Lance Armstrong: Not a good guy

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Part 1 of Oprah’s much anticipated interview with Lance Armstrong last night did not disappoint. Pat called it one of the greatest interviews he’s ever seen. Oprah grilled Armstrong and his answers were surprisingly open, but were perhaps more disturbing than most anticipated. He still doesn’t appear to be all that sorry.

“His answers to some of these questions were interesting I think he now seems to express that he felt bad about it,” Stu said. “He didn’t say he felt bad about it at the time. He’s saying now he feels bad about it. I don’t know that I bought that. He comes off as convincing, but he came off as convincing the whole time.”

Pat and Stu agreed that Armstrong was so convincing that he could be in Congress for his performance over the years.

From TheBlaze:

He was light on the details and didn’t name names. He mused that he might not have been caught if not for his comeback in 2009. And he was certain his “fate was sealed” when longtime friend, training partner and trusted lieutenant George Hincapie, who was along for the ride on all seven of Armstrong’s Tour de France wins, was forced to give him up to anti-doping authorities.

But right from the start and more than two dozen times during the first of a two-part interview Thursday night with Oprah Winfrey, the disgraced former cycling champion acknowledged what he had lied about repeatedly for years, and what had been one of the worst-kept secrets for the better part of a week: He was the ringleader of an elaborate doping scheme on a U.S. Postal Service team that swept him to the top of the podium at the Tour de France time after time.

So why did he admit to the charges now? Pat believes it’s because he has issues with control.

“He said part of it, and it kind of opened up my eyes why he’s doing this now. And the reasons is that he is a control freak. He said I like to be in control. I control everything in my life. I’ve not been in control of two things. The first thing was the cancer hitting him, and the second thing was now. He can’t control it. Well, that’s somewhat of a lie. He is controlling it. That’s why he’s come out now, because he was backed into a corner on these investigations,” Pat said.

In the interview, Armstrong said several times that if he had not come back in 2009 he probably never would have been caught. The admission indicated to Pat that he was not truly sorry over what he did, but was more sorry he got caught.

“You’re sorry you got caught. You’re not sorry about the situation,” Stu added.

Watch Lance confess his doping below:

Lance Armstrong’s Confession

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Let this be the end of the matter then: Lance Armstrong has admitted openly to his actions and that they were wrong. This in no way will undo the collapse of his reputation and actions in the world of bicycle racing.

    His credibility is completely gone.

    He may, repeat MAY, regain some aspect of it again if he works for anti-doping and anti-drug efforts with people. Even then, he must be held to the scrutiny of the public in all that he does in the public eyes.

    It is always possible for people to have a second chance in life, and with God and Jesus helping they can become a powerful force for good. It will be determined on the choices Armstrong will now face and make in the short and long run.

  • Sam Fisher

    Hit him with the book. 

  • Anonymous

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  • Draxx

    Control is only an illusion, there are too many influences out there to change the expected outcomes…  No one on Earth can control change! 

  • Anonymous

    I really don’t care what he did..and don’t know why anyone should.  What kind of people care about bicycle racing? WEIRD!!!

  • CharlyO

    What a shame! So, I guess he is the only doper in sports or is he the only doper smart enough to do it well. Come on, it is standard routine. I guess now we have to think anyone that is performing too good is on something. So, was the new 49er QB on dope last weekend and the weekend before!

  • Lucretia Lake

    Is this TRULY surprising?  Did we not earn some lessons with quite a few baseball ‘SUPER HEROES”  a few years back?  When people are performing at such high levels, I would be SHOCKED if I found out they WEREN’T ‘DOPING.’  No, I do not condone or encourage such behavior.  I just find it sadly amusing that…… more and more is expected of them…..and higher and higher achievements are applauded and fed w/COUNTLESS $$’S to “KEEP IT UP”……..ANYONE stands back in ‘shock and awe’ that it’s found to be true……..ONCE AGAIN.  As a culture we build these people into super humans….and then find out, to our dismay, it was never really possible…….and out come the stakes and pitch forks.  Pretty hypocritical.

    • Anonymous

      good point.  It’s similar to how A students are significantly more likely to cheat than other students due to the pressure to continue to do well

  • jim thompson

    It’s not clear to us, or especially to those who know him well, if he is truly sorry for his actions or if he is talking now to try and salvage something of his fortune and/or legacy.  It is true that God forgives and forgets the sins of those who are truly sorry, repent of their sins, and turn away from them.  It is also true that forgiveness of sins does not mean that there won’t be repercussions.  Even Moses, who is definitely in heaven, was allowed to lead the Israelites to the Promised Land, but was not allowed to enter it himself.  The Lord said that because Moses did not trust in Him enough to honor Him as holy in the sight of the Israelites, He would not let Moses enter with them into the Promise Land. (Numbers 20:12.  It’s certainly good for Armstrong to have come this far.  Time will tell if it’s genuine repentance or not.

  • Canadianlady

    He’s admitting to it now, because he wants to be able to compete again.  The powers that be won’t even consider it until he comes clean.

  • Anonymous

    It is typical of the modern age. What difference is this to the elections of Obama to the presidency? Moreover, to the second term? Corruption is everywhere we look. Why would we expect Armstrong to confess te first time he was acused? He was building an empire worth millions. As long as he could keep building it, why would he confess? Keep telling lies until the problem goes away. Sounds rather familiar. In the end, people may forgive him, but his conscience will bother him to his grave.

  • Anonymous

    Come on….it’s simple.  He’s a liar.  He’s a cheat.  He’s crook.  He’s made a fortune at it.  And now with the current level of ethical standards in the U.S he will most likely become an even bigger celebrity.  Maybe he’ll make a sex tape next.

  • BH Senger

    While I have never followed the career of Lance Armstrong, I was aware of his cycling and cancer events.  But, I did watch the interview and what I saw was a man on the edge of potential suicide because his pain was so deep and intense.  If he is looking for salvation, he certainly hasn’t found it yet.  I saw a lost soul and he appeared to be floundering.   While it is apparent he is being judged and found wanting I hope that if he has any friends left they will come to the aid of his very troubled soul.  If he does survive, the courts are sure to secure retribution.  Right now, we don’t have to love him, but show a little compassion and leave the rest to God and the laws of the land.

    I will watch Part 2 and see if I change my opinion.

  • Anonymous

    Armstrong wasn’t doing anything that the rest of the top riders in the world weren’t doing.  I watched the Tour de France ONLY during the years Armstrong was winning and only becasue of the thrill of watching Lance.  He still had to go out and perfrom those incredible feats and I don’t give a damn what he did to prepare.

    We have cheating lying politicians “I did not have sex with that woman” Clinton and the current FRAUD in the White House who suffer little for their CHEATING.  So why does our legal system only pursue sports heros like Armstrong, Bonds, & Clemens?  No one died from their choices, but we have a anti-american president who is repsonsible for the deaths of 4 Americans in Libya and for the lies to cover it up – – and we re-elect the bastard. 

    Armstrong and Bonds were some of the most thrilling sports stars I ever saw, and I frankly don’t give a damn that if they were using streroids just like their competition.

    Screw the bureacrats and others who pursue our sports stars while their lies and tatrocites are far worse!

    • Anonymous

      The “incredible feats” about which you refer, all arose due to Lance Armstrong’s consumption of banned substances!  That’s not “preparation.”  Had he not taken them, yes, they would have been incredible.  It’s about as incredible as if he had had a little motor hidden somewhere on the bike helping him up all those hills!  On the front end of the interview, even Lance Armstrong himself admitted how improbable it would have been to have won seven Tours de France without having taken those drugs. 

      Now, will you listen to yourself?  You’re justifying this gross misconduct over the course of many years on the basis of the misconduct of others in this and other sports and in politics.  All of it was wrong!  In a civilized society that’s a completely intolerable equivalency argument in my opinion. 

      • Perry Wall

        well he lost a nut because of it.

