Glenn: I’m trying to be a better husband. I’m trying to be a better father. I don’t want to joke about it.

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Glenn and Tania just celebrated their anniversary recently and there was some on air controversy surrounding the ‘ring incident’ and the jokes that came in the aftermath. While it seemed like good fun at the time, he has a different perspective on it a few days later. Glenn talked about the new direction he’s heading in as a husband and father on radio today.

“I would like to have a personal moment here, Pat, and Stu. Because I ‑‑ well, you (Pat and Stu) too. You too in your behavior. Now it’s rubbing off on me and I’m making easy jokes. I think I said this to you guys on Monday or Tuesday and we’ve kind of been talking about it all week kind of off the air, and you guys know that, I mean, I have the greatest wife in the world. We all do. And I love my wife. And when the ring was flushed down could have easily ‑‑ I mean, I did. I mean, it was like ‑‑ it’s easy jokes. Easy jokes,” Glenn said.

“But for the first time in my career, I think, since being married to Tania or even dating Tania, I have ‑‑ I’ve made easy jokes like, ‘Yeah, I know. Well, she’s ‑‑ she’s calling me fat,’ all this stuff. Well, that one actually she did, but -.”

“I played down the incident and honestly it doesn’t seem to bother her, which might be something else that we need to look into, but doesn’t seem to bother her that these jokes are going on. I don’t want to. Today I made an easy joke 15 minutes into the show, 15 minutes into it and I’m like that is ‑‑ that is just the easiest joke ever, and it’s at the expense of my wife. Why would I do that? I do not want to do that.”

” I’ve always hated guys, always hated when guys are like, “Yeah, the old ball and chain,”.

Glenn said that when Tania goes out with girlfriends and when she comes home “We’ll talk and she has always said, ‘I’m amazed how I get around so many women and they just throw their husbands under the bus.  And they just, you know, they just do it.’  And I said, guys are the same way.  I don’t want to be that way.”

“I’ve been divorced before and I’ve been in a relationship that had marital problems, and I’m glad I’m not in that,” he continued. “And I don’t want to ever speak anything into existence.  I believe in the power of the word.  You speak things, say things, you speak them into existence.  I’m not going to do that.  I don’t want to do that as a joke.”

After Stu gave Glenn a hard time over the new rules, Pat clarified, “I think the heart of this is you don’t want to joke that the relationship is on the rocks.”

“Right. There are some things that shouldn’t be joked about,” Glenn said. “And my marriage to my wife is sacred.”

Glenn explained, “Maybe it’s I’m sensitive because I’ve turned a new leaf this year and I’ve ‑‑ I sense something different in me for the very first time in my life and I mean, Pat knows me better than anybody and, you know, I beat myself up on being a bad dad, and I’m not a bad dad.  I’m just not the dad I want to be.  And it’s hard.  And I’m ‑‑ and I’m not a bad husband.  I’m just not the husband I want to be.  And I have felt so strongly in the last three months and especially in the last month or last two and a half months.  Since the election really, I really evaluated my life, and what are you doing spending your time?  What is it ‑‑ and I’m really, for the first time in my life, really not only wanting to change but sensing a change for the good.  And I don’t want, I don’t want to joke about things because I’m sorry.  I do believe in speaking things into existence.  And I just don’t want to joke about things on that, which I’m trying to do.  I’m trying to change as much as I possibly can.  I’m trying to be a better husband.  I’m trying to be a better father.  I don’t want to joke about it.  And I have no problem joking about how much, you know, you wouldn’t want to be Tania, married to me.  I have no problem with that.  I have no problem with all that stuff.  It’s just, I guess I’m sensitive on the sanctity of my relationship with my children and the relationship with my wife because I want it so badly.  I want it to be good,” Glenn said.


  • Sam Fisher

    Poor Jeffy. 

    • Mary Theresa Del Buono

      His show is still commentary news…better than the stuff on regular tv…for sure…praying for all of us…when we write on here sometimes people are so cold…

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, as I listened to you today I am reminded how may men say disparaging things about their wives (“old lady”, “bitch”, etc.)….some how I guess they think it is a “cool” way to be one of the boys.  When I say or hear less than desirable comments I am reminded of the story a Jewish man and his rabbi.  The man made some hurtful and disparaging comments and his rabbi heard about it and admonished his congregant and said he needed to make amends.  The shamed man asked what he needed to do to be forgiven.  The rabbi said you need to go and gather a very large sack of white feathers.  The man went home took a few pillows apart and gather the large sack of feathers where upon he proudly returned to the rabbi and asked if he was forgiven.  The rabbi said not yet, you now need to go to the high outlook on the mountain outside of town and disburse the feathers into the wind.  The man did as he was told and returned to inform the rabbi that he followed the instructions.  The rabbi said how did that feel and the man said oh it was a beautiful sight to see all those white feathers blowing in the wind and floating across the valley.  He then asked the rabbi if he was forgiven.  The rabbi said there is one more task for you to perform, go out and collect each feather you tossed into the wind.  We all need to recognize that once harsh words leave our mouth they are not retrievable.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn: So tickled you see this.  I have had problems when you joke about “blood shooting out of your eyes, etc.”  Especially because I have that same sick sense of humor but the devil doesn’t play fair and you really DO speak things into existence.  Then you end up with an eye problem and I thought “oh no.” So life and death are in the power of the tongue and by our words are we justified and by our words are we condemned.  I have had to ask God in his mercy to pull up all those bad seeds I planted with my tongue so that mess can’t bear fruit and it is a daily struggle to only speak what I hear my father speak.  You have a real challenge since that is how you make your living!
    God bless you! 

