Senator Rand Paul: “People know Republicans aren’t winning”

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Full Transcript of Interview:

GLENN: Let me go to Rand Paul who, Senator, I have to tell ya you are a ‑‑ you are several beams of sunshine right now. Thank you for what you’re doing in these hearings. Thank you for saying the tough things. I mean, you asked John Kerry this about Egypt. Go, play the question.

RAND PAUL: We’ve heard President Morsi’s comments about Zionists and Israelis being bloodsuckers and descendants of apes and pigs. Do you think it’s wise to send them F‑16s and Abram tanks?

KERRY: I think those comments are reprehensible.

GLENN: Oh, jeez. Stop. I can’t hear it. All he said was it’s reprehensible and he’s explained them. How do you explain pigs and apes? And then we look at them as any kind of ally. Were you satisfied with his answer?

RAND PAUL: Absolutely not. And I think at the very least, at the very least the weapons should be held up and for six months to a year see if they are going to be a stable government but really we don’t have the money to be doing it. All it does is make Israel’s job harder because if we give 20 F‑16s to Egypt, Israel thinks they have got to have 25 Neu new one and it’s an arms race that we’re funding both sides of. But it’s a real mistake to send it to countries who really don’t seem to be part of the civilized world.

GLENN: You know one of the things that I ‑‑ I mean, I’m becoming more libertarian every day, and I’m not an isolationist but I think we have made so many mistakes because we believe the enemy of the enemy is my friend.

RAND PAUL: Well, we did it. For ten years we support the mujahideen and guess who was part of the mujahideen? Bin Laden.

GLENN: Yeah.

RAND PAUL: And so for about ten years, for an entire decade we supported radical jihad. We thought it was clever that we were for these radical Islamists because they hated the Soviets. Little did we know they also hate us. When they were turning on the Soviets, they turned on us.

GLENN: Right. But it’s insane to think that the enemy of my enemy is my friend and you’re going to get anywhere. And these guys, what is so frustrating for all of us who just watch this is these guys are not even saying the things ‑‑ you know, they were all the ones who were against wars, they’re against the, you know, the unilateral decision of this president is go to war, higgledy‑piggledy. You brought this up with John Kerry, and here’s your question and listen to his answer. Do you have it? Hang on just a second.

STU: Yeah, hang on.

GLENN: Hang on just a second. Hang on.

RAND PAUL: For when people disagree with you, they just go ahead and do it. In the early 1970s, you know, after Vietnam, you were quite critical of the bombing in Cambodia because I think you felt that it wasn’t authorized by congress. Has your opinion changed about the bombing in Cambodia?

GLENN: So good.

RAND PAUL: How’s Cambodia different than Libya?

KERRY: No, nor did my opinion change or has it ever altered about the war in Vietnam itself where I don’t believe, and I argued then.

RAND PAUL: Is Cambodia different than Libya?

KERRY: Well, Cambod‑ ‑‑ yeah, it is. Because it was an extension of a war that was being prosecuted without the involvement of congress after a number of years.

GLENN: What? How did you not just ‑‑

PAT: Oh, my gosh.

GLENN: How did you not laugh at that, Rand?

RAND PAUL: Well, see the whole thing is this is why foreign policy is so muddled. And it’s like he says, “I believe in absolutes.” Well, yeah, the Constitution is pretty clear about the separation of powers. It is a congressional power to declare war. And his answer basically was, “Well, yes, I agree with that except for when I don’t agree with that.”

PAT: Exactly. That was his answer. I mean, he didn’t phrase it like that, but that was the answer.

RAND PAUL: When it’s impractical, basically when congress opposes you, it becomes impractical. But, you know, the thing is, is when we were attacked in 1941, December 7th, the morning of December 8th the president came before congress and said, “We’ve been attacked,” and I think we voted almost unanimously to declare war on Japan.

GLENN: Right.

RAND PAUL: And I think that’s what would happen in any way anytime when we were attacked. When we were attacked on 9/11, I would have gone to congress and I wouldn’t have done just an authorization of force, although I know it may be quibbling about a difference. I would have said we are declaring war on those who are ‑‑

GLENN: We should have.

RAND PAUL: ‑‑ these people.

GLENN: We should have. It would have cleared up an awful lot of things. We should have. The ‑‑ let me just switch gears here real quick on Hillary Clinton. You were almost, you were almost freedom porn the way you were ‑‑ I mean, I almost always ‑‑ almost turned the lights down in my office while you were addressing Hillary Clinton because you said to her, you would have fired her. And any sane person would say the same thing. We didn’t get a single thing out of Hillary Clinton on Benghazi. When Michael McCaul asked why wasn’t the ambassador even there on September 11th, he got gaveled. We didn’t get any answers, did we.

RAND PAUL: No. Well, the only answer we did get is we now know for certainty she did not read the pleas for help, she did not read any of the requests for security and I think that really to me is inexcusable. She says, oh, I get a million cables. I don’t care if she reads every cable from Bulgaria or Astonia, but from the top five most dangerous spots in the world, she should be reading those cables. And I likened it to being like a physician. A physician has triage, but I’m still in charge of it and I have to instruct the people in triage to get back people who are seriously sick. She needed to instruct her inferiors, the people who worked for her that any information about Libya needs to be on my desk and I need to see it.

GLENN: So where do we go from here? I mean, first of all John Kerry’s our next, our next Secretary of State. Do you think?

KERRY: Well, you know, the thing is I think that we don’t change at all. I asked him about Pakistan. I said, will you condition aid on them releasing Dr. Afridi who helped us to get Bin Laden, and he just frankly said no.

GLENN: Okay. This is crazy.

RAND PAUL: So he said he’d plead with them, and I said, look, they don’t understand anything but power. You have power over them because they want our money. At the very least if you’re going to give it to them, use it as leverage to get them to release this man.

PAT: Amazing too when you were talking about the F‑16s going to Egypt despite all they’ve said about Israel how he waffled on that. I mean, one thing after another. And this guy is probably almost for sure going to be our next Secretary of State.

GLENN: Oh, yeah.

PAT: It’s despicable.

GLENN: And he is ‑‑ I mean, he was born at a Waffle House.

PAT: Oh, yeah.

GLENN: I mean, there’s nobody more waffling than John Kerry.

RAND PAUL: Well, and it hasn’t been a month ago that President Morsi was at a prayer meeting with a radical Sheik.

GLENN: I know.

RAND PAUL: Standing next to him saying death to Israel and anybody who supports Israel. And so it’s like ‑‑

GLENN: And wait, wait. Don’t forget, and the new capital of the Caliphate will be Jerusalem.


GLENN: That was at that same meeting.

RAND PAUL: Yeah. So the thing is what we’ve elected or what they’ve gotten in Egypt is a very radical government that I think can’t be counted on not to attack Israel and we shouldn’t be giving them weapons. Absolutely. Until there’s some kind of stability, and even they we don’t have the money to be doing it anyway.

GLENN: Will anybody pay for the mistakes in Benghazi? Will we ever find out for sure what happened?

RAND PAUL: You know, that was my point in putting out that her resignation is her being held accountable and culpable for these mistakes because she wants to make it as if, “Oh, yeah, I’m responsible but I’m not accountable.”

GLENN: Right.

RAND PAUL: And nobody was fired.

GLENN: That’s crazy.

RAND PAUL: And what really got me going on this is I think going back to the original 9/11, we did a huge investigation. We found out we had the 20th hijacker. We found out that one FBI agent requested 70 times for a permit or for a warrant and nobody would let him do it. We had all these mistakes and no one was fired. We spent trillions of dollars and no one was fired. A lot of these were human errors. And when humans make mistakes, it doesn’t make them bad people. I don’t think Hillary Clinton had bad motives. I don’t think she’s unpatriotic, but I think she made horrible decisions that really at some point make her I think not eligible to be in a position to make those decisions again.

