Delay, control, and interrogate: Hillary Clinton testifies on Benghazi

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It’s been four months since the 9/11 attacks in Libya that killed four Americans, including an Ambassador. Holding the hearings prior to the elections was viewed as too much of a “distraction”, so Congress waiting. Then she was traveling, so Congress had to wait. Then Hillary had health problems, and again, Congress waited.

How long has Hillary Clinton known she was going to have to testify?

“Do you think she knew she’d be asked WHY Americans were misled about WHAT occurred leading up to the storming of the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi?” Glenn asked. “Remember, there are two questions. ‘What happened?’, but the more important question is ‘Why?’ Why did this happen?”

It’s a fair assumption that Hillary not only knew what questions to expect — the GOP had been asking them on national news outlets for months — but, she was also thoroughly coached on her responses.

By the time Secretary of State Clinton took to the stand yesterday, she knew the tone, the emotions, and the words that she needed to express them in to shut down opposition and give the press their headlines.

“And so when the time came to perform, she did,” Glenn said.

“No, you need to find out why, Madam Secretary,” Glenn jabbed after quoting her emotional response yesterday.

Everything from Hillary Clinton’s mannerisms to her glasses seemed planned and rehearsed. It’s all about image with the mainstream media. Does she still look sick? Smart? Frail? Does she seem defensive and angry or poised and collected?

“Yesterday I told you when I just saw a little bit of the hearings that she had been coached by some very good handlers.  But I think these handlers are even better than I thought.  I think she’s been coached by somebody in the intelligence community,” Glenn told listeners.

Glenn explained that counterintelligence interrogator techniques are specific. There’s a specific chapter that discusses how to spot and react to a source that is trying to deceive you. Essentially, if someone is trying to deceive you, how do you spot them: Delay, control, and interrogate.

“This is what the State Department and the military do for a living,” Glenn said. “If you are a counterintelligence interrogator, you’ll know clever sources will attempt to delay, control, and then interrogate the interrogator. You can never let them get the upper hand or they will win. Delay.”

Control: “A clever source will control the topic by asking other questions and redirecting,” Glenn continued. “Pretty soon the sources directing the interrogation are not the interrogator. This puts both the source in control and also delays.”

And interrogate. The source fires back with a accusation to gain more control. Glenn gave the example from Senator Marco Rubio’s questioning yesterday when he asked, “What have you done to ensure security at Benghazi before the attack?” Her answer was delayed and vague: “I’ll have to get that information to you later, Senator.”

Sen. Ron Johnson’s questioning made headlines yesterday after he drilled Hillary on how the American people were misled to believe the attacks occurred as a reaction to an offensive video on YouTube.

“She immediately responds emotionally and with a flurry of questions. She’s trying to take the control and the initiative away from Sen. Johnson”, Glenn explained. “And her big question was, and probably the most rehearsed part of it, the question was probably deliberately designed to redirect and gain control.”

“Was it because of a protest or was it because of guys out for a walk one night who decided they would go kill some Americans?”

She completely avoids the subject at hand, that the American people were lied to. She doesn’t even go there. Now the question, is ‘does that even matter now? What difference does that make?

“She changes the original question with one of her own,” Glenn points out. “She changes the question to:  Why did the militants do this?  I don’t know.  That wasn’t the question.  But she has ‑‑ she has come and with outrage, she has come with tears, and she has turned it around on the interrogator.  And then she changes the question.  By the end you don’t know what he said.  He’s the bad guy.”

There were at least one or two highlights to come out of yesterday’s hearing. Senator Rand Paul grill the Secretary of State on the lack of accountability and leadership in the department, and he let her know exactly what he would have done after hearing the details of how the State Department handled the situation. He would have fired her.

A representative from Texas even asked the number one question — the question that defines why this event could even take place. Why was the ambassador in Benghazi and not at the embassy, under protection, in the first place? Why was he there — alone — on September 11th?

But time had run out. They moved right passed it.

Delay, control, and interrogate. Clinton did this time and time again yesterday. Clinton won.

“She was coached to deceive,” Glenn said. “I bet my life on it. Too bad the senators and congressmen weren’t coached to catch her deception.”

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    This fraud of a testimony by Hillary was a complete whitewash over the truth. She lied and denied and vilified her accusers while not offering up one instant of hard and honest facts – which most of us expected anyhow.

    Four men died in Benghazi – Obama and Hillary lied and denied, distorted and distracted and fabricated tall tales by the hour to conform with their ‘insane reality.’

    Obama has no humanity in his being, neither does Hillary.

