Should Stevie Wonder be able to buy a gun?

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Heated debate broke out on radio today as to whether or not a blind person should be able to own a gun or not. Should disability mean a loss of your constitutional rights? Or should common sense be applied and not let people who cannot see walk around carrying weapons? Glenn, who argued for the former, believed he could convince people who didn’t think blind people should have guns that he was right, and he could do it in less than five sentences.

During a quick interview with CNN’s Piers Morgan, Stevie Wonder said, “And I was talking to one of my friends, and I said, you know, you should go get me a gun, let me go with you to get a gun, and then I can show how easy it is for me to get a gun. Then imagine me with a gun. It’s just crazy. I think we have to do something about it.”

Is he right? Is it crazy for a blind person to have a gun? Glenn didn’t think so, and he had five sentences to prove his argument.

What were the five sentences?

“Inalienable rights” mean that they’re rights that come from God and cannot be taken from you. The right to bear arms is about protecting yourself and self‑defense as long as you are a law‑abiding citizen. It’s not about shooting sports but self‑defense. Is there any reason to believe that Stevie Wonder is not a law‑abiding citizen or insane? Who are you to take the right that was given by God away from somebody who is law‑abiding and a responsible citizen?

While Glenn makes a sound argument, Pat was not convinced and a heated debated ensued.

PAT: First of all, we have limits on all our inalienable rights. None of them are limitless rights. The right to free speech is not limitless. This, the example that’s always cited is you can’t scream “fire” in a movie theater.

GLENN: Absolutely.

PAT: Because you could harm others.

GLENN: Hang on. But we do not put gags in people’s mouths when they walk into a theater.

PAT: I know, but there are common sense things that you have to take into consideration like ‑‑

GLENN: So do we.

PAT: ‑‑ what will this person do with a gun when he has it when he can’t see what he’s shooting at?

GLENN: I’m sorry. But I don’t ‑‑ I don’t know that we make a blanket law like that. I don’t ‑‑ I’m ‑‑ who are you to say that?

PAT: Can we make a blanket law that you can’t drive?

GLENN: If I have a ‑‑ do I just say, “Hey, anybody with Tourette’s can’t go into a movie theater” because I don’t know. They might scream out “fire! Fire!” They say the most inappropriate thing at the most inappropriate time. So do we just say, “Okay, just blanket law. I know everybody can go, has freedom of speech, but you people with Tourette’s, you might say something that is really inappropriate and against the law.” Do we do that?

PAT: No, but that’s ‑‑ that’s a silly example. Because we’re talking about ‑‑

GLENN: No, it’s not a silly example. Excuse me.

PAT: We’re talking about common sense. And common sense says that you’ve got a deadly weapon in the hands of somebody who can’t see what they’re shooting at.

GLENN: Why is it against the law to yell fire in a movie theater? Because it will cause panic and people will trample people to death.

PAT: Uh‑huh.

GLENN: So it’s a deadly weapon. The tongue is a pretty powerful weapon.

PAT: That’s just silly.

GLENN: No, it is not silly.

When Pat argued that blind people would not know what they were looking at, Glenn got even more riled.

“You don’t know what you’re looking at,” Pat said.

“You’ve turned me around.  That’s why we should not let blind people on sidewalks because if they’re by themselves without a dog, how can they possibly ever cross the street?  They can’t cross the street.  They can’t see cars coming.  They don’t even know what’s out in the street.  We teach our kids right from birth practically, look both ways.  They can’t look both ways.  Let’s not let them on the sidewalk, they can never go on the street,” Glenn said.

The argument continued throughout the show, with Glenn

“I am not taking away somebody’s right to own a gun and use it in self‑defense, unless they are an irresponsible person that has proven themselves to be irresponsible because of insanity or because they’re not a law‑abiding citizen,” Glenn said.

