Sandy Hook student’s dad calls in to dispel conspiracy theories

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Caller ‘Pete’ called into the radio program to respond to the ludicrous conspiracy theories going around the internet suggesting that perhaps this shooting didn’t actually happen. Pete’s child goes to that school and he described the horrific events of that morning from the eyes of a father not being able to protect his son in danger.

Pete’s son was a first grader at Sandy Hook and lost many of his friends in the shooting, and has attended six funerals. Two of the kids killed were part of Pete’s Tiger Den, and he and his son wore their uniforms to the funerals.

When asked about his opinion on the Newtown “truthers”, Pete said the very idea that people would think it was a conspiracy made him feel like throwing up.

“It’s like an unimaginable way to even look at a tragedy or horrific event. I don’t even understand it,” Pete told Glenn.

On the day of the shooting, Pete said he was already on his way to the school to help his son’s class make gingerbread houses for Christmas. On the way, he saw several emergency vehicles pass and assumed it was a random domestic dispute, but as he got closer he realized it was the school. Pete, a Newtown volunteer firefighter, was then dispatched to the scene but not allowed to go in.

“I’m having a hard time even asking you this question,” Glenn said. “What did it feel like as a dad to know that your son was in that building, and you could not go in and grab him?”

“It was extremely hard. I’m fortunate that the fire department is a big family,” Pete said. “One of them, the EMS captain, her mother is the secretary in the office. She’s the one who got the intercom open. And we were both together on the truck and we were consoling each other, and making sure we were able not only get in and do our jobs and but keep each supported to make sure everything was going to be all right.”

“I was fortunate that my son’s class due to his location was about the second class out. I saw him right away within a few minutes of being on scene,” Pete added.

“I’ve been wanting to call a long time, and just listening to that (Newtown truthers). We need to set the record straight. I was there. I’ve been to the funerals. I know the families very closely. I know a lot of those children. It happened. It really happened,” Pete said.


  • Anonymous

    The theory that the shootings never happened is a decoy, no one believes that. What we are all questioning is all of the other evidence that would make any thinking person realize that the official story isn’t true. Something is way off here, but lumping everyone that is asking questions in with those who think the shooting never happened is not logical, or ethical. 

    • Howard Vanover

       I agree, this thing did happen, no doubt about. My question what happened to the fellow the police chased behind the school into the woods? Could there were more than one shooter?

    • Steel Curtain

      I agree, How is it that if you ask valid questions about things that just dont seem right you are labeled a nut job, or conspiracy theorist?  I was taught to ask questions, never accept what someone tells you as pure truth unless you actually saw it yourself. But now, because I question this government, this administration, this president I am a loony? WTF is wrong with this picture?

      • save america

        You are smart to question this government, administration and president for MANY reasons. People who don’t are in denial.

        • b d

          then why do you, and others like you, have a problem when people question 9/11 and bush? that’s extremely hypocritical.

          • save america

            I can only speak for myself, not others like me (whatever that means). I do not have a problem with people questioning 9/11 and Bush, so what gave you the idea that I do? It is your right to question whatever you want, and believe whatever you want as it is my right to do the same and to engage in a debate on any of these issues. I personally question THIS current administration more than any other one in the history of my lifetime and I have very valid reasons to do so.

        • mo up in the northeast

          please see what i put as a link above, or on my profile

      • Kiss Happens

         What is wrong is that you are not a Democrat!  They are liberal until you do not agree with them.

        • Anonymous

          You are the one with the problem.  I am 61 and was taught to always ask questions., no matter what.  This younger generation that follows Fox, follows like sheep.  I only believe what I see , hear, and analyze. I don’t need someone to tell me what to believe.  The Bible says, seek ye the truth.  

        • Anonymous

          there are no more democrats.liberals are socialists!
          a democrat is of hugo chavez fidel castro! We Are Created As A Republic..By and For The People..Under God! United We Stand!
          divided we fall. We Must Stand Together, In Truth, Under GOD, indivisable With Justice and Liberty For All …especially for the unborn.. God’s Chosen!

      • Anonymous

        “I was taught to ask questions, never accept what someone tells you as pure truth unless you actually saw it yourself. But now, because I question this government, this administration, this president I am a loony?” Couldn’t have said it better.

        • Paolina

          The irony is Glenn himself always says to do exactly that “QUESTION your government” and he often says “DON’T LISTEN TO ME FOR IT. RESEARCH YOURSELF”

          Maybe Glenn is hinting that there are forces at work that even he would not dare oppose. Remember he has a family to think about. People with children rarely oppose a government willing to threaten them or do the unthinkable. Like when Perot pulled out of the residency and said he did it because of a threat on his daughter. Even when principled men have a chance at changing everything for the better, they often give it up for security of their loved ones.

          • Anonymous

            Those people he would dare not oppose are called corporate sponsors.

          • Tim George

            I really don’t think Glenn is afraid of his sponsors leaving…  It’s Glenn, you know the one that was on CNN… the one that went off Fox to make his OWN “network” the blaze…

          • mo up in the northeast

            invite you to check out my link above, or on my profile= fellowship of the minds piece

          • Anonymous

             That’s so true. And if that’s the case…he should STOP talking about it.

        • mo up in the northeast

          check out my link above, or on my profile

      • Anonymous

        Ask questions and do research. You will find Alex Jones written all over this, a definite nutjob.

      • Anonymous

        this president administration are anti american islamist terrorist!!

      • mo up in the northeast

        please see link above, or on my profile

    • save america

      I agree. I watched the entire tragedy unfold on the air that day and have so many questions about what was reported. Why did they have the wrong brother as the shooter – if Adam had his brothers ID how did he get it if they haven’t been in contact in 2 years, where are the other suspects found in the woods, what about the vehicle that had a smashed back window that the police were surrounding, what about reports that the mother was a teacher or volunteer. I don’t believe all the theories about the families being actors, although it is very odd that Robbie Parker was smiling and laughing and talking to the press one day later, but I absolutely believe there is so much more to the story than is being reported. There’s also the police scanner footage where the officer is apparently saying “they’re coming at me”. So many things don’t make sense. I just really doubt that he acted alone.

      • Bruno

         And of course dont forget the lack of ambulances at the school didn’t you find that strange?

        • Paul Franco

          As the guy said, they were not immediately allowed to go to the school.  All the children were sent up to the firehouse up the street where all the fire trucks, ambulances and parents cars were all over the place.  Watch the helicopter video and you’ll see parents walking their children out.  

          • Anonymous

            A Facebook RIP page was created for Victoria Soto the day before the incident. Explain that, please.
            No one’s saying this isn’t unthinkable. But it’s happening.

          • Zephaniah Michael Harrington

            This is the argument that gets my wheels spinning. I saw a live recording of someone scrolling through facebook showing a webpage memorial for one of the victims was created on December the 10th. That just doesn’t add up.

          • strength unity

             Correction it was 4 days before the shooting 4.  I seriously think the only people that were murdered that day was Lanza and his mother by black ops.  So many things do not make sense.  I hate to say it but its like 911.  So many things just do not add up like WTC 7 collapsing the same way north and south towers collapsed and it wasnt even hit by a plane.

          • mo up in the northeast
          • Tina Sergent Seward

            The page was first created for another purpose.  The owner of the page retooled it to honor Victoria Soto.  If a page is edited, or retooled, it will still show the same creation date.

          • Antonio Delgado

            but you do not see 600 children and teachers, they had just had a terrorist drill in that school prior to the shooting, what a coincidence

          • daisy k

            hmmm i think it was pre-planned to the beginning so they can confiscate your guns. Now you hear more and more shootings all the time. The government is out there to take our rights away.

          • mo up in the northeast

            you will find th interesting

          • Bruno

             Ah really? the ambulances were not immediately allowed to go to the school.  All the children were sent up to the firehouse?

            Thats funny because during the live broadcasting i dont remember seeing any children going into the fire station besides if the school was in a lock down.

            No one would get off the school until it was safe, again were the police vehicles?

            “Watch the helicopter video and you’ll see parents walking their children out.”

            Oh i did see it but i saw nothing that you stated all though i did bunch of police officers walking around the school.

            “parents cars were all over the place.”

            Blocking the entire area so ambulances  wouldn’t enter? come on dont give me that.

          • Bruno

            “As the guy said, they were not immediately allowed to go to the school”

            What pure nonsense.

        • mo up in the northeast
      • Anonymous

        Tragedy and stress make some people act out of character…or out of what we who are looking in would not feel would be ‘right’ in the situation. Maybe the couple being interviewed were discussing a happy or lighthearted moment in their childs short life….Same with Robbie….Stress…PTSD…who knows how one would act…who are we to judge?

        • Jo

           I can understand a few not crying at any given time, but how can one not crack one darn tear even when they are reliving a happy moment during an interview. Guess I just don’t get that all.  I have tried that experiment when I feel I am about to cry and try very hard to contain it….eventually, I lose it and a tear or flood will form. 

          But, other than not shedding a tear, no bloodshot eyes, no harried look?  Maybe those east coasters have steel shells.  I don’t know.  Seems all VERY odd and contrived to me.  Stepford wi-fish if you will. 

        • save america

          I see your point, and I’m really not judging. I know that none of us really know how we would act unless it happens to us, although I really don’t think I could breathe let alone speak if anything happened to my child. I guess my point was just that Robbie Parker seemed odd. I’m not sure if you saw the footage that is circulating around of him smiling before he thought the camera was on but there is just a very odd look on his face. I don’t mean to disrespect anyone involved in this awful tragedy. I just have so many questions about the whole thing.

          • daisy k

            I agree with you, I saw this site where it shows videos of them, where it shows them being interviewed and the people there were smiling and not showing no tears. So i really don’t know what to believe.

        • Anonymous

           “…who are we to judge?” 
          We are AMERICANS who damned well BETTER know how to JUDGE what we’re seeing on news and being told by so-called “authority figures” and media!

          WE BETTER know how to “judge” Truth from Fiction! And it starts by asking questions and demanding facts…

      • save america

        One other thing to add – although it is difficult to find any real proof of this, it definitely adds more questions. Apparently, the father of Holmes, the shooter in Aurora movie theater, and the father of Adam Lanza were both scheduled to testify in the LIBOR scandal. Just something to think about. May not be true, but if it is, that is a coincidence I can’t ignore.

      • Dominic Krischke

        If you don’t think that they can “act” watch this…This video predates the Sandy Hook shootings but is a replica of the response that it was given. Call me crazy, but look who is running it…..Paul Vance of the Conn. State Police who seemed to be the only ones on the scene. Then just for kicks at the 10:29 mark, guess who makes a guest appearance….The Aurora, Co. Batallion Chief saying how realistic these crisis actors are…These crisis actors boast to the fact that they can cover all aspects of a tragedy from the shooters, people being shot, the police, the media, even social media plants….And guess how you join them? Try it youself. I guess I got rejected because I haven’t been invited to take courses that Homeland Security provides…..

    • Draxx

      NewRealityCheck, can you please call it what it is… “A Massacre”

      To Shoot Does Not Mean to Kill, by calling it what it is not is to Criminalize people that just plain Shoot for Recreation, Hunting, Sports Competition, and who are completely competent!!!

    • Anonymous

      My feeling? Lanza was a scapegoat chosen by a black ops team that killed him and his mother, then dumped his body at the school. The team (two shooters, probably, since witnesses reported seeing two) killed the kids and teachers. The person in the woods was most likely a third member of the team who was immediately released after showing NSA or CIA credentials. A black ops team would use AR-15s. That’s why the ME said all the dead were killed with .223 rounds. But, as happens with many plots, someone screwed up and forgot to place an AR-15 by Lanza’s body. That’s why initial reports all said that only two handguns were found. Then they pushed the “assault weapon in the trunk” story until sharp eyes watching the news video realized it was a shotgun. Now they want us to believe the AR-15 was by Lanza’s body all the time and that the first responders to the scene were just wrong when they said only two handguns were found.  But when all is said and done, the black ops team accomplished what they were sent in to do: create outrage (among some, at least) against semi-automatic rifles.

      • Tracey

        Ridiculous!!  My husband has worked with spooks and I can not believe you think they would purposely murder children!  Information coming out of a chaotic emergency situation is extremely fluid- some of what was initially reported likely did not happen as reported. I am absolutely against what the POTUS and his cronies are doing to this country, but their purposely ordering a covert op to murder children for an anti-gun agenda … no!

        • Anonymous

          They murdered alot more people at 911, check youtube for the video evidence on that one.It happens, its is very hard to accept it, but look at history, government manipulation of the public to create fear, place blame and justify taking away the rights of citizens.

        • Antonio Delgado

          it is to disarm Americans for marshall law, that’s is why you see him enlisting police to join him with the DHS with Russian soldiers. And have them run drills in parts of the country to simulate a take over. Call north carolina they will tell you

          • Lorraine Clift

            Yes I’ed seen them doing the drills on tv
            ,pretty scary !

        • Anonymous

          Tracey, you have much more faith in mankind than I do, apparently. To say that spooks would not purposely murder children is an over generalization, and naive! There are men (and women), who are engaged in various activities, that have no conscience… they’ll do what they’re told, no questions asked.

      • mo up in the northeast
      • mo up in the northeast

        no evacuation of 500 kids on police dash cam. likely, non -commissioned school, and no bullet casings matched a single firearm.
        adam was conjured up, imo

    • Jessie

      I 100% agree with you. I believe that shooting did in fact happen but, what I just don’t understand is why I’m having a hard time believing it. All evidence(that we know of and has been released) points to it being fake. Today, my friend told me she wanted someone to convincingly persuade her into believing it actually happened, because with all that we have been told about it thus far in no way makes her feel convinced. I’m not going to be one of those people who just say “Its the government pushing for gun control” (although i’ll admit, it’s cross my mind but can i be blamed?) Personally, I don’t believe in gun control because criminals are criminals and they’ll get guns while other civilians are defenseless against them. I don’t understand the fake tears and fake people(talking about the “ex-psychiatrist”). Could this just be a case of bad media? They couldn’t get the real parents so they hired actors? 

      I think, like most, i’m just frustrated and want answers or a very good explanation.

    • Brandon Perron

      ya since when is questioning the ‘story’ behind SH a crime? dude went in with an AR reportedly let off several hundred rounds over the next what 10 minutes? then shot himself supposedly… yet no one wants to release the EVIDENCE to the public… not even friggin blood stains on walls/floors… something just doesn’t add up with the whole SH thing not saying it did or did not happen just saying the government obviously had something to do with it like they do with most everything ‘big’ that goes on here. (and everywhere for that matter)

    • mo up in the northeast

      please check out my link above, or on my profile

  • Sam Fisher

    Why are people so stupid? Why are they so heartless? Can’t the see or hear? It is time to stand up to these idiots. They are liars that where not there. They were killed in cold blood but yet there are still idiots the refuse to see the truth that people died. People called us video game players detached from reality but we are not it is these punks that spread lies.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t question that people died.  I question the facts as they have been reported. I know it’s sad that it has come to this, but I don’t trust the media and I don’t trust the government.  Who knows what to believe any more.  The way that the left has jumped on this and used it to push their agenda and they way they created Fast and Furious and then tried to use it as a justification for more gun laws until they were outed by a brave ATF agent, combined with the fact that Rahmbo is famous for saying never let a crisis go to waste makes me skeptical.  I believe these leftists are so evil they will create a crises in order to exploit it.

      • William LeBlanc

        Yes… Kile Remember Benghazi was all about the protests that never happened.  Pushed that for two weeks. Hmmm

        • Lynn

          Thats a good point William…once a liar always a liar…they were “CAUGHT” red handed in a huge lie!! How do we trust anything???

      • Sam Fisher

        But they did not do it here and there is no evidence for what you guys are claiming to be there. The facts are not there. This is not like Fast and Furious tried to pull or the many other things the government tried to do. The fact is no one would in are government order a group of children killed to push a gun ban and get away with it because someone would of came out by now and said that this jackass Obama told us to set these children up and here are the documents to prove it. There is no evidence for your claims and there for it never happen.

  • Wendy Smith

    Our thoughts and prayers still go out to the parents and families of the folks that were killed in Newtown.  We do not question that the children were killed.  What we question is that the ME said all were killed with a long rifle but all statements made by the media show them finding the long rifle in the car and that only handguns were found in the school.  Two other people were arrested and held and there has been no mention of them again.  The video from the helicopter does not show any EMS at the school.  Why?  Why would no one go in and at least see if they could help someone?  Why does Gene Rosen’s story change every time he tells it?  
    There are lots of unanswered questions and it is our right to ask them.

    • Anonymous


      I can answer a part of this and I live a long ways away from Ct.
      Standard operating procedures…. EMS, EMT, MFR, Fire fighters are not allowed on a shooting scene until the scene is safe and the cops say it is safe. 
      Staging a block or more away from the actual scene is the norm.
      Also, I agree with you about the firearms used. The helicopter footage shows the rifle being removed from and unloaded at the trunk of the car.

      • Anonymous

        and it was not a Bushmaster AR-15 and was never used  that was also in the news

      • Joe C.

        You’re both wrong about the gun. The weapon removed from the car was a Saiga 12 semi-auto shotgun. They’ve never produced the AR-15. Why the cop felt the need to even touch the gun is beyond me.

        • Anonymous

          The Officer was handling the weapon without proper gloves and contaminated that particular crime scene.  It was some type of shotgun, not a rifle.

          • Paul Franco

            As Joe C. said, it was a Saiga 12 with a Draganov stock.  Definitely not an AR.

      • Jake Hover

        If you look at that video, it looked like a shotgun, not a rifle, and definately  not an AR-15. You can see in the video that the officer clears the weapon by pulling the action open with the charging handle on the right side of the weapon. AR-15’s charge from the rear. It’s obvious from the video that this was the case. It also looks like it was a yellow colored shotgun shell that was ejected, not a 5.56 round, which is much smaller.

    • George Kelley

      My son is a fireman paramedic and said that it isn’t uncommon under those circumstances that ems people would stay back. But he and I still believe that something here really stinks !!

  • rgssgs1

    Question with boldness even the existence of a God; because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason, than that of blind-folded fear.
    Thomas Jefferson


  • Jacob Tilton

    Because nothing sounds more legit than a radio interview.

    • Tricia Elenbaas Robertson

      gotta love the Glenn haters on here…..

      • Johnny America

        gotta love the Glenn worshippers like yourself, also!! 

      • Anonymous

        Oh, come on! Glenn’s stance has ALWAYS (at least till now) been TO QUESTION BOLDLY…

  • Anonymous

    Then answer the questions…..A) How do we know this guy is for real? He could definitely be a staged actor just like the ones who have been all over the media B) why doesn’t he address any of the questions brought up by the video…..and why didn’t Glenn ask any of the questions. Glenn aren’t you at least a little bit curious about the questions brought up by the video? This thing just doesn’t add up……there are way too many inaccuracies and holes in the stories.

    • Ronda Scarborough Rice

       Let’s get Pete on the show so we can see him and know that he is real.  I had an encounter with a person named Weiss that claims she is the sister of Mr. Phelps. However, this encounter left me with lots of questions, especially considering that David Weiss is so connected with the Greenbergs. Calls mean nothing. I was told not to believe anything you hear, read, and only half of what you see.

    • Debbie Goldthwait Clemeno

      Oh my God, shut up! 

      • Kate

        Amen Debbie!!

      • Jeff Cross

         YOU SHUT UP!

    • Jesse Stout

      How do we know you are real?

      • Anonymous

        Your mom thought I was for real last night!

    • Lynn

      The guy talked in so many circles I was dizzy by the end of the converstation…he randomly brings up the dog AND he never answered a question that I, living on the west coast miles away, could not have answered!! :/

  • Grlnxtdoor

    It is so tragic, all these people defiling the memories of all these
    children. Making the parents suffer much more than they should have; with the
    lies they spreading. These people have taken it so far as to call the home of
    one of the people who set up a memorial fund and scare her. People’s lives have
    forever been changed and those people who are trying to help are being persecuted
    and threatened.

    • Anonymous

       As are WeThePeople with this government TERRORIZING us on a daily basis.

  • Richard Bombardier

    I have to agree with the others, I believe the shooting actually happened, no question about that.  But the conflicting reports throughout the whole media coverage is what’s disturbing.  I believe that there is a cover up with regards to the weapon and the number of people involved in the shooting. 

  • Todd

    This is a video that may are talking about. At around 8:00, the Parker father is laughing and smiling then suddenly transforms into a “grieving dad” when he is told he is on.

    • Ronda Scarborough Rice

       I personally know a medical coroner and he is a very fluent speaker, extremely intelligent, and not at all a bozo like this freakazoid.  He has really great photographers…I bet.

  • William LeBlanc

    Watching the video that was put together as a conspiracy video on You Tube had video of a facebook memorial site that was started 3 days before the shooting.  Of a Memorial page to make donations that occurred one day before the shooting.  How does someone explain that the people would know that the kids would die 1-3 days before the incident?  Perhaps this was faked.  Someone needs to look into that.  I will post the video.  The stuff I am talking about is near the end of the video.

  • Markus Allen

    Just a list of the oddities and coincidences of Sandy Hook:

    No opinions. Just dot connections.

  • Richard B Fisher

    I know families and I see the void from the lost children.  It happened.

  • Larry Bush

    I have only looked at these reports of conspiracy because today, you have to judge for yourself. There isnt a media anymore, it’s a Democratic Party propaganda machine. I am truly sorry for these people’s loss. 

  • Evan

    This may sound a bit rude, but the only way to shut these stupid people up is to show the very graphic crime scene photos the police had to take.  They record it all, even if the person who is responsible takes their own life. It is part of the whole investigation to figure out what the heck happened.  

    Being a fellow victim of a school shooting myself back in 2007.  Bailey, Colorado if you want to go look it up. 

    • William LeBlanc

      Actually that won’t really solve it.  The conspiracy tape shows that Memorial Sites were started on the internet days before the shooting??  That more than one person was placed into cuffs that no one has identified to date.  Four Handguns guns found in the school.  Was the shooter wearing holsters?  or was there more than one shooter. Who is to say that a hit squad didn’t take the kids out to advance a cause.  Those problems are the troubling ones.  With one family they show what looks to be the child that was supposed to have died meeting the President.  That one I believe a mistake.  Possibly an old picture the parents used.  Having three daughters they may look a lot alike.

    • William LeBlanc

      Sorry forgot to place up the post.  The facts identified about a facebook memorial and a memorial donation site are near the very end of this video.

    • Wendy Barwegen

      Okay, it has been stated over and over…..just because people have questions about sketchy information surrounding sandy hook DOES NOT MEAN WE THINK THERE WAS NO SHOOTING.  Read one more time if you still think we think there was no shooting.  Possibly a third time will be necessary.  There are a lot a descrepancies over this shooting and what with the fast and furious, the benghazi scandal, and the myriad of other questionable governmental fiascos as of late, one get’s a little leery of what we hear from the media when facts seem to run in the face of it.  Now let’s all get along for just enough time to get to the bottom of it.  Where is the guy in the woods?  Can anyone answer that?  Just that one.  Can we answer just that one?

    • Anonymous

       I’m sure that would clear things up quite nicely. Unfortunately, we will NEVER see those pictures.

    • Markus Allen

      Yes. Please show me the crime scene. No photoshopping allowed.

      The media showed us 9/11 (with people jumping) over and over and over and over again… they even show it to us every anniversary.

      Show us the crime scene.

  • UMGuy

    Nobody I know is saying it didn’t happen.  If anyone questions any aspect of the official report, they are being lumped into the same group as those who think it never happened and all are dismissed as lunatics.  This is a technique know as “Pinpointing the Enemy” as discussed in “The Science of Modern Propaganda”.   Look it up..

    • Markus Allen

      Look into the Delphi Technique, too.

  • Anonymous

    its not that it didn’t happen – its about the footage we all saw live and then these “people” or “facts” just disappeared. I believe it happened but I can’t believe what the media is now saying after seeing and hearing w/ our own eyes what we did on the TV that morning. where is the guy we all saw being chased, tackled and brought out of the woods and so on?

  • Markus Allen

    I gotta say, after listening to this caller, I’m still doubting the official story.

    The caller (a firefighter) should have been the first to hear about this shooting via the firefighter’s alert system. And then he said two ambulances were at some church – not at the school. And then he said other weird stuff happened in that town (like the Woodchipper Murder).

    And Glenn saying the phrase “conspiracy theory” is just obscene… multiple times, too.

    This call actually makes me doubt the official story even more.

    • Jay Jefferson

      I lived the next town over from Newtown for almost 20 years.

      The infamous Woodchipper Murder was a freak psychopath who killed his wife and chopped up her body in a woodchipper about 20 years ago. It’s not a conspiracy theory, it was a gruesome murder that actually happened, just like the Sandy Hook shooting.

      Newtown, and the surrounding areas, are a disappearing pocket in Connecticut of a small town rural America. They almost always vote conservative too.

      Unlike Hartford, Waterbury, Bridgeport, New Haven, or other urban parts of the state, a murder happens in the area about once every 20 years. Nothing unusual about it at all, it’s just the kind of community it is.

      And not every bad thing in history has been a US government conpiracy, as shocking as that might sound.

      • Markus Allen

        Here’s the problem.

        Everything that the military and the media has shown us continues to make us doubt their story.

        Again, read my list here – there are no opinions… just link after link pointing to inconsistencies in the official stories:

        I’ve been collecting this list for weeks. And not a single person emailed me disputing any of these oddities.

        Nothing… I mean nothing about this school shooting passes the gut check.

        • Jay Jefferson

          Pardon my French, but you’re an a$$hole.

          The investigation into Sandy Hook is also still ongoing. Could that explain any “inconsistencies?”

          Nobody I knew in my hometown, even people I didn’t like, could’ve faked the deaths of their own children.
          Does that pass the gut check for you?

        • Jay Jefferson

          I could debunk all of your pieces of “evidence” one by one about 9/11 and Sandy Hook, but I’ll just leave it at this.

          Not all details of a tragdey are known until usually much later.

          And you also assume that every single person on this earth thinks exactly alike. Not every parent goes into seclusion for 70 years after the death of a child.

          And people can commit terrible crimes. What’s so hard to believe about that? Nazi SS and KGB agents murdered thousands, sometimes millions of people during short periods of time.

          Remember Pol Pot’s killing fields?
          He gave his Khmer Rouge guns and told them to kill anyone with glasses.

          People have committed evil acts.

          • Bev Wafford Morris

             You say you could debunk them all, and yet you don’t debunk any of them.  Markus isn’t saying the shooting didn’t happen, he’s only saying it sounds like there are 5 million versions of the truth, and the pieces don’t fit together at all.  Are you saying intelligent people should never question anything?

          • Jay Jefferson

            No, but I’m saying that intelligent people shouldn’t question everything. Not everything’s a government conspiracy.

          • Elaine Wike

            And we don’t want the USA to be next — but with our current government, it is looking more and more possible.  Very scary, and extremely unsettling, that obama is acting more and more like Hitler … just saying, it gives you something to think about.

    • Debbie Goldthwait Clemeno

      Oh please! He was a VOLUNTEER Firefighter. I can’t stand any of this crap and that’s what it is! Pure crap! Parents are GRIEVING for their MURDERED children! Stop this insanity now! 

      • Anonymous

         So we should all shut up so you can dance on their graves; we should not question anything for fear of not “having a heart”, huh??? Stop with the sanctimonious B.S.

        • Lynn

          I agree with Lisa, Debbie, you come here just to tell everyone to ‘shut up”…really?? If you dont like it here…its simple…. leave!…

  • Anonymous

    hey what about how they know his mom was dead and said she was THERE at the school BEFORE they went to the house??

  • Sheila Demus

    People died and people lied….All those responsible for these murders need to face justice including those that EXPLOITED the murders. The evil secret society that staged and committed these crimes need to be STOPPED.

  • Zorek Richards

    Thank you Thank you Glenn Beck. I have tried to reason with some of the conspiracy folks but, clearly, you cant reason with the unreasonable. 

    • Jeff Cross

       So Zorek – let me get this straight: in you’re supposedly ‘sane’ mind, conspiracy folks = people who simply ask questions and demand to see evidence?  So when a Federal prosecutor charges someone with conspiracy (which happens every day) . . and they demand to see evidence . . .they’re ‘conspiracy folks’ too?  And I suppose you think US Senator Max Cleland (who resigned from the 9/11 Commission in disgust because the Bush Admin. was withholding documents) is a lunatic ‘conspiracy folk’ too? 

  • Lynn Hawkins

    I don’t know of anyone that doesn’t believe the shooting happened, but there are a ton of inconsistancies surrounding this whole event – and I question everything!  I think this horrific event has been twisted so much to “fit” into the gun snatching/trash the 2nd amendment agenda that it doesn’t represent what the truth is.  And, I’d like to know the truth!  How many shooters were there?  Why is there a discrepancy between the guns reportedly found in the classroom and the rifle that was found in the TRUNK ofhis mother’s car?  What about the guy in camo they arrest in the forest that was close by?  I think it has been twisted and distroted so that the only conclusion we can come to is that 20 children and 6 adults were murdered and we have NO idea what the real story is.

    • Anonymous

       “…adults were murdered and we have NO idea what the real story is.”

      Hmmm… Sounds a lot like that OTHER scandal (that got wiped out of our focus by this latest catastrophe).

  • William Fryer

    Of course it happened. What should be examined is the timing of it, conveniently just when the Obama administartion needed it to happen to push their gun control agenda. The same thing happened with the Deep Horizon oil platform explosion. Just when Obama was pushing his anti-drilling agenda. Pretty fortuitous coincidences, don’t you think? Oh, Obama wouldn’t do that? That wouldn’t happen in America? Those are the kinds of things that happen in China, North Korea, and the like, right? But NOT HERE!!!

    • Zorek Richards

       I hope you intended your question as humor: What should be examined is the timing of it, conveniently just when the
      Obama administartion needed it to happen to push their gun control

      In case you meant it, the event spurred the gun debate and not vice versa

      • Anonymous

         True— but only after the UN Treaty came up, and Holders visit to CT 2 weeks before about gun control.

        • Zorek Richards

           And how about the way the moon was in orbit? And what about somewhere in the USA someone wrote and article about gun control?  If your gonna push that life was happening before the shooting as “evidence” then you should go all the way with it.

  • Jennifer

    I would like to know if it is true that the parents were not allowed to see their child’s body? I would just like some answers to the questions because yesterday morning I didn’t believe it either but by the end of the day on youtube and I now believe that a whole lot of things just do not add up. 

    • Zorek Richards

       Info wars made the video that spurred most of the others. Info wars is Alex jones site. Alex Jones sees anew conspiracy in his coffee every morning.

      • Jeff Cross

         Objection your honor!  Move to strike as argumentative.  Zorek have you researched anything?  Have you asked one damn critical question or shown us any evidence that you have an ounce of discernment?

  • Mandy Hayes Chester

    Seeing the video literally made me sick. I  believe the shooting  happened and I know the hurt and loss these families are going through is extremely real and heartbreaking. However,iIt did make me realize that things like this happeneing in the future for political gain are a very real possibility.Whether it is staged or carried out for real, I fear that people will look at the results of this tradgedy and use it as a guide for their own agenda.

  • Anonymous

    There is no doubt that it happened. But the circumstances and the “unanswered questions” about the man in the cammo that was chased up into the woods and caught. What happened to him? The fact that the M.E. had a “questionable” demeanor when interviewed by the press. The fact that the Governor and Lt Governor “were informed about a possible act like this” BEFORE it happened. The fact that DHS was doing “exercises” in  the area  THE SAME DAY AND TIME as the shooting. The fact that the man captured was placed in the FRONT SEAT of the police car then later DISAPPEARED. The fact that a video CLEARLY shows a “long gun” being cleared that was in Lanza’s car. It was being cleared by a charging handle on THE SIDE of the weapon. The rounds being cleared where the size of shotgun shells. An “AR type” weapon has a REAR charging handle, not a side. Why was Lanza and his mother THE LAST TO BE AUTOPSIED? What effect did the “lag” in time do to a possible forensic analysis of possible psychotropic drugs in Adam Lanza’s system.

    If you think that the “powers that be” aren’t nefarious enough to commit a “false flag Op” to create a “crisis”. Ask “What about Benghazi?”

    • Anonymous

      When a government isn’t trusted, all unanswered questions become conspiracy theories instead of being investigated. How can that happen if the investigators could turn out to be the perpetrators? It’s a sad day when the people don’t trust their leaders……can anyone understand how the German people might have felt in 1939?

  • Jay Jefferson


    It’s insane that even needs be said about this tragedy.

    What sadly seems to fuel belief in these bogus theories is government overreaction.

    After 9/11, it was seemingly endless foreign occupations, warrantless wiretapping, and rewriting of the entire legal code with the misnamed PATRIOT Act.

    And now, after Sandy Hook, Obama and the left are politicizing this as no human being with a soul should. Their gun control propoganda puts Joseph Goebbels to shame.

  • Vic Colicci Jr

    To Pete, I’m glad your child is safe. To the families, My condolences. To the truthers, Your wrong, it happened. 
    I won’t bring up the gun debate, this isn’t the  topic or the place.
    But the “O” is wrong on that too.

  • William LeBlanc

    Having Glenn ask where did we get to the point that we no longer believe anything.  It is our institutions that have gotten us there.  NBC altering the 911 Call for the Zimmerman/Trayvon Case.  The doctored photo’s by ABC.  Then the President of the United States, Secratary of State, and Ambassidor to the United Nations lying on national T.V. over what caused Bengazi……..those are the things that allow us to buy into the possibility that the Sandy Hook Shooting could have been faked or worse yet that a hit squad went in and killed the student to press an agenda.  It is shamefull in one point but the President by his continual lying and the media backing him in that has shaken the very foundation of this nation.  That Glen is the truth.  The way we defeat this is to look at those videos and start debunking them.  We need to hear why there was a memorial page up prior to the shooting?  We need to talk to the man in the woods to find out what he was doing there when police chased him down.  Dressed in camo and a black jacket.  What happened to him.  we want to know why the press repeatedly statd that the shooting was done with the AR-15 when it appeared that weapon was in the trunk of the vehicle.  Why the medical examiner stated that all the rounds came from one weapon?  when four guns were found on-scene.

  • Anonymous

    I blame the MSM…in order to get the story put first, their facts were so off the mark it was sad! Hard to believe anything they said!!!

    Also, interested we have not heard about the person running in the woods, how Adam had a car owned by Chris Rodia, and the initial teacher and police reports that there were 2 shooters.

    Also ditto to what Jay said. I too live 20 minutes from newtown and grew up in the area. Wood hipper story so true. I think the guy was an airline pilot.

  • Jeremy Duley

    I never questioned whether it happened- I KNOW it happened (and I am deeply saddened and pray for those people that died). The truth that I know, deep down, is that the government had a LOT to do with it in order to fulfill their agenda- the gun control issue. It’s disgusting that they would stoop to this level, but look at it… SHORTLY after they failed to pass the bill, this shooting occurs, and then look who is there to save the day; Obama, RIGHT after he failed to get the bill to pass the first time. Then, all of a sudden he has a reason to push an “Executive order” right in the palm of his hands. Then, he surrounds himself with the shields of human/child flesh when he announces it all? What a guy. Come on, don’t tell me you don’t see this.

    • Anonymous

       And don’t forget gun-runner Holder was in CT promoting gun control with our sicko governor just 2 weeks before… and before that the UN Treaty… Glenn–you have a lot of nerve disparaging your loyal subscribers for “questioning with boldness…” HELLO???

  • Anonymous

     Very bad move Glenn, for all the reasons stated above. For the 1st time I
    turned you off when you started ranting on the radio yesterday about
    this. We understand it happened. When are you going to address the
    inconsistencies and out right lies/misinformation? This story stinks to
    high heaven and you know it… if you don’t see what the rest of us are…
    well, you are the one who seems to have lost his way… we’re not in
    “Disneyland” now…Even “American Dream Labs” isn’t going to make this go
    away. Are you now going to be like all the rest..? Bring on the Dad to
    address just this one video, and ignore all the rest?? Dragging out the
    parents and kids… and nothing else? This man hasn’t set the record
    straight… We have been lied to. No footage-no witness (we know there
    were survivors)- lies about the second shooter… we deserve answers. You
    owe an apology to all your subscribers.

    • Markus Allen

      Well said.

    • Zorek Richards

       Tell that to the 20 families who buried 20 kids.

      • Anonymous

         I will not be swayed by that lame tactic. It just as well could of been one of my family… or maybe one of yours… that doesn’t answer the questions.

        • Zorek Richards

           Thats the nature of conspiracy theories. They never find the answers. Its because they cant find the answers to support their theories. Rather then getting a clue, they perpetuate it into something even bigger.,

          • Anonymous

             Right.. never find the answers…or never given the truth.

          • Markus Allen

            Hey Lisa… I’d ignore this distractor.

            He’s in the media – the same media that covers up all scary scenarios:


            I turned off the news when I found out that all (but one) of the eyewitnesses on 9/11 all worked for the media. That told me everything I need to know about how the media is in on the whole scam.

  • Debbie Goldthwait Clemeno

    One person comes up with a conspiracy theory and all of the sheep follow like a posse with torches in hand. What an disgusting and ugly display of humanity. Shame on yourselves.

    • Anonymous

       Apparently Debbie only saw this one video, and has no other need for verification.

      • Debbie Goldthwait Clemeno

        Apparently Lisa is one the sheep in the herd. Baaaaaaa

        • Zorek Richards

           Wow. Now theres an intelligent comment that really adds to the conversation. What would we all have done without you??

        • Anonymous

           Judging by the rest of the comments Debbie, it is you who is the “sheep”.

  • Tricia Elenbaas Robertson

    For all you people who think they need to see and hear a “witness”

  • Anonymous

    I believe it happened…..I just don’t believe it was a random act of violence. I also don’t think it was Lanza’s idea, but that he was used as a pawn. There are too many inconsistencies. Initially, when the investigators were shown, I noticed Some of the men had smirks on their faces. Why would anyone smile at all? Why, because they were being filmed?

    • Pam Blaze

      The other thing that I had heard but haven’t heard anything else about it, is that the father of the Aurora shooter and the father of the Newtown shooter were both testifying about the BofA banking scandal?? or something like that???  and that the Colorado shooters niece was one of the children killed in Newtown??  I’ve watched the whole ‘hoax’ video, and there are a lot of laughing and smirking, something I wouldn’t have expected to see.  I don’t want to believe it, but why all the different stories?