    • JoAnn

       The surprise is that she showed up at ALL.  The way she was tap-dancing and stalling, I thought she was waiting for the Great Eared One to claim “executive privilege” and tell Congress to take a flying you-know-what at the MOON — you know, like he did with Holder and Fast and Furious.

      • antithetical radical

        Absolutely – she did everything possible along with the help of her Democrat cronies in both Senate and House. Every Democrat on both committees divided their time between thanking her for her service and blaming the Republicans for not funding her. Not one of them asked a real question, not one, and that is unforgivable. The Republican members asked a few questions that were pointed and she dodged them all by running out of time or outrages like the What does it matter comment. Some one should have stopped her and demanded she answer the question when she did that garbage. Nobody did. I don’t believe that they really wanted any answers. If this was serious, she should be up on charges for lying to Congress, and for contempt of Congress. It won’t happen though, they don’t really want any justice, or answers. 

        Way to go Congress – you have exceeded our expectations for a new low in performance. Why should we the people care anymore? It’s time for us to delete the incumbencies next election cycle. The people we have there now are simply unworthy of our trust.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Aside from the arms smuggling to the terrorists in Libya and Syria, how many other crimes of treason has Obama covered up? How much more corruption waits to be brought into the light of day to bring them all down?

    • americanathlete

       I guess we’ll just have to stay tuned and see. This is like a really bad soap-opera. Keep your popcorn handy.

    • JoAnn

       Good luck getting it TO the light of day, between the WORTHLESS, complicit media and the GOPs in Congress content to lob softball questions and back off the minute Madame High-horse Liberal sheds a tear or throws a hissy fit.

    • Anonymous

       How many other crimes?? How about running guns into Mexico in the Fast & Furious scandal that resulted in the murder of Brian Terry and hundreds of Mexicans that Eric Holder is STILL stonewalling on going on two years? How about the failed mock kidnapping of ambassador Stevens that was to result in an exchange for the Blind Shiek that would make Obummer the hero in an “October Surprise” and quarantee his election but blew up when the SEALs refused to stand down and the reason why Stevens wasn’t at the embassy.

       The even bigger question here is WHY are they being ALLOWED to get away with murder, treason, lying and withholding information? I wasn’t aware that politicians were exempt from ALL laws, however, the Clinton’s are old pros at getting away with murder in their administration which is why in stating “who cares” the queen of corruption & lying showed who she really is–these people don’t care. Here is a woman that has spent most of her life covering up for two weak men with huge egos in the most powerful position in America. She performed well yesterday–at ALL costs Obummer was to be covered for (wouldn’t do for the first black president to be impeached) in exchange for the Dems paying off her $30 million dollar debt from her 2008 campaign which they did on Tuesday AND they guaranteed her the presidency in 2016–no rocket science here. These people belong in a snake pit with a lid on it.

    • Perry Wall

      they knew guns and weapons were being given to libya ,and all that knew had to go.

  • Sam Fisher

    Did anyone notice last night that CBS tried to blame Republicans for the lack of security.

    • americanathlete

       Yeah, but is it surprising!?

    • JoAnn

       Oh, they’ve been doing that all along. My position on that is, if Obama could find money to arm Libyan rebels ON HIS OWN AUTHORITY, which is completely unconstitutional, why couldn’t he bend a few rules to find money to keep our embassy personel and their protectors from being slaughtered?  The answer is, obviously, they did not WANT to.  But trying to blame this debacle on the GOP attempting to rein in Obama’s wild spending spree is beyond perfidy.  There is truly NO disgusting depth to which these dirtbags won’t stoop in their CONSTANT quest to avoid any responsibility for their reprehensible and incompetent actions.

  • Sam Fisher

    It is also odd that they waited after the election to sit
    her down for answers. As far as I can tell she was not telling the truth and
    going to half-truths. 

    • JoAnn

       They didn’t exactly “wait”.  She immediately fled the country and just could not work an appearance in Congress into her “busy schedule” until after the election.

  • Elizabeth Bracy

    It was sickening watching her get “outraged” over the 4 dead Americans. This administration needs to be abolished.

    • Draxx

      I mentioned before that she was answering questions with questions, and that has been a tactic of redirection for many, many years.  They should have her testify with those cameras & software that indicates whether someone is truthful or lying.  Sure it may not be admissable as evidence, but I would allow those interrogating her better perspective.  It would also make her nervous enough to make a mistake…  and then should would incriminate herself…

      • Elizabeth Bracy

        I agree that Hillary! is a master of redirection and lying as is her husband “slick Willy”. I am 100% sure that Hillary! will run in 2016 and good Lord the GOP better nominate someone that can beat her. They screwed up pretty good by treating Ron Paul like crap and nominating Romney.