The argument continued throughout the show, but eventually in the second hour everyone arrived roughly in the same place on the issue:

GLENN: So Pat said he was torn on it. Stu said he was torn on it. And I made the case last hour that you shouldn’t be torn on it. Stevie Wonder is a law‑abiding citizen, he’s an intelligent human being, he’s a responsible human being, he’s wrong on a lot of stuff but he’s a responsible human being. Stevie Wonder’s not going to go into a gun store and buy a gun and then just be like, “Look at me. I’m the blind man with a gun, pow, pow, pow.” There’s nobody who is buying a gun that is reasonable that doesn’t understand that is a deadly weapon. That’s why we don’t let kids go in and buy guns. Because you have to have a certain level of understanding.

Now, there’s a lot of people that I don’t think should have a gun but as long as they’re not breaking the law, as long as they have not proven themselves to be grossly irresponsible, I can’t take that away. I can’t take away their inalienable right for self‑defense.

PAT: And I think we’ve all now arrived at that same place, right?

GLENN: You can’t ‑‑

PAT: I’m there, yes. It’s ‑‑

GLENN: And Pat ‑‑ and Stu is there. Jeffy, are you there?

JEFFY: I’m sorry. What?

GLENN: Are you listening to Imus again? Are you ‑‑ are you there

JEFF: Yes.



GLENN: All right. Thank you. Jeez, for the love of Pete.

  • Anonymous


    I have a friend who’s daughter is totally blind she not only shoots but has flown his plane, Give Blind people more credit than you are doing in this piece….. People will find ways to overcome disabilities.

    • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      I do, as we have an elderly gentleman where I live at who is legally blind yet is a skilled martial artist. None have yet been able to surprise him by ‘sneaking up’ and he is remarkable in many other areas.

      We never know our true limits until something is taken away from us and then we see how far we can push ourselves to find new ways to do old things.

      • landofaahs

        I thought it was because he was black and we know most of the gun violence is black on black crime. But I could see where you would just disarm liberals so that you would not be called a racist.

      • Matt Driscoll

        See this is why we need AR-15’s. To protect us from crazy, elderly, blind men who karate chop at leisure. Good post Snowleopard.

    • Draxx

      Most Boundaries and Limitations for people with handicaps are decided by people without the same handicap.  They start by telling them what they cannot do instead of letting them discover their own limitations without prejudices added…

      Inside the Box Thinkers like to Limit Outside the Box Thinkers, it has been that way for most of history.

      • Anonymous

        so-called handicapped people can do anything if only given the chance! they really are very special people,we can learn a-lot from them! democrats are great pretenders they say one thing and do another they say the are not prejudice but they are the ones who are!they say they are for the working class but they are not they are the elitists,etc,etc!

        • Matt Driscoll

          You really are dumb as balls. Actually it was Democrats who championed the Americans with Disabilities Act. Please look it up. Reagan was attempting to deregulate business and he attempted to put disability regulations on the chopping block. Do you know why that is? Because Democrats actually care about people other than those who are rich and white, which is why Republicans lost the election. BOO-YAA!!!  

          • Anonymous

             Republicans lost because democrats cheat!
            Republicans lost democrats give stuff away that doesn’t belong to them.
            It’s the democrats that take the rights away from people in the name of safety.
            It’s the democrats that are bankrupting America

          • Anonymous

            Amen @brokefoot. It’s as simple as you’ve stated. The dumpthecraps are responsible for all the woes we face in America today. How these people sleep nights is beyond my comprehension.

          • crazy betty

            All members of the KKK were democrats.  oh yea, they care about people.  you’re dumb as a box of hair.

    • ABR

      Now this is insane!  A totally blind person doesn’t need to be shooting a gun.  How can they tell what they are shooting at?  Well then just don’t worry when you learn that the pilot of the next plane you fly on is totally blind!  Crazy!

      • Robert Lang

        Why not have a blind pilot.  As long as he can set the dials, the CPU can run the plane, and in all cases, better than a human.  As far as Mr. Wonder and a gun, what is he is kidnapped?  What if he is being beatened in an enclosed room where he is with only his tormentor?  He has no ight to self defense?

      • Anonymous

        Her father let her set her boundaries so when she wanted learn to shoot he taught her….. when she wanted to learn to fly he taught her when she wanted to help when he was building their house he let her help these experiences help built confidence in what one can do…. she is now happily married and successful in her carrier in a major U.S. city. And friend nowhere in the U.S. Constitution does it say who can’t own something other than another human being.