      • Anonymous

        Yes, I too heard the same thing about their fathers. Are we all getting wrong info? It all just sounds too convenient for gun control legislation and this administration seems to do what ever it takes to get their way. How do the leaders in the Middle East get their people to strap explosives to their chests? I wonder!

    • Jo

       My 16 yr old daughter brought this Sandy Hook conspiracy to me yesterday.  She had seen one of the videos out there.  I can’t remember the title of it…anyhow, it doesn’t matter.  I told her it happened, how can you theorize this whole disaster?  I told her the movie was bunkum, etc.  But, I watched it anyway, and by the end of it, I was scratching my head…because I do not know who or what to believe anymore.  I don’t trust the media and I definitely don’t trust the gov’t.  This sad incident has too many holes, inconsistencies, very odd interviews with the parents, ME, Gene, the neighbor etc. I do believe a tragedy happened…but, I am wondering who in the hell orchestrated it!!!  I don’t think a scrawny little guy with supposedly Asperger’s syndrome (nice and convenient diagnosis!) did…and that is my opinion.  Weird…just plain weird!

      • Zorek Richards

         The video was from Info wars. Info Wars is Alex Jones web site. Alex Jones wakes up every morning and sees a conspiracy in his coffee. It is out of context videos, photoshops, and unverifiable information. They see shadows in a picture and decide what it is. The fact that the national media kept messing up the original reports added to it. They were more interested in scooping another news outlet rather than verifying what they were reporting.

        • Markus Allen

          Total crap.

          A guy I know contacted the Sandy Hook police department and asked how long it took to respond to the shooting. Because CNN said it took 20 minutes. The guy on the phone said that was a lie…

          … So this guy called CNN and asked them to correct the story. This happened over two weeks ago and the story on CNN is still a lie.

          The media is in on the scam. They only make mistakes when real people question their errors.

          Here’s the phone call by the way:

          Unfortunately, every day people have to do investigative reporting because the media is inept.

      • Anonymous

         I wonder if Lanza actually committed suicide or did the guy they found in the woods kill him.

  • Pam Blaze

    Has anyone else heard that the  father of the shooter in Colorado and the father of the shooter in Newtown both had to testify against BofA banking scandal? and that one of the little girls killed in Newtown for the niece of the shooter in Colorado???  So many different stories.  I don’t want to believe the hoax stories but some make a lot of sense because I too saw the smirking and laughing that I wouldn’t expect of anyone after such a tragedy happening.

  • mtngma

    What about the pages for donations being set up 3 days earlier?

    • Zorek Richards

       I can go to Facebook and delete all the information but NOT delete the acct. I can set up a donation page and it would look like it was set up when my FB acct was three years ago.

      • Markus Allen

        Did you know one person in Newtown had the official donation site setup less than 90 minutes after the shooting – check it out:

        And he’s trying to raise $26 milllion… for a memorial and scholarships. What do scholarships have to do with people dying?

        • Zorek Richards

           I already addressed that.  I can go to Facebook and delete all the information but NOT delete the
          acct. I can set up a donation page and it would look like it was set up
          when my FB acct was three years ago.

          I hope you are kidding with this comment: And he’s trying to raise $26 milllion… for a memorial and scholarships. What do scholarships have to do with people dying?

          • Markus Allen

            I’m not kidding at all.

            A ton more people die in car accidents and from taking prescriptions drugs. Where are the memorials for those victims?

            And what in the world does a scholarship have to do with people dying? Please answer that to me.

          • Zorek Richards

             Go to just about any mortuary website  and memorials, scholarship funds,, etc are common on behalf of the one who died by the bereaved.

          • Markus Allen

            My uncle died from a heart attack most likely caused by prescription drugs.

            We buried him with our own money. We didn’t pass the plate. And we didn’t setup a scholarship fund in his name.

            That’s what people do. They buy a plot, a gravestone and the rest of it – no donations.

            But in these questionable school shootings, everyone has their hand our for big cash.

          • Anonymous

             Right. Like all the money for the 911 victims also. What a circus that was..

          • Markus Allen

            Right, Lisa – over $3 million for each “victim” for the 9/11 magic trick.

            Funny you mention that – Kenneth Feinbert is ALWAYS the guy who doles out the money in these scams:

            September 11 Victim Compensation Fund, Hokie Spirit Memorial Fund, Special Master for Executive Compensation, BP Oil Spill Fund, The Sandusky victims & Aurora Theater Shooting victim and families

            … Look at his Wikipedia page to see the list:


      • Daniel

         But you can’t change the URL of that page. And RIP-Vicki-Soto was in the URL. Maybe Lanza created it days before. Who knows.
        And now they are removing that facebook page and all that will be left are screengrabs of it.

    • Rogue Rose

       Stop and think, this was soon after Hurricane Sandy.  Some of those sites were originally set up as Hurricane Sandy fundraiser sites, but were changed to Sandy Hook after the tragedy.  Think horses, not zebras. 

      • Obama_Lies

        That would be a thought, but when a PDF on “How to talk to your kids about Sandy Hook” has a URL date and google screen cache before dec 14th confirming what it was and when it aw uploaded, then that changes every little “what if” to what the “F”!!!!???

        How did Lanza SSDI info state he died December 13th, then gets changed just days after people were blogging about it?

        How did nancy Lanza, who police said was the lawful owner of the guns and had them lawfully licensed in her name, obtain a license in Connecticut for an AR-15????? The ar-15 is not allowed in connecticut! So how did she legally own an illegal gun??? They haven’t backtracked on that one!

        Next, good ‘old Grampy Gene Rosen! The guy allegedly worked as a psychologist at some mental hospital that closed in the 90’s! If u go to his pet sitting website, he brags about some 2yr degree in psychology. Where can u get work let alone a license for practicing psychology with an associates degree?? Only in sandy hook! Try to locate a license of any kind in that field or the healthcare field, and he was NEVER licensed!

        Christmas lights, oh Christmas lights! We all saw those beautiful Christmas lights all lit up on the sandy hook vfd building, yet all of the helicopter footage doesn’t have the lights attached. Half of the pictures on the same freaking day shows lights attached to the roof or side corners, while if u watch the other half the lights aren’t on the building! Why? Because much of the footage was recorded before December! They obviously staged some of the footage before December 14th! Don’t believe me! Go watch both on site video footage, the helicopter HD footage, and photos! I’ve looked at numerous clips, of the same building corner, and it’s obvious that some of that stuff was not all on the same day, and I won’t even go over the time of day discrepancies!

  • Anonymous

    The bottom line here is there are 26 people deceased..the news media NEVER gets any facts right and how many of you believe what they say..the shooter was a very disturbed young man.  The questions about what he used, how he got the guns, what did the mother do to secure them, what gun was in the car, was there someone in the woods..Do you really think you will EVER get answers to these questions..just pray for the souls of the departed..THAT’S the only known fact here.  And as far as the child with Obama..look at the Family’s Christmas Picture. .
    the girls look alike.. 

    • Rogue Rose

       The family picture used in the truther video is from about 2 years ago.  Fancy dresses aren’t worn often and are normally handed down to younger sisters.  All the girls have blonde hair and blue eyes, so it’s easy to mix them up.  The girl with 0bama is the younger sister wearing the dress handed down from Emilie.. possibly as a tribute to her. 

  • Anonymous

    I think that Glenn is starting to have tunnel vision. If he really wanted to expose the truth, why doesn’t he pursue where the official police report is/says.  Revealing some of the goings-on that were captured on camera that morning beckons answers from witnesses. Most witnesses who were questioned, mostly children at the school, say that there were HUNDREDS of shots fired.  Let’s start from there Glenn.

    • Markus Allen

      Great great point. I’m not holding my breath. Instead, he’ll just repeat the phrase “conspiracy theorists” over an over again.

      Here’s CIA-trained Anderson Cooper saying the word “conspiracy theorist” over and over again for more than 20 minutes the other night:

      • Anonymous

        That’s the mantra thrown out there whenever an act of violence doesn’t make any sense and people start to question what they are being told. Everyone is a conspiracy theorist when the public asks the questions the media should be asking but doesn’t!

  • Dennis Hazeltine

    If Lanza shot them with an assault weapon how did it end up in the car ? When he was in the school.

    • Rogue Rose

       That wasn’t the AR-15 in the car.  The mom owned several guns, he put more in the trunk than he could carry into the school.  As simple as that. 

  • Frank Tedesco

    Look the Newton truthers are absurd, but they are the exact polar ooposites of the 911 truthers. they are both nuts but hey this government breeds that.

    • Anonymous

      Frank, you seem to be the product of our educational system. You are the reason governments go rogue….people like you who are told and do without question.

  • Connie Smith

    The kids were never killed and the furnerals were fake no one was in the coffins!  the Parents went on the talk shows one week after the supposed shootings !  if you ever lost a child that young believe me you would not be able to go on talk shows and talk like it doesn’t bother you! and that Robbie Parker who was joking and had to get into form of a grieving father in order to fool us is disgusting!  Everyone believes this whole thing is a hoax!  the only ones that believe it are the ones that listen to the news!

    • Lynn

      I saw one of the interviews with the parents discussing the coffin…how does a mother get the word  “casket” out of her mouth without breaking down into a pathetic mental mess???? I KNOW I couldnt! yet she was calm and composed and even smiling while she discussed it! Either they are faking or people have totally lost ALL emotion!!  

  • Markus Allen

    Is anyone going to ask why Glenn is wearing a freemasonic hat in the pic at the top of this page?

    • Markus Allen

      I love it. I bring up the freemasonic hat and BOOM – the picture is gone.


      I can’t wait ’til there’s a public hanging of all of the frauds in the media. I will gleefully be the one to cut the rope.

  • Karma Zapati

    No one is disputing that the shooting took place. But how & who did the shooting is in question.

    • Markus Allen

      Actually, I am in fact disputing that the shooting took place.

      The media hasn’t shown us a single piece of real evidence, actually.

      Just watch this raw helicopter footage and tell me that a shooting took place – no panic… no ambulances… no screaming parents… no sign of over 600 children fleeing the scene:

  • Todd

    No news footage of kids and teachers running
    from the building like Columbine, VA Tech, etc. The only “evidence” of children
    fleeing the school is one single still/photograph shot. It is suspected that
    this was taken during a drill, not the day of the shooting.

    No news footage of frightened parents swarming
    the school like previous school/university shootings. No news footage of chaos
    like previous shootings. News footage just shows the school with cars/ambulances
    parked all around it.

    Why were the ambulances blocked in by cars? Why
    no footage of them leaving the school grounds with injured kids/teachers?

    Why were the parents only allowed to identify
    their children by pictures and not view them in person for themselves?

    Why is there a news interview with a supposed
    Sandy Hook teacher saying my heart goes out to anyone who knew them (the
    victims)? Wouldn’t all the teachers know each other in one school? It was a
    bizarre remark and the “teacher” acted upset but no tears fell from her eyes.

    Why did the man, Gene Rosen, who “found” 6 first
    graders in his drive way bring them inside his home after the bus driver said
    there was an “incident” at the school? Why didn’t he call police immediately
    instead of taking them inside? Why did the bus driver just allow them to go
    with him?

    This same man, Gene Rosen, said that after the
    children had reached their parents and left his home sometime after the
    shooting, a mother turned up at his door and asked if her son was there. He
    said no and claimed he checked the list of the dead later that night and her
    son was on the list. The list of the dead wasn’t released until 2 days after
    the shooting, not later that same day. (Look it up on YoutTube. Gene Rosen is
    giving one interview and then a different one that same day, saying two totally
    different things).
    And it goes on and on and on……..

    Why no media parked outside the “victim’s” homes like all other tragedies. When I was a teen, two sisters were murdered by a serial killer and police had to partol the family’s house/yard to keep the media away. Yet the media is being “respectful” and not going to the homes of 20 dead children here and camping out? Maybe because there are no homes to go to? I am curious. This isn’t adding up. I am NOT a conspiracy theorist. I don’t buy into all the claims 9/11 was staged. I can’t think of any so-called popular conspiracy I believe, but I am calling BULLSHIT on the “Sandy Hook Massacre.”

    • Anonymous

      lots of people think this  was  a military operation with mind control , manchurian candidate stuff.. All the shooters seem to be  bright but socially inept and they all have the same stupid look on their faces.Just saying

  • Anonymous

    The story has twisted in so many ways it’s difficult to know what the real truth is. However on fact about the shooting is that Obama has used it to further his agenda. I am sure this tragedy happened. However….
    1. Some of the family interviews, 4 days after the shooting, at times seemed jovial. Just seems odd to me a father of 3. Though I am sure different people handle this tragedy differently.
    2. The chase scene in the woods. (not discussed)
    3. The arrested person in the police car. (not discussed)
    4. The idiotic medical examiner interview. (This guy works for the government?)
    5. The difference reporting on the weapons and locations of the weapons. They found the long gun in the trunk as seen from the helicopter view.

