Mayor Gun Control confronted over his armed entourage

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As one of the most outspoken public figures on gun control, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is not shy about expressing his opinion on what should be done about America’s “gun problem”. The Washington Post has even described Mayor Bloomberg as “America’s most prominent and deep-pocketed advocate for gun control.”

While Mayor Bloomberg may be quick to take away your guns, he has no problem with surrounding himself with a team of armed security officers. Why does Bloomberg get to defend himself when he thinks the majority of Americans shouldn’t have the ability to purchase and carry firearms?

Investigative journalist Jason Mattera asked the Mayor in an explosive exchange yesterday: “In the spirit of gun control, will you disarm your entire security team?” 

Watch the exchange here:

After being all but accosted by the Mayor’s security team, Jason was continually followed down the street and questioned. His crime? Asking a question.

Glenn points out that obviously, no one is opposed to the Mayor of the city having armed protection if it’s needed. The problem is the hypocrisy of the Mayor knowing that he needs to be armed or have armed security, but not allowing the average law-abiding American.

“I can’t provide my own security in the city.  I have to hire New York City cops,” Glenn explained. “I don’t want a police officer proceeding me.  Nothing against police officers, but police officers are meant to do exactly what that guy did:  To go back and clean up, go back and attack.  They are not, they are not made to get the principal out.  It’s a completely different philosophy.  It’s not good for me to be protected by a police officer.  Because theirs is stand and shoot.  Stand and ‑‑ that’s not what a protective detail does.  A protective detail makes sure it doesn’t come in, which police officers can do, and if something happens, get out.  Get out.  The Secret Service gets you out.  They don’t stand and fight.  And so it’s a fundamental mind shift.  You don’t want somebody that can’t make that mind shift that fast.”

Bloomberg isn’t the only politician like this. Far too many live under the philosophy that they are somehow above the laws they set.

“We are truly living in the time of kings and lords and dukes and earls and ladies,” Glenn said. “We are living in a time where titles mean something.  Titles didn’t used to mean anything.” 

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Remember that VP Biden’s ‘security detail’ confronted journalists routinely and even threatened a few; as have those of Holder and other Democratic leaders and elitists within the extremist for the left.

    Bloomburg is one of these elitists and figures he can do whatever he wishes, when and how he wishes and to whomever he wishes due to his position. 

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Glenn many of the progressives and those in political positions of authority and power hold themselves up above the rest of the citizens of this land. That is the way of the progressives in power ‘the enlightened elite’ over the ‘unwashed, uneducated, uncaring, undisciplined yearning masses who need to be led.’

    They see themselves as shepherds and us as sheep.

    And as with all aristocracies that have risen into dynasties in America, from Railroad barons to political families, they shall have their downfall coming in swift order.

    Always the progressives and the arrogant forget the rule of the game: The further up you ascend, the harder and swifter is the inevitable fall.

  • Sam Fisher

    That is the liberal elite for you I bet he drinks soda eats pork and has his salt as well. He is so untouchable in New York he thinks he is king. If the people of New York City want to keep voting for people that hate freedom then so be it better their then here.

  • Elizabeth Bracy

    Did you see the Dem on Hannity last night? He asked her directly about this and she talked, like most libs, around and around the issue and wouldn’t answer the question. I especially liked the part where he asked Bloomberg if he wanted a sip of his soda.

    • landofaahs

      Ding dongs are even more unhealthy…no matter which end you put them in.

  • americanathlete

    Bloomberg’s such a hypocrite. I’m glad I don’t live in that circus, or I mean city. They can have NYC.

  • Sharmane

    Here’s how these people think – they are the elite and special ones and deserve to be protected.  The rest of us they just want to leave unarmed and defenseless because we are not as important as them.  They also want the taxpayers to pay for their armed security, which adds to the hypocrisy of it all.  The Supreme Court of the United States has already ruled that the police have no obligation to protect any one individual.  Also, to paraphrase an old saying “when seconds count, the police are only minutes away.”  Lastly, historically it has been governments worldwide who have committed mass murder of millions, after first disarming the unsuspecting citizens.  Mao, Stalin, Lenin, Hitler, Pol Pot and Castro come readily to mind.  Our second amendment is not about hunting or sport shooting – it was given to us as a defense against a rogue government if need be.  People need to read the Federalist papers and the entire Constitution, including the Bill of Rights and this needs to be taught in our public schools – but good luck with that!