GLENN: So one other, one other topic. Today or this week is the 40th anniversary of Roe versus Wade. It is absolutely incredible some of the stuff that is coming out now from the left on ‑‑ I mean, one, one on Salon Magazine, you have to read this. It’s an incredible article from a lefty that says, “You know, okay. I never ‑‑ when I was carrying my children, I never doubted that that was life inside of me, but ‑‑ this is a quote ‑‑ not all life is equal. We’re headed down a scary road with these people.

RAND PAUL: So much for equal rights, huh?

GLENN: Yeah, yeah.

RAND PAUL: So much for the whole idea that we are all the same, no matter what color our skin is, whether we have disabilities or not. But if you’re pretty small and you’re defenseless, then you don’t have any rights.

GLENN: Pretty frightening. You’re speaking at the March of ‑‑ the March for Life rally today?

RAND PAUL: Yeah, this will be my first time. I tried to get there last year but the TSA had other ideas for me last year.

GLENN: That’s right.

RAND PAUL: So this year I’m actually in Washington. So I don’t have to go through an airport to get to March For Life. But I’m excited about it, it’s a big crowd and I’m excited to be there in a couple of hours.

GLENN: Tell me quickly, square the libertarian point of view that there should be no regulation on anything you do.

RAND PAUL: Well, the thing is most libertarians believe in what’s called the nonaggression principle, that you can’t agress against other people. So once you define where life begins, if those in the womb are alive, all libertarians then would believe in the government preventing you from agressing against that individual. It all has to do with when does life begin.

GLENN: I will tell you Senator Rand Paul, I believe in my lifetime the first libertarian that I believe could be president of the United States. You make sense, you’re rational, you’re reasonable, and you look at the facts on the ground, where we are now and you’re not ‑‑ you’re not like, “Hey, let’s legalize heroin on, you know, Day Number 1.” It’s just you have to move slowly and move the country in the right direction and stand ‑‑ and still stand for your principles, which I think you do.

RAND PAUL: Glenn, I think also the country’s ready. The narrative is out there.


RAND PAUL: People know Republicans aren’t winning. We start out minus 170 electoral votes. We’re going to have to look to some different kind of candidate the next time around.


RAND PAUL: Because we just are getting to the point where we’re never going to win again unless we approach and embrace some kind of new candidacy.

GLENN: Well, I will tell you this: I think the GOP is the Whig party. I think the GOP is over. It just hasn’t caught up to the GOP yet. And I hope we don’t have to lose another presidential election for them to understand that. But the GOP is over. They have discredited themselves too much. They don’t stand for anything anymore except winning. And it’s despicable. Stand for principles and then win or lose based on those principles.

RAND PAUL: Absolutely. That’s how Reagan grew the party. He didn’t try to please everybody. He didn’t pander but he spoke, he spoke truth, and people came.

GLENN: Rand, thank you very much. I appreciate all your hard work and hope to see you again soon.

RAND PAUL: Thanks, Glenn.

GLENN: You bet. Senator Rand Paul.

  • 1oneAmerican

    Rand Paul for President

    • Kenai

       I second that 1 oneAmerican!

    • Maria Williams

       Have you considered Glenn Beck for President?  it is not out of the question.  He would surround himself with people like Rand Paul and has already demonstrated the abililty serve our people.

      • Anonymous

        RAND IN 2016!!!  But Glenn vs Hillary – that would be great!  The third debate could be a crying match!

        • Anonymous

          …. for Rand Paul

        • jen

          Rand would lose in each and every debate, because that is what his advisors/leaders/party want and his one and only allegiance is to Israel and his party elites. 

          Rand lost in this debate to Hillary – though he made a few comments for drama purposes, at the end he let her go and she went away unscathed.  And Rand did not ask key questions and never got answers on those that he asked.

          If you call Rand’s behavior a good thing, then you are asking for a big loss – and Rand will deliver on that – you can count on it.

    • jen

      You are only saying this now because of Israel.  None of the libertarian talk appeals to you – infact you hate it.  But as long as he promises to do only what Israeli politicians tell him to do, you think this is what an American president should do.

  • Anonymous

    KERRY: Well, you know, the thing is I think that we don’t change at all.
    I asked him about Pakistan. I said, will you condition aid on them
    releasing Dr. Afridi who helped us to get Bin Laden, and he just frankly
    said no.

    Should say:
    RAND PAUL: Well, you know, the thing is I think that we don’t change at all.
    I asked him about Pakistan. I said, will you condition aid on them
    releasing Dr. Afridi who helped us to get Bin Laden, and he just frankly
    said no.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    The matter is this – the GOP will either reinvent and resurrect itself under new leadership and with a new identity or it will go the way of the Wigh’s. 

    The Democrats and the current old guard GOP have discredit the Republicans completely save for ones such as Rand Paul. The future for the party will be determined by the new members coming up in the ranks and the grass-roots support of the voters.

    Its time to remind all those in DC they work for us, not the other way around.

    • jen

      Get real.  Where the heck do you think the republican elite/estab from bush to cheney families to mccain to bill o’reilly will go?  No, they hold all the power and power in media and they have been very successfully putting down more real conservatives like newt and rand.

      Do you really think the bushies of the world will fall in line under a party leadership with all libertarains.

      Remember, Rand and Ron Paul don’t have any libertarian advisors at all.

      • David J. Sanchez

        Get real and work hard and quit your whining. Your naysaying only makes our job even harder.

        • jen

          You need to stop lying to yourself like neocons.  Even if you end up voting for Rand, you should be vocal on his weaknesses and not just accept/ignore them because you believe you are a weak human being that doesn’t know any better.

          Now, you have some work to do on yourself. 

          • Anonymous

             Jen, please explain to me, what a NEOCON is!!  It’s a word that people throw around to make others think they know what they’re talking about!
             What weakness? That we’re faithful to our friends!  Don’t know about u, but Israel always supports us, no matter what, u don’t abandon a friend in their hour of need! Sorry! U do, it’s obvious!
             Long Live American, obamaless!

          • Anonymous

            Neo-Conservative. New Conservative. Modern Conservative. Eclectic Conservative. Whatever you wanna call it.

          • jen

            ‘Support’ in your view means give all of your money, soul, and family and freedom to Israeli politicians. 

            Why don’t you say what you say about Israel about any other American ally?  In your view, America has only one ally – and that a country with 6 million people, and that is it.

            Do you say you will go to war for india, or s. korea, or indonesia, all of whom have some sort of democratic government?

      • Anonymous

        Have’nt a clue what u’re trying to say! If we don’t all stick together, and weed out the stupid Republicans with their own prejudices , we’ll end up with another obama!! Is that what u want? No! well join us , and don’t go flying off into space  , we need yr vote! after that, u can go back to being crazy! Hee! Hee! Hee!

    • Anonymous

      Snow leopard, at least u think! God where do those crazies get those ideas from!  I agree the Republicans will re-invent themselves! As much as I love Newt for his ideas, it’s nice to see young leadership like Ryan Paul, and there are lot of new faces coming up all the time! Long Live America, obamaless!

  • Desy Nurul Azkiya

    why not?give  him  a chance  :]  ,did  he  ready?  for  big  hapening.

    • Bobby


  • landofaahs

    What is really sad is that America has enough energy resouces between us and Canada that we really don’t need to be concerned about the Middle-east.  That hurts the bottom line of oil producing states and Israel who wants us depending on middle-east oil so that we stick around to protect Israel.  Israel and the Middle-east oil producers along with their anti American energy minions in America are playing good cop, bad cop with the average American consumer who is getting the rubber “hosed” treatment.  I will let you decide for yourself which is the “good” cop and which is the “bad cop.

  • Miriam Green

    Love Senator Rand Paul!  I admire him for standing for his principles!  Thank God for men like him! 

