Glenn responds to the Newtown ‘truthers’

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With the one month anniversary of the school shooting in Newtown just coming to pass, it appears as though the conspiracy theorists are out in full force. According to TheBlaze, a growing group of people are claiming that the entire tragedy was a government manufactured hoax or that it never happened at all.

Unfortunately, we have come to expect ‘truther’ claims in the wake of inexplicable events (most notably after September 11). And on radio this morning, Glenn reacted to the conspiratorial stories, blaming people’s growing distrust of the government for the trend.

First and foremost, there has been a movement away from the principles of self-regulation and self-governance. The Founders were able to stipulate the rights of the Second Amendment because people understood the power of the gun. There was an understanding that it was something to help defend. Fast forward to today, and our culture has changed dramatically. Our society is no longer guided by those same values.

“Our society is sick. Our families are sick. And they’re under attack. The family unit is being destroyed. God, country, family – all of them are under attack,” Glenn said. “Why is this happening? Because we refuse to recognize God, country, family. We refuse to say what my relationship to my family is. What is the importance of my relationship with God? What is my duty, my responsibility to my country? I say, ‘What is my country doing for me,’ instead of ‘What can I do for my country?’”

Furthermore, the meanings of what is the truth and what is a right have become relative because we have moved away from God. “There is no such thing as an inalienable right,” he said. “I have a right to defend myself. How do I know that? Because it happens in nature… You have a right to defend yourself because God gave you that, but there is no inalienable right anymore.”

People are more willing to believe anything because no one is pegged to the truth. There is no universal truth. No natural truth. No natural God. No God’s law. “Go find the truth, and then guard it,” Glenn continued. “Because there are a lot of people coming out now who will tell you the ‘truth’ because you don’t believe in anything. You don’t know who to trust anymore.”

“Here’s what happened in Sandy hook,” Glenn said. “He is a madman because he’s unstable by birth; because he’s on mind altering medications? I don’t know, maybe. Because of the combination of the two? I don’t know, maybe. Because he was playing these games all the time and he had found himself more and more isolated? I don’t know, maybe. I can tell you this: the guns didn’t make him do it. The guns were a tool. Guns have saved a lot of people. They’re not inherently evil; it’s what you decide to do with them.”

“I know he’s responsible,” he continued. “What helped play a role? Maybe he’s just insane? I don’t know. But I can tell you, it wasn’t the gun. And it wasn’t the government. The government didn’t set this kid up. The government didn’t coax this kid. The funerals were real. They happened… Those weren’t actors. Those were real, real funerals, and those were real people.”

While the government did not create this situation that is not to say it did not play a role in the aftermath. “Don’t consume any of the poison… Because that’s exactly what it is,” Glen said. “Here’s what the government did do – exploited it. The government is great at not wasting an emergency… They waited and they exploited it. It’s not a conspiracy. It is a danger to the Republic.”

“I fear we’re going to be so fragmented because no one will trust each other,” Glenn concluded. “If you stand for something true, understand that just like all the people that stood for real truth, you will be totally alone in the end. May God give us all strength to remain standing and remain true.”

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    The government has exploited this and many other emergencies and crisis for their own gain, that is among the oldest methodology of politicians for ages.

    The question I wish to present is this – has anyone wondered or considered if some or most of these ‘conspiracy theories’ are being fielded by the Democrats and Obama’s radical supporters?

    The reasoning behind this is that some of the ‘theories’ sound tailor made to be laid directly upon the feet of the conservatives; and recall that one of Obama’s supporters (I think it was Cass Sunstein) said about conspiracy theories – even if they are true.

    The Democrats excel in propaganda, and so I have to wonder.

    • Anonymous

      I have wondered about a lot of things that have happened.  Keep the country divided… it’s easier to manipulate people if you keep them at each other’s throats… get them to mistrust each other… divide and conquer.

    • Anne Caluwaert

      So true, SL. The DemoncRats promote free sex, gay sex, immorality, divorce and living together outside of wedlock. Then they get all riled up when the products of their progressivism come back to bite them. what is happening is in many cases a result of poor parenting and a lack of moral teaching.

  • Sam Fisher

    My responses to these moronic ideas grow up conspiracy threats. The world maybe falling apart but do yourself a favor and come back to reality.

    • Mike Prue

      Sam, how are we supposed to have an exchange of ideas when you seem incapable of expressing a thought in your chosen language? (My responses to these moronic ideas) is one sentence fragment and (grow up conspiracy threats) is another. Together they make nonsense. You are functionally illiterate. How’s that for reality?

      • Anonymous

        I don’t know why this attached to the comment it did. It is supposed to be added to my own comment made below.

        I need to add to this…

        What better reason to not want armed teachers and school officials than if the NEED should arise to have one or 2 more incidents similar in nature to reach the final goal of total disarmament. If I’m off with this, I would like to ask why hand guns were not included in anything said today, Since they were the actual weapons used at the school. Maybe because by leaving them out it will be more convenient to bring in another incident that will call for tighter or total banning of all guns.

      • Sam Fisher

        This is coming from a guy dressed up as a knight whatever idiot.

  • Donna Statkus

    I was driving my 15yo daughter to an appointment this morning and was listening to Mr. Beck on the radio when he made this address. We both listened in silence. She knows I am not an Obama supporter and she knows why I do not support him. I am very open about such things and explain why that is so. To hear Mr. Beck echo my sentiments about this particular event (one that she can relate to being in a school that has had bomb threats and gun threats – and this is a typical rural/suburban south central PA hs), she began to ask very pointed questions as to why would a president (and government) do these things to its own people? I didn’t really get into my own personal opinion about THAT, but I told her that that is why everyone must be interested in what is happening around them. Having tunnel vision is very dangerous for many reasons. There are many people (governments, other entities) that are eager to take advantage of an uninformed, underinformed, complacent, apathetic constituents, Americans and will take and destroy, because they have been able to, allowed to. This country is on the brink of major change, and it will happen unless we actively seek to counter it. I think she got the message. I am hoping she might pass that along. God be with us  and Bless us all.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, and tragically a lot of those UNINFORMED, COMPLACENT, APATHETIC constituents VOTED FOR THE BIG -0-…

      And that includes folks who consider themselves well-educated and informed… How many of your friends and neighbors, coworkers, relatives, acquaintances, etc. who voted for the Big -0- even FOLLOW THE NEWS and are AWARE of what’s going on? One such voter that we know had no idea who Valerie Jarrett is, for example. And when we mentioned the Clint Eastwood performance (with the EMPTY CHAIR), she immediately thought we were referring to the CLINTON Speech at the Demo convention. Another -0-voter said “No way they’ll raise taxes.”  ???

      Things are not going to improve until people WAKE UP and SEE what is happening–and that goes for people of all stripes and ‘parties.’

  • Wendy Smith

    Our thoughts and prayers still go out to the parents and families of the folks that were killed in Newtown.  We do not question that the children were killed.  What we question is that the ME said all were killed with a long rifle but all statements made by the media show them finding the long rifle in the car and that only handguns were found in the school.  Two other people were arrested and held and there has been no mention of them again.  The video from the helicopter does not show any EMS at the school.  Why?  Why would no one go in and at least see if they could help someone?  Why does Gene Rosen’s story change every time he tells it?  
    There are lots of unanswered questions and it is our right to ask them.

    • Anonymous

      Wendy, I commented on your other post of the reason for no EMS.

      Standard operating procedures in a shooting of any type is to stage a block or more away until the scene is declared safe by law enforcement.

      • Paolina

         So while dozens of cops are on the scene and dozens of EMS are BEGGING to get into the place to start saving lives, “standard operating procedure” is to back off because there *could* be one shooter in there?

        I actually didn’t buy into any of these theories till I saw Glenn attacking these people. Glenn seems to frequently be the government go-to guy to attack people who think the government is evil.

        Glenn will only say government is “naughty”, but once you start saying “evil”, Glenn will ATTACK you, RIDICULE you, and call you “unpatriotic” or a “traitor”.

        He’s still defending Geoge W. Bush who LIED to us about spending, LIED to us in 2000 when he said he wouldn’t engage in “nation-building” as Clinton did and then he did FAR MORE nation-building than Clinton. And he’s the son of the former CIA director, HW Bush, who was in Dallas when JFK was shot and who called the FBI after JFK was shot and blamed an innocent man for it and asked them not to cite him in the FBI memo every FBI officer has to make after receiving a tip. Thankfully, the FBI agent followed protocol and listed H.W. Bush for all to see as fingering an innocent man hours after JFK’s death.

        In that perspective, it makes sense why Bush lied while on campaign and claimed to never work for the CIA (he only admitted it once it was declassified that he was the DIRECTOR).

    • Anonymous

      The EMS were told to “stand down”.

      • Anonymous

        Protocols… Standard Operating Procedures.

      • Vicki

        Why so the victims could bleed to death? I don’t understand.

        • Anonymous

          never let a crisis go to waste… one of the socialist’s creed

        • Anonymous

           so they don’t get shot and make the situation worse than it is

      • FireMall

        BS !!!!   The paramedics were there for  an hour+++ after the school was secured and vacated of survivors .
        Which btw , survivors  no one has seen or heard from.
         2+2 = 4 and BS + BS = BS

      • Anonymous

         Stand down.  We have to a cover up under way. 

    • FireMall

         Asking why someone’s story changes is simple to figure out if one has had children and raised them right and is described with 3 letters  “LIE”.

      • Anonymous

        psychology has shown how fickle our memories are.  This is why eye witness testimony should be considered to be fairly unreliable.  The reason the story keeps changing is what he remembers and how he remembers it changes over time and as a result of new experiences.

    • Draxx

      How come there were sooooo many Police Officers, FBI, and ATF on site in minutes for only a city with 27,000 people?  It does not make sense!  In cities with over a million people, they Do Not Have that many officers, FBI, ATF to be deployed even within an Hour!  And how come the Hospital was not flooded with wounded?  Because if someone wanted mass casualties they would not put so many bullets into single targets, they go after as many that can be hit and go on to the next target.  Twenty Eight is a large number but not when you consider how many rounds and groups he shot at…

      • Kevin Richards

        First off – local police did not arrive until 20min after the 911 was placed. FBI and ATF did not arrive on the scene until after local PD called them in. The FBI has an office in Stamford and it would only take them minutes to get there.

        The hospital was not flooded with wounded because there were very few wounded. Lanza shot some kids multiple times from point blank range.

