WATCH: Witnessing and overcoming the tragedy of Sandy Hook

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Pete Barresi was driving to Sandy Hook elementary and listening to The Glenn Beck Radio Program when Adam Lanza carried out one of the most horrific mass shootings in American history at his son’s school. TheBlaze TV team drove up to Netown, CT earlier this week to talk to Pete and his family about what it was like that morning and how their community has been impacted by the tragedy.

  • Missy

    Powerful video.

  • Sam Fisher

    Psalm 34:18 The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.

  • Anonymous

    although there are some inconsistencies in the events reported, especially with what happened in soto’s class and where the fleeing kids went (did gene rosen find 6 kids on his lawn and take them into his house for a half an hour?), the event obviously occurred and is a tragedy. It is sad that Liberals are using it for a political gain, liberals right now smell blood in the water against conservatives. They want to destroy the GOP once and for all. 

  • Anonymous

    Did Glenn get to talk to Robert Parker too? If he could explain his smiling and laughing right before he went into his sad character on tv it could remove a lot of doubts.

  • AM123

    Here’s one of the things that make you go “hmmmmm” regarding
    the official Sandy Hook story:

    Here you have State Police Lt. J Paul Vance stating that all
    26 victims in Newtown were shot with an assault rifle:

    And get this. Straining his credibility, he amazing says:

    “It’s all these conspiracy theorists that are trying to
    mucky up the waters,”

    Really, the conspiracy theorists are mucking up the water?
    He is claiming all 26 victims were shot with an assault rifle and here is ABC,
    CBS, and NBC all claiming NO ASSAULT RIFLE was used:


    And Glenn Beck belittles those who question the “official
    story”? Hmmmmm.


  • Zephyr

    State police have noted, off-record, that the shooter had wounds to both his chest and head. Paul Vance himself is on camera stating the shooter was first found in the hallway–not inside Room 10. It is increasingly clear that the 9:46:54 a.m. gunshot was fired by NPD at the running shooter, striking him in the right clavicle; he was then cuffed and, at some point, dragged into Room 10 where he eventually became deceased.

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