    • Anonymous

      Excellent Sharmane…I saw Bloomberg on New Years before the ball dropped and noted several plain clothes and uniformed in his security detail(Rockin Eve). Excellent short history. There are two types of people in the US…those that trust govt and those that don’t. History and the founding fathers tells me not to. Gun elimination is gradual…they just keep going until there are no guns…a la Piers Morgan’s harangue…with his own country Britain’s slow gun confiscation.  He keeps saying what do you need an assault rifle for?  I say..for any terrorist running around in my neighborhood in the next 20 years… Muslim, Mexican Narco or food starved crowds who have not prepared properly. 16 trillion in debt and a party in leadership that is destroying our currency, and whose leader has historically surrounded himself with the likes of Reverend Wright, Frank Marshall, followed Saul Alinsky’s how to book and several people that hate guns and hate America and wish to depreciate it slowly to a third rate country. On top of this an educational system that is rife with teachers and professors that have been through the government run schools and have been popped out of the socialized/anti-god/hedonistic/non-history reading assembly line. Am reading the Rise and Fall of the 3rd Reich by Schirer.  Great history of the master manipulator of media, the masses, individuals, foreign politicians…just read about how France, England and Russia sold Hungary into oblivion because they were just big, gutless wimps. They just handed them over to the Nazis…real nice.  The lone voice of Churchill stood up and told them they had just suffered a huge defeat….he was yelled and screamed at by his fellow politicians for having the audacity to say so….well history shows us how stupid they were. I also have read the Lords of Finance…the blow by blow history of the Great Depression…another example of stupid people in Government….so tell me why I should trust government…I pray for them but I don’t trust them….especially when they have spent us into such a deep whole and lend our money to all these companies that eventually go bankrupt. Last question for Piers…so when you get all the assault rifles and the next nut goes into a school (and I hope this does not happen) or a mall or???? and pulls out his two semi-automatic pistols that he stole from his dad or purchased illegally…or was missed on a mental background check and kills 20 more people old, young etc….then all handguns will be on the table for confiscation…and this scenario will continue untill we….the law abiding citizens of the United States are defenseless….just like your British citizens and many in the world.  This is why…..Piers…. we don’t want our semi-automatic rifles confiscated. We are not Britain…we are Americans.  Because several nuts have slippe dthrought the cracks and one mother did not even have the foresight to put her guns in a safe….especially with an autistic son who was unstable at the very least…a son who she had trained in firearm usage….hmmmm…bad judgement??? A father who bailed and was not willing to tough it out and be active in his son’s life???  Sorry…is that my fault…should I loose my right to defend myself from the inherent threats that exist today? NO! A shotgun or handgun is not enough to defend these rights….the range and footpounds for shock is insufficient to defend one’s family outside of 25 yds for most handguns and 50 yds for most shotgun rounds (except slugs). Joe Biden…you are a complete idiot when you talk about firearms…just shut up. G

    • Anonymous

       Sharmane, you hit the nail on the head. Rosie O’Donnell is an ardent anti-gun nut who carries a gun and is surrounded by guns. All you have to do to be able to get away with murder, rape, pedophilia, etc is be liberal. You can almost guarantee that there will never be a single accusation of hypocrisy and the media will bend over backwards to declare any of these crimes to be non-newsworthy in order to protect the liberal agenda. Bloomberg, like all liberals, believes that everyone else should have to serve up their protection on toast. After all, he’s the king and kings are important, not like the peasants out there who should have to ask permission of the king if they want to defend themselves. Again, after all, how are the poor criminals supposed to support themselves if the peasantry has the right to stop them through force? Liberal politicians will NEVER walk the walk and they will NEVER be made to suffer the consequences of their own idiocy codified in law.

    • Anonymous

      Absolutely 100% right! Keep it up!