        There are different types of killers – those who spray crowds or kill without motive, then there is the motivated killer like Adam Lanza (vengeance killers) who have a hatred for the victims they kill. That type of killer shoots or stabs or hacks at his victims multiple times. This is how criminal investigators profile the perpetrators if he is not caught or killed. Vengeance killers usually know their victims either directly or indirectly and hate them.

        Adam Lanza was insane – to ask questions like “why” or “how come” isn’t relevant. We’ll never know – he’s dead.

        • Anonymous

          the meds he was on i’m sure had a lot to do with it..they are better off on natural foods and vitamins! Government Is Just Too Big Nobody does anything but get paid with our money. why regulate guns, what does the ATF do? we have problems with alcohol, tabacco(drugs) and firearms, just what are they doing? DEA? CIA? why do we need them?
          EPA? Dept of Education and Energy? They All Cause More Trouble Then Help, Get Rid Of Them All!! The Celebrity-in-Chief talks cuts in social security, medicare and military but thats what we need!We need to take care of our seniors and military but we don’t need those other agency’s.. they haven’t worked!Get Rid of The Czars Also! Get Rid of The AntiAmerican islamist Terrorist Barry-Hussein-Osama oops Obama,Too!and ALL He Had Hired..Biden..Reid…. 

        • FireMall

          Do us conspiracy freeks  a favor & analyze the  “living perps” in this BS event and see if some Truth speaks from the grave of Lanzi the so called shooter. 

      • Ling Ling

        Because it was THEM who did the shooting, and completed it by killing the kid who they were going to blame.  He is dead, so he cannot defend himself.

    • Anonymous

       Yeah Glenn,  You say question with BOLDNESS.  When people do you make fun of them and call them the crazy ones.  With so much not adding up here, I think we would all be crazy not to question it.

      • Julie Miller-Farris


  • Randy Johnston

    Come on Glenn, you wrote the script for this one.  In your book “The Overton Window” you pointed out that the government is not beyond manipulation and creating “events” to bolster their agenda.  Don’t you think it is rather odd that right before he gets inaugurated, there is a spike in “school shootings” and other insanity involving guns, especially the two events that hit the news last night, just hours before Obama’s big announcements on gun control.  One of my coworkers, who is a total skeptic on conspiracy noticed the “convenient timing” of these events.  Let’s not all be lulled into unconsciousness while they keep trying to “move the window”.

    • lisa barber

      The reason the news reports don’t match up, is because they DON’T. I live in Newtown. My family knew the shooter’s family. I went to school with him. It happened because he was an angry, mentally unstable man who did not get the help he needed. There is nothing more to it. People look for reasons why this happened, but they want it to be bigger than what it is; they want it to fuel their political reasons.The reason all those news stories don’t add up is simply because the media does not see this as a tragedy, they see it as a means of getting ratings, and are so desparate to be the “first” to post the news that they will take whatever information they can find, regardless of whether or not is is true.
      I have read so many news stories and SO MANY of them have false information; I know first hand, I live in this town and so much they have said about this town is false. Plus, if they can’t even get our name right half of the time, then why even rely on what they are saying?
      These “truthers” are nothing but hateful, angry people who need something to fuel their political opinions.

      • Anonymous

        I know exactly what you are saying Lisa.

        The problem with mentally ill. You can get them help until they reach the age of 18. from there on you or I can’t do a thing. if they no longer want to take their meds. No one is going to change that other than a court. by the time they get to court it is because of something like this unless you and they are very lucky and something trivial caused them to end up in front of a judge that orders them back into a drs care. But, even then. Probation only last so long and they are back to making their own decisions.
        I have lived this hellish game with my brother.  I have to put up with it until the time is right and i can talk to him and convince him to go back on his shots. But, sometimes it takes a long time for him to be in a opportune moment to talk to.

      • FireMall

          And I’ve met you before and we know each other ?  
            Judge not lest ye be Judged accordingly.
           Nope , I don’t know you and you don’t know me. And I don’t know jack about your town either. 
           Why don’t you get your Chief of Police to clear up all the misinformation problems that Lead to all the Mistrust ? 
            Good luck on that , it’s obvious that it won’t happen and if it does , most folks will know if He tells the truth even with the Mute button activated.      

        • Kevin Richards

          Please list the “misinformation problems” the Chief of Police of Newtown should clear up?

      • strength unity

         Why call someone hateful and angry when all they seek is the truth and ask basic questions.  I see nothing hateful or angry coming from truthers questions.  Maybe you should look at your own hate

      • Vicki

        I don’t know about the truthers but it occurred to me to be orchestrated a day after it happened because of how the President reacted. I never thought anyone else had these thoughts. I am not a kook or one to get caught up in theories, but this just seemed too convenient for the President’s own purposes. You have to see how these thoughts can come to mind. What if it was what we fear the most, orchestrated by the government?

    • Anonymous

      nothing past this government. this socialist government has been working behind the scenes for hundred years…well 80…isn’t george soros (the evil dude)80 years old!

  • patrick

    Not saying that this did not happen, just the news reports and the official story just dont jive.

    • lisa barber

      The reason the news reports don’t match up, is because they DON’T. I live in Newtown. My family knew the shooter’s family. I went to school with him. It happened because he was an angry, mentally unstable man who did not get the help he needed. There is nothing more to it. People look for reasons why this happened, but they want it to be bigger than what it is; they want it to fuel their political reasons.
      The reason all those news stories don’t add up is simply because the media does not see this as a tragedy, they see it as a means of getting ratings, and are so desparate to be the “first” to post the news that they will take whatever information they can find, regardless of whether or not is is true.
      I have read so many news stories and SO MANY of them have false information; I know first hand, I live in this town and so much they have said about this town is false. Plus, if they can’t even get our name right half of the time, then why even rely on what they are saying?
      These “truthers” are nothing but hateful, angry people who need something to fuel their political opinions.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think there is any reason to doubt this really happened.

    I do question weather or not it may have been in some way Orchestrated by our Government or an outside power like the Muslim brotherhood or a Socialist government. 

  • David Bryan Kerns

    No doubt that the incident occurred.  The real questions arise from the usual lazy media reporting.  All in a rush to ‘get the story’, the melt into the woodwork when the follow-up is due.
    Glenn, if you really want to be neutral, explain this:

  • Jennifer Neilson

    glenn beck is a neocon here to mislead us. libetarian leader? whatever, loser. mr…. ron paul people should be locked up, there are no fema camps, romney is god, and we dont fund alciaduh. now we cant question an obvious possible false flag op with TONS AND TONS AND TONS of inconsistancies and questions, but no, king beck, the neocon who helped take over the true tea party in order to control it, mr i love isreal and war…. BECK says its disgusting to even DARE question what happened that day. oh yes. becktards love the press and the government they trust everything they do, while sucking their thumbs saying wahwahwah. damn i hate beck. and any 12 stepper knows, ONE OF THE RULES AND TRADITIONS IS TOTAL ANONYMITY WITH PRESS, MEDIA AND FILMS, NO MATTER WHAT! glenn loves to tout his aa 12 stepping status. what a dick. you do not talk about it in the press everyone knows that! he uses it as some sort of con, like oh im a saint, i was an alcoholic ut ive found mty way! im a saint now. beck is evil… DO NOT TRUST OR FOLLOW THIS LOSER. his job is to take conservatives and lead them astray. >:I

    • Anonymous

      WTF? Are you on drugs? Do you really believe what you wrote? You need help woman big time.  If you’re not sick then you’re a MORON!

      • Jennifer Neilson

        nope, just informed. 😉

        • Jennifer Neilson

          and, i see how yu are so informed, you are using your big brains and facts and mmm, i dont know, cohesive arguments to actually debate one thing i said. bravo! you outed yourself! LOL

    • FireMall

      Jennifer   Don’t feel alone when people like kawa1, others  and even Glenn come at you with their wiser than all others BS.
         There was once a conspiracy theory going around that man could fly someday .  Nuff said ?
          Anyone wanna bet all that there were conspiracy theories about how evil Hitler could be ? 
           Seems I recall Hitler choreogrphing mass shootings  right before confiscating the citizen’s guns . 
            History is to blame for my mistrust. So we better ban History so I won’t have to be labeled a Conspiracy Freek.  OK by me, Go for it,  I have a HISTORICAL conspiracy theory bout that BS too.
             How bout my wild azzed conspiracy theory about why Glenn won’t debate a conspiracy nut ? ?   Glenn stays away from Truthers because he has been told where the line is that he may not & dare not cross.   I once never missed Glenn’s show until he became Head Hypocrite Conspiracy Freak and all others are just Conspiracy Peons.

      • Jennifer Neilson

        right on, firemall. after operation paperclip, operation northwoods, operation gladio, gmo’s, bpa, fluoride poison that the nazis came up with first to put in the water, bankster fraudulent derivatives and eugenics??? im only scratching the surface here. these things are facts. declassified. admitted! yet the tv wants you to think its crazy talk and these are just theories. now just stay calm people. stay calm!!! stay calm while we rape you gently and steal everything you have and make you our slave! wait, what in the heck am i thinking?? doi think the american public or beck or the average joe wants to debate or learn or discuss or research these things?? thats crazy talk. but there again, the most awesome interview with the obamaphone lady who bless her heart, admitted she had no intenet, only main stream television to inform her, and she had not known pretty much everything there was to know about what in the heck has been going on except what the corporate bought out media told her. who is ron paul? he ran for president? no… no, i didnt know that, she said. my god people. wake up.

        • FireMall

             Sorry Jennifer , I can’t talk anymore tonight.  There are people at the door in White Jackets wanting me to answer the door.
             Strange how even the knock on the door makes me look into the past and causes me to wonder wth these folks could want to talk to me about.

          • Jennifer Neilson

            maybe kawa1 turned you in?? @_@ haha

  • Jennifer Neilson

    glenn beck is a neocon here to mislead us. libetarian leader? whatever, loser. mr…. ron paul people should be locked up, there are no fema camps, romney is god, and we dont fund alciaduh. now we cant question an obvious possible false flag op with TONS AND TONS AND TONS of inconsistancies and questions, but no, king beck, the neocon who helped take over the true tea party in order to control it, mr i love isreal and war…. BECK says its disgusting to even DARE question what happened that day. oh yes. becktards love the press and the government they trust everything they do, while sucking their thumbs saying wahwahwah. damn i hate beck. and any 12 stepper knows, ONE OF THE RULES AND TRADITIONS IS TOTAL ANONYMITY WITH PRESS, MEDIA AND FILMS, NO MATTER WHAT! glenn loves to tout his aa 12 stepping status. what a dick. you do not talk about it in the press everyone knows that! he uses it as some sort of con, like oh im a saint, i was an alcoholic ut ive found mty way! im a saint now. beck is evil… DO NOT TRUST OR FOLLOW THIS LOSER. his job is to take conservatives and lead them astray. >:I

  • Anonymous


    Note: The following statements in black are from the original Declaration of Independence as created by the founders of this nation.  The original Declaration of Independence has been modified, in red, to identify the present threat to
    this nation and to specify remedial actions.

