MSNBC caught deceptively editing again

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MSNBC just doesn’t care anymore. They’ve completely let go of themselves and it’s an ugly scene as they hit another new low in deceptive editing. This time they used a 100% cordial, respectful exchange between 2nd amendment supporters and the father of a Sandy Hook victim to vilify supporters of gun rights as hecklers. Did they heckle?

Watch and decide for yourself:

MSNBC’s version:

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The unedited tape:

Glenn certainly thought Bashir has selectively edited the tape to serve his story.

“Martin Bashir’s story is how rude this audience was and how they started to heckle him,” Glenn said. “They haven’t heckled. They haven’t said anything. Martin Bashir, liar.”

In the clip that aired on Bashir’s program, the audience was shown to be maliciously yelling out pro-second amendment remarks as he is talking about why people need to have assault weapons. But in reality, the remarks came when he asked the audience a direct question.

“I ask if there is anyone who is in this room that can give me one reason or challenge this question: Why anybody in this room needs to have done of these assault-style weapons or military weapons or high capacity clips?” Neil Heslin asked. After a pause he said, “Not one person can answer the question.”

Only after this comment did some in the audience vocalize their support of the Second Amendment. “The Second Amendment shall not be infringed,” one man yelled.

Heslin, the father of a Sandy Hook victim, spoke for fifteen minutes without being interrupted and people only spoke up at the very end of his remarks.

TheBlaze reported:

MSNBC is reportedly “reviewing” the situation after it aired a selectively-edited video that appeared to show the father of a Newtown, Conn. shooting victim being heckled during a legislative hearing — even after replacing the clip in a story on its website.

MSNBC host Martin Bashir aired the edited video on his show Monday with an audience member shouting, “the Second Amendment shall not be infringed!” during the testimony of Neil Heslin, father of Sandy Hook first-grade victim Jesse Lewis, at a Connecticut hearing.

Omitted from the video was Heslin asking, “why anybody in this room needs to have one of these assault-style weapons or military weapons or high-capacity clips.” He added after a pause, “Not one person can answer the question,” at which point the audience reacted.

  • landofaahs

    A typical tactic used by Josef Goebbels to support the Nazi regime. Take Z guns

    • Nick Pettinato

       Um.. what? The Third Reich REMOVED registration of long rifles. They were opposed to gun control. Check your history, bud.

      • Anonymous

        Yep, they did.

        AFTER 99% of them were registered.

        • Nick Pettinato

           The Nazi party came to power in 1933. The gun laws they inherited were from 1928 and were intended to disarm the people entirely. This was the supposedly democratic Weimar Republic. The 1938 laws deregulated the transfer and sale of long rifles.

          I realize this doesn’t fit into your tidy “Nazi conspiracy” theory, but Germany allowed its citizens to purchase unregistered long rifles from 1938 onward. Only pistols required a special permit.

          • Anonymous

             Were Jews allowed to purchase rifles?

      • landofaahs

        Check your history Bud. The nazi’s used existing law to confiscate guns from 1933 to 1938. After 5 years of eradication of guns they passed a law in 1938 that Nazi’s and Nazi entities could have firearms but those considered enemies of the state were “Verbotten”.
        But either the truth or the lie work well for my purposes because even if you were correct, it would only prove tha obama is even worse than Hitler. Thank you for the admission of the same. ))))))

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Propaganda pure and simple, MSNBC has to rewrite history as it happens to conform to their hidebound view of the world instead of seeing and presenting truth for what it is.

    • Austin

      You must be just as pissed when Fox deceptively edits their material too.

      • Mr. Incredible

        Provide proof.

      • Seth Barker

        Send a link to something they have DECEPTIVELY edited….you cannot, so STFU.

        • Fireplace

          Actually, Austin is right.  Check and Youtube- and see the creative editing FOX did when John Stousell was interviewing John Bolton on a University campus…FOX edited out the booing and slid in another clip to make it appear Bolton was being applauded.  FOX also eliminated from their archives the video of ‘Reilly telling the audience that Obama has a Conneticut SS#  because Obama’s father lived there- which was a complete fabrication (lie) by O’Reilly to support Obama (you can find this video still on Youtube). Monsanto and CAIR are part owners of FOX so you’ll not hear a negative word against them (Recall O’Reilly interviewing the CAIR representative who was being investigated by the FBI for terrorist links- and with nary a question regarding that investigation, O’Reilly calls him a “stand up guy”.  Hannity was deceptive when he launched his so-called “Vetting” of Obama- yet not a peep about Sheriff Arpaio and Mike Zullo’s findings of BC fraud; Selective Service Number falsification; Susan Daniels’ and other Investigators’ proof of Obama’s stolen SS# and Real Estate fraud. Check Youtube and watch the interview with the FOX reporters fired for exposing Monsanto in death and health ills.  Naw, proof abounds- you’d be foolish to believe FOX is any different then the other Networks whose strings are being pulled by the same puppeteers

        • Anonymous

          you definately are from the Left because you are So hateful and angry!

        • Anonymous

          If you have ever watched TV news you have always been deceptively lied to. You have never seen or heard the full truth from any network news “story” in this deceptive country. The FCC controls everything the networks put out.  Proof watch: DW TV from Germany and find a story regarding anything the U.S. is involved in, and then watch the same story on our network news and you will experience the spins that the FCC does on our so called “news”.

          • Anonymous

            I’m not as sure, as YOU obvioulsy are, that German news is “pure”.

        • Austin
          • Anonymous
          • Anonymous

            Again, if you bothered to listen to the entire speech, it was worse than what was alleged in the news. And don’t try to tell me that’s not what he was talking about. He was quoting Elizabeth Warren who viciously attacked those who had risen above poverty to success. Te context did not change. Read his books. He asserts this same claim repeatedly, equating the achievement of those who have changed their lives through education and business to being no different than a blue collar worker, as if there is some equivalency to what workers should be paid because they work hard. If that’s the case, then why not call your plumber the next time that your child falls ill. We all understand that it is not the same. And as someone who has followed that route and spent most of my adult life paying off my loans, I DID BUILD THAT. Only someone like Obama who has less real world work experience than the lowliest 14-yr-old at McDonalds, could fail to understand that.

      • smokehill

         I see you neglect to give any specific examples.

        • Austin

          Look at my reply to Seth Baker

      • bumpkin

        Um, Austin, what does FOX have to do with MSNBC’s misdeeds?  Are you trying to say that we need to blame FOX for MSNBC’s  evil deeds?  or are you trying to say that if someone edits a tape that MSNBC has the right to do anything they want?  MSNBC CERTAINLY changed the entire point of this sad parent’s testimony.  Even though I understand his heart is broken, he also talked about the mental health, and other stances that MSNBC is purposefully leaving out to push Obama’s communist agenda.  I mean SHEET!  OBAMA and HOLDER BOTH supplied (and likely still do in the Mideast) assault weapons to criminals!  And they now say its OK for them to give guns to illegals and criminals, but its not for law abiding citizens to have access to these SAME weapons in order to stand protected from an out of control government!? 

        • Austin

          I thought the comment was pretty straight ford. I simply said that Snowlepord is probably pissed when Fox also pulls this same kind of shit. 

          • Stephen Musclow

            Why do you and many others assume all conservatives love Fox news? I don’t trust any of them. I find much more honesty from internet sources.

      • Anonymous

         Austin, which edited stories are you referring to? Or are you actually of the opinion that the mainstream media would look the other way if they had a chance to catch Fox News lying and deceptively editing material to make it appear as something completely different from what actually happened? If so, your mental acuity is obviously on the same par with the average liberal…no facts that argue in your favor, no justification other than wanting candy from the government because you think that someone owes you something for the mere fact of your existence and a severe lack of intellectual ability.

        • Anonymous
          • Anonymous

            Lyssie, frankly, I don’t know why they didn’t put this in because it doesn’t change what he means. Obama was talking abut implementing the same laws in existence at the time in Chicago, New York and Washington DC. These laws prohibit even bringing guns into the cities, including in homes. In other words, he was lying. He DOES want to take away guns the same way he engineered gun control in Illinois. He still fights the 2nd amendment at every turn, including two Supreme Court cases where he outlined in detail exactly what his idea of “common sense gun laws” means. Fox News did miss the boat on this one, though. He didn’t flip flop, he has always tried to implement prohibition of firearms.

      • Mike LaVigne

        austin your an Idiot you get your Fox News from the commie, muslim, mexican loving liberals that make it up as they go to suit there criminal objections

        • Austin

          You got me. You must have read a shit load of “Wheres Waldo?” to have perception skills that refined.

      • Anonymous

        Dude, your comment would have a lot more impact if you gave even one example.

        Plus, neither this site nor this story has anything to do with Fox.

      • Pcub

         I would like a link to something they have edited to deceive people?  Please send that ASAP. 

        • Austin

          You can read my reply to Seth.

  • Sam Fisher

    MSNBC we don’t even try anymore. 

  • Sam Fisher

    By the way having video problems here to. 

    • Sam Fisher

      Never mind. 

  • Sam Fisher

    That is the left for you the greatest con artist of the history of man. He asks them to respond and even look them in the eye which gains my respect even if I disagree with the poor guy. MSNBC is doing nothing more than dancing on the graves as their families grieves their loss. Pray for this poor soul he needs the strength to keep on living.

    • http://www.TakeBackOurMedia.COM/ Take Back Our Media


      2010, Rube-e-o was against McCain’s Amnesty plan, before he was for it.

      As long as the Democrat-lite group, aka, McCain-class RINOs buys the turd that you have to bribe or pander to a constituency with race based posturing, they will simply continue to play directly into reinforcing the Democrat Mob Targeted Propaganda bs that the fraud Colin Powell and other Democrat operative RINOs parrot: “Republican’s are racists”.

      Attempting to counter propaganda with superficial actions does not negate the propaganda, it validates it.

      If anyone is so delusional as to ignore reality and instead believe that the party of Suzanne Martinez, Ted Cruz, Clarence Thomas, Thomas Sowell, Allen West, Herman Cain, Condolezza Rice, Colin Powell (all living actual undeniable proof of the adject absurdity of any claim of gop racism) is racist, then THEIR IS NO ACTION, NO EVENT, ABSOLUTLY NOTHING CAN CONVINCE THEM OTHERWISE. THEY ARE BRAIN WASHED MORONS THAT HAVE BEEN DELUDED BY THE DEMOCRAT MEDIA TO BELIEVE SOMETHING THAT IS NOT TRUE.

      Rubio, McCain, Limbaugh, Hannity and a thousand others on the Right are still chasing snipes either foolishly or cynically on why we lost. 

      November 6, 2012 SCREAMED NEON BRIGHT AT 62 MILLION LUMENS: ABCCBSNBC and the rest of the Democrat Media machine controls the opinion of 60% of women, 73% of asians, 70% of hispanics, 98% of blacks that make up the 62 million person media-deluded Obamob. Ask them. They did not vote for the Bank Of China Credit Card Obama. They voted against the caricature of “Racist” Romney created by ABCCBSNBC and the rest of the Democrat Media.

      With demographic results like that, the Democrat Media would be nuts to stop screaming “racist republican” for the next 4 years. Guess what? Weather Marco McCain gets his Amnesty bill passed or not, Democrat Media will be screaming “racist republicans’ until November 2016 and after that it will no longer be necessary.

      For 18 months ABCCBSNBC, and their 1000 affiliates, MSNBC, CNN hammered away and convinced the Obamob of the ABSURD LIE that Republicans are “Mysogynist, Homophobe, Racists”.

      ABCCBSNBC fomented the Obamob into a rage strong enough to cause them to vote to kill America so as to save America from the “republican racist boogieman”.






      Limbaugh, Hannity and most of the Right media has mocked Obama as incompetent, while Obama ran circles around them, 5 steps ahead of everyone, without breaking a sweat. A deadly mistake. Obama and his team (that will be handed off to Hillary) are masterminds, the likes of which the world has never witnessed.

      To assume otherwise is the very definition of insanity.

      Ann is also correct regarding Rubio, he is now studying at the master’s feet, learning: McCain-Perfected, High-Profile, Media Darling, Both Sides Of The Fence Job Security.

      • Sam Fisher

        We need I knew party full of people that actually love the Constitution.

        • Erin

          Yeah, if only there were a party focused on Liberty, that espoused small government, and Liberty, and the natural rights of persons, and Liberty, that wouldn’t get involved in personal choices, and Liberty, and believed the Constitution meant what it says and didn’t mean what it doesn’t, and Liberty!  Some crazy new party that would put forth a candidate that would push for cuts in spending, taxes, and entitlements; and had climbed Mt. Everest.

          If only such a LIBERTY minded party existed! Oh well.    

        • Denise Olvey

          The Constitution Party

          • Sam Fisher

            I am going to have to learn more but I am distrustful of anyone in Washington because there are a very few who had not sold out to the progressive movement.

  • Brian Compton

    It’s all part of the agenda
    “Our main agenda is to have ALL guns banned. We must use whatever means possible. It does not matter if you have to distort facts or even lie.” —Sarah Brady Handgun Control Inc. The National Educator. January, 1994

  • Marty Padigos

    sandy hook is a hoax! it didnt happen Glenn Beck failed this one!

  • Tim

    Isn’t this the same as lying to the public , ,,I thought there was some kind of Law about misleading the public , 

  • Marty Padigos

    those people pretending that their parents is just actors,it’s part of OBAMA show about gun ban!

  • Bob Ward

    It should be expected, those people at all the “NBCs”  have no code!

  • Guest

    NBC is not the only ones who think he was being heckled. At best, those in the background were speaking out of turn.

    More to the point, Beck is being a hypocrite here. Beck, while on Fox, edited tape of Obama and completely distorted what the President way saying. I wasn’t the only one who noticed this.

    Fact of the matter is, Beck is far worse at editing tape than NBC is. NBC fired the producer of a show segment featuring edited tape in the case of the Zimmerman 911 call. Who got fired when Beck blatantly edited and distorted Obama’s words?

    No one, of course. That is just what Beck does! Glenn Beck: deceitful propagandist.

    • Raider

       Guest, you are a liberal moron. When the POTUS tries to take our guns and all our freedoms,be sure and find yourself a BIG rock to crawl under and make sure you take plenty of Koolaid with you. You need to read more and learn more and stop sitting around with your finger up your arse.

