Libs: Ban guns! Except not ours

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Leftist hypocrisy is nothing new. In fact, it has become somewhat of a norm, but in wake of the Newtown shootings and the increased call for gun control that followed, the left seems to have taken insincerity to a whole new level. Glenn shared just a couple of stories on radio this morning.

Over at Media Matters, a staffer committed numerous felonies in Washington D.C and around the country by carrying a firearm the organization’s founder, David Brock. It is alleged that multiple firearms were used to protect Brock, and the weapons were purchased with the group’s money. The purchaser paid cash – making it harder to trace the transaction to the group – and, as it turns out, the carrier of the weapon was not authorized to carry a gun. Apparently concealed carry laws do not apply to members of leftist organizations.

Meanwhile, progressive revolutionaries like Marilyn Katz and Bernadine Dohrn – domestic terrorists, if you will – are now coming out in favor of gun control laws for “the children’s sake.” You have to wonder where that logic was when they were blowing up police stations and wreaking havoc in major cities across the country.

In other news, Michael Moore is also jumping on the hypocrite bandwagon. In the last couple of weeks his bodyguard has been arrested for illegal gun possession. After all, he needs protection from us little people, but we can’t be trusted to protect ourselves. It doesn’t look like any charges have been filed as of yet, and it’s probably safe to say they won’t be filed in the near future.

We are still waiting to see if David Gregory faces any charges for blatantly breaking the law. After being told that it was illegal to display a magazine on television in Washington D.C., Gregory went ahead and did it anyway. It must be nice to be above the law.

Lastly, Vice President Biden is out and about on his national gun control tour – telling audiences near and far about the need for stricter laws. His latest gaffe involves a claim that he was golfing on a course so close to the shooting that occurred at an Amish school in 2006, he was able to hear the gunshots. Turns out, the nearest golf course is five miles away from the school (a lot further than the quarter mile distance Biden claimed), and there is no record of Biden ever being a the course. Apparently that’s just Joe being Joe.

Nothing to see here, folks. This truly is hypocrisy at its finest.

  • americanathlete

    Joe has lied so much for so long he probably believes he was golfing and heard the shots…or maybe he was dreaming. Biden’s a joke!

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Usual double standards from all political leaders and those who want gun control and power over the people – do as I say and not as I do. What else is new though? 

    What matters is that we have the laws apply to ALL people equally.

    • Draxx

      How come Liberals have stories about things that Never Happened in Places That Do Not Exist…?

      • Sharmane

         Because they lie and will do anything to further their agenda – and I do mean anything.

        • Anonymous


  • Sam Fisher

    That is gun grabbers for you. When you don’t have personal story about gun violence make crap up that never happen. Joe Biden also said he saw a second shooter on the grass knoll.

  • Sam Fisher

    Media matters is found by mental ill person my word tell us something we don’t know.

    • Anonymous

      media matters is founded by the ultimate anti-Semetic Jew Who worked for the Nazis as a teen–soros!

  • Guest

    Glenn Beck’s opposition to gun control means that he, too, has blood on his hands. Of course, he’ll always deny that.

    No one is even suggesting taking guns away. If we can’t get universal background checks and a ban on large clips, then Congress is too extreme.

    Glenn Beck professed his hatred for the Republican Party, and if the Party leaders want to start winning elections, they will have to return the favor.

    • Earl Allen Boek

      I guess you missed a couple of Glenn’s most recent shows.  Where the FBI/ATF came to take someone’s guns.  Sheep

  • Love of Country

    Read Animal Farm ….. it’s all there.

  • Karen Rose

    He was drunk, what do you want from him, and he wasn’t at the gulf course, he was at a bar………LOL

  • Anonymous

    Gun control won’t even alter the amount of guns in this country, it will simply shift the ownership of guns from people with families to protect straight into the hands of corrupt government officials and the thugs they end up selling the guns to.  Don’t mess with human nature.

  • Guest

    “Leftist hypocrisy is nothing new.”

    For Beck to point his finger about hypocrisy is in itself hypocrisy.

    No one in the media is a bigger hypocrite than Glenn Beck! No one!

