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America may not have a space program anymore, but thankfully Iran is picking up the slack!

TheBlaze had reported:

Iran said Monday it has successfully sent a monkey into space, describing the launch as another step toward Tehran’s goal of a manned space flight. This news comes after it failed in a similar mission in October 2011.

According to a brief report on state TV, the rocket dubbed Pishgam, or Pioneer in Farsi, reached a height of 120 kilometers (72 miles). The report gave no other details on the timing or location of the launch, but said the monkey safely returned to earth. 

“You know that foam that they spray into things, you know, like you’re ‑‑ like when you’re doing insulation in your home? That’s what they did. They took a monkey, they put him in, I don’t even know, like a box and just sprayed foam around him and he’s all strapped in and it’s the saddest picture you’ve ever seen. And I thought to myself, where are all the PETA people? Where all the people on the left? Where are the people on the left that cry out when we’re taking and we’re taking monkeys and we’re doing cancer research, cancer research. And they all have to protest and everything else. Where are they protesting about what they did to this monkey?” Glenn said.

“The only reason why they’re doing that is because they’re making missiles,” he continued. “So you’re torturing an animal and you’re doing this research for nuclear weapons.”


*This article was originally titled “Iran sends monkey to the moon!”. While we enjoyed the alliteration in the title, we decided it was a little misleading and changed it. Sorry for the confusion, and thank you to those who read the full article in context.