    • crazy betty

      glenn is giving them credit – it’s pat who is being the jerk about this.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Here is my view on all of the rights we are endowed with by God, especially that of bearing arms for self-defense. 

    The right must not be infringed upon by the government so long as the individual in concern has not been demonstrated to be a genuine danger to others by insanity, incompetency, or criminal intentions. 

    For those who question this right going to include such matters as people buying or having tanks, cannon and such gear, consider that there are procedures established by law that does allow them to be obtained. This is not an infringement on the right for self defense.

    Any and all laws believed to infringe on the right to self-defense and to bear arms should be challenged in the court of law.

    • landofaahs

      Actually the govt. should be disarmed with the exception of the armed services during war.  I don’t mean nukes being eliminated either.

  • Sam Fisher

    I think I am on Pat’s side with this one. If you can’t see what you are shooting at then you become a danger. This is why we don’t let blind people drive.

    • Brett McMichael

      Can a blind person own a car?

    • Brett McMichael

      Can a blind person own a car?

      • Anonymous

        Of course. Can’t drive it, but he can certainly own it.

    • Draco Morrison

      Dumbasses, just use a braille targeting scope

    • Stanly Tedwick

       Driving isn’t an inalienable right. Owning a gun is.

      • Sam Fisher

        Show me that a blind person can shoot safely and I will take back everything I said.

        • Stanly Tedwick

           I think depending on the circumstances (like surrounding houses, whether or not somebody else lives with them) a blind person could easily shoot a bad guy. They have acute hearing, they could shoot them from across the room with a shotgun if necessary. If they’re being chocked or something, they could use a handgun to shoot the bad guy up close.

          • Sam Fisher

            I can admit that is a possibility.

          • Stanly Tedwick


  • Anonymous

    An this is why I don’t like Pat and wish Beck would lose the sidekick.  Pat is a progressive and always has been.

    • Stanly Tedwick

      Or fire him because he’s not funny and has an annoying voice and talks over the sound bites and generally seems to think he’s on the Glenn Beck and Pat Gray Program. He’s not a progressive, though. I find it perfectly reasonable that somebody right or left might be apprehensive about handing out guns to blind people. I don’t agree with it, but I understand where they’re coming from.

  • Anonymous

    What do God given inalienable rights have to do with being a law abiding citizen?  They have no relationship.

  • Anonymous

    Should a mute be able to purchase a megaphone?  Glenn’s topic for tomorrow.

    • Anonymous

      Hahaha…..that was admittedly funny.

      • Anonymous

        You were the only person that didn’t understand BRESSLER’s original post. That’s ok if you didn’t; it isn’t my job to define to you what you didn’t get. Don’t feel badly, it isn’t your fault. It’s the education system in this country.

  • Jason Dotson

    Glenn……slummin for ratings dude……..I thought you were cereberal. This due to the sudden outbreak of millions of law abiding blind citizens<——- get a phuqing grip. What's next, the surge of blind ppl applying for driver's license. Progressive collectivism IS the great lie…

  • William

    By the same token he shouldn’t be able to vote either.

  • William

    By the same token he shouldn’t be able to vote either.

  • Wil Boykin

    I blind man can own and sell firearms, without the intention of ever firing one.  A blind man understands that he does not see his target, his “Line of sight” isn’t one.  Yet, by limiting his possession, you limit his ability to merchandise, preserve, display, auction, gift or otherwise, non-lethally possess and present firearms.  THAT is the VERY least of instances I can imagine.  What can you think up?

  • Anonymous

     It doesn’t take much vision to push a firearm against an attacker’s center of mass and pull the trigger… In fact a blind person is probably less likely to fire a weapon inappropriately as they would have to be in contact with an attacker to be sure of a hit.

  • Ashley Blythe

    What is an unalienable right? Glenn, you should refer to the legal definition as the root words reveal the most accurate meaning of the whole word.

    Lien/ NOUN/ A right to keep property belonging to another person (collateral) until a debt is paid.  A lien is a legal contract which is commonly used in real estate.
    Lienable/ ADJECTIVE/ Capable of being subjected to or made the subject of a lien.
    Alienable/ ADJECTIVE/ Transferable to another’s ownership.
    Unalienable/ ADJECTIVE/ Something that cannot be surrendered, sold or transferred to someone else or be made the collateral of a debt.