        • Draxx

          If only we could put Hillary in a Turkish Prison…  wouldn’t that be great!

          • crazy betty

            she would use her cankles to break the bars and then escape

        • Anonymous

          Better prepare to steer clear of a GOP candidate… will be another John McCain, ensuring a Clinton win if she runs.
          Can’t any of you see what’s going on? Do you honestly think there’s a difference between dems and pugs?

    • jen

      Rand needs to go as well.  Rand was trained how to make sure Hillary does not answer questions.

      He purposely let her go and Hillary won.  Rand’s questioning was a deception, all lined up so he would pull back just at the right times and then go preach to the choir on questions he raised but then did not raise many questions and made sure to take cues on when to move on to the next question so Hillary is not pinpointed on anything.

  • Ray Gettings

    She didn’t answer the question and acted like a loud mouth shrew…which she is

  • Anonymous

    Extortion was a possibility, since every man involved with Hellary politically has asked her to lie for them and she negotiated a reimbursement of her $10 mil campaign expenditure to guarantee  a non lethal testimony.  This of course helped the incumbent elites circle the wagons and provide cover for all their butts, they are in synch to decieve WTP and deny the rule of law…

  • Anonymous

    Extortion was a possibility, since every man involved with Hellary politically has asked her to lie for them and she negotiated a reimbursement of her $10 mil campaign expenditure to guarantee  a non lethal testimony.  This of course helped the incumbent elites circle the wagons and provide cover for all their butts, they are in synch to decieve WTP and deny the rule of law…

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Absolutely Right on Glenn. The liberals praise her every word.  Do they live in a Bubble?  Did the rest of us miss something she said.  No,  we were waiting for truthful answers and recieved pablum manure.  This is beyond insulting to the families of the men who were murdered.  If her Staff was negligent, then they should be fired.  If she is covering for That Man, then she should be fired.  But that would be a perfect world and we surely do not live in perfect truth.  May those men rest in peace and may their families find comfort in knowing that Americans DO care and Demand the TRUTH…………………

  • JoAnn

    For somebody who wants so badly to control guns, Obama and his pals are certainly involved in a lot of GUN RUNNING, aren’t they?  First Fast and Furous, now this murky “were they running guns through Bengahzi to Syria” scenario that ended up with four Americans being slaughtered, while the President and Secretary of State apparently watched the whole thing live on Drone TV. And Hillary’s answer?  “What difference does it make now?”

    Isn’t this just a new version of “nothing to see here–move along”, or more aptly, “Why are  you still talking about that?  That is OLD@ONTIME:disqus
    NEWS!” — the favorite fallback position of the lying liberal–stall for a couple of weeks, then declare the subject “old news” not worthy of discussion whenever anybody raises the subject.

    They get away with this time and again, because their devoted lackeys in the mainstream media will OBEDIENTLY drop any subject, as soon as it’s declared “OLD NEWS” by the liberal elite.  (That is, if they ever bothered to cover it in the FIRST PLACE, which is doubtful if it might prove embarrassing at all to the Great Eared One.

  • JoAnn

     Not to mention, as big a liar as her big-eared boss and our Liar-In-Chief . . .

  • Anonymous

    The Obama administration dodges another bullet via the delay and not answering a question.  Thanks to the congressmen asking ill prepared questions and allowing the dodge to work.

  • jesustheonlyway

    Revelation 21:8: But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all LIARS, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.

  • Anonymous

    She faked her “illness” so she could practice for the charades she performed for the audience. The most completely disingenuous hearing appearance of any cabinet member in recent memory. 

  • vinny

    Moron…we don’t wanna know WHY they did….HOW they did it! Because of your incompetence  as SOS and the administration allowed this to happen. The fact that they didn’t prepare on a 9-11 anniversary better says they don’t care. 

  • Jeffrey Randall

    What is truly sad is the lack of facts there were never brought up. I have friends in the military. This siege and it was a siege took over 7 hours to end the lives of all 4 Americans. We had several assets in the area which could have been there in less than 60 minutes to two hours. Why is it we can instantly tell a pilot of a drone in Wyoming (lets say) that he has a terrorist in his sites. Do you honestly think they are allowed to fire with no one higher up approval??? Of course not, yet they can get as high up as the president within probably 30 minutes. Yet we can’t seem to find ANYONE in the government to answer the pleas for help from brave Americans for 7 hours??? This was an offense so bad that many of my friends in the military could not even talk about the betrayal without open tears. Horrible leadership and many I say MANY should have been sacked and brought up on charges!!!

