Al Gore down with eugenics?

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Al Gore has been making the media rounds to promote his latest exciting book about the future or something – but his vision reeks of the disturbing science of eugenics. Yes, the ‘science’ progressives of the early 20th century promoted that featured breeding ‘undesirables’ out of existence – Al Gore is bringing it back!

On Morning Joe, Gore told the MSNBC hosts:

The scientists now know that there is in human nature a divide between what we sometimes call liberals and conservatives, and it gives an advantage, you can speculate, to the human species to have some people who are temperamentally inclined to try to change the future and experiment with new things, and others who are temperamentally inclined to say, wait a minute, not too fast.

“Do you know what this is? Do you know where this philosophy comes from?” Glenn said. “I can take out the books. You know what? I wonder if I have them here or at the library at home. I can take out the eugenics books that he is quoting, he is quoting from right now. Whether he knows it or not. This is genetics. This is eugenics nonsense that was discredited in World War II. This stuff, this stuff is extraordinarily dangerous.”

“This is extraordinarily dangerous. This is the most dangerous ‑‑ look, we’ve been talking about abortion, we’ve been talking about the sanctity of life, we’ve been talking about all these things. But I’m telling you this is a gigantic warning sign. Because now you’re ‑‑ now you’re taking it on political philosophy. And now you’re saying that that is now genetic, and we all know ‑‑ and what he’s saying is that if you are a liberal, you want to ‑‑ you want to push forward. But you’re an Neander ‑‑ you are born and termed at birth to be a Neanderthal and be a conservative and say you want to harm progress.”

“Listen what they’re doing. They are devaluing life, they are devaluing all life. You just had last week saying all life isn’t equal, all people are not created equal. Already have that. Some people are worth killing. This is all the same eugenics stuff. And now you’re born as either somebody who moves us forward or somebody who moves us back. When you know eugenics, when you know the history, you know that that’s exactly how it started with Margaret Sanger.”

Watch the video of Gore’s comments below:

Glenn went into further detail on this story when he came back at the start of the second hour of radio. Below is the transcript of that segment:

GLENN: I would like to be less definitive and more exploratory on this Al Gore statement that I find unbelievably shocking. He was on MSNBC and he’s talking about the human makeup, and I’m sorry but I have heard this language before. This is the language of eugenics.

PAT: Margaret Sanger.

GLENN: Margaret Sanger.

PAT: This is ‑‑ and what’s‑his‑face, George Bernard Shaw.

GLENN: Get the George Bernard Shaw audio too ready, will you?

PAT: Yeah.

GLENN: If you don’t know, the progressives are the ones who came up with eugenics, and you have to excuse some of them in the early 1900s because science had just ‑‑ you know, in 1870, 1880, you had people like Edison saying there’s no reason to wire everybody’s houses with anything but DC battery power, you know, DC electricity because you’ll never have anything in your house that is electric really except for lights. I mean, even Edison didn’t see what was coming. Within ten or fifteen years, the whole world had begun to change and now there was science and that’s where electric shocks came in: Let’s do electric shock therapy. And you had Darwin and all these things were happening all the same time. And Marx. So you had Nietzsche, Marx, electricity, technology. Everything was changing and converging into one. So you had a bright, beautiful tomorrow. You had a beautiful better living through eugenics.

I have the books. Tomorrow ‑‑ or I mean, next week we’ll do a special show on this because I ‑‑ you have to know this history. And in one of them by the guy who, I’m trying to remember his name. Shoot. It’s a phantom, the Phantom Public is the name of the book by Walter Lippmann. Walter Lippmann is extraordinarily loved by the media. He is the father of modern media. He was one of the fathers of CBS and CBS News. He was part of the Wilson administration. Really dangerous guy. He helped put together the Council on Foreign Relations. And in his book called the Phantom Public, he talks about people who are just too stupid and they’ll never get it and they will never ‑‑ they vote and they think they’re doing the right thing but they just don’t know and it’s because ‑‑ because of genetics. Genetics just show that they’ll just never get it, and they’ll continue to push us into the background.

But he’s ‑‑ he talks about how eugenics and scientists are now looking to ways to build the perfect voter, and someday we’ll be able to weed out these genetic flaws in people and we’ll have people who are all progressives. But in the meantime what we’re going to have to do is brainwash and trick some of these people.

This was the great hope of the progressives during the Wilson administration and the Theodore Roosevelt administration from the turn of the century up until it was wildly discredited by the Germans.

We also, I’ll bring in next week, letters from the Nazis to the progressives in California saying, “You brought all this progressive stuff over, you brought all this eugenics stuff; you guys, we can’t thank you enough. May you never forget what you’ve done in Germany because you have now put the state on this track, and the things that we’re going to be able to do because of what you taught us scientifically will never be forgotten.” Oh, that’s true. I mean, we even have ‑‑ we even have signs that say “Never forget.”

They were responsible. It came. These ideas that happened in Nazi Germany came from the progressive movement in the United States of America, secondarily from the Fabian Socialists in England. It was a poison from the West that went east. And there are those who still believe it.

We had a ‑‑ we told you a story of a big lefty in Salon that wrote just last week that all, all men are not created equal. All life is not equal. She said, “Let’s be honest. We all know that a baby is…” she said, “When I was carrying my children, I always knew that was a baby in there. So let’s stop this bogus argument. We all know it’s a baby. Let’s just be up front and let’s use the real argument: All life is not equal.” That goes against everything that Americans used to stand for. But David Barton gave me an extraordinarily wild fact. Does anybody remember last night? I think it was 60% of the American people that voted didn’t know that the Constitution was the supreme law of the land, this last November. In exit polls, 60% didn’t know. I mean, how do you win? How does America survive if you don’t even know, not know the Constitution; not know that the Constitution is the supreme law of the land. That is terrifying. So not all people are created equal.

You now have the president through executive order doing studies on who should and who shouldn’t have guns. He’s demonizing anybody who’s on the other side, saying there’s something wrong, and I will not have these people stand in the way of progress. He’s coopting and now controlling our doctors and our hospitals. They have a death panel. It wasn’t in the healthcare bill as we told you at the time; it was in the stimulus package. They are right now having a hard time getting anybody to go on this death panel because those are the people who are going to decide who lives and dies. And if you have an attitude that not all life is created equal, if you are funding death camps by the name of Planned Parenthood, forget about your FEMA camp. Your death camp in America is Planned Parenthood. And you’re funding it. When the world is going towards no value on life and when your world is going towards a place where it’s so egomaniacal, there is no one but them. No one but the individual. No one else matters. “I want mine, Grandma. You had yours. I was promised this.” When you have a world that is so inner twined and in five years from now you will not recognize our society. The beginning of the singularity is already here. The merging of man and machine. The merging of reality and total virtual reality, but a reality you will not be able to tell the difference between.

Stu, do you remember when I said to you back in the Nineties there’s going to come a day where you won’t believe your eyes because they will be able to make any image on camera, any picture? It won’t matter? You could just ‑‑ we’re there now.

STU: Oh, yeah.

GLENN: Would you agree?

STU: Oh, sure.

GLENN: I’m telling you now you will not be able to tell the difference between virtual reality, real reality sometime down the future, probably within the ‑‑ in the next ten years. That changes everything. All of this technology that is going on right now, do you know who’s teaching ethics on technology? No, that’s not a rhetorical question. We can’t find anyone. They’re not teaching ethics. When it comes to technology, they’re not teaching ethics. And so now Al Gore comes out and he says on NBC for all the world to hear, and if you know anything at all about eugenics, if you know about the early 20th century progressives when Hillary Clinton said she is cut from that cloth, “I am one of the early 20th century progressives,” all eugenics, all Marxist want‑to‑bes, just they’re not Marxists; they just want the Marxist utopia without the revolution. That’s the 20th century progressive, early 20th century progressive. And they’re almost unanimously cheerleaders for eugenics and weeding out the week. If you know anything about that, listen to what Al Gore just said.

GORE: The scientists now know that there is in human nature a divide between what we sometimes call liberals and conservatives, and it gives an advantage, you can speculate, to the human species to have some people who are temperamentally inclined to try to change the future and experiment with new things, and others who are temperamentally inclined to say, “Wait a minute, not too fast.” And when these natural tendencies are accentuated with political ideologies or for that matter religious factions and the other divides that are sometimes used to ‑‑ for advantage, then it can get out of hand.

GLENN: Can it? And then what do you do? So you are born just only able to understand the future or dragging us back into the past. And then people will put a label on that. You’ll either go into religion or you’ll become a conservative.

PAT: Well, if you’re one of those that are holding us back, of course you’ll go into religion.

GLENN: Yeah. Or conservative.

PAT: Yeah.

GLENN: Otherwise you’re a Democrat, a liberal, and you’re an atheist. You’re a scientist.

PAT: Mmm‑hmmm.

GLENN: Extraordinarily dangerous. Maybe I’m reading it wrong. Maybe I’m just reading too much into it. Maybe I’ve read too much history.

STU: I found the story, the study he’s talking about. This is ‑‑ it comes from New Scientist, British weekly scientific magazine. The title: Two Tribes: Are Your Genes Liberal or Conservative. Delves into the research on the formation of political opinions. I remember us talking about the story when it happened because it talks about how conservatives are dogmatic, routine‑loving individuals while liberals come across as free‑spirited and open‑minded.

GLENN: That’s how they come across, yes.

STU: Yeah. According to the emerging data, political positions are substantially determined by biology and can be stubbornly resistant to reason. These views are deep‑seeded and built into our brains. Trying to persuade someone not to be a liberal is like trying to persuade someone to not have brown eyes. We have to ‑‑

GLENN: Oh, let’s ‑‑ oh. Maybe we should get some twins.

STU: Then it goes on, dogmatic types, more conservative, those who express interest in new experiences tended to be liberals. A much stronger link exists between political orientation and openness, which psychologists define as including traits such as an ability to accept new ideas, a tolerance for ambiguity.

GLENN: Oh, my gosh.

STU: And an interest in different cultures.

GLENN: Oh, my gosh.

STU: People with high openness scores turned out to be almost twice as likely to be liberals.

PAT: Openness? How do you describe liberals as open to anything? They’re not open.

GLENN: They are not open to ‑‑

PAT: ‑‑ anything but their own opinions.

GLENN: You know, can I tell you something?

PAT: That’s it.

GLENN: ‑‑ Penn Jillette is ‑‑ and I’m sorry I keep talking about him but I find him one of the most fascinating men I know. Penn Jillette is just fascinating. When Penn Jillette and I met, and I’ll tell you, I say this over again, I really respect him, blah, blah‑blah, but I think he’s a bigot. Old information. He’s not. He’s not. Penn wrote to me last week, last week or a couple of weeks ago. Because we were ‑‑ we have these fascinating ‑‑ I’d love to do a book just on our e‑mail exchanges.

STU: The Penn and Glenn letters.

GLENN: They are truly remarkable because I’m trying to understand his point of view and he’s trying to understand my point of view I think. And we’re coming back and forth and we have these just all‑day exchanges. I’m not kidding you, one of them was just on that guy in Florida that was having sex on ‑‑ pleasuring himself on a donkey, not in a ‑‑

STU: Right.

GLENN: Okay. And that’s how it started, 8:00 on a Saturday. At the end of the day ‑‑ we just kept going back, you know, about, you know, 300 characters maximum and just keep going back and forth on it. Fascinating. At the end I kind of joked with him. I said, you know, I don’t know if ‑‑ I don’t know if we’re closer or farther apart. I’m not really sure. I have to digest this whole conversation over a very long period of time, I said, but then again I’m a guy who would never be invited to your house. Going back to a reference that he said about the second or third time I met him at CNN and he said to me, you know ‑‑ I said, you’re fascinating. I’d love to get together with you sometime. And he said, I’d love to. He said, of course you’re never coming over to my house. And he was serious. He said, you know, because you’re a religious freak. And he said, I’m never going to have you religious people over. He said it’s like, why would I put a poison in my house? And I was shocked. And I said, boy, I thought, I thought you were a lot of things but I never thought you were a bigot. And he walked away and we’ve always ‑‑ we had for a while still a relationship but it was a weird relation ‑‑ it was terse. He wrote to me and he said, I apologize that I have never told you this, he said, but you changed me. He said, yes, I used to be bigoted against religious people, he said, but you’ve changed me. I’m not. He said, I apologize for all of that and I am sorry and I am trying to fight my closed‑mindedness on anybody that I don’t understand or I don’t agree with. He said, on all fronts. He said, so I apologize. And now he’s become a really, a big defender of people who are religious even though he’s not. And he doesn’t understand it. That’s an open‑minded person. And I’m sorry, that is not ‑‑ he doesn’t call people enemies. That is not a liberal. That is not somebody who says, “You know what? I’m somebody who’s going to, you know, we’ve got to wipe these people out or we’ve got to find out if we can ‑‑ no. I respect them for who they are. Everybody is different. And as long as we try to play nice and I don’t try to shut you down or call you names, you don’t do that to me. We all live together. It’s like a family. Just, there’s billions of us. You live in the house and you all try to get along, even though you don’t agree with each other. We all try to get along. We don’t try to wipe each other out. And I would never as a dad go and say to one of my daughters, “Well, genetically, you know, she’s born like that. She only believes those things and she’s going to fall into a religion” or she’s going to fall into some ‑‑ she will fall into some atheists. If I’m a conservative, she will fall in with some atheists or she will fall into some liberals because she was born that way, you know.” Oh, my gosh. What are we turning into?

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Government enforced population control and the ending of ‘undesirables’ within the nation as a form of mass terror and suppression. Al Gore has demonstrated the darkness within his own soul and all too many in Washington.

    We have hit the final line in which the nation will be changed back for the better or a bloodbath unleashed upon us by Obama and the Progressives. God help all of us in the nightmare we are now to face.

    • Draxx

      If the government wants to use eugenics, maybe they should practice on Obummer’s Administrators and All Their Supporters…  and then forget about eugenics all together after the Real Trash is Dumped.

      • Anonymous

         I think somebody already has practiced on a few people–Gore, Rahm Emmanuel and Hillary all look reptilian–eeewwww!!

        • Draxx

          You’re right, Pelosi looks like a living abortion and Al Gore acts like one…

    • Anonymous

      He never said any such thing you idiot.

      • Dean Sorensen

        If you look at his cold blooded values, you’ll find that he did.
        At one time he and ex-wife Tipper were pro-life. When he found it more politically powerful to be pro-death, he went that way and supported abortion, an exercise in eugenics. Eliminate undesireables is eugenics.

        • Anonymous

          He says one thing and does anouther.He is creepy.

      • crazy betty

        speaking of idiots, we shouldn’t have to put up with your idiocy.  between you and matt driscoll, it is clear that morons are lurking everywhere – I’m starting to feel like we’re surrounded by stupidity.  it is hard not to react to your unbelievably imbecilic comments and your overall ineptitude.  you are either kidding around with all of us or you are truly stupid and just plain mediocre.  I don’t know what makes you so dumb but it really works.

    • Matt Driscoll

      The only reason you are against eugenics is because you are a weak and physically flawed human. And besides who would want to mate with you. Per your posts you are terminally alone.

      • crazy betty

        and yet you come to a site where you disagree with most folks who visit here and you come just to argue because that’s what you’re all about… what a loser.  get a life because it’s obvious you don’t have one you sad little man.  poor thing, clearly you have no friends and are some pudgy little pasty guy, with hairy hands and fat sausage fingers who lives with his mother.  probably hacking away in the dark with your small, fat, hairy little hands on your computer in the basement.  from your post you sound like you’re a dude with bangs who probably doesn’t need a helmet when he rides a motorcycle with a hairdo like that.  oh, and you sound like you have a sweaty/moist complexion.  gross.  I’m sure when your mother wants to get a pizza, she takes one look at that face and decides she’s not in the mood for pepperoni.  and I just bet… if I threw a stick, you’d chase it.  I mean, being ugly is ok, I guess – I wouldn’t know – but aren’t you overdoing it?

        • Guest

          He is just another left wing moron troll  whose only purpose is to distract people and cause trouble,  like Victor Tiffany. Ignore the idiot .

  • landofaahs

    In liberal’s case, should abortion be retroactive?  Just askin’.  Be careful Al, under obamacare, a death panel just may decide to pull the plug due to your absence of brain activity.

    • A

      The libs think it’s okay to pull the plug on OTHER people.  Gore has enough money that he will be above any government regulation.  It will be the people with gumint health insurance that won’t be able to get doctor’s appointments.

      • landofaahs

        Do you remember when Al lost the election and decided to be a professor?  He bloated like a toad.  He literally could not handle it.  His days are numbered though as are all of ours.  You would think that a person so close to meeting his maker would not act like a thief who thinks he will never…expire. 

        • crazy betty

          it’s obvious he’s an alcoholic and a hog.  he wants everyone to conserve all the while he runs around the planet he thinks belongs to him carrying on like a giant glutton – drinking and eating everything in sight.  Al Glutton.

          • landofaahs

            Yes. It’s one big scam. All the pigs are at the. trough. But they have a saying in the country. “Pigs get fattened but hogs get slaughtered”.

      • landofaahs

        Maybe one of the low paid chumps at the hospital will see him as one of the greedy 1%. Ooops!!!

    • crazy betty

      yea, and his morbid obesity.  he is eating up all of the planets resources.

  • Mildred Fischer

    Wouldn’t what he advocates eliminate him from being?

  • Sam Fisher

    That is why I like Penn Jillette even tho I disagree with his stance on God but I have a lot of respect for him. Now as for Al Gore does it come to anyone a shock that the same guy that sold his channel to Aljazeera would also be the same person that may support Eugenics? He sounds like he is working his way up to it but not willing to say that is what he is really talking about but we must be watchful if they start talking about rounding us up. They will come after the people who believe in God then the Penn Jillettes of the world and they wonder why we don’t want to give our guns away to them.

    • Sandie

      They are doing it through Medicare and the Obamacare Panel.

      • Sam Fisher

        I wonder how people can be so blind to what progressives really are. It amazes me that they would join a movement that supported racist and even Hitler. Why the willing chose to ignore this facts and claim to be the party of love is beyond my understanding.

  • Ling Ling

    They hate the Nazis because of what they did to their people, but they want to BE the Nazis.  The Nazis did what they did because the same things were happening!  Hello.

  • Anonymous

    I think Al Bore has something here.  It’s in our DNA.  Just like men are from Mars and women are from Venus, conservatives are from Earth and progressives are from Uranus.

    • Kathleen Pedersen

       that was clever, I’ll buy it.

  • Jim

    It’s too late to prevent the birth of “undesirables” defective persons, and sub-human species…Al Gore has already been born, and as has been shown, he has procreated and his offspring are similar to him.

  • captkirk

    Watched a show on Charles Lindbergh and the kidnapping of his baby.   What I didn’t know is that he was also a champion of eugenics and worked with the Nazi’s.  He spread his seed among many Nazi women. That tells you plain and simple the agenda of Gore.

  • Schawminator

    Nothing has changed with Al as with all Progressive/Socialist/Democrats they remain the Champion of Margret Sanger to limit the number of useful idiots so they don’t become too much of a financial burden dipping into their monopoly money. Now thats controling their voter base!

  • Ling Ling

    Christians are like lions, and jews are like the hyenas who irritate them.

    • Tracey Presley

       What kind of a reply is that?!

    • Anonymous


  • Michael Morgan

    This is nothing new for the democrats. They’ve ebbn supporting it since before Roe v. Wade by pushing Planned Parenthood down our throats. Gore better be careful. If they breed out all of the idiots there won’t be any Democrats left to vote for idiots like him and obama!

    • Norm Higgs

        – Michael -That’s why they are desperately trying to import more from Mexico via amnesty.

    • Anonymous

      Only an idiot would swallow Beck’s idiot conclusion that this statement:

      The scientists now know that there is in human nature a divide between what we sometimes call liberals and conservatives, and it gives an advantage, you can speculate, to the human species to have some people who are temperamentally inclined to try to change the future and experiment with new things, and others who are temperamentally inclined to say, wait a minute, not too fast.

      has a thing to do with eugenics.  It is actually recent social science, but you clowns would know a thing about that.

      • jen

        The division b/w liberals and conservatives is false – it was one made up by the wicked elites whom you and Glenn worship.  You’ve got be a psychopath as many conservatives are in saying Bush is a conservative.

      • crazy betty

        your comments continue to drivel on and are nothing less than mediocre.  boring.  if brains were taxed, you’d get a rebate.

  • Anonymous

    Didn’t Hitler promote the same belief in Germany, is Gore’s hands starting to shake?

  • Diane H

    If he is a eugenics guy, he can join the ranks with Bill Gates.  Time to breed these guys out . . . . .

  • Dunlop

    This is not true.  We have ethics classes for nanotechnologies and all other sciences as well at my university.  They were quite enjoyable and useful.

  • Anonymous

       ALL demonrat progressive believe this clap trap , that is why they push abortion so hard , though they are usually much less inclined to go public with it .  I just scrolled down and read awningmans comment , brilliant .

  • Dunlop

    Also, as much as I hate to agree with Gore, what he said is not incorrect.  Some people are more outgoing and carefree and boundary-pushers while others are more conservative emotionally and socially. That isn’t to say people can’t change this or open up or close up, but on average Gore’s statement isn’t crazy. Nothing in the clips of him on this page talks about Eugenics.  Beck makes good points about Eugenics and there are people out there pushing it, perhaps even Gore, but these clips on their own are poor evidence of that.

  • Wyatt Burp

    The USA. The only country were the word liberal is an insult. And you wonder why the rest of the world hates you?

    I wish you all cancer. Which obviously you can’t get treatment for because your healthcare system is an international laughing stock.

    9/11 was funny.

    • Anonymous

      It’s really difficult to post an entire message that’s nothing but lies. Congrats, though, you did it!

      • Anonymous

        I should add, “hateful lies.” The Daily Kos loves people like you. Head on over there.

  • Anonymous

    Eugenics?  I’m all for it.  Start with Gore, the man/bear/pig.  Then Piers Morgan, that limey bastard.  All dems, moslems, abortionists, etc.  It’s seriously time to clean house.

    • Anonymous

       Ya, and Hitler had a real hatred for communists as well even though he was a real socialist. Yes, and FDR couldn’t care less either.
      An interesting take from Webster Tarpley on the eugenics:

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Calm down, Glenn. You certainly seem to get hysterical at anything Gore says. Maybe it’s still your utter disappointment about that sale of the TV station that he refused to let you have. If eugenics has some truth to it, don’t you think that Einstein’s offsprings would be smarter than Einstein himself? Us humans are much more complex than anybody has yet determined. Even if such a experiment were to happen on humans, the world is so full of “pollution” that any progress will be hampered or outright destroyed by natural means. I think you’re confusing eugenics with discoveries and technical advance and that has little to do with one another. Gore is only exposing the real liberal believer – that THEY are superior to the conservative idiots. Unfortunately, their biggest support comes from the majority of idiots and sheeple who keep voting for them.

  • Take 2

    Cap and Trade End of Earth G1 G2 ‘female’ Condoms… Male Condoms help prevent HIV AIDS vs Females ‘having’ multitple babies. So defined huh  I know, seems odd to even the Beckites but it’s not about preventing HIV AIDS-rather population control of lower class humans i.e. slowing baby production.

  • Anonymous

     He’s just laying the groundwork for the Final Solution against conservatives. The cry will be, as it has been, that conservatives are just too set in their ways and too backwards to contribute to the new, forward thinking world with its millisecond attention spans, constant entertainment, and insufferable narcissism. Therefore, they have to be put in camps then killed for the good of the planet. Plenty of liberals already think this way. Given it a cute scientific patina and they will go for it like they have global warming and obamacare.

    • Anonymous

      Another Beck sucker who lives in paranoia ^

  • Eugene Lubben

    It’s  not   surprising  that  Al Gore   wants  to kill conservative  babies  ,,,,,

  • Howard Robinson

    Some of Al Gore’s remarks about eugenics come from Gunter Schwab’s anti American capitalism book “Dance with the Devil”.  Schwab was an early 20th century green and eugenics was part of the green movement.  Schwab had an epiphany after reading “Mein Kampf”, quiting his job as an Austrian forest ranger and moving to Munich to become a brown shirt under Hitler. He blamed American capitalism for the defeat of his beloved Fuhrer and in 1958 penned his infamous book blaming capitalism in general and American capitalism in particular for destroying the planet. Only one paragraph in the entire book dealt with apocalyptic anthropogenic global warming and a whole chapter to eugenics. Naturally, the UN embraced this scoundrel for his criticism of the United States and capitalism. At the UN he came in contact with another scoundrel and America hater, the now discredited (accepted $1,000,000 bribe in the oil for food scandal) Maurice Strong. It was Strong who passed the global warming hoax along to the gullible Gore as a huge money making cause.  Somewhere along the line Gore must have read Schwab’s book (yes he can read) and believed the work of fiction to be real.

  • TylerDurden

    I think Al Gore is an idiot, but he was not talking about eugenics here.

  • Mary

    Penn Jillette is one of the few sources of hope I have for this entire country.  I’m so glad Glenn opened up a dialog with him.  Open-mindedness is really the only thing that can save us now.

  • Anonymous

    The media loved to make fun of Dan Quayle as the not so bright VP. They loved even more trying to make the VP nominee Sarah Palin look like a dunce. Except for the late night comedians, you don’t hear much from the media on the “average” Joe Bidens blatant
    stupidity. But THIS!?!   How can the “mainstream” media keep turning a deaf ear to his blithering idiot of a former VP ( which in his case should stand for Vacuous Pinhead )?
    First it was “inventing the internet”, then “global warming” ( actually I think he really meant
    GLOW BALL [ the SUN ] ) the “inconvenient” lie. Now it’s more reasons for why people are
    the way they are, which I assume he advocates abortion for ridding the world of “genetic
    conservatives”.  Somebody needs to do a Broadway play, comedy of course, on the life hat is
    Al Gore.  

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, but who are the undesirables? Methinks those of European Caucasoid extraction. We are the minority race on earth, but have caused the most “destruction” )since we need a boogeyman). All the other racial/ethnic groups agree. Of course, the USA is the most responsible and this “white culture” must fall in order to heal the earth.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t you just love how Progressives think that progression is necessarily right, correct and proper. Look around you people as you undermine every bulwark of society in the progressive pursuit of personal freedom and social engineering the whirlwind you are about to reap is gaining in ferocity.

  • keyboard jockey

    We fought in a world war against eugenicist. See: (HOLOCAUST) eugenicist who believed there was such a thing as a master race.Desire to terminate inferior races grew out of book entitled “The Permission to Destroy Life Unworthy of Life” written by Alfred Ploetz and published in 1904. Ploetz argued that certain classes of humans were unworthy and should be terminated. Classes included homosexuals, mentally retarded and those who are “below the beasts.” Nazis later classified Jews as “sub-human”.
    So I guess we can put Al Gore down in the Nazis Camp?

  • keyboard jockey

    He’s going to have a tough time selling eugenics when the U.S. Government is starting compensation to eugenic victims of sterilization.  Al Gore belongs in jail he’s nothing but a common con artist.

  • John Centonze

    Yeah, I know it is not a very inspired response by me but my only reaction to hearing Gore spieling this is to think;” What a douche-bag!”

  • Dustin Hicks

    I guess I break the mold. I am a Libertarian Conservative, as well as a science loving Atheist.

  • Anonymous

    Is Al Gore like the modern day Oracle at Delphi? Why does anyone pay attention to this guy anyway? He is as crazy as a loon!
    Tell me Al, how does your theory explain that I used to be a democrat, then a republican, now a libertarian? I must have all of those genes inside me.

  • Michael Parcell

    Great Read! Thanks Glenn!

  • Anonymous

    Another load of crap from high school graduate Beck.

  • Tony Krewson

    Al Gore looks suspiciously like a male impersonator… Hmmmmm.

  • jim thompson

    Some people keep quiet and are thought to be fools.  Some people open their mouths and remove all doubt. Every time he opens his mouth he reminds me that things could always be worse.  Why anyone gives him a podium is beyond me.  He would be just laughable and dismissed but unfortunately he has a gazillion dollars.  In this country today, people with a gazillion dollars have clout.  I think this abomination that invented the internet has sold his soul to the devil (literally), and subsequently lost his moral compass, if he ever had one. Very sad state. May God guide and direct our paths as we navigate the cess-pool full-of people just like him in our future. Good grief.     

  • Jewell Leos

    My DNA must be totally confused. I have been a dyed in the wool liberal(progressive) until 2008 when my gut began saying something is not right here. I voted for the conservatives for the first time ever. As things evolved and i explored more politically i have come to the conclusion that if we put a progressive and a conservative in a paper bag and shook it, we just may come out with a candidate who believes in the Constitution and th American People>It doesn’t have a thing to do with DNA.

  • Anonymous

    Just because one is “born that way” doesn’t mean one has to be that way.  Indeed, we are not called to be who we truly are but someone better.  Those who embrace the call make the world a better place, those who embrace the genetics become who they truly are.

  • Anonymous

    All life is created equal, no one is better than anyone else and eugenics will lead to many dead unborn babies and genetic manipulation. Very bad stuff.

  • Austin Dollar

    Glenn and Stu and Company, Patriots Everywhere……
    It’s not just Al Gore, look at Obama, his cabinet, economic leaders, Universal Healthcare,

  • Kathleen Pedersen

    Al Gore has been looney tunes for a long time now and is very willing to suggest all kinds of screwy ideas for us.  Life has enough problems. we don’t need people like him along with dishonest scientific types fudging the truth about things.  Politicians, scientists and others have found that they can lie so as to make people believe they are genuinely finding truth, and unfortunately ignorance of the true facts takes over and the public gets suckered again and again.  Since mental hospitals are being closed here and there  nothing can be done with these delusional folks.  Common sense seems to gave gone out the window and you really don’t need a University education to have it, just use it for a change and stop letting these kind of people think for you.

  • The Elderking

    Eugenics is a long held Socialist ideal.

    It is often ascribed to Nazis (who were socialist anyway, but somehow have been branded Right Wing by the Left).

    It had deep roots in the American Left and was supported by the British Socialist Fabian Society of which many Labour Party politicians are currently members – incl. the current Leader of the Opposition Ed Miliband.

    Revisit Fabian George Bernard Shaw – you have his Youtube video.

    What I would like to know is – How has the Left got away with this?.

  • Dean Sorensen

    It’s amazing that “liberals” only define as valid that which they want. They leave no room for opposing views and villify those who are different.  How is that “liberal” or liberating?

    • Anonymous

      And the fact that their liberal/progressive ideas don’t ever work. In no country ever have they worked to bring about that utopia they always want.  If they want to talk DNA, I say liberals are born with a idealistic, unrealistic view of what the world should be, conservatives are grounded and have common sense enough to know that it can never happen on this side of heaven.  Liberals try to force equality and fairness through stupid regulations/taxes and social engineering, when conservatives know that not everybody is the same and have different drives and desires.

  • John Moyer

    Careful next time gore will be spouting ebonics

  • Ed Hardiman

    Gore couldn’t accurately transmit a scientific fact if Jonas Salk stapled it to his head…

  • Anonymous

    Al will tell any lie to sell a book.

  • Anonymous

    Was a very interesting discussion on
    eugenics and religion. I have always believed that there is an
    afterlife. I cannot prove it nor will I be able to prove it when I
    die. If it could have been proven then Houdini would have come back
    to prove it as he claimed that he would when he died. Some will say
    that he was unable to come back as there is no afterlife, but
    probably you are not able to come back regardless of who you are.

    I do not believe in any religion as the
    hands of man is all over all religions. I believe that there has to
    be a Heaven and Hell. Hell for the likes of dictators, atheists, and
    anyone else that does not believe in the afterlife. If there is not
    an afterlife then these people have skated through life being evil
    though atheists are not evil, but dictators like Hitler, Stalin, Mao
    to name a few sure are evil..

    I have elected to believe in the
    afterlife as if there is an afterlife then eternity is a lot longer
    than a persons lifetime.

    When I die I would like to have a place
    at the entrance of Heaven to listen to these people explain why they
    lead evil lives and why they should enter the Kingdom of Heaven.
    That would be interesting to hear.