    If you have a right which is UN-a-LIEN-able, that right cannot be bought, sold, surrendered, or be used as collateral for a debt.  For example, if you have the right to life, no one can put you either by choice or force into a contract which requires you to pay a debt in order to retain the privileges of that right.

  • Rick Townley

    Okay, I get it Glenn. But if a blind person lives with a deaf mute there could be some really bad problems. Just sayin’  :) 

  • Celia Millard


    • Coach Allen Ray

       … and if the sound they hit just happens to be their child who might be trying to sneak into the house (because they were out when they should have been home, and their parent will know who it is if they walked in through the front door, because in addition to heightened hearing, their sense of smell is also enhanced, and they know each of their family members by scent — much like a dog would) … now we have a tragedy, don’t we?

  • Anonymous

    If Stevie Wonder was denied the buying of a gun by a gun shop because he is blind, you would have every liberal including the president up in arms over it. The Rev. Jackson and Al Sharpten would be marching in the streets in front of the place to shut it down for discrimination.

  • vinny

    Identify themselves? WTF is that. Like criminals are gonna identify themselves to u Beck! By the time you’re done your little speech to them, they will have shot u. 

  • andy rickard
  • Sandy Pfaff

    He can hear and feel and all of his other senses are heightened by the fact that he can’t see he even plays the piano doesn’t he?  How has his inability to see restrained him in any other way?  

  • Blairolina
  • Blairolina
  • Blairolina
  • Vincent Weaver

    Not saying a blind person shouldn’t have a gun, but what if the person coming into the house is deaf and can’t hear the blind man saying “tell me know you are or I’ll shoot”?

  • Anonymous

    I have a blind friend who has hunted and shot a russian boar, a black bear, a turkey, numorous deer and a pheasant in flight.  he is a very responsible hunter who by the way is only 14. 

  • John Meshkoff

    IIRC, an American’s Civil Rights, on an individual basis, can only be removed or restricted by a court-order; a case-by-case basis. For example, an individual convicted of a felony can have his right to bear arms retricted (I once knew an ex-conn (now deceased) who shot a police officer (self-defense, during an attempted armed-robbery, for which he was exonerated!), and he had a court-order restricting him to owning a shot-gun for self-protection (the police have no legal obligation to protect the individual citizen; that is an individual responsibility under current American legal jurisprudence).

    HTH, John

  • Don Bahn

    Blind people have a heighten sense of hearing and can hit a target without seeing, any criminal would just laugh at a blind person with a gun. As Glenn said if a person refuses to identify him self they deserve to be killed.

  • Alvin691

    It’s right next to muskets

  • Michelle Anne de Guzman

    I have a friend who is blind and owns a gun. She has never killed any one. She is a law abiding citizen. So why should you now take that away from her?

  • Lee Anderson

    God given rights are UNALIENABLE rights – not inalienable. Inalienable rights are a concept of  reason rather than ‘a priori’ existence. UNALIENABLE rights hold that they are a gift from a creator, not subject to reason or personal ownership; inalienable rights are a by product of man (or natural condition) and owned by himself. UNALIENABLE affirms an external grantor. UNALIENABLE rights are superior and can never taken by governments or other men; inalienable rights by definition the lesser of the two and man may be induced (or coerced) through flawed reason surrender personal rights. There is a reason the Declaration of Independence used the words UNALIENABLE RIGHTS.

  • GhillieHead

    Glenn is right.  You other two are IDOITS!

  • Anonymous

    As long as drive-up ATM machines have instructions in Braille, “WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE” if blind people own firearms? They obviously have the capability to drive and do their banking  while doing so.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t care if he plans to shoot or not. He is a citizen of this country and he has the right to own a gun. Period.

  • Anonymous

    I think he should.  If they don’t let him get a permit, then they are going to be racists, just stay out of his way.  They will all do what they want anyway we have no say so anymore.