  • Anonymous

    She is such a liar and we’ll never know what the truth is,unless, we can get them al out of office.  What a shame she feels the way she does about the four men who lost their lives.  I bet it would make a difference if it were her daughter or a close family member.  I pray she does not run in 2016 – we have to do all we can to keep her from it.

    • antithetical radical

      Her lies and history of lying will be brought to the forefront if she runs in 2016. There is a long history of her lying and it will not be difficult to produce it, should she entertain the thought of a presidential campaign. She lied about Whitewater, she lied about the death of Vince Foster, she lied about landing in Afghanistan under enemy fire, and she is lying about Benghazi, about the video surveillance feed she claims not to exist, about the people she condemned to die without any help for seven hours, and about a lot of other things as well. She could have testified the week after this happened, but chose to stall and get busy on foreign visits which could have been delayed. The reason she didn’t want to testify is clear – she’s dirty and in this up to her neck along with pResident Evil. Believe me, she will have a lot tougher time lying her way into the White House.

  • Anonymous

    I have one more comment.  What have we learned out of her testifying?  It was a waste of electricity as far as I am concerned.  Plus we had to look at her face for all day.  Waste of TV viewing.

  • Anonymous

    If somehow the US military could clean up the white house like that embassy.  GOD the US needs a ‘Mussolini Moment’.  

  • Anonymous

    As a Christian I have a difficult time living in peace when we are told “What difference does it make” and to get over it when four people were murdered. I wonder if their families are over it. Over 54 million babies have been murdered over the past 40 years so “What difference does it make”,  we just need to get over it. I’m not over it!

  • sheffield

    She was coached in by interigator’s just like bill was

  • Cathy

    What a complete and total lying sack of crap performance from beginning to end by Ms. Hillary. Why was that Embassador where he was before he was murdered by the terrorists and why were the marines told to stand down and not help?  Americans want to know. 

  • Anonymous

    Something that has never been talked about is the pictures of Ambassador Steven’s body being drug through the streets which are still on Yahoo images.  I had wanted to talk about what had happened in Benghazi with my teenage Sunday School class the day after the attack, so I went to Yahoo images to find a stock publicity photo of Mr. Stevens.  I was appalled to find who knows how many photos of Libyans with their cell phones stuck in his face (was he alive? was he already dead?).  As the story lines came out from the government about how he had died, I couldn’t square them with the images so readily available on the internet.

  • Anonymous

    To the casual observer and listener , her matter-of-fact tone of voice would at first seem to imply a good rationale for what she is saying. But if you take away that tone of voice and listen to her words alone, they sat absolutely NOTHING to convince ANY reasonable person of what she is saying is FACT! This is politicking at the supreme level. And her constant mention of “going forward” is a dissing of the topic meaning, “I’m done talking about it. I can’t make u anymore lies , so I’m outa here!”

  • Bob DeLacy Jr.

    You make some good points Glenn.I hope and prayed to God she didn’t lie.If she did its her
    soul.What always turns me off is the yelling at each other.The truth is always deflected by
    this.Maybe she was coached,maybe she wasn’t.But politicians never tell the truth so why does the truth matter?If they made a show out of this there all sick!

  • Anonymous

    She had ALL THAT TIME to stall, I really thought she would come up with something more convincing.

    This was classic Marxist brainwashing, hijacking the narrative, intimidation and ridiculous emotional roller-coaster display. 

    Projection.  Distraction.  Intimidation.  BullSHIT.


    And it’s ALL THEY HAVE, right, Beck?

    Notice, in ANY of these things, you hear NOTHING from the families???  Where is the outrage from THEM??

    This wretched creature’s crimes against the Rules of Law, the country and its citizens are EXPONENTIALLY WORSE than the idiot lie her husband told Congress about Monica Lewinsky.

    And he was nearly impeached for that!  I never did get that witch-hunt.

    Here’s a good question: 

    After 14 days of trying to lamely convince US that Christopher Stevens and the other were MURDERED was because of some “disgusting” (over-hyperbole, much??) video, she IMMEDIATELY (and inexplicably) POUNCED OVER TO PAKISTAN, who HATE US, and bought a bunch of TV advertizing time to bleat all about that “disgusting video.”

    WHY IS THAT???