  • The Watchman

    I hate to say it, but Al Gore may have a point here especially if he is talking about Liberal/Progressives.  In my opinion, Progressive Liberals are in fact just to stupid to be allowed to vote.

  • Anonymous

    He is absolutely one of the biggest douchebags I’ve ever seen.  His elitest “I know better than everybody else” makes me want to wrap my head in duct tape.  He had to have been beat up multiple times as a kid.

  • Frank Moran

    Someone needs to tell me how this Moron has become a credible “intellecually superior resource within the so called scientific community”? 

  • Snorri Sturluson

    Eugenics is simply human husbandry. Unfortunately, breeding for specific characteristics can produce unexpected and even untoward results. In the case of humans, the bigger more relevant question is: “who is in charge of the breed farm”?

  • Sharmane

    The bloated, energy sucking, parasitic Gore is the poster child for hypocrite.  He likes to preach to the rest of us, but he never, ever walks the talk. He doesn’t care about his “carbon footprint” as evidenced by his jetting around the world, eating more than his share as proven by his overfed appearance, and living in a mega-huge house using up more power than most people use in ten years.   I believe he is seriously defective and may be criminally insane.  So, maybe we should insist he be evaluated so we can decide if he is genetically acceptable and if he was too defective to breed.   Just saying.

  • John R. Fonseca

    Piss on Al Gore…

  • lindsay taylor

    Liberals like to think that THEY are all about “the future”.  I notice they always place themselves in that category as if conservatives balk at anything new.  In truth Progressives pursue the same old utopian ideology that has already failed many times throughout history at the cost of many, many lives.

  • americanathlete

    All I know is: when you get to 5,000 feet…. He’s the biggest idiot! There are three things that are sure in this world —
    3)Al Gore’s always wrong!!!

  • John Beam

    Really, the whole matter is on account of intellectual laziness and cowardice.  I mean, people like Gore refuses to actually debate people who have evidence against his questionable beliefs, simply because his beliefs ARE debatable.  So, rather than defend their flawed views, they attack the people.  This is called an ad hominem logical fallacy, and it’s a common collectivist tactic.

    In a normal world, where sanity matters, this sort of rhetoric would be ridiculed and laughed at.  In the insane world that we live in, where such rhetoric is actually considered intelligent, it’s terribly dangerous.

  • Guest

    “Do you know what this is? Do you know where this philosophy comes from?” Glenn said. “I can take out the books. You know what? I wonder if I have them here or at the library at home. I can take out the eugenics books that he is quoting, he is quoting from right now. Whether he knows it or not. This is genetics. This is eugenics nonsense that was discredited in World War II.
    As usual, Beck is showing his extraordinary ignorance again. It IS genetics; it is NOT eugenics. 

    Conservatives have larger fear centers in their brains than smart people (liberals) do, and Beck exploits that in gullible, fearful people who are anxious about the President.

    There’s a reason that Beck’s bio is entitled, Common Nonsense: Glenn Beck and the Triumph of Ignorance. As usual, Beck does not know what the f$%k he’s blabbing about. 

    • Sharmane

       Eugenics:  the science of improving race via controlled breeding.  NOT, genetics.

      • Guest

         Ignore that poster – it is Victor Tiffany, who is a liberal nutjob. he spouts out propaganda, especially hate Beck stuff with no proof, just to try to trash Beck and ‘win’ people to his viewpoint, which is absurd.

    • Guest

       Victor Tiffany, you really must stop your pedantic BS about ‘fear centers’ , liberals, etc. It is all liberal left wingnut  propaganda. It was not only never proven scientifically after the bogus “study” was commissioned by a left wing radical bunch of well paying  propagandists, it has actually been disproven. That’s right, Vicky, shot down the toilet.

    • Guest

       Yes Vicky<2, everyone knows what this is – it is Vicky<2 with his propaganda and Beck hating smear talk. Go back to sucking off neighbor friend, and be quick about it so your wife doesn't catch you. So far she thinks you are just political friends of a feather. We saw you at the last DSA meeting in Ithaca.

  • Anonymous

    Exit poll, 60% don’t know the supreme law of the land?

    Hey, don’t ya know, it is Executive Orders!

    In practical fact, that has been demonstrated this past four years to be the case. The Constitution? Shredded. Outmoded. Old hat. Not Progressive, that’s for sure.

    Oh, this sarcasm is killing me — I can’t keep it up, but today’s atmosphere is killing me also. Where will it all end? Two camps — Pro and Con, continually at war.

    In actuality, the ones moving forward are good, making progress (the good kind) while the stay-at-homes are really holding together the stable base that supports the whole structure. If the structure grows too wildly, too fast, it will crumble. If it doesn’t grow, it stagnates and rots away. So both growth and stability are needed, but in moderation and understanding of the values of each.

    Do we have it like that now?


    Will it all work out? I’m afraid not. The end cometh. prepare for the fall.

    Closing thoughts….

    Remember Benghazi;  Who said “Stand down.”?

    Laus Deo

  • Anonymous

    Now, Glenn — that’s a stretch to equate that statement with Eugenics.  It does, however, show what a horrible snob Gore is.

  • Anonymous

    I want to know if Al Gore is sharing his wealth with “have -nots”.  Isn’t that what all the liberals abdicate that nobody should have more than their “fair share”?

  • Anonymous

    I agree that the democrats live in the past with Marx and Hitler.Yes the elitist who tell us what to do because in they’re head they are superior.The Libertarians are more about the future,and personal freedom.Sorry Glenn the republicans don’t have a clue either.
        Yep wars to infinity and beyond!  How can government work when its made up of lawyers or people who never have had a job.
       I new the country is in trouble(a long time ago) when people don’t know anything about the constitution. I have my daughter reading about agenda 21,i tell her about how it is slowly being worked in.Now she see’s it sometimes when she listens to the news,or listens to what Obama wants. Blah Blah Blah,sorry to ramble.

  • Anonymous
  • crazy betty

    well, I’ve never said anything like this or thought anything like this before but I have to say….after seeing that video of those vile black ladies attacking that security guard and getting tasered….hmmm….maybe there is something to this eugenics thing.  hahaha  the problem is, where does one draw the line?  and the truth of the matter is, we are not God so what right do any of us have in deciding who lives or dies and their worth?  we of course have our opinions and may not think some are worthy to breathe the same air but then there will always be someone else who may think that about us… it’s all nothing but evil sent straight from the pit of hell.  and al gore needs to lay off the groceries.  what a fat bastard with a huge carbon footprint.  think of all of the air he breathes in and out just to haul that giant lard ass of his around…. he is heating up our planet and needs to go. I vote him off.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, you seem to be getting overly excited (manic?), perhaps unnecessarily. Everybody knows that some people are more outgoing, free-wheeling and risk-taking than others, who are more “conservative” in their outlook, philosophies and actions. Furthermore, people tend to be more “liberal” when younger (inexperienced, risk-taking, testing life); and as they mature, they become more conservative (presumably, being older, they have more to lose and more to protect, after years of learning and earning). These are facts of life.