    • Stanly Tedwick

      Attention staff people who still have a soul… take note that the people that now listen to Glenn get all hot and bothered about him using the phrase “blood shooting out my eyes”. Congrats on the new audience. No, really, why on earth would you want people who are funny and not preachy and serious?

  • Anonymous

    Good for you!   My family (husband and children) are my light and life-and I love them dearly.  Each day I pray to be a better wife and mother-and I admire you for trying to be a better husband and father.  My dad once told me that once he was gone, the only legacy he and my mother would leave on this earth would be his children-I’ve always remembered this and now that he’s passed on, try to be the kind of person that would leave a legacy he would be proud of. Thank you for reminding us all what is really, truly important in this world.

  • Liberty or Death

    Now a light-weight piece, to potray Glenn as a loving father and a loving husband…

    When the fuck did you turn into the male Oprah??

    • Anonymous

       Glenn is not trying to be a male Oprah but being honest about what probably shouldn’t be speculated about or discussed on national tv: his marriage, weight, his family, the ring, etc.    I admire that he put boundaries out there so Stu and Pat would understand there are things that won’t be discussed on national tv, things are are private and personal.   That takes a man to do that…. and he did it well. 

      • Mary Theresa Del Buono

        He could tell us things but not joke or demean people…but then are we being controlling I don’t know…social media sometimes makes things worse…

    • Mary Theresa Del Buono

      ssometimes we have to think about what we say…that doesn’t mean he is a Oprah…she isn’t anywehere near what Glenn is…

    • Anonymous

      And why are YOU unable to express your thoughts without childish profanity?

    • Anonymous

      Please take your language to a Liberal website where it would be accepted.  Not so welcome here.  Strength of our Country will only come from those who start as a loving father, loving husband, and those loving God above all else. 

      Please Pray for the writer of Liberty or Death.

  • Anonymous

    I have been bothered by listening to this dialogue regarding the lost ring, whether it was a ‘message’ to Glenn, the joking between Stu and Pat about the ring, Tania, Glenn’s weight, etc.  If I were tuning in for the first time, I would assume from listening to Pat & Stu show that your marriage was in trouble and this was not only a topic of speculation but pure enjoyment at the expense of you, Tania and the specialness of your marriage….  in fact, sometimes Stu, Pat and you, too, Glenn sounded like tittering little 14 yr old boys.  I found it so distasteful. And disappointing.  I canceled your show on Dish today.  I am not sure I won’t go back and pick it up again, but I turn to The Blaze to be exactly what you say: a place where truth lives.  Not to hear two grown men making jabs at your marriage, your weight, your life, etc.  My expectations of you is higher than what I know I can find on the other news/information stations. We all know how limited they are in telling the truth.  But I don’t want to hear anyone being dissed.  I just expect more respect for others.  Ask Stu and Pat how they would feel if their lives where jabbed in front of millions of people. 

    This whole ring thing has disappointed me as I heard it over The Blaze, your radio show, Pat & Stu Show…. it got really old, really fast.  I kept wishing Tania would nail you on putting your personal life so out there as she is not on TV and doesn’t deserve being part of the Silly Boys Chatter. 

    Be a better husband, better father, and better employer,  Put the expectation out there to your whole staff:  Not only does Truth live here but so does respect.  

  • Anonymous

    I totally AGREE, and in fact that is why I no longer listen to you…   The TV show was great and taught us ALL…. but this constant interrupting each other and laughing at crap is a waste of my time… frankly!!!    And it is good that you PRIORITIZE these valuable parts of your life and who you are…    YOU CAN DO THEM ALL — — and leave out the rest of the trash, in my opinion!!  It is a microcsom of the macro — which is partially what IS wrong at the ground level in America, isn’t it???????

    • Mary Theresa Del Buono

      maybe he will see the light…but sometimes humor gets you to think…

    • Mary Theresa Del Buono

      Don’t forget everyone does things that make him look bad something he has to work on…but I still forgive him…he is working on it…

      • Mary Theresa Del Buono

        oh…he isn’t a preacher…or a rabbi or a priest…he is a comedian/commentator who is trying to make us think…and he does…

    • truthseeker

      I totally agree with you.  The television show left you thinking for the rest of the evening and beyond.  Now there are way too many jokes and just plain nonsense.  If I wanted that kind of show I would tune into Don Imus in the morning.