      • Guest

        The National Rifle Association’s Wayne LaPierre began with the reasonable—if erroneous—assertion that background checks make no difference in keeping illegal guns off the streets, but then turned up the heat by claiming that new gun-control laws are futile because “homicidal maniacs” won’t follow them. Next, he pushed to scrap privacy laws and make the records of the mentally ill public and searchable. In other words, we should defend the Constitution by stigmatizing vulnerable people.

        This was followed by a performance from Senator Lindsay Graham of South Carolina, who argued against gun control by warning of a postapocalyptic future where homeowners might have to ward off “marauding gangs” following a natural disaster, and stirring rhetoric from Gayle Trotter of the conservative Independent Woman’s forum, who claimed that guns would make women safer: “Using a firearm with a magazine holding more than ten rounds of ammunition, a woman would have a fighting chance even against multiple attackers.”

        If life were a Die Hard movie, then yes, this would be an effective way of holding off attackers. In the real world, guns are more likely to kill women than protect them.

        • Raider

           I guess we will find out soon if your opinion is correct

        • Anonymous

           It all depends on who’s holding the gun.

        • Ed Staib

          Let me make sure I understand this argument…So I spend 16 years of my life defending your 1st Amendment rights. 

          And then you use your 1A rights to try to remove my 2nd Amendment rights. 

          If you win and my 2A rights are infringed,  I will be unable to defend your 1A in the future. Hmm.

          Ponder this

          When they took the 4th Amendment, I was quiet because
          I didn’t deal drugs.

          When they took the 6th Amendment, I was quiet because I am innocent.

          When they took the 2nd Amendment, I was quiet because I don’t own a

          Now they have taken the 1st Amendment, and I can only be quiet.

          – Lyle Myhr

    • Guest

      Raider, keep running from the fact that your hero is a liar and a hypocrite. I understand you wish to avoid the cognitive dissonance that would accompany the realization that your hero is a bold-faced liar and hypocrite who did exactly what he’s accusing Bashir of doing.

      • Raider

         he is not my hero, but I am still waiting for your hero and his little buddy Holder to tell the truth of the gun running their doing in the Middle East and the Fast and Furious fiasco . At least Glenn is a Patriot not like your heroes

    • Anonymous

      Bech isn’t trying to infringe our 2nd Amendment rights. NBC is.

  • Anonymous

    all  these poloticians  need to be put in prission

    • Anonymous

       You need to learn English.

  • Rod

    Does Anyone Know if Glenn has an App that I can download & listen to his radio show on my smart phone ?  I found one but it is just for the blaze & I can read that on the Computer.

  • Austin Smith

    Excuse me I must be missing something, why was someone watching MSNBC?
    And this man speaking has a right to feel the way he does, but he needs to respect the views of others.  The NRA, and myself, and millions of other conservatives are willing to meet the Congress and President halfway on their demands – the mental health thing, different background checks, mental health registry, etc, the only compromise we’re not willing to make is giving up our AR15s or 30 round magazines.

    It’s a nonstarter to suggest I could become a criminal because my gun can fire 30 rounds without reloading.  I’d happily discuss their other proposals but bans of any kind need to be off the table (Exception being bans for people who require medication to be sane)

    • Anonymous

      If we don’t defeat proposals for a national registration system, your AR’s, 30-round mags and other arms essential to a 2nd Amendment militia will eventually be on a confiscation list. Registration schemes are always one of the first steps. 

    • Anonymous

       Austin, you’re no conservative if you are willing to discuss mental health registry, invasive background checks, federal registry and licensing. How exactly do you predict serial killers, spree killers? How would registry of weapons with the government not be infringement of Americans’ rights? How exactly would ANY of the idiocy that you are willing to “compromise” on prevent someone from murdering children? Giving in on ANY of these issues sets legal precedent to further invade citizens lives without warrants, invasion of privacy and violation of other types of rights? How exactly do you think that they will agree that you have a right to own an AR-15 and high capacity magazines if you are willing to let them regulate WHO gets to own these and whether or not you NEED to own them? Those two positions are so mutually exclusive as to be staggeringly obvious. Don’t you get it? A newspaper in New York unleashed violence and painted targets on legal gun owners in New York simply because they had access to the information contained in a legal gun registry. They used that information to paint legal gun owners as criminals. You simply cannot compromise with some rights in exchange for temporarily keeping others. It always leads to more lost rights, more government intrusions and the obtaining and use of information for means for which it was never intended nor legal. But when the information exists, they WILL use it. Every single time state and federal background registries are audited, there is information that is stored, moved to other departments and accessed by other agencies that have no business obtaining the information without warrants. This is the nature of government and it is the nature of fools to think that their actions are benevolent or beneficial. Not a single one of these measures you say you are ok with would prevent a single violent act. The law already gives a mandate to psychologists and psychiatrists to report future violent acts expressed by their patients in session, as doctor/patient privilege waiver does not apply in relation to the propensity for violence. What would another law do? Would the psychiatric profession suddenly become clairvoyant and better able to predict the advent of a serial killer? Or is it your opinion that we should then imprison someone who is designated potentially violent by a psychologist/psychiatrist based on what COULD happen? Those who possess conceal carry permits have already had background checks run on them. Those cities in which the most Orwellian gun laws already exist are the most violent cities in America. They already have implemented most of these measures and it has had the exact opposite effect, yet one thing has not changed…these acts are not being carried out, by and large, by those who are legally in possession of guns. Again, giving up a few constitutional rights in the hopes of hanging on to others is acknowledging that it is the government, not God, who grants inalienable rights. The more “compromise” that occurs, the more the subtle acknowledgment of this ideology becomes codified in laws that routinely deprive citizens of those rights. We are already barely hanging on. We don’t need more compromise, we need more people who are defined, not just by what they stand for, but what they WON’T stand for.

    • Enormous Richard

      So No Progressive Democrats can have Firearms??
      ok I can go for that…

    • Enormous Richard

      (Exception being bans for people who require medication to be sane)
      So no Progressive Democrats may have Firearms???
      Ok I could go for that.

  • Anonymous

    i am keeping my guns  and whomever  does nt like too bad so sad
     go to hell

  • Michael John Naretto

    This is why people like Hannity and Beck take their own crews with them to tape any interviews. So pathetic news outlets like NBC cannot get away wth editing a story to fit whatever screwy agenda they have.

  • Chris Whitehead

    Interesting story, but what I find most difficult to believe is that Glenn would be wearing a flannel shirt that actually has elbow pads…

  • J Nelson

    For MSNBC, the end justifies the means… its disgraceful!

  • Anonymous

    This kind of reporting might be appropriate in China or Russia, but in the US? The country needs to start suing these media outlets and individuals who so openly defy reporting the truth. Moreover, they blatantly change and/or edit events just to please their leader.

  • Anonymous

       I used to think the left was just bonkers because of their agenda, they’ll do and say anything to achieve it. But now I think they’re just plain crazy, they have a leader that lets them do anything they want. It reminds me a little of the gruesome movie I saw last night on cable, “Asylum Blackout”, the loons got out of their cells because of a power shortage, and if you weren’t one of them, you were doomed.

