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It was only a few weeks ago that tragedy struck Newtown, CT, but in the wake of the mass shootings stories of courage and inspiration have emerged. On his show tonight, Glenn profiled some of the people who lived through the shooting and the remarkable stories of heroism that have emerged.

Shari Burton, an assistant teacher, saved a number of students in the second grade. She told the story of the janitor at Sandy Hook elementary, Rick Thorne, who stayed in the hallway during the shootings and made sure people stayed in the classrooms and that teachers had the door locked. He checked the doors in the school hallway to make sure they were secured.

“We’re his family,” Shari said getting choked up.

One of the staff members at Sandy Hook took up a collection for Rick Thorne and his family and gave him a gift certificate he could use for books for his three daughters in college.

Burton has also helped organize the Sandy Hook Angel Project, which gives out green and white ribbons as a gesture of healing and remembrance. The donations received for the ribbons are being given to the Sandy Hook PTA fund.

At the end of the show, Glenn gave a $1,000 donation to the Sandy Hook Angel Project and asked Shari Burton to please make sure that an additional $5,000 personal donation made it to janitor Rick Thorne to honor what he did the day of the shooting.

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Additional stories of inspiration and courage came from guests Jeremy Parker, Pete and Heather Barresi, Kelly Burton, and Krista Halstead. Watch their stories in the video below: