Libs trying to destroy yet another cheap energy source

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The Obama administration has clearly acted in a way that has caused gas prices to remain unusually high. Everything that comes along, environmentalists try to take it out. Fracking is a perfect example of that – there are no examples in existence where fracking actually has disturbed the water supply, yet somehow it’s being labeled as dangerous. Glenn interviews the ‘Fracknation’ documentary makers on radio today for more on how the left is destroying yet another domestic energy source. The documentary airs Tuesday on AXS TV at 9 p.m. EST.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Remember: “Of a necessity your energy costs will skyrocket under my plans.”

    Those were the words of Obama, and he has done all he can to ensure the crippling of our nations domestic energy production. Fracking is one means for the cheap generation and push to energy-independence for America.

    Hence Obama and the leftists have to crush it once and for all.

    They will use any and all means necessary to ensure it fails in the end if they are able to make it happen.

    • Draxx

      Yep Obummer has said that, “Under his policies Utility Cost Would Necessarily Skyrocket…!”  So that we can send the Elites More Excess Profits.

  • Soulphoenix

    It’s hard to think of a more counterproductive group of people in the history of the world than Obama and his inner circle. Most of their science is fairy tales, and their official statements are cheap novellas with little basis in reality. Basically, it’s all about control.

    There are smart and responsible ways to achieve energy independence, but they refuse to look at them, since it would be embarrassing to support anything they didn’t propose themselves.

    They’re like Napoleon Bonaparte … as a teenager. 

    • antithetical radical

      Or Napoleon Dynamite…

  • Sam Fisher

    What is else is new they feel that oil is evil unless they give them money for their crapy channel Al Gore. Like Obama hatred for Wall Street unless it is election. They hate this country the way it is an in order to nudge us to be more green is making gas to damn costly. More Marxism for the left.

    • Repugnatcant

      Take your meds and the voices in your head will stop. BTW- learn ya some spellin’ K?

      • Sam Fisher

        Maybe you should learn to look at reality instead of getting spoon feed propaganda from your lord and savior Obama.

  • Anonymous

    My son works on a fracking crew in West Texas. The wells they are drilling are one to one and a half miles deep, well below the water table.

    • antithetical radical

      Finally a fact gets into the conversation! Thank you for your contribution.

    • Repugnatcant

      And that gas percolates which way, down? I don’t think so. Percolating takes particulate with it as it moves UPWARD with the chemical soup that is left behind (only half is ever recovered). It does move into the water table dude but water is only part of the problem, air pollution from venting gas mixed with the other toxins into the open air is another part. Why do you defend these “dirty” practices when they can be done cleanly? Fracking can be done in a “CLEAN” manner. Quit defending the dirty way. 

      • Asa King

        The buoyancy of hydro carbons also carries natural things such as uranium. we didn’t add it and fracking fluid is actually quite safe, even to drink, but he high pressures create a hydraulic gradient upwards that carries bad things such as uranium or more like likely benzine, or both. both of these are bad to drink (duh). I actually like fracking its a hell of a lot cleaner than “clean coal” <—–(misnomer) but it isn't clean and it can be cleaner. also there isn't much toxins in the gas but peoples homes have exploded due to gas coming up from their basements.

  • Thomas Berger

    Thank You Glenn,
                                  I hope more people heard and watched this video clip.  Your words couldn’t have been truer.  Why do more people listen  the minority…..The Squeekie Wheel Always gets the Grease.                   

    • Repugnatcant

      I worked in the oil fields for over 20 years. Fracking in it’s present “dirty” form is unacceptable. It’s touted as “clean energy” but today production is NOT clean in any stretch of the imagination. Production can be much cleaner if people demand they clean it up, but sadly most seem to go along with the propaganda given out by the oil companies and LET them walk over us and ruining U.S. citizens lives. If it was cleaner few would object, plain and simple, WHY NOT?Why let them shit up OUR homes, your neighbors homes, just demand they clean it up and then continue production.

  • Anonymous

    this could all be mute pretty soon since one company has found a way to frack with propane, and i think some may have found a way with air pressure.