  • Phyllis Thomas

    Would vote for Rand Paul, the One with sanity. 

  • Anonymous

    I think Rand Paul is the ticket for 2016. I think his Libertarian views would appeal to the younger generation.  Ron Paul was able to mobilize the young people in colleges quite well….perhaps Ron in his retirement will organize Rand’s ground game for a 2016 run.

    • Elizabeth Bracy

      “If Hillary! does run” ha ha are you kidding? Of course she will run. You’ll never get the Clintons out of politics!

      • Anonymous

        and in 2028 Chelsea and in 2044, Malia Obama

    • Anonymous

      mute point: barry will declare himself dictator before the next election;there won’t be a next election.

      • Anonymous

        THAT would be the best thing for the US so he could finish what he tried to begin in 2008 (next to Hillary running or Michelle)

    • Anonymous

       As a Libertarian, I would never vote for Rand Paul.

      • David J. Sanchez

         With an attitude like yours people like this present dictator remain in power.

        • Anonymous

          Only if people are ignorant and wont vote for someone that would be good for this country like Ron Paul and Gary Johnson. Rand is not his father. Rand supports maybe half of what Ron did. Rand is not a member of the liberty movement. Those within the liberty movement understand and abide by the Non-Aggression Principle, Rand does not believe in it.

          Someone who is part of the liberty movement will run against Rand for Senate, and defeat him. He lost his support, he will not gain it back.

          • Anonymous

            NonAggression my eye! Those Muslim bastards can shoot thousands of rockets in to Israel every year, and kill innocent children at school and what do u suggest we do! Israel is tired of turning the other cheek! Not every one is a coward like  u, hate to admit it, don’t, u probably hide behind yr mommy’s skirt!
             These people only understand one thing! Military might! Or u can do like the other coward, obama and go talk to them! Fat lot of good it’s done us!Iran will have a bomb soon, u been talking to them too?  Another MENTAL MIDGET!!

          • Anonymous

            Why the insults? you diminish yourself and your views. I am for  military might as well, to show and use in case of necessity, but to insult another over divergent opinions is not the way we Americans can unite. You are NOT a nice guy.

          • Anonymous

             How about realize Israel is a sovereign nation and can fight their own battles? What right do we have to tell another nation that they can only defend themselves if we allow it?

            Apparently you like the idea that Israel is nothing more than a puppet nation of the USA.

            Also, who cares if Iran get a nuke. India, China, Israel, Pakistan, etc all have way more than one. Iran having a weapon means nothing. Also, Iran has not attacked another nation in 200 years, why would they change that now?

            You call me a mental midget, yet you are ignorant for the fact we created Al-Queda, we just gave Al-Queda 12,000 stinger missiles, we funded the Mujahedin, we funded Osama Bin Laden, We funded and put Saddam Hussein in power, we put Mubarak into power. We over threw a democratically elected leader in Iran and instated a dictator that was then overthrown by the people of Iran. How about you realize we have killed 217 children with drone strikes, and hundreds of thousands of civilians in the middle east since 2001.

            Foreign interventionism, an idea our founding fathers were completely AGAINST, does not work. It creates enemies and directly empowers them through our short-term goals that people like you stupidly believe will bring prosperity in this land.

            As Thomas Jefferson stated; “Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none.” That is the only policy that will benefit this nation, and solve our issues.

          • doug

            You are correct. Maybe we should just unload everything kill them all, the heathens satanic godless people. Exactly as we would have done in Jefferson’s day or Monroe ,Madison.Nope we will follow the path of Wilson the Roosevelt’s might makes right.Impose our will. Israel is a sovereign nation not our beyatch. If Israel is tired of turning the other cheek then let them do as they wish. Read John Quincy Adams and seek no monsters to destroy.
            As to Rand,he is more like his father than not, yet Glenn got his panties excited over Ricky Santorum and also bleated for Mitt so his “libertarian” rants and principles fall short also.
             As another mental midget to a progressive imperialist try reading what and who the framers were or just kill them and make it up,worked for Woodrow,Teddy,Abe,and FDR.

          • Anonymous

            Good letter.a little too serious! But better than some stupid replies I’ve had! I want Israel to take out Irans  nuclear facilities. But who’s to say USA is not full of underground cells of Iranians already! Our borders are so porous, that’s what obama wants, more dumb ready made voters! The cells here will blow up all kinds of stuff! Now imagine if they have given one of them a suitcase bomb, ex Soviet Union, horrible scenario, but the way we treat Iran , we deserve it! We’re too,weak at the table! Ronald Reagan would have said, STOP or we’ll stop u! Easy, no our asshole president says we’ll sit down and talk to them!! How’s that working out for us!???  I’m just sick when I think where he’s taking us, read CLOWRD and PIVEN, Love, Colin

          • doug

             The possibility exists of cells,groups. Always has always will. I am not willing to trade my liberty for the sanctity of the State. I am willing to defend the borders of my State and her sister States. This does not include Israel or her enemies Egypt. I Am willing to defend Ohio and if need be California (if you beg me) but I am not willing to give my sovereignty for anyone other than my own. This does have negative and positive ramifications but everyone knows where we stand and the line to be crossed. As far as Obama, the States (you and me) and Congress also have plenty of fault for not demanding Constitutional law.

          • Anonymous

            Doug, I like what u THINK, but that’s thinking NOT REALITY ! I’m not a big , Save the Jews, kind of guy, but they are the last bastion of LIKE thinkers, just like us! Read the BIble about the Holy Land!  I just read a National Geog article on how the muslims are destroying our 2,000yr old churches and desecrating  our holy places!! And what does our muslim orientated president do? nothing, because he’s destroying our country from the inside, just like Morsi , of Egypt said they would!   Did u ever read that Cloward and Piven article I asked u to read, then u’ll see where obama is taking us! and I’m dead scared, there seems to be no one to stop this speeding train! I don’t always agree with u, but I do enjoy reading yr letters! Regards,  Colin

          • doug

            Of all the enemies to public liberty, war is, perhaps, the most
            to be dreaded, because it comprises and develops the germ of every
            other. War is the parent of armies; from these proceed debts
            and taxes; and armies, and debts, and taxes are the known instruments
            for bringing the many under the domination of the few. In war, too, the
            discretionary power of the Executive is extended; its influence in
            dealing out offices, honors, and emoluments is multiplied; and all the
            means of seducing the minds are added to those of subduing the force of
            the people. The same malignant aspect in republicanism may be traced
            in the inequality of fortunes and the opportunities of fraud growing
            out of a state of war, and in the degeneracy of manners and of morals
            engendered by both. No nation could reserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare. (James Madison)
            Rather lengthy but it is among the majority of thought among the framers.
            The argument of reality and times a changing give credibility to the thought that Obamacare is okay cause times and or reality changes The 2nd amendment isn’t the same or needed because times or reality changed. Our republic was not founded to be the globocop for good or for bad.
             I wish our friend Israel well but again they have big boy pants let them wear them. Likewise if we maintained a non-internationalist policy can we be assured that the Iranians(still pissed at our helping Iraq in their war) end result would be different? If we allowed the Soviets,yes an evil dictatorship, to quell the  mujahideen and Osama Bin Laden without our intervention,would we have faced his and their ire and maybe avoided the ensuring carnage? We need to adhere to John Quincy Adams and not seek these monsters whether real or created and when truly threatened seek congressional declaration as per our constitution.When truly in danger act swift fast and return our swords back to ploughshares. 

          • Mik

            1: Ron Paul and Gary Johnson would not be good for this country. 2: The reason Rand is so much more accepted by the American People is because of how different he is from his father.

          • Anonymous

            So the two candidates that supported true liberty and our founding principles wouldnt be good for our country? So I guess you support endless wars and reduction of our freedoms.

            Guess what? I dont. And I will not settle for someone ideologically or philosophically weaker than me.