  • Debbie Ferris

    Glenn – I wish that you would say something about this on your show..
    Since you have been in Texas, you are probably aware of the problem we have with feral hogs. NO ONE has mentioned the fact that we use these semi-auto weapons in Texas to kill these terribly destructive animals that no one in the federal government seems to even be aware of..
    Why semi-automatic? They are ACCURATE and you can take a LOT of hogs out with one magazine! Heck Glenn, I shot my turkey 2 years ago with a semi-automatic mini-14 – a 150 yard shot in the neck! Another reason I prefer them is this – I have arthritis and have a very difficult time throwing a bolt back. With a semi-automatic, problem solved! So, I have just given several reasons why some of us shoot this type of weapon (and yes, we hunt deer with them as well). Glenn, you are welcome to come shooting with us any day – just let me know when you are ready!

    As Always,

    Your Defender of Freedom from Feral Hogs in Gun Barrel City, TX
    Debbie Ferris

    • Anonymous

      I’m a native New Englander living on the coast, but I am aware of the ferral hogs down South and that they create a lot of damage to farmer’s crops.

      I believe they were imported (illegally?) from Europe and may really be wild boar that are common in some countries overseas, such as in Germany.  So, they are not native to the U.S. along with so many other species that we have problems with…such as cobras now a nuisance in FL.

      So, I understand why you would use an automatic weapon.  (Those pigs run fast!) 

      People in cosmopolitan areas living in their high-rise bubbles don’t realize not everyone lives their same life-style!  In fact, most of those against these guns don’t have a clue as to the difference between semi-automatic and automatic weapons.

      Anyway, the only people that need to have guns taken away aren’t even in the conversation; gangs!  That’s who they need to go after, imho, not law abiding citizens!

  • Bill Walz

    Its not Martian Bashir its Martin Bullshiter

  • VEEs mommy

    OMG Mr. Beck, you make it sound like they added the idiots yelling where there wasn’t anyone yelling. You are a fear monger and a piece of lowlife crap. These morons that want these stupid weapons deserve to go through what Mr. Heslin and the rest of the families that had loved ones slaughtered by one of these weapons.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    is this for real?  No bushmaster was used?  It was.  Wow.  What a great way to deceive and get your way.  This country sucks.  Really.  Every mindless idiot has to have a gun. The gun killed those children.  Face the facts – every country that does not allow guns has LESS gun deaths.  Period.  The amendment is old and everything needs to be updated.  Get a grip and grow up.  what a selfish irresponsible me me me country.  Lousy.  just lousy.  And this man’s voice is odd.  Not once did he get emotional while talking about his son.  something’s fishy here.

    • Kristian Kringle

        “The amendment is old and everything needs to be updated. Get a grip and grow up. what a selfish irresponsible me me me country. Lousy. just lousy.”
      There’s the door if you hate the constituton and and country so much and don’t let the door hit ya where the Lord split ya.

    • Ed Staib

       it’s OK if you were accidently born in the wrong country. Now get out while you can…

    • Barbara Horton-Miller

      show us the studies and proof of your statement.  How about the strictest gun laws in the country in Chicago, over 500 gun deaths last year alone.  oh btw, nice way to bash a grieving father, some people are able to keep their composure in very difficult situations, nice display of empathy there!

    • Anonymous

      You can Always MOVE to one of those countries.

    • Michael

      “The gun killed those children.” Uhh, no, it didn’t.  The person pulling the trigger killed them.  As far as this country being a “selfish irrresponsible me me me country,” I’m afraid you’re somewhat correct.  However, I believe you are trying to point that at the wrong people. Those who support the 2nd Amendment are not doing it to be selfish, but to be self-reliant.  In my experience most of the “selfish” crowd are those who expect others to pick up their tab for them.
      As for the apparent lack of emotion in the father’s voice, for years I could talk about my father’s illness and subsequent death without any emotion whatsoever.  Now I get very emotional almost every time I even think about it, let alone discuss it with family or other cancer victims.  So what’s the big deal?

  • Anonymous

    There was no heckling what so ever…Bashir not only played the selectively edited video, he outwardly mischaracterized it and actually referred to the so-called heckling!  MSNBC is disgusting!  I feel just terrible for this man and those who have lost children, but he is ignorant is too many areas to address in a small comment from the pupose and accuracy of these weapons, the characterization of military assault “style” to muliround clips and even the constitution.  The terrible loss of one’s child does NOT make one an expert.  Feelings are not facts.  May od bless and keep his family and heal him from his loss…

  • Anonymous
    • Anonymous

      Ah, no he didn’t…Try to control your liberal bitterness & hatred…

      • Guest

        Yes, he did. Try to open your mind to the facts of Beck’s dishonesty. I know you have a hard time because Beck makes repeated claims to the “truth,” but if you look at what he did to the G-20 press conference in 2009, you’ll see that Beck edited video to completely distort what the President was saying.

        I know it’s hard to realize that your hero, Glenn Beck  is a lying sack of dog mess.

        No one here hates Beck. He’s just a liar that you don’t seem to recognize. You need to try to control your denialism and face the fact: your hero lies. A lot. 

        • Jeromy

          Why the hell are you even here you obama loving ass wipe! So are you saying Glenn is bad and MSNBC is good JUST LIKE A LIBERAL PILE OF SHIT!!!

          • Anonymous

             Yea, Jeromy, that’s not quite what I heard at all. You might want to relax a bit and take a few deep breaths, and uh you might want to make sure your guns are locked up till your blood pressure goes down a bit.

  • Anonymous

    In Utah we have some of the more liberal (true sense of the word) gun laws in the country.  A lot of people have AR-15s, mini-14s and high capacity pistols.  We also have a murder rate about 1/10th that of Chicago.   Maybe we should just ban people in blue states from owning fire arms.  Oh wait a minute, that is what they do already.

  • Anonymous

    There’s not a thing this guy said about his relationship with his son that EVERY parent doesn’t feel. However, how many of the others would place the blame squarely on the inanimate tool that was used? 

    Bringing God back to our country and our lives would work wonders to cure the problems we have in this country, but too many people are afraid of what they might learn about faith. 

  • Anonymous

    17.5 minutes of rambling. 

  • Anonymous

    The guy asked a question, he deserved an answer. Just because it doesn’t fit with the message the idiots are trying to force on us is no reason to threaten to clear the room!

  • Anonymous

    Glenn Beck lies about MSNBC as a matter of routine. It’s a smear job that he is very proficient in…and gullible people believe him.

    The truth does not live at The Blaze. THAT is Beck’s biggest lie of all.

    • Anonymous

      MSNBC has earned it’s terrible reputation and low ratings all by themselves.

  • Doris Shipley

    In what year did all these mass murders start so often?
    We always would hear of fights breaking out where someone would be killed but all of a sudden it is like someone is behind having this done.

