Currency wars on the horizon? Germany wants its gold back

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News broke yesterday that the central bank of Germany was planning to repatriate its gold reserves from the United States and France. Glenn believes this is a very big sign of coming economic reset, something he has been warning about for a long time.

According to Bloomberg, “The Bundesbank will repatriate 674 metric tons of gold from vaults in Paris and New York by 2020 to restore public confidence in the safety of Germany’s reserves.”

The relocated gold, worth about $36 billion, will be coming from the Banque of France (374 tons) and the New York Federal Reserve (300 tons). Germany plans to begin the repatriation this year and finish by 2020. The gold being held at the Bank of England will not be touched.

“When I said they would do this three, five, six years ago – that you would know the end of the currency was near. The end of the Euro was  near and the end of the United States currency was near because people would start to repatriate and they would demand their gold back. They would demand their assets back,” Glenn said when he read the story.

At the same time that Germany announced they were repatriating their gold, Japan announced they would be devaluing their currency to make themselves more competitive.

Reuters reported:

Japan is acting to weaken its currency and there is a danger that others will follow suit and foster a round of destabilising devaluations, Russian central banker Alexei Ulyukayev said on Wednesday.

“We’re on a threshold of a very serious, confrontational actions in the sphere that is known … as currency wars,” the central bank’s First Deputy Chairman told reporters.

Russia holds the G20 presidency this year, a forum at which currencies and their relative values is likely to surface.

“The recent decision by the new government of Japan regarding very protectionist monetary policy … this is a course towards a sharp depreciation of the yen,” Ulyukayev said.

“Let me tell you what I told my wife this morning,” Glenn said. “Honey, do we have the cash on hand someplace? Someplace Buried? Someplace deep in the bowels of a place? Out of a bank?”

“Don’t take all of your money out of the bank – but do you have money, do you have physical assets handy where you don’t have to get it from the bank?” he asked.

“When the reset comes it will come quickly.  I’m not saying it’s tomorrow or next week.  I don’t know when it will be.  It could be five years down the road.  But it will come.  This is a very big sign,” Glenn warned.

Glenn also predicted that the Germans would realign themselves with the Russia as they are the only ones who are using their own resources and not spending themselves into oblivion.

“I’m telling you while the Russians are dirtbag, criminals and dangerous – the Germans will look to the Russians and say you know, ‘the West is destroying themselves.  At least the Russians aren’t those communists that France and everybody else are going to.'”

” The Germans will disconnect from the West.  Because the west will hold them responsible to prop up the rest of the world just like we are.  The Germans will switch sides. Mark my words. It’s coming,” Glenn said.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    So the currency wars have begun?

    Germany getting its gold out of the United States and France, and probably other nations as well in the near future, may indicate the inevitable collapse of the Euro is at hand and they are trying to ensure the future for their nation to be best means possible.

    I did notice the article in Drudge about Japan devaluing its dollar by, if I recall correctly, 2%. How will this effect other nations in the area and what will be the outcome of a currency war as other nations (if they do) join in with retaliatory moves?

    Also, what will China’s reaction be?

    • SoThere

      I spent the summer and fall in Germany and all the talk is on dumping the euro and reinstating the DM. They don’t have the resources to bail out all the failing nations such as Greece and Spain.

      • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

        I imagine it will be coming in short order. In many regards Germany represents the ‘1%’ of America in that the other nations of Europe demand they bail out the rest w/o end.

        The main question is, if/when they do dump the Euro, what will the rest of the EU do to them? 

        • SoThere

          A simple answer to your question, (what will the rest of the EU do to them?) they will continue to beg them for money.

      • SHWN SCHNS

        That is the judeomasonic plan… bail out and just bill the bailout to the countries people putting them in bondage.  The world is changing fast and Beck is not your friend.   How can you guys not see this stuff?   Listen to Benjamin Freedman speech on youtube, 2hrs.   He was at the Treaty of Versailles.  

        • SoThere

          I’m sorry SHWN, I don’t buy into your world of hatred and bigotry. Freedman’s dead, and you’re dead from the neck up. You have so much in common.

          “Pisca mignato lontunis lr pasakykite det sataa.”

          Take it somewhere else.

        • Guest


        • SoThere

          A new SOCK Vinny?

