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Live Action is one of the largest organizations in the country fighting for the right of life and ending abortion. The organization is a youth led movement, founded by Lila Rose at the age of 15. Lila is well-known for her bravery in exposing corruption and illegal activity at Planned Parenthood. Lila Rose, now 24 and a recent UCLA grad, joined Glenn on radio this morning.

Lila explained that at UCLA it was amazing to see the bias against human life, and how most of it came from the faculty and administration, not the students.

“The reality is young people, college students, when you give them the truth, that sets them free. They get excited to actually see the reality of the life in the room and that’s the last 40 years of Roe vs Wade that our country has changed, so many opinions have changed about the child in the womb. And then also, to recognize what abortion really is and what it does,” Lila explained. “It’s amazing how many people’s minds are changing and have changed and definitely will continue to change.”

“I’ve said since I can remember — long before we had the technology — if people could see the baby in the womb, if you had a window and you could see in, no one would say anything other than it’s a baby,” Glenn responded.

And now that there is technology like that. There is a “window into the womb”.

“I mean, even in the first trimester it’s amazing at just 10 weeks you can see the child with his little arms, legs, newly forming face,” Lila said. “It’s beautiful.”

“Do you have any concrete data that shows that people in their 20s and below are actually more pro life than the older generations?” Glenn asked.

“Yes, absolutely,” Lila answered. “The latest Gallup poll indicates that more people identify in that demographic as pro life than pro choice. And not just that demographic but others as well. It’s huge and it’s exciting because that’s were you told most intensely pro life graphics, and even Proceed Life’s Facebook, we’re at over 430,000 people.”

What’s even more impressive about the numbers Lila shared, is that of those 430k people, half are teens ages 13 to 17. That’s bigger than Planned Parenthood’s social media presence — an organization with a billion dollar budget.

For those that aren’t familiar with Live Action, they’re an organization that focuses on exposing the abortion industry through investigative journalism, undercover video, and visual media.

Lila’s investigative journalism has resulted in her picture being posted in every Planned Parenthood office in the country.

“My first undercover investigation as an 18‑year‑old at UCLA was in a Planned Parenthood posing as an underage girl and the clinic told me that even though I had an older boyfriend, they would give me a secret abortion and wouldn’t tell anyone,” Lila said. “And that’s just one clinic. We ended up going to dozens of clinics and we’ve documented this for years now. And this is just one aspect because when you allow the killing of the unborn child, these these businesses, these clinics are making a killing, making money off of the suffering of women. So they are not going to physical the regulations and the laws that may be in place. They are just going to do more abusive activity to fulfill their quotas, their abortion quotas, to make more money, to push their ideology.”

Despite the youth becoming more and more pro-life, the culture of death seems to be increasing all around the world. Glenn mentioned the rise of euthanasia, like the blind twins in Belgium that didn’t want to be blind and death, so they were euthanize. He also discussed the president’s abortion stance and his view on healthcare and the medical treatment we provide our elderly.

“We’re entering a time I don’t think we’ve seen since the 1930s with eugenics.  Would you agree with that?” Glenn asked.

“You’re absolutely right,” Lila answered. “I mean, what has happened is the population‑controllers, and I know you’ve talked a lot about this, Glenn, to expose it.  They are architects of the culture of death and they created a system where human life is not valued, from the child in the womb to the elderly person who can’t contribute anything to society supposedly as they see it, certain ethnic groups, certain people with disabilities, they are not valued and so they are dispensable, we can just get rid of them.  And that’s what’s happened in our country and that’s exactly what is going to ‑‑ that’s ‑‑ that leads to the breakdown of a civilization.”

“If you’re not protecting the weakest members of society, your society won’t stand,” Lila added. “And that’s what we’re doing. We’re killing our children. We’re killing our future. Over a fourth of our generation has been killed by abortion. And that’s just America.  It’s happening all over the world.”

One of the biggest battles Lila and Live Actio n face is simply getting the truth out. Organization like Planned Parenthood and leaders of the progressive movement do everything they can to erase the truth about abortion, Margaret Sanger and eugenics. And the pressure on Live Action is getting more intense.

“I mean, look at who’s in office, who was just reelected to a second term,” Lila said. “The most pro abortion president in U.S. history, who is up to the biggest chain abortion funding every year and it’s up to half a billion dollars now of taxpayer money, our money, goes to the killing of the unborn child.”