    SO WHAT? Gore is probably thinking he can do some new “pseudo-scientific gyrations” and market some more INCONVENIENT UNTRUTHS to dimwitted people. We don’t have to listen to him or fear him. Relax. We have more PRESSING problems, and you have been taking your eye off the ball lately, focusing too much of rings in toilets and Nestle bottle caps. Now that Al has “struck a nerve” in you, looks like your focus will be more serious… but don’t go overboard and get all hysterical, please.

    There’s plenty out there to sound ALARMS over, and this latest Gore-crap is probably not one of them (yet).

  • Desy Nurul Azkiya

    😀 😀 😀

  • Desy Nurul Azkiya

    :]  the  true   :]    how  your  kid  have  choice /exampe  your  kid  choice  they  role  a live  is  from  you  how you plane  on  they  brain.  how  you  teach  them  :]

  • Desy Nurul Azkiya

    is  the same  you  want  give  your  kid  clean  blood  /dirty  blood? 

  • Desy Nurul Azkiya

    you  want  your  kid  to  be  right  person  or  to  be  bad  person?

  • Desy Nurul Azkiya

    what  you plane  that  you  get  :

  • Desy Nurul Azkiya

    if  your  kid  to  be  right  person  your  name  be come smile  nice  :]  ,and god  preapare  heavan  for  you :]  ,if  your  kid  bad  ?   you  know  the  answear

  • Desy Nurul Azkiya

    if  you  have  kid,that  means  god  trush  you  for  lokk  after/take care  verry  good. for  teach   them  to  be  right person,let ‘s  they  know  wrong  and  right

  • Desy Nurul Azkiya

    let’s them  to  be  people  AMIN   :]

  • Desy Nurul Azkiya

    REAL  PEOPLE  :]

  • Desy Nurul Azkiya


  • Desy Nurul Azkiya


  • Anonymous

    Glenn Beck at his most awesomely stupid.

    • Guest

       ……and you. critten at yours.

  • Anonymous

    I loved it during earth day when everyone was supposed to turn their lights off for that hour and someone went by Al Gore’s house and filmed it with every light burning including flood lights.  I read somewhere that when he started this global warming bit he was only worth a million and now he’s worth 100 times that.  I wonder if his selling his company to Al Jazzera will be the final straw for his true believers?

  • Pam Witzemann

    Eugenics never went away, it just went underground. Through women’s rights, Progressives kept it very much alive and redefined equality when a child’s life was deemed less valuable than the mother’s life. Equality, as defined by Progressives, is reached by meeting a standard of equality. Women are only equal when they function as men. Inherent equality that is given to every individual,by God, is based on equal value and not on equal outcomes.

    I think eugenics will become more visible as genetic engineering. In fact, this is already taking place but if we ‘neandrathal conservatives’ don’t do a better job holding the line on equality  than we have on sanctity, there will be no limit to the evil they can bring into the world. Progressives are control freaks and that’s a phsycological problem. I think we need background checks before politicians are able to run for office. Getting rid of narcissists in office could change the world!

  • Guest

    What Gore said had NOTHING to do with eugenetics and everything to do with genetics. Once again, Beck demonstrates that he can fool some of the people all of the time.

    Actually, he’s just pissed off because Gore did not sell him this network, and Beck is one vindictive prick when he thinks he’s been snubbed.

    • Sharmane

       There is no such word as “eugenetics.”  The word is eugenics.  Margaret Sanger was a nazi sympathizer and founder of planned parenthood which has its roots in racism and eliminating those she deemed “human weeds” or the unfit (in her view).  The mechanism whereby this would be achieved is via “eugenics” which is control of the gene pool via planned breeding.  Eugenics is also different than genetics.  Please do your research before posting and use real words, not imaginary words.

      • Anonymous

        You do your research!  Who misinformed you about Sanger being a Nazi sympathizer? Beck has promoted a book by a Nazi sympathizer.  Did you complain then, or did you not even notice?

        Sanger has been recognized with many important honors. In 1957, the American Humanist Association named her Humanist of the Year. Government authorities and other institutions have memorialized Sanger by dedicating several landmarks in her name, including a residential building on the Stony Brook University campus, a room in Wellesley College’s library, and Margaret Sanger Square in New York City’sGreenwich Village. In 1993, the Margaret Sanger Clinic — where she provided birth control services in New York in the mid twentieth century — was designated as a National Historic Landmark by the National Park Service. In 1966, Planned Parenthood began issuing its Margaret Sanger Awards annually to honor “individuals of distinction in recognition of excellence and leadership in furthering reproductive health and reproductive rights.”Many who are opposed to the legalization of abortion frequently condemn Sanger by questioning her fitness as a mother and criticizing her views on race, abortion, and eugenics. In spite of such attacks, Sanger continues to be regarded as an icon for the American reproductive rights movement and woman’s rights movement.

        • Guest

           Being awarded an honor does not change the fact of what she intended with promoting abortion among blacks to control their population growth. It doesn’t mean she is someone to adore, except to libtard lemmings like you, Vicky. There are people given awards who are so not deserving of them  – like the Nobel Peace Prizes that were awarded to  Obama and Gore. What an F-ing joke!.

          Sanger on blacks,
          immigrants and indigents:

          “…human weeds,’ ‘reckless
          breeders,’ ‘spawning… human beings who never should have been born.”
          ….   and she DID embrace Nazism.

          DO YOUR RESEARCH….Margaret  Sanger,  
          the  founder   of   Planned   Parenthood,  
          subscribed to  a  Hitlerian   philosophy  
          of  Eugenics – the  science  of   improving  
          “racial  health”   by  socially  engineering human 
          reproduction.     Both  Hitler  and 
          the   founders  of  Planned   Parenthood  
          advocate   birth  control,  sterilization,  and 
          segregation  in  concentration  camps  for  the  

          Like   Hitler,   Sanger   considered  herself 
          to  be  part  of  a   genetically   superior   elite  
          who  had  to  protect  themselves  against  
          “hereditary  taints.”     She   set  
          out   to   start  a ‘new   race’   of   ;thoroughbreds’.    
          This   elitist   attitude   is  
          clearly   at   odds   with   the  
          leftist,   social   worker   image  
          that   is   commonly  attributed  to 
          her  by  the  mass  media. 