  • Robert D Marshner

    My Mom is blind and can out shoot me and I can see I have shot at a person in the dark but I grew up around my Mom I can close my eyes and hear where you are if I want to hit you I could so I know how she out shoots me and my Mom has clocks from the blind place which tells you what time it is it talks to you seeing isn’t always best your eyes can play tricks on you being around my Mom I have learned more from her than I ever did in school I learned how to tell what things are by touch I have learned how to walk around in total darkness and know where everything is I really Think Stevie Wonder is selling himself short he should try shooting a gun I let my mom use my guns when I’m not home I really need to buy her one that’s smaller and easier for her to use than my guns they are more made for some with large hands 

  • Anonymous

    could you imagine stevie wonder the crockidile hunter,lol.

    • Matt Driscoll

      SHUT UP!!!!

  • Mike Kelly

    If Stevie can find a middle “C” with no problem, he could hit a moving target.  Blind people have very keen skills.

  • Val Killmoore

    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”  Not ‘inalienable’…  

  • Anonymous

    Why not ? I see them driving several times a dasy.

  • Melvin Lisa Ashburn

    My wife is legally blind, but I would force your way into our house if I was you, while she has her 20 ga. pump!

  • Melvin Lisa Ashburn

    Lisa is leaglly blind but I wouldn’t forse your way into our house while she has our 20ga. pump!

  • Renfru Muldoon

    I would recommend a shot gun!

  • Carole Snyder

    “It’s always 3 o’clock to a blind man!”   Bad form, Pat.  Don’t assume that blind people aren’t as aware of their surroundings as sighted people.  Of course they will know the time and circumstances they are in.  Anyone who is or knows a blind person would know this.

  • Draco Morrison

    You fail to see the point.  “Should a responsible blind person be allowed to carry a gun”

    or “should a responsible blind person be allowed to own a car”
    He may own as many cars as he wants, but as soon as he attempts to drive it he’s shown he is no longer responsible.  
    As soon as he attempts to shoot stuff he cannot see, he’s shown he is not responsible.  But its his unalienable right to own a gun, and use it responsibly.

    Pat should not be allowed to own a refrigerator, he does not use it responsibly. 

  • Skye Flynn

    Stevie thinks blind people shouldn’t have guns cause he’s never seen a Hollywood ninja movie where the blind person, or person made to be blind, gets the bad guy by shooting him or karate chopping him. Get it? “he’s never seen”. get it? lol.

    • ShroudedSciuridae

      Your argument refuting someone who has been blind his whole life and knows full well his limitations is “I saw it in a movie once?”  You my friend, are an idiot.

  • landofaahs

    Aren’t all liberals blind?

  • Kenneth Heavrin

    Only if the gun takes 88 keys to operate it!

  • Ryk Iytean

    It may be a bad reference, but there is an old John Wayne movie called “El Dorado” that shows James Caan buying a gun that used to belong to a man “who couldn’t see too good”. During the explination of the weapon it turns out that the vision impaired man killed a piano player by accident & was Hanged for murder.
    The point, there are laws, & were then, for the irresponsible handling & use of firearms. The idea that a blind person should be unable to put up a defense simply because they are blind is wrong!
    Infringing on anyone’s ability to defend themselves is WRONG. Unless someone PROVES to be irresponsible, or dangerous.
    The side of the argument that seems to be lost is the legal stipulation of “presumption of innocence”; the very idea of “gun control” is WRONG because it presumes a gun owner I object!

  • ShroudedSciuridae

    Really now? GOD said you can have any gun you want?  Where do you find that verse in the bible?

  • suz

    great set.  glenn made some great points — HE DID! BUT, common sense should rule. the blind man can have a gun in his house.  conceal carry — that would be an interesting conversation.

    pat.  blind people know what time it is in as much time as it takes for sighted people —  it’s not always 3:00 in the morning.

  • Kyle Jones

    Screaming fire in a movie theater is not a limit on freedom. Freedom comes with responsibility, you as an individual have the responsibility to not scream fire in a movie theater. If you choose not to you aren’t being responsible and should face consequences. 

  • Coach Allen Ray

    “Stevie Wonder is a law‑abiding citizen, he’s an intelligent human
    being, he’s a responsible human being, he’s wrong on a lot of stuff but
    he’s a responsible human being.”