  • Jeromy

    NO SURPISE AS MSNBC IS OWNED BY THE GLOBALIST PIGS! This is the goal of the GLOBALISTS (ELITES/ILLUMINATI) to disarm the American people no matter the cost. AFTER WE ARE DISARMED THEY WILL POP OUR BUBBLE (FINANCIAL CRASH/HYPER INFLATION) at what point total chaos and for total control through MARTIAL LAW and the end of America s we know it. Everything and I mean everything was pre planned for decades for the end game to be like this. Do yourself a favor and watch the 3 films called ZEITGEIST as they are absolutely true and very entertaining. I KNOW THIS THE MAJORITY OF AMERICAN”S AS WELL AS THE REST OF THE WORLD POPULATION BETTER WAKE UP AND FAST OR THE GLOBALISTS WILL HAVE THERE WAY AND THE DEPOPULATION WILL BEGIN!!!!!!!!!! TERRORIST WAS CREATED TO LABEL YOU AND I AS FELLOW PATRIOTS AS BAD PEOPLE BECAUSE GUESS WHAT WE ARE THE BIGGEST THREAT TO THESE COWARDLY ELITES WHO SET AT THE HIGHEST LEVELS OF WORLD CONTROL (ABOVE obama) WHO PULL THE STRINGS WITH THREATS MONEY BRIBES AND SO FORTH ALTHOUGH IN obama’s CASE HE ENJOYS WATCHING AMERICA CRUMBLE! I could go on and on but I know this if we the people dont do something for our own defence we are plain screwed!  

    • Anonymous

      Why don’t you mention that G. Bush began the End of America? Oh, right. Beck blames Obama, and you fall for his every lie.

      • Jeromy


      • Anonymous

        Because it doesn’t excuse what Obama’s doing.

  • Anonymous

    Once again, MSNBC is moving away from the job of REPORTING
    the news of the day to producing PROPAGANDA designed to please the IMPERIAL

    In yesterday’s Gun Violence Prevention Working Group
    hearings a grieving father offered testimony on why he feels our gun laws MUST
    change. However, the highly EMOTIONAL testimony of a heart broken father who
    lost his son during the unimaginable Sandy Hook MASSACRE just wasn’t enough for
    MSNBC or MARTIN BASHIR. MSNBC and BASHIR had to deliver RED MEAT to their 100
    or so viewers by editing the video of this POOR MANS EMOTIONALLY CHARGED

    MSNBC and BASHIR felt it would be O.K. to ADD IN WHAT THEY
    TESTIMONY. What’s wrong with that you might ask? NOTHING, if that is the way
    that it actually happened! The way MSNBC and BASHIR aired the tape one would
    conclude that a bunch of GUN NUTS simply didn’t care that this poor man and his
    family suffered a horrendous loss. Make NO MISTAKE, THIS IS PROPAGANDA PLAN AND
    SIMPLE and it is being done because OBAMA and the DEMOCRATS want to CHANGE THE
    SECOND AMENDMENT. More importantly, this is the FIRST STEP FOR DEMOCRATS WHO
    have the support of the MAJORITY OF AMERICANS so as usual; OBAMA and the
    DEMOCRATS are turning to their PARTNERS in the MEDIA who OBVIOUSLY have NO

    The problem with a COMPLIANT MEDIA, a MEDIA WILLING TO
    PEOPLE are NOT given the opportunity to learn THE TRUTH. In addition, assistance
    from PROPOGANDISTS in the MEDIA further EMBOLDENS a GOVERNMENT and pushes us
    TOWARD TYARRANY! For DECADES, the MEDIA has acted as the FORTH BRANCH of
    GOVERNMENT keeping our elected officials and various GOVERNMENT DEPARTMENTS
    HONEST. Once the MEDIA gets in bed with the government initially nothing
    terrible happens however, over time the AMERICAN PEOPLE SUFFER by an ever
    expanding government leviathan, at some point, even the PROPOGANDISTS in the
    MEDIA will feel the HEAVY HAND OF A TRARRANICAL GOVERNMENT unfortunately, by

  • C M


  • Mike Rios

    We are becoming victims to two things here that are very very troubling. First of all, why, if Adam Lanza was supposed to have shot these people with an AR-15, do we see in news reports of the police taking an AR-15 out of the trunk of his car? Did he blow out his brains and then run to his car, lock the rifle in the trunk, and then run back to the school and continue to die? Not one supposed “media person,” even Glenn Beck, has even addressed that question.

    Next, it is evident that even this man who lost his son and claimed to be a “hunter,” is so ignorant about firearms that it is downright embarrassing to hear him speak. Here in Texas where I live, feral hogs are a multi million dollar problem in the destruction of farm and ranch land. They are also a serious threat to any one who is unfortunate enough to get caught in the midst of a pack of them. They are more dangerous than a pack of pit bulls out of control.  Because of the danger and their ravaging of the wildlife and property, we are allowed to hunt them with a firearm that has a capacity of more than 5 bullets. I used an SKS with a 10 round magazine for years to hunt and protect myself. It is also not unusual to see hunters with AR-15’s with 20 and 30 round magazines to hunt these dangerous animals. Just for that reason I have shown that yes, there is a need for someone to own and use these weapons that we are being deceived into believing that it will be heaven on earth without their existence.

    Last of all, and this is what makes me wish I were a reporter, not one media outlet, reporter, journalist, news correspondent, has ever reported that these individuals who committed these horrendous crimes, had violated dozens of firearms laws at the outset of their actions. This dear man, whose whole testimony had its foundation in an emotional loss, named these crimes of mass murder and assault as if these idiots that committed them were pillars of law abiding citizenship. Without exception, every one of these individuals that have made headlines like this, violated dozens of firearms restrictions and laws before they ever pulled a trigger! Name one media outlet that has reported that? He mentioned the Columbine massacre. This was done during the Clinton-Brady gun ban of the ’90’s that banned magazines that held more than 10 bullets. Those 2 morons not only violated several firearms laws, they also made bombs, a Federal offense, to explode as authorities were searching the school. Again, this was done during the Clinton gun ban that was supposed to make it heaven on earth in America. Didn’t work didn’t it?

    So when are we ever going to get the truth? At this point in the game I’m afraid to say never. If even Glenn Beck, who is showing the deception of Messed Up NBC, won’t try to get the facts straight, it appears that no one will.

  • Todd Somers

    Martin Bashir is a hack! I remember watching him, when he was on ABC, ask Donald Trump a convoluted gotchya’ style question. With Bashir trembling a bit, in excitement, as he delivered the question, “the Donald” calmly and matter-of-factly answered the ridiculous and pointed question without a hitch .Trump’s answer knocked the proverbial wind right out of Bashir’s dimwitted sails. It was great!  And if you’re like me — you can’t help but remember how Bashir, at times, seemed to make himself part of the story when he interviewed Michael Jackson. And get this — when Michael Jackson passed away, Bashir (after everything his MJ interview/expose tried to convey) said that he didn’t believe Michael Jackson did anything criminal. That’s not me taking a dig at MJ. No that’s me taking a dig at Bashir. Again, Martin Bashir is a freakn’ hack journalist!

  • smokehill

    I fail to see why this poor guy, who doesn’t know a damned thing about firearms, has any relevance to these hearings.  Just so we know that kids died, and that this is a bad thing?  Golly gee …. who would have suspected that?  He’s simply dead weight, liberal “filler” so that the gullible won’t notice that they have no real argument, and certainly no solution to anything.

    The one absolute constant in politics is that whenever someone whines, “We must do this for the children,” it’s because they don’t have a rational argument, and are desperately appealing to emotion.

    This man’s ignorance of the subject that HE brings up is appalling.  He’s telling us that semiautomatic weapons have no legitimate purpose and that they’re far too inaccurate — just for “spraying lead” was, I believe, his comment.  He seems blissfully unaware that semiautomatics (which he probably thinks are machine guns) have been used for hunting and predator control for 80+ years, and are the standard weapon for virtually all marksmanship contests.