  • Anonymous

    How can it not effect the earth? soil, water and subterrain ecology when you forcing thousands of gallons of water loaded with chemicals..  WE have no idea what the long term effect will be.

    • antithetical radical

      Geologists do know – it’s the eco mythologists that don’t. Over-simplifying this technical subject is easy,  but actually being able to understand it isn’t.

      Do you think that there are pools of fluids in open voids in the subterranean rock strata too? 

      Try doing some research outside of the liberal eco-babblers websites. You might learn something. 

      • Anonymous

        So hostile….

        Geologist don’t “know” for sure and there is still a lot of debate in the science community about the long term effects it can cause, and where the short term benefits are worth it. You are pumping known carcinogens into the earth to extract the gas, sure in theory the cracks occur thousand feet or so below where wells and aquifers lie. the risk of contamination is unlikely or though it is said to have about risk as off shore drilling and we all know when accidents happen and the devastation that it causes the ecology and the communities near by. Do the risks warrant the reward, i’m not sure.

        The other thing that I would think people should be concerned with outside of the ecological aspects, is the governmental and private land grabs if your own land that could be a profitable mineral site that companies want to go after, look at what happen with the Chesapeake Energy Corp. in Texas.

        So yes, I have done research, I looked at multiple sources.

        • antithetical radical

          No hostility on my part. Don’t take this personally, but I see a lot of critics of this process who only know what some environmentalist group has told them, and their motives (the environmentalists) are well known so I am skeptical of any information that comes from them since their agenda to stop well fracturing is well established.

          Well fracturing has been done since 1947, and has released mineral resources for use from rock strata. The facts that are ignored by the environmental groups are these –

          1. Every well has a concrete casing running from the well head to the bottom of the hole. The casing is not permeable.

          2. During the drilling of the well, wireline and well logging companies use seismic and other instruments to map the hole and they do know at what specific depths the various rock strata are located at, and every strata layer is and has been identified for many years.

          3. Well casings have to be perforated at the specific oil or gas containing depths by explosives designed specifically to make holes in the casing at those depths and nowhere else. The depths at which this process occurs are well below the water bearing strata, or aquifers as they are more properly known. There is no direct path by which the water can be contaminated with any fracturing fluids. Beliefs to the contrary are mythology promoted by environmental activists for purposes of furthering their agenda and are not supported by the known scientific facts.

          4. The fracturing is done by pressurizing the well after perforation, and the composition of the fluid used is a decision made by use of geology professionals.

          To summarize, Fracturing has been made out to be much more dangerous than it actually is by people who have an agenda to stop all use of fossil fuels. There is no truth in the environmentalist movement’s continued campaign to stop this practice.

          How do I know this? I grew up in Oklahoma, Texas, and Kansas, and have known many people from that part of the country who were the people who do the actual work of producing petroleum products and who work for the companies that developed the techniques of well logging and wireline services that I described above. I have been around and been interested in the science of well drilling and developing for a good part of my life. I had the opportunity to ask these people at length about these processes, how they are done, why they are done, and what happens as a result of them. I have had a lot more exposure to this technology than most people, which is why I am here to tell you and anyone else that is reading this that the environmentalists do not know what they are talking about when they make outrageous statements about this subject for the singular purpose of pursuing their agenda. I have no agenda, just facts and knowledge garnered by my life experience.

          I have never seen tap water that burns when ignited, no pools of flammable seepage, no evidence of cancer caused by well fracturing fluids, and I have never known of a single person who has contracted any disease by drinking the water in Oklahoma, Texas or Kansas. Not one case that can be attributed to fracturing fluids has ever been proven, and the only people promoting those ideas are environmentalists who want to see an end to petroleum and are not above lying and cheating and using cheap parlor tricks to accomplish that goal.

          No hostility in my presenting of fact, but the facts themselves are not friendly toward the people who lie about this subject. Sorry, I can’t help that liars do not like to have their lies exposed.

          • Anonymous

            I wouldn’t use Oklahoma or texas as an example of good drinking water, those state have some of the worst “cancer cluster” every documented, that is linked to industry and petroleum production.

