Jesse Jackson: Blame the gun manufacturers

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Glenn opened the radio program this morning with some very important news courtesy of Reverend Jesse Jackson. Jackson appeared on Fox News’ America’s Newsroom on Monday to give his two cents on the gun control debate. As usual, his comments raised some eyebrows.

JACKSON: These semiautomatic weapons, these assault weapons, can only kill people. And, in fact, they are threats to national security… The young man who did the killing in Aurora, Colorado, with the arsenal he had – he was right near the airport, right near the runways in Denver. He could shoot down airplanes, so this is a matter of homeland security as well.

Yes, that’s right, these so-called ‘assault weapons’ have the capacity to take down airplanes.

“So you can shoot down a plane… with a semiautomatic weapon,” Pat asked.

“Why do you think we had to stop the shuttle program,” Stu joked. “The shuttles could have been shot down at the moment. You know how high those [semiautomatic weapons] can shoot up in the air? Really high. They can shoot down the satellites with those things. That’s the problem.”

When Jackson was pressed for a solution to this gun problem, he made it clear that he does not blame the perpetrator of violent crimes. Instead, we must “make gun manufacturers more accountable for their product.”

“Finally, if you get a killing – if somebody murders, you go to Smith & Wesson and you charge them with murder,” Pat said.

“You have to put them in jail,” Glenn continued. “Smith and Wesson. Not just Smith, but Smith and Wesson.”

Thank goodness we have Jesse Jackson around to clarify any confusion on the matter. Because as the recent gun control debate has taught us, an ‘assault rifle’ with a black stock can apparently shoot down an airplane, making such ‘weapons’ a national security threat requiring strict and immediate regulation.

“A hunting rifle just shoots deer,” Pat said. “An assault rifle shoots down a plane.”

“If it has a wood stock its fine,” Glenn concluded. “If it has a black stock, it will shoot a plane down.”

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    First thing first Jesse Jackson is a radical nut-case, who will fabricate information and twist matters to his own agenda and delusional, hide-bound, tunnel-blinded views of the real world.

    Second, could a rifle somehow bring down a jet liner? By sheer mathematical probability the odds are near impossible, it could happen if a catastrophic chain of events occurred after a bullet strike, yet do not count on it.

    The lawsuit he wants against the firearms manufacturers is simple: break them financially and via the courts, therefore gaining control over them by circumnavigating Congress. Expect this to be next on their agenda by one or more activist groups. 

    • Sharmane

       Snow, you mentioned jetliners.  How could terrorists take down four jetliners killing thousands using box cutters as weapons?  More of that feel-good gun free zone nonsense and they absolutely knew no one on board would be armed and would be easy prey and victims.  This is where the failed liberal/leftist policies have led us sadly.

      • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

        I should have been more specific as Jesse Jackson spoke of a shooter on the grounds around an airport as the plane takes off or lands. 

        Anyone on board an plane with a gun and if no air marshals are present, then its a field day for them. 

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Watch for the Democrats to begin clamoring for the manufacturers to be sued as happened with the big tobacco companies; in the process one other move must be watched for with the eyes of a hawk – that of an activist justice overturning the second amendment via a ruling in one or more firearm manufacturer cases.

  • sparducks

    We need to establish lawsuit free zones. Just like gun free zones. In other words pick a place in Texas that really needs some industry. Elect a sheriff who will not allow federal agents to enforce laws there without due process. And will not allow any unconstitutional laws to be enforced. Even if they win a law suit

    • sparducks

  • sparducks

    Oh and one more thing. Walmart decided not to place any orders for ammunition in response to all of this 2nd amendment hubub. They’ve been threatened before with boycotts by the likes of Cher over selling guns. what if gun owners boycotted them for not sell guns or ammo? Huh? Any takers?

    • landofaahs

      I would say they are going to try and buy Wal-Mart off in exchange for their support of their gun controle support.  After all, if you can’t get a gun at a gun show, there is Wal-Mart around the corner.

    • Anonymous

      I quit shopping at K-Mart/Sears and Target years ago because they quit selling guns and ammo. If WalMart is doing that, I will quit shopping there as well. My local gun stores all have everything that I need anyway.

    • greywolfrs

      I’m in, although I don’t shop at Walmart, EVER.

      • sparducks

         They are closer to me than Cabellas and they’ve had some good deals. I got 4 boxes of .270 win. for like 25 bucks once and they always have great deals on 12 and 20 ga. bird shot. I also like going there for kitchen items and food like turkeys and hams. but screw ’em now. Bastards. How many Ma and Pa gun shoppes did they put out of business? And now they decide to stop sell the items they ran out of town? Screw ’em. I’m going to spend my money differently. No more Chinese shite.If I want something I’ll make sure I get quality from patriots. That goes for hams and turkeys. There is one butcher left in town. I’m gonna find out where he stands on the 2nd amendment.

  • Sam Fisher

    Has the Obamanite Reverend Jesse Jackson lost his mind again?

    • Brian Savage

      You mean he had a mind to lose?

