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Last week TheBlaze invited you to participate in an online survey about guns and gun ownership, and the current debate about limiting or adjusting what is currently allowed within the 2nd Amendment.

The survey ended up with 106 questions and TheBlaze received nearly 5 million responses to the survey. Given the media narrative that would have most believe that Americans are in strong support of new gun regulations, Glenn went through the results of the survey on radio this morning.

Before getting into the results, TheBlaze gives a good breakdown of who a typical Blaze reader is:

• 100% believe in the right to bear arms
• 85% are at least 35-years
• 80% are homeowners
• 78% have children
• 76% are married
• 73% served in the U.S. military or have an immediate family member serving
• 71% of the respondents are male
• 66% own dogs  (36% have cats)
• 63% have more than one gun
• 54% read more than 12 books a year
• 52% have taken a firearms safety class

“If you take all of that data into account, the typical Blaze reader is a married man, a reader, over 35, who has a house, kids, dogs, and at least one gun.  However, it should be noted that readership has expanded significantly since last year.”

Glenn explained that TheBlaze poll started with 20 questions, and then asked Blaze readers to submit their own.

The most agreed upon question generated unanimous consensus. TheBlaze asked, “Do you believe in the 2nd Amendment.”

100% responded yes — that’s 4,876,394 people.

There was 99% agreement around the overall feeling about ‘why’ the 2nd Amendment was written by the Founding Fathers. That feeling was, “I believe the 2nd Amendment protects the people from a tyrannical government.”

“So this isn’t about hunting, at least for our crowd,” Glenn commented.

99% of the individuals who took this poll responded ‘no’ to these questions:

• Will an assault rifle ban prevent violent crime?
• Would you surrender your Second Amendment rights in exchange for a promise from the government to protect you from all harm?
• Should the UN or any other foreign entity have any say about American gun rights or the Second Amendment?
• Should a gun owners address be published?
• Did you vote President Obama?

“Before you think that the majority of those responding are card‑carrying NRA members or concealed carry permit holders, look at these two questions,” Glenn said, “Are you a member of the National Rifle Association and do you carry a concealed weapon?”

Just under half of those taking the poll said ‘yes’.

“Now, Gallup has been surveying America on guns and the 2nd Amendment for decades now, and it’s interesting to point out that a majority of Americans agree with The Blaze readers on the average citizen’s right to own a firearm,” Glenn pointed out.

Here are Gallup’s poll results:

In 2003 67% believed there should not be a law to ban the possession of handguns except by police and other authorized persons. Interestingly enough, the poll taken the week after Sandy Hook showed a 2% drop in those who called for a handgun ban. The overall support for a handgun ban has dropped 8% over a decade.

“That’s amazing,” Stu noted of the surprising drop following the incident that really sparked the discussion on gun legislation.

Looking deeper into TheBlaze gun poll:

• 88% own a gun
• 75% have owned a gun for more than a decade and they have more than two guns in their home.
• 74% think that every home in America should have a gun.
• 72% of respondents have taken a firearms safety class. However, only 37% believe that gun buyers should be required to pass a basic firearms skills test prior to being sold a weapon.

In contrast “Blaze readers are twice as likely to own a gun as the rest of America,” Glenn explained.  “According to Gallup, the last time that we had more than 50% gun ownership in the country was 1993 and it was at 51%.”

Looking at these numbers, readers of TheBlaze are likely more concerned that gun ownership could be at risk or become more difficult in the near future. In fact, 87% of those who took TheBlaze poll said that they are considering or will be purchasing a firearm in the near future.

And while 87% are considering purchasing a gun, 91% really believe that the president will use an executive order to enact a gun ban if congress will not. And a whopping 89% are worried that gun confiscation will be attempted before the year’s end.  98% say they will not willingly surrender their firearms if confiscation is ordered.

“Really important numbers,” Glenn commented.

The poll also shows that 64% have purchased ammunition and 45% have purchased a firearm within the past six months.

“May I recommend that you don’t purchase ammunition, that you purchase ways to make ammunition,” Glenn told listeners.

Two other overwhelming responses of the nearly 5 million readers who took our poll was one that the leaders in Washington may want to pay attention to. 97% said they will actively campaign against any politician who votes against the principals of the 2nd Amendment, and 99% believe that banning assault rifles will not prevent violent crime.

“What The Blaze found surprising is that Gallup’s recent survey on the possibilities of reinstating an assault ‑‑ a ban on rifles taken after the Sandy Hook murders showed no real increase in popular support for this action,” Glenn noted. “A majority of Americans is still against this action.”