    • Anonymous

      the total of this is that the the hypocrits on both sides should go to hell  – guess where are more ?  Why don’t you put that shoe on the other foot how is it then? When I look at hypocrisy  we have some of the biggest hypo’s in BO, all admins, JB , HC (yesterday again priceless!!!  and I wouldn’t take a wrapped piece of candy from that B. Thank you – she sure changed her tune on Obummer didn’t she?  What now Smartie Guest? Why don’t you go on lib’s sites where you all can socker-punch each other. I think it is time for something really bad to start because the idiocy of what is going on here is unbearable. My only hope is that it hits everyone equally..

  • Anonymous

    The problem is that most followers believe what Joe says, whether true or not or whether being drunk. This clown wants to run for the presidency in 2016?

  • Kenneth W

    How come we don’t have some public service notices on TV about this stuff.

  • Anonymous

    And Biden was party to the compromise talks held with Tip O’Neill during the Reagan administration, and on and on. It amazes me that a person who lies so often that they actually believe their own lies can parlay his way to a position as the second most powerful person in the world. In the liberal world, there is no such thing as hypocrisy or criminal act when those acts are committed for “the cause”. These people used bombs, yet they feel that they are authorities on the purity of non-violence through disarmament. They are sociopaths with an agenda and there is nothing they won’t say or do to achieve their goals. Yet, how many living today could even articulate who the Weather Underground was and what they represented and what they continue to represent. These are the same people who not only threatened violence, but committed horrendous acts of violence, all in the name of “peace”. It seems that every day of Obama’s second term has a new escalation in the war on freedom. Every day, I am shocked to see the continued willingness of this country to trade government candy for freedom. Unfortunately, they are now the majority.

  • Anonymous

    I heard on a talk show that Hugo Chavez owns most of the voting machines in America. OK none of believe this election was on the up and up.  The point I am getting to, OBama was talking to some crazy higher up in Mexico, and she asked him why he didn’t just take Americans guns away. Mexico’s government has been controlling America for years, I just don’t understand why, why even the Bush’s would allow it.

  • suz

    this is cart blanche nullification which has been happening since the o.j. verdict.

  • Anonymous

    RICO Act

  • Guest

    The Tea Party (and Beck’s toxic influence) is dropping like a flying piano.  Note….

    Late Thursday: Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, a possible presidential candidate in 2016, ridicules fellow Republicans as the “stupid party” and urges Washington Republicans to get over their obsession with cutting budgets.

    Friday afternoon: The office of Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell, another would-be Republican presidential candidate, declares that he will not go along with a plan, hatched by conservative legislators, to rewrite the state’s election laws in a way that would stack Virginia’s electoral votes against Democrats.

    Late Friday: Fox News says it has parted ways with Sarah Palin, the former vice presidential candidate and tea-party darling whose following had shriveled.

    Saturday: Reports emerge that House Speaker John Boehner had given a speech in which he referred to “hard heads” in his Republican caucus.

    • Anonymous

      Say what you will, but when you have a party where all and I mean all, are liars and hypocrites, Saying anything about Republicans is meaningless. Both parties will be insignificant in 2016.

  • Anonymous

    Here is the problem with the liberal, they want a one sided view of reallity that fits there mindset agendas, all the rest of the people on earth are to follow along with them. For some unknown reason I have a strong dislike of living in someone eles dream world

  • Fuchs XXXX

    I dont want to be American
    if I have to look like Glenn Fat

    • Earl Allen Boek

      Well I’m over-weight myself due mostly to the 4 Agent Orange Surgeries…Like I tell folks like you,  I can lose weight, you’re going to be an ugly asshole for life.

    • americanathlete

       Then why don’t you go to Kenya for good with the Obama’s…’n take George Clooney, Joy Behar, Barbara Walters, every one of those anti-American Obama loving idiots with you.

  • Anonymous

    Lock and load people!  Learn how to load your own ammo and save money. If not, keep buying guns and ammo until you have more than enough. What’s enough? About 10,000 rounds of whatever.  At least one AK, one 44 auto mag, one 1911 45 cal, or Glock 21 Gen 4,,one AR 223, one  Sig 9 mm P226 or Glock 9mm, 12 ga shotgun 10 round capacity or more, a 22 caliber rifle or handgun ( mutiple capacity) , a judge,  357 mag pistol or revolver, —— whatever you feel comfortable shooting. As well as a coss bow, regular compound bow, a couple swords, several large bowie knives, 2 million volt stun gun, numerous self defense martial arts weapons, you can easily make molotov cocktails, check on line for handy under the counter home ingredients that can be used to make a number of chemical devices to protect your home.Think outside the box for additional weapons beside guns. Be creative—traps for game, spears,etc.
    Learn how to use a knife to defend yourself. Learn Hand to hand defensive techniques—even something simple like pressure points, joint locks, kicks,etc, You can use the internet and get all the info you need on line. Be prepared, be ready—— what you fear IS indeed coming and you can bet they won’t think twice about killing you and yours.