      • jen

        Good going.  Rand is guaranteed to be nothing more than a disappointment.  He will now do exactly what Israel and his party leadership tell him to do.  Every day he becomes worse and worse.    A trip with Rand is a trip downhill.

        You can’t be libertarian and support Rand, especially in light of his recent comments. 

      • Anonymous

        There’s no time for yr petty bullshit! We need to win , Win! U understand the word!! Nothing counts but winning! Or we’ll lose our country! Now!  U wanna live in a Socialist Paradise? Go ahead,think with yr heart not yr BRAIN! Sure Hope U have one!! 

        • Anonymous

          I am thinking with my brain, I will not settle for those ideologically weaker and will pander to the socialists. Never compromise on your principles.

        • doug

          Win ? win what? You have achieved your winnings. We are in 173 countries we control or dominate the markets in the vision of Hamilton. You have created a central authority that undermines all things constitutional. Article 1 sec 8  is a quaint little passage of a forgone pamphlet. Social security, Obamacare, Obamacare lite (medicare,medicaid) EPA,Homeland security,Patriot Act,NDAA,, DOE14th,16th,17th amendments.among just a few.
           Where sir have you not won with your might makes right we be da best theory?
           I concede, you won. Now what?

          • Anonymous

            Hi Doug, I’ve tried hard to understand what u’re trying to say! We must be thinking on different tracks! I do want to understand yr ideas!  U can’t go quoting all these amendments, I’ve read them all, for my citizenship interview![6 mnths ago!] But obviously have’nt memorized all! Thanks for going to all the trouble!  Call if u’d like so u can expand on yr statements. Regards, Colin[832]758-1842

          • doug

             The 14th refers to the incorporation doctrine as ruled by the supreme court (1948 ruling  off top of my head) taking the States and making them subject to the first 10 amendments. The 16th deals with taxation and nationalizing our tax base and taking the fruits of my labor (Jefferson) the 17th kills State sovereignty by again nationalizing and creating a true democracy (feared by most inc. Madison,Franklin,Jefferson,John Taylor of Caroline to give examples) 
            The other alphabet agencies were created using a myriad of tricks,dirty deals and full out power grabs,none are in the constitution art 1 sec 8,but these give rise to the supreme of the Federal and defeat the concept of Federalism as though by the majority of the framers. A consolidation fear as Patrick Henry spoke of.

    • Anonymous

      I’m a libertarian and I’d vote for Rand.  There are some libertarians who still have their panties in a twist over Rand’s meaningless endorsement of Romney (I was torqued initially too), but hopefully they will recognize that Rand is perhaps a little more savvy at playing the political game than his dad.  I mean, I totally LOVE Ron Paul and the way he said what he meant point blank, no holds barred.  But most voters clearly aren’t ready for that.  They are so used to being lied to that they don’t know what to do with the undiluted truth.  It’s like a foreign language.  They need to have issues framed in a way they understand and Ron Paul was just way over their heads.  Rand is more talented in knowing how to frame issues so that everyday people recognize that they agree with liberty.  

      • jen

        Endorsements are not meaningless – you know that, but you choose to lie as a Ron Paul Republican.  It is what it means to be a Republican – that is to lie according to what estabishment tells you to do.

        It was not savvy.  Rand was played.  Rand fell very much in love with Romney and believed in him wholeheartedly and even campaigned for him, unlike others like Limbaugh and Levin. 

        Ron Paul has said that he has never discussed Rand’s future or political ambitions with Rand. 

        Quit lying to yourself and others – Rand is not playing any chess game and he is not lying about supporting Romney.  You are calling Rand a liar, and you are saying lying is downright good.

        • mofromChicago

           Just curious, who would you vote for in a presidential election?

          • Anonymous

            He likes Obama.

    • jen

      Rand Paul is no longer a libertarian and will become less and less libertarian every day.  He speaks of non-aggression, yet at the same time he just said an attack on Israel is an attack on the US. 

      So, for no fault of Americans, Rand would be willing to drag America into a war that it doesn’t have the money for and did not create.  That is called aggression. 

      • doug

         I am not quite as pessimistic as you seem to be. Remember Mr. Paul served during the Vietnam conflict and was to some degree(his words) into the whole thing. Like his father time will tell which direction Rand chooses. If a clone is the expectation then we will be saddened,if we seek a reverse of our course he may or may not be what the doctor ordered.Time will tell.

    • Carole Ray

       I couldn’t vote for his father, but I sure can vote for the Senator….

  • landofaahs

    The republican party is destroying itself by caving in to these communist bast—s.  Grow some stones republicans or be swept away in either the primary or the general.  I’m done voting for Rino’s and I will only donate money to the candidate of my choice directly.  I will never give to the party again.

    • Louise Johnson

      Amen to that !!! 

      • Louise Johnson

        Whilw I agree with the sentiments to landofaahs’ statement, …my “amen” is really for the last two sentences.  :-)

    • jen

      Republican leadership, like Boehner and Bush Republicans, are blaming Obama on this.  And the few conservatives left like Mark Levin are blaming Republican elite/leadership for constantly crashing on conservatives in the media and not really going after the Democrats. 

      Mark Levin is right. 

      It is the Republican party destroying itself, and not mainly due to anyonelse.  Yet, conservatives/republicans are too cowardly to change their ways and gain some courage and start a new party without being tied hip to hip to republican elites.

      • Anonymous

        Quite right, Jen, look how well Ross Perot did! Yr theory seems to NOT work! All he did was SPLIT the vote, and WE LOST!! Where do u come up with these clever ideas!?

        • jen

          Bill Clinton was a far better president and better for America than George Bush.  George Bush didn’t care about balance budgets or reducing entitlements and made no progress on that end.

          It is group thinking that leads you to vote by party lines – and that is candidates that wicked GOP party leaders selected for you.

          So, America lost more with Bush than Clinton – and that is a fact.

          Ross Perot had 20% in the first election, and they could have continued to build upon that, and by now it could have been one of the main parties.  You have to stick with it.  In one election, you suddenly don’t have to get majority vote.

    • Anonymous

      Lando, I think most of us think that way, we’re ALL WAITING FOR A LEADER TO EMERGE! Newt would be great, he’s the smartest guy around! When he wrote what the Republicans Stood for [Contract with America!”} we won everything in 1994 ! Now NOBODY knows what the heck they stand for!  Yes! Rand Paul would be great! Long Live America, obamaless!!!

      • landofaahs

        Newt has a lot of good points, yet his time has past. In all fairness, Ronaldus Magnus would have a difficult time because the people must be ready for the messenger. We have too many idiot socialists out there who have never experienced the tough times that it brings. Their minds are still living in the utopian falsehood. Yet at some time they may awaken. I pray it will not be too late.

  • Ed Lewis

    Thanks for talking about the March for Life.  It won’t be mentioned in the media at all.  Thousands of people marching for the defenseless and it won’t be mentioned at all.

    • Anonymous

      “The revolution won’t be covered by the media.”

  • Sam Fisher

    That is because the Republicans are putting their lot in with Rhinos of the party and some reason lost their balls when fighting the lord and savior of the left Obama. We need a leader on our side that can take these poor excuses of men and women and turn them into a fighting force against Marxism. I mean no wonder the house approval rating is so low they take it from Obama and ask for more beatings and do nothing to stop the bull crap lies coming from the left. I am going independent this year if the Republicans don’t grow a pair.

  • Anonymous

    Rand Paul is a good man–but 2016 or even 2056? This nation is dying and on it’s death bed. An honest man as President would mean nothing.  The 40+% of Americans supporting Obama have no interest in a pluralistic republic and the 40% or so opposing Obama have no interest in Bowing to Their Betters nor worshiping at Lenin’s tomb. We are a people divided on every issue–it would take a Stalin or a Mao to run this country. As you see the need for Feinstein’s gun control. Think Ruby Ridge writ large.