          Mararet  Sanger’s  1922  manifesto,


          Control  which  has  been 
          criticized  as  negative  and  destructive,  is 
          really  the  greatest  and  most  truly 
          eugenic  method,  and  its 
          adoption  as  part  of  the  program  of 
          Eugenics  would  immediately 
          give  a  concrete  and  realistic  power 
          to  that  science. . .  as  the  most  constructive 
          and  necessary  of  the  means  to  racial 
            ~ Margaret  Sanger,  The  Pivot 
          of  Civilization.     Brentano’s  Press, 
          NY,  1922,  p  189.;
           Sanger said , 
          86.5%  of  the  population  would  be  “morons” 
          or  “borderline  cases”  and  prevented  from 
          procreation! If she had her way, you wouldn’t exist, moron.

          Victor, you are a typical left wing
          deconstructionist. You produce your own meanings using 
          semantic freeplay  whereby  you seek to institutionalize dishonesty as a legitimate school of

    • Anonymous

      SHARMAME GOT ME! For a trivial typo.

      This has NOTHING to do with Sanger; it’s about Gore! 

      If Sharmane is so smart, why doesn’t she call Beck out on his deceitfulness?

      Probably addicted to Beck, and addicts are no objective.

      • Guest

         Explaining anything to you is a waste of time as it goes over your head Victor. It was not about what your post indicated you moron..

    • Guest

      Troll Alert!

      Actually,  Victor Tiffany, you are the one who is a vindictive prick. Your jealousy of Beck getting lots of traffic on his site really chaps your ass because you can’t get any at yours. HAHAHAHAHAAAAAA

      Once again Victor demonstrates that he is fool.

      • Guest
        • Guest

           ROTFLMAO! What an idiot you are Vicky!. So now, according to you, the big TrollAass of the century,   Glenn Beck is a troll on his own website? Too funny.

          Man oh man, those must be some meds you’re on! ROTFLMAO!

        • Guest

           OK time to flag the fag.

    • Guest

       “eugenetics”? You obviously don’t have a clue what you are talking about. – but then that’s par for the course for you!

      But that isn’t why you are here. Your last sentence exposes you. Your only purpose here is to vilify Glenn Beck, the man of your hateful obsession. Once again, you demonstrate that you can fool none of the people any of the time.

  • MarsBarsTru7


    This is precisely what this entire power play in global government is about! Justification for population control. It’s not just about numbers. It’s about WHO gets to procreate and what genetic “traits” they’re looking for.

    I’ve said this over and over in the comments section here and elsewhere.

    Wake up people. Bill Gates, the Gates family, Warren Buffet, George Soros, Ted Turner, the Rockefellers… The list is huge. The billionaire crowd and government control crowd is full of people like this, who believe in reducing overall world population and in active manipulation of reproduction and future human genetic development.

    It’s not a conspiracy. These people have said as much over and over again, and if you don’t start realizing that these people aren’t just political enemies, but enemies to your very lives and the lives of your offspring and their offspring, you’re going to be surprised one day to wake up and realize that the dystopia came and you did little else than complain about taxes, election results, and birth certificates.

    If you can’t keep a fire burning inside of you to strive against these people to your last breath you’re going to be conquered without a fight, in a forgettable sigh instead of a shout. Peace comes to those who live in the shadow of a selfless warrior. We need warriors, not pacifiers and compromiser and back door dealers who are helping usher this age of profound destruction in.

  • Guest

    Beck doesn’t know the difference between genetics and eugenics, but there’s a lot that Beck doesn’t know. That doesn’t stop him from fooling most of the rubes all of the time though. Beck pulls feces from his rectum and declares that it’s a fact. Rubes marvel at him.

    Glenn Beck is the model propagandist, triumphant in ignorance and pushing the Republican Party backward toward the 19th Century, so they can join the Whigs in the history books.

    • Guest

      No Victor Tiffany, YOU don’t know the difference. You are the idiot yapping about EUGENETICS .  HAHAHA Beck is talking about eugenics. Go look it up so you learn something, if you have a brain cell where you can store the meaning.

      The one who pulls feces from his rectum and declares that it’s a fact is VICTOR TIFFANY.  This has been proven many times in the past right here on this site. SO now he has to skulk and hide thinking no one knows who he is – anyone can tell from the idiot posts he makes. Yes, Vicky is a rube, and he has been fooled big time by the left. He thinks coming here to spew his bullshit is going to catch attention or sway anyone. Delusional.

      What a propagandist you try to be Vicky…. “…triumphant in ignorance and pushing the Republican Party backward toward the 19th Century, so they can join the Whigs in the history books.” LMAO! Where do you come up with these crazy ideas? You can’t fool anyone any of the time except yourself. I saw a post once with the advice “don’t believe everything you think” and that is so apropos for you..

      • Guest

        “Where do you come up with these crazy ideas?”

        Uhhh, from Glenn Beck. He’s quite explicit about it.  You do a very good job of smearing Victor, I’ll say that for you. I’m sure Glenn Beck would be proud of you if he ever actually noticed the childish flame warriors and character assassins who viciously, deceitfully and childishly attack his critics.

        Fact: Glenn Beck is a liar! You cannot defend him because it’s on video!  So you’ll play some childish game like “Beck is rubber, you are glue….”

        • Guest

           The only one here playing the childish games like “Beck is rubber, you are glue….” is you, Victor Tiffany. Funny how you talk about yourself in the third person. So, you have become so detached from reality that you have become detached from yourself also. Pathetic little man.

          Better get those prescriptions refilled, Vicky.

  • Guest

    “Do you know what this is? Do you know where this philosophy comes from?” Glenn said. “I can take out the books. You know what? I wonder if I have them here or at the library at home. I can take out the eugenics books that he is quoting, he is quoting from right now. Whether he knows it or not. This is genetics. This is eugenics nonsense that was discredited in World War II.

    What Gore was talking about was GENETICS, not EUGENICS! Once again, Beck has his gullible, ignorant followers in a tizzy because he conveys his ignorance as expertise or even knowledge.

    Glenn Beck is BRILLIANT at separating rubes from the hard-earned money.

    • Guest

      Yes Vicky<2, everyone knows what this is – it is Vicky<2 with his
      propaganda and Beck hating smear talk. Go back to sucking off neighbor
      friend, and be quick about it so your wife doesn't catch you. So far she
      thinks you are just political friends of a feather. We saw you at the
      last DSA meeting in Ithaca.

      Vicky you are too stupid to understand what Beck was saying. You don't realize that the perceived genetics is their basis for eugenics. You are to big of a moron to comprehend it. Don't even try – it