      • Anonymous

        You don’t get it 757.  Politicians and the Wall street fat cats do things far worse than any of the athletes they persecute,  With no reprecussions, and taxpayer paid bailouts in many cases.  Barack Hussein Osama is responsible for the deaths of many innocent people, is a lying MF who is detroying America while an asshole like Bill Clinton is admired widely and vastly wealthy while he F__cks interns in the Oval Office – A TOTAL DISGRACE TO OUR COUNTRY.   Where is the justice????   YOU TELL ME IS AN IMMORAL scumbag PRESIDENT WHO HAS SEX IN THE OVAL OFFICE WITH A FAT INTERN AND THEN LIES ABOUT IT NOT WORSE THAN AN AHTLETE WHO USED PEDS? These political and business scumbags have caused far more damage to all of us.  What damage did Lance do other than entertain us for many years. 

        When you start holding the MF poiticians and Wall Strett Fat Cats accountable, then maybe I will worry about Lance armstrong.  For now I would tell Lance Armstrong to tell all of the hyporcrits to ‘shove it where the sun don’t shine”.

        • Anonymous

          No, I DO get it, Mr. Madison.  I get the equivalency argument you are trying to make, but I am still going have to very strongly object.  As I stated before and I’ll state it very simply again, one cannot justify wrongdoing with more wrongdoing.  What I do agree with you about is the disgraceful conduct of Bill Clinton while he was in the White House. I too am sickened by the total lack of accountability regarding the deaths of our people in Libya under this administration I did not support in neither the first, nor the most recent election.  But lets not talk about politics.  Let’s talk about sports.  We just cannot throw our hands up and give complete freedom to act however one wishes in order to gain an unfair advantage in sports.  It renders the whole thing meaningless.  You may enjoy a Lance Armstrong pumped up on steroids and EPO and testosterone and whatever else he might have been taking, winning seven Tours de France he almost certainly would not have won otherwise.  I don’t, and neither does the World Anti-Doping Agency, nor does the Union Cycliste Internationale nor millions of other people, not to mention the Livestrong Foundation, the Olympic Committee, and all the others Armstrong effectively defrauded by his own admission.  Lance Armstrong deserves whatever happens to him.  I watched him tell Oprah Winfrey so last night.

          • Edgard DeBruycker

            Thank GOD Lance was not a SUMO wrestler, guess what else would they accuse him of having ingested.

    • nutt

      Armstrong’s a cheat, and beat others who rode clean, as well as other cheats. He’s scum.

    • James Cartwright

    • James Cartwright


    • Paul Redman

      Who wants to admit to wrong doing? What child for that matter- forget politicians- in a heated situation where punishment may be severe will confess to being responsible? 

      Indeed, the further we get from morals and God, the closer we get to the assinine ideas of moral relativism that are plain wrong and illogical. 

      Wrong is wrong. No matter who does it. The seriousness of the forum does not make it more or less right. Evil is evil. Now, am I saying that Lance Armstrong is akin to Hitler? Ofcourse not. 

      But oh, what a slippery slope it becomes to attempt to qualify and quantify evil as, “but this is just a little evil, so it’s ok”. 

      What disturbs me most about these professional athletes/ drug users (and a large percentage are), is that they are so adamant that “a trainer made me do it”, or “it was in my vitamins”, or “I must have been sleeping”, and will even go so far as to lie under oath…UNDER OATH (not depending on your definition of the word ‘is’ is) to protect themselves. 

      Why? Solely for money. To protect their cash stream of lies. 

      You don’t care about drug cheats? How about the New England Patriots and Spygate? Is that ok? Why or why not? What is cheating, exactly? Why do you feel that cheating with drugs designed to enhance human performance is ok, yet other forms of cheating are not? I would be so much happier, and not so judgmental if they all just came clean and were honest with their drug use. Don’t deny it. Tell all. From the start. If the athletes from all sports explained the business. Explained the demands placed on the human body. How HGH helps with recuperation and works in conjunction with testosterone to build muscle mass and decrease bodyfat. 

      I think that all people would cease looking at sports as entertainment, and begin to wonder why they are wasting their time to fuel walking pharmacy labs. 

      What about the sponsors? NIKE? The United States Postal Service? Don’t they deserve some respect? This isn’t just Armstrong. His actions have defamed his sponsors. Forever tarnished. 

      What has happened to our culture? Sure, we all probably know the story of the 1919 Black Sox. Pete Rose. These were the exceptions. As time has gone on, these exceptions have become the norm. The steroid era in baseball has forever ruined a game that once defined America. Once apple pie, now syringes and creams. 

