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Updated: Glenn questioned President Obama’s masculinity again on TV Monday night, check out the segment in the clip above!

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President Obama said in an interview recently that he goes skeet shooting all the time, but it’s really hard to take that claim seriously. The only photographic evidence of Obama holding a gun is of him with a water gun. In fact, Obama has so many non-manly traits it seems rather unlikely one of his hobbies is blasting targets on the weekend. Has Glenn finally found a man more girly than he?

“This guy’s never shot. He’s never shot. If he’s shot, he’s only shot at, like, some sort of a press conference during an election. He’s never gone out and, like, really? He’s at Camp David and he’s, ‘You know what, guys, I’m going to do? I’m going to take the little girl bike with the basket on it.'”

Glenn was referencing this lovely photo of President Obama decked out in ‘mom jeans’:

“This guy I’m convinced has had a sex change. I think he’s a woman. I don’t know if Michelle knows it but I think he’s a woman. And this coming from me,” Glenn said. “I mean, I can do show tunes, everything. You got it. Which puts me at about 5% less woman than the president. I think he’s 100% girl power.”

What evidence does Glenn have that Obama is a girly man? He wears mom jeans, he can’t throw a baseball, if he had a son he wouldn’t want him to play football, and he doesn’t seem like he has ever fired a gun.

“I mean, this guy makes me feel macho. And I’m like, ‘Hey, let’s go to Broadway.’ And I feel like a macho man around this guy,” Glenn said.

Glenn thinks the President panders to the American people when he makes his claims about skeet shooting and loving sports, noting the President often makes the same sports mistakes that he does.

So while it’s hard to believe that anyone would be a bigger girly man than the “Broadway-show loving, clueless when it comes to sports, more concerned with fashion than football” Glenn Beck, it seems like Obama may just take the cake. At least Glenn doesn’t pretend to be any manlier than he actually is.