After seeing the results of the poll, one thing is crystal clear: TheBlaze audience is filled with staunch defenders of the 2nd Amendment and that right is also supported by the members of our audience who do not own a gun.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Glad to see there are many people who understand WHY the 2nd amendment was placed in the Constitution. We need to know the Why’s of its working and crafting, so we know where we came from and what it stands for to us today.

    Obama and the Democrats care nothing for the Constitution in the end, only their ability to undermine and corrupt it to their own ends. 

    • Draxx

      The NRA is very helpful in getting the message out about our 2nd Amendment Rights, and these statistics show that Americans understand the meanings behind it…

    • Kissmy Ass

       You got that Right!

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    So which will Obama’s executive orders be in regards to firearms and the 2nd amendment?


  • Sam Fisher

    Gee despite the fear mongering the people still want their right to get a handgun looks like this country might be saved after all.

    • americanathlete

       Good indeed.

  • historyguy48

    One thing that Glenn said doesn’t make any sense, it’s like he’s forgotten exactly what we are dealing with.
    The Gandhi or Martin Luther non-violent revolution/demonstration works well against a democracy, even a socialist democracy like England, or what we were in the early 1960’s.
    It results in a slaughter of the demonstrators in a communist country, like Tiananmen Square in China in 1989, or in Iran in 2008.
    What he appears to have forgotten is that the communists control this country, nobody else. The non-violent revolution has little (no) chance of working. Don’t forget, the people that now control this country anticipated having to eliminate 45 million, or so, Americans once they took over.
    Can “we the people” win? It depends upon your definition of the word “win”. Yes, there is a chance that we can wrestle our government away from the communists. Not a good chance, but a chance.
    Will we end up with what we want? Even if we win, that result is less than doubtful. There have been tens of thousands of revolutions throughout history, There has been exactly one that ended the way ours did.

  • Anonymous

    I suspect that the end result will be a Democratic push for requiring background checks for all gun purchases and limits on magazine/clip capacity. Everything else they are currently talking about will presumably be compromised away.  There will be no gun bans nor will anyone have their guns taken away, there’s not even Democratic support for it nor would Obama do it through executive order since it’s too contentious (the one thing I think he might do via executive order is the requiring background checks for all gun purchases thing since that’s more in the realm of enforcing laws).

  • Anonymous

    A better question to ask in this poll:

    “Do you believe there will be violence if the government attempt to confiscate firearms in the United States?”

    • historyguy48

       That question, or one very similar, was on the poll when I took it. I guess he really didn’t like the answer.

    • sparducks

       The better question is what government agency will be willing to send their agents out to confiscate arms. Sheriffs are the top leo in their counties. You have to go through them to effect this. Every person should be petitioning their sheriff to stand against the fed. And also their governor. The supreme court ruled in favor of CLEO’s in 1997 in printz v the united states. this establishes that the federal government cannot use local leo’s to impose fed law. like gun grabs. Sheriff Richard Mack of Graham county arizona file suit against provisions in the brady bill. and won. so the precedent has been established.
       This is the rallying point around freedom’s cause. If the CLEOs  (chief law enforcement officer) of all of the counties in red america would stand against tyranny by nullification, we will win without firing a shot. Call your sheriff and tell him to be a constitutional sheriff. The only way tyranny works is with willing bureaucrats. Your sheriff is an elected official he cant be fired or controlled by the feds. and he runs the jails. if you dont have a constitutional sheriff the get one. look up educate yourself. this is really exciting information.
      BTW the AR15 is the tool of freddom for the whole world, and there are an army of young patriots very adroit at building them.

      • CathrynFarr

        This seems to me to be the BEST place to put our efforts towards making a difference in the politics of our nation.  Get to know our Sheriffs and actively work to vote ones out who are not willing to protect us. These people are very close to our communities and we should know everything about them as citizens. Attend meetings, write letters – this will be more effective that working on a senate or governor campaign. 
        We have a lot of work to do in the next 4 years!

        • sparducks

           Did you look up Urge your sheriff to join the other sheriffs around the nation. Does your sheriff even know about PRINTZ VRS. THE UNITED STATES. I’m sure Obama’s lawyers do. Glenn might be right about Obama’s strategy  but we can have our own. I’m sure most county sheriffs are red state. Why don’t we look at a map if this is true how long would it take to get the word out to them. Remember they are people too so they might not know that in their county they have power over every leo including the feds look it up. it’s true. some sheriffs have even threatened the feds with arrest if they engage in unconstitutional activity in their counties. AND WON. The feds backed down. This is crucial. time to get educated and spread the word. SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL SHERIFF!!!!!!

