More-On Trivia: Atlanta vs. San Francisco

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More-On Trivia has been incredibly accurate throughout its lifespan, especially when you consider that the game appears to be a totally random attempt to highlight America’s current event ineptitude. Whether it’s right or wrong, it’s always entertaining. Today was no exception as the ever popular and apparently difficult “which direction does the sun rise…in your neighborhood?” question had participants scratching their heads. Who won? Well, Atlanta contestants stumbled throughout most of the game only to make a fourth quarter comeback. Still, it would have been too late except the final San Francisco participant hung up early in the quarter, forfeiting all points and giving Atlanta a late game victory! Will we see a repeat in the actual game?

  • Sam Fisher

    San Francisco the moron Capital of the world. 

    • Sandie

       I disagree, I think it is Washington DC, moron capital of the world.

      • Anonymous

        I live in the DC area and agree.  Our gov’t is no longer for the people.  I was born in SF and have been a 49ers fan a long time, but I can say I can’t stand what has become of the city.  Yuck!  Anyone with any ounce of sanity and/or conservatism is moving out of the state if possible… the rest are silenced as we are here in MD.  In any case, in 2014 the team will be moving south of the bay to the silicon valley because the city didn’t want to update the stadium.  Figures. 

    • John Wright

      I agree, judgement has come to this mighty land. We are giddy about football while America (Babylon) self destructs. San francisco and Washington DC leads the way. 

    • crazy betty

      yes, I am from sf and can testify.  bunch of crazy bastards and dumb asses over here.  I feel like the voice crying out in the wilderness.

      • Sam Fisher

        I feel sorry for you no wonder you call yourself crazy I would be to if I had to live there.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    The winner will be the team with the most points.

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  • Stanly Tedwick

    Pat Gray sucks at doing what his best friend used to be great at. Plus, his voice is really annoying. Tania flushes her ring down the toilet, tells Glenn he should hire Pat Gray…two of her worst moments. Besides that, and as long as she’s berating Glenn, she’s a fine person.

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