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Leftist hypocrisy is nothing new. In fact, it has become somewhat of a norm, but in wake of the Newtown shootings and the increased call for gun control that followed, the left seems to have taken insincerity to a whole new level. Glenn shared just a couple of stories on radio this morning.

Over at Media Matters, a staffer committed numerous felonies in Washington D.C and around the country by carrying a firearm the organization’s founder, David Brock. It is alleged that multiple firearms were used to protect Brock, and the weapons were purchased with the group’s money. The purchaser paid cash – making it harder to trace the transaction to the group – and, as it turns out, the carrier of the weapon was not authorized to carry a gun. Apparently concealed carry laws do not apply to members of leftist organizations.

Meanwhile, progressive revolutionaries like Marilyn Katz and Bernadine Dohrn – domestic terrorists, if you will – are now coming out in favor of gun control laws for “the children’s sake.” You have to wonder where that logic was when they were blowing up police stations and wreaking havoc in major cities across the country.

In other news, Michael Moore is also jumping on the hypocrite bandwagon. In the last couple of weeks his bodyguard has been arrested for illegal gun possession. After all, he needs protection from us little people, but we can’t be trusted to protect ourselves. It doesn’t look like any charges have been filed as of yet, and it’s probably safe to say they won’t be filed in the near future.

We are still waiting to see if David Gregory faces any charges for blatantly breaking the law. After being told that it was illegal to display a magazine on television in Washington D.C., Gregory went ahead and did it anyway. It must be nice to be above the law.

Lastly, Vice President Biden is out and about on his national gun control tour – telling audiences near and far about the need for stricter laws. His latest gaffe involves a claim that he was golfing on a course so close to the shooting that occurred at an Amish school in 2006, he was able to hear the gunshots. Turns out, the nearest golf course is five miles away from the school (a lot further than the quarter mile distance Biden claimed), and there is no record of Biden ever being a the course. Apparently that’s just Joe being Joe.

Nothing to see here, folks. This truly is hypocrisy at its finest.