      BALCO. The Olympics. NFL, NHL, NBA. Baseball. All drugged. Looking at our female olympic team, and seeing cro-magnon jaw line and foreheads on 14 year old girls, and you know something ain’t right. NFL lineman, who 20 years ago were topping 280 lbs, now at 320+ AND being able to run FASTER!!! Not training. D-r-u-g-s. NFL safeties (Yeremiah Bell and Lavon Landry) tweeting offseason pictures looking like Mr. Olympia’s rather than defensive backs. 

      If the athletes were honest from the start, I’d have less of a problem and a real discussion could take place. But to dismiss this as nothing more than misplaced blame, is foolish at best. 

  • Anonymous

    While Hollywood dogpiles on Mr. Armstrong for his Lies, Hollywood champions such Lies as:  Abortion, so-called Gay Marriage, Contraception, Divorce, Fornication, Euthanasia,…

    Mr. Armstrong got caught this time.  The others will have to answer for their lies and permissiveness later.

    As long as one is alive it is never too late: No sin is greater than God’s Mercy.

  • Anonymous

    About Lance Armstrong. It’s beyond me why anyone would care if he’s sorry or not. I couldn’t care less. With all the far bigger problems facing us and this nation, I, for one, would be thrilled to just turn my back on the whole deal and get back to business that really matters. This guy is so unimportant in the grand scheme of things if there was any sense left in people no one would even bother to mention his name again on the news.

  • tiredofnigs

    I do not care one whit about this…Obama and the democrats cheat and steal the country…This is what I am concerned with…So a bike monkey cheated…they all do.

  • Anonymous

    Disgusting and full of lies.  Not one bit of admiration for Lance Armstrong remains. He got caught and is no role model for future generations.  He hurt himself and his sport. Hope he will have learned his lesson.

  • greywolfrs

    Again…WHO CARES?

    • Anonymous

      I agree. Lance can’t disappoint me because I don’t worship the guy. Everyone that fixates on this shit needs to get a life.

    • Anonymous

      You must care greywolf because you keep boring us with your dribble….

      • greywolfrs

        Dribble? You are an idiot, The word is “drivel.” Dunce.

        • Anonymous

          My misspelled word doesn’t change the fact bozo!  If you don’t want to hear about Lance, get the hell off this blog you moron!

  • Anonymous

    Lance Armstrong began to disappoint me when he left his wife and children after using them to shore up his career comeback following testicular cancer. His playboy lifestyle and ingratitude and bullying were legendary and indicative of towering narcissism and some degree of sociopathy. The fact that he would use steroids to give him an edge is not surprising to me because this is consistent with the character flaws he revealed long prior to the emergence of this issue. The only thing I would add here, though, is that even with the steroid use, he is easily a world class athlete. I have seen his physiology profiles and he is, on a cellular level, an exceptional athlete possessive of outstanding genetic ability. Some of those character traits he exhibits also, unfortunately, lend him an amazing mental toughness. It’s just really too bad that he cared so little about himself and exhibited so little respect for his sport and teammates that he would commit this shameful act. If he had just trusted himself, he probably could have won on genetics and raw talent and drive alone. Too bad neither he, nor we, will ever know.

  • DE Navarro

    Why are we demonizing all these sports stars who have competed in high pressure industries that were so rampant with performance enhancing drugs that if you didn’t do it you wouldn’t have the competitive edge in many cases?  They made choices, stupid choices that will affect their bodies and their health for the rest of their lives, but it wasn’t like they killed anyone and it wasn’t narcotics, and they were not victimizing anyone else except in the remotest stretch of the imaginations of the people who want them to pay for being such superstars.

    I don’t see any baseball stadiums refunding fans money over the hyped up careers of Bonds, Canseco, McGuire, Sosa, etc.  These guys made the baseball industry millions and millions of dollars, revived Baseball’s image and brought success to the sport — and then when caught, they are demonized while the stadium owners, team owners and vendors walk away with millions.  Ha ha ha — fools, that’s what they say.

    Armstrong revived the sport of cycling, brought attention to it that it would have never had, NEVER had, if he didn’t do what he did — wrong or not. Who’s sorry that the sport of cycling enjoyed a boost in attention and raised thousands of new young cyclists?  Who’s refunding fans money for the exciting Tour De France’s they watched with eager anticipation?