Despite the pressure, many continue to join the fight for life. And this Friday is the March for Life in Washington, D.C.

“They’ve had hundreds of thousands of people attend in the past,” Lila said, “and this is the 40th anniversary of Roe — of the horrible Supreme Court decision that took away the fundamental human rights for the child in the womb and so we’re expecting record numbers this year.”

“This is really a country‑altering decision for us,” Glenn told listeners. “Go to and find out more information on that and how you can participate.”

  • landofaahs

    We have given up our right to call ourselves human when we destroy the very future of what it is to be so.    ….God Help us. 

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    One night a man prayed unto the Lord: “Father why have we not found the cures for so many wrongs in our world?”

    He answered him: “For you have allowed the murder of the children who would have found those very cures for the wrongs.”

  • Anonymous

    That lying sack of sh(BLEEP) put his hands on two bibles?  It’s a wonder he wasn’t struck by lightning.  Why does anyone like Obunghole get so high up?  Sh(BLEEP)t floats, that’s why.

    • 2War Abn Vet

      If he was honest he’d have used a copy of Das Kapital and the Quran.

    • Anonymous

      Probably because he does this thingee called “winning elections”, you guys should try it!

      • Anonymous

        You mean stealing elections with massive voter fraud? No thanks.

        • Jaamoose

          Actually, you guys did try that (see Karl Rove) 

  • John Wright

    Judgement has come to this mighty land because of its lack of concern for protection of unwanted children – not only abortion of the unborn, but for children born damaged, children damaged by pedophiles and children born out of wedlock or abandoned by divorce.

    This proud, self-loved and entitled generation will not be instructed – because there are no convincing and heroic instructors.

    It is not surprising we cannot find cure for so many wrongs in our world when we won’t even protect our children! 

  • Melly

     A child in the womb has no rights, the rights belong to the parent.  Sure, let’s make thousands of mothers suffer with children they cannot afford to raise, or incapable of raising themselves, so you can sling around religious quotes like you actually believe them.

    • Anonymous

      Melly, you are an ignoramus. If your argument were to be true, that would mean that there is no such thing as child abuse. They’re my kids so I can do whatever I want to them then, right? I can beat them , starve them, even murder them? Here’s the truth that you abortion fanatics tend to overlook: there are thousands of loving couples who are unable to have children and would have their dreams come true to adopt a child from a “suffering, incapable” mother. I know. My husband and I spent thousands of dollars and hours in a fertility clinic to achieve that which others treat as a punishment. Or worse; as garbage. Children are a blessing directly from God and should be treated with love, reverence and respect. Get a clue, Melly.

    • Mark

        Melly if it were not for the the ramped divorce, ignoring child molesters, high taxes, a badly run welfare state, ignoring elderly people, all forms of Communism,  pushing the Holy Trinity(God) out of are life’s thing wouldn’t be so bad, and abortion wouldn’t be considered a option.  Abortion is the murder of a child how has a soul just like you Melly, I hope someone would give you the right to life that pro lifers want to give baby’s, you, and people old or young. Please think about it.

    • Stephen Musclow

      If a woman is unwilling or incapable of raising a child, why are they having recreational sex? Because with supporters like you keeping abortion legal, their actions don’t have consequences.

    • crazy betty

      hey melly, I’ve got an idea – keep your legs closed.  problem solved.

    • Anonymous

      Melly, if these women don’t want children or are incapable of raising them, then they need to shut their legs.  Sperm + egg = baby, it’s really quite simple.

  • Clayton Morales

    I’m so proud of Lila. I had the privilege of meeting her through a friend, and went to a couple live action meetings, when there were only a handful of people in it. I’m amazed at how much her and her team of grown! 

  • Frank Balcer

    One problem with abortion supporters is, the fact that they do not realize that if their mothers had abortions, they would not be alive today to tell everyone that it is ok.

    • Jaamoose

      Of course, if Beck listeners mother’s had abortions, the world would be a better place!

      • Frank Balcer

         You and I would not be here either if our mothers had abortions so shut up.
        every one has the right to live, It’s an unalienable right that’s given to us, read the constitution.

    • Mark

      Jaamoose what made you so bitter in your life?

  • Anonymous

    baby is one of god greatest creation.   when a woman has an abortion. it effects her
    the rest of her life. and when it is in the womb it is an innocent child being killed.
    god help us and those unborn baby’s. 

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