Mercury One to hold rock concert to help Sandy victims

Mercury One has partnered with Kayla Riley, Live Nation and Ghost Rocket Music to put on a concert to help victims of Hurricane Sandy.

When: Thursday, January 17, doors open at 6:00 PM
Where: The Gramercy Theatre, New York City

  • Adam Gontier
  • Art of Dying
  • Hurt
  • Sid Wilson of Slipknot
  • Smile Empty Soul
  • Edison
  • Before the Curtain

All box office fees for the event have been waived, and proceeds will go to Mercury One to help victims of Hurricane Sandy. At the event, a charity auction will also be held to help raise funds for this important cause.

Get more info HERE.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    For the benefit of the Sandy victims to be aided by the concerts proceeds: May God bless and magnify the goodness and relief that can be provided unto the needy, may He comfort and care for them in their still continuing time of need, may He bring forth much generosity from all who will help, and may it be done for the benefit of all to magnify and glorify God by our service on earth to Him.

  • Sam Fisher

    Sounds like fun. 

  • Texian

    Why are all of you aiding and abetting the enemy?  Why are you aiding and abetting evil?  You are furthering the destruction of America.  They will not be grateful, they will stab you in the back the first time you turn around. 

    After David whacked Goliath between the eyes and chopped his head off, did they offer money and consolation to the coastal tribe of the Philistines so they could flourish??

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    A worthy endeavour. 

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