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As one of the most outspoken public figures on gun control, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is not shy about expressing his opinion on what should be done about America’s “gun problem”. The Washington Post has even described Mayor Bloomberg as “America’s most prominent and deep-pocketed advocate for gun control.”

While Mayor Bloomberg may be quick to take away your guns, he has no problem with surrounding himself with a team of armed security officers. Why does Bloomberg get to defend himself when he thinks the majority of Americans shouldn’t have the ability to purchase and carry firearms?

Investigative journalist Jason Mattera asked the Mayor in an explosive exchange yesterday: “In the spirit of gun control, will you disarm your entire security team?” 

Watch the exchange here:

After being all but accosted by the Mayor’s security team, Jason was continually followed down the street and questioned. His crime? Asking a question.

Glenn points out that obviously, no one is opposed to the Mayor of the city having armed protection if it’s needed. The problem is the hypocrisy of the Mayor knowing that he needs to be armed or have armed security, but not allowing the average law-abiding American.

“I can’t provide my own security in the city.  I have to hire New York City cops,” Glenn explained. “I don’t want a police officer proceeding me.  Nothing against police officers, but police officers are meant to do exactly what that guy did:  To go back and clean up, go back and attack.  They are not, they are not made to get the principal out.  It’s a completely different philosophy.  It’s not good for me to be protected by a police officer.  Because theirs is stand and shoot.  Stand and ‑‑ that’s not what a protective detail does.  A protective detail makes sure it doesn’t come in, which police officers can do, and if something happens, get out.  Get out.  The Secret Service gets you out.  They don’t stand and fight.  And so it’s a fundamental mind shift.  You don’t want somebody that can’t make that mind shift that fast.”

Bloomberg isn’t the only politician like this. Far too many live under the philosophy that they are somehow above the laws they set.

“We are truly living in the time of kings and lords and dukes and earls and ladies,” Glenn said. “We are living in a time where titles mean something.  Titles didn’t used to mean anything.”