          • Anonymous

            I really appreciate your knowledge of this topic. You are a wealth of information, so let me ask you this question. How do we defend our right to 2nd Amendment protection through the local sheriff when the government utilizes the IRS as their method of confiscation? We could have every sheriff deputy in the country on board with 2nd Amendment defense, which tells me the government will simply utilize another mechanism at their disposal. The IRS does not have to send one of their agents to your door. They can simply cease your bank account until which time we drive to their local offices and turn them in. There would be no way to generate income on our part until compliance.
            So while I like the sheriff idea, I am just not sure that is the right solution.
            Your thoughts?

          • sparducks

            I’m no wealth of knowledge I’m just a carpenter. I barely attended a community college. I’m just a 50 year old father and grandfather who loves his children so much it hurts. And I don’t want them to lose their freedom and future. I’ve been investigating history and specifically the history of the 20th century. The unarmed population of Europe was a bone to be chewed by the dictators that rose to power there. Look up Katyn Forrest massacre and look up “HOLODOMOR”. Also look up how federal agencies are using illegal seizure of livestock, illegal road closures in the west to basically cripple cattle and lumber industries in the west.By the time your my age you’ve had enough of federal government intrusion into your life. What really got me fired up was watching federal agents in swat gear raid and seize Elian Gonzales and send him back to Cuba. What a crock. And watching federal agents with drawn weapons seizing raw milk from hippies. Milk for God’s sake.
            I’m not sure how you would keep the Irs from your bank accounts other than use cash or trade to operate. But physically having a weapon to defend yourself and your neighbors would be better than being like a rabbit in a hole right? We can worry about the IRS later if we let them take our guns now we’re done for. keep your guns no matter what laws they say your breaking. You are breaking no laws under heaven by owning a piece of metal.
              Look up an listen to all the testimonies of these sheriffs and you’ll see what we are facing. If we support our local sheriffs and they are defenders of the constitution we will prevail in a legal manner against these monsters.
             Get an AR15 and keep it. This is the implement of freedom. We need to promote the AR15 and basically stuff that ball back in the faces of these retarded pundits and politicians who want to demonize it. So to summerize it all:

          • Anonymous

            Think!  If the IRS seizes our bank accounts, don’t you think we will seize our guns and shoot them?   The government would not dare do anything to cause 100 million people to get mad enough to kill them. 

      • Anonymous

        Obama won’t use local law enforcement to take away your guns. He won’t use Federal agencies(in the begining) He will use United Nations troops from other countries who will be stationed on American soil. Through one treaty or another he will use foreign soldiers to disarm Americans. If we are to win any civil war or revolution our military must get involved, side with the constitution and defend the country. Some people in Law enforcement for one reason or another would follow orders as they did during Katrina in New Orleans and take your guns away. Some won’t no matter what! Primarily because they would consider any such order or law unlawful and unconstitutional. Mercenaries,hired thugs, etc would have no problem in killing you or your family especially if paid to do so by the government. In America private gun owership is the last stand of feedom anywhere in this world. The stats also say that —that body of armed people is the largest standing Army in North America. Not,hundreds, not thousands,but millions of private gun owners and that number is growing by the tens of thousands every day. More ammo and more guns have been purchased since Obama became President than every before in the history of the industry. Gurellia warfare worked well in Viet Nam , and has worked in Afghanistan and for the drug cartells in Mexico and South America. Whether in a jungle, the mountians or in an urban setting–house to house— it isn’t easy to get rid of your adversary. So it will be here if Obama continues on his present path. And it doesn’t look like he is going to stop until he removes anything/everything that is a threat to him. He is not afraid of congess, the supreme court or the military. As Commander In Chief he tells them what to do and the generals follow HIS orders.
        You’re right about the Sheriff in most states being elected and also being the Chief Law Enfocement Officer in their county,but a Sheriff  can be removed from office by the coroner in most states on criminal charges or be impeached by the attorney general of the state or brought up on criminal charges for malfeaseance of office or the local government agency can have a recall vote to remove him.  If the Federal government some how by passes the constitution and creates some law requiring law enforcement to confiscate your guns and a Sheriff refuses to comply he could be arrested,jailed or at the very least removed from office and a federal marshall or agent put in his place.The courts are owned by Obama and he would use them to enforce HIS will.