  • Elizabeth Bracy

    Rand Paul was the only one who did his job in the Hillary hearing.

  • Elizabeth Bracy

    I found it interesting that Glenn said in his book he’s a libertarian but still got behind Romney. I expected him to get behind Ron Paul.

    • Anonymous

      That’s because Beck isn’t really a libertarian.  Not yet, anyway.  He’s starting to get the right idea and I hope he’ll come around but he’s got to learn some core libertarian principles first.  Like the non-aggression principle.  

    • Anonymous

      Glenn supports defending Israel- he would never back any person who won’t.

  • Anonymous

    Let’s face it the reason she got the job was so Obama could keep her out of Washington and out of his hair. She showed with Bill Clinton that she would put up with anything for power and prestige. As a Senator she was just a go along to get along member of her party. And now as Secretary of State is just as clueless as the rest of the Obama administration. Sad thing is a lot of dopy femi-nazi women and femi-nazi men will be trying to get her to run in 2016. With all that said she would still be a better president than Obama, but then again so would my sofa.


    I like Rand.  I have a hard time squarring the Libertarian view that we should not care if Iran has Nuclear weapons?

    • Inez Tyler

      The head of the Mossad said that a nuclear armed Iran is not a big deal.

  • Anonymous

    He won’t be the first libertarian that could be president. Essentially all the first presidents and then some, were libertarians compared to the current ones.

    • jen

      According to Beck, Romney and Santorum were the ‘next george washington’.  So, Glenn Beck is trying to smear George Washington’s name and legacy and beliefs. 

      I agree with you and Beck does as well, but Beck is a massive liar in public.

      • Anonymous

        Jen, don’t u feel foolish, u should take a hint! Ever noticed?  No one puts a “LIKE”” below yr letters, don’t know about you, but I’d quit letting people know how airheaded I was!

        • Anonymous

          Facts isn’t about “likes”. A post doesn’t need to be liked to have value.

        • jen

          Hitler had a 98% like rate, as 98% of Germans voted him in. 

          You are nothing more than sick slave.

      • Anonymous

        Hey Jen, that’s funny coming from someone like yourself. Your forum is on the huff post, daily beast or some other liberal/socialist site for liars. No one here with an once for brains, takes anything you say seriously……you’re wasting that valuable time here!
        PS…..take your little friends with you.

        • jen

          Actually you are no different than progressives, which define themselves as both dem and repub.  Your views are same as the sites you listed – you are for politicians that are pro-fed, pro-war, pro-nuclear war, and not reducing debt.  This includes bush, romney, mccain, and now rand.

          You have brains only to do what elites tell you to do, you are not an individual by any means that has self-respect or wants to think for themselves.  You think that is evil and it is best to be told what to do.

          Reupb and dem is a false choice, so if you say you are a Republican, then you are also a democrat. 

  • Harvey Starling

    I agree 100% The Gop are a bunch of candy ass’s. Rand Paul says what he means and means what he says. Libertarian may be the answer to the problem ( Dem. & Rep) great interview Glenn. 

  • Al C

    Rand Paul comes from good stock. He is the man for 2016 . When I was raising my children and they were not treated fairly that the cream always rises to the top

  • Anonymous

    The Democrats are trying to devide the Right.  If Republicans, Independents and Liberterians
    do not get behind the next Republican Party nominee, we shall lose again.  Obama won because too many people did not care for Romney and stayed home on election day.  Now
    we have to live with the mess the Democrats will dish out.  United we’ll win, devided we’ll fall.  Remember this in 2016!!!! 

    • Anonymous

      The GOP leadership did this to themselves. The GOP insulted voters all over the country and even told fellow Republicans, Ron Paul supporters, they were not welcome in the Party. That was a brilliant move in an election year!  At the convention the GOP totally slapped grass roots Tea Partiers in the face and told them the party would be determining who the convention delegates were from now on. The GOP simply didn’t earn the support of voters and so they didn’t get it.  

      • Anonymous

        Thanks for your response. I agree that the Republicans made a lot of mistakes and probably need to rebuild their “house” from the bottom up. They need new ideas and should gather the smartest minds in the country to counter the Democrats on all levels. We need a change of the old guard but, if the Republicans can not unite, the Democrats will win again. This change needs to take place soon, so we can keep the House and also win the majority in the Senate or Obama and the Democrats will definitely destroy what is left of this free nation. People should look back in history so they will not make mistakes over and over again. (Germany went through this : dictatorship with Hitler and communist occupation after the war in East Germany). Also, the Republicans should show pictures how
        well their socialistic ideology is working out in Cuba or any other country that ever went the way of these utopian schemes of redistribution of wealth because in the end we shall be all equally poor.
        The Republicans also need to show each and every day what it means
        to have a debt of almost 17 Trillion. They need to show pictures of how much money this really is and what will happen if the dollar
        loses more of its value (again Germany in the 1920, Weimar Republik which contributed to the rise of Hitler’s dictatorship.) It was not the only time when hyperinflation ruined the savings of millions but it is important because it shows how fast everything can collapse if we do not change the course America is travelling on right now.
        I pray and hope that things will change because Benjamin Franklin warned: “Any society that would give up liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.”
        “Think what you do when you run into debt you give another power over your own liberty.”
        Save the REPUBLIC!
        Pfiffi 43

  • Maria Williams

    The President of the United States of America should be a “servant” of the people.  GLENN BECK has proven his ability to serve and stand with our people from the least to the greatest of us.  His record is proven even more so than Rand Paul.  GLENN BECK in 2016 with Rand Paul in his cabinet. 

    BECK in 2016

    • Anonymous

      I like him Maria, there’s too many people that don’t like him! The press has run his reputation into the ground! They’re so good at that!  Look what they did to Newt Gingrich, why? because of his infidelity? No! Because he was so smart, and had ALL THE ANSWERS! So they had to destroy him! They’ve been working on Glenn for years,so if he’s the nomination, they’ll destroy him!! Good Man Glenn!

      • jen

        If you believe in Newt’s answers, then you can’t believe in Glenn.  They are opposites.  Glenn hates Newt and was part of the mainstream ‘press’ that destroyed Newt because as you say they hated that he cared and had answers. 

        Newt clearly is not part of party elite or his reputation wouldnot be destroyed by the elites, of whom Beck is a part of.  But Beck equates ‘evil’ to ‘newt’ and to ‘republican leadership’.

        But then he contradicts himself and describes Romney as next george washington and praises him lavishly, and romney is part of that evil elite, not Newt.

        • Anonymous

          Thanks for the reply! Colin

  • Sally Booth

    I would like someone with a brain to look to Governor Scott Walker.  This man IS a Conservative and has absolutely turned his state around.  No…I do not live in Wisconsin but envy those who were smart enough to vote him into office.
    Me? I am stuck with the Owe-Malley….
    Ad naseum 

  • Bill Brantner

    John Kerry is a TRAITOR just like Jane Fonda and Tom Haydon!!!!!!!

  • Guest

    Unlike Rand Paul, the pol,  Beck does not have to walk back from his extremist positions.

    Unlike Rand Paul, Beck NEVER debates people who are more informed than him. Mr. Beck, tear down that wall you hide behind!

  • Guest
  • Guest

    Senator Rand Paul: “People know Republicans aren’t winning”

    That has a lot to do with teabagging Kochsuckers, who listen to Glenn Beck and take him seriously, voting for extremists like Rand Paul.

  • Anonymous

    Rand Paul has one thing going for him he has balls, I am conservative but I am all over the place on issues. I am slightly liberal when it comes to children (not their fault they were born to useless,lazy, moron parents) and I am a Hawk when it comes to defense. The one thing I am stone sure of is that the federal government is too big and too powerful and both its size and power needs to be cut in half.As far as changes in the republican party it will take a lot of work. The rino’s must go, a real conservative, pro-constitution party must arise from this mess. The whole problem is that for so many years the right has let the left buy votes by controling education and  government givaways to the lazy non or minimally productive members of our society and making the working man the slave to the government. A long time ago I defined the difference the true difference between conservatives and liberals and it is this.
    A true conservative believes:That they are responsible for their own lives.