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    One thing everyone should be prepared for with the German gold is the chance some or all of it has been tampered with – the tungsten core, gold coated style of con from China in recent years. There will be Hades to pay.


      The bad gold wasn’t from China….the moneychangers sent THEM the tungsten filled bars.  Get it right.  

      • SHWN SCHNS

        In fact, China demanded their real gold in 48hrs.  The English had the boat on the water within 24.   We’ve all been conned by the judeomasonic mafia.

  • Sam Fisher

    Germany wants it gold back to bad Obama just spent that gold on shrimp on a treadmill. I thought Obama was loved around the world and trusted by Europe but yet Germany wants it gold back who can blame them tho Obama is like a shopaholic with a 6 trillion dollar credit card.

  • FireMall

    What a Crock. Sounds like a Conspiracy theory to me. * Rolling Eyes Icon *
       And Glenn says people like me who can see the truth are Extremist & Conspiracy freaks.
         Seems someone is Cherry Picking these conspiracies to go with & speculate on  while dissing everyone else’s theories about “Other” conspiracies that might be as valid as Glenn’s or anyone other’s perception based conspiracy theories.

        One doesn’t have to be an architect or structural engineer to know dammed well that 2 like buildings and one of totally opposing construction all can possibly fall in exactly the same manner unless all three had help falling other than planes hitting them. 

       Yep call me a 9/11 truther and I’ll say IDGAS.
       Why would I choose to listen to Glenn’s cherry picked theories when he scoffs at millions of his listener’s assumptions about several of their theories ?   
       I reckon Glenn is the only person alive who can conspire to be the smarter of the people who “USED” to listen to him.
       And that’s about all I got to say bout that. Gotta get back in my bubble & blow away into cyber space.

    • Steve

      You’re not the only one who has noticed that FireMall. Seems to me there is as much truth living here as you’d find at the Huff Post. Different sides of the same coin. If you ask any questions  about events you are a “Truther” nowadays. Unless of course you agree with Glenn, he’s always right

    • Anonymous

       May I tag along?

  • Anonymous

    When you have a psychopathic president in power in the US, can you blame other countries for not trusting us

    • Draxx

      This is also more of his Redistribution of Wealth from America…  Take as much of the Tangible Assets such as precious metals out of the country, so that when everything collapses they will want us dependent on Foreign Countries (U.N.).

  • Anonymous

    Whatever, Glenn. Your opinions are just that. Glenn has been spreading doom and gloom for how many years now? As long as America is open to outside manufacturers and keeps being THE marketplace or foreign goods, all other countries will keep flocking here. If America stopped buying foreign cars alone, where would all these countries be today? If America stopped using foreign manufactured goods, where do you think China, Japan or even Germany would be today? If America had their own energy demands supplied domestically, where would the middle east be?  As far as inflation goes, when we are offered 0% loans for up to seven years to keep buying cars, we won’t see BIG inflation hitting us for a while yet.

    • Anonymous

      See and EXACTLY that is the problem  –  we buy from everybody  but nobody buys from us  —  the ships from china come in loaded and leave empty to pick up more made in China stuff.   WHY ????  I try to buy american whenever I can.  and hope it helps OUR economy. 

  • Texian

    My German may be showing here – but not everything the Nazis propagandized was wrong.

    The German race is arguably the smartest race on Earth.  Even their liberal socialists are smart.  Unlike the mongrel liberals in the U.S. Intelligence is hereditary and breeding affects intelligence.  What happens when you breed a smart silver/black German Shepherd with another smart silver/black German Shepherd?  Chances are high you get a smart silver/black German Shepherd.  What happens when you breed a Basset Hound with a German Shepherd?  You see, the “racist” diatribe has propagandized you to dumb down yourselves heredically.  Start breeding smart.  Breed back in your hereditary gene pool to clean up your genes.  For example, if you are Northern European and/or Scandinavian descent, find a mate of the same descent.

    I digress – to my point.  If the Germans are repatriating their gold, I say the smart Germans see something coming.  Not anything new to me though – just looking at our mongrel thug run government and their money printing and spending – heck even a junkyard dog can smell skunk..

    • Anonymous

      With all due respect (and btw, I am part German as well) but honestly, an IDIOT can see something coming.  Yes, they are smart, no doubt, but there are lots of Countries that have lots of smart people.  It amazes me that other Countries haven’t bailed out before now.