        • sparducks

           You are wrong. The sheriff cannot be removed by any federal agent or jailed by any federal agent. He is a duly elected official. ELECTED. If a federal agent comes to his county to exercize a search the Sheriff could require a warrant by a local judge or magistrate not some desk jocky in washington. Or some bureaucrat. but an elected judge. The reason why the federal government is so successful in imposing their will is because the population including elected sheriffs are uninformed. Get informed.SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL SHERIFF AND BUY  AN AR15.
          There is no way to predict how a civil war would go down in the US. My guess is the same way it did last time. Triggered by secession. If foreign troops step foot on American soil tomorrow it will be an instant blood bath. That would be like trying to dry shave a gorilla in a phone booth. or sticking your head in a hornets nest. The only way to get foreign troops here is to bring them in during a civil war. And besides if the US erupted into a civil war it would trigger a chain reaction around the world. There would be plenty of countries ready to repatriate people and land seized by there neighbors during ww2 and after. The UN would be helpless to stop anything. You don’t think Germany would try to get back the Alsace-Lorraine or the  Sudetenland ? How about the Serbs? They be killing anything in Kosovo that isn’t Serbian. Russia might invade Poland Ukraine and Georgia. shit would hit the fan .My brain is spinning out just thinking about it.  So stop worrying about a civil war here. Obama will likely do something like bring back the same assault weapons ban and count on local law enforcement to enforce it. And count on all law abiding citizens to obey under threat of being convicted of a felony. The feds only tool against us is passing laws and getting us all to obey them. 3000 sheriffs departments with all their deputies and posses could easily stop the feds. They just need to all be on the same

          • Anonymous

            I didn’t say a Sheriff could be (removed) by a Federal agent. NOW. I said that (local) authorities can and have removed a Sheriff from office IF he is brought up on criminal charges or malfeaseance of his office. It can be done in my state by the coroner, the attorney general of the state or he can be recalled by the people(if they have the votes). In so far as a Sheriff being removed by a Federal agent. What I said was IF some unconstitutioal law were to be passed and the constitution was by passed then in my mind in my opinion with congress on Obama’s side as well as the supreme court he would not hesitate to have federal agents surplant/ userp a sheriff’s authority and if necessary replace him. Obama has already proven that he wants the constitution gone and will use whatever he can to do it. He has issued more executive orders in 4 years then all the past president combined. In the early 60’s when intergration became the law of the land Bobby Kennedy, Attorney General, sent Federal Marshals into Mississippi  to enforce it. They didn’t get permission from any local judge or magistrate. They didn’t notify the Sheiff or ask his permission. Do you really believe that Obama would not bury some county/parish in a mountain of paper work and use every Federal agency at his disposal to get what he wants including the: FBI, CIA, ATF,Home Land Seciurity,ICE, Border Patrol,etc.I totally agree with you about the public not being informed and about supporting the sheriff and getting an AR. I do support the Sheriff and already have an AR. In my state we have 64 sheriffs one for each parish. The problem is like you mentioned they are elected. Elected is better than appointed,but it has its down side. Anyone who runs can be elected –they don’t have to be Qualified in Law Enforcement to run. A sheriff before being elected could have been a plumber, a used car sales man, a teacher, a farmer, whatever–so just being a Sheriff doesn’t make them the Final Solution or the end all/cure all for what ails your county. They are a politican first to get elected. Their politics and backers make policy and their Departments are controled by budgets which are generated by local funds: millage,bonds, taxes,etc.  All of which affects his decisions to carry out how he will act. In so far as my OPINION about a possible civil war . It is just that— an opinion just as valid as your contention about what you think will happen.Check out the the latest gun controls Obama has enacted. In so far as foreign soldiers on American soil remember the story about the frog in the warm water and how gradually the heat was turned up until he was boiled. As you noted Most Americans are not informed or for that matter really conerned about Obama and gun control. 51% of them elected him so they must agree with his policies. Which means gun owners are in the minority. Obama could use any type of chaos, national calamity or disaster to ask for outside assistance in helping with the spread of disease, safety issues or anything he deems necessary. Under the guise of foreign aid could troops be sent from overseas? How many countries are allies of the United States or friends willing to help us? How many are enemies and want to see us destroyed? No matter how it starts-whether secession,armed conflict,whatever– IT IS coming.Our only hope in remaining free will be with a gun not an election, a ballot box ,an elected offical or a political party.As far as a chain reaction around the world –what is stopping those countries from doing that now? They have already had civil war in those places,ethnic cleanzing, and Russia, The USSR, is indeed still a threat, our enemy and capable of taking those countries back now.  I agree–The UN can’t stop it any more than the on going genecide in the Sudan land and Africa. Th UN is not and has not been our friend. I did’nt say they could stop anything! The big question for everyone is Are you ready to lay down your life for your freedom or just talk about it. Question? What is the AR for? If not to defend your family ,your freedoms, your country. The 2nd amendment is not about Hunting or what type of gun you have or how much ammo you have. Ask the policemen that were in the bank shoot out in California where the two bad guys had automatic weapons and they didn’t –if their Department Policy should have allowed them to carry similar rifles. Many Law enforcement departments have changed firearms policy to keep up with the bad guys. They don’t obey gun control laws. Anyway—- Lock and Load ,keep your powder dry and remember sight picture, trigger control and center mass. We might disagree about minor points,but we are on the same page when it counts. God Bless America! 