    IN CONCERT, WE, the Legal Citizens of the United States of America
    in the Year 2013 do Declare: The unanimous New Declaration
    of the many United
    States of America,

    When in the Course of
    human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political
    bands which have corrupted their Constitutional government, and to assume among
    the powers provided by logic, reason, and the Constitution of the United States of America, the separate and equal
    station to which the Laws of Nature entitle them, a decent respect of their position in mankind requires that
    they should declare the causes which impel them to the dissolution of the present
    government and to elect a new body of elected and appointed office holders.  This nation has deviated from the
    Constitution, which allowed its followers to establish the greatest nation of
    free people ever known on this planet, and has become a nation of people
    serving the government rather than vice versa.  As a result, this nation has lost many of its
    freedoms and its high position of respect in the society of nations.

    We, the legal citizens of
    the United States of America, declare that the U.S. Constitution is the law of
    the land and hold
    these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are
    endowed with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, Property, and the pursuit of
    Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men,
    deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever
    any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right and Responsibility of the People to alter
    or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on
    such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem
    most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness and protect their Property. Prudence, indeed, will
    dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and
    transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shown, that mankind are
    more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves
    by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of
    abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to
    reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to
    throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future
    security.–Such has been the patient sufferance of these many States; and such is now the
    necessity which constrains them to alter their existing government. The history of the
    present political
    parties that promote their party philosophy rather than support for the U.S.
    is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations of freedoms and properties, all having in direct
    object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States and their legal citizens. To prove this, let
    Facts be submitted to a candid world.

    The present Federal government
    is populated with elected and appointed members, each of whom has sworn, by
    oath of office, to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.  In contrary behavior, the great majorities of
    these members formulate and enforce laws of their creation and/or maintenance
    that are designed to benefit the members and their political/philosophical
    party beliefs contrary to the constitutionality of these laws.  Seldom is the analysis of law making/enforcement
    performed with the idea of “Is this Constitutional?”  Power-hungry Presidents have illegally used
    the power of the Executive Order and have created unconstitutional bodies that
    do not have any oversight by any other governmental body, in complete violation
    of the Constitutional Separation of Powers. 
    These presidents have created separate entities with unrestrained powers;
    have created laws via “Executive Order” thus circumventing the guidance and
    restraint of Congressional processing. 
    In truth, the two bodies of Congress have become despot in their
    following party agendas rather than the Constitution.  Congress acts as two (or more) warring
    bodies, rather than one body using the Constitution as guidance.  Similarly, the U.S. Supreme Court members,
    who are selected for their political-party following, rather than their
    knowledge of and belief in the Constitution as the law of the land, have levied
    decisions totally in conflict with the Constitution.  Some Supreme Court members have publicly
    decried the U.S. Constitution, in violation of their oath of office without any
    reprisal.  Unfortunately, this
    party-allegiance has infiltrated the governments of the many States and local
    communities. The government has encroached into every nook of our society; homes,
    schools, business, environment; usurped our rights; e.g., the First, Second,
    and Fourteenth Amendments; spent trillions of non-existent dollars; and signed
    unconstitutional treaties with international entities, these treaties giving
    international entities control over specified aspects of U.S. citizen’s lives
    and property, a total violation of the Constitution.

    The government does not
    police itself relative to Constitutional behavior.  Members constantly violate their oath of
    office to support and defend the Constitution without reprisal.  Many members should have been impeached for
    this violation; they were/are not.  The
    same goes for the President.

    This nation grew through
    the legal immigration of foreigners. 
    These legal immigrants passed through a legal process wherein the
    immigrant learned about the U.S. Constitution, our nation, and was required to
    swear an oath to support and defend the Constitution and this nation and drop
    allegiance with any other nation before that person became a legal citizen.  This became the basis for the immigrants to
    believe themselves as legal American citizens not dual-nationals with a foreign
    nation preceding there title of American; e.g., African-American.  If these persons prefer another nation over America, these persons should
    return to their preferred nation.  The
    desire for popular opinion has allowed the governing bodies to permit this
    nation to be invaded by, not thousands, but millions of invaders; those that
    illegally cross our borders into this country. 
    These invaders have become parasites; draining our resources without a
    legal right for them.  An infection of
    this extent will kill its patient unless drastic action is taken
    immediately.  The lack of protection from
    invaders has created classes of peoples that are not schooled in the Constitution
    or the American English language, have little or no loyalty to the Constitution
    and the U.S., have formed little
    communities that isolate them from the rest of the citizenry, and mimic their
    home countries.  We have become a nation
    of little nations and are thus severely divided.  “A house divided can not stand!”  Similarly with government, there must be one
    governing philosophy, not several.

    Any body of interaction
    must have a set of rules for the interaction; try playing basketball without
    mutually-agreed-to rules.  Any nation
    that is to exist must have a set of mutually-agreed-to set of governing rules
    for interaction.  The United States demonstrated that the
    Constitution is a set of rules that allowed this nation to become the greatest
    nation of free people EVER know to man. 
    It was not until the constructs of the Constitution began to be violated
    by Progressive/Liberal/ Politically-Correct ideas; that this greatness began to
    fail.  We were no longer a group of
    people with a single set of rules.  The education
    system began to NOT teach the principles of the Declaration of Independence and
    the Constitution and, because of progressive liberalism, started to decline
    into the morass it is in today.  We, as a
    people, must return to the Constitutional philosophies that created the
    greatness of the nation originally.  The
    Constitution is simple and applies to all ages. 
    It does not require thousands of pages for understanding and implementation.  We must return to a government that is
    controlled by the people, not the reverse. 
    Government spending of money, that doesn’t exist, has driven this
    country into bankruptcy.

    The above corruptions of
    government, both Federal and Local have resulted from the citizens of these
    United States being ignorant of the original Declaration of Independence and
    the Constitution and the reason for their structure: to provide a government
    that is as free of tyranny and self-serving behavior as possible, a government
    that derives its power from the governed, is limited in its scope to these
    powers, and has the strength to defend the rights, property, and safety of its
    legal citizens.  This includes defending
    against invaders: those that cross our borders illegally.  This lack of Constitutional knowledge has
    allowed the growth of Progressive/Liberal philosophies that are based on the
    belief that all men are NOT equal; that some men are wiser than others and that
    these “wise men” should guide (a slick
    word for “control/govern”) the lesser men. 
    Thus, because of lack of restraint by an ignorant public, began the corruption
    of our Constitutional government.  There
    is little time remaining to save this nation from dissolution by corruption.

    THEREFORE, the legal
    citizens of these United States do declare that ALL
    Federal members, whether elected or appointed are, as of 1 July 2014, declared
    PERSONA NON GRATIS and that there will be an election of all Federal offices
    commencing in July of 2014.  This
    election is to purge the existing “Professional” politicians and provide new
    minds for government.  The persons
    eligible for election cannot have held any prior Federal office, must swear
    their allegiance to the Constitution, which is the law of the land, and non-allegiance
    to any political/philosophical belief in carrying out the duties of the office
    for which they are being elected.  They
    must have successfully passed a refresher course in the Constitution (similar
    to that provided by Hillsdale College, Hillsdale, MI), within five years of
    their election.  They must be legal
    citizens as defined by the Constitution for the office for which they are being
    elected.  They will serve no more than
    two terms, consecutive or otherwise, for the same Federal office.  The elections shall be first for the
    President and members of Congress as specified in the Constitution.  This first election will be held on Tuesday, 1
    July 2014.  The new members will be sworn
    into office on Monday, 1 September 2014. 
    All existing members of the Supreme Court will be terminated on 2
    September 2014 and will be replaced immediately by selection by the President
    and approval by the Congress as specified in the Constitution.  Their selection shall be as specified in the
    Constitution and they must meet the same standards as specified above for
    political office.  In addition, during
    their confirmation they, each, must demonstrate their belief in and support for
    the Constitution being the law of the land and that their decisions will be
    based on Constitutional correctness and not on social bias.  Any cases in court at this time will be delayed
    until the new Supreme Court Justices have had time to evaluate them and declare
    them valid.  Any lower federal court
    justices will be replaced as soon as reasonable and no later than 1 April 2015.
     These new members will meet the above
    standards for Supreme Court Justices.

    Thereafter, successive
    elections will be held as done presently: first Tuesday following first Monday
    in November of even-numbered years.

    One of the first actions
    of the new Congress will be to establish, by Constitutional law, that English
    is the official language of the United States of America.  The second action will be to establish by law
    that any person crossing the United States border into the United States without legal permission
    will be declared an invader and be prosecuted accordingly.  The third action will be to dismantle all
    unconstitutional organizations created by previous presidents.  These actions are to be completed by 31 December 2014. 

    By 31 December 2015, the
    new Congress and President will establish a balanced budget with a plan to
    eliminate, by 31 December 2020, the Federal Deficit.  This will include eliminating ALL payments to
    foreign governments, subsidizing foreign governments and businesses, and any
    other transfer of American tax-derived monies to foreign entities until the
    deficit is eliminated.  Thereafter, any
    such above transfers will not occur without two-thirds affirmative vote of both
    houses of Congress.

    Every ten years,
    commencing in March 2020, the Congress and Supreme Court shall, as a single body,
    evaluate the prior and present behavior of the Federal Government, including
    Presidential Executive Orders and the Supreme and District Courts, in following
    the Constitution.  If deviation from the
    Constitution is identified, such deviations will be immediately
    removed/dissolved/remedied and any action required to prevent future such
    deviations shall be enacted.  This
    evaluation and corrective action shall be completed by the end of the month of April
    of the applicable year.  The corrective
    action will be by the authority of the Supreme Court and the Constitution and
    will not require the signature of the President.




    • Anonymous

      I didn’t bother to read it simply because there is nothing wrong with our current Constitution. Leave it alone and stop abusing what is already there. Our founding fathers were not dumb. Any Constitutional convention now opens the door to erasing all the good that is in the current Constitution.

