We all know Stu as co-host of The Glenn Beck Radio Program and Pat & Stu, but now Stu will be bringing his unique perspective to his very own show on TheBlaze TV!

The Wonderful World of Stu, a new half hour program, will be a true mix of entertainment and enlightenment. Stu is a master of tearing apart the liberal and progressive point of view, and this show will let him dive deeper into the issues, bringing you the facts with undeniable humor and wit.

In the first episode alone, Stu will dissect the insanity of Piers Morgan’s tweets about “assault weapons” and gun control, show kids how to get their recommended amount of daily calcium (hint: it involves a combination of pizza, mac and cheese, and mozzarella sticks), go searching for a “food desert” in New York, and talk to economist Ed Butowsky about “hurricane proof” furniture. It promises to be a can’t miss television event.

The Wonderful World of Stu launches this Saturday, February 2, at 10PM ET only on TheBlaze TV.