  • MarknMelissa Rauch

    Glenn, I want to encourage you in pursuing the principle of what you’ve begun to realize here.  I actually emailed y’all about this several years ago, expressing my disappointment at how you’ve mocked your wives.  Holy Scripture teaches that our marriages are a reflection of Christ’s relationship with His Bride, the Church.  Our marriages are not silent reflections.  The question is “Are we speaking the truth? or telling a lie about Christ?”  Does Christ ridicule His Bride?  —  Really glad to see, too, your recognition of the power of the spoken word.

    God spoke the world into existence.  Jesus Christ is the Word become flesh.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, I appreciate the fact that you are going to try to do better in this area.  With all of the joking you guys do, I’m not always sure what is truth and what isn’t.  I do appreciate you so much and want you to be the best.  My dad used to always say, “Don’t make a joke at someone else’s expense.  Anyway, thank you for who you are.

  • Anonymous

    This is nice. I wish everybody could know such happiness in marriage.

  • Mary Theresa Del Buono

    I want to comment…I am a wife I hurt my husband…it is stuff left over from when I was a kids and my parents said don’t talk like that…well pay back time my poor husband…I think when one is living each day with the other and stuff happens at work orto us how we are treated by others comes out of our mouths as strange…just thinking…working on the not mean stuff out of this mouth…a thing to do for lent this year…not giving up things but really working on treating our husbands/wives better is more God likeke love…

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Glenn for putting a stop to the word curses on your marriage and family. I’m sure you get  enough of it without this junk said also. So glad the Bartons and Tania spoke to you and the Lord did the rest. God Bless you and your family, and all who work for you. Always in my prayers

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful! I wish everyone took their marriage so reverently.

  • Bob DeLacy Jr.

    I know we’ve made jokes about the ring.And I apologize to Tania.I know I do it too with my wife and I love her as much as you love Tania.Shes got a good man and you got a good wife.Take it serious because some marriages fall apart for that reason they don’t.But if you have not found her ring yet,then do seriously buy her a new ring and while your at it.Renew your vows and may God bless you both.

  • suz

    what a show!

  • Anonymous

    If all men and women would think this deeply about their sacred relationships, and DO WHAT IS RIGHT, rather than what is “funny”, nitpicking, or downright destructive, we would have a GREAT preservative IMPACT in the world around us.  Only FOOLS tear down their own homes with their own hands.  The Good Book says so.  Let’s ALL practice speaking well of our spouses to others, even if they ARE complete jerks at times.  The whole world doesn’t need to know their faults and failings.  How helpful is that?  Let us rather encourage the growth of one another’s good points by “talking them up”, and most importantly, IN THEIR OWN HEARING.

  • Dawn Brayton

    Glenn, I’m scared for you and pray things will be better in whatever way that “better” needs to be. Just don’t let her turn you into a throwrug. Please oh pleeease?

  • Anonymous

    “speak words into existence” – I like that. It explains a lot to me. It has happened to me, and the words hurt. even when apparently said in jest. It diminishes who you are, makes you feel unworthy.

  • David

    This picture of you and yours is outstanding.  My parents always came out like that in pictures too.  Didn’t matter where they were as long as they were together.  They were married for 59 very happy years.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder sometimes how much negativity I speak into existence by constantly putting myself down. My parents always expected perfection and it is so hard to live up to. I have a nice farm, happy kids, a 30 year marriage, but I always feel like a failure somehow. I beat myself up for everything. Maybe I’ll try to speak positive things into existence for awhile.

  • Anonymous

    Way to go Glenn!  When I heard radio show that day, I thought that would sure hurt my feelings if I was the butt of jokes for something I accidentally did.  I’m sure Tania was devastated about losing the ring, not just the value of it, but the memory of how she first acquired it (all the SENTIMENTAL value is so much more) and it takes a strong woman to NOT be bothered by the joking.  That being said, I think all three of you recovered very  nicely on the radio and taught us all an important lesson about SPEAKING things into existence.  The things you said convicted me, more than it did Pat and Stu.  OUCH!!  

    I’m perplexed that some people felt the NEED to cancel their subscription over it (based on comments here). Lighten up people.  There’s a difference between the radio program and TV and if we’re not allowed to laugh a little after the election, then God help us all.  If the radio program gets too silly for a few minutes, take a breather, and come back in a few.  It doesn’t last that long.  I find all SERIOUSNESS about economy and politics would make me lose my mind.  As would ALL silly comedy.  But a blend, is just right. 

  • Jenny Grotemeyer

    We were told the day we married to “build each other up, never tear each other down”. We sometimes failed to do that and we paid a heavy price of pain and sorrow for forgetting that amazingly simple rule of love. What many here forget is that someone was hired to find the ring-both Tania and Glenn knowing what it was- a symbol of love and commitment. I am glad that he is growing in knowledge of why some things are truely off limits and sacred.  When my husband was dying of cancer I asked him if there was anything left unsaid that needed to be. His reply was pointing to himself, then to me, and then up. You, me, eternity. My prayer is we all get that precious understanding while we have the chance.

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