    His pathetic performance pales, however, compared to the deliberately dishonest editing and comment by the usual clowns at MSNBC.

    • Anonymous

      Totally agree!

  • Anonymous

    Wow, if you want to see some deceptive reporting check out the following URL and some of the comments from those that made the effort to validate what was posted.  OH NO! its a Glenn Beck site.  So much for accurate reporting..

  • Guest

    Glenn Beck was caught deceptively editing video again.

    What do you call someone who does something that he turns around and bitches about when someone else does it?


  • Anonymous

    My sister-in-law was killed by a drunk driver. With the government’s logic then all cars should be illegal. 

    Listen, I work for the federal government. Trust me. They don’t give a scratch about you, me or our kids. This is ALL about making them (the government, senators and representatives) look like good guys. That it! Plain and simple.

  • Anonymous

    May all associated with this ‘news” station live out their days in misery and shame. This is the last straw… the demise is not going to be pretty…. but oh, so deserving!

  • Anonymous

    Like that will ever happen, right?  Criminals will always find a way to get guns; it’s called the ‘black market’.
    There are a few things you’ll never eradicate from society;  Drugs, alcohol, tobacco, prostitution, and guns.  They’ve been around forever and will continue to be.  Just a fact of life!

    These pie-in-the-sky dreamers just don’t have the brains to realize there’s no such thing as a perfect world.  If there was, we’d be in Heaven, not Earth. :)

  • Anonymous

    All television networks distort the news, starting with how they define what actually is news. Their job is to suck us into conflict among ourselves. Me, I’m beyond liberal left. I favor a socialist economic model that competes in a free market environment. Yet, I too despise the hypnotic flow of pseudo-information we get from television. It’s part of a divide and conquer strategy used to enslave us. The Tea Party started out as a protest to our government’s bailout of the banking industry, yet it eventually was co-opted into the pockets of the banksters themselves. All Wall Street wants is a monopoly on everything. MSNBC, Fox News, public TV, all of them are part of the same plot to privatize everything, and create a police state to enforce their ownership and control. Ask yourself this: do any of the many TV networks promote a point of view that is against perpetual war? Nope, not a one of ’em. Turn off your TVs.

  • Anonymous

    This is pathetic. Martin Bashir is simply another tired, ridiculous liberal who does not believe that there is any such thing as lying, committing a crime, or hypocrisy for those who are on the “right” side of the issues because they are acting in pursuit of the goals of a great cause. This was shameful. The question was asked directly TWICE, and only when he tried to conclude that nobody in the room could even give him an answer was he answered. Yet, only what occurred prior to that situation and then immediately after was aired. How typical of liberals. Anything they say or do is protected speech under the first amendment, but their first act in any dispute…? Silence the opposition. Take away the first amendment rights of those they disagree with because they are “hateful”, “racist”, “bullying”, “violent” or any other moniker they can hang on their opposition that justifies violating the rights of others. What is Martin Bashir afraid of? Note that both of them also claimed, as well as the Democratic strategist, that this was ongoing throughout the testimony. Abject lies. Yet, if it is so damning, why not show a few seconds more of the clip? It’s not newsworthy? It’s not necessary? Where did the NRA come into this and how exactly were the actions of ANYONE in that audience their fault? If liberals are so confident in the wares they are peddling, then why do the ALWAYS resort to snake oil to sell it to their believers? If you can’t show the whole story, if you always have to lie, then your product is either defective or a scam. If they claim it was edited for time, perhaps Martin Bashir could have shut his mouth for another 10 seconds so they could see what actually happened. It’s sad that there are so many who can be led by the nose by those who claim to be purveyors of “truth”. That is, at best, a fairytale, and at worst, a conspiracy of a magnitude that should merit punishment. Yet, the biggest and most avid liars are the ones awarded by their colleagues. The more inaccurate and manufactured the story, the more respect they garner amongst their peers. Those who choose to actually report instead of spin stories are excoriated and often run out of the business, if they are ever allowed to get started in the first place. It is highly doubtful that a moderate journalism student could survive four years of journalism school if their views were made known to the faculty and other students. They simply cannot tolerate free speech as they see it as the biggest roadblock to their agendas.

  • Anonymous

    Liberals, socialist, progressives, marxists (varying degrees of the same thing) just hate FOX, don’t they?  ‘Wonder why?….hmm….could it be that they are the ONLY national news media that is willing to be honest, good or bad?  Maybe because they give us info that no MSM outlet is willing to tell the People?

    Notice how those on the Left are now coming right out and bashing only ONE news station?  Guess which one that is?

    FOX is a real thorn in Obama’s side….and they ain’t going away! 

  • Andrew

    He challenges the audience to give him a reason and when they answer him they’re labeled as “hecklers”.

  • Anonymous

    For a journalist, you would think Bashir would know the definition of “heckler”.  Oh, but maybe he figures his readers are too stupid to know the meaning.

    When someone stands up and verbally calls out defending the 2nd Amendment, that is NOT heckling, Bashir!  Go get a dictionary!  Better yet, try being honest!

  • Anonymous


  • David

    Just change the name to what it really is; ONN, the Obama Noodle Network.

  • Anonymous

    Guns are simply a tool; that’s all they are!  It is mentally disturbed people that are dangerous!  Why don’t anti-gun people get that?!

    If someone wants to do great harm they don’t even need a gun because there are other methods that far out-weigh guns.  Timothy McVeigh knew that.  The Arabs that blew up the Twin Towers knew that!  They didn’t need a gun!

    All the school and business location shootings that have occurred in recent years have been committed by unstable, mentally fractured individuals.  Not hunters, not those trying to protect their homes and lives from intruders, not collectors that appreciate gun history.  Not ordinary people!

    So why are those on the left so adamant about taking away guns that our Constitution allows?
    Why are they not willing to even acknowledge the fact that all these shooting are caused by people HOLDING the tool called a ‘gun’?!  More people die in a car every year.  Yup!  cars can be called a ‘tool’, also; they are used to transport.  Is anyone calling for the ban of cars?
    No.  They call for getting bad drivers off the road.  Why?  Because that is the logical way to look at that issue.  So there has to be a hidden agenda when the leftist aren’t using he same logic concerning guns.

  • Mike

    What a sham! Our Founding Fathers wanted the citizens to have state of the art firearms. (BTW, a musket was a state of the art weapon at the time.) Why? Because they had just won a war for our independence because the citizens had such weapons! They wrote the second ammendment so that We the People could protect ourselves, our families and our property from tyrannical governments, which I dare say ours has become!

  • Anonymous

    MSNBC such propaghandist the faux network stands for MarxistSocialistNationalizedBroadcastNetwork!!

  • Melanie Zarth

    If Martin Bashir had anything to do with it…we KNOW he is good at deceptive editing. I seem to recall that is how he got to be famous in the first place. He is simply disgusting…and has blood on his hands for killing one of the greatest entertainers of all time.

  • Anonymous

    Why doesn’t  Glenn Beck and others that know the truth of what was said, bring an action against MSNBC for their part in editing this speech… It doesn’t do any good to just criticize the person or MSNBC for this, they need to be embarrased and made to apologize for this lie!!!!

  • mdkrause

    I’m sure somewhere there has to be a law about this. If you can’t do false advertisment there has to be a law about editing a news story to change the story.