      • Scott Todd

         All too many seem to forget that smart is NOT the same as good.  This world is filled with plenty of smart people who are also evil.  What we need is more good people.

  • Anonymous

    Well, Germans are known for their intelligence and ingenuity. Too bad they ever “FELL FOR” that bogus EUROPEAN UNION nonsense! Guess they were victims of Libische PC-ness, too, but sounds like they are finally waking up. Probably too late, though…

  • JustMy2CentsWorth

    I am currently in Germany taking care of things as my mother is now in Assisted Living since my Dad passed. I heard on the radio show that I listen to here via my laptop that Germany is calling back their stored gold reserves. I was able to confirm this through my banker here PLUS in this morning’s paper there is an article. It summarizes the following:Germany has gold stored in the US, France and England. The Bundesbank is planning to bring back 700 metric tons beginning this year with a targeted completion date for half of Germany’s gold by 2020. They plan to clear everything out of France and partially the U. S. Supposedly this is because due to pressure from the German citizens and the Federal Legislator’s Office for Banking. The total gold reserves are 3391 metric tons, the 2nd largest in the world. Half of the total amount is curently in the US. Only 1/3 of the total is stored in Germany at this time. England houses 445 tons and France 374. Here is a key paragraph (as I am reading thru this article): “Germany does, however, not wish to call back all of its gold; the Bundesbank wants to be able to QUICKLY convert its gold into US Dollars in the event of a currency crisis.” Last but not least as an aside, the US and France do not charge storage fees, whereas England charges 500,000 Euros per year for storage costs.
    Flying home to PA tomorrow. Yeah!!! 

  • Anonymous

    “the Russians are dirtbag, criminals and dangerous” 

    Check out Glenn’s new book in the store… ‘how to win friends and influence people’

    Apart from anything else that’s a blanket racist statement. 
    Like saying all Yanks are fat, greedy, big-mouthed violent imperialists. (oh I get it now !)


    the bankers control the media, the illegal president.  Did you people make it to class when they taught what a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN is?  Did you forget?  That should show you that America, and Israel for that matter is control 100% by the bankers judeomasonic mafia of the world.  You people follow a guy who is pure evil or stupid?  Do you want to follow a man who doesn’t even know that thin sheets of soft aluminum riveted together and fashioned into a tube can slice through steel and concrete?  Do you think those hollow aluminum wings that a 12″ wooden telephone pole would slice off like scissors, plowed through 8 floors that are 9″concrete with a steel bar matrix wall to wall both ways like it wasn’t even there?  If a real plane hit the twins it would have crunched like the thin hollow aluminum tube it is, and slid down the side of the buildings.  hahahahaha!   I’m a master metallurgist and I will debate anyone who really thinks they’re intelligent yet fails to see that 0 crash physics were exhibited that day.  0!. hahaha!  It’s manifest absurdity.  They’ve taught you to be slaves.  GMO food is to depopulate…Did you know that 100% of mammals tested in the 3rd and 4th generation they were sterile.  A farmer in the paper the other day said his cows are at a 50% stillborn rate….. His cows are on the 3rd generation of gmo corn program.  So now you know why they are saying milk prices could be around 9 dollars a gallon by end of summer.   How can you predict a shortage that far out???   Because they know and they’ve hidden from your gullible butts.  People, why do you always fall for what the msm tells you.  Did you know William Casey, yet another judeomasonic cia director, under Reagan said, “We’ll know we’re successful when what the media says, and what the American people believe are 100% lies.”   That’s your buddy Glenns boss……or might as well be.   It’s a big sham.   Napolitano?  are you serious……Did you know Bush Sr. signed the Noahide laws into effect in 92.  Did you know idolatry is death penalty……the judeomasonics call christianity idolatry.   Google: Albert Pikes 3 world wars letter.   BY THE WAY, THE SKULL AND BONES GLENN WORKS FOR, DURING INITIATION THEY STAB AN EFFIGY OF JESUS AND VOW TO DESTROY GENTILES.    

  • johnpatrickmongan54

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  • Paul Pratt

    The US and France don’t have the German gold anymore.   A rising gold price makes the US dollar look very bad so they sold the German gold to suppress the price of gold.

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