            My concern is also about drilling rights and judging what happen in Texas with land grabs, maybe that concern should be greater than the environmental, which I think is still greater than the reward.

            After reading what the brazilian government did to the Kayapo tried to create hydro electric power station, what happens to land owners in the US who might have gas rich lands.

          • antithetical radical

            Grew up there, no cancer in my entire family. Where are you getting your evidence? (I noticed you presented NONE.)

            Apples and Oranges – this isn’t Brazil, and much of the stories about land grabs are just that – stories. Anyone who leases mineral rights to developers without consulting an attorney is not very smart. Never get into any real estate transaction without consulting an expert.

            Sorry, Winston, but you are not backing up anything, just repeating stuff you hear somewhere from some source really isn’t very compelling and since I know the area my experience differs from your hypothetical case.

            Cancer Clusters occur more often in areas like Love Canal – the industrialized Northeast where chemical dumps are, mainly industrial solvents containing benzine compounds and other carcinogenics that are very concentrated.

            Please try to provide some evidence before you make claims that just don’t parallel others real world experience.

          • Anonymous

            If you grew up in OK you should be aware of the issue in Norman OK and their high levels of Chromium in the water, OK also has one of the highest rates of Bladder cancer, I have family that live in OK also. I’m not saying this is from fracking, but it is from as you said large industrial facilities dumping, and this dumping happens all the time becasue

            I think alot of the concern comes from the EPA progress report which was released last month It doesn’t contain any information on water contamination, even though congress asked them to study it. hmmmm

            Here are some of the things I’ve read that spark concerns for me





            About the Land grab, why dismiss it, we did it for rail road, highways and other development.


          • antithetical radical

            If you aren’t saying it is from fracking, then why are you mentioning it? To this point you have been on an anti-fracking rant, so why introduce a non-fracking source? That is intellectually dishonest behavior.

            As to the EPA, they do a lot of studies, and they have an agenda. They report things with that agenda in mind and I wouldn’t put it past them to skew the report to suit their agenda, especially since they also are the agency charged with fining and filing suits that cause the fines to be levied. They are currently in the business of enacting the carbon credits bullcrap that Obama couldn’t get through the failed cap and trade scam.

            No, I don’t think you really know what you are talking about.

            Land grabs are not possible for the reasons you are suggesting – petroleum development is done on lease basis and they never own the land, they lease the rights to the land and the minerals. Sorry, but the oil business just doesn’t work like it did in 1900.

            You are comparing legitimate leasing with condemning a right of way under imminent domain. It does not wash – they are not in any way the same.

      • Repugnatcant

        Watch “Gasland” for the truth wake up America the oil companies don’t care two shits about you. This fracking can be done in a clean manner but it is not, instead it pollute the air and the water we have to drink, why? GREED and people like you letting it happen, stand up to big oil and tell them to clean up there operations then we won’t have any problems with it! DUH.

        • antithetical radical

          That isn’t truth – the propaganda content of that “movie” is well recognized. I see your claims but no documented proof. That is where your argument falls apart – never any kind of independent verification for your claims.

  • James Hubbs

    If you shut down oil, gas, and coal powered electricity what energy source do you have to replace it with that can be installed in everyones’s home in every city  right away? Answer there isn’t one so does the Government have a plan to deal with over 300 million freezing or starving people? Answer no ! How are people that still have a job get to work if there is no gas and if they got to work how could they work with no new energy source to light or power their offices, their shops their restaurants etc? What about schools? can they teach anyone in the dark? gurantee safety? the answer to all of those is that they don’t have squat to replace it with only closed down energy sources which will lead to starvation, massive unemployment no hospitals, no police except the military and how long will they put up with that.

    • Lisa Longo

       No one suggested shutting down everything in a day. We would need a strategic plan over a period of 10 years to retool our grid, and we have to start with a plan to have a reduction in the consumption of fossil fuels.

      No one has ever suggested we don’t need any fossil fuels, but to suggest we do need them is an absolute fallacy. Let’s start with our schools, if we start to retool to passive solar, PV solar and wind, we can create jobs, cut costs, balance budgets, cut deficits and create revenue for our schools. How could anyone be against that?

