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Updated: Glenn continued to tweet updated about the ring Friday night:

Original Story:

In a stunning turn of events, just hours before departing on an exotic anniversary weekend, Tania Beck symbolically accidentally flushed her wedding ring down the toilet. She claims it was an “accident,” but Pat & Stu suspect there’s something else at play here. The theory is pretty convincing.

“What started out this anniversary weekend was I think interesting,” Pat said. “I think it was telling.  I think it was symbolic.  I think Tania sent a very, very strong signal when she took her wedding ring and flushed it down the toilet.”

Wait, was it intentional? Pat and Stu sure seemed to think so.

“There was a conversation yesterday in which Glenn said about himself  ‘I’ve got to get this eating under control’, and Tania responded ‘Yes we have to talk about that this weekend.’ When that happens you realize your wife is completely disgusted by you,” Stu said.

“Think about as a man.  You’re about to take your wife on a wonderful weekend and she sends you the strong signal ‘Hey, you fat dolt I am so disgusted by you’,” he continued, “‘I’m going to flush this wedding ring down the toilet.’  She did it.”

” I’ll just ask you the question.  You’ve seen Glenn.  You’ve heard what she said the day before. You made the judgment.  We are presenting fair and balanced information.  You decide.  We report.  You decide,” Stu said.

So is Tania sending Glenn a strong, crystal clear message that she is disgusted by Glenn’s rapidly expanding waist line?

“There 364 where that doesn’t seem like a message, it seems like a mistake. And then there’s one day it seems like a crysal clear message that couldn’t possibly be mistaken,” Stu said. “Your anniversary weekend.”

Glenn explained the situation on Twitter:

So was it a mistake? Or are Pat and Stu right that Tania is trying to send Glenn a message that it’s time to lose some pounds?