  • opy

    never forget, never forgive

  • Sandra Amos Henry

    So tired of the liberals preaching how FOX NEWS LIES clearly they do not and maybe that sjould be the station these s start watching. 

  • Take 2

    the media is

  • Anonymous

    Nothing new. We know that MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC and the rest of  the media that Obama has in his pocket lie and do whatever they want to promote the viewpoint and agenda of the WHITE HOUSE. Their view is the only view. Even when they are caught. nothing happens. The worse thing that happens though is that the people that have a steady diet of this propagnda over and over believe it. They have no idea that what they see and hear is a lie.
       There is only one answer to all of this,but no one wants to face it or believe that it must happen before we live under a dictator and what is left of our freedoms disappear completley.In order to survive what is coming we must prepare,get ready and make up our minds that there is only one choice.Not another election, not a third party or revampting the Republican party, not Fox,not a conservative grassroots political action, a tea party or any other answer— But one.
    How much are you willing to sacrifice to defend your freedoms? Because most assuredly Obama will take them away and nothing can stop him. Look in the mirror and ask yourself–are you willing to die to protect your family, your freedoms ,your rights, your country, your way of life
    Each one of us will have to make that choice.

  • jim thompson

    MSNBC not reporting the entire, true story?  I am SHOCKED!  SHOCKED I tell you!  I pray that the parent, Mr. Heslin, will be comforted with the fact that his precious child is now in the loving arms of Jesus.  I know Mr. Heslin is experiencing indescribable grief at this time, but merciful God has revealed such things to us so as to give us hope and peace and comfort for times such as this.  God bless him.

  • Anonymous

    Report what tou want, to back up your story..

  • Guest

    One can honestly debate whether Heslin was being heckled or answered, but what is not debatable is the video. I like to watch The Cycle with S E Cupp discussing issues with the three liberals on the show. I fell asleep during that show and woke up when Bashir was playing this tape. He showed the whole thing without edit. It’s Glenn Beck’s crew that edited that tape to make this false claim!

    Why would Glenn Beck smear MSNBC? That is what Beck does to people that he disagrees with. That is what he did to Obama. Yes, Glenn Beck is guilty of doing to Obama what he’s falsely accusing Bashir of doing to Heslin!

    Glenn Beck is LYING and he’s a HYPOCRITE, but too many of you will continue to follow him anyway because the far-right has no values besides hatred for all who do not agree with your theocratic, religulous, “free” market, anything goes, corporate dominance of the United States.

    • Anonymous

      Gadamer, Gadamer, once again you demonstrate a rampant willingness to lie. Glenn Beck did not edit the video. Martin Bashir’s piece was untouched. I watched it on YouTube. What do you hope to accomplish on this site? You lie, you know nothing about anything, yet you wax poetic continuously. Thanks for reminding me just exactly how it would feel to be a waste of good carbon.

    • Anonymous

      slkgej6, I watched it LIVE, as it happened. Bashir or MSNBC did not edit this video; Glenn Beck and the Blaze did! It’s amazing how thoroughly brainwashed you folks are. At a minimum, Beck is being a hypocrite since I provided a link to a post showing that Beck did exactly the same thing to Obama when he was on Fox!

      slkgej6, get your cranium out of your rectum! 

      • Anonymous

        Gadamer, you are lying yet again. Keep saying it and you may actually start to believe it. Who do you think you are going to convince on this site? Or are you simply a masochist who enjoys the wet, foul, dank hole of your own rectum that you have had YOUR head shoved into since birth? You know nothing, so, like Bashir and MSNBC, you simply make it up as you go. If you had actually watched the unedited video that Glenn Beck put on the website, you might be believable, but in none of your posts have you ever once been able to deviate from liberal theology long enough to examine these little things the rest of us like to call facts. Martin Bashir did not play the unedited version. They only played the unedited video AFTER they were called out on the carpet for what was aired on Monday. The full video was played YESTERDAY, and Martin Bashir was not the one who played it, it was Ari Melber. Melber stated that they had NOT played the full video during Bashir’s show and that they were airing it because of the controversy. So, if you watched it live, how is that possible, Gadamer? Since even MSNBC thinks that they didn’t play the full clip, perhaps you saw something that they weren’t aware of. After all, you seem to think you’re omniscient if you saw something that no one else on earth has seen. Perhaps you’d like to enlighten us all as to how you saw something that NEVER occurred. Why don’t you direct us to the video you watched of Martin Bashir’s show and educate the rest of us how Glenn Beck altered it and where since you “saw it live”. But we both know that will be pretty difficult since you are lying. But thank you, Gadamer for so fully and profoundly illustrating, once again, the liberal methodology. After all, it works for Martin Bashir, why wouldn’t it work for you? At least his IQ is a couple of points higher than yours. You just make this too easy.

  • talljohn777

    Yes, we are clearly that stupid, fool me once shame on me, fool me twice…  And since we re-elected Barack Obama and the Democrats were are clearly stupid…

  • Anonymous


  • Pcub

    I am guessing that if this continues, it may be time to grab these propaganda driven, ratings junkies, on both the left and right, by the neck and show them who they need to worry about with their lying.  I for one am so sick of it that meeting one of them in the street would probably end in more that just words.  People, what these media outlets are doing is not only dangerous and treasonous, but criminal on the highest order.  They are inciting division and violence amongst us and laughing all the way to the bank when we buy into it.

  • Nathan Ranger

    I think this is reprehensible. Do the sheople in this land understand how they are manipulated? OK, it was a rhetorical question.  OF COURSE THEY DON’T! I think the real problem with our country can mostly be blamed on the media. They push public support one way or the other when in reality, they’re lying most of the time. Unlike the politicians that are lying ALL of the time, the press gets to pick which lies they turn into truth.


  • Benjamin Istvan Cseko


  • Anonymous

    Is this kind of selective editing illegal? They have done it enough to warrant a RICO case, if so…

    • Anonymous

      No, this is not illegal. It would also not qualify under civil case law because anyone who brought the suit would lack standing in the case and they would have to show measurable damage and loss that would then be compensable under the law. Since this is neither slander nor libel, and there is no measurable damage to any individual or organization, but only the expression of opinion with some creative editing to make the point that they want, there is no case. Even if the video had been altered, there is arguably no victim, therefore, no suit. This is not the case with, for example, George Zimmerman. Mr. Zimmerman has filed suit against MSNBC for asserting that he is a racist and then editing together selected phrases from the 911 call. They then further attempted to harm him by reporting that it was an unedited copy of the 911 call. Because of their actions, Mr. Zimmerman has had to go into hiding and lives under the constant threat of violence. In this case, not only does Mr. Zimmerman have legal standing in a civil case, he also can use the evidence garnered through the civil suit to then file criminal charges against MSNBC and the people who did the editing and reporting. The fact that MSNBC continues to do this speaks very strongly to their very obvious bias. They are not a news organization, they are cheerleaders and they don’t care who they hurt or kill to accomplish the goals of their cause. They don’t care that they are lying. They don’t care that their actions show a pathological, organizational sociopathy that adjudges the intellect of their listeners to be sufficiently low that they care nothing about the fact that they cannot make their case without manufacturing non-existent outrages and issues while actively concealing the facts and boldfacedly twisting the truth. They know that those of low intellect and lower morals form the majority of their listening audience and they will be supported no matter how blatantly they lie. They know that they cannot win these battles or the war on the facts, so they simply distort the facts to their own agendas and viciously protect one another when caught through active lies, fraudulent attacks and refusing to report on facts that do not lend credence to their causes. They are, without having been forced to it, merely ideological apparatchiks who have surrendered their minds, their hearts, their morality and credibility while giving up rights that they should be avidly defending. They have gone so far down that path that their very first act is to attempt in every battle to silence the other side. They fear information and believe with the fervency of a jihadist that filtering the information that reaches the fools that they lead by the nose is necessary in order to achieve their ends. They believe that the means used to achieve that end are irrelevant and work overtime to try to deprive others of rights that they use to be counted on to defend. It is shameful, yet they are incapable of feeling shame for ANY action, including murder and violence enacted by the low and foolish in response to their lies. In short, they have lost any right to call themselves reporters and worse, they should not even be called human because their actions demonstrate all the humanity of the Pol Pot regime in the killing fields of Cambodia and Laos.