    No, Glenn, you choose to disagree with a lot of things Stevie Wonder believes — that doesn’t make him wrong (except in your eyes, of course) — that means each of you has an opinion, which should be respected.

  • David Cabell
  • Gary Johnston

    I don’t think gun ownership is inalienable. The inalienable rights refer to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

  • Gary Johnston

    Oh, Man! Now I know Americans are nuts.

  • Ken Henkel

    A brass knuckles is a contact weapon that no one should disallow a blind person to have.  Likewise, some guns are so small, like the American Arms .22 LR revolvers are so puny in stopping power, it is far better to use by firing it with contact with the assailants’ neck.  Mr. Wonder should be able fire it in a dark alley in that manner.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn you’re an idiot.

  • Steve Barker

    The most disturbing thing about this whole conversation is, that nobody seems at all concerned  that a 60 year old man still refers to himself as Stevie. That’s where the dialogue should begin.

  • Anonymous

    The real issue here is that there is no need for any regular citizen to have a gun. This is debatable of course, many Americans seems to think otherwise and I could probably spend my whole life arguing the point to no avail. I guess it just comes down to a question of how much you value human life over ‘self defence’.

     America Vs Australia 
    -Australia’s 1996 reform banned semi-automatics and pump action shotguns. Two massive buybacks saw the destruction of 820,000 guns. The reforms were very difficult as guns were a part of culture at the time, just like it is in America now, although American Politics and the lobbying power of groups such as the NRA make me think Americans will be shooting each other for a long time coming…
    -Since the reforms there have been NO MASS SHOOTINGS. At all? Really? No kids lying dead on the classroom floor from semi-automatic spray? That’s weird…..

    -The USA has only 14 times Australia’s population… but it also has
    -104 times Australia’s total firearm deaths, 30,143 (USA 2005) vs 289 (AUS 2003)
    -294 times the homicide rate – 12,352 (USA 2005) vs 42 (AUS 2005)

    While massacres and school shootings are almost becoming a regular thing in America, Australians today enjoy one of the safest communities on Earth. It doesn’t matter if you’re blind, evil, law abiding, responsible or whatever – the fact is that if most of the population are just walking around with guns there’s bound to be innocent people dying, and that includes children. Would ‘God’ really give you an “unalienable” right that causes so many extra innocent men, women and children to die in your country each year??

    Find other ways to defend yourselves. Learn karate!

    • Draco Morrison

      Karate would take down speeding semi-automatic bullets aimed at your head easy.    dumbass

      • Anonymous

        I’m not the one who lives in a “dumbass” country where I have to worry about semi-automatic bullets flying towards my head. We have enough responsibility to our community and enough common sense to have developed a more mature outlook on firearms and their effect on the community. 
        It’s interesting that you couldn’t really attack my argument but rather try and make a snide remark on my little end note, you must be quite intelligent.

  • ed s

    Mr Beck’s mocking Stevie yesterday for his “english” is reprehensible.  Not to mention your treatment of his disability.

    Perhaps it would be only fair if Stevie were to mock you and your demons.  However, he is too much of a gentleman to blow to your level.

  • Anonymous

    When we are lacking in on sense, the others are magnified; At least that’s what I am told. He may have super hearing and therefore no one can sneak up on him without losing a body part.

  • Leni Bjerg

    Only if he wants to start competing in target shooting. I can see no reason why else a private persons need to have fire arms.

  • Jack Daniel Laurence

    I was a bit disappointed because on Facebook it said “Should Stevie Wonder be able to buy a gun?” and then on here it says “Heated debate broke out on radio today as to whether or not a blind person should be able to own a gun or not.”. I’m not interested in any old blind person, I wanna hear about whether my favorite musician gets to own a gun or not. 