    A true liberal believes:  That others should be responsible for their lives.


    This is it in a nut shell. this is the core essence of liberal thinking.  I am responsible for nothing, every good thing in my life is luck and every bad thing is the doings of others. Someone else that has success is some how taking away my chance to be sucessful. Hard work by me and my family and what I earn from this hard work must be shared with those who did not work as hard or not at all. This concept is very apealing to the lazy people of the world, too lazy to raise their kids, too lazy to get and education, too lazy to work.The government under direction of the liberals have been cranking out liberal at light speed. If the liberal control of government cannot be defeated all is lost.Liberalism preys on the worst traits of man and exploits them to maintain power. One great example is the so called “earned income credit”. I know people who own their own house have two cars and most of the modern trapings of middle class life who after filing their taxes(for free thru some government program)end up not only not paying one red cent of taxes but get a cash gift from the government every year for having kids(the earned income credit). 

    Changing the thoughts of lazy liberals to that of hard working conservatives I fear is impossible.
    The left has done a great job of producing people who have no pride and are happy to live on government handouts paid for by the hard work of others. Unless some change in the way the
    “socialist” members of our society think happens soon I suspect the country will colaspe.

    Picture complete breakdown of government service, roaming gangs of welfare thugs attacking anyone who has one more handful of food than they do. The military and police will be protecting itself and those who have power in the government. Sound bad? When we had the great depression people in this country had pride, honor, and some respect for self and others even as bad as that time was people tried to be decent. Do you think the lazy low-lifes that populate this country will act decent when the government gravy train is turned off? You are kidding yourself if you do.

    Sad to say the world and this country will get a hell of a lot worse before it gets better. Prepare.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, but here’s the problem.  Everyone thinks they are pro-constitution, even when the policies they advocate are clearly unconstitutional.  For instance, many if not most Republicans think the Patriot Act is good, even though it is an egregious violation of the 4th amendment.  GOP legislators largely voted for the NDAA, even though it is a grotesque violation of the 5th and 6th amendments.  All these folks think they abide by the constitution and the other party doesn’t. What they really mean by pro-constituion is  that any policy they like is constitutional and any policy they don’t like is unconstitutional….   


    Rand Paul needs to spend time in GITMO with the rest of the elected officials who are TODAY violating our Bill of Rights. This nation may be fixed only by a true outsider.
    BY LAW- The Second Amendment cannot and “Shall not be Infringed”… That
    being said, no elected official is serving in their proper capacity
    because they have allowed the current infringements to exist. Both the
    National Firearms Act (NFA) I & II must be repealed as with ALL
    state or local laws. IF NOT, then all elected public officials
    are in 100% disagreement with their oath of office and everything they
    have done is nullified. MEALER2016

    • Anonymous

      It wasn’t Rand Paul who voted for the PATRIOT Act, the NDAA, and FISA, etc.  Why is he being blamed for these egregious violations of the Bill of Rights…?  The guy can’t exactly be dictator and overthrow the government….

      • JLMEALER

        Hey conspiracygirl,
        Here’s the deal- Nothing but the facts.
        When an infringement is made on our Bill of Rights (specifically the 2nd Amend), it causes all other rights plus those not enumerated to be crushed and/or diminished. Search and Seizure, et al.
        When someone is elected to public office they swear an oath to defend the US Constitution as well as to that of their respective state.
        I have not heard Rand Paul say ONE THING against the violations of the Bill of Rights whether it is against his constituents or Americans in general. He has violated his oath and is a typical politician living on Fed Res usury at the expense of our children.
        Does this make sense? I tried to keep it fairly simple because I tend to over-explain things…
        One violation is all it takes to make someone a tyrant or a participant in the tyranny.

        JL Mealer

        • Anonymous

          Perhaps you just haven’t looked hard enough. He is the most vigorous protector of the constitution’s Bill of Rights currently serving.

          Rand Paul has sent the senate into conniptions with his defense of the Bill of Rights. Here he is on the NDAA…  

          Google is your friend…  :-)

          • JLMEALER

            Hello again conspiracygirl,
            I know Rand Paul puts on a good show (I only call it a show because his plans never go anywhere) while he violates his oath of office.
            Just the simple fact that ANY law (infringement) regarding we Americans being armed is a violation of the Second Amendment. And as we know, when ANY law is made regarding being armed, it allows the “authorities” the option of search and seizure (4th Amend) against a law that technically cannot exist, and as this is done we lose every other right. For example: Let’s say in the future that some sort of new federal or state cops are at my house rummaging through my belongings to see if I have 25 round clips or sub machine guns or anything that was made illegal when the “new laws” are passed. The cops stay overnight, thus they are quartering troops and have killed the 3rd Amendment. THEN, the 5th, 6th and 7th are wiped out when these ‘new cops’ find a 25 rd clip or a zoning violation (they of course call in the county building inspector) and without even seeing a courtroom, I am slapped with a fine for some sort of circuit breaker violation, by the fact that the violation exists makes me guilty (no due process) without a courtroom, and I am forced to incriminate myself simply by acknowledging that the house was mine. Throw these together and the excessive punishment is kicked off the cliff (8th Amend).
            The laws are made in such a way that the state/feds do not allow me (or Glenn Beck for that matter) to NOT choose to be part of this new law and the 9th Amendment dies.

            Okay with that explained- No elected official is working within their designated boundaries and they are most certainly not protecting their constituents and are in violation of their oath of office. Everything they do from Day One while in office is to protect the people from the above scenario and this scenario plays out quite often in states with pseudo-gun laws. There is nothing that Rand Paul or any other elected official can do to ‘undo’ the crimes they have committed by not enforcing and protecting their constituent’s rights.

            Technically, everything that is voted on and becomes law is moot, because it has been voted on under the guise of fraud. There’s more, but I simply wanted to respond in a bit more detail. Have you read MEALER INITIATIVE 2016 AMERICA SHRUGGED? You can grab a free Kindle copy from Amazon.

            I’ll send a free copy anywhere you’d like. Glenn Beck should actually be reading this as well…

            JL Mealer

  • Gary M

    Do you really think the Elite won’t still control things no matter who is placed in the office of President?

  • Hugh Beaumont

    Hillary has never been accountable to anyone for anything in her entire life. How dare we put her in the hot seat? 

  • Karen Rose

    The very important decisions that these people in office are making are most likely not being made by them, but by some others that are higher up the latter…Because it is just to crazy, no common sense, even when they are being drilled…you can see it does not make I continue to say .IT IS THE LAST DAYS…GET RIGHT WITH THE LORD JESUS AND BE READY TO GO WHEN HE COMES…you may not believe in the Lord, if you you don’t you have to have no common sense, seeing that all that has been predicted, for the last days in the Word is coming to pass right now….Read Matthew 24, Ez 38 & 39, Luke 21, Matthew 25…etc


    GLEN, I WATCH YOU WHEN I CAN, YOU ARE VERY GOOD TO LISTEN TO, i am sure that you know that OBAMA is a MUSLIM, and he was born in KENYA, so why is he , in your opnion, still in the white houst , THIS PERSON DOES NOTHING BUT LIE, HIS ASS OFF, thank you ,

  • Anonymous

    Bobby Jindal has the right ideas and Rand has the machine behind him. The only prolem with being Libertarian is we cannot become isolationist in the 21 century.
    Americal must lead or get out of the way for the Muslem nation.

