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Wednesday night, Glenn will dedicate a show to debunking conspiracy theories about the Sandy Hook shootings. But why is it important to turn away from conspiracy theories? For decades, people have concocted theories about the moon landing being fake. But as S.G. Collins, the writer and director of Postwar Media based in Amsterdam, said in a Youtube video, these conspiracies distract people from real issues that are going on in the country.

Collins said, “The urge to believe drives people to trade in part of their soul in exchange for the comfort of being a rebel. Okay. But that step from knowing you’ve been lied to believing that everything else is a lie is a big step. Once you’re forced to hypothesize whole new technologies to keep your cosnpiracy possible then you’ve stepped into the realm of magic. It demands a deep and abiding faith in things you can never know. It’s like you need to cling to your belief system all of your might against the overwhelming evidence of your own rationale mind. And some people do. What’s dangerous about that is it blinds you to the real conspiracies that the authorities are perpetrating on you right now now as we speak. Things that are more important than whether some guy has gone to the moon. I’m not America, but if I were I’d much rather have you talk about Apollo 11 and not questioning the Patriot Act, the Iraq war, and the financial industry bailout, and the right to indefinite military detention without charge. Those things are real.”

Now, while Glenn will admit that it sounds like Collins is likely a liberal who has issues with the policies for being “Bush-era” politics, he makes he does make some good points.

Conspiracy theories often distract people from the real issues that are going on in the world. Not long ago, MSNBC spent a lot of time running stories about Barack Obama’s birth certificate. Why? Because it distracted from people have substantive conversations about how bad his policies were. With Sandy Hook, the conspiracy theories that consume people’s minds prevents them from seeing how the progressives are using this to their advantage to push an anti-gun agenda.

“You know it’s a conspiracy. Never even happened. Then I’m debating whether or not it even happened and I’m not debating the gun control,” Glenn said.

Watch Collin’s video below. Warning for some strong language: