Telling: Stu saw Zero Dark Thirty, Glenn saw Les Mis

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It was a movie kind of weekend for the crew. Stu, like most normal guys on the team, saw Zero Dark Thirty. Glenn, notorious for watching and actually liking Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow – went to see Les Mis. Glenn wouldn’t be able to catch a football if it were handed to him – but he sure can review a musical. Who soared and who flopped?

Unsurprisingly, Stu raved about Zero Dark Thity, calling it the feel good conservative movie of the year.

“It was fantastic,” Stu said. “I thought it was great. And, you know, by the way, a lot of people were talking about this as it’s going to be too nice to the Obama administration. Completely untrue. If anything, this will ‑‑ watching this movie justifies everything conservatives have been saying about the war on terror for the past 50 years.”

“We could find out someday that this was all made up and all of this reporting is wrong. But if the movie portrayed it accurately, which I believe it does, and all reporting says that it did almost too good of a job, some of it ‑‑ some information that maybe shouldn’t have been out there was the complaint against it, that they ‑‑ the woman who headed this up was a real woman in this scenario was 100% sure. And the other people in the room, they portrayed it as the least sure they were, that Osama Bin Laden was living in this house was 60%,” he said. “And they sat on it for four months. Now, remember what we’ve always been told about Osama Bin Laden, that the guy’s shifty, he’s moving around from house to house, he’s untraceable. If the that were true, they would have never had him. They waited way too long to act on this information, and it was much of it bureaucracy where this administration waited, it waited, it wanted to be sure. They went against the recommendations of the CIA who wanted to just bomb the building and not risk the lives of our soldiers. They did it anyway. I mean, this movie is the conservative feel‑good movie of the year.”

Meanwhile, Glenn went to go see the musical Les Miserables. (Yes, Stu saw a military movie, Glenn saw a musical. No shocking).

“I went to see Les Mis and it is fantastic. I was nervous because they’ve never made a good movie about Les Miserables. Les Miserables is one of the best stories ever written and then this is a great musical and blah, blah‑blah and it’s our family’s favorite musical and a favorite story and we were all nervous. We went and we were like, they could just butcher this. It’s brilliant. It’s absolutely brilliant. Anyone how much they spent, $65 million on it. Somebody ‑‑ they got a deal on that. Anne Hathaway is, I don’t particularly like her. I think she’s a good actress but she was brilliant. That’s some of the best acting I’ve ever seen. She was brilliant in that. Hugh Jackman, halfway through you I tuned ‑‑ I turned over to Tania and I said, ‘Tania, that’s Wolverine. This guy’s Wolverine.’ He’s brilliant in this. Brilliant.”

“It is ‑‑ it’s the biggest epic movie. It is on the scale of, like I would imagine Gone With the Wind must have felt like at the time. It is just epic in its nature. I don’t think I’ve seen a movie done like this with such attention to detail and it’s just, I hate to say this but it’s a sweeping epic.”

  • Sam Fisher

    I was not going to watch it because I thought it was going a Obama love movie but now hearing this I think I am going to watch.

    • Paolina

      Save your money, send it to the needy, your church, invest it, just do something productive with it. The less money we send to Hollywood, the better.

      At this point, I view torrents/p2p as almost a patriotic duty or “civil disobedience” if you can’t resist your addiction to the beast in Hollywood, at least make sure no money is going to them! But with them integrating advertising into the programming more and more makes even that potentially earning them money (when you see actors drinking a coke, eating at certain restaurants, going to starbucks, if you see a brand, it’s not a coincidence).

      • Chris DeMarsh

        Paolina, you have the right idea. Rarely do I buy a movie and I go to the theater even less. 99% of the films I watch are DLed through torrent/P2P. Just be sure to use VPN or proxy.

      • Anonymous

         yeah screw capitalism

      • Scott Carroll

        This is stealing, pure and simple. If you can’t forgo your desire for Hollywood entertainment, then suck it up and pay for it. We’re conservatives and libertarians, we’re supposed to stand for the rule of law and for capitalism.

        You may not agree with someone politically but their creative hard work and talent went into these products. I guarantee you don’t agree with everyone who works at your local grocery store, so do you just walk in and start taking bread off the shelves?

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  • 2War Abn Vet

    It’s no wonder libs are upset at how badly this movie “Zero Dark Thirty” twists the truth of actual events. They know that Obama single-handedly conducted a high-altitude-low-opening parachute jump into the alley behind the Bin Laden compound. With a knife between his teeth, and a gleam in his eye, he scaled the wall, skillfully avoiding the broken glass and razor wire on the top. He then kicked in the door, and waxed Osama with a few well-placed shots from his (soon-to-be-banned) Bushmaster.  Before exfiltration he offered free condoms and abortions to the Bin Laden wives. He then skyhooked into a C-17, and was back in Washington in time to read a bedtime story to Michelle.
    Now, you know how it really happened.

  • Anonymous

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  • Tara

    I watched it over the weekend and was thinking it would portray Obama as a hero, but I agree with Stu. It was the coservative feel good movie of the year. Awesome…everyone should watch it!

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