          • sparducks

            There are 3088 sheriffs in america. they all need to band together and support each other. The precedent was already established in 1997 Printz v The United States. This is where we start. Not civil war talk.

          • Anonymous

            Reply to sparducks.  I’ve read the info at the that you suggested.It has been my experience as a 25 year veteran in Law Enforcement ( and not at the local or county/parish level) that  having assisted local Chiefs of Police and Sheriffs you can’t get any 3 of them to agree on anything.Especially when it comes to how each of them runs their own Departments. I’m sure you are correct in the total number,but considering their vast differences, varied bacgrounds, political afflications and often contenious relationships between counties/parishes(unwillingness to cooroperate even in investigations and share resources) that getting that many to come together to support each other is indeed mind boggling. It’s a nice dream,but an imposssible task. If you believe putting your hope in a Sheriff’s association for stopping  Obama  is your answer. I wish you luck. As you also suggested in your reference to Mack/Printz/vs the US I read the entire court case from the 9th circuit and the Supreme Court including the Justices decision. The 9th circuit court found that none of the provisions of the “Brady Act regarding “Backgroung checks” was unconstitutional. The whole gist of the case was based on the two Sheriff’s going to court to stop the Federal government—Congress from using them to do background checks on people buying guns. After the 9th circuit, it went to the Supreme Court. In an earlier case, New York vs the United States 505US144 (1992) the Supreme Court ruled that the Federal government,Congress, may not compl the states to enact or administer a Federal regulatory program. The Supreme Court In Printz Vs the United States had to consider three aspects in making their deision:” In the historical understanding” of the question in the constitution. “In practice” with regards to the constitution and “In the structure” of the constitution itself. The court had to review: the Brady Act, the 10th amendment, the “Commerence Clause”, the Federalist papers, and the Supremacy Clause of the constitution. (You should read these) In the end, the Supreme court stated/ruled that ” Congress can’t compel the states to enact or enforce a federal regulation program.” So the two sheriffs each in their in own counties do not have to do background checks for people buying guns as part of a federal program. They won!  So in so far as Supreme Court is  assembled TODAY that ruling will stand. Congress decides how many justices sit on the court. It has ranged anywhere from 5 to 10 over the years. The make up of the court (liberal vs conservative) basicly depends on who gets appointed by the President and approved by congress. Although conservative judges have voted liberal— so just because they were appointed by a Republican president doesn’t mean they will vote that way. The Printz ruling will stand until the make up or number of justices changes and becomes even more liberal. Congress is:the Senate and the House of Reps . The Democrats have a majority there and in the House the Republicans are losing seats and have given in to the President on several fronts.. Note! Obama Care is a Federal regulatory program that the Supreme court ruled is constitutional and will be implemented by the States. Didn’t the ruling in Printz say the government couldn’t do that ? Doesn’t the 10 amendment say that the constitution poses no limitations on the exercise of “delegated powers” ,but merely prohibits the exercise of those powers “not delegated to the United States” In other words those powers not delegated by the constitution to the federal government belong to the states–“States rights” How did Obama Care and Row vs Wade become law ? The Supreme Court! 9 Justices appointed for life.The “Commerce Clause” authorizes congress to regulate interstate commerence Directly,but does not authorize congress to regulate state government regulation of interstate commerence. The Federal government side steps the commernce clause by using national safety and regulating the trucking industry ,by using the EPA, the Energy Dept, and a host of other agencies to by pass the constitution.As I noted earlier, Obama will use whatever it takes to either by pass the constitution or get rid of it. If there is no constitutuion or he ignores it he will do what he wants.Like when he issues an executive order for example as he recently did with having your doctor report if you own a gun in his latest 24 executive orders on gun control or establish a nation wide gun registry. The Supreme Court ignores precedents in constitutional law all the time–don’t put all your eggs in one basket and rely on that. You can start with the Sheriff’s and the Supreme court,but there is only one viable solution– put a scope on that AR,buy some 30 round clips while you can and make your own ammo. Good luck! God Bless America! 