    • Anonymous

      You need to learn that non-intervemtionism is not isolationism.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry, but no Republican/Independent/other political candidate has been or is worthy of 2016 he or she who is ”clean” of dirt AND a veritable fearless cage fighter. Which is exactly what this nation needs since 2008. Sara Palin being the closest to fit that bill that so far no man is doing or has been doing. 1; they are afraid of Barack, 2; they are afraid of the media and 3; they are afraid of being blunt. IN your face no patty cake and unafraid.

  • Rose Stull

    Rand Paul is THE MAN for 2016!!!!  If we even get to have an election by then after 4 more years of Obama and his “transforming” of our goverment (republic

  • E. Browning Bosley

    I really don’t see how libertarians and conservatives are different in how they see society and freedom.  The only place they disagree is over specific issues.  That is the way I see it.

  • Anonymous

    If we had more people like Rand Paul, maybe we would not have a musilm raised, America hating, communist in the WH.

  • gator

    Yep, Rand Paul.

  • Paulita Selene

    I like Glenn too but he gets a little loud..Rand for President..I haven’t yet heard anything out of his mouth I disagree with!!

  • David J. Sanchez

    We need to elect and send as many Libertarians as possible to Washington D.C. People like Dr. Ron Paul and his son Sen. Rand Paul and others who share the smaller government philosophy, of the Founders and Framers of these United States of America. We are a Constitutional Republic and not a democracy and this truth must be given to the American populace. This present two party system that has been foisted upon us must be terminated and a true representational political framework must be established in it’s place. Free enterprise without government intervention and lobbyist influence must overcome the corrupt system which has robbed us of nearly all of our liberties and freedoms which once enshrined this Nation.  

  • Anonymous

    If you haven’t signed Rand Paul’s petition against Feinstein’s gun ban yet, here it is…  As you may have guessed, she exempted herself from having to follow her own proposed law….

  • Anonymous


  • Ken

    I can only hope that Glenn doesn’t turn his back on Rand like he did his father. That didn’t help the cause one bit. 

  • Ginny Auldridge

    figuring out who our enemies are is not all that complicated, like I told my daughters about choosing a man; listen to what he says about his mother and other women. if a government/religious leader hates/disrespects women and children, we must have nothing to do with them.

  • Bob DeLacy Jr.

    I think he should be the candidate for president in 2016 and if the Republicans do it right
    get him elected.

  • Anonymous

    Several points here.
    I love the idea of either a third party, but even more of no parties.Dems and Repubs choices no longer.
    If libertarians had stood with Repubs choice, we may have pulled it off, the critical 1% was wasted and gave Obama the edge. Some Evangelicals also lost us the election, by not voting for Romney. The critical 2011 election was not the time to voice objection to the status quo, and squander votes, but to prevent further damage from a second term. But obviously it is now a moot point. Except for learning from mistakes.
    Rand is one of the few good guys out there, but I don’t think he’s strong enough to be a winner.
    I don’t know who’s out there right now that can counteract a Clinton or, God forbid,  yet Obama again. 
    At this point in time, insanes are running the assylum. And the damage done by Obama and his appointees may be too great to reverse.

    • Anonymous

      No offense, but every election is always labeled a critical election. What difference would voting for Romney have made when he supported the most egregious constitutional violations of Obama…? This is just the GOP’s standard play to retain their own power.  If Republican voters saw a danger in losing the 1% of the vote that the GOP worked overtime in alienating out of the party — and it mattered desperately to them that Obama not be re-elected — they could have easily switched their support to Gary Johnson.  Then there would have been no Obama second term.

      Gary Johnson is a former two-term Republican governor who managed to keep his liberal gimme gimme state in the black and still be popular with both parties.  He could have easily brought in the votes of disgruntled Dems.  

      • Anonymous

        You make some good points. The fact was that we had two choices in the end, Romney and Obama, for the voters to choose from. I don’t like the current system. There are many very good governors who could handle the presidency. Gary Johnson is one of them. He just did not get the support needed. It is hard to do one’s job while campaigning for 4 years, like Obama did.

  • Anonymous

    Time for a new third party comprising of people who believe in the Constitution.  That would mean the Tea Party and any other individuals that do not associate with a party.  Let the Republican Party wither on the vine like the Whig Party did.

    • Anonymous

      You mean like the Libertarian Party and the Constitution Party…?  They’ve been around for a long time.  The reason they can’t get traction is because the major parties have written laws to prevent them from seriously challenging their power.  

  • Guest

     Aside from 19th Century values, what do Beck and Paul have in common?

  • Lonbow48

    He would get my vote. He is what has been missing for many years, a true American.

  • Scamp

    Unlike the last field of candidates for the GOP, Rand Paul seems to be the “cream” destined to rise to the top.  I cannot picture any other member of the GOP who exudes the intellectual and verbal ability of Sen. Paul.  Perhaps he may be the winning ticket holder, but the ingrained fraud and corruption of the electoral system will make for a tough road for any honest person to travel.

  • Anonymous

    Since the re-election of Mr. Obama, I have wondered who
    would be a viable candidate for 2016 – from a conservative POV.  I’m having a difficult time trusting the
    field as it stands now.  Where is the
    brave, vocal, and staunch conservative that can bring voters together on the
    federal issues? And leave the pandering to special interest groups out of the

    I do admit that Rand Paul has captured my attention. He has
    been strong and assertive, and he is certainly a representative that refuses to
    tip-toe around the obvious, and appears to be able to speak his mind in a manner
    which people listen.  

    Qualities of a leader. 
    Speak the truth the first time, and let the rest of the pack fumble with
    political correctness. I do not want a bombastic leader that arrogantly speaks
    HIS opinion; I want a leader that respectfully asserts the truth, and never
    apologize for the truth, and will listen to ALL the people that take the time
    to offer their own opinion.

  • Anonymous

    Rand Paul, WHY would you suggest that your country is “gun-running” anything to anywhere – especially to an ally like Turkey, a country that has shielded 10’s of 1.000’s of refugees from Bashar Al-Assad of Syria? Hillary’s response (as only Hillary can do) was precious – a fitting shocked annoyance to a very stupid question!  Republicans had 1,000’s of opportunities, big and small,to demonstrate competence on the national stage and they did none of it – they made themselves look silly, and incapable of leadership in a complex time.  Barack Obama was elected because he is intelligent, and 72% of Americans like and trust him.  If she chooses to run in 2016, Hillary WILL win!

    • FireMall

         Turkey protecting refugees ?  WTHE !!!!   Like Obama & Hillary protected the 60.000 dead Syrian Christians.  Oh yes: Obama the world’s Saviour is really doing the world a favor by Just being born ??

    • Anonymous

      Because somebody needed it to ask some tough questions, expose cover-ups or at least try to. There were not enough tough questions out there that would show the extent of all the cover-ups on Benghazi, and the real reasons behind the whole fiasco.
      As for intelligence, it’s more like cunning and ruthlessness, deceit and manipulation; and that applies to both Obama and Clinton. I don’t know how you can say that 72% of Americans like and trust him, that’s pure fiction.
      Hillary will run and it will be a battle to defeat her.

  • Dawn Lynge

    It is about time you support a “Paul” Mr Beck,,about time to get our Country back, yes I agree that Israel needs our support and defense, always did, but so did Ron Paul, he felt we should not TELL THEM what to do, that IS what he did not like, he was never against Israel. But Senator Rand Paul has it together, has many of his father’s principles and teachings, I really appreciate his candor (unlike Chris Christi who is rude, crude, no couth loud mouth, with his own PR, how anyone wanted him for VP is beyong me…I digress) Thank you Mr. Beck for finally seeing how a “Paul” could truly help our Country get back onto track, you have re-earned my respect. Thank you again.