  • John Indy

    A must read for all AMERICANS…….
    Green Berets Sign Letter Supporting 2nd Amendmentby Blake Miles · January 29, 2013 · Posted In: SOF NewsRead more:…

    Spread it FAR  & WIDE Folks!.  

  • Anonymous

    If Joe Biden’s national tour is like his roundtable discussio here in Richmond Va. It is a farce. His round table wa closed to the public, and only special had picked supporters were allowed in.It was just a ew Democrate politians and a couple of political police chiefs, a couple of liberal professors.

  • Guest

    The Republican Party has become an outright Fascist institution. One may consider the Palins, Becks, and assorted nuts to be too loony to be harmful , but they occupy a historical place in Fascism. These are the modern day equivalents of Mussolini’s brown shirts, the SA or ‘storm troopers’ in Hitlers regime.  Fascism always requires a large group of deluded commoners that can be whipped into a rage and then blamed for whatever crimes are committed. The establishment right then just bemoans the fact that they can’t control them, and though their depredations are regrettable, the left is mainly to blame for provoking them.It is an old ploy that has played out way too many times, but some people are still falling for it. 

  • Anonymous

    If pressed he was probably standing on the grassy knoll and witnessed the Kennedy assassination as a child…….. He  Himself confirms the fact he’s an idiot.

  • Guest

    “Nothing to see here, folks. This truly is hypocrisy at its finest.”

    Seriously? NOBODY in media is a bigger hypocrite than Glenn Beck!

  • Jim

    The government will not need to pass new gun control laws. THE NUMBER OF FELONIES currently on the books is INCREASING. District Attorney’s often OVERCHARGE defendants, so that they will plead out. Meaning what would’ve been a misdemeanor, is charged instead with 5 felonies, so they will plead down to ONE felony.
    ALSO the number of laws on the books that were once MISDEMEANORS are now FELONIES. 
    ADDITIONALLY, if you’re a Domestic Violence defendant, you are banned from owning guns. If convicted of a misdemeanor DV crime, you’re banned from owning guns. WHAT is DOMESTIC VIOLENCE? It can be shouting, pointing your finger, in can be if you and your wife are in a an argument and you try to leave the house but bump her to get out. If she blocks you from leaving but you push by, you just ‘assaulted’ her. If your argument is in front of your kids, thats a DV crime. If police get called to a public place where you spanked your child, that’s DV. 
    NEVERMIND the new rules where the FEDS are saying anyone whose gone to a PSYCHIATRIST can now LOSE their gun rights. 
    What if you’re in a “GUN FREE ZONE”? Which some cities/towns have said is 1000 meters from any school. TAKE A MAP, draw a circle around every school, at scale, 1000 meters. IT will effectively ban ownership in a town. 
    WHY worry about banning guns when you can simply BAN people, with felonies,  from owning guns?

    • Jim

      I really GLEN would read my post and think on it. Maybe do a segment on his show. 
      ALSO, with the DOMESTIC VIOLENCE LAWS. THE LAUTENBERG AMENDMENT, passed by the former senator as a rider on a bill, was EX POST FACTO. In other words, if your conviction for D.V. was in 1991, but the law was passed in 1995, IT still applied to you.
      WE had a NUMBER of MARINES in my unit that had to be chaptered out of service because they could no longer use a gun. EVEN though their conviction was YEARS before the law was passed.
      THAT is, if these Marines/Soldiers/Airmen/Sailors could come up with $2000 to pay a lawyer to expunge their record.
      I see people honoring Sen Lautenberg in his death, when in fact, he was very much attacking the CONSTITUTION with his laws. 
      PLEASE, GLEN, look this up. SEE if I am telling the truth. 

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