Newtown Truthers not happy with Glenn Beck

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On last night’s show, Glenn took on the conspiracy theorists who claim the massacre that occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary School last month was some sort of inside job in attempt to set the record straight.

“Last night we debunked the conspiracy theorists because they are everywhere, and it is important that we know, you know, what the truth is,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “It’s important that you know where the line is. And conspiracy theorists, all they want to do is get you to doubt something. They don’t need to convince you. They cause just enough reasonable doubt.”

Needless to say, this small but vocal group of individuals was not particularly happy with Glenn’s debunking of their claims. Comments after the show ranged from people claiming Glenn is towing the government line to posts that he is ignorant to the truth.

“Like others said, if the mainstream media and the government were more honest, there would be no conspiracy theories,” Glenn said. “I quite frankly quit believing anything they said decades ago. You reap what you sow.”

While Glenn by no means trusts the government that is slowly stripping away the rights of the American people, he refuses to cross into the “insane idea” that President George W. Bush planted bombs in the levees to drown the people of New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina or that President Bill Clinton and President Bush were responsible for the attacks on the World Trade Center.

“I don’t believe the media either, but I don’t believe crazies on the Internet just because they said it,” Glenn said. “You have to have something that anchors you in reality. Just because you’re on the Internet and not part of the mainstream media doesn’t make you right. Just because you’re in the mainstream media doesn’t make you wrong. It’s what you report that makes you right or wrong.”

“Yeah, you can’t necessarily believe either absolute,” Pat continued. “Just because the government said it doesn’t make it true but just because the government said it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s untrue, either.”

When you think of the amount of people who were involved with or affected in some way by the Sandy Hook shooting, it becomes harder and harder to believe that such a situation could be successfully manipulated by anyone, let alone the government.

“The government is not at the point to where they’re killing children,” Glenn said.
“Recognize what you’re saying is everybody who was on the fire truck, everybody who was in the paramedics, everybody who’s in the hospital, everybody who did the mop up on the floor, everybody who was in the school, all of the children. I mean, it’s insane. All of the reporters, anybody who says, ‘No, it’s real, it happened,’ you’re all in on it.”

The media has tried to paint the ‘Newtown Truthers’ has right-wing crazies, but history shows conspiracy theories are not simply a left-right issue. “And what people now in the media try to paint these conspiracy nuts as right wingers and it’s amazing because it’s only because of the president, the current president that we have happens to be left,” Stu said. “So they oppose that. They’ll always oppose everybody. And it’s not a liberal/conservative thing at all.”

Glenn took issue with the fact that anyone who tries to debunk the theories is painted as being “in on it” and part of the government operative. In reality, there are writings from people who have been in government promoting the spread of conspiracy theories.

“We have writings from Cass Sunstein, who talks about conspiracy theories, and he says the government should infiltrate those groups that promote conspiracy theories to be able to push them out even farther,” Glenn said. “I mean, the evidence, you want a conspiracy theory, here’s a conspiracy fact: Cass Sunstein, former member of this White House, says that the government has a responsibility and should infiltrate these conspiracy realms and help them, promote it, and bring it out.”

Ultimately, Glenn made it clear that he believes the progressive government may one day be capable of such grand schemes, but we are simply not there yet.

“What you have are progressive steps,” Glenn said. “Those are the absolute killers at the end of the line. And that’s what you get to. In revolution that’s what you get to at the end of the line. We’re not at the end of the line.”

  • Bobby Barker

    i’m just getting Beck the “MEMO” so he can ”revise” his supposedly debunking special….. 
    NBC Admits No Assault Rifle Used At Sandy Hook

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Truth is truth and cannot be anything but what it is from beginning to the end.

    What matters most is what we choose to do when truth shatters some idea, belief, hope or dream we have cherished for a time and then we are shown to be wrong to one degree or another.

    Truth is hard, and it often hurts.

    Yet those with the courage to accept the truth, and confirm it is the truth grow in the process as the greater world opens before them. And as we grow, the truth becomes the firm foundation we can build upon to better the world around us.

    • Anonymous

      Sometimes truth takes a while to be unveiled. What people see as truth at first may not be truth. It is what they want to believe. That is why we must question until we finally reach the ultimate truth. When there are so many unanswered questions, chances are we are not  going to know if it is true until those questions are without a doubt answered.

      Only people that deceive would try to prevent the unveiling of the truth. It is suspicious when people looking for answers are demonized. If there is nothing to hide why should anyone be concerned? They should just let it play out and let the truth be known. 

      • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

        True – I have heard that the discovery of Watergate took almost two years from the beginning to fully break open. I hope we do not need to wait that long with Obama to have him and all involved brought to justice.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    No one who bears the truth of a matter is liked by those who cherish the darkness and lies, distortions, fabrications and other tools of evil. They know in their hearts their world is built on illusion and wisps of smoke, and fight all the harder to hold onto their false beliefs.

  • Bobby Barker

    it’s really quite this simple.. 
    if adam was “captured” and tried in a courtroom… a novice defense atty would devour the prosecutors case… and he would walk….  defense attorneys Dream of cases like this.. beyond a reasonable doubt has not been proven

    and Beck hasn’t presented anything that has not already been presented… that is why he has not convinced any one that his debunk special was effective… he has no more ”evidence” or access to “evidence”, than the rest of us. we all seen you ”evidence” already Beck. Not too mention you didn’t address everything vital in the ”conspiracy theory” of Sandy Hook

    so ”debunked” …. ??? i think not… like I said… I hope you got Jesus in your pocket to debunk this, bcz you’re gonna need him. 

    • Anonymous

       I find it funny that bye your own admission that you could not be convinced only short of the return Jesus Christ himself to verify that the shooting was not a conspiracy.

      Do you you truly think you are reasonable or rational?

      I will add that I too am questionable of all the facts as they are now that are out but your reasoning and logic is not rational or sane.

      Good luck with reality buddy.

      • Bobby Barker

        it was a figure of speech.. sarcasm… ?? hello… get a grip moron

        • Anonymous

          A figure of speech that still proves the point being made. You are NOT rational. Period.

          • Bobby Barker

            fuck off.. you are a complete moron, obviously YOU are NOT RATIONAL.. to get sarcasm … you are complete Freak… go take your meds!!!

    • Anonymous

      I have to agree with you 100%. Nothing was debunked. There are still numerous questions unanswered. If there was just one, I could see people calling anyone that questions it a conspiracy. But these unanswered questions are countless and more inconsistencies are being found each day. 

      I have never claimed to be one of these crazy truthers. But this is without a doubt a red flag. If we didn’t question it we would be exactly like the people controlled in communist countries where you are not allowed to think for yourself. Is this where we are heading? Are those that question to be deemed the crazy ones? It is our right to ask difficult questions and demand the truth. I ask them, “What are you afraid of?” 
      Haven’t we learned anything about history repeating itself? I guess Glenn would say the Reichstag fire in 1933 didn’t happen in Germany. He would probably tell us that Hitler didn’t gain power by passing the enabling act suspending civil liberties to the people. Would he blame the conspiracy theorists for making such false allegations when history shows that it was to gain power through emergency measures?

  • Draxx

    Information & Dis-Information both have been used by Propagandist to confuse and muddy the waters so it is hard to see the truth.  These are also tactics used by the CIA to sway peoples opinions into Plausible Deniability…  And Cospiracy Theories have been a huge part of these practices!

    But, individuals that do not go the places and meet the people involved in so called conspiracy theories, do not have enough information to backup their ideals…

  • Anonymous

    “The government is not at the point to where they’re killing children,” Glenn said.

    Not true.

    The President on his own authority signs off on mass drone killings as he enjoys his breakfast, and this happens quite often, actually.. And just because the agonizing screams of death from the Pakistani  kids cannot be heard or images of their brains and guts splattered all over the rubble cannot be seen, doesn’t make it any less of a fact: the government does knowingly and willfully kill children. I don’t believe, however, that the U.S. government killed those kids in Sandy Hook. It appears that a psychotropic killer who went totally out of his mind did that. And make no mistake, this is more of a drug issue than a gun issue. Warning: these powerful serotonin uptake inhibitors are the common denominator and the root cause of these mass killings.

    I will give credit where credit is due: in this case GB is doing the public a favor by challenging some of the more ridiculous sounding theories surrounding Sandy Hook. That’s not to say that I totally believe the official narrative. Nonetheless, Glenn is doing a good service by giving these theories a critical  examination.

    There are, indeed, those inside of the government who are conspiring to disarm the general public, but I don’t yet see any smoking gun as evidence of a government plot in Sandy Hook. There are those who would conspire to use the Sandy Hook killings to abridge the Second Amendment. Moreover, it only helps their cause if gun owners look and act like crazy conspiracy theorists as opposed to rational conspiracy theorists.

    • Anonymous

      Glenn, the government DOES kill babies…millions of them…Our president even has them killed if they SURVIVE abortions. He and his minions have NO RESPECT FOR LIFE!

  • Sam Fisher

    Of course conspiracy theorists are angry telling them that their claims are based in reality is like telling children Santa is not real.

  • Monica Stewart

    Glenn, I am NOT some nut job conspiracy theorist.  I don’t know what happened in Sandy Hook.  I do believe the shooting happened, just not sure on who or how many shooters there were.  Details are strange.

    I am having a MASSIVE problem with your “debunking” these ideas.  My problem is that we learned FROM YOU to question everything WITH BOLDNESS.  There are MANY questions about this shooting that come from our distrust of the media and the government.  I am frankly quite SHOCKED at your name calling of the people who are doing the questioning.  Actually, it is breaking my heart and scaring me a little. 


    • Anonymous

      My deepest apologies for the deception, Monica. :( I know that it hurts when the discovery is made that your heroes are little more than shills for our Progressive agenda…But, alas, Mr. Beck has outgrown his usefulness in this medium. The truth is, Glenn Beck is one of ours and while it’s been fun to rile you and get Conservatives put into a position where it would be difficult to counter any of our insidious plots, the time has come for him to fade off into the annals of pundit history. :) Rest assured, however, that people like Limbaugh (Fortunately, NOT one of ours.) and Alex Jones (Actually impressed with how much he knows!) will continue to peddle things to help you through this difficult time. Your patronage and assistance to the Progressive movement as a whole has been appreciated. :)

      • Anonymous

        He calls you guys nutjobs because you are, as you prove with your comments and as your inability to recognize said extremely-obvious nutjobbery in yourselves and others confirms.

        • Anonymous

          Oh, I’m not one of these Newtown “truthers” or whatever you’d like to call them. :) I’m merely a Liberal/Progressive spokesman doing my best to provide reasonable explanations for why your pundits and vaunted, Conservative heroes are suddenly acting in ways that go against what they’ve always stated. 😀 I agree that the people saying that this was somehow a false flag are complete lunatics, but we’ve paid Mr. Beck a lot of money to co-opt their theories as something to be scoffed at so that we can get him into a more low-key position! :) We appreciate everything that Mr. Beck has done to put Americans on our side and we are CERTAINLY looking forward to the completion of Independence. Having a considerable number of Conservatives wrangled into one location? It will be a dream come true; so much easier to keep an EYE on you. :) I thank you for your response, Can.

          • Anonymous

            In other words, you’re a different kind of nutjob. Uh huh. Next you can explain to  us how up is really down.

          • Anonymous

            While I acknowledge your request, I’m afraid that compliance will be impossible. Changing the definitions of up and down isn’t in my paygrade. :( I do, however, assure you that I’ll speak with someone about doing just that! For now, though, up is still up and down is still down. Also, please let me assuage your concern over me being a “nutjob!” Recent psychological evaluations (Routine, surprisingly, in the world of establishing the NWO!) have come back with a clean bill of mental health save for the slightest hint of OCD.

    • Anonymous

       Monica, someone who doesn’t change their opinion in the face of fact is by definition irrational.  Those that refute fact with name calling (like claiming Glenn Beck is “in on it”) can fairly be called willfully irrational–which isn’t far off from crazy.  I work in CT and know one of the families who lost a child in Sandy Hook.  I also am acquainted with some police officers in Newtown and the surrounding towns.  They are not feds, or liberal tools, and they don’t want to take our guns away.  I have spoken with a couple of them who are quite emotional about what they witnessed inside that school.  The memories will haunt them for years.  Those of us in the area know that this actually happened–those children are really dead.  Eye witnesses and security camera footage show a single shooter (Lanza).  Lanza was a very disturbed individual, if there were a conspiracy it would be unlikely that the “powers that be” would trust the fate of an operation like this to someone like Lanza.  Questioning with boldness is great, but when you get a legitimate answer, you have to be able to recognize it–otherwise the questioner becomes a tool of the radical left and are used to show how crazy us conservatives are (just look at Alex Jones and how he hurt our cause by allowing himself to be used as a posterboy for the “crazy right”).  You don’t know me, so I run the risk of being labeled as “in on it”, but I have seen first hand the devastation.  The ONLY conspiracy here is the conspiracy to use this tragic event as a springboard to take away our second amendment rights in the pretend interest of “school safety”.  Conspiracies are only possible when just a few are in on it.  This one would require thousands of people to agree to be “in on it”, many of whom are conservative and will resist the radical left’s attempts to take away our freedoms.

      • Onteo

        Glad to get an insiders view. But the info presented in the media has raised questions. Questions Glenn does want to answer. The laughing parents? The medical examiners hesitant answers The guy they chased and caught in the woods on camera who is he? What about the mix up with the brother? Etc.

        Maybe the media is pointing this stuff out to insight conspiracy theorists.

        • Anonymous

           I don’t know where you live or how complete your coverage has been, but here in CT, all of those questions have been answered (other than the name of the guy in the woods–he was ruled out as a suspect and hence his identity is protected by law).  The guy in the woods heard about the attack and went to observe what was happening.  He was caught quite some time after the attack, they were questioning him first as a possible suspect, then as a possible witness, but they were able to establish he was neither.

          The brother mix up came from a couple of directions.  This is well-documented online.  The only video I saw of “laughing parents” was fabricated–the people shown in the video were not the parents of the slain children.  There were some parents who had extreme emotional responses when their LIVE children were returned to them, some cried, some laughed–if you’ve ever had a brush with death in a car or combat, you are familiar with this response.  The medical examiner didn’t have all the facts up front and was trying to be sensitive to the devastated parents and community.  The parents/community are so upset about the whole incident that many are calling for the school to be bulldozed–an act that will certainly be viewed by some as a cover-up.  However, it is the parents/community pushing for it, not the government.  We’ll see what happens.

          • Anonymous

            NOBODY has explained the LAUGHING HYENA behavior of that Medical Examiner… probably because there IS no explanation… other than hysteria or lunacy. But it is incredible, inexplicable oddities like HIS behavior that drives some people to come up with conspiracy ideas.

      • Catherine Allen Alphonse

         Thank you for sharing that…it was important!

      • Marsha England

        thank you for your input…yet you are still an anonymous  faceless entity   WHY can’t someone local to Sandy Hook, who is conservative, pro 2nd amendment, come out in plain sight, and share some insight into some of the confusion…. and help us all have peace about this??
         WHY didn’t Glenn bother to research this personally by interviewing some of the families who were victims.  He used to do better work then he is doing now…and seems to have lost touch with many of us who were loyal to him when he was on Fox.  Now, we have ALL become “lunatics” simply b/c we question some of the dubious reporting about Sandy Hook.
        I am sad to say, Glenn’s attitude toward this is very disappointing.  not all of us who had questions abt. this incident are “truther nut jobs”!!!!!!!

        • Anonymous

           I am faceless to protect myself from invasions of my privacy, but I do have a gmail account under my user name and I will reply to a personal email or have a phone call to share what I know vs. what I only think.

          What many of you don’t know (or don’t recall) is that Glenn used to live a short distance from Newtown and knows some of the people involved in this.  I know this because I know some of the same people.  The families of the victims have been very private.  Everyone is trying to exploit them right now (especially those trying to take away our 2nd amendment rights).  They are grief stricken–wouldn’t you be?  Glenn has NEVER tried to capitalize on people suffering parents by parading them on his show–but what makes you think he wouldn’t get the inside story for himself?  I’m sure he’s spoken to folks that were involved (parents and first responders), but it is all off the record as they are under gag orders.  How am I sure? Because I have successfully done so, and I don’t command the respect or access that Glenn Beck does. I have even seen some horrible photos (that I now wish I hadn’t seen).

          Glenn hasn’t to my knowledge called those who question the information “lunatics”.  Glenn questioned it as well, but his questions were answered and his skepticism satisfied.  Questioning is healthy and he has always (to my knowledge) encouraged it.  The problem is not those that have questions but those who have reached the (unjustified) CONCLUSION that this is a government conspiracy.  It invalidates the grief of suffering families, and angers those of us who were impacted by the tragedy.  Worse, it plays right into the hands of the radical left who want to paint us all as crazy conspiracy theorists who are a threat to “normal” people.  It seems like withholding information about the tragedy from the public is serving 2 puposes: first to honor the families’ request for privacy and to be allowed to grieve in peace, and second, to give conservatives and patriots enough rope to hang ourselves by reaching unjustified conclusions that will later be proven false when the information is ultimately released thereby damaging our credibility as we suit up for the fight of our lives to keep the second amendment alive.

          Like I said, if you have a question, you know where to find me…

        • BodiazRising

          Just watch last night show and you will see the faces of those who were there. 

      • Galloping Libertarian

         “Eye witnesses and security camera footage show a single shooter (Lanza).”

        We saw the Columbine security footage shortly after it happened.
        Have you seen the footage because if you have you are the only person I’ve ever heard of that has.

        We want to see the school security footage.

        • Anonymous

           I have not seen the footage.  I have seen some still captures and I have spoken with others who have seen the footage.  A lot of people are asking for the pictures and footage.  The footage show him forcing entry into the school, they don’t have room-by-room live footage, only forensic video/stills of the aftermath (incredibly bloody and disturbing).  I hope they never release those.  If people want to be turned on by gruesome scenes of murdered children, they can rent a crappy movie.  These are real children and real lives devastated (I’m not saying that is what you’re after since I don’t know you, but clearly there are other disaster tourists looking for a turn-on).  Eventually some things will be released, but I doubt it will be enough to satisfy everyone.  Sooner or later the security footage (Lanza forcing his way in) will be released, but probably not before conservatives make fools of themselves with errant speculation that will later be shown to be false and heartless.

          It was so bad they wouldn’t let the parents into the school.  Hardened cops and CSI labtechs were breaking down.  CT is a pretty liberal state, and authorities are “protecting” us and the families from further pain by not giving more images/video out.  Given what I HAVE seen, I understand their concerns.  If you wait long enough, some will be released, but in CT they are under no legal obligation to produce evidence gathered in an ongoing investigation–that’s why they keep this one ongoing.  Even so, local judges will have no qualms about sealing everything.

    • Anonymous

       And the comments above suggest it is a small group of us…. I don’t know what comments Glenn and his staff are looking at, because the VAST MAJORITY on all the stories posted at TheBlaze and Glenn Beck’s site here have been NEGATIVE. He has insulted his subscribers… and IS DOUBLING DOWN. 

      • Anonymous

        Bullcrap. You’re the vocal minority of nutters. Cancel your subscriptions if you want. I don’t want you to be associated with Beck. Shove off.

        • Anonymous

          LOL! YOU don’t want me (us) to be associated with Beck?? HAHAHAHAHA! Who the hellAreYou…his mommy??? And if I don’t agree with everything he says???You’reAF******* Drone.

    • Anonymous

      “My problem is that we learned FROM YOU to question everything WITH BOLDNESS.”

      This is what I have been thinking about Glenn for a while now. This is not the same Glenn that used to teach these things. He uses the tactics that he has taught us were Alenski style. “They are paranoid and delusional”

      My question is this (and if the answer is yes, then it is understandable, but maybe he should learn the topics he should stay away from.) Glenn, are you maybe worried about events that might arise that will cause the economy to take a drastic turn, and put a damper on your media venture/theme park? I know I would be if I sank as much money into something like you have done. The yes answer would be understandable, so just come out and say that…And then we can better understwand where you are coming from, and the views that you have.

      • Anonymous

        You conspiracy nuts ARE paranoid and delusional. Calling a spade a spade is not Alinsky tactics. Illogical hack.

    • Anonymous

      “Glenn, I am NOT some nut job conspiracy theorist.”

      Yes you are. Your comment just now proves it.

    • Anonymous

      “My problem is that we learned FROM YOU to question everything WITH BOLDNESS.”

      And there ARE a lot of questions that many have about this tragedy, and Glenn should TONE DOWN his skepticism, criticism and condemnation of those asking questions–and maybe even try to help answer some of the questions.

  • MaryAnne

    Just saw the screen shot of the SSDI website showing that Adam Lanza died the day before the shootings.

    • Anonymous

      Funny, so how is it that he is on security camera forcing his way into the school?  Just because they haven’t released those videos doesn’t mean they don’t exist.  I know several cops who have seen them, they’re just very disturbing. Please post your link to this website screen shot.

      • Daniel

         Just a still shot of Lanza entering is all anyone wants to see and verify. What’s the hold up?

        • Anonymous

          I to am having a very hard time with all of this but yes i agree i to would like some hard evidence of Lanze in the school 

  • Anonymous

    “All of our heroes seem to betray us” …Glenn Beck
    @glennbeck You said it. I think we’re done.

  • Anonymous

    “All of our heroes seem to betray us” …Glenn Beck
    @glennbeck You said it. I think we’re done.

  • Anonymous


  • Liberty or Death

    Game, set and match. Thank you umpires, thank you ball boys…I have debunked this!

    My God, you have turned into a self-righteous peice of shit Glenn.

    • Anonymous

      So, you’re not just a conspiracy nut, you’re also a vulgar sack of hatred. Bug off and good riddance.

  • Anonymous

    What about the CNN coverage of cop’s entering the school the first time? Because it’s not the newtown school they showed them entering. It’s the one that was having the drill ST. Rosa Pre School.

  • Wil Boykin


    Its super easy to polarize a group of people.  Generalize them into association with a group you want to disqualify.  Classic neopop-non-slander bull-crap.  You learned it by being the victim of lime light reporting.  Nice to see you’re chosen a higher path.

    I’ll just remove myself from your situation and pray for you.

  • d stacy sims

    Still think it stinks…Never believed in any conspiracy until this came about.  Strange that the govt was having a drill down the road at another school and this happened.  Too weird.

    • Liberty or Death

      You bet it stinks, the timing was very convenient, right after the election, right after Costas starts the gun debate in the liberal media (now that WAS a set-up), BOOM, the perfect tragedy to fuel a debate about gun ownership.

      Now i don’t know what’s real anymore, maybe this was a genuine tragedy and not a government plot or hoax, but what i DO know is that they are politisizing it to the max to advance their agenda. The government wants an unarmed populace. Now why is that?

      Damn, there I go again with a wacky conspiracy theory…

  • Anonymous

    What the heck? You can’t stand the truth about what school CNN showed the cop’s entering that morning so you deleted my comment about it being the ST Rosa Pre School and not the newtown school they showed. Check it out at intelhub dot com.

  • Anonymous

    Just found my first comment it wasn’t deleted after all

  • Anonymous

    First I have had problems with Glenn and his fear of being ridiculed by being wrong once in a while. But we know the shooting took place we know people died we know obama will take advantage of any situation to advance his addenda those are facts The confusion about the shooters weapon, the posting of the Sandy Hook relief web site 3 days before the shooting,
    the speed with which so many bills were submitted so quickly and lastly the fact we know obama has no qualms about the death of children or anyone “except his family” in the name of advancing his cause. Leads to the question of why so many inconsistencies?
    This as many questions about the man in the White House and my personal history with the “progressives” leads me to believe that once more Glenn is taking the path of least resistance.
    Glenn if you wish to debate this I will ant time you wish.

  • Gary T

    Mr . Beck ;  Giving what the Obama administration has created with election ,Fast and furious ,Bengazi ,ect. Is there any wonder People could beleive that Obama and Holder with FEMA and The eric Holder group could pull off such a thing as Sandy Hook . ARe you sure there was anyone killed at the school . I am not one that would buy into conspiracy theory . .But with what Obama has created in this country I would’nt put anything past him and his Machine .
    I am not sure of anything at this point ,I would like some real proof as crazy as that sounds .Thanks for reading this ..Gary

  • Anonymous

    People died at Sandy Hook, just not the way the media or your government said they did. Wake up Glen we kill kids all around the world everyday what makes you think it can’t be done in our own country. I agree with you that most of the stuff on the internet is  BS, but some things actually check out to be fact when you research it. For the most part everything coming out of the governments mouth on either side of the isle is a lie or at least not the total truth, and the media is worse. If this statement didn’t have a little truth to it  you wouldn’t have a show and I wouldn’t have anything to listen to. I’d like you to debunk the old man Gene who had a different version of his story every time a camera was in his face. Enough said, not enough room or time to type it. This is way bigger than our government or a shooting. God Bless and keep up the good work!   2 Thessalonians 2:9-12

  • Melly

    “It takes a special kind of lowlife to turn suffering families into insane conspiracy theories.”  How can you say a thing like that, when you used the death of Chris Stevens to advance your own insane conspiracy theories.

    • FreedomFray

      Melly, can you please explain what insane conspiracy theory you are referring to in regards to Chris Stevens?

      • Melly

         Stevens being there to sell arms, for one.  Another one being that the forums are a CIA front.  I could go on, but those two are absurd enough.

  • Doug Bland

    I was actually considering Blaze as an option to the bullshit main stream media.  Kinda looks like you turned into it.  I’m not a Sandy Hook anything but any idiot, maybe even you, can see that the 911 commission report was full of crap.  I would love to see you get out your little chalk board and take on a few architects and engineers that are well informed (and any eye witnesses if any are still alive) on the subject and then tell us all how stupid we are.  

    Congratulations, your recent show was the biggest load of douchbagery I’ve seen in a very long time.   



    • Steve

      Sadly, I agree completely. The utter pointless crap that i have seen on the Blaze and here over the last few months has left me a little bemused. Clearly, I have to conclude that money changes a man.

      Obama in pee, Glenn’s fashion sense, Glenn’s recipes, Glenn’s top ten whatevers, Victor the courageous dog, I want to be a better husband, Misfits ball, blah blah blah, and now a series of stories exploiting what happened at Sandy Hook. Makes me feel sick.

      Im through Beck.

      • Anonymous

        “[E]xploiting what happened at Sandy Hook” is what the left and you conspiracy nuts do. Glenn’s fighting both. Wake up.

    • Anonymous

      ” I’m not a Sandy Hook anything but any idiot, maybe even you, can see that the 911 commission report was full of crap.”

      AKA, “I’m not a Sandy Hook Truther, those guys are crazy. I only stick with the ORIGINAL brand, 9/11!”

      Don’t want to watch The Blaze? Good riddance, nutjob.

  • Robert Wayne

    Glenn?! First you shot down Alex Jones,one who seeks truth, NOW, you are shooting down your own subscribers who seek truth. I think you’ll be losing some subscribers .

  • Trythis Last

    I do not question the fact of the shooting….hard to imagine anybody would.
    My concern for ” consipracy ” is some of the reported victim parents.
    THEY seemed suspect/ actors.
    If there is a conspiracy, it is not of fact, but for after benefit.

  • Chris Wornham

    The ends justify the means.
    The sinking of the Lithuania in order to enter world war 1
    The bombing of pearl harbor in order to enter world war 2
    The destruction of the world trade towers in order to go to war in the middle east.
    The con. Massacre in order to ban firearms.
    Not saying government did these things but they at least knew about it and let it happen to further an agenda. I bet the last one is for when they start fully implementing agenda 21. Can’t have the people fighting back now can they.

  • Anonymous

    Who is Glenn Beck anymore? This is the man that not so long ago opened my eyes to the likes of george soros and the hard truth to the progressive /  new world order agenda. The fact is that this agenda can go nowhere until the people / their enemy is disarmed. The govt. either had something to do with this or satan is more powerful than i ever imagined. 

    • Perry Wall

      glenn doesn’t think the cia or nato could screw up lanza’s head,by hypnosis,him day after day and use drugs on him ,and break him down completely,and reprogram him ,you know the military was the ones that started experamented with lsd for mind control.did you all see the guy that shot up the theater when he was in court he was doped out of his mind.I don’t know about all the actor stuff or a 2nd shooter ,but lanza could have been manchurian candid

  • Chris Wornham

    Glenn nobody is saying it didn’t happen it definitely happened. It’s the details that are fishy and you didn’t answer any of those questions just like the details in bengazi. You know what happend and you know you question these things too. You just dont want to be labeled a conspiracy nut and lose credibility. The problem is you don’t have any credibility anyway. Your still labeled a conspiracy nut despite your best efforts. So stop putting people down for doing what you told them to do. I don’t watch your show, I do read your newsletter from time to time because I like different perspectives but like I said you shouldn’t put your actual viewers down because they pay to watch you.

    • Anonymous

      “Glenn nobody is saying it didn’t happen”

      Actually, yes, many ARE saying that. Those people are conspiracy nuts. You are just a different FLAVOR of conspiracy nut.

      “stop putting people down for doing what you told them to do”

      He didn’t tell you to be a fool with no common sense or critical thinking skills.

  • Anonymous

    Ummm…I don’t doubt the massacre that occurred in Sandy hook – but the official details don’t add up…… Beck still blathering about the Black Founding Fathers? Such a credible source Beck is… 

  • SargintRock

    I never believed in Conspiracy theories before but I just recently saw the info on the lies in the Warren Report about the Kennedy killing. One bullet blarney and doctored autopsy photos.The Zapgruder film analysis. Was this a conspiracy?
    If it was and I believe it, how much more chilling to realize that numerous Administrations and people on both sides of the aisle knew it too, and still cling to the one bullet theory.
    Now who are the ” Nut Cases”?

  • Take 2


  • Anonymous

    Talk about red flags, just remember Benghazi and Beck’s suspicions on the event when first exposed. I’m sure that many people called him nuts with his “take” on the case. How many people were called truthers on that one until more facts came out. In this case, there are too many things that are questionable that don’t make sense in the case. Newtown DID happen, but we don’t have an official report from anybody yet. Reaction from people, parents and witnesses are VERY questionable when they look so “staged”. Lastly, just look at the sources that Glenn used to debunk the questions. He might as well just take the government’s word for what they say.

  • Anonymous

    Here we go again you bunch of pussies if it was a SHOW then plan for your asses to be rape your brain’s blown out your family pushed into gas chamber’s have your neck’s cut and whatever else they choose to do to us because if they did stage this whole thing you are as good as dead is that real enough for you what the hell do you really think you are going to do if they want YOU that’s right not one thing, life is the battle of good over evil if someone turn’s in there weapon’s because they are told to BEWARE ,car’s ,truck’s are a evil weapon if people become sick enough to use them as a weapon so stop with the back and forth .
    We here all know something is wrong maybe the truth is that your just finding out that we have been lied to our whole life put that in your conspiracy pipe and take a big hit !!
    Are any of you out there willing to die for your conspiracy ?
    The truth is most of you will turn and run the proof of that is very evident in the bullshit I’ve read here your not as bad ass as you think you are!
    Just word’s on a screen ,we will see won’t we .
    Jared Loughner
    James Holmes
    Adam Lanza
    One thing they all had in common CRAZY F’in murder’s with gun’s , but not my gun’s so make a point BIG GOV’

  • Snorri Sturluson

    I’ve heard Germans deny that industrial murder of Jews, Gypsies, Catholics happened during WWII. I’ve heard Americans claim that the moon landings were fake, that 911 was done by the Federal government. The overt denial of objective reality is indicative of psychic disorder / disease. Such people are best isolated and watched.

  • Galloping Libertarian

    So what in the hell is all the hubbub about assault rifles if one was NOT USED IN THE SANDY HOOK SHOOTING???????????? “New information from a couple of Federal Officials and State Officials” “They say now that there were 4 handguns recovered inside the school not just 2 as we Were initially told.” “4 handguns and apparently only handguns that were taken into the school”
    “We knew that Adam Lanza the man said to be the gunman here also had an
    assault style AR-15 style rifle that he had taken to the school that
    was in the car that he drove there, his mothers car but we’ve been told
    by several officials he left that in the car”
    was NBC and Pete Williams their Chief Justice correspondent quoting
    multiple Federal and State officials in the case. I’d say that is the
    reliable report. If they want to keep coming after “Assault Rifles” this
    vid should be shoved in everyone’s face until they back off.

    This wasn’t “the scoop” but the day after from NBC. Getting the information from Federal and State officials.Now it’s being forgotten in all the hysteria. You
    think Pete Williams who has been around forever is going to make this
    up the day after or go right to the source to get the story? Here’s his bio:

     Xtra-large chest on Soto…and some photoshopping.
    binding??? Media manipulation or did I she get a massive boob job and
    learn how to dislocate her hips and ass because she thinks it looks so
    Jennifer Lopez…It’s physically impossible for her to be sitting like
    that. fishy…matter of fact everything I’ve seen on this entire incident stinks.