    We have some REAL problems in this country, like Fast and Furious and Benghazi and a government in Washington, both left and right that is far more deceitful and at greater stakes than anything that Armstrong or Sosa ever did.

    Why do we revere the body builders, male and female, who use every new fangled drug and supplement they can find to build their enormous and ugly Mr. Universe bodies. Or Ms Whatever they are called bodies?  Why are some drugs and supplements acceptable and others not and who has the authority to determine this?  Why is it okay if it is not in certain leagues but banned in others.

    It’s all capricious and arbitrary.

    Let them play.  Let them decide to use whatever they want to enhance their performance.  It is their chosen profession and their choice as to what to do with their bodies.  Then we can enjoy the best of the best using every method known to become the best and we’ll really see some massive competition then.

    Does anybody tell you how many Red Bulls or Monster drinks you can have before you calculate your spreadsheet?  Alcohol abuse is wrong because it alters the body and judgment and puts others in danger.  But using supplements during training and steroids to boost training and body response — holy cow.  How many billions of dollars do we waste trying to monitor this “doping” stuff?

    And you endorsees don’t whine either.  Armstrong sold millions and millions of your product that would have never — NEVER sold without his endorsement.  I don’t see you refunding any of your customers their money because of this.  If you go after Armstrong for money, then you better refund all your customers too or you are thieves and crooks, making millions off of someone else’s fame even if they were later brought down.

    All criminal.  You people are all worse criminals than Sosa, Armstrong and every other athlete you have demonized.  Go away.

  • Anonymous

    Please note one point Lance Armstrong made when asked did he
    think he was cheating and he said: No. He then said something like: “It was a
    level playing field.” I would like to see all
    his teammates and competitors and all their team officials swear on a bible or equivalent,
    that they never used/supplied drugs/whatever at any time in any event in which Armstrong
    participated. Never mind the bully bit. Every man can say when asked, cajoled
    or threatened to use whatever so-called enhancer, “No! I’m outta here!” Who
    did? Ditto all the journos. It would be the absolute definition of hypocrisy
    for those top cycling journos who did not attempt to expose the matter from the
    getgo, to now claim surprise let alone disgust at Armstrong’s admissions. So what’s
    good for the goose is good for the gander. You want to pick on Armstrong, take
    on the lot of them. Bring them all on Winfrey.

    I failed high-school chemistry. Nonetheless, I fathered (I think),
    a former multiple world recordholder and dual world champion in her sport. I finally
    admitted at a testimonial luncheon in her honor a couple of years back, that
    she had been drugged to the eyeballs “during” all her events. She let out a
    very loud horrified gasp at this public admission but I cut her short. The world
    needed to know and since the world majors in minor things about drugs in sport,
    I had to get this off my chest. The large crowd was breathless as I described
    how powerful this drug was and how no traces of it were discernible in any
    post-race test. Some bright spark suddenly jumped up and asked: “Are you
    talking about adrenalin?” Well, yes I was.

    As I said, I’m not a chemist and maybe the chemists can prove beyond
    a reasonable doubt, that manmade drugs are more powerful than adrenalin. I’d
    like to see the proof. I just know a young girl on adrenalin, beat any synthetic
    drug users. So what’s the beef? If they want to use 2nd rate drugs,
    let ‘em. I’m not a doctor but I would be surprised it there aren’t some
    physiological penalties to pay down the road, if you do use synthetic drugs. It’s
    all about choice.

  • ThorsteinVeblen2012

    The government seems to care more about a bicycle racer’s misdoings and spends no time investigating what led up to the 2008 economic collapse.

    Obama and Eric Holder are giving Wall Street as pass.

    But then so is Glenn Beck.

    • Perry Wall

      all this attention on Lance and sports and reality shows is like the romans, keep the peoples mind on other things and they want know what is really going on  in the world,and the government can do anything they want to and we want  have a clue.

  • Thomas H

    Enough already!  and enough Manti Te’o too!

