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Ever since the election, Glenn has started to steer clear of politics and politicians in favor of finding solutions outside of Washington, DC. But while he’s turned his attention elsewhere, the GOP has just been getting worse and worse. They are compromising on immigration and taxes, just to try and win a few more votes. Well, Glenn has gotten sick and tired out it and decided it’s time to look for new leaders in Washington.

“I strengthen my stance that the Republican Party is over and I’m calling for a third party,” Glenn said during a discussion on comprehensive immigration reform.

“(Immigration reform) is not about fairness, this is not about families, this is not about poor little José and he’s away from his wife and his children. It’s not about that. It’s all about elections. It’s all about new voters. That’s all this is about, period,” he said.

“It needs to be an independent party. There needs to be an independent party,” he added. “I’m not the one that’s going to run it. I’m not going to run. I’m not going to do anything. I’m just telling you the people have had enough of the Republican Party. At least I have.”

Glenn said that he never wants give a dime to the Republican party, and that while he would make a few exceptions for more libertarian-minded candidates like Rand Paul, he was done with supporting the GOP.

“The Republican Party is done. It is over. And if it’s not over with the regular, you know, voter now, it will be over with the regular Republican voter when they get to the debt ceiling. Because they will vote to raise it.”

Glenn was doubling down on comments he made earlier in the week when he said the GOP was dead and a new party was needed. He said he plans to do future shows with conservative and libertarian thought leaders on what the “stakes” of a new party would be.