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Well, Piers Morgan isn’t the only Englishman with backwards logic on you Second Amendment rights. Yesterday, while wrapping up Tuesday’s The Cycle, TheBlaze TV’s S.E. Cupp was met by some unfriendly fire from MSNBC host Martin Bashir.

S.E. had just wrapped up her “Per S.E.” segment, in which she highlighted how the media is shaping the language Americans use to discuss firearms to “scare and confuse the public to advance gun control.” S.E. went over some of the most misused terms in the gun debate, including “rapid fire,” “assault weapons,” and “high capacity ammunition.”

“So lets forgo the arbitrary, ambiguous fear mongering terms and get real specific about what we actually mean by gun control,” she said. “It may be politically effective to rail against ‘rapid fire, high capacity assault weapons,’ but it doesn’t actually mean anything. So if we are serious about solving gun crime, we should at least start by getting the terms right.”

After wrapping up, S.E. stated, “It’s all yours Martin,” but instead of a clear transition from The Cycle to Martin Bashir Live, Bashir just couldn’t help but inject his opinions into the points S.E. had just made. described the confrontation like this:

“Just a quick question,” Bashir said with a moderately mocking tone. “How many rounds did Jared Loughner fire off before he was tackled?”

“What’s your point, Martin?” a visibly and audibly annoyed Cupp replied.

“How many rounds had he fired off?” Bashir asked again.

“I’m not sure. I don’t remember,” she answered.

“Thirty one,” Bashir shot back. “He was actually tackled because he was reloading.” Loughner reportedly used a 30-round extended magazine in the Tucson shooting.

Frustrated with her colleague’s antagonistic behavior, Cupp argued that “we should be trying to stop crazy people and criminals…from shooting one person.”

“That’s an awful moment. She’s handing the show off to her Martin’s show, and he sandbags her,” Stu said after hearing the clip. “He brings up one piece of evidence out of all of these shootings.  Other shooters have shot their victims with high capacity.  And he does it in way for an insider broadcasting prospective of trying to sandbag a host on your own station.  This guy is despicable.”

“I don’t know how S.E. does it,” Glenn responded. “Day after day after day. I don’t know how some of our hosts on “The Blaze” do it.”

Like Robyn told Glenn, “They stick to their guns.”

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