  • Sharmane

    If you follow this convoluted logic, then lets sue auto manufacturers for misuse of their products since thousands are killed every year by inattentive drivers or drunken drivers; wait, let’s sue the alcohol manufacturers as well.  Next, let’s sue the fertilizer manufacturers because one of the large-scale mass murders in our country was committed by Timothy McVeigh in Oklahoma City, including children in a daycare center, using a weapon comprised mainly of common fertilizer.  Where does this end?  Quit demonizing inanimate objects.  Cut out the nonsense and inane “gun free/crime spree zones” which the criminals just love, open up the mental institutions again instead of letting people who need supervision walk among us; quit letting violent offenders out of prison time and time again to prey on us.  Government officials – give up your armed body guards and Secret Service first before you talk to the law-abiding gun owners.  Lastly, historically it has been governments worldwide who have committed the most heinous mass murder of millions, having first disarmed the unsuspecting citizens.  Mao, Stalin, Lenin, Pol Pot, Hitler, Castro come readily to mind.  Jesse Jackson is an opportunistic professional agitator who has spent his life pimping for leftist causes.  We don’t need to hear from the likes of him on much of anything thank you.

  • landofaahs

    Hey dumbass Jesse, is the beer responsible for drunk drivers killing people on the streets? Or is it the Distributors like you who own Budweiser distributorships?  Or did you sell them already.  Typical ghetto trash thinking Jesse Jackson logic.

  • Anonymous

    Blame the auto manufacturers for the drunk driver deaths also then. Same logic … very poor logic but the same nonetheless!!

    • greywolfrs

      Or the idiot who sticks a fork into the toaster…

  • Brian Savage

    You know Jesse Jaaaacksuuuun is always entertaining, so stupid, its funny. Much like Napolean Dynamite.

    On a more serious note. Reverend Jaaaacksuuun, if you knew anyting about guns you would know that one person with a rifle cannot bring down a jet liner. They are built for that. For example the cockpit glass can stop anything short of a cannon.

    If you are so worried that guns are evil, then get rid of your armed security. After all they may use their weapons to shoot down planes.

    p.s. Tim Conway, Jr. used to have a radio bit called “What the He– Did Jesse Jackson Say?”

  • Tyler Leatherman

    I just wanted to point something out about your wood stock – black stock theory. AK-47’s often have wood stocks. It’s a well known fact that it was an AK-47 that shot down the Space Shuttle Columbia. Jesse Jackson seent it.

  • Anonymous

    Jackson, notsosharpton, and Odumba are the biggest threat to America and our freedom!
    These despicable domestic terrorist should be in jail for treason and other high crimes.

  • Anonymous

    I remember many a news story about birds getting sucked into jet engines, bringing down air planes. I guess we should eliminate all birds. Since we can’t shoot them, we should start throwing rice at weddings again, so the birds will eat it and explode when it expands…. It makes as much sense as anything the irrelevant Jesse Jackson says.  

  • Anonymous

    Jackson is talking sheer nonsense. The man is totally insane and anybody supporting these views is just as bad. If a case like that is won in the courts, the door is open for hundreds of cases against booze manufacturers, auto manufacturers etc. The next person killed by a drunk driver can sue both the liqiuor manufacturer and the auto manufacturer wose vehicle killed the victim. These leftists are true idiots for thinking that way.

  • Anonymous

    As long as idiots like Mr. Jackson are held up as the “experts” in these situations, our liberty and constitutional rights will be in terrible jeopardy. With Mr. Obama wanting to get right down to dictating and decreeing and the House GOP rolling over and playing dead, our nation is now run by communist tyrants. We need to replace all the Demoncrats and RINOs with Libertarians.

  • GNH

    Jesse Jackson is dangerous. Just like the rest of his ilk.  When is someone going to push for a ban on those people, like Jesse, that are stuck on stupid? They cause more damage than a fully-automatic assault weapon.

  • 2War Abn Vet

    I place more blame on the people who have debased the American culture, and Jesse Jackson is high on the list.

  • greywolfrs

    Hey Jesse, stick a metal fork into a toaster and see what happens. Was that the manufacturer of the toaster’s fault? I didn’t so, dolt.

  • Mark Pritchett

    If anyone commits a violent crime, they should be shot in the legs, or legs, depends on how violent the crimes are, & be put in prison with tasteless meals, there is your solution to gun violence.

  • jamohio

    Jesse Jackson is simply a blithering idiot and race baiter looking for a way to remain relevant!! Time to retire Jesse!!

  • Anonymous

    Jesse Jackson has only commented on this for publicity. He jumped on the band wagon to prevent people from forgetting his name. He is a publicity whore.

  • nikki koval

    Why is he screaming in the streets of detroit or chicago?More importantly why doesnt anyone call him out on his silence with black on black crime?? Does anyone know if he has armed guards??my guess is yes.

  • Donald Conroy

    One assault rifle is extremely unlikely to bring down a plane.  The US ARMY Basic Training manual refers to high-volume coordinated fire (as opposed to accuracy) being the key.

  • Anonymous

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  • Steve Whitehead

    The best Laugh I’ve had all day Hell all year! Jesse Jackson is one of the most stupidest humans alive and these so called leaders have been brain washing there followers all there life. Who’s the stupidest the leader or the follower. 

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