  • Galloping Libertarian

    is the largest database of Democide death/murder by government on the
    net after disarmament.262,000,000 million slaughtered by their own
    governments.4 times more murdered by their own governments than those
    killed in ALL THE WARS IN THE LAST CENTURY COMBINED. Think about for a
    minute. Are you going to turn in any weapon if they are banned? Anyone
    that says “Oh but that could never happen here, this is the USA” is
    historically unaware.

    Democide is the best argument against any kind of restrictions or gun bans of any kind.

  • Anthony Welsh

    Our government caught in FAST AND FURIOUS.  Hitler backed terrorist attacks on his own people to generate support.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, I don’t think those videos said the shooting never happened, or that the entire town were actors.  They’re saying “crisis actors” (not from the crisis actors company but rather government agents sent there to BE actors) to appear to be grieving parents to play up for the cameras the need for gun control.  THAT’S the conspiracy theory, and its based on video and pictures, that’s the evidence.

  • Anonymous

    If that’s what you call DEBUNKNG………’re not as smart as I thought you were.  You didn’t address at all the FOUNDATIONAL thing that set this whole thing off……….THE GOOGLE WEBSITES SET UP 3 DAYS BEFORE THE INCIDENT HAPPENED TO COLLECT DONATIONS FOR THE MASSACRE.


    I’ve been a HUGE supporter of you guys, but you’re beginning to get a little TOO FULL of yourselves as the ONLY SOURCE OF TRUTH.

    You keep calling those of us INSANE when you REFUSE to everr address the PRIME EVIDENCE or LOOK AT IT.

    I know you’re soooooooooool RICH and soooooooooooo IINDEPENDANT that you don’t care if you lose your business………..I don’t care if you lose your business either.


    ANY END JUSTIFIES THE MEANS for these kinds of people………..and if you don’t know that by now……….you need to SMELL YOUR HAIR and see if you’ve been sleeping with your head up your BUTT!!

  • Eugene Surratt

    The rock that floats upon the sands has trembled. Comes now a crying of the multitudes.
    From the shadow comes one that is not pleased with the choice of the Stonekeepers. That which was in the Mountain is in danger.

    Let the theorists chew on that.

  • Anonymous

    If Glen shows up suspiciously dead, someone better supeona Twinkie the Kid and quick!

  • Sarah Conner

    I’m glad I’m not the only one questioning what the msm is trying to shovel down my throat…doing research,don’t really find ‘boots’on the ground with any network,including Fox…also a Sandy Hook relief fund set up on the internet 3 days before the alleged shooting took place…filmfootage shows different angles of the shooter with persons seeming to escort him towards the school,then they disappear…the bushmaster was never taken into the school as reported by the msm [was in the trunk of the car ]too many unanswered questions being covered up by the screaming left to take our guns away…like Benghazi,these questions won’t be answered to our  satisfaction…the only thing transparent about this nazi state is the fact that they will lie and stonewall to cover-up the true agenda…the downfall of our great nation and I’m not having any of that…now or ever…keep on keeping on,Glen…patriots are listening and locking and loading…

  • Michael Morkve

    I would just like it if Beck could find out for us who those two men who were ran down and handcuffed were and why we have not heard anything about them? Seems a simple fix to come out and say we were wrong and they were not involved so we let them go and are protecting their privacy, but nothing. And what about the video of them taking the long-gun out of the trunk of the his car when it was supposed to have been inside with him? I am not a conspiracy theorist but these do seem like very strange inconsistancies and if we are unwillng to challenge such obvious inconsitancies then haven’tmwe really already given up any sense of a right to that which is real and true?

  • Anonymous

    Glen, after being without my computer for weeks for repairs, I’m actually glad after reading about all of this — on BOTH sides here! While I also have thought of all of the 9-11 Truthers and the other things mentions as nutjobs, I do have very strong questions about the Sandy Hook disaster. I say that because I watched Fox News as all of that was happening and remember seeing a couple men fleeing and being chased by SWAT (?) before the actual story of what happened (supposedly?) was released. Then, nothing was EVER mentioned about that segment again! I actually thought I’d somehow gotten stories mixed up at one point. That is, until I saw the YouTube video questioning that very part of the ordeal.
    No, I do NOT believe the whole town were actors – that’s ludicrous! Those children were gunned down by animals – or an animal? Those parents are rightfully grieving a tremendous loss, and all that responded were doing their jobs. Do I believe the government did this? NO! But I do believe that there are those desperate enough to do WHATEVER it would take to remove guns from Americans; after all, it’s the LAST STEP that’s in their way of their agenda! So, do I believe a small, powerful group of those capable of pulling off a scene that absolutely would get the attention of EVERY American to get on board with them? Yes! That I do believe!!!

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