    Why did Hillarious spend 14 ENTIRE DAYS blabbing incoherently about some “disgusting” video, and then go to PAKISTAN, AND PAY FOR ADVERTISING, to bray about her in-culpability??????

    The scum that should be tried and incarcerated is growing.


  • Anonymous

    I agree that she had been coached, extensively. Her arrogance, condescension, and abject contempt were concretely visible.  She laughed at the senators, made faces, shook her head, searched through her notebook for the right answer to the pre-arrange questions. Yes, she did win.  The take home trophy was the fawning of the democrats.  What have we become?!

  • Carl Gottstein Jr.

    Hillary is played out. 

  • Perry Wall

    glenn you think there might have been a conspiracy going on about benghazi,you said there aren’t any like the sandy hook shootings

  • Elaine Lopez

    I can’t help but feel terribly blah… I know what’s wrong with the world; we all do. The first ten things in History a society needs to learn and practice for civilization to survive just happens to be the first ten we were given (Note to Hillary: It does matter) from God.  What a coincidence, huh? 

  • suz

    the questioner is at fault.  he should have been persistent in getting answers — he wasn’t.  she interrupted him to say what she wanted to say — he should have been just as bold and forceful.

    i give no credit to the senator that never got the answer to “why was the ambassador in benghazi?”

    they’re incompetent.

    in my house i get answers to my questions.

  • Furious citizen pilot

    She, Obama, and Holder should all be brought up on treason and high crimes charges.  What a pathetic performance by the Republicans. 

  • crazy betty

    it’s more than obvious we have a one party system

  • Anonymous

    Putin must have been very proud watching her; She was well scripted.

  • Anonymous

    It is too bad the questioners, or even the whole committee, didn’t cry.  It is sad enough. 

  • Anonymous

    I was wrong when I stated that she was never going to testify. 
    This clever woman and her handlers used the delaying tactics she’s so well-known for, to prepare for what she knew she couldn’t avoid forever, the difficult questions.
    There were only few of them. From the Republicans only. Among them, very few few (Rand Paul) asked short pointed ones. Others made a speech and ran out of time. Pathetic.
    Almost pointless to mention the fawning dems, it was truly sickening to watch them, I dare say their attitude was even dishonorable.
    And the indignant displays, the acting, the smirk, the surprise (Turkey? what?). 
    And there are still some who will fall for all the theatrics.

  • americanathlete

    This administration has had more debacles than Jim Levenstein in the entire American Pie series.

  • John Wright

    It is not surprising we cannot find a cure for so many wrongs in our
    world when we won’t even protect our children from predators, let alone protect
    our Ambassadors!


    “The difficulty we have in
    accepting responsibility for our behavior lies in the desire to avoid the pain
    of the consequences of that behavior. “Whenever we
    seek to avoid the responsibility for our own behavior, we do so by attempting
    to give that responsibility to some other individual or organization or entity.
    But this means we then give away our power to that entity. ”


    This means, if we transfer our
    power, we are not competent to be a parent, manager or leader. Obama did not
    accept responsibility either. If he did he would have fired Hillery!

  • John Wright

    The number one human frailty (sin)
    we all are born with is pride. Our ego and self-protection nature tends to keep
    us as a child and from accepting responsibility.


    Claiming responsibility without
    taking immediate and appropriate action is vanity and equal to not taking responsibility.


    Both Obama and Hillery
    demonstrate they have a “Narcissistic personality disorder” in need of treatment.

  • Anonymous

    Clinton knows all these people personally, therefore she has no worry about her thought process, there are no repercussions.   Why was Rand Paul the only one to treat her combative?  We will never be told the truth but the families who are suffering are the heros in this whole deceitful spectacle…

  • Anonymous

    Hillary Clinton doesn’t care about any thing but, herself.  She lies thru her teeth just like “slick willy” did all the time he was in the White House.  They’re despicable people with a whole duffel bag full of tricks.  She fake her fainting to have more time to cook up her lies and, get advise from the crooks in the Demotraitors party.  I’ve never seen so many crooks together in a presidential inner circle.  Erik Holder is the worst crook after Hussein Obama.

  • Sarah Conner

    Now that Rand Paul had the audacity to call hillbilly out ,he and his family are going to become the target as I believe he will run in 2016 for the White House.And when he does,if his resolve is still as strong as it is today,I will vote for Rand Paul…we must not let the rhinos dictate to us ,who to vote for…we are still the United States of America and we are past due in telling the rhinos where they can stick their nominee…UNITED WE STAND OR DIVIDED WE WILL FALL…

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