    The media will change the facts to further the agenda of this administration.
    Would you put anything past this administration? Think about the debt ceiling. What is the inevitable conclusion of this spending? You already know the answer to that as do they. Yet they continue to spew lies. Both sides. All idiots? I fear not.

  • Bruno

    So it seems that  Glenn beck is following the same narrative as with the rest of the other mainstream news outlets in this case Anderson cooper went on all attack on anyone questioning the shootings.

    Regrading the theories.

    1.During the live broadcast whatever you were watching it from CNN, ABC or other news outlets the cameras from an helicopter were following police officers into the woods in which where what they seem to have a arrested a shooter with the officers holding him to the ground hand cuffing him and the camera was still showing that scene live.

    2.The weapon that was found in the truck of  the news outlet proclaimed killer Adam Bushmaster AR-15 was not the weapon from the first video of it looked like an shotgun classic 90s model.

    3. The third problem i had Glen howcome there were no  ambulances at the school at all? expect that one ambulance? why? surely if there was a mass shooting ambulances and police vehicles  would rushing to the scene in a record speed, but at Sandy Hook that it didn’t look that.

    4.The News media attack on the Video Game/Movie industry whenever time a shooting happens why blame the Video Game/Movie industry? people who and had played video games haven’t caused any harm.

    Just look at Japan for the record how many of there kids had became killers after playing a video game or watching Anime? the answer is none.

    And also could someone please why Sandy Hook has been mentioned in two movies?

    Those are some of the questions and they are not conspiracy theories, something with Sandy Hook doesn’t seem right.

  • Anonymous

    I know this happened, why, I don’t know.  It makes no sense but you have to answer questions in your mind that just don’t make sense.  Our government talks in circles and you can’t trust them.  So you have to question your thought process.  The government is trying as hard as it can to keep us questioning what is real.  Too bad and sad for our country.  God Bless America, and especially the families effected by this tragedy.  

  • Kelsey Tuggle

    Guys, I love you, but you need a better editor. 

  • Bev Wafford Morris

    I would just like for someone to explain to my why Emilie Parker, the child who was supposedly killed at Sandy Hook, on the far right in this family photo,, is also pictured meeting Obama to be consoled on the tragedy of her own death.'m not saying it didn’t happen, but there is definitely some spin going on here.  And I think our president is involved.

    • Markus Allen

      Even more questionable is why Emilie is missing legs in this picture:

    • Anonymous

      That’s her sister, you moron. She has two little sisters. One is a year younger than she is. They all look almost identical.

      • Jeff Cross


  • Kelsey Tuggle

    To think anyone could dismiss these horrible events as hoaxes…. totally befuddling. There is so much evidence, so much sadness. Is ignorance really so blissful?

  • Jerry Patte

    What I would like to know is how does anyone know who this guy talking on the phone is? Another question some of us have how does anyone know that the GOV wasn’t involved in this? Another question why is the father Robbie Parker, father of slain 6-year-old Emilie Parker,Lauhing then   asks if he should read off of a card, and is told that he should, during a press conference that took place the day after Friday’s shooting why would he have to red off of a card? There is video of all of these points out there.  

  • James Flournoy

    Yes a lot of questions. I never felt the emotional tie to this event because I just never saw the grieving and anger that the victims family usually exhibit in such a tragedy. I don’t doubt the event happened but I do believe somehow this crisis is being exploited and narrated by the liberal media and the current administration. What’s really hard to figure out is that lately we have had a barrage of shootings just one after another. It all just seems to convenient if you are trying to create a message about gun control. With children involved the message seems to resonate even stronger. I prayed for those involved in this tragedy but have yet to see any film of any parent crying their eyes out over this. I don’t think I would even be able to talk about this without breaking down emotionally. If you have any video showing the grieving parents please post. Even the guy Glen is interviewing seems lacking in emotion and said he wants to throw up over the idea it didn’t happened. Somehow that just doesn’t seem like the response I  feel I would respond with. My prayers  to all!

  • avgjoe

    Please people you need to get a life. And get your head out of you arse. WTF up & realize many of the inaccuracies in this & other stories (aka 9-11) are due to poor reporting & not checking facts before reporting just running w/the story damm the facts. Look at any story reported the 1st 6-8 reports (on a minor story) are wrong & incomplete. Some guy who followed an ambulance heard something from a guy who knows someone who got info at the 7-11 while he overheard some lady on a cell phone talking about what she heard her neighbor report on the radio. STOP & think (for many of you it will be a 1st) of stories you know that have gotten totally misconstrued. Let’s look back at 911 & the story that no planes hit the towers they were imploded so they wouldn’t have to renovate the & other BS 1st of all the list of companies qualified to do this is  so small biden could remember it & to prep the building it would have taken weeks & no one saw anything plus they had to cover up the cuts in the wall & the explosives? Come people youre not as dumb as rosie ‘Butch” odonnel. The misconception of flight 93 where it crashed & how papers were found many more miles from the crash site that what the actual distance was due to people using “MapQuest” road distance as opposed to actual “as the crow flies” (straight line) distance

  • Anonymous

    These “truthers” are disgusting. I feel like all these conspiracy people have serious, untreated mental illness. 

  • Anonymous

    How is it that not a single relative was allowed to view the bodies of their child, not even the parents of the adults were able to see their dead grown child?  You could not have denied me the right to see my son one last time if this had ever happened to him!  Parents are not laughing on camera less than two days after having this kind of loss of their child like some of these were.  Something here really smells to high heaven!

  • Anonymous

    What about the guy that took those kids that the school bus dropped of in his yard. He changed his story a couple of times the whole thing seems king of strange.

    • Paul Franco

      That guys name was Gene and in the first interview he was talking while in his drive way which is just around the corner from the fire house where all the kids were.  Yeah, he sounded pretty off, but he does live right there.  I’ve verified it, so I seriously doubt he’s a member of some crisis actors group.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, what disgusting huma

    • FreedomFray

      Yea, I guess the dictators of the world all worked by themselves. No way they could have ever convinced anyone to work with them. Sometimes a threat can be much more motivating than compensation.

  • TheROUSes

    Well the nurse said that she came face to face with the shooter, but he walked away, and then she said that she only saw his knees when she was hiding under her desk…..So, which was it?

  • TheROUSes

    Well the nurse said that she came face to face with the shooter, but he walked away, and then she said that she only saw his knees when she was hiding under her desk…..So, which was it?

  • Anonymous

    Little disappointed in your naivety, Glenn.
    Saying “oh, trust me, I was there”, jerks our tears but erases none of the misaligning information. 
    Don’t make us sound awful for being suspicious. We’ve got to be.

    • Markus Allen

      Doesn’t Glen encourage us to ask questions in his lectures? I’m confused. We’re asking questions to a very questionable event.

  • Anonymous

    there is also one of the mothers who is the attorney for the colorado shooter!
    We do have the right to know the truth, and what about the family picture with Emily, same dress as she is wearing with her family in a picture with the President!! Come on people, wake up! this is not the whole story, something very terrible happened here and we all should push as much as we can to uncover the truth! There was also a government training session in Bridgeport 20 mins away conveniently scheduled for that day!!?? Children in crisis in a school setting. Hmmm no one thinks this is odd?
    No one was allowed in, no one saw the bodies for how long after it happened, where are all the facts? It;s been long enough the police should have a full accurate story of what really happened along with evidence to back it up.  
    Instead we are worried about Lance Armstrong taking steriods?? really?

    • Tina Sergent Seward

      That was not Emilie.  That was her younger sister, Madeline, wearing Emilie’s dress.

      • Vicktorya Stone

         If you were going to meet with the President of the United States, would you dress your daughter in her recently-tragically-murdered sister’s dress?
        The Parker’s were not on hard economic times, so I think Madeline would have had her own dress for an event of this magnitude. I don’t buy the ‘hand me down’ scenario.

  • Anonymous

    why should anyone shut up? to please you and anyone who blindly allows a massacre of children to be covered up?

  • Anonymous

    Conspiracy theories are just like statistics. One can pick and choose data to suit their own beliefs. Truth does not lie, hence the story does NOT change with time. It is always suspicious when a person repeats his recollection of events and his story changes in time. This is exactly what is happening with Sandy Hook. This is exactly what happened with Benghazi! When people make funny faces recounting a tragedy, one has to be suspicious. When news reports contadict each other, who is telling the truth?  It’s time for Glenn to wake up and expose these questions that need to be answered, something that he was very good at before.

  • Jennifer Ream Grafke
  • Anonymous

    If it was my kid I would want to know the entire truth more than anyone!

  • Jennifer Ream Grafke

    this is the video i saw that made me question alot of the details. i wish i could be in that community and know the truth.

  • Reva Wheeler

    This may seem unthinkable to question the authenticity of the shooting, but I still have no way of proving it happened, does anyone else? All we have is hearsay and many contradictory stories. Until someone with integrity and no agenda can actually verify beyond the shadow of a doubt that these people were not actors, and that there were actual bodies in the caskets, and they were of the real children their classmates knew, then one story is as possibly valid as the next.  Who’s word should be taken for truth without proof?

    • Tyler Riggs

      You have major issues. You need to go seek psychiatric help.

      • TheROUSes

        OK, what you just said is disrespectful to people who are actually mentally retarded….Grow up, man.

      • Markus Allen

        What a surprise… Tyler Riggs is a “journalist” – another member of the media that covers up the truth.

        Here’s his website as proof:

        Isn’t it interesting that those in the media are the first to call critical thinkers as “conspiracy theorists.”

        Hey Tyler. Why don’t you guys do your job so we don’t have to do it for you.

        Become that intrepid reporter you always dreamed to be.

        Just do it!

  • Sargonarhes

    Who said anything about it didn’t happen? Even the nut Alex Jones says it happened, but there are conflicting reports about the details that are not being answered. If the mother knew her son was not mentally stable and dangerous why were her guns not secured? And if they were how did he get one to kill her first? The media and officials are sadly lacking any really good answers on this one. Which is why some are calling it a false flag. It seems as if it was allowed to happen for some one’s sick benefit.

  • Antonio Delgado

    The sad part here is adam lanza was singled out by a doctor which is in the whole motion with obama. They had to make it look real but after he arrived at the school supposedly in his moms car and you find out it belonged to a child molester, naw something is definetly wrong. The kids were killed if true for no reason but to disarm us. I still say this obama is capable of shooting a bus full of school kids to finishing removing out guns. He is a cold blooded individual and now is using and hiding behind kids just like Saddam Hussein. He should go to prison !!!

  • Dave Townsend

    many of us dont doubt that it happened… what we want to know is why the initial reports from cops there said they found that rifle in the car that it was never used, but now they are all focused on saying it was the wepon that shot everyone yet theres been no release of the in school footage… and whats up with the person in camo that was discovered..what ever came of that..?  to many inconsistant stories so somewhere someone is lying and using this tragic event to their own purposes.

  • Anonymous

    What I want to know, is how can Robbie Parker walk out of the building with a smile and chuckle, then say are we ready.  Then start hyperventilating, and tries to talk like a grieving man.  That is not real.  I watched my mean dad cry like a baby when my brother died at the hospital.  He could not talk.  He tried to be strong, but it didn’t work.  He reminded me of the lady in North Carolina that let her car roll into a lake with her 3 little boys strapped in the car. You want to explain.

  • Antonio Delgado

    The rifle was never with adam it was always in the car, so much stuff was going on wrong in that situation. The movie batman 2 shooters not just one but gov says one. Why is sandy hook in the movie batman on gotham city map, look it up. When it should have been hinkly hill something like that, why because it was already set up that is why.

  • Linda Yokel McKowen

    Many things don’t add up.   The very first thing that caught my attention was this…..I worked in an elemenary school for 11 years.  When something as simple as the power went out and the kids were in a dark gym they would start to cry and freak out.  The kids they interview the same day as the shooting did not show one sign of being upset or scared.  That was extremely odd and I could not understand it at all when I watched it on the tv.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn is an enigma to me. He is so ready to question anything about our government and tells everyone to discern everything for ourselves and do our own research (which we should and I agree with him) yet he is always so quick to call out conpsiracy theorist or anyone that dares to question anything about this massacre.or 911.
    Why didn’t the neighbor call the police immediately when he found the kids and bus driver near his home. He called the parents. How did he have all their numbers. The parents supposedly pick those kids up at his house. Why didn’t the bus driver call the police? Who is bus driver? Was he interviewed? The police would have been at that neighbor’s house immediately to recover those children and not leave them with a stranger to be picked up 30 minutes later by parents like he was a day care.

  • Jason Brown

    Agreed NewRealityCheck,

    Also, I too became interested in watching some of the media’s so called “official reports” ..there BS just like Glenn Beck.. I am not questioning whether or not this shooting happened I am questioning the validity of the media and the crap there allowed to get away with. Glenn, To your idiosyncratic analogy  about purifying the liars or whatever..The media is what needs purification.. 

    Plus, I am sorry who is this guy and what are his credentials?  I could call in as someones father there and tell you it was all fake..but it wouldn’t make it true.

  • Matthew Way

    Emergency situations are always hard to follow and information gets lost or distorted. 

    I believe it did happen, and that the administration used it and possibly allowed the gun mix up to further there cause. 

  • Anonymous

    Idiot. That was reported as a SECOND rifle, do some rearch before you become so paranoid. I saw the report.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Debbie. So many paranoid people. so little time. Everything about this “conspiracy theory” has been debunked, it’s really easy to check this. I watched the coverage, it was chaos, “somebody said that somebody said” was all over the initial reporting. IF you paid attention, all of these “facts” were explained. I never believe the news and research the details that don’t make sense. I wish people weren’t such sheep of cable news.

  • AM123

    The only one questioning with boldness the recent string of supposed “lone shooter” incidents is Ben Swann:

    Evil is overtaking you America, and the national media is playing see no evil, hear no evil, report no evil.

  • landofaahs

    While you’re at it Glenn, dismiss some of your own conspiracy theories.  You love to divide the right and obama thanks you. 

  • Jenn Farrell

    Farrell Pete
    is my brother in law and I can confirm that every detail he spoke was
    true. It broke my heart again listening to him share his story with you,
    Glenn. Our family was very fortunate that my nephew was spared, but
    being so close to those kids and their
    families has made their grieving even harder. How do you heal from
    something like this? I am somewhat removed from it all, not living in
    Newtown. But since it is my nephew and just thinking how close he came
    to being one of the victims…..I just thank GOD that the first
    responders arrived as quickly as they did, or it may have been an even
    more devastating tragedy. My heart is still sick over this and every
    time I see my sister and her family, I try my best just to be there for
    them and help in some small way to ease their pain. Thank you Glenn for
    listening to him and letting him share. 

    • Jeff Cross

       Oh really Jenn Farrell?  So . . . that’s great – can you please confirm for us if any of the victims parents were actually able to see the bodies of their own children?  And I suppose you’re so well informed that you can tell us why there’s not a single picture of audio recording of any evidence that supports the ‘official story’ too?  And I suppose Pete had heard about Natalie Hammond, the one survivor who has basically disappeared? 

  • Douglas Krell

    I too have seen the video that suggests there was no assault rifle involved. The ballistics reports from the autopsies should settle the question… I think it would be important to know the facts of the investigative findings from the Medical Examiner.

  • suz

    w/regard to the sandy hook conspiracies (i don’t know the details because i have not read any material on them) but i would think that the theorists probably think that the government got this young boy (adam) to somehow do this and not that the shooting didn’t happen.  however, this is not what glenn is responding to and i’m shocked people believe them.

    • Jeff Cross

       Suz – please find out the details first – start with the Wikipedia Entry first so you’ll know the ‘official story’, then google Sandy Hook Investigation and you’ll easily find all the unanswered questions – hell just read my posts.  THEN comment.

  • Anonymous

    Can we please stop using the term “Truther” its taking the word truth and using it in the pejorative . Keep doing this and soon to the morons out there anyone who seeks the truth against the official Establishment line will be considered nuts. Call it whatever you want but for god sakes Glenn stop calling them “Truthers”

  • Jenn Farrell

    Pete is my brother in law and I can confirm that every detail he spoke was true. It broke my heart again listening to him share his story with you, Glenn. Our family was very fortunate that my nephew was spared, but being so close to those kids and their families has made their grieving even harder. How do you heal from something like this? I am somewhat removed from it all, not living in Newtown. But since it is my nephew and just thinking how close he came to being one of the victims…..I just thank GOD that the first responders arrived as quickly as they did, or it may have been an even more devastating tragedy. My heart is still sick over this and every time I see my sister and her family, I try my best just to be there for them and help in some small way to ease their pain. Thank you Glenn for listening to him and letting him share.

    • Jeff Cross

      That’s great Jenn – I feel for sorry for anyone who has suffered loss.  Now please, with all due respect, MOVE ASIDE, we’re trying to solve multiple murders here.  IF YOU KNOW ANYONE WHO CAN PROVIDE answers, please tell them to COME FORTH!

  • FreedomFray

    The mere fact that so many people are so distrustful of this administration and the media should be a wake-up call to all of us. If you don’t have a bad feeling in your gut about what is going on in this country then you probably never will… Until it’s too late.

  • Zorek Richards

    then I guess you just proved it was a staged event set up by the
    illuminati to get our guns. It was very elaborate. Wonder how much this
    ladies aunt got paid for saying “Big” in stead of “little”. Is there a
    pay scale for conspiracy actors and is it based on emotion or number of
    words??? If
    you come up with the answer on the pay issue, let me know. The whole
    town participated as did most of the media outlets…and the funeral
    homes…and all the local papers and even most national papers. And did
    the white house bank roll it cuz then there
    would be a money trail. Unless it was the iluminatti and I guess they
    can just do magic spells or something like that. Oh…I can go on and on
    and about the complexities and costs of such a production…but let me
    know when the video shows up on youtube….cuz I guess once its
    there….its more reliable then network news and local newspapers.

    • Jeff Cross


  • R

    A cohesive story from authorities without doublebacks and OBVIOUS misinformation would help a LOT. I also say that the theory ‘it never happened’ is a decoy to throw out an OBVIOUSLY false theory in an effort to refute any questioning of the ‘official’ narrative.

  • NadePaulKuciGravMcKi

    Easy to see who the controlled news media frauds are with Sandy Hook Hoax
    Not like we don’t have 12 years of investigation evidence from the 9-11 Psyop.

  • Anonymous

    not that it didn’t happen or gov’t planned it but can’t pass anything by this socialist gov’t take over because “we will never let a crisis go to waste!”  this socialist government has been in the background for a hundred years…well 80 because isn’t George Soros the Evil dude 80years old?!! they use anything to get their way!! The Secret is To Spread The Good News of God’s Word! Get Back To God The Church and each other..The Truth Will Set You Free!! for The Truth Has No Agenda!! God Bless and Thank You Glenn

  • Anonymous

    Too many anomalies. Too many contradictions. Too many provable oddities and lies. I don’t believe “Pete,” either.

  • Karma Justice

    47 states revolt against Obama gun control…’ 

  • Rita Lounder

    Question with boldness even the existence of a God; because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason, than that of blind-folded fear.
    Thomas Jefferson…Isn’t this what Glenn always says? I wonder, could Glenn being playing devil’s advocate here, deliberately making this a topic on his show, so the video gets even more views causing more people to question the official story; therefore waking them up to all the half-truths and down- right lies we are consisantly fed by government and MSM

  • Wade Meyer

    In Sandy Hook Exposed please explain to me why a dad is changing characters when he gets in front of the camera? Nobody believes it didn’t happen but there is plenty of unverified footage here to suggest Obama’s administration is up to something.

  • Jeff Cross


  • Jeff Cross

    YOUR JOB IS REAL SIMPLE HERE, GLEN-FRIKKIN-BECK: BE A JOURNALIST AND UNCOVER THE BASIC FACTS: WHERE IS THE EVIDENCE? NO BLOOD, NO BODY BAGS, NO BODIES, NO BROKEN GLASS, NO CELL PHONE CALLS OR VIDEO, WE DON’T EVEN KNOW THE NAME OF THE PERSON WHO IDENTIFIED THE SHOOTER AS ADAM LANZA FOR GOD’S SAKE!  WHAT WERE THE NAMES OF THE ACTUAL EYE WITNESSES WHO SAW ADAM LANZA?  AND IF ALL THIS ISN’T BAD ENOUGH – THERE WERE NO PARENTS  WHO ACTUALLY SAW THE BODIES OF THEIR OWN DEAD CHILDREN!!! (and that’s straight out of the mouth of the State Coroner Dr. Wayne Carver).  YOU’RE NOT FOOLING ANYONE GLENN!  To all the other posters out here: Glenn’s message to you is SHUT UP SLAVE!  Unless Glen wants to do the right thing then I say go instead to people who are actually asking real questions, like the Freedom Links guys, like the NO AGENDA podcast, like Ron Rappaport, like Rob Dew on the InfoWars Nightly News.  JEEZ!

  • john hahn

    not disbelieving concern with truth of media of overall information now we know from NBC

  • Me

    Frankly, I am a little appalled that the one who has taken so much flack for QUESTIONING, and has even encouraged us to “question with boldness and speak without fear” is labeling people who are doing just that! Have you SEEN the videos? Can you answer the unanswered questions? No one that I have heard is stating that nothing happened, but rather that many things do NOT add up! If YOU won’t do so, then where else do we go?

    • Jeffrey Dean

      Clearly, it appalling to people like Glenn, the notion that this Government could FAKE a massacre of children in order to pass Gun Control, yet, we see that the Government has NO QUALMS about using a REAL TRAGEDY where children have died in order to pass Gun Control that would NOT HAVE STOPPED that tragedy if it had existed at the time of the tragedy.  Clearly we have a Government that uses the death of children to pass unrelated gun control, why is it so hard to believe they would CREATE or FAKE such a tragedy if none existed?

  • Randall Grubbs


    Did any of your investigators break down the video to
    dispel the conspiracy theory segment by segment?

    If not, why?

  • Jeffrey Dean

    I don’t understand why the suggestion that it dd not really happen makes people want to PUKE however, the fact that the politicians are using this tragedy as a means to CASH IN and further their political agendas does NOT make them want to puke!  Why is the notion of a STAGED massacre where children did not really die being created to pass Gun Control something that makes people want to puke, however a REAL massacre where children have died being used to pass UNRELATED GUN CONTROL does not make “Pete” or these others want to puke!  It makes NO SENSE at all!

  • Anonymous

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    believe that my father in law could truly making money part time from
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  • Brandon

    One problem with all conspiracy theories…NONE of them ever advocate armed revolution against the Government in order to hunt down government officials who are responsible…which tells me this conspiracy theory (just like all others) is nothing but horse manure!

  • Donnie Smith

    And Pete is not a government employee…?

  • Anonymous

    Why didn’t Glenn ask any questions about 9/11

  • johnpatrickmongan54

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  • Juliana Scittarelli Walton

    He knows “one” of the survivors, I thought everyone knew everyone in this town.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn,  Have you even looked into this.  Mr. Question with boldness, and then when people do you make them out to be the crazy ones. So much of this story just isn’t adding up to say the least.  I am not saying it didn’t happen, but I am saying something is wrong here, and there are some major cover ups and lies happening to say the least.  The stories don’t jive.  Everyone needs to look into this.  If we don’t question, then no one will.  Glenn right now, you are part of the problem when you refuse to question with boldness. Take your own advise and look into this more.  There is a conspiracy of some sort going on here.  

  • Anonymous

     I know as a parent, I wouldn’t be laughing the next day and then quickly try to change my face before appearing on camera.  Something is wrong with that.

  • Anonymous

     Yeah, and why was no ambulance or fireman allowed in the school.  Usually with shootings you will find some of the victims alive that need urgent medical attention.  How can they not let them inside.

  • Anonymous

     Yeah the ID was definitely planted on the kid. Why is it so hard for Glenn to believe that our trustworthy government is above creating a crisis to take advantage of.  This has been going throughout all of history to deceive people.  He really thinks that our government is better than that.  I am not saying it didn’t happen at this point, but I am saying that if it did happen that our government with agendas was behind it.

  • Anonymous

     Yes several websites were created about the incident before it happened.  If that isn’t fishy then I don’t know what is.  If that doesn’t make you question with boldness, then I don’t know what will.

  • Anonymous

    The unholy alliance the media has with the Obama Administration should concern every American. The country is being “ruled” now by people who think they know better than you and have set upon proving it. God help us all. If that little girl was dead how is it that she was sitting on the President’s lap. Is the Hoax the video or that Sandy Hook was staged … that video sure left me with questions!

  • Markus Allen

    I see the Glenn Beck censors are deleting my posts here.

    I’ll try it again:

  • Anonymous

    I wanted to say exactly what the comment below says, no one is saying the kids aren’t dead.  We are questioning all of the dozens of inaccuracies and items that simply don’t add up.  And there are many!

  • Annette Larocque Moore

    the caller ‘Pete’, says something at 4:30min into this interview something about he thought it was strange that the amulances were staged so far away from the school and than he laughed.  What was he talking about.

  • Johnny America

    How does this prove anything Mr. Beck, you could have had me call in and make up some b/s..  To say this “dispells the conspiracy” is a load of crap..  

  • Anonymous

    Glenn I have never disagreed with anything you have ever said until now..are you not the one who said, Question with Boldness………….do your own research………….I agree, this happened and it ridiculous to think it did not…but there is so much to question…..I know you do not like this guy, but you can not dismiss some of this….really…..

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, you made some very important points… HOWEVER, there
    ARE a lot of very bizarre elements to the whole Sandy Hook
    nightmare–not the least of which is that off-the-wall WEIRDO Medical
    Examiner (Wayne Carver) with his hyena-giggling and psycho-behaviors at
    the press conference (viewable on youtube). Another weird thing is the
    way that Robbie Parker (father of Emilie who was apparently killed) was
    laughing and smiling right before he “shifted into the character of a
    grief-stricken father” for the video taping (also viewable on
    youtube)… These are just two GLARING examples of things that make
    people stop and say, “HUH??? WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT???”

    The events and circumstances of the Sandy Hook tragedy need to be
    studied, and, to do that, questions need to be asked and answered. Don’t
    label everyone who asks questions and wants answers as a “conspiracy

    As for the (apparent) shooter, we still don’t know enough about him,
    his background and family dynamics to even begin to comprehend what
    would cause him to commit such heinous acts. That’s why questions and
    studying of elements of this tragedy need to happen. 

    And yes, one thing everyone can agree upon: The Government acted
    swiftly to capitalize on this tragedy, even to the point of using
    not-so-subliminal language in accusing Congress of “holding a gun to the head of Americans” about the debt ceiling. HOW
    TRAGIC Sandy Hook was for the slain children and adults and for the
    families who lost loved ones, but HOW CONVENIENT for the current
    administration. It is the cynical, opportunistic and blatant
    exploitation by the Government of this tragedy that makes people
    suspicious and vulnerable to conspiracy theories.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, well……………sure won’t make me popular around here, but there are FAR too many inconsistencies around Sandy Hook. FAR too many. It’s so easy to dismiss such things as “wild-eyed conspiracy theorists”, but this is one that doesn’t pass the smell test.

    The upshot is this….I think there is far more to this story than we’ve been told, I don’t believe a word that has been fed to us by the media, I’ve seen the reactions on camera of so-called parents (laughing, joking….within hours of their so-called children’s deaths)….aerial shots of the school/crime scene with no kids at all; no EMS, etc….

    We’ve been had, IMHO. This is all about power…..disarm the populace, you control them.

    Laugh if you wish, deride as you wish, be nasty as you wish….go for it. Just be aware, pull your head out and understand who the real enemy is, and understand their motivation.

  • Daniel

    I just want to know where is and who is the bus driver that let 6 kids stay at a stranger’s house. That’s all I care about for right now.

  • Lisa Marie Bryant

    The smoking gun for me is the fact that so many people interviewed on mainstream media have been unequivically identified as members of the Greenberg-Sexton family , Jennifer Greenberg specifically who is listed as an actress, and all her family photos that include other individuals who pretended to be family of the dead children, fake photos and more. And, if children are shot, I don’t care how dead you think they are, they go into an ambulance and are taken immediately to hospital. Also, there would have been medical helicopters to life flight them to the nearest hospital and/or medical staff on the scene to assist with life saving measures and body transport, we saw none of that, no one saw any of that…

    • Ronda Grubb

      I can address one question.  Read Dave Cullen’s book “Columbine.”  One of the most heartbreaking moments in the true story is that the bodies of the victims, including the two teens who were shot and killed outside the school, were left exactly where they were gunned down all night long after the massacre.  The father of the teen boy who was killed out on the sidewalk had to stay home alone all night long, not knowing the where/how of his son’s death — until he got the morning paper off his porch and saw a huge arial photo of his son’s body still out on the sidewalk.  One set of parents had a home just at the edge of the high school’s grounds, and it was terribly poignant, the storytelling of the mother and father watching the agents and police from a distance that night, hours after the sun had gone down… watching them walk around the library, knowing their daughter’s body was somewhere still inside that building.  Most likely, the bodies of the children murdered at the elementary school were left inside the building all night long.  It is standard in large crime scenes like these but completely understandable why something like this isn’t reported.  It’s ghastly.  This truth is something that was never reported about Columbine until the book was written almost a decade later, along with so many other small and large details.  I was shocked how many things reported in the first weeks and months after the killings were flat out wrong — common stories we all think we know about that day.  But this is normal for the first-stage reporting after an event.  All your questions about the minutia of the guy in the woods, the stray kids that wandered onto the retired man’s property, the video of officers confiscating weapons out of a car…  You have heard maybe 10% of the truth of these situations.  People cannot answer all your questions because it will take authorities months and years to piece everything together.  Good God, wake up.  PLEASE wake up from your own conspiracy-laden nightmares, because these delusions are hurting us all.  The only boogieman here is the dumb and probably half-crazy parent who had so many devastating weapons in her home WITH a mentally-challenged son having access to them, as well as the gun lobby that allows people like Lanza to even get close to assault weapons.  THIS is the truth.

  • Jason Wingert

    I’ll just say this, and give my piece.  All, the best tactic to launch war, is to distract your enemy, make them fight amongst each other.  If there was a situation ever, that could launch a full assault on both parties, we are staring right at it.  And as we ask LEGITIMATE questions about this, and fight about it, be sensitive to the fact that children are involved, and rightfully so, I’m a father of three, and it hit me hard.  But, I gotta tell you, this one was poorly executed, something was twisted in it.  Common sense, use it in this one.  Things do not add up..  Guy in the woods, OK, if he was just some dude, why don’t they end his story RIGHT THERE.  Guy was doing X, end of story.  Instead, it’s wiped out, ignored.  The media, as most of you might attempt to remember, is an extension of the people, actually there to represent us, ask our questions for us.  Instead, they are now blinding us from asking the questions, and using our questions to make us out as bad guys for going there.  On top of that, given the situation, you have the gun situation.  Just a reminder, that Obama just wrote a bill to force registration?  At what point weren’t these guns registered?  They allegedly were..  To his mom.  That did a whole ton of good, right??  The last gun restriction we had, Columbine occured during that era, wow those 17 year old boys were deterred by that..  This is madness.  Freedom of thought and the press.  We are allowed to ask questions, especially when they should be asked, no matter how rediculous or repulsive a mom in utah thinks that is.  If we do not, we no longer provide a voice for the media and the representatives in government to take with them.  Has this country lost so much, that the death of children would shut us all up, and catapult us into silence and cause of losing the rights that millions of americans have died for?  Get real..  Don’t be quiet America, GET LOUD!

  • simple man

     The reason there are those that believe that it didn’t happen or as i do believe that there is much much much more to this shooting than we are being told, is the blatant inconsistencies that have surfaced.  One such thing being that you had state police as well as the medical examiner state that a ..223 or ar 15 was used, when they found the shooter with 4 handguns and what appears to be a long rifle or a shotgun in the trunk.  

    We all have seen the actual video of them pulling the long rifle from the trunk.  Furthermore, it would be very difficult for someone to kill themselves with a rifle. I suppose a modified ar15 could be short enough where one could do so, but then we didn’t see the rifle being removed from the scene only a longrifle.

    But Glenn, lets put it down on the table.   None of us trust our Government to tell the truth.  We all have been lied to, screwed over, we are kept in constant anxiety over their constant attempts to sieze our freedom from us.  I personally do not dismiss the idea our Government would have sent in their own assassins and kill children to further their totalitarian agenda.   You’ve heard Rahm say never let a good crises go to waste.  Whats to stop them from creating a good crises?

  • Rachel Wykoff

    yes  call the conservative show to try to counter the truth to get us too stop talking about it. Something ISNT right. We want to know what. We want to know why there is no emotions.

  • Ronda Grubb

    Congratulations!  Sandy Hook Truthers have now aligned themselves with the maggots who refuse to believe the Holocaust occurred.  It will take years for final investigations to produce a timeline, including the shooter’s life and his mother’s, and breakdown specific events of the day, including who was detained and released, and what exactly was found in the murderer’s car.  If any of you ever read ANYTHING besides tabloids and nut-ball conspiracy site blogs, you might have picked up a bestselling book called “Columbine” which is, to date, the most thorough investigative report ever done on the Colorado massacre.  It took the author many, many years to complete, but he answers questions most of us hadn’t even thought to ask.  And on this journey, we discover that so, so many of the initial reports — from eyewitness testimony given to reporters on the scene/in the moment, to famous photographs & video images of scenarios we thought were one thing but turned out to be another — were completely and totally inaccurate because they’d happened in the heat of the moment, through snapshots, gossip and hearsay, which is about 90% of what gets reported and shown in the initial hours and days of such chaotic, emotional events.  Truthers… grow the hell up.  YES, we should ask lots of questions.  SURE, we shouldn’t trust everything we see and hear to be 100% gospel.  But we must use our common sense.  And we must understand that far too many people would have to be involved in such an lie that it becomes impossible to keep any real truth from seeing the light of day.  As with Lance Armstrong… once so many characters get cast in one duplicity, someone is going to crack and give up the truth, and then the avalanche is unstoppable.  Let’s use our sense.  There was no one on the grassy knoll.  George Bush did not conspire to kill thousands of Americans to go to war for oil.  There is no such thing as a Loch Ness monster.  And in December of 2012, a psychopathic young man who stole his idiot mother’s guns walked into an elementary school and riddled 20 precious children with bullets.  I know you have a stake, probably several of them, in this not being true.  I know you must be terrified that your fellow citizens are waking up to the vile nature of the gun lobby in this country, the idiocy of allowing anyone and everyone to acquire automatic weapons and high-capacity, military-grade clips, and that for the first time in a long time, we may actually get some common sense gun regulation (thank you, constitution).  I’m sorry if you’re scared.  But rational Americans understand that our childrens’s lives are not worth sacrificing so you and your cousin Bubba can shoot squirrels with 100-round magazines on the weekends.  And hey, SURVIVALIST CRAZIES: they also understand that when you vote to give your government’s military so much money that the Pentagon is asking for LESS, and with that money they build bazookas, drones, rocket launchers, and nuclear bombs, that there is nothing that the semi-automatic you bought at Walmart is going to do against them in battle anyway.  Ask the biggest, best-armed nations on earth how long it took to stop Hitler.  It is a fantasy that this government wants your scariest guns because they want to declare martial law and take your freedom.  They want your scariest guns because some of you are clinically insane.  So for those of you that CAN… stop being crazy.  For the love of God and country and children.  Stop.

  • John Smith

    Whatever, just another sheep who is caught up in mainstream thinking & beliefs  “Pete” probably does not have the balls to even begin to question the official story surrounding anything so when people such as him “hear” that things might not be as they are being reported by the lying mainstream media, they resort to calling anyone who does asks questions “conspiracy theorists”. Fact is that the Aurora shooting, VTec shooter and Sandy Hook were committed by people with programmed double personality’s. Sandy Hook’s shooter’s long gun was in the car as evidenced by photos and video even though he was dead inside the building. Aurora had 2 shooters yet the programmed subject was the only one caught. You sheep need to focus on these black teams operating around the nation in order to promote agendas by playing on the public’s emotions once they place these operations in actions.        

  • Anonymous

    I am not saying here, because this is The country of freedom, but in communists countries, issues are created so the people could be controlled like a herd of cattle, and their minds placed in the prepared path… FREEDOM LOVER

  • Anonymous

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  • Anthony Welsh

    Glenn, you yourself have a nose for fishy.  Please help dispel the answers of some about the incongruities we’ve seen with this story.  Why photo-shopped pictures, come on!

  • AM123

    Here is the most definitive work to date on the Sandy Hook
    massacre that blows the “lone gunman” scenario out of the water. Eat your heart
    out Glenn Beck. Eat your heart out lamestream media. Here is what you all
    should have been doing from day one when this story broke. Please share this
    video with everyone you can:

    You have been lied to America. Ever hear of the men
    disguised as nuns in a purple van? Of course you haven’t, because the
    mainstream media is at best, incompetent, or at worst, complicit. Before you
    write this off, check out the video above and what is heard on the police
    scanner about men disguised as nuns in a purple van and check out all the
    inconsistencies in the “official story”.

    The lone nutjob scenario is one thing, bringing a kind of
    closure to the story where the authorities can spoon feed a story of a lone
    madman to the gullible (or complicit?) media and then it is written in stone
    ever after to be used by those further their agenda. But a multiple shooter
    scenario is an entirely different animal altogether. Such a scenario speaks not
    of a lone, crazed gunman, but an organized, cold, calculating, unfathomable undercurrent
    of evil.

    Beware America. Evil is on the loose. It has an
    agenda. And the mainstream media is playing see no evil, hear no evil, report
    no evil. 

    • Carla Wells

      It now says that video “has been removed by the poster”

  • Markus Allen

    The Glenn Beck’s censors keep deleting this link:

    I’ll just keep on posting this for all to see.

    Glenn Beck is a fraud. He gives us the impression he’s looking for truth – but he quashes the proof by deleting my posts.