  • Rich Rodeheaver

    As a professional firearms instructor I once (about 10 years ago) had the pleasure of training a young lady who was blind from birth to shoot.  It was her wish for her twenty-first birthday, and her family obliged. I had trained many sighted students before her, and many thousands since her, but none I would consider more desirable as a partner in a gunfight.  She learned the classroom basics as well and as quickly as any student, and when given a target she was able to hear, she didn’t miss – at all.  Her acute sense of hearing also enabled her to distinguish which sound(s) to shoot at.  In the dark, she would have even more of an advantage.  Do I think she should be able to own a firearm for her personal protection?  Without any reservations  at all. Knowing what to shoot is far more important than seeing what to shoot – especially if you can make the shot without needing to see.

  • Annie

    If Stevie or any similarly disabled American felt the need to employ armed guards to protect them, shouldn’t they be able to purchase guns to supply these guards?

  • James Malarsie

    My son was blinded in Afghanistan – totally.  He owned a gun before he went and still has it.  He doesn’t go out in public with it, he doesn’t stalk schools and theaters, he does’t talk smack and pretend he’s a gunslinger. He does know how to use it and is responsible in the handling and storage of the weapon and ammo. We have gone to a shooting range and shared some wonderful time together doing something he loves.  With a wife and three children, he shares the same worries for their welfare and protection that any sighted, responsible husband/father does and has earned the right to provide that security. Don’t try to vilify him or make him out to be some sort of a violence monger.  Get off the the paranoia wagon and use some rational judgement in the matter.

  • Jay Mar

    Why the fuck would God give someone the right to own a gun OVER eyesight?

  • Anonymous

    After careful thought of the arguement, I have decided that the constitution does not deny gun ownership to anyone. I do think that those who are incapacitated can take proper steps to ensure responsible and safe handling of their gun(s). By the way, I think the founders said it was an Unalienable right. I don’t guess there’s a difference between un- or inalienable but I just wanted to point that out. Thank you.

  • Max Sommers

    Beck’s premise is flawed from the outset, because he states that ““Inalienable rights” mean that they’re rights that come from God and cannot be taken from you.” The obvious flaw in this is that nothing comes from God because there is no God, but even if there were, had he considered the right of people to own a gun to be inalienable, he would have created guns along with the rest of creation. Obviously, God was not bothered about the right of people to own guns  until they were invented, about 900 years ago. And then again, if God were worried about Stevie Wonder using a gun, he could simply have designed people in such a way that they would never go blind, what with being omnipotent and all. 

  • Max Sommers

    I can understand that a blind person might want to have a go at target shooting. As has been pointed out, blind people can excel at things you would never expect them to. On the other hand, when it comes to self defence, I could, for instance, imagine a blind person trying to shoot at what he or she assumes to be someone breaking into his or her home, only to fire through a window and kill someone in the street, or even to shoot his or her own child sneaking back into the house after staying out later than permitted. 

  • Gavin Currie

    I think Stevie would be fine with gun ownership. He’s hearing is excellent for targeting. Then again, he is comfortably rich enough to pay for a bodyguard if need be. So too, he doesn’t seem to have a temper like Elvis who was shooting at his TV

  • Gavin Currie

    p.s. If gun ownership should be withheld on account of “disability”, then how do you explain George W Bush owning a gun when he is clearly and fully mentally retarded? :)

  • Anonymous


  • Greg Williams

    What part of the 2nd Amendment’s last 4 words are so difficult to understand:  “…shall not be infringed.”   There are no exceptions.  As soon as you accept all the rhetoric about “common good”, “common sense”, etc., you give up this fundamental right.  The public bought into the idea that “crazy” people shouldn’t be able to own weapons…so what is the definition for this?  any admittance to a mental institution, not that you might really be crazy, but just being admitted…so what is the governments response?…they involuntary admit anyone they want….automatically denying the individual their right to own arms.  Stop buying into this PC rhetoric.  If someone is too deranged to own a firearm, or to dangerous to be in public with a firearm, they should be incarcerated or worse.  Either you’re a threat or you’re not.  There is no in-between.

  • crazy betty

    law abiding citizens, blind or otherwise should be allowed guns.  people who are disabled are vulnerable and they have a right to defend their castle – hold their ground.  there should be a special gun training for such persons and they should have to get a special permit to own a gun showing they have been highly trained and what to do in these types of situations.  THEY HAVE A RIGHT TO HAVE A GUN TO DEFEND THEMSELVES.

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