  • Anonymous

    Nice little goon squad Bumburg has there….. he doesn’t mind having guns all around him…..
    He doesn’t mind sending people into other states to try to make straw purchases of guns to prove how easy he thinks it is so he pays people to break FEDERAL LAW to make political

  • Carol Dorne

    I think this reporter is a gutsy guy who deserves a lot of credit, Bumberg ( I like that) is a coward and they were definitely trying to intimidate him ; didn’t work.  Bumberg has been sending people out to do straw buys and then complaining how easy it is to get guns. He does not have the authority to do that WHY IS HE NOT IN JAIL? That’s our problem- these clowns, All Of THEM , forget by the Constitution they are supposed to be working for us. THEY don’t think so because they know, they don’t have term limits, they are going to get paid for the rest of their lives, they have health insurance you and I can’t afford, AND THEY DON”T HAVE TO LIVE BY THE LAWS THEY CREATE,. Read the Communist Manifesto ; tell me what thing in it has not already been implemented.  If they get the guns we are finished AND if we don’t do something it’s only a matter of time.   John

  • Karen Rose

    It is no big deal if they are checking him out, it is their jobs. Jason could have been anyone as far as they are concerned…Remember Senator Giffard? There are to many nut case out there right now. I hope Jason takes care of himself, he needs to be safe.

    • NoSurrender

       Except for the cameras and the fact he is a well known public figure…..he might have been mickey mouse ?

      Just plain harrassement

  • Anonymous

    We are so close to being a commie police state. Just one nice, big, fat, juicy crisis is all we need to flick the switch and “change the whole system”.  Get ready for it folks. These pricks up in their ivory towers want nothing more to disarm us and leave us at their mercy. I need to figure out what country I want to move to. America was awesome, while it lasted! 

  • Anonymous

    Way to go Jason Mattera! Good to see someone not afraid to pursue the truth! Thank you and keep up the good work:)

  • Anonymous

    It is scenes like this which carbon-copy what communism is all about. It is just like in China, Russia or any communist/socialist country. The next step will be to arrest ANYBODY who questions their progressive authority.

  • Joe

    So let me get this.  One Bloomberg does not believe in the 2nd Amendment, the right to to bear arms.  Now it seems he and his staff have a problem with the First Amendment, Freedom of Speech, specifically in this above case the Freedom of the Press, having his security team follow a reporter after he ask a legitimate question of the Mayor.  Seems to me the Nanny Major who advocated hospitals from giving formula to new moms and babies, wanting to be a doctor and deny patients pain medication, stating “might have to suffer a bit” without a New York State medical license.  Enacting a law limiting the maximum amount of an individual cup of soda that can be sold.  Back in 2009 when ask if he would run for a 3rd term he said, he would abide by, what he said himself “The mayor has repeatedly said that the current term limit is the will of the voters,” an he would abide by it.  Four years later, who is the major, why of course it is the Nanny Mayor Bloomberg!!!!  Is NYC a democracy, it seems more like an autocracy to me.  Should we call him Your Majesty instead of Mr. Major. 
    Read more:

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t it amazing how they also talk out of the left side of their mouth.  They are so hypocritical that they can do what they want. No one says a word they just keep getting reelected – don’t understand it…..   I don’t know about anybody else, but I certainly don’t want the people of NY to come to Texas.  I don’t want them coming here and then trying to change our state to favor theirs.  Glenn different with you, you are Texan just weren’t born here, we call you transplanted.  Glad you’re here.

  • Dale Hogue

    On this posting page, I can write whatever I choose, however a moderator can and will choose not to print my posting if he or she disagrees with what I have written.  On this posting page, I cannot make a charge that cannot be substantiated without breaking some kind of law – real or imagined by someone who works for the company that owns this posting page.  On this posting page, I cannot legally suggest that another member of our society – with whom I disagree – be put to death (in a manner of speaking only) without breaking some type of governmental law. We The People have rights guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States, but if a member of any governmental body takes exception to that right, he or she can create problems for me that boggle the minds of most of us who are intelligent lawbiding citizens of the United States.  Where is the line, who draws that line, what happens if or when you or I cross that line even if the line drawer doesn’t have the legal right to be drawing lines over which I, as a citizen of this country, dare not cross if I know what’s good for me.  The point of my posting is this: we are not as free as we claim to be or think we can claim to be in a society overwhich we have no control – absolute or imagined.  If you think what I have written is nonsense on this page, you’ve got the right to say so in your reply to this post, however, the parameters within this reply mode must be reconciled by any rules setup by the moderator of this page – even if it is a rule made for just this one time.  It is kind of scary just how unfree the freedom of speech that we have been told is guaranteed by the first amendment to the U.S. Constitution is when those who have the power to do so can silence us in whatever manner they choose if they don’t break the laws – legitimate or not – of the people who have the power to control a definative situation over which they have the power to do so.  As much as you dispair over whatever situations bring out this power, little or nothing will be done about it.  It kind of makes you wonder if your freedoms are really free, doesn’t it?