      • Ken Simon

        Just picked up Sheriff Richard I. Mack’s book “From my cold dead fingers, why America needs guns” and I am finding it very informative and intersting.

        • sparducks

           We need to get this word out it is the answer. BTW go pick up an AR15 next time your out. Thanks for response.

  • Anonymous

    Comment on 1-14-13 Glenn’s form of reaction involving 2nd amendment freedoms. Gandhi like
    protest verses violent action in response to loss of Second Amendment rights. Loss of Second Amendment infers a big swing to totalitarianism. Nothing was mentioned of legislative protest & secession, where broad groups in society banned together verses small extremist groups. If Congress & “our government” allows a police-state, and out-side foreign powers coming to our aid is not a possibility, then the government must be overthrown. Our fore-fathers revolted when
    British “government” went to seize their guns .Previous  protests were met with violence (Boston Massacre).  Are we NOT to follow our Founding Fathers ? I rarely disagree with Mr. Beck, but here I disagree.  

  • Anonymous

    In Virginia I had seen a woman displaying her holstered pistol with her two children in the shopping cart. What went through my mind was that no one was going to mess with her and her children. It made me feel safe. I strongly support the 2d Ammendment. I was taught firearm safety by my father at the tender age of 8 years old. Was taught how to hunt for food and defending our family and property. No one should be able to take that protection away from you. It’s not the firearm that can be dangerous, but the person using it.

  • CathrynFarr

    Isn’t it possible that the number of those willing to admit they have a gun in their home is affected by the “Big Brother” threat.  More people probably DO have a gun but just don’t feel comfortable telling others.  Part of me would love to have a “Protected by the 2nd Ammendment” bumper sticker on my car, but I don’t want someone targeting me, breaking into my car to see if I have one in the glove box or being aware of my ability to protect myself. Surprise is an ally in some cases.

  • Anonymous

    I have given this much thought; it is amazing our own law enforcement, FBI, CIA, NSA, and military is sworn to defend “THE CONSTITUTION” against all enemies foreign or domestic.  Isn’t a person or group; whether a member of the ordinary public, or an elected official who is hell bent on Fundamentally Changing America and the Constitution a domestic enemy?  The left and Obama are sworn to change America a.k.a the Constitution.  That has to considered with the larger question and issue of the Oath to defend our Constitution.  It is clear to me.  Attacking the Second Amendment (First Amendment has already been changed) in order to gain additional power over the citizenry IS a domestic enemy.  Is it not?

    • sparducks

      This is the exact mantra of the constitutional sheriffs. LOOK IT UP!!!! I urge you to listen to their stories watch their vids. they are their to protect us from the fed. Our founding fathers designed it this way they are the last stand before all out civil war. SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL SHERIFF!!!!
      Why do you think Sheriff Joe is hated by Obama he is one of the constitutional sheriffs of the project.

  • Anonymous

    Ha are you surprised? i mean it’s preaching to the converted.  There is never going to be sensible Gun laws in this country, special interest that hide behind and profit from the constitution and pay the politician won’t allow it.  European gun companies feed the interest groups and they only care about our constitution because its their profit ATM machine.  They love it when Democrats are in office because gun sales go up. Colt can’t make the AR-15 fast enough because of recent events.

    • sparducks

      The only sensible gun law would be for the federal government to butt out. And I doubt if colt is anywhere near the biggest provider of private citizen Ar15 purchases. Hell you can damn near cast and machine your own lower receiver now and some companies are offering composite lower receivers. Thank God Eugene Stoner invented the AR15. It could save the republic. Everyone should strive to own one. and ladys they are easy to shoot. Get your own in anodized pink and be the mamma bear no one will mess with.

  • sparducks

     In the United States today, of the 3083 sheriffs, approximately 98 percent are
    elected by the citizens of their counties or parishes. The county sheriff is your elected Law Enforcement Officer. He trumps city police chiefs, state police chiefs, and federal agents he answers to no one but the people. It has been established by SCOTUS decision in 1996. How many sheriffs in your state support the 2nd Ammendment? SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL SHERIFF!!!!

  • Craig Bowden

    We are at a critical moment in our nation’s history. The elitists in Washington DC appear they are moving to take away our right to keep an bear arms in direct violation of our second amendment rights.

    As such, if legislation is passed, it is your right to lawfully resist any attempt to confiscate your arms.

