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The White House, clearly short on intellectual arguments to ban guns, is bringing out the kids to do their dirty work…again. First he used the kiddie-shields during the signing of his 23 executive actions. Now the White House has produced 4 of the letters from the children(‘s parents) into videos.

Here’s one example from third grade student Hinnah:

“Dear President Obama, my name is Hinna. I am a third grader in school number 8. I just wanted to tell you that  I feel really sad also.  I feel terrible for the parents who lost their children.  Mr. President, can we do something which will stop all of these terrible problems?” has the rest of the videos here.

Pat noticed how it’s almost humorous how similar the children in the video sound to the impersonation he did of one of the president’s prop-children.

Pat and Stu are far from alone in their disgust over the way this administration uses children as policy-shields from any kind of negative discourse or political challenge. TheBlaze’s Will Cain made his opinion well known on CNN this week as well.

I cannot find an ounce of appropriateness in this.  I find it despicable. I find it stomach churning. This is why: It’s part of a larger narrative, which President Obama actually explicitly stated yesterday. And it’s impugning the motives of anyone who disagrees with him. It’s draping yourself in the emotionalism of the debate.  Avoiding an intellectual debate. Avoiding the policy debate. 

“Will Cain just destroyed you, Mr. President,” Stu commented after hearing the audio clip.

So, what’s the moral of this lesson? If you ever have any Constitution-violating, freedom-restricting legislation to push through Congress…just make the kids do it.