      • Vicki

        It is the same as the original. LOL. Just putting it back where it belongs.

      • Anonymous

        Stumper24 like all liberals, you let your emotions control your actions instead of spending a little effort to discover the truth.  Had you read my aticle, you would realize I am trying to protect the Constitution as it is.  It is the Federal government corruption that I’m trying to dismantle.  This time, read it and THEN comment.  Your first comment is stupid!

        • Anonymous

          Watch who you call a liberal you ass hole.
          I don’t need to read it. anything that calls for a constitutional convention at this point in time is a dangerous thing to even think about.
          I saw that mentioned and that is enough for me. once the constitution is opened to a convention it is open to be rewritten. I don’t think any of us want that.
          So, Feel free to kiss my ass.

          • Anonymous

            I see your emotions STILL control your reasoning (that is ONE of the definitions of a liberal). Instead of venting ignorant anger. I suggest you read my article in full. I’m sure that if you are as concerned with the state of the Constitution as you appear, you will join me in my quest to protect the Constitution as it was meant to be. Our Federal government has become so corrupt as to require the drastic actions I propose. The term “Constitutional Convention” was used to imply the scope of the commitment requires of the citizens in order to impliment my New Declaration of Independence. Please read it. You won’t be sorry.

    • Vicki

      Where do I sign?

      • Anonymous

        Vicki no time at the present to “sign up.” However, you can help by sending a message to all you think would care about this subject and inform them to go to to read the formatted copy of my proposition.  Please ask them that if they agree, to pass it on to their friends, politicians, and any others that might be interested.
        Thanks for reading reading it, contrary to Stumper24

  • Vincent Armijo

    I am referencing Jayna Davis because you spoke with her on your show repeatedly about the OKC Bombing.

    It was from you Glenn that I learned of the “conspiracy” about the Murrah Bombing.  I listened to Jayna Davis on your show and how there were other people of middle eastern descent seen with McVeigh.  There are still the original news reports from the local anchors on youtube where they were showing the police sending in bomb robots to deactivate two yet undetonated bombs that were strapped to columns inside.  It was from hearing Jayna Davis on your show that I read her book and it was relayed in her book and possibly on your show also how the building manager was arguing with ATF before bombing, and after bombing and then was numbered among the dead.  Jayna Davis related how many of the witnesses that saw McVeigh with the middle eastern men, were harrassed and threatened by the proverbial “men in black”.  This is all detailed in Jayna Davis’s book “The Third Terrorist” of which you spoke with her extensively. 

    My brother in law was the lead FBI agent involved in the McVeigh trial, but he was local FBI… Local FBI and Police were looking for those others unknown, but when the Big FBI came into OKC they put the kibosh on all of those investigations and stories.  How can you so easily dismiss this?

    I am bothered by the fact that you can dismiss these things (like the Newtown shooting) that have major red flags about them, so easily now.  It bothers me that you guys whom I have listened to since before Bush was elected in 2000 and I have two sign copies of your Real America at my home… well it bothers me that you would lump and demonize those who have legitimate questions as crazy loons and like Alex Jones.  I have never met Jones and have barely listened to him.. I have invested massive amounts of hours into your show, and have been proud to have met you in Tulsa. 

    I will still listen to you and I do want to support your show but these things really irritate me and bother me.  I feel like you are slapping a lot of us that are part of your fan base unfairly.  And I think you are being intellectually dishonest about this.

    • Anonymous

      Something that has bothered me since day one about the OKC was the McVeigh was caught driving back to Michigan in a car with no plates and other issues. then he would talk. wouldn’t say a word all the way through to the end. then the mass shooters that did not kill themselves.. those are interesting too. all so well equipped at such a young age. I don’t know about you. But, i know when I was under 25 I was in no financial position to buy Body armor and 1500 dollar firearms. then they were all on meds for ADHD or other reasons and all for some reason had some type of tie to government in their past… And to top all this off..NOT a one of them remembers a thing of the period of the actual shooting. Seems a little strange to me.

    • Anonymous

       Even Glenn Beck is at the mercy of capitalism to grow his business.  Just like FOX and any other msm there are certain view points they must dismiss. 

  • Anonymous

    conspiracy theories,,
    the kindled fire,  of what magnitude,,,especially when,,the events like,,fast and furious,,how the Taliban started,,the sandanistas,,all from  who,,,and a finger is pointed shameingly,,because folks conjure up stuff,,geez,,,,,someone,,,,,what about immediate truth  so folks don’t  let the imagineation run amuck,,after all  the only folks interested,,really,,are the ones who listen to you,,,sorry  big boy,,sorry ive a opinion from years of being fed bullshit,,,sorry iim not as correct as you,,,must be lonely on top of all that knowing everything

  • Anonymous

    Words have now been used as weapons far worse than the 18th century. Shooting was an action verb not an adjective to describe the action. Example is the word “Gay”, it originally meant happy, jovial, exuberant expression of joy. Today Gay means Homosexual or slur of Homosexuals.  this is why we have problems because we are told that what you were taught is no longer valid so you are drifting without foundations.

  • Anonymous

    its funny  I didn’t know,,anything about the truthers,,,yet  I felt the same way  ,,and haddent said athing to anyone,,about that thought and seeing the truthers,,conspiracy,,,,why would  that thought even exist
    with anyone,,,its called,,an even keel,,,,,it is there ,,because of subliminal subgidation(I know ive spelled it wrong,,screw spell chek) ya know what I mean,

  • Anonymous

    now  lets get this into a perspective that is tolerable,,,,FEAR,is responsible for irrational reaction,,unless disciplined to recognize,this factor,,,most folks are not,,,our most sacred institute has been violated,,lynch mob mentality cyborg style,,and everyone has an answer,,our president,,listens to little kids letters,,excuse me,,,,but that is irrational,,and hes the prez,,lets cut our noses off to spite our face,,lets act like lemmings  and jump off the cliff,,,,,then the truth comes out,,,an assault rifle never left the vehicle,,he had words with school officials,(what happened there)  who pushed the nut cases button,,,and why,,was it entertaining to watch the nut job get flustered,,,,what happened,,why,,there are many things still not revealed,,but our prez wants the opinion of little kids,,just outtah diapers,,to shame the nation,,to destroy our 2nd amendment ,,why

  • Anonymous

    The conspiracy is Obama and Biden finding fault with legal gun owners so they can ditch the Second Amendment

  • Marsha England

    for me, the “conspiracy” of Newtown, is not that it didn’t happen, but that a mentally unstable young man may have been “farmed” and  “coached” and “drugged” to do this heinous act, by Obama’s anti-gun goons.  I think the connection between the shooters in Aurora and Newtown, in the similar way these young men were “crazy” is disturbing and needs consideration. Our government has used mind altering techniques in undercover work for years..nothing new!

  • Carla Beerbower

    The red flags I see in the Sandy Hook shootings are not only the “facts” changing but also the the interviews. The families do not look like people who have lost a child. No red eyes, no tears, no puffy eyes, no sleep deprivation. To much smiling, to eager to be in to spot light. If my child had just been murdered I would have nothing to do with the media and I would look like I had been through hell. The medical examiner’s interview was strange also. Something is way off. Sorry Glenn isn’t looking into, I thought he would be investigating. Oh well. The government is certainly having a hay day with the event.

    • Jennifer

      As a mother that has lost a child I found the TV parents behavior very suspicious. There was not a smile in me for months so I was surprised at how easy it was for them. I say, just go look at all of the videos on youtube, throw out the truly crazy (because there are some) and then see for yourself that a whole lot of things they are trying to sell us just doesn’t make any rational sense.

  • Donna Bleiler

    If you haven’t seen one of the videos, this is the most compelling one.  I’ll say, I had some of the same questions they are bring up when I watched the news.  Where were all the parents picking up their kids from school. Where were the emergency trucks? Why were people so casual? Why was a website set up before the event even happened? And where are the weeping parents?
    Glen talks about truth and the dragon, but what if we have been swallowed with untruth. Obama probably is counting on us dismissing this, but what if this is the truth?  I still have an open mind looking for the truth.  Watch for yourself.

  • Anonymous

    ive been wrong for so long I think im right,,,the reverence  deserved to the victims and the families/friends,,I cannot give enough of myself  I want to,,I believe every loving human being wants to as well,,,I also believe that  everyone knows this instinctively,,,,,theres a atmosphere created by deceit  ,,this in my opinion is alive only  because,it makes money,,,when those perameters are taken down for the common good,,as it does not deserve freedom of speech,,as it is compromiseing  the life and love we have as human beings for each other

  • Anonymous

    I just can’t wait for the police report on this shooting. It boggles the mind that NOBODY has seen any official report anywhere. All the talk has switched to gun control and the tragedy of 20 youngsters is history. Some things just don’t make sense or add up to logic.

  • Anonymous

    unfortunately its like a drug,,of depression,its allureing  as its hatefull,,its demise,,will have to be a individual im not listening to it  decision,,in my opinion

  • Linda Tracy

    Thanks for your show today.
    I do have rights and for now freedom.

  • Jennifer

    Mr. Beck, why don’t you just look into the fact that both Aurora and Newtown shooter’s father’s were both involved with LIBOR and a lot of the people are involved with a company called SERCO and they are a interesting read. All you have to do is some research but all you get are more questions!

  • Amanda Cantrell

    There is way too much that doesn’t add up. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, and I’m not saying it never happened, but I agree with Donna Bleiler. I’ve watched that video, and they present many valid points, the most unexplainable being why Facebook pages and websites were created DAYS BEFORE THE SHOOTING OCCURRED! Can these people predict the future? Something is going on here.

    • Anonymous

      They weren’t. No such websites or Facebook pages existed. Wow.

      • DontlistentoMassMedia

         Yes, there are many screenshots that prove this… of course, they have since been taken down.  I am not saying it DIDN’T happen, I’m suggesting it didn’t HAPPEN the way we have been told.  Aren’t we supposed to trust but verify?

        • Anonymous

          Then verify. If it was on the web, it can be found. Find some evidence or you’re just expressing wacky conspiracy theories that distract us from real issues about gun violence.