      And as I said in my other comment, what is patriotic or fiscally responsible about selling our diminishing national resources overseas? How does that lead to energy independence? Why is PA building two pipelines to an export facility in Maryland?

      And since conservatives are so against entitlements, why are we gifting $40 billion to the oil & gas industry when they are making trillions?

      The big lie is that natural gas is necessary, “clean” or “safe”, if it is why does it need to be exempt from the Clean Air, Clean Water and Safe Drinking Water Acts?

      Why are most gun & fish clubs speaking out against fracking? Hardly hotbeds of liberalism, most outdoor sport enthusiasts are strongly opposed to fracking.

      • antithetical radical

        “How could anyone be against that?”


        How many billions of tax dollars have been wasted on scam green tech companies by this administration? You liberals are good at picking the treasury’s pockets to chase impractical and unworkable substitutes for the proven technologies that built our world.

        Have you ever seen what a Chinese industrial park looks like? News flash: we are not the ones who need to clean up our act – the Chinese, Indians, and other third world nations have much worse pollution records than the U.S. does. 

        “Why are most gun & fish clubs speaking out against fracking? ”

        This is the first I have heard of that. Cite your source of that information – if you can. 

        I think you are making that up, or simply repeating some talking points supplied to you by the boss at Media Matters, HuffPo or elsewhere from whence you came.

        • Anonymous

          You now that most of the green companies are doing fine. there is a small number of green comanies that didn’t make but that happens in any industry.

          • antithetical radical

            Billions of dollars have been wasted on green companies – money that belongs to the people of the United States, not BO or the government. Money has been poured out by dumptruck loads on these companies, many of them were and continue to be political campaign contributors . It is well known that these companies were contributors to BHO in his first campaign, and the funding they received to chase these failed pipe dreams was payoff for those contributions. There has been billions of dollars of our money wasted by these companies, many of them went bankrupt in less than a year. Did the CEO’s and other officers of those companies make money? Without a doubt they did, but were they held accountable for their company’s failures?

            I think we all know the answer to that. In case you missed something, the answer is that no one was held accountable for this multi-billion dollar loss of our financial resources, resources which could have been put to use in proven and practical investments.

            Are you going to deny that too?

          • Anonymous

            the below companies are just Solar companies there are more

            Aora Solar
            AREVA Solar, formerly Ausra
            BrightSource Energy/ Luz II
            Infinia Corporation
            Novatec Solar
            Samca Renovables
            Sener Ingenieria y Sistemas
            Solar Euromed
            Solar Millennium (Bankruptcy)
            Solel Bought by Siemens
            Stirling Energy Systems
            Suntrough Energy
            Torresol Energy
            Wizard Power

          • antithetical radical

            So what? Solar isn’t the issue here. Just what percentage of the total power consumed in the US is produced by these companies? What is the unit cost of production of that power compared to conventional means?

            Your turn to answer questions, sparky.

  • Anonymous

    Look into what has happened in Pavillion, Wyoming.  I live in Wyoming and yes fracking is frightening when it is close to a water source.  In a dry state like this yes it makes a difference. Do I want all drilling to stop? No way.  Just do it responsibly.

  • Lisa Longo

    I have to wonder, if fracking is so safe, why does it need exemptions from the Clean Water, Clean Air and Safe Drinking Water Acts?

    While you are explaining that, can you also explain how it is patriotic to export our diminishing national resources? Why is PA building not one but two pipelines to an export facility in Maryland? How is it fiscally responsible to give $40 billion in tax entitlements to oil & gas industry when they make trillions?

    I’d love to hear answers to these simple questions.

    And if you and your guest really think it is so safe & clean, I invite you both to actually live in one of the houses in Dimock where the families “claim” their water is now contaminated. Bring your wife and children, pets and whoever else you want. And live there for 1 year, allow us to film you drinking the water and giving to your children,  8 glasses a day, take showers and cook, use the water to brush your teeth.

    I challenge you and your guest. Put your kids where your rhetoric is.