    I have come up with a basic plan to hopefully combat this situation, and I beg you to please listen to what I have to say.

    1. Currently, it is only proposed at this stage. No legislation has been passed. As such, I need everyone who reads this to buy ammo and guns. Also, start training steadily to ensure your accuracy.

    2. Since nothing is up for vote quite yet, I need each and every one of you to contact your Congressman and Senators every single day until they get the hint.

    Email them every day and call once a week. Do not let up the pressure.

    3. Sign these petitions (also sends an email to your representatives).

    4. If legislation is passed, we must push out state Attorney General to sue the federal government so it can be heard before the Supreme Court as unconstitutional. If they won’t listen to you push gun rights groups to sue.

    5. DO NOT TURN IN OR REGISTER YOUR WEAPONS. Make them come for them. And keep them stored in different locations.

    6. If they do come for you and your weapons, do not allow them in your home. It is unconstitutional for them to be there.

    7. Video record any attempt to arrest you.

    8. I am calling everyone to network with friends and family to create phone trees. Texting 2A to a family member or friend is their signal to call everyone to head to your home to witness, photograph, & video everything.

    9. Once the media has been taken, upload immediately. On twitter use the hash tag #2Aalert to notify all in the patriot network.

    10. Send to all media outlets possible. Local, as well as independent.

    11. Protest in front of court houses, police stations, etc. If anyone you know is unconstitutionally detained.

    This is a basic outline of how we will resist. Email any stories to me

    And please forward this to everyone!!

    • Guest

       So, post this as many places as you can.

    • sparducks

       One more thing you could do is buy an AR 15 lower receiver that is milled out to 80% complete and finish the milling yourself. Looks pretty easy. I know some don’t get it now but the AR15 may just save the republic. The AR15 community is so adroit at building them, I don’t think any government can stop them from being made. Everyone should own one including women. You can get ’em in pink. Get yours today. Now if that community could just mass produce ammo we’d be in good shape.

  • Anonymous

    In response to (“There was 99% agreement around the overall
    feeling about ‘why’ the 2nd Amendment was written by the Founding Fathers. That
    feeling was, “I believe the 2nd Amendment protects the people from a tyrannical
    government.” ) in the article above, I would introduce this thought.

    Columbine, Virginia Tech, Aurora Theater shooting, and Sandy
    Hook will always revisit the debate on gun control. From there, the debate typically
    elevates to the 2nd Amendment, where fears of a tyrannical
    government enter the arena. This pole demonstrates that fact, and I would agree
    the 2nd Amendment established this fail-safe. However, moving up the
    ladder of understanding I would further suggest the 2nd Amendment
    was actually an insurance policy to maintain the purpose of the 1st
    Amendment, the protection against our government ever establishing religious

    From this perspective, one could make the argument that
    horrific violent acts are pushing the discussion of gun control, which elevates
    the debate to the 2nd Amendment, and eventually paving the way for
    attacks against the 1st Amendment and Constitution as a whole.
    Religious Nationalism may be closer that we think, and if this slippery slope
    of altering the original intent of our Founding Fathers continues, we may be
    forced to debate much tougher decisions than gun control in the near future.

    So while school shootings are obviously tragic, they are
    laying the foundation for tyranny and control, of not only our right to defend
    ourselves, but possibly what religious decision we must make.


    • sparducks

       What? King George lll of Great Britain was sending federal troops and war ships to attack the colonists and subjugate them. He also tried to seize their powder supplies and outlaw the manufacture of firearms in the colonies. I think religion had little to do with it. These colonist by this time were well aquainted with war and the use of force. Great Britain had no problems with arming them and pressing them into service against the French. These colonists faced perils from everywhere. The natives, the french, pirates and a tyrant in England. No freedom rang in their ears. They tasted it and they were gonna fight for it. So please elucidate on your claims.

      • Anonymous

        I understand what you are saying and agree with your historical background. I was trying to state an opinion that I feel this gun debate is not entirely about guns, but eventually leading to a future where without the ability to physically defend ourselves, we may be subsequently forced into a choice of religion. I did not want to turn this discussion into a theological debate, but I feel elements of that reality are a component we may be overlooking.

        I hope this clarifies my post a little better.

    • greywolfrs

      Actually, it isn’t about getting rid of the First Amendment. If they are able to abolish the Second Amendment, ALL other Amendments/Rights will be taken away, not just the First Amendment.

