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Since the start of the New Year, Glenn has refrained from talking about the President as much as possible. But with every news outlet on the planet talking about Inauguration Day, Glenn could not totally escape the coverage of ‘that guy’.

“Now, yesterday the President gave his inauguration speech, and I’m proud to say I saw the highlights of it and that was only with a gun to my head,” Glenn said to open the radio show this morning. “That was somebody saying, ‘You have to watch this, or I pull the trigger.’ And so I watched a little bit of it – as much as I could stand.”

The President seemed to spend a lot of time talking about how it is time to act on all of the progressive policies he couldn’t enact during his first term (for fear of retribution) because he has a lot more latitude now.

“It’s time for a lot of stuff,” Pat said. “Immigration and amnesty. It’s time for climate change.”

“You know what it’s time for,” Glenn continued. “Job creation and spending cuts.”

“No, not time for that,” Pat joked.

After all, social issues and environmental policies are far more important than, say, the unemployment rate and the fact that 88 million Americans are out of work.

“He’s got some schools to build, which I thought we were doing last time. He’s got railroads to build, which I thought we were doing last time. He’s got some teachers to hire, which I thought we were going to do last time. And hire some cops, which I thought we were doing last time,” Glenn said.

Despite the nature of the ideological diatribe the President gave, his friends in the media were more than happy to instantly declare the speech inspirational or, in the case of Chris Matthews, “Licoln-esque.”

When you compare Lincoln’s inaugural address to this president’s, the similarities become abundantly clear:

“They both gave their inaugural address in English,” Glenn quipped.

Over at CNN, correspondent Jim Acosta had a “thrill going up my leg moment” when he giddily reported:

KOSTA: Obviously this is the moment that everybody is waiting for on Inauguration Day, when the President and the First Lady step out of their limo and walk down Pennsylvania avenue. I feel like I should pinch myself.

“I think I should pinch myself,” Glenn asked in disgust. “Are you not a grown man and a journalist?”

Meanwhile, Al Roker squealed like a teenage girl while trying to get Vice President Joe Biden’s attention on the parade route, and politicians fawned over celebrities like Beyonce and Kelly Clarkson.

The press also spent a lot of time referencing the respectable (but not nearly as impressive as 2009) 800,000 person crowd that has assembled in Washington D.C.

“I’ve never felt this way about [the President’s] crowds. This is the first time I’ve ever seen the crowds and thought, this is the USSR. This is the way it happens in North Korea,” Glenn said. “I expected them all of a sudden to make patterns spelling out of his name.”

Stu insisted that it wasn’t so much the pomp and pageantry, but the message that was conveyed by the President in his speech that should be most alarming. Glenn still took issue with the television production of the event.

“It was just the way it was shot,” Glenn said. “It looked weird. It didn’t look – it didn’t look American.”

Ultimately, Glenn, Pat, and Stu managed to watch very little of the day’s events.

“[Inauguration coverage] came on the TV after the news. I had to run to the other side of the room, and get the stupid remote, and change it,” Stu said. “I just pressed the button and it landed on another local news channel that was covering it. It was torture. I just wanted it to end.”

Glenn, on the other hand, took a slightly different approach.

“That’s why I have a gun,” Glenn said. “I shot my TVs out.”