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Over the weekend, due to an illness in the family, Glenn was at a hospital in Rochester, NY. While he was there he was having a conversation with the admitting nurse, and during that conversation the nurse looked around, leaned in and quietly whispered “…I just want you to know…I’m a big fan. I’m a conservative.”

“Was he going to be killed if that information got out?” Pat joked.

Probably not killed, but in Rochester, he’s probably not going to be warmly embraced.

One of Glenn’s main focuses for 2013 is community — surrounding yourself with life-minded people and building strong communities. Obviously, this is much easier to do in some places more than others. (Why do you think Glenn’s always trying to get his audience to move to Texas?)

If your a conservative who constantly find yourself having to keep your political and social leanings a secret, Glenn has a list of cities that you might want to consider.

“I’m just bringing this up in case you ever decide, ‘I shouldn’t be living here.’,” Glenn said before going through the list.

So here’s where you need to move:

  • Knoxville, TN
  • Shreveport, LA
  • Chattanooga, TN
  • Birmingham, AL
  • Jackson, MS

Here’s the list of places you should NOT move:

  • Providence, RI
  • Albany, NY
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Phoenix, AZ
  • Las Vegas, NV
  • Cedar Rapids, IA

Oddly enough, New York City is tied with Cedar Rapids, and somehow San Francisco fares better than Phoenix.

“That’s incredible,” Glenn responded.

So what makes these cities to great and the others so bad?

“These are the most Bible‑minded cities, and I’m telling you, you need to live around like‑minded people,” Glenn told listeners. “If you’re going to survive, you need to be ‑‑ you need to be able to be around people who understand charity, who understand where your rights come from, who understand, you know, the best way to serve God is to serve your fellow man.”

“It’s interesting that the stereotype holds true,” Pat noted. “All the southern states are, you know, the Bible‑oriented people, and it’s the New England and Northeast that aren’t.”

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(Photo: Bama Group/American Bible Society)