Courage and Inspiration: Newtown, CT overcomes tragedy in the wake of tragic shooting

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It was only a few weeks ago that tragedy struck Newtown, CT, but in the wake of the mass shootings stories of courage and inspiration have emerged. On his show tonight, Glenn profiled some of the people who lived through the shooting and the remarkable stories of heroism that have emerged.

Shari Burton, an assistant teacher, saved a number of students in the second grade. She told the story of the janitor at Sandy Hook elementary, Rick Thorne, who stayed in the hallway during the shootings and made sure people stayed in the classrooms and that teachers had the door locked. He checked the doors in the school hallway to make sure they were secured.

“We’re his family,” Shari said getting choked up.

One of the staff members at Sandy Hook took up a collection for Rick Thorne and his family and gave him a gift certificate he could use for books for his three daughters in college.

Burton has also helped organize the Sandy Hook Angel Project, which gives out green and white ribbons as a gesture of healing and remembrance. The donations received for the ribbons are being given to the Sandy Hook PTA fund.

At the end of the show, Glenn gave a $1,000 donation to the Sandy Hook Angel Project and asked Shari Burton to please make sure that an additional $5,000 personal donation made it to janitor Rick Thorne to honor what he did the day of the shooting.

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Additional stories of inspiration and courage came from guests Jeremy Parker, Pete and Heather Barresi, Kelly Burton, and Krista Halstead. Watch their stories in the video below:

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  • Chris Holly

    (video) we will stand and fight to save the “American Dream”

  • Elaine Lopez

    Thank you for yesterday’s and today’s segments, Glenn.  A broken heart, no matter what the cause, is still a broken heart.  Here, we all connect.

    We draw comfort in the knowledge that He came for the broken clay vessels, buying up the whole potter’s field of shattered pieces, like you and me.  We’ve been bought and paid for, by Him, the One remaining constant.  He wins this war between Good and Evil for us, and He’ll do it His Way, not with guns, but with our hearts, because it is here, at the Heart, we all connect.  Thank you for going where He leads you.

  • 1oneAmerican

    Thank you so much for these segments.  I must admit, because I do not believe mainstreet media, I have become such a skeptic. I was hoping that you would do something to clarify all this for me.   I have to tell you I am not a proponet of guns in schools, but I do see it as the only way we can protect our children.  Because if it is good enough for our elected officials including their press to have armed guards at the door it is what is needed for the citizens. To disarm us completely is not only foolish, but criminal.     

  • Sam Fisher

    Anyone that lives their help the families that went through this first hand any way you can. We need to be there for them in their time of lose as a light in darkness. Glenn I don’t care what people say about you are a good man for helping that janitor out. He is a hero and deserves to be praised for his actions that day as the others on that day but their necks on the line to save the children. Praise God that he put them there in that time and place to save those they could for it was not for these people more would have died that day.

  • landofaahs

    DI FI….The Nazi B—- who wants your guns is writing a new book called “Fein Kampf”.

  • Anonymous

    The whole “Gun Control” charade playing out in congress is a diversion. Even Feinstein knows her BAN is candy for the news fools, also know as
     the lame stream media. I have the weapons right down to the Bowie Knife.My fear is ammunition for my long guns being taxed out of reason.
    My shotguns are now all getting used to cutshot bird loads. Very effective out to 50 yards.
    Until we admit Washington D.C. is the PROBLEM  and nothing close to the solution we are doomed to decline. I only hope we only get as bad as Greece and not Afganastsin.

  • AM123

    Here’s one of the things that make you go “hmmmmm” regarding
    the official Sandy Hook story:

    Here you have State Police Lt. J Paul Vance stating that all
    26 victims in Newtown were shot with an assault rifle:

    And get this. Straining his credibility, he amazing says:

    “It’s all these conspiracy theorists that are trying to
    mucky up the waters,”

    Really, the conspiracy theorists are mucking up the water?
    He is claiming all 26 victims were shot with an assault rifle and here is ABC,
    CBS, and NBC all claiming NO ASSAULT RIFLE was used:


    And Glenn Beck belittles those who question the “official
    story”? Hmmmmm.


  • Dawn Lynge

    I really wish that the powers that be would come up with solutions instead of creating more problems. We have many troops coming home. They do not have jobs (or very difficult in finding on) They are trained with weapons, they are trained for “Scene size-up”, they are trained as to when to react-when not to, they are trained to know their terrain, to prepare exits, strategies, to read body language, when to shoot when not to shoot, heck they have actually shot a weapon. OK where am I going with this, well one more point, remember the shooting at the Empire State Building in New York City where 8 innocents shot dead, well, the Perpetrator of a crime shot his intentioned then when the police followed him and started shooting he shot himself, Ballistics showed that all 8 innocent victims were shot by the NYPD. So,,,I know that many schools have had police officers already and a fine job they have done, but truthfully for my children in school I would rather a Military man, who is seasoned, who the children will look up to and respect and listen to, who will give the proper drills for that particular school (complex). The Columbine shooting, they had fire drills, and where did the teacher send the kids,,,??,,,into the library surrounded by glass walls,,???, so, yes, they were in a fish bowl, and mowed down,,so what does that teach us, well need I state the obvious ? Police officers have a tough enough job, they are needed where they are trained to be (they also do not get enough respect-but soldiers do!). SO, I propose that we get either retired military that have been cleared of PTSD, that have a love of children get these positions. Our military has built schools, hospitals, roads in other Countries, have rescued children and animals in other Countries, let them rescue OUR kids. Thanks for reading.

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