    • Tina Sergent Seward

      Because, Amanda, some of those pages were reused.  They were put up for other purposes and when the tragedy happened, they were retooled to pay tribute to victims.  If a Facebook page is edited, it is still going to show the date of its initial creation.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, you are wrong about the government not being competent enough.  While I agree that the shooting did take place, I also suspect that Obama’s team was in some way responsible for making it happen.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they are orchestrating most (if not all) the recent shootings to quickly push their agenda and to persuade the American people that guns need to be taken from us (or be so heavily regulated and expensive, that nobody will be able to get one).

    Don’t forget, Obama and his cohorts have the best resource one can have on the face of this planet, demons.  Everything Obama is doing is perfectly manipulated to get exactly what he wants, and it’s working flawlessly without a hitch.

    You may think unwise spending automatically means the government is incompetent, but did you ever stop to think that they are doing it on purpose? It’s all part of the plan to destroy our country, and they are pulling it off with perfect precision.

    • Anonymous

      Wow, you have to be pretty insanely on the right if you’re more paranoid than Beck himself. Listen to your leader and give up the insane conspiracy theories.

      • Vicki

        You need to be ignored.

        • Anonymous

          Yes, ostrich, ignore everyone you disagree with, maybe we’ll all disappear.

          • Vicki

            I was thinking the same thing about you. You dismiss everyone’s comments without reason. We are thinking human beings not zombie like creatures that are satisfied with what is shown before us, especially if it does not make sense. We have a right to question and to discuss with one another our fears and suspicions. I hope to God you are right, but I don’t think you are. It makes me sick,

          • Anonymous

            No, I address real points when they’re made. All you said is I should be ignored. If you have something substantive to say, I’d be happy to address it and discuss it.

          • Anonymous

            I certainly agree that we should question what we are told and discuss our fears and suspicions with whomever we like. This economy certainly is working for the few at the top, and they manipulate things, turn us against each other, and hold back progress in order to protect their wealth and income stream. I sometimes think that some of the more crazy conspiracy theories serve to distract us from the real issues of inequality and the erosion of civil rights. The gun thing is a good example. No one is calling for banning all of them, but any small, reasonable threat is made out to be the end of freedom and the takeover by fascists. Meanwhile, people are kept in fear, gun manufacturers are making huge profits, and the rest of us are caught in the middle. It makes me sick, too.

      • Carla Wells

        Then explain the inconsistencies of this tragedy there “knowitsome”…please I beg you. Why cannot ANYONE just explain the lies that surround this story? Everyone just says….”those conspiracy theorists, they’re nuts”….ok, then explain the questions…you seem them listed here in so many of the comments.

        • Anonymous

          What lies? What inconsistencies? Name some.

          You seriously think it didn’t happen? Obama faked it to take away your guns? I can’t believe any sane person believes that.

          • Jennifer Neilson

            TTHREE WORDS. Fast and Furious. check out the emails between eric holder and co. (abc reported) they admitted in emails that they planned on tracking the guns they gave to murdering thugmexican drug cartels, as well as american gangs, in order to blame it on gun shops and to blame it on the 2nd amendment.

            they got CAUGHT red handed giving guns to cartels in which thousands of men women and children have been murdered, all so he can take our guns “under the radar” as obama stated to antigun groups when asked what will he d aout the guns. so, if obama would use a fale flag op known as fast and furious in order to manipulate americans into giving up their guns (so the global banking cartels, who laundered the drug cartels money and got caught, can finish imploding the world economy by design), well then… what else would he do?

            oh i know i know!! he would arm al-cia-duh! in syria, libya, and egypt… giving them weapons and missile launchers, stand down while benghazi was murdered, and watch terrorists torture and murder civillians and inocent men women and children, as well as 50,000 blacks in libya, with the weapons money and support OBAMA gave them. so now, al-CIA-duh are our bestest friends we use to do our dirty work, mexican drug cartels we arm and watch them murder countless and thousands of mexicans, while homeland security now says Vets are the number one terrorist threat in their dept. of defense manuals, as well as all PRO GUN, conservative, libertarians, end the fed people and people who like the constitution, or people do not agree or like the corrupt government or banksters are now the terrorists, and the consitution has all been shredded now becaue of so called al-CIA-duh but really, it was always meant for us. thats why the government, including the social security dept, have bought over 1.6 BILLION hollow point bullets, which are illegal for use in war or by cops under geneva conventions… thats why they admit they have been preparing for civil war and martial law, thats why in the last year obama has usurped the rule of law and has passed tons of executive orders having to o with martal law…

            because HE IS VERY VERY capable of staging or partly staging sandy hook, which is why they had nearby drills, they admt now that the ar 15 was never used in the shooting but obama wants to take the ar 15’s anyways, they ignore this kid was on psychotropic drugs that make people suicidal and or aggressive, and they let a man go in the woods who was wearing fatigues and a shirt just the same as the killer, whowas an off duty out of area cop supposedly, and why they refuse to release the surveillance tape, and why the reporters refuse to ask any questions or catch the inconsistancies, same as how they have given obama a pass all this time on eveything and is never criticl of him though he clearly should be impeached and in jail for all his illegal and murderous acts, not to mention he has killed our constitution and protects the criminal banks who are bankrupting and planning a complete takeover…

            research operation northwoods, operation gladio, operation paperclip, gulf of tonkin incident, building number 7, fast and furious, benghazi, for starters. then tell me how could he possibly? 

            or dont.

            “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” – Krishnamurti .

    • Anonymous

      Interesting take, your theory that the Evils That Be in D.C. are being aided and abetted by demons!

      And by the way, Glenn’s blasting of WITCHES and MAGIC makes you wonder how soon before HE becomes the object of some angry Wiccans and Warlocks…

      • Anonymous

        Not sure if trolling…

        But if serious, think about it for a second.  Demons know everything, they know all the dark little secrets we all hold… every sin you, me and every person on this planet have committed. They also know exactly how to manipulate us with every method possible, known and unknown to us. The ever increasing Godlessness and spiritual disorders in this world proves that they have been quite successful in their endeavors.

        The reason why things are the way they are these days is because we, as a world full of sinners, have been significantly manipulated by demons directly or indirectly.  They know what they are doing and the best way to do it.

        Satan was the angel of music, don’t you ever think about how all the violent and horrible rap (and other) music is affecting our teens and children nowadays? Music is extremely powerful… to underestimate it is massively ignorant. I am a musician myself and know the raw power of it. 

  • greywolfrs

    I stand for the Constitution, in it’s original form. It seems I stand alone and I am perfectly OK with that. Whatever the outcome, I will make this promise, they better send lots to take me down.

    • Vicki

      You do not stand alone. There are many of us.

  • Anonymous

    I have listened to Mr. Beck for years…. but I have to disagree with him on this one.  Questions should be asked…..  I am not saying that this did not occur, but are we getting the full picture?  Glenn is telling us to not even entertain the thought of government involvement,  yet he is the one that painted a picture for years of Obama’s close connection with Bill Ayers and other domestic terrorists involved in the weather underground…..  a group that terrorized…bombed…fellow citizens in the name of advancing their own agenda ???  So what is it …either this government is capable of horrific acts to advance their agenda, or they are too incompetant.  Can’t have it both ways Glenn.

  • Brett Canfield

    so glenn it was ok when the blaze was telling the truth on Benghazi and mainstream media was sticking to it was the fault of the video. here is a conspiracy fact for you the attractive young teacher who died R.I.P face book was started prior to the shooting. 

  • Sarah and Jeremiah Hunter

    I dunno, I don’t have cable so I haven’t followed any of the Sandy Hook stuff, other than to pray for them and mourn for them, but today I saw a picture of Emily Parker with “that guy.” She was suppose to be dead.??? I’m looking forward to Glen’s debunking show because I don’t want to believe the govn’t could do that. Either way, I probably won’t talk to my firends about it. Woudn’t want to freak them out i it’s just a conspiracy. Here’s a pic. Wouldn’t read the article though,looks icky. If someone can tell me what this is I would appreciate it.

  • TheROUSes

    Well the nurse said that she came face to face with the shooter, but he walked away, and then she said that she only saw his knees when she was hiding under her desk…..So, which was it?

  • Anonymous

    all i can say about this discussion is that getting the guns out of their enemies hands is priority #1 for these progressives. they will go to any means to accomplish this and today they have made great strides in doing so.

  • Vicki

    I think the event might have happened but for heaven sakes what about the little girl that was suppose to be dead but was sitting on the Presidents lap? What about the add that the United Way put out 3 days before the shooting asking for donations for the children and the families of the school? 

    • Carla Wells

      AND those 6 children that that “guy” took into his home?? What were those children doing just aimlessly wandering around when the school was in LOCKDOWN???

  • strength unity

    Glenn, now I know something is REALLY wrong here.  I have totally lost all respect for you.  How in the world did you make a 180 reversal on all the things you have preached for years. Seriously was your website hacked?  Is that even you talking?  Glenn how much do you KNOW these things to be true? 

    Seriously, I have zero respect for you and your empty words from now one.  You are a fraud.

    • Vicki

      I was thinking the same thing. How much did you get paid or who made threats to you and yours to try to cover this up?

    • Robert Link

      I agree, I believe Glenn had sold out to the powers that be.  Once upon a time Glenn was refreshing, now he is just like ALL of the Mainstream Media personalities.

  • Anonymous

    Ridiculous, the government had a scheduled crisis response training going on the same day in bridgeport!!”   
     Children in crisis situation at a school” they are involved in this, Glenn has the ability to investigate this but turns a blind eye….why?

  • Vicki

    If you can’t look at this and can’t see something wrong then I have to ask, what is wrong? Is this not on your agenda?

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone have knowledge of a Satanic organization in Newtown? this would or could explain  some of the very odd behavior of public figures in this scenario.

  • tiredofnigs

    Hey beck, you sold out!!! I was watching this unfold and was suspicious…i saw the videos of these so called Grieving parents…Up yours you pussy

  • Anonymous

    The media has been derelict in it’s obligation to find the truth, and to question the OBVIOUS contradictions by various law enforcement, first responders, and eye witnesses. How many guns, what type of guns, where were the guns, how many shooters were there, how many times did he go to the school, why didn’t the school footage show ANY of what happened, how were the guns acquired, etc. ad nauseum… The fact that what appears to be the real-live, in person equivalent of internet trolls going on live TV telling OBVIOUS fabrications, and the media just runs with it their “breaking story” without even doing the slightest fact checking whatsoever is telling to how pathetic the media really is. Quite honestly, at this point, I am furious about the way this tragedy has unfolded, the lies, the faked stories, faked emotions, and everything else. I want to know the answers to very obvious questions that I had when this all unfolded…. No one could get a single “fact” out there, without it being changed 15 minutes later. 

    Just attacking the people who are asking questions is simply a disgusting diversion of this travesty. If my child was at that school, if I was a member of that community, and if I knew people who had been involved in this incident, I would be DEMANDING to know the answers to these questions too.

  • Anonymous

    By the way, Glenn. If you are going to respond to the people who are questioning the official story of what happened, could you please put a point-by-point response to debunk the claims that are being made? There are legitimate questions out there, and just lumping everyone asking these questions into “wingnut” category is unhelpful… If you have “facts” to dispute their claims, such as the claim that Gene Rosen dramatically changed his story when talking to various new agencies, or that there was video footage of police retreiving the rifle from the trunk of the car when the medical examiner and other law enforcement said that the rifle was the weapon he used to murder, or the video footage of the father laughing and smiling just before an interview 1 day after his child was murdered and then as he goes to the mic has a sudden and drastic change of character, or the fact that there was 2 handguns and then 4 handguns, and then there were 2 shooters and then only 1, and the mother was a teacher at the school and then she wasn’t… I mean, really? Do you have any answers to these questions? Don’t just say we are all crazy because we all watched this happen and the media lies in real time. Within 2 hours of watching the news of this incident I was disgusted by all the changes of official story and had to shut my TV off… Why am I the crazy now for questioning what is being said?

    • Carla Wells

      I so agree Tia..I’m so disappointed in this so called “response”…please.

  • Anonymous

    We must all be aware, if we look at this situation rationally, that the liberals have always exploited the issue when tragedies happen. “Panic legislation” has always succeeded in getting oddball ideas passed. When I was 16 years old a friend of mine and I bought our dads 16 gauge shotguns from Sears for Christmas. Now you have jump through psychological and legal hoops to even apply for a gun permit. Our freedom and right to buy those guns for our dads was taken away from 16 year old citizens shortly after the assassination of John F. Kennedy. What could not be passed before this event, was proposed and passed in the panic that followed the Presidential assassination. Common sense and reason is rejected in the emotional response to a tragedy. History has shown that when the this kind of increase in government control leads to the government taking ultimate control.

    Have we so soon lost the reason that led to the colonies declaring their freedom from the dictatorial power of the British government. The Constitution was written and adopted to prevent the excesses of government control of their citizens. It has taken 224 years of assaults on the Constitution to reach the stage that we are in today where that document is ignored and bypassed by our President and encouraged by the liberal element in our national legislature led by Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi The government has now seized control of the basic rights that our forefathers fought, and died, for.

    Our freedom is only as good as our ability to reign in excesses of government. We have failed to protect our rights because of emotional responses to national tragedy. When you give the government an inch, and we have, they push the envelop as far as they can, We must reign in these excesses of government control or America will cease to be the poster child for freedom in the world. We are moving down the path of all governments in history, totalitarian control.

  • suz

    i just don’t understand, i never will, what person in their right mind could not believe what their eyes tell them over and over again.

    there are instances where the government sets up scenarios for opportunity, but the burden is more easily met then something like sandy hook.  

    i do believe bho speaks many lies that stupid people believe (i.e., he’s a friend of israel), creates a bad situation that is his fault and then swoops in and saves the day — THAT HE DOES.

  • Take 2

    Amazing when “1” man thinks he can rule like a king or dictator. We know how it ends-However.

    Woodrow used Youth i.e. Cub Scouts to promote Communistic Dogma… Hitler Youth into an Army.  Now Barry Dunham to block evil Tea Party Congressionals sounding off or calling him a liar in public.    

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think even this administration could come up with a plan that included killing 20 little kids.What I do believe is “don’t let a crisis go to waste”. Obama was on the tv in less than 5 hours after the killings. It appeared to me that he had something like pepper spray on his fingertip. He inserted that finger into his eye and presto…a tear. Right after that, that eyelid was fluttering. I have never seen his eyes behave in such a manner. This is all about the agenda. HE, is all about the agenda.

    • Robert Link

      Who told you someone died?  Look at the source – lies.  No One Died!!

  • Anonymous

    Okay, Glenn, you made some very important and TRUE points… HOWEVER, there ARE a lot of very bizarre elements to the whole Sandy Hook nightmare–not the least of which is that off-the-wall WEIRDO Medical Examiner (Wayne Carver) with his hyena-giggling and psycho-behaviors at the press conference (viewable on youtube). Another weird thing is the way that Robbie Parker (father of Emilie who was apparently killed) was laughing and smiling right before he “shifted into the character of a grief-stricken father” for the video taping (also viewable on youtube)… These are just two GLARING examples of things that make people stop and say, “HUH??? WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT???”

    The events and circumstances of the Sandy Hook tragedy need to be studied, and, to do that, questions need to be asked and answered. Don’t label everyone who asks questions and wants answers as a “conspiracy nut.”

    As for the (apparent) shooter, we still don’t know enough about him, his background and family dynamics to even begin to comprehend what would cause him to commit such heinous acts. That’s why questions and studying of elements of this tragedy need to happen. 

    And yes, one thing everyone can agree upon: The Government acted swiftly to capitalize on this tragedy, even to the point of using not-so-subliminal language about Congress “holding a gun to the head of Americans” about the debt ceiling. HOW TRAGIC Sandy Hook was for the slain children and adults and for the families who lost loved ones, but HOW CONVENIENT for the current administration. It is the cynical, opportunistic and blatant exploitation by the Government of this tragedy that makes people suspicious and vulnerable to conspiracy theories.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn You Are So Right, You Always Speak The Truth “Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste!”
    Everything Glenn Predicted Since The Beginning HAS Come True! No one trusts each other anymore, no one has patience any more, no one communicates anymore…fourty years in the desert of liberalism hundred years of communists inside guaging slowly at the human spirit, trying to take God,common sense and common courtesy out of every person… killing unborn babies–we could have had so many diseases cured with one of those babies. Take God and His Commandments out of schools put guns in, which is better at least GOD doesn’t kill. even listen to the prophetic words of Paul Harvey of 1965…if i were the devil… Our administration is doing the devils work…all his life. Get back to God Get Back To each other! and get kids off those meds..they are worse off..vitamins and natural God Grown Foods are better for them than those ridiculous pills like ridilin! God Will Save US If you come home and belong more deeply!

  • Tina Sergent Seward

    That wasn’t Emilie Parker.  That was her sister, Madeline, wearing Emilie’s dress.

  • Tina Sergent Seward

    It was her younger sister, Madeline, wearing Emilie’s dress.

    • Robert Link

      Sure – however, the pictures of little Emily looked exactly like the family pic, obvious that it was a recent photo of the family.  Look closely at the hair and face.  You can tell it was the same girl.

    • Carla Wells

      I understand that, but as a mother, would you dress your LIVE daughter in your DECEASED daughter’s dress?  Not impossible but…ewwww

  • Tina Sergent Seward

    I lost my father in 1993.  The day after he died, I was riding with my mother to pick up stuff she needed for the nursery school she ran.  She made a comment about not wanting to bury my father so close to the school he worked at . . .and I burst out laughing.  Does that mean I didn’t care about my dad, or that he didn’t die?  I also didn’t have a good cry about my dad until about four months after he died.  Does that mean I didn’t care about my dad, or that he didn’t die?  

    People do not cry 24/7 when someone dies, even in such horrific circumstances as this.  Their emotions are all over the place.  They may smile when they remember something good about their children.  The next minute, they may be in tears.  

    Most of these parents were in total shock. They were in the stage of shock and denial.  

    Apparently the major lesson of Sandy Hook is (sarcasm on), if you have had a loved one murdered, you’d better be in tears and in inconsolable grief 24/7, or else people will think you are lying. 

    • Robert Link

      Sorry but I am a father of 4 with 10 grand children, and if I lost any of them, the grief would not be measurable – not to mention being unable to eat, shower shave or do anything for weeks.

      Losing a precious little soul is the most grivous thing a person will ever experience.  All the people at Sandy Hook, were clean shaven, dressed, noice hair, smiles and absolutely NO red or black eyes from sleeplessness and sorrow.

      Those people did not lose a soul!!!

    • Carla Wells

      The parents “reactions” aren’t even 1/100th of the problems with this tragedy Tina. That’s the first thing I said, you can’t judge people on how they react to a tragedy, everyone reacts differently. The questions and inconsistencies have been listed on may comments here, noone will address those.

  • Anthony M. Welsh

    News reports 4 handguns inside Sandy Hook school found, footage shows police removing the bushmaster from car trunk, Coroner says all killed by rifle.  Footage shows police detaining someone who was running away in woods; reported he wore black top and camo pants. Father is laughing and joking, then changes demeanor for the interview. several websites talking about sandy Hook date stamped prior to 14 December.  We want to know the truth, we want to see the school footage and know who the detained person was.

  • AM123

    At the 7:33 mark, Glenn was incredulous that people believed
    in dragons and witches and spells. Amazingly, he says because people weren’t
    pegged to the truth. Really? The Bible speaks of these things. Want a
    description of a dragon? Read Job chapter 41. And there are many Scriptures
    that speak of witches and spells. I’ve got to admit, I was surprised to hear
    Glenn say this. I thought he believed in the Bible.


  • John Wright

    Ask any adult from a broken family
    what makes children-at-risk so angry, defiant and pathological enough to commit
    such carnage. Learn from them. They will tell you what a child goes through when
    their mother is sharing her marriage bed with a man not their father or their
    father leaving their mother for a younger woman and shack up together in their


    You might try questioning pastors,
    police, school and family counselors and Child Protective Services about
    children-at-risk. I suggest you take your wife with you for validation and
    fasten your seatbelt before you do. It is not a pretty picture!


  • Robert Link

    Sad to see
    that Glenn (like so many other co-opted celebrities) has gotten Religion! I.e.
    he has been bought out and gotten in line with the lies from the government and
    the corrupt media. Even Rush has been co-opted – but at least he nods his head
    continually to the truth without actually saying so. The list of discrepancies
    and co-incidences in this case are beyond imagination. You have to literally
    have your head in the wrong place to believe the story as told by the State run

    Many of the
    events at Sandy Hook were known long before the tragedy. The MO of the arrogant
    elitists’ is to always flaunt their deeds in plain view to the public
    beforehand. The kid DID NOT KILL ANYONE including his mother. It is either a
    full blown hoax, or a black ops mission. I pray that no one was killed, but you
    never know the cost of things when dealing with our government. Thousands dead
    means nothing to our government if it is a means to their ends. At a minimum
    they would have killed the kid and his mother to cover the story.

    Funny how in
    memory of: was found many places on the internet for Ms. Soto 4 days before she
    died. Funny how there are no photos, blood, tears or anything resembling what
    they said happened. How coincidental that the kids were so badly shot up (a
    navy seal told me it would have taken a professional team of 2-3 special ops to
    have accomplished this tragedy), that not a single photo or open casket was
    allowed. Sounds fishy!

    At first he
    killed them with 2 handguns, then 4 handguns (I guess they figured it didn’t
    sound probable with only 2 guns), and then at last (even though there are clear
    photos of the police taking a AR rifle out of the trunk of the perpetrators
    car), they said it was an assault rifle that did the dirty work. Again, how convenient
    for Obama to have a plan ready to put into place (with no discussion or
    professional input) to ban suck weapons.

    The list of
    STRANGE discrepancies and co-incidences is a mile long – just search the
    internet blogs for pictures, facts, and errors of the crime. Not to mention
    hard to believe interviews with supposed families and the medical examiner who
    sounded like a clown. They also did a nice job of painting the perp and his
    mother in such horrible light.  Again it
    needed to FIT their story line.

    No blood
    even on the First Responders shoes. No pictures of the inside of the school
    which must have been riddled with bullet holes (of course not one of the
    hundreds and hundreds of bullets ever went through a wall or window) so again
    no evidence of a crime and we don’t really know what took place.

    Worst yet
    was the principles call to the radio station – long after the intruder broke in
    (thought she was dead). The
    brand new video security system didn’t even get a single picture of the crime –
    because (again strangely) the power to the system and school went out right at
    the same time the perp broke in. Wow!! What a feat by this frail young man.

    People in
    the school reported hearing many shots, but none said hundreds and hundreds of
    shots. As a Christian, I watched (with deep horror and sadness) the entire TV
    coverage the day of the shooting. Something in my spirit kept saying “this is
    not right, something is horribly wrong with this story”. I.e. anyone with 2% of
    a spirit or intuition knew this was a hoax with very suspicious facts and

    They also
    did a great job of assigning a police officer to EACH victim’s family – to keep
    the media away from them??? Or to keep them away from seeing the obvious lack
    of grief or tears. Hollywood does stuff like this every day, for a few million dollars
    and unlimited MANPOWER (CIA black ops); I could have pulled this off much
    better than they did. They could have done a better job by hiring a studio in Hollywood,
    because the acting was very poor.

  • Anonymous

    If they would show the security cam video of the killer shooting up the front door to get in (as they state happened), it would dispel a lot of doubt.  It would also prove whether he took an AR into the building or if that weapon was still in the truck of the car after he was dead inside the building.  I agree with not showing any pics of the victims; but, pics of the damage to the building should be made available.  Until such concrete proof is shown I can’t say that these people who have doubts about the veracity of those in authority over us are totally out of bounds.  As it stands we have nothing other than some people talking about what happened with no proof to back it up.

  • Roc

    A friend of mine sent me the Sandy Hook conspiracy video and asked me what I thought. Here is my response.

     Thanks for the video. With selective
    information one can make any case. I remember a magazine article some 55
    years ago that made the case for Benedict Arnold being a patriot. A
    couple of years ago Nicholas von Hoffman wrote: “Radical: A Portrait of
    Saul Alinsky” in which he defended Saul Alinsky.

    My basic philosophy is that the more people that are involved and the
    more diverse those people are the less likely that there is a conspiracy
    because someone will be so excited about being part of it that they must
    tell someone.

    Remember, conspiracies are secret. If it’s not secret it’s not a

    • Carla Wells

      Then give me reasonable explanations for the questions brought up during that video please. That’s all I want..don’t even have to be “proven explanations” just reasonable ones. Noone can. 

  • Anonymous

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  • NadePaulKuciGravMcKi

    easy to see who the controlled news media fraudsters are
    Sandy Hook … Newtown News Media Fraud Investigation

  • FireMall

       I saw the so called Parker parents again sitting on the first row during Obama’s address last yesterday.  
       Both still grinning & giggling & eating up the attention like it was candy for their souls.

       I  have had fleeting thoughts at times  about losing one of my boys for any reason and I’ll have to really divert my thoughts to keep from being in a sad . bad mood all day  for even imagining losing one of my boys. 

       Seems the Parkers are Experts a diverting & or denying  their grief in a way no normal parent could ever be able to do. 

       IDGAS ,  what Glenn or anyone says.conspiracy or not,  There is more questions than answers to this Crisis.
        Even the most open minded person on earth can see the Deciet in the faces & actions of the Parkers.  They damm sure are very poor actors also. Then the after scenes shots and instanat mood changes make them the  Top nominees for the Golden Fake award .

      Side note:
        BTW: The so called Leaders , besides obviously ignoring their Oath of office to protect & lead by the Constitution have publicly committed Treason by simply referring to the phrase Gun Control .There is No such clause allowing so much as the Thought of Gun Control in the Constitution. PERIOD.
        This term is no Less than a Blatant act of Treason AND Infringement on the 2nd amendment  before any of  the rhetoric and idiotic reasoning that follows the words “Gun Control”.

  • Robert Link

    I am sorry Glenn, you have lost ALL credibility with me.  I will no longer watch, listen or support your Secular Entertainment Organization.  What ever happened to the TRUTH!!!!!

    By the way, what the HELL is up with you dissing our brother “Alex Jones”? You remind me of Harry Reid – how he lied and dissed Romney.

  • johnpatrickmongan54

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  • Joseph

    Laura and Nick Phelps.  They look identical to Richard and Jennifer Sexton.  I believe they may also go by Greenberg.  Just Google it and look at the photos.  Are they the same family?  They’re actors – so what does this mean?

    Sexton / Greenberg


    “Phelps”  (as seen on CNN interview)

    You decide. 

  • Anonymous

    I will pray for strength too for us all and that we remain true no matter what happens.Were
    not alone in this messed up state.Those who hold out to the end will be saved.Those are
    God’s words.But let us keep doing right as God gives us to see the right and let our better
    angels overcome the hell thats running wild.God bless America.

    • Carla Wells

      Amen. The evil will not be ran out unless people question the evil and point it out. 

  • Lisa Marie Bryant

    Too many questions here Glenn, things don’t add up. Not just exploited.  You should totally look into this further.  Lt. Vance headed similar drill before. EMS told to stand down. Supposed parents who were interviewed are actually actors (Greenberg-Sexton Family).  Pictures of dead children belonging to other people. Car they say Adam drove belonged to another guy who is a convicted sex offender, druggy criminal.  Man chased into woods wearing black and cammi. Kids from school didn’t really hear gun shots, just things being kicked and thrown in the hall and people kicking on doors.  No bodies brought out until middle of the night. No camera footage to show of Adam Lanza entering building.  Weird interviews with parents begging for gun control… really?  No red faces or blood shot eyes or hair & clothes a mess that a real parent would display if their child was shot in cold blood. 

  • AM123

    This is the most definitive work to date on the Sandy Hook massacre
    that blows the “lone gunman” scenario out of the water. Eat your heart out
    Glenn. Eat your heart out lamestream media. Here is what you all should have
    been doing from day one when this story broke. Please share this video with
    everyone you can:

    You have been lied to America. Ever hear of the men
    disguised as nuns in a purple van? Of course you haven’t, because the
    mainstream media is at best, incompetent, or at worst, complicit. Take a look
    at these 2 guys in drag at the scene of this tragedy:

    Take a look at the one on the left. What’s he holding
    underneath his jacket, a rifle perhaps? Before you write this off, check out
    the video above and what is heard on the police scanner about men disguised as
    nuns in a purple van.

    The lone nutjob scenario is one thing, bringing a kind of closure
    to the story where the authorities can spoon feed a story of a lone madman to
    the gullible (or complicit?) media and then it is written in stone ever after.
    But a multiple shooter scenario is an entirely different animal altogether. Such
    a scenario speaks of an organized, cold, calculating, unfathomable evil.    

    Beware America. Evil is on the loose. It has an agenda. And
    the mainstream media is playing see no evil, hear no evil, report no evil.


  • Anonymous

    Sandy Hook shooting Inconsistencies.  The most obvious.
    1.  The man chased into the woods, wearing camo pants and a black top, live via helicopter????
    2.  A eyewitness on live TV describing the man and saying he’s sitting in the front seat of a police car????.
    3. The police scanner with a policeman saying he has reports of shadows seen of TWO men running away????
    4. The policeman on the scanner saying, Yes I have TWO of them coming at me, plainly breathing hard as he gives chase????
    5. A policeman on the scanner calling on the suspects car licsence plate number, plainly visible on live TV as having belonged to a seven time felon,??????
    6. Reports of a van speeding away from the crime scene with shot out windows?????
    7. Reports of a man dressed as a nun fleeing the crime scene????? 
    8.The AR- 15 legally registered to the kids mother?????
    9. Facebook page created the very day of massacre for donations for dead??? Daughter????
    10. Facebook pages created n before, in fact, four days before shooting.
    11. Photo of front as police arrived shows no broken glass????
    12. Photo shown of girl who did not die, mother sends out cry across internet
    etc, etc.etc.etc

    Drill being planned of very same event that happened just miles away
    Gee where have I heard that before?

    Multiple men reported and seen on live TV leaving the crime scene
    Gee where have I heard that before?
    Independent and Alternative Viewpoints and journalism, denounced and threatened with lawsuits
    Gee where have I heard that before?

    Can you name the two other SCHOOL MASSACRES, which caused GUN CONTROLL on TWO other continents? I can, look it up
    Starting to form a pattern???
    Sandy Hook, I have no words to express my sorrow or MY ANGER !!!!!!