  • Anonymous

    I read something of interest yesterday.
    We should repeal the 17th Amendment of the US Constitution. This
    would return the appointments and election of all Senators back to
    the individual states in accord with Article 1 Section 3 of the US
    Constitution. Woodrow Wilson (D) US President in 1912 authored the
    17th Amendment in 1913 along with the 16th Amendment on the Personal
    Income Tax. Repealing the 17th Amendment will put the power of the US
    Congress back to the states where it belongs and the 10th Amendment
    on Nullification will gain some strength along with the power of the
    people. Wilson knew what he was doing in trying to construct a big
    central government and weaken the power of the states and people. It
    took 100 years folks and Wilson was successful. Now the 2nd Amendment
    is in the way of the progressives and the threat of the government to
    take away our defenses is at hand. Without the 17th Amendment none of
    this would have been possible. We must repeal the 17th Amendment of
    the US Constitution.

    Under USC Article 1 Section 3 The two
    US Senators from each of the states was subject to the will of the
    governor and state legislature of the state from which they were
    appointed. The US Senator could be recalled by his states governor on
    issues not in agreement with the state and the Senator would report
    to the Federal Congress his states position on the issues and vote
    accordingly. This goes hand in hand with the 10th Amendment of the
    USC known as the States Rights Amendment.

    • Guest

       Wooa. The people in each state elect their Senators, not the States government. You want to take that power out of the peoples hands and give it over to the State? No thanks.

    • greywolfrs

      Do you even realize what you just said? You want the state government to be able to recall a Senator if they disagree on how they vote for bills? So, if you live in a state that heavily Democrap, but manage to get a Republican Senater, the state governor can recall them because they are not a Democrap and do not vote accordingly? Sorry, but that seems like a VERY bad idea.

  • Anonymous

    When we lose the 2nd amendment by Executive Order, Treaty at the UN, via a Democratic congress or the Supreme Court, the next thing to go will be the Constitution then Obama will open the flood gates of his Socialist/Communists/Liberal/Progressive agenda and assume complete power as Dictator. Don’t put your faith in a political party,a candidate,an election or an organization. Sight picture, trigger pull and center mass is all you know. Lock and Load people. The men at Bunker Hill did! Thank God they did!

    • Anonymous

       If Obama did that, America would immediately revolt. There would be bloodshed and an overthrow of the government. 100 million citizens, about 300 million arms would be hard to beat…. Us American citizens are not going to lay down without a fight to the death. We never have, we never will

  • Kissmy Ass

    Can we put the 1st and 2nd amendments head to head?

  • jamohio

    We need to know the governments actual reason for trying to disarm honest, law abiding citizens of their God given right to self defense!! The Second Amendment was written in stone, in a way the common man of the day could also understand!!

  • Snorri Sturluson

    The tide of public opinion from cities and states that vote and voted for the liberal / Marxist agenda of Obama is against the Constitutional issues of private property, of firearm ownership, of entrepreneurship, of protection from arbitrary search and seizure, of wealth accumulation. Consider the closed sessions, the last minute deals that are “rammed through” into laws. New York State’s now “agreed to” gun control bill is an example of how a dictator and his supporters pass laws. The people deserve the government(s) they get any the consequences. When the next voting, local, state or federal, occurs  remember it’s time for a third party. Also, voting with ones’ feet may be the only option to escape rapacious confiscation of income, wealth and private property.

  • Anonymous

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  • Ken Simon

    Since this is a Constitutional issue, I like to read what our founding fathers thought in guilding our virtue and freedoms: John Adams – “Our Constitution was made only for moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” The question is, are we the same contry and government? NO! certenly not.

    So, here is what Thomas Jefferson said “I know of no safe depositor of the ultimate power of society but the people themselves; and if we think them not enlightened enough to exercise their control with a wholesome discretion [freedom of choce], the remedy is not to take it from them, but to inform their discretion by education. This is the true corrective of abuses of constitutional power.” It’s not up to the government to take away or modify the 2nd Amendment, but to educate the people.

    I’ve found these last few months that our founding fathers have really thought out many of these issues long ago, and have good reasons why the power was placed into the hands of the people, and not into the government. May the 2nd Amendment withstand another assault from those who wish to dismantal our country bit by bit.

  • greywolfrs

    If the government is to seize absolute power, they will have to get rid of the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment is the only thing that ensures ALL other Amendments/Rights. That is why it is important to get rid of it, whether by EO, UN Treaty or any means they can.

  • Dave Ki

    Thing is how many people answer the question truthfully about owing guns? I told everyone that may answer the phone and have some pollster there that ask about guns that they were lost in a boating accident and hang up if they persisted. Assuming they even took the poll.

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