    • antithetical radical

      Prove your case, if you have one. All I see is a bunch of unfounded and undocumented claims from you. 

      Ever live in an area where wells are? Do you know what it takes to produce the gasoline you put in your car? Have you stopped using all forms of petroleum products? 

      Put your money where your mouth is.

      • Repugnatcant

        I worked in the oil fields for over 20 years. Fracking in it’s present “dirty” form is unacceptable. It’s touted as “clean energy” but today production is NOT clean in any stretch of the imagination. Production can be much cleaner if people demand they clean it up, but sadly most seem to go along with the propaganda given out by the oil companies and LET them walk over us and ruining U.S. citizens lives. If it was cleaner few would object, plain and simple, WHY NOT?
        Why let them shit up OUR homes, your neighbors homes, just demand they clean it up and then continue production.

        • antithetical radical

          Proof is what you need to present, not diatribe.

  • Lisa Longo

    Here is some info in rebuttal, to be fair & balanced, you really need to see both sides,

    • Repugnatcant

      Watch “Gasland” for the truth wake up America the oil companies don’t care two shits about you. This fracking can be done in a clean manner but it is not, instead it pollute the air and the water we have to drink, why? GREED and people like you letting it happen, stand up to big oil and tell them to clean up there operations then we won’t have any problems with it! DUH.

  • Jenny Lsk

    Fossil fuels are finite, why postpone the inevitable?  So what’s the plan for 2030 when the gas is gone, and the water is polluted? We could  have lots of clean jobs now building the infrastructure for a secure and healthy tomorrow.  The European Union has deemed fracking too risky after a lengthy and exhaustive study. Other recent studies have confirmed the high percentage of greenhouse gas (CH4) emissions from gas production.

  • landofaahs

    Liberals think that America is too rich.  They see poor countries around the world and believe we should be the same…well, except for themselves…they’re special you know. 

    • Repugnatcant

      Proof you are an idiot….stone cold idiot.

      • landofaahs

        You have an extra y chromosome. You better seek help.

  • Larry Viles

    A coworker told me about his washing maching catching on fire from gas in the water- in 1979.

    • antithetical radical

      Larry, maybe he should not have put gasoline in the laundry.

  • Anonymous

    yet domestic energy production is up…

  • Frederick

    Notice how the discussion never touches on the radioactivity of the shale nor the disposal of the waste water and drilling tailings. No mention of how millions of gallons were run through sewage treatment plants then dumped into rivers above city water supplies which (wait for it)
    became polluted. No mention about the discharge of methane and VOC’s to the air increasing as the result of extraction of natural gas. I heard Glenn say “I’m not so sure about that” on TV when his cohorts spewed the industry lie that no well has ever been impacted. Stay with your instincts Glenn. Find the truth !

  • Anonymous

    OK GB nation–you have to do your own research; never ever rely on GB as a science source. He is only promoting another movie; a movie to counter the sensationalization of movies like Gasland. The Marcellus Shale deposits will be fully exploited; there is no credible force in PA politics that will stop it; the grassroots opposition while well organized, lacks the critical mass to have an impact. Shoddy well drilling; sloppy waste water handling practices; thin margin gas field exploration and well development  companies have caused problems. The PADEP is better informed and involved in the regulatory process now and have issued some substantial proposed penalties to those who violated or caused pollution incidents. These actions will keep the developers in line. But mistakes will continue to be made; accidents will continue to happen as they always have in the development of fossil fuels. Penalties and loss of permits will occur.But this resource will be fully developed.

  • David Wojciechowski

    I watched the movie. Man did it open my eyes on what is happening around country. I wanted to THANK THEM FOR THE MOVIE Great job.

    • Repugnatcant

      Watch “Gasland” for the truth wake up America the oil companies don’t care two shits about you. This fracking can be done in a clean manner but it is not, instead it pollute the air and the water we have to drink, why? GREED and people like you letting it happen, stand up to big oil and tell them to clean up there operations then we won’t have any problems with it! DUH.

  • landofaahs

    How about rickshaws powered by liberals? LOL

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