having done so in the Declaration of Independence: “In every stage of these oppressions we have petitioned for redress in the most humble terms…”  I will  wager that less than 1/4 of the fanatical hotheads breathing out threats or armed insurrection against the government have actually sat down, written and mailed to every one of their congressional representatives, and to the President, and to the Judges on the Supreme Court a calm rational letter setting forth their concerns and what actions they expect of our elected Legislative and Executive representatives, and the American Judiciary. Any who resort to violence before having personally exhausted all the peaceful means at hand to avoid it will certainly have blood on their hands at judgement. The Founding Fathers understood this and documented in the Declaration their understanding of it and their compliance with the principle; their compliance set the binding example for us. Any who resort to force of arms before having personally exhausted every peaceful option given by our Constitution will be just as guilty of destroying the Constitution as those whom they accuse of treasonous intent. They will have provided the excuse (however bogus) for those who are enemies of the Constitution, to set it aside. 

  • Capt Tee

    We need to fight Obama at the State and County level.  States need to put severe personal penalties on violating the Constitution (specifically the 1st and 2nd Amendments) and the State’s Constitution.

    States should empower and encourage Sheriffs to deputize large numbers of people (call out the militia) to defend against attempts to violate the Constitution.

  • Donnie Cheesman

    Gun confiscation is historically followed by genocide against the disarmed;
    America’s founders knew this truth, having defeated tyranny with their muskets,
    they gave us the 2ND Ammendment for a time such as today. 

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