  • Anonymous

    Who should care about a Bicycle race? This is important….how?  Like he was the only bicycle boy that was doping…really?  Whenever a sport is involved with large money and media coverage and people betting on it, there will be many people in that sport cutting corners in many ways to achieve the grand prize.  Get real!  There are real problems in this country and the rest of the world that needs attention! Like getting obama impeached, that is what I am concerned about! He has to go!

  • Anonymous

    If Armstrong was a business man doing everything possible to make his business the winner that it was expected to be and winning hands down against his competitors, we would call him a great business man.  I say, how dare we call him a cheat, a liar, etc!  We have a president who breaks every rule, and creates new rules without congress,when he doesn’t like the U.S. Constitution’s rules.  We have a justice dept. that refuses to give information –even when the law says they’re required to disclose the records.  Timothy Geithner hides funds, lies about the stimulus fund needs, changes the allocation of funds at will and can’t account for millions of stimulus dollars.  We have Americans killed in Benghazi and no one can get their story straight –even after months.  Our credit rating has been downgraded twice now and we just keep printing more money, and now want to increase the debt ceiling…..again.  We have a media that covers up for a corrupt government and  air-heads in Hollywood who protect trees and kill babies….and on and on it goes.  And we have the audacity to call Lance Armstrong a liar and hypocrite?  How dare we.  We need to remove the log in our own eye  before we judge the splinter in in someone else’s eye.  Everything that Lance Armstrong did just shows the tip of the ice-berg of America’s new values.  I give Armstrong more credit for speaking up than I give every member of congress and the Obama admin put together.  I pray he asks God for forgiveness rather than asking the real hypocrites to forgive him.

  • Barbara Wild

    I’m already tired of seeing and hearing him kind of arrogantly ‘confess.’  Why are we giving him so much air time on every channel? 

  • Anonymous

    I do not care.

  • Anonymous

    Armstrong is sorry that he was caught, nothing more.
    Because of FRAUD, Lance Armstrong became very rich and very famous. 
    Armstrong always appeared to be a narcissistic, ego maniacal bully who would stop at nothing to win, and now the ONLY reason that he is talking is because, according to various sources, if he cooperates with authorities, they may reduce any possible sentences and/or fines he incurs as a result of his illegal activities.   

  • Anonymous

    Once you come clean about the wrongs’ you have done,
    you immediately have a sense of relief.
    May Mr. Armstrong now live in an honest house within

  • Anonymous

    Why does anyone care about sports figures or what Oprah says about them. Obviously he used her and she used him.He is selfish and egotistical and will do anything to win. Same personality B.O.has. It is all about winning, money and power Everybody does it is an embarrassing excuse.

  • Mardi Sawyer

    I don’t trust Lance!  He should end up in NY as a bike messenger and he should hope that the NY drivers have sympathy for him!   LOL!!!

  • Darby Casper

    all the top competers cheat, nascar, motorcycle racing everybody at the TOP level cheats in one way or the other… has been going on since day 1…

  • nutt

    He should be allowed to compete in sport again. But only if it’s boxing. And only if he fights those who raced clean and were denied fame and fortune because of his cheating. And only if, ‘to level the playing field’, he has his hands tied behind his back. I’d be happy to watch that.

  • Anonymous

    This D_ _ KHEAD need not apologise and say he’s sorry .
    We already know he is !   IT IS OBVIOUS

  • Jamal Barr

    I find it ironic though that a great many people are demanding their monies back, when in actuality they would have profited from Mr Armstrong’s image for the time they used it.  So demanding funds back is rather hypocritical, especially since they would have gained enormous sums of money due to his image when they used it.

  • Fuchs XXXX

    Lance not a good guy.

    Tells who?

     Fat Booze Bob and Homo Stu from the Glenn Beck right winger propaganda show.

  • Elizabeth Bracy

    This wasn’t about Lance trying to redeem himself. Lance only has one person in mind, Lance, and he’s trying to spin it now like he’s a victim or something.

  • James Cartwright

  • Anonymous

    Lance’s attorney Mark Fabiani, was Clinton’s attorney during the Whitewater and Monica Lewinsky investigations. 
    Oprah and Obama are VERY good friends.  
    Lance gives Oprah a tell all interview.  
    The Federal Attorney’s office announced it isn’t filing charges against Lance.