  • judy

    The one thing that people forget is the fact that MSNBC would not exist if people did not support the sponsors. Stop buying products from the advertisers that make the show possible. Write letters to the networks, and the cable, and satellite companies. That goes for using their Cell Plans, etc. Start donating what you can to organizations that you trust. It takes money for them to operate. Evenif you can only donate $ 1.00, it helps. Stop complaining on the net, and pick up the phone and call your representatives. Tell them what you want from them. For to long, people have been lazy, and so the result is what we have now. Stop giving excuses about how long you work or how you have no time to make calls. BULL !!!  We all have busy lives, just think how much  time you waste on Face Book, or social media. I don’t think many Senators or Congress persons read much on those social networks. It’s easy to type in your reps name and get a phone #. I am tired of the complainers, that do noting to help. It will take the vast majority of Americans to make a change, and if you do nothing, you are as guilty as the liberals. Do without a product that some liberal company supports. Change banks to a Local small city Bank. DO Anything, but stop complaining, and putting the work on a few of us. We need help.

  • john

    nothing msnbc does surprises me anymore

  • Anonymous

    Watch the video here, and see the flash between Obama’s two sentences. Beck edited Obama’s tape and then gave an deceitful analysis of what he quoted Obama as saying completely out of context.

    When will you wake up to Beck’s blatant hypocrisy?

  • Carmine 1948

    Liberals have no morals or shame yet they deceive Americans and Americans weak up These Left wing Nut bags need to leave America live in North Korea

  • Anonymous

    Let’s just say for example, The economy collapses.  Everything shuts down due to power failures & so forth.  No food, no water, no means to supply yourself with goods.  People start panicking & freaking out.  Crowds of people making desperate decisions & start walking around looking for food, shelter, & whatever else their needs are at the time.  If there is a crowd of people standing outside my doorstep looking through windows & trying to break in, I’m certainly not going to reach for my Single-shot muzzleloader & be able to confront them peacefully!!!  There is a whole host of scenarios that can occur, both intentional & un-intentional curcumstances could arise to where your going to need at least 1 AR-15 & several so called high capacity pistols on hand just in case if a life-threatening situation should arise!!!  Our forefathers had access to powder rifles & cannons!  They intended for us to “at least” have access to the same kind of firearms as they do!  It’s about protecting what you hold dear the most & that usually includes your own life as well as your families lives!  NOT ABOUT HUNTING OR SPORTSHOOTING!!!

  • Nicholas Galanti

    this guy is a sleaze ball

  • Anonymous

    From below:

    “this guy is a sleaze ball” and…”Liberals have no morals or shame yet they deceive Americans and Americans weak up”

    OK, guess who did something more obvious while on Fox?  Need a hint?  First, no one ever corrected the situation as THEY HAVE AT MSNBC!

    Next, it involves hypocrisy, some critic pointing his finger at MSNBC who is guilty of even more egregious deception. Any idea?  Let me put it this way: how do you spell hypocrisy?

    People, who are awake, spell it G-L-E-N-N B-E-C-K

    • Anonymous

      And you still continue to lie and lie and lie. Where’s your eyewitness video you wrote about, genius? Or are you just holding out for the perfect time to reveal your facts? How proud your parents must be that you are a pathetic, pathological liar. How did MSNBC correct anything? Even when they showed the full video they claimed that everything that Martin Bashir said was truthful. Yet again, you are the perfect example of liberalism at its finest. No facts, no thought, no truth and no problem claiming the high ground with no justification.

  • Anonymous

    What’s so damn wrong with loving Muslims and Mexicans?

  • Anonymous
  • Guest

    slkgej6 wrote, “Where’s your eyewitness video you wrote about, genius? Or are you just holding out for the perfect time to reveal your facts? ”

    It’s right here retard:

    Read it and whimper, you moron. Yes, Beck did this same thing with many lies about what Obama said, far, far worse than what Bashir did Monday.

    • Anonymous

      Uh, moron…you claimed that you watched Martin Bashir’s show and he did not edit the video. Where’s that video at? Or didn’t you notice that this had nothing to do with what you said? You’re pathological Gadamer. You lie so often you can’t keep track of the last lie you piled on the heap. So again, let’s see theMartin Bashir video. Or you can just keep sending out irrelevant garbage hoping no one will notice.

  • Guest

    Palin’s breakup with Fox was expected, but it’s still significant. A “milestone,” is how former Bush speechwriter David Frum put it.

    The move represents the end of a brief, ill-conceived era within the conservative media movement, and specifically at Fox, where in the wake of Obama’s first White House win Palin, along with preposterous cohort Glenn Beck, was irresponsibly tapped to become a high-priced pundit who trafficked in hate.

  • Anonymous

    As I sit here at my computer, across the room on the TV the Sunday Morning Propagandists on Chris Matthews’ show are lamenting that the “powerful NRA” is going to make it difficult if not impossible for Obama to garner support for his “common sense gun control” proposals. Unfortunately, “common sense” translates as “All of you “common” people have no “sense” and therefor you should not be allowed by us elites to possess guns of any sort and we are going to make sure that we take them away from you.” So, Obama will not make much progress among the informed unless he and his media tools can falsify, lie, and distort the truth to deceive the public as to his intentions. Hence the release of him firing a shotgun at Camp David, supposed to lead us to believe that he supports the ownership of firearms by all of us “commoners”. Of course, he does not and never has. His views on the subject have been expressed repeatedly in his votes for all of the gun confiscation legislation that has come before him. He is in perfect agreement with that idiot Piers Morgan.

  • Anonymous

    Now one of our heroes, a Navy Seal sniper, has been shot and killed at a gun range in Texas and a crazy man killed a bus driver in Georgia and took a 5 year old as a hostage. No doubt these crimes will be used to push for more restrictions on our rights to defend ourselves and to vilify the NRA further. However, if the proposal by Wayne LaPierre for armed security at schools and on buses were to be implemented, such an attack on a bus driver would most likely never have happened. These murderers are cowards who know that children on their way to school or at school are undefended and if they assault the school, they will be unopposed. Of course, in Utah and several other states, teachers who already have a concealed weapon permit can and many do carry their guns to school. And there have been no attacks on schools in Utah since the passage of that law. The cowardly murderers know that there is a good chance that they will be killed before they have a chance to carry out their evil intent there.

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