    I want to be 100% honest and sincere, I have never liked Glenn Beck, EVER! If someone brought his name up in a conversation I would immediately stop them and tell them why they shouldn’t like him either. I would then serve up all of the negative things I had read about him or heard about him There are a couple of HUGE problems with what I did. I had NEVER listened to Glenn for one second. I formulated my opinion without ever giving him a chance. To make this an even bigger problem, I’ve been on the air, in radio, for over 30 years. When a listener would talk to me occasionally tell me about a friend or family member who didn’t like me and I would instantly get defensive and say “Have they ever listened to me? For how long? What did I say that would make someone form such a solid negative when I was seldom opinionated about any possible “hot topic”. As so many of us have seen these ridiculous “conspiracy theories” over the last month I thought I would spotaneously combust if I saw another one. I randomly came across an audio segment from a recent Glenn Beck show when he talked a parent of a 1st grader at Sandy Hook. I respect him for the way he treated the Dad AND the fact he was going to take a future show to shoot down all of the fiction that is being spewed by these hermits who sit in their house coming up with such slimy stories. Mr. Beck I owe you an and all of your listeners an apology for forming my opinion without doing any investigation about his show. Thank you and continued success with your career I am sure you will continue to prove idiots like me that you shouldn’t randomly lump them in a category of undesirable people I wouldn’t want to meet. Again, my apologies and people PLEASE stop with these conspiracy stories and use that time helping people come up with a solution so something like this never happens again!

    • Markus Allen

      Oh please. Give me a break.

      Look at this list and tell me honestly that there aren’t MAJOR problems with the official story:

      Your initial thoughts about Glenn Beck were accurate. Calling people conspiracy theorists is right out of the PSYOP handbook.

      Ironic since I first heard of Glenn Beck – when I was excited to hear him ask us to question EVERYTHING we’re told from the media. But now all of the sudden, we’re supposed to close our eyes and believe anything the government tells us? Ah, fuck no.

      Curious.. did Jeff Greenberg beg you to post here, Ted?

  • Gladys Crump

    But Pete doesn’t give his name so why would we believe him?  I can see no reason for him to be afraid to give his name, all the other parents were glad to give their names and childs names….makes me suspect him of being another Crisis Actor.

  • Gladys Crump

    Watch the video “Sandy Hook Hoax torn to pieces” and then tell me why I should believe this actually happened. Too many inconsistencies, add that to the fact that the car did not belong to Nancy Lanza but was registered to a known felon named Christopher Rodia makes it seem more questionable, then in the video you see the police take what looks like a shotgun from the cars trunk and wipe it down with a cloth like they were wiping away fingerprints…sure made me take a second look at the whole thing.

  • Gladys Crump

    Sure doesn’t convice me, why wouldn’t he give his name, all the other parents gave theirs and the childrens names, this guy doesn’t pass the smell test, why if he was legit would he choose to go on some conservative talk show instead of a Liberal one? Trying to address the audience who is posting on the outright questionable nature of the whole Sandy Hook thing….that is why. He is more likely just another crisis actor playing a part to shut us up, next they will make it a crime to ask questions about these “shootings”.

  • Gladys Crump

    Watch the video “Sandy Hook Hoax torn to pieces”, it is long but really informative, all kinds of good stuff.

  • Cameron Jospeh

    the question is not if the sandy hook shootings happen the question is was the goverment involved, if so how many students did they kill, how were possibly kidnaped and how many if any parents are in on the deal to possibly save their childrens lives or get compensation

  • suz

    to Jeff Cross:  my “disqus” is unable to connect me to my original post where you responded.  i don’t know why i can’t but it’s always been like this,  so i’ll post my response to you here which is that i appreciate you pointing in me in your direction but i don’t have to time to browse all comments for the link.  sorry.  i wish i knew what the technical issue was so i could fix it but here i am.


    it’s not that I don’t  believe it didn’t happen. I just think that Obama is behind the whole thing.
    He needed a big push for his gun ban agenda

  • ingelbertmelo67

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  • Kate

    It happened, it really happened, now shut up and believe it! Give me a break! There are more holes in this story than any I’ve ever seen, heard, read about or researched in my life!! The CIA really dropped the ball on this one!!

  • Anonymous

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  • Carla Wells

    Has any investigator or journalist looked into the question these “truthers” have?  Why can’t anyone just explain the inconsistencies?  One of my biggest questions is why were those 6 children that that “hero” guy took into his house even there if the school was in lockdown? And if there were children just running around aimlessly, why is there not ONE video of any children outside that school? Why would a bus driver see those kids and just leave them with a stranger and not take charge of them as an employee of the school district? I mean I don’t want to be a “conspiracy theorist” but this whole thing stinks and noone wants to answer any questions.

  • Carla Wells

    Once he does his show and explains the “problems” with this whole tragedy, then I will be able to stop “questioning” what happened in Conn. 

  • AM123

    Here is the most definitive work to date on the Sandy Hookmassacre that blows the “lone gunman” scenario out of the water. Eat your heartout Glenn Beck. Eat your heart out lamestream media. Here is what you allshould have been doing from day one when this story broke. Please share thisvideo with everyone you can:

    You have been lied to America. Ever hear of the mendisguised as nuns in a purple van? Of course you haven’t, because themainstream media is at best, incompetent, or at worst, complicit. Before youwrite this off, check out the video above and what is heard on the policescanner about men disguised as nuns in a purple van and check out all theinconsistencies in the “official story”.

    The lone nutjob scenario is one thing, bringing a kind ofclosure to the story where the authorities can spoon feed a story of a lonemadman to the gullible (or complicit?) media and then it is written in stoneever after to be used by those further their agenda. But a multiple shooterscenario is an entirely different animal altogether. Such a scenario speaks notof a lone, crazed gunman, but an organized, cold, calculating, unfathomable undercurrentof evil.   

    Beware America. Evil is on the loose. It has an
    agenda. And the mai


    Hitler talked about the big lie and crimes so outlandish no one would believe they are true. Some of Newtown conspiracy theories are probably straw men, arguments set up to discredit any further inquiry. One thing for sure, however, something is going on in Newtown. Denying this is like denying the holocaust.

    Newtown, a little town of 11 thousand, prior to the shootings was synonymous with two things: First for its long history extremely cruel medical experiments conducted at the now abandoned Fairfield Hills State Mental Hospital and secondly as a hot bed of sadistic satanic cultists and violent black witches covens dating back to the 1700’s which are still very active today. A quick google search will yield a long list of cultists who meet and worship in the Newtown area, grave robberies of infants and ritual animal mutilations.

    The day of the shooting the local paper the “Newtown Bee” headlines included “satanic grave desecrations” and the release of the Newtown kiddie porn producer pedophile David Csanadi. A twitter search will yield local company tweets like “Controlling Monkey Brains and Behavior With Light” “Do people with autism have unreliable sensory perceptions?” and “If you’re at the Society of Toxicology meeting in San Francisco, come see our sister company”.

    Most disturbing of the residents of Newtown is the Church of Tiamat, a cult who is the name sake for the extremely violent EU Black Metal Group “Tiamat”. The Church of Tiamat is affiliated with the Temple of Set in San Francisco. The current leader of Temple of Set (aka Church of Satan) is retired US Army General Michael Aquino. Aquino also led the NSA during the 1970’s and is the author of many texts on brainwashing. Aquino was bounced from the army following allegation of a pedophile ring at army’s Persidio daycare he was in charge of in San Francisco.

    According to the Newspapers “The Gaurdian”, “The Mail” and other UK papers Lanza was a Satanist and his mother was a wacked out doomsdayer. Massive holes in the story are everywhere. Reports of multiple shooters. Only pistols found at the scene. etc etc etc. Of course no one believes the story we are being told. Especially when it describes Newtown as an idyllic little town of 11 thousand.

  • Jamie Hawkins

    When officials lie about elements in a story people begin to question the entirety of the story.  I think that we may never know what actually happened that day.  Were their 2 shooters?  How were they so accurate and how were so few injured instead of just killed?  Why have we seen so little video of that day?  I have a lot of questions, but I do believe a tragedy occurred in Newton and I do not want to minimize those parents pain.  If I was one of those parents I would be furious that the whole truth was not coming out and that my child’s death was being hi-jacked for political purposes.  

  • Anonymous

    Mouth-breathers will find a conspiracy in anything. Fools. 

  • Paul Jackson Jones

    I am not saying children did not die,but only that it was a pro marksman. Not a 20 yr old with no exp. handling a gun.

  • truthseeker

    I do remember Glenn saying many, many times, “Question with Boldness”.  I will continue to question the current regime and especially the timing of this horrific event.  I do not dispute the deaths of these poor young souls, but I do dispute the official story surrounding them.  I do not believe I have ever mistrusted anyone or anything as much as I mistrust our government.  Their agenda is clear and that is to destroy the Constitution. 

  • Reginald L Minor

    Im just curious why This father along with the gym teacher who also had a daughter that was attending school there, go there in the early morning to make gingerbread houses, when Miss Soto had plainly sent a letter home with each child stateing that the cookie class was at 2pm that afternoon. Why were they there so early? Im always the first at my childs functions and im still no more than 30 minuets early.

  • Tommy

    Explain the Emile Parker pictures then. Explain Robbie Parker, the first parent to speak “getting into character” video that is out and about. Explain my CNN used piictures of St. Rose of Lima preschool. The list goes on and on and ….

  • egmiller

    I agree with New Reality Check below, the conspiratory hoax is a red herring, to make those who question the official story sound a little “crazy”, you’d have to be crazy however not to question the misinformation and disinformation the media has been spreading. No way did a 110 lb kid who was phobic and afraid of being around people commit this crime.

  • Bonny Stackhouse

    How are the two shooters fathers connected to goverment.

  • Jess Pape

    I believed it happened,but the stuff the media has said, has clearly not all been truth. What guns were actually used? How many shooters where there? why was there facebook pages, fund pages and other pages made 1-3 days before it happened, one page,okay thats a glitch but mutiple pages? thats not a glitch. I think the media was told to play it the way it was being played, to make people look at firearms in a different light. Regardless there was a shooting, but there needs to be real answer to theses questions.

  • Brad Streets

    There is way too much crap flying and when it settles down the truth will come out.

  • Brad Streets

    Also, I am continually scouring info not just on news sites but my own little investigation. you can see on my facebook.

  • madmemere

    There is no question, that this tragedy did happen; it’s just unfortunate that the “lamestream media propaganda machine” and the “regime” in DC choose to distort facts and use them to further their own agenda!  I’ve done my own research; original sound bytes and videos have been hidden, or deleted; I should have filed them, when I heard and saw them, but failed to do so!  Do not think, for one minute that “even obama would not stoop so low” (someone else’s post); I can assure you he would and I have no doubt he did.  Being the true “alinskiiyte” he believes “The ends justify the means”.  Many years ago, FDR said “In politics, there are no accidents.  If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way!”  And he did know what he was talking about, since he was a progressive, liberal, socialist, owo democrat, himself.

  • Anonymous

     I completely agree with the last comment. My biggest question to those parents that did loss children is…” did they have a chance to view and/or  identify their children?”
    That to me is the Biggest question that if true( and the were not allowed to see the bodies) points to a very very disturbing possibility!
    The truth is often stranger than fiction

  • Anonymous

    So this is where the entire viewing audience of “Ghost Hunters” hangs out. Also I have a wagon full of tin foil hats that I’m practically giving away. Get in touch to reserve yours today!

  • duane

    Cant find  a peter in the tiger den’s website of CT, may have missed him,  I coached kids for ten years, I am not hard to find. I did Ice cream socials, county fairs… Just saying. my daughter and son can be found on over 20 google pages. Peter who? why wouldnt you be proud of your actions?.I am..

  • duane

    I will be happy to post your story, it needs to be heard. Prove this wrong, please.

  • duane

    peter b? may have found you. If so my apologies and acccolades to you.

  • duane

    I’d post your name but some people dont want that, nothing wrong in my mind for being credible.

  • Dan Plesse

    Notice he does say his pager does not mention Sandy Hook and that the staging area was set up United Methodist Church which was some miles away. Woodchipper murder in newtown did happen.

  • athomemamma

    This phone call is so fake, it’s unbelievable.

  • Anonymous

    I am in the medical field.  There is NO way an autistic young adult on all those psych meds had it together enough to shoot 26 people in 2 minutes.  Heck he could not do it in 8-10 minutes.  This simply does not pass the smell test.

  • G eekz n Gamble

    This guy is a fucking lier, I know – trust me, I’m a great lier myself. Horse shit

  • Anonymous

    Beck is a bought tool, Sandy Hook was a false flag pure and simple.

  • Anonymous

    Sandy hook was a load of crap as a gun control effort. That is it. Beck is a bought and paid for tool.

  • Rusty

    Why could they not see any of the “bodies”? Why was no evidence or video of mass children exitting? Reports not accurate. Most of the joking and laughing, “bareeved” parents were actors, had experience on stage, or entertainers! And the old man, supposedly the “pappa bear cottage” where kids were took in…. He was a stage actor who changed his story many times and was on tape, asking his lines, from camera man! walks like duck, quack quack.

  • TerriK

    Does Glenn still believe this ….I am sure it was a hoax. The nuns got me…they are men dressed in drag…Adam Lanza is not real..fake photo..
    Haven’t listened to Glenn in a while as I don’t trust him..

  • mo up in the northeast
  • mo up in the northeast

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