  • FireMall

      Can’t speak for anyone else here but , IMO, there is more important sheeet to deal with at the present time than what , who, and wthe happens in 4 freeking years.    
       As In;  Stick the 2014 election BS where the light can’t shine on it for at least 3 years from today’s catastrophes that likely will cause 2014  to never happen.
       I can’t believe  Beck has joined the Alyinski Diversion club.
          2014 is the LEAST OF MY CONCERNS . Especially when Obama & the U.N. genociders have plans for people like me never seeing 2014.

       Nothing but a waste of time Assuming there will always be Tomorrow  when Today is in deep trouble.
       There is an Elephant in the room and Beck wants to stomp ant’s bs-ing about nothing.

  • Cindi Frank-Robbins

    Rand Paul / Marco  Rubio = the best “hope” ticket !!!!!

  • Yoikes

    Is there ANY doubt that this man, Sen. Rand Paul, ought to be the next President of the United States???????

    Rand Paul for President 2016

  • Take 2

    Will the 1/3 of sane DEM’s bail out on Barry Dunham et al in time or not.  Will they re-learn Global History of 1930’s German i.e. Republic or not.  So far Dunham is into and after Guns Ammo and a trail of murder. Soon his own personal Bank-soon printing his own money. Just like what’s his face in Germany did do! He will do too X 2.   

  • Marte Cliff

    I’d vote for him in a heartbeat. He’s the first courageous, honest voice we’ve heard in politics. I wanted to cheer when he told Hillary he’d have removed her from her position. 

  • Sabrina Liukin

    I’m a Classical Liberal and a Christian and I’d vote for Rand.

  • Fuchs XXXX

    Its time that either Rush or Beck practice what they preach and go join the US military to fight in Iran or Irag.

    Of course they are both too fat to actually engage in combat but they still could work in the kitchen or something.

  • Inez Tyler

    If the Republicans choose another RINO like Romeny, another loss is guarateed.  

    • Anonymous

      They can chose whom ever they want;    they aren’t getting my vote.    They fooled me twice,  they aren’t getting a third try.    I am done with both parties.

  • Sam Fox

    Besides Rand, we also have Judge Napolitano & Chuck Baldwin & others.

    For any true Constitutional fiscal conservative to win, I am convinced that they would have to run 3rd part from the start.

    The R half of the Big Government Party will refuse to back a real conservative, just like they did the last 2 elections. Oops! At least the last 3. Any one that thinks GWB, McManchurian or Mitt were conservatives needs to buy a few bridges I have up for sale.

    The R ‘party’ is a disgrace. They are worse than the Dem half of the BGP because the R’s pretend to be conservative & just say they care about the Constitution.

    Any one ever check out George Washington’s vision? It’s a topic worth looking into. Looks to me that we are in the 3rd phase…


  • Anonymous

    Sure, the Republicans need a new kind of candidate. But if I were a typical Republican, I wouldn’t become a libertarian. Instead, I’d ask myself: what kind of candidate seems to be winning things nowadays? Answer: Obama. What to do? Find a Republican Obama!

  • Anonymous

    We have to realize that most Republicans are not familiar with arguments for economic and political freedom. They don’t know what “freedom” even means. The idea scares them.

  • Joe Snuffy

    I watched his statement on Fox.  He was right on the money.  I hope he keeps it up over the next few years.  He is looking Presidential.

  • Joe Snuffy

    I also like Glenn Beck and Alan West for President.  We absolutely MUST stop this Socialist movement in this nation.

  • Joe Snuffy

    I was serving in Vietnam (Hue, PhuBai, 67 – 68) fighting against the Socialists when John Kerry as lieing to Congress about what was (not) happening in the battle zone.  Now that SOB is in the Senate pushing the Socialist agenda.

  • Darby Casper

    rand will get bought off just like mitt and mc pain did… lock n load is all we have left!

  • William Vining

    Weelllll…. there goes the old “voter fraud” BS……

  • doug

     Newts ideas? Raising the debt limit 4 times, the Department of Education vote,support for “his” EPA not the one we have? Yes indeed you have won. Paul Ryan,he of the maintain and sustain? we will get our government under control in 40 years fame?
     Well I will stay crazy but you don’t get my vote. I guess you can imprison me under your Stalin like purges and your Patriot Act.

  • doug

    Neoconservatives,in a nutshell a form of thought that veers from true r(not R) epulican thought. Jefferson, Madison,Monroe,Van Buren, and people like John Taylor of Caroline. Neocons follow among others Irving Kristol,Leo Strauss and tend to support the big government  safety net as well as the might makes right theory. In general you are a 50’s 60’s Democrat progressing towards the inevitable. 

  • Anonymous

    Whether Rand Paul would make a good President or not, I really don’t know at this point but he sure seems like the only one out there asking question of Hillary Clinton and John Kerry that needed to be asked.  Hillary is smart enough that she two stepped around the answer and never gave an intelligent answer to what happened in Libya but it really all lies at her feet and she didn’t do her job.  As for having John Kerry as the next Secretary of State, I would say most Americans probably think he is a big joke and a poor choice for the job. Hagle is another poor choice and his not liking Israel will not be advantages for us.  I wish the Republicans would get some back bone in all of this and finally stand up to the President regarding the debt ceiling as well as these appointees but don’t know if they ever will so I guess we will have to learn the hard way!!  God Bless America and have mercy on us.

  • Anonymous

    “These people”..

    That’s scary. Islam does not equal the people who flew planes into the world trade center, just like Christian does not equal Tim McVeigh or Eric Rudolph.

    • Jimpsonseed

      Timothy McVeigh or Eric Rudolph were not associated with Christians in any way, shape or form. 

      Eric Rudolph has never identified himself with any Christian group.   While he claimed to be working on behalf of God, he is not associated with any organized religion.  The liberal media of course tries to put him in that category because he has mentioned God in his writings, but almost all religions have a God and certainly all religions have extremists.

      From the Wikipedia page regarding McVeigh:

      ” In the 2001 book American Terrorist, McVeigh stated that he did not believe in Hell and that science is his religion.[89][90] In June 2001, a day before the execution, McVeigh wrote a letter to the Buffalo News identifying as agnostic.[”

      To equate McVeigh and Rudolph with Christians is ridiculous.  However, all muslims serve the same God, including those who attacked our country on 9/11.

  • Anonymous

    I think right now we are so desperate for someone in that office that has just a shred of decency about them, anyone would look good.  I just would like obama out.  I do though, like Rand Paul.  I just wonder if his foreign policy is in line with his Dad’s…. 

  • Anonymous

    Decades and decades of conservative talking points (“Everyone knows lower taxes means economic growth!’ “The free market rises all boats!” “We must cut entitlements to strengthen the economy!” “Abortion is murder!”) were given with a wink. Politicians knew that for all their talk about ending abortion, they really would never do it, because they needed that wedge issue to run on for elections. They knew that even though they cried for cutting taxes, they could always sneak tax increases in the forms of fees or adjustments, as Reagan did over and over. They understood that it was all stagecraft. But after decades of these talking points without substance, they have birthed a generation of true believers in the form of the tea party. And let’s be honest, the tea party are merely Republicans with another name. These tea partiers have accepted these truisms without examining them and believe them wholly. They missed the winks; they’ve ignored the reality and they’re ready to implement the Republican agenda full bore. The only problem is that the establishment Republicans aren’t interested in doing so, because as Bush’s presidency proved so well, the Republican agenda is a one way ticket to failure. And hence, the implosion of the Republican Party, between the cynicism of the establishment and the willful ignorance — that is fostered as “waking up” by Glenn Beck — of the tea party.

  • Betty Wilson

     I told my husband after Ron Paul had spoken with Mrs Clinton. Now I could vote for him as our president. He has back bone.

  • Jimpsonseed

    I like Rand Paul.  Not much of a fan of his dad, but as long as Rand doesn’t try the same crap his dad did, I’d support him.  All of that talk about legalizing marijuana and prostitution…ha!  What’s the difference between that point of view and the liberal point of view?  Not a whole lot if you ask me.

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