    The Power Hour with Joyce Riley Jan.16 2013 for more
    Glenn Beck you are a shrill

    Written by Greg R

  • Anonymous

    A New World Order

  • Anonymous

    Sandy Hook inconsistencies
    1. The live TV coverage of a man running into the woods, dressed in camo pants and black shirt ????
    2. The live TV coverage of a man seeing this person put into the front of a police car????
    3. The police audio saying that someone saw the shadows of two men running away???? 
    4. The police audio of a police man saying. yes I have two of them coming my way????
    5. A van reported driving away with the windows shot out????
    6. The father of the shooter was to testify before congress in a banking scandal????
    7. The police audio of the car called the suspects, plate clearly seen on TV belonging to a local with 7 felonies????
    8. The child’s testimony on live TV to the fact that police had someone handcuffed in front of the school????
    9. The police audio that they had someone pranded out????
    10. Facebook page created the day of the murders for financial donations for dead? child????
    11. Facebook page created for RIP before the murders occurred????
    12. Facebook picture of child stolen with mother crying out my daughter is still alive ????
    13. Etc. Etc. Etc.,There are many, many, many more

    A Exercise planning for the exact same scenario being cared out just miles away
    Gee where have I heard that before

    Eyewitness and live TV coverage of other people being involved or seen leaving the scene
    Gee where have  I heard that before

    Warnings to Alternative and aIndependent media with threat to even prosecute independent inquiries
    Gee where have I heard that before

    Destruction of the crime scene without open inquiries
    Gee where have I heard that before

    Gun laws immediately enacted within weeks of murders. Can you name the two other school shooting which resulted in gun consfiscation in two other continents? I can

    While my sorrow cannot be put into words to those who lost their children. I’d be screaming from the roof tops


  • marvin nubwaxer

     They waited and they exploited it. It’s not a conspiracy. It is a danger to the Republic.”
    sounds like the GOP about Libya to me.

  • Carla Wells

    I’m disappointed. This isn’t a “response” to anything. How can you just tell us to believe this wasn’t ‘set up” without even addressing any of the inconsistencies and questions surrounding this tragedy?  Now Glenn Beck is in their pocket as well. This world is going to hell in a hand basket. I understand everything you say here, but this is more “hush hush” talk. This isn’t responding to anything. This is a “just believe me because I say it’s so” speech, just like the government gives. Come on Glenn, you’re better than this. Where are the simple explanations to these “conspiracy theories”?? Where are your investigators? Why is this all you can give us? I’m bitterly disappointed and scared.

  • AM123

    Here is the most definitive work to date on the Sandy Hook massacre that
    blows the “lone gunman” scenario out of the water. Eat your heart out
    Glenn Beck. Eat your heart out lamestream media. Here is what you all
    should have been doing from day one when this story broke. Please share
    this video with everyone you can:

    You have been lied to America. Ever hear of the men disguised as nuns
    in a purple van? Of course you haven’t, because the mainstream media is
    at best, incompetent, or at worst, complicit. Before you write this
    off, check out the video above and what is heard on the police scanner
    about men disguised as nuns in a purple van and check out all the
    inconsistencies in the “official story”.

    The lone nutjob scenario is one thing, bringing a kind of closure to
    the story where the authorities can spoon feed a story of a lone madman
    to the gullible (or complicit?) media and then it is written in stone
    ever after to be used by those further their agenda. But a multiple
    shooter scenario is an entirely different animal altogether. Such a
    scenario speaks not of a lone, crazed gunman, but an organized, cold,
    calculating, unfathomable undercurrent of evil.

    Beware America. Evil is on the loose. It has an agenda. And the
    mainstream media is playing see no evil, hear no evil, report no evil.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah I think Glenn has it wrong this time. I personally haven’t heard anyone saying that the shootings/deaths weren’t real. It happened. The “conspiracy theory” is did the government make this happen. It’s terrible to think, but it is possible, worse tragedies have happened by the hand of government throughout the world’s history. It was quite convenient at this point in Obama’s second term. Now he has a reason to take guns away and increased backing from the public to do so, after the string of shootings/violence that has recently taken place.

  • Joseph

    I’m disappointed Glenn.  Is there anyone left out there who will (at the very least) address the Phelps / Greenberg Sexton connection?  Seriously, does anyone on his staff read these comments??

  • Ling Ling

    Glenn, you are acting a little TOO confident that it wasn’t a government hoax.  The “shooter” frequently visited the school because his mother worked there.  He visited even when she was not there, and frequently visited teachers there whom he had made friends with.  How do you know that some other person didn’t come in the school and shoot these people INCLUDING the supposed “shooter”, knowing in advance that THEY would put the blame on him AFTER he was dead?  How are you so sure this did not happen?

  • Ling Ling

    Gabrielle Giffords wasn’t really shot either.

  • AM123

    Compare the footage of this school shooting in Brazil to the footage the media has provided for the Sandy Hook shooting:

    Now ask yourself, does the footage provided to the American public regarding Sandy Hook look realistic?

  • Jennifer Neilson

    and beck is a tea party infiltrator, neocon shill, trying to take you all down the wrong path. he denies the government just bought 1.6 billion hollow point bullets with the last year, he denies fema camps exists, even though you can look on the armies websight and they are hiring for internment specialists to be on call, not to mention its been proven already, he did his best to ruin ron pauls candidacy while pushing for romney even though any complete moron with half a brain could see how forrupt he is and who he works for (the banks, same as obomba), then pretends to apologize like he was none the wiser when america, glen knows exactly what is going on. he touts his AA recovery status even though the rules and tradition say complete anonymity in press radio and films (he wants yoursympathy and respect) yet he lives the opposite of the twelve steps the way he bashes on alex jones all day long, the way he lies and misleads and tries to make people scared of muslims rather than placing the blame on the government who controls al-cia-duh, and he says we should not sign white house petitions for fear of the government, he admits their is agenda 21 waaaaaaay after the fact alex jones has been reporting on it fr years, but beck puts out a fake tv commercial pretending it was a united nations ad, in which he used trickery and thought it real cute to lie to people in order to tell epople about agenda 21. beck is a divider, he is full of ego and obviously his motivation is power. he doesnt hesitate to lie to his audience, tells them to research knowing most wont, and has poison and jealousy in his heart as you can tell how jealous and hateful he is of alex, beck is a bully. i used to like him when he was on fox, in fact he was the first who got me to start reseaching. thats how i found alex jones, then i researched some more and ralized beck as a fraud. his job is to be a disinfo agent, to infiltrate the libertarians like he did the tea party. beck, you dont fool us and we wont follow. not unless you apologize and come clean for all your lies, your motivations, and do your 12 steps. clean your own house beck, leave alex alone. you ought to be working with him, instead you want to bring him down. you wont, but yu want to. we see what is in your heart. you want us all to be prowar pro isreal, scared of muslims yet you havent fully admitted both bush and obomba used the muslims to attack us and others to make us scared of alciaduh so we would give up all ou rights. just as the penac documents had stated, dick cheney wrote just before 9/11. “rebuilding our defenses” he called for a before and after even so huge that maericans would give p their rights and freedoms. beck said ron paul supporters should be jailed and were dangerous, and supported romney while knowing romney supported the banks, the ndaa act, all the wars, and the patriot act.

    dont trust beck. keep an eye on him, use some of his info but never trust him or follow him. keep him straight. we know who you are, beck. we know you work for the new world order.  

  • Bobby Robinson

    Most of your column is great! But you are very niave in thinking a 20 year old boy could pull this off. There were 5 people invoved,at least . They give us no proof of the house, mother school or anything legible for truth. The car was not nancy lanza. Why is the Emily girl whos dead shown in photo op with Obama. Whats he doing there the next day any how?Did you see the Coroner interview,what a sck drunk idiot.Did you see the full interview with Emily dad,What a sick man. You wonder why people dont believe anything. Yes their were dead,we want proof, not crapy Ben Laden no body crap! Its a honor to be a Truhter instead of a lier! 

  • Vicki

    Glen Beck’s position here is very confusing in light of the fact of so much evidence to the contrary. A thought suddenly came to me about Mr. Beck’s Independence parks that he is trying to excite us with. The Jews and other poor souls were tricked into thinking the gas chambers they were entering were nice, safe places for them to stay by people they trusted.  Beck has just lost all credibility with me. I see him in a different light. Beck are you the lie that will lead us to the Fema Camps and ultimately in the plastic coffins the government already has made for most of the American people?

  • Anonymous

    Have you no sense of decency Mr. Beck?  At long last have you left no sense of decency?

    FEMA concentration camps anyone? You, Mr. Beck, are complicit in this “truther” hoax. Shame on you sir. Shame on you!

  • Vicktorya Stone

    Review these investigations of the Port Arthur, Tasmania incident which led to Australia disarmament.
    (just FYI, yes, Martin Bryant was from a Newtown also; that much I can take as coincidence. The rest is as suspicious as Operation Northwoods, etc.)

  • Robert Beal

    Save your breath have the autorities do their job and release all evidence; the families and the people deserve the truth from these authorities hired to present them the truth. For example why did those children lie on floors of the school all that time?  What justifies such a homicide investigation (when the cause is known) start with this one if you like. Then explain the other five suspects; especially those in the woods. Your comments need to be directed to facts and evidence; and witnesses; not what you think is sad or about people having guns. We know guns don’t kill people kill. Focus on gettting all the truths of the evidence; testimony, etc. It bothers me deeply that these people have great difficulty in telling the truth; such is why a conspiracy instantly comes into mind. Also remind us about the killings our government has done and still are doing will you mention these? Let us get every fact, every issue; answered period. 

  • Robert Beal

    Glenn you remind of the diehard closed-mind people who demanded, we stick to the single shooter story on November 22, 1963. This is why you don’t want to hear anything, but what you think (you know) happened based on your own involvement. I think you should do a show on how many people our governmenmt has killed (start wth the Dallas cop and reporters) and tell us how many they have currently killed and plan to kill soon. We need all these questions answered. obviously the authorities have failed or refuse to answer them. Can you tell us why?  No testimony, or evidence, or witness; or supporting fact, should ever be “gagged” simply because someone decides they don’t want to hear them. Don’t ever under estimate what our CIA and FBI can do Glenn; because unlike your statement “they are not that good” your wrong, they are the best in the business! This is how we undermined the Russians. This is how USAID our humanitarian front, had been used to house our CIA agents to stage their overthrows and assassinations in foreign countries. Honest people Glenn as you have said who believe in God and Faith, don’t have to cover up their past lives; or hide any truths, especially their truth in God, Country,and Family. Your in a position to help and let us hope you will open your heart and mind to getting ALL THE ANSWERS to this horrendous crime in Newtown. Remember anyone who spoke out against the Kennedy Assassinsation was considered UN-American; because only good Americans, believe their government and the investigation conducted. Therefore you can believe in no other conculsions. Sorry Glenn, I’ll stick with God and Family, but the country part went to hell a very long time ago. It is our job, to stop the “dragon” as you explained. If you need help to slay the dragon, you better start being “open-minded” to all sources. We are counting on you and the best minds in our country to get to the bottom of these murders. 

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