  • Anonymous

    Lance’s attorney Mark Fabiani, was Clinton’s attorney during the Whitewater and Monica Lewinsky investigations. 
    Oprah and Obama are VERY good friends.  
    Lance gives Oprah a tell all interview.  
    The Federal Attorney’s office announced it isn’t filing charges against Lance.

  • Anonymous

    Armstrong should’ve said that his views on doping have
    “evolved” and then his future would be assured.

  • James Cartwright

    Lance’s attorney Mark Fabiani, was Clinton’s attorney during the Whitewater and Monica Lewinsky investigations.
    Oprah and Obama are VERY good friends.
    Lance gives Oprah a tell all interview.
    The Federal Attorney’s office announced it isn’t filing charges against Lance.


    Speaking of CONTROL I want to know why THE BLAZE is now censoring information that can only but help people in understanding what is going on in this country. If anyone personally knows Glenn Beck please ask him I am a subscriber, went to Restoring Honor and have always been respectful of every other person commenting and I get censored!

    I have been posting links to Agenda: Grinding America Down – Curtis
    Bower’s masterful documentary on who and what is driving this culture
    in a direction designed to destroy it.
    Give this movie 5 minutes and you won’t be able to walk away – its that good. I have seen it 12X to absorb all that is in it…

    Watch it. Share it. Arrange a showing in church, groups, clubs, with friends
    or family. Everyone who loves America needs to see this movie,

    It is free on line for the moment

    If America goes down, the free world will go down with it and it will be
    finished for a very, very long time…

    No Conspiracies. Just Facts.

    I saw this movie over a
    year ago from a church where less then 100 viewed it. Bower’s put it on full length for free and I believe if everyone who loves the
    America of our Founders had viewed it we would have had a different
    outcome in the last election. I have posted the link to Agenda wherever I
    could. I get people thanking me for it. If there is someone who is not
    up to speed this movie in 1 and half hours will get them there. I had
    watched Glenn on FOX and he covered a lot of this, but not as
    succinctly. Bowers connects all the dots for how Obama waltzed into the
    White House. I spend hours a day trying to make others aware of Agenda. I
    also don’t know why Glenn never had Curtis Bowers on his program to
    talk about it and promote it. He promoted 2016 and 2016 just scratches
    the surface of how big a threat Obama and the liberal progressive
    socialist/communists are.
    And SHAME ON BLAZE for censoring this!

  • Anonymous

    Glenn,  I wish I could say anything concerning this guy is news,  it isn’t!     I also wish I knew who Honey Booboo is so I could say report something about her instead.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder what incentive any of these guys have to come forward and tell the truth. They are demonized as cheaters. Then when they come forward and admit what they did they are demonized as liars, with everyone opining about whether or not they are really sorry enough, showing enough contrition, etc. I think most who took PEDs felt that they were simply meeting the competition. If it wasn’t so pervasive it would be a bigger deal. I think the bigger problem for Armstrong is the way he treated people. Armstrong did a lot for bicycling and has done a lot of good work for people fighting cancer. He’s paying the price for what he’s done, but what about all the others who did the same thing and didn’t get caught? The same goes for the baseball players who used but were never targeted like Clemens and Bonds. There’s something unfair about the whole scenario.

  • Anonymous

    The only thing Lance did that was wrong was lie about using steroids, testosterone, and blood transfusions. If he would of been upfront about taking those meds for hormone replacement therapy after having one or was it both I forget of his testies removed because of the testicular cancer then challenged the cycling communities governing body he would of won since the American With Disabilities Act would of protected him atleast in the USA and the sanctioning body would of been put on defense for discrimination.

  • Anonymous

    What is the obsession with sports “heros” on GBTV lately?  The Pat and Stu show has almost become like ESPN lately.

  • Anonymous

    I’m surprised that there is concern about whether or not Lance was sorry.  This is like the bogus “hate crime” complaint.  If someone commits a crime, why does it matter why they did it.  As for contrition, who cares?  He admitted he was guilty.  He would be no less guilty if he was sorry.  I hold Lance more responsible for the way he trashed his critics.  That was really his evil deed.  Then again, he also founded his Livestrong foundation which did a lot of good.

    My feeling is that Lance Armstrong did some bad and some good, but is no where near as bad as many other hypocrites (and politicians).

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