  • Anonymous

    Did you also get the part where they asked Jason Mattero for ID?  They’re obviously racist!  Oops, I forgot, only conservatives are racist!

  • landofaahs

    Bloomberg is so concerned that 20 oz sodas are costing the city so much in health care.  I wonder if he has addded up the cost of people who contract sexual diseases. 

    • americanathlete

       Yeah, but that wouldn’t be good for people like Elliot Spitzer.

      • landofaahs

        I can always go on a diet and lose weight. Sexually transmitted diseases are another matter. You are correct, only risky behavior that the liberals hate are ones set up for scorn. Theirs of course are never as bad.

  • suz

    i completely agree w/those last statements in this clip. 

  • Anonymous

    Bloomberg et al see themselves as elite and the rest of us as subjects. Until these arrogant bastards are put in thier place they will continue treating the average citizen as a subject.

  • Anonymous

    it’s all about controlling the little people.

  • Anonymous

    This guy is part of Osama’s army.

  • Anonymous

    I do not understand why more people are not asking these types of questions!  Why are our government officials not being called out on their agenda?  We all know that if someone wants to do harm, they will.  They will steal a weapon, pay someone to buy it for them, or find it on a black market somewhere.  The only way to stop them is to place security to intercept them – and yes, we do need to arm the security agent.  So given the facts, why would our government want to limit, regulate and stifle the right to bear arms?  Why isn’t anyone asking that question?  It is the elephant in the room.  Just like all of the other half-truths and deceit that we have come to expect, this is no different.  Use a crisis to advance political agenda and expand power.  Why can’t anyone just say it out loud in an arena where they can be heard?  The only question that no one asked Hillary Clinton is why she was lying?  No one asks our president that question either – or the Attorney General.  The left certainly has called everyone who disagrees with them liars, crooks and many other names not fit for repeating.  Can we not get to the bottom of the deceit?  I would just like for one leader to come out and speak the truth for once!  Never mind, for once, I want them to repeat their indictments over and over again until we all pay attention.  Otherwise, we will all assume that everything is above board simply because no one is being held accountable for breaking the law and deliberately defying the Constitution.   People have died because of the deception, countries are in jeopardy because of the warped agenda.  Are we headed for bankruptcy and martial law?  Is that really the goal?  Do they want our weapons so that we can disarmed and controlled more easily? What is going on?  If we as Americans do not lead and defend freedom, who will?

  • Anonymous

    If you don’t have a Concealed Carry permit get one as soon as possible. It also goes with out saying,,but if you live in New York, DC, Chicago,most of California and the rest of those over the top gun control cities or states–get the hell out of Dodge. You are more than welcome in so many other places that there is no reason to endanger yourself and your family. It is only going to get worse during the next 4 years and possibly beyond that. Obama has nothing stopping him from achieving his hearts desire of destroying America–not the congress, not the courts, not an election, not the media or anything else. The City police or  County Sheriff or State Police can’t defend you or your local politicans or chamber of commerce. If you don’t do it–no on else will.

  • americanathlete

    Bloomberg’s as bad as ole Fineswine, or I mean Feinstein. I’m glad I live in a state worth living in!

  • Bonnie Somer

    the way these people believe is thatu r nothing they are all there is bloomberg obama all alike ur kids oh the hell w/them but theirs have security guards but not at ur kids school y b/c they care only abt their safety not urs.  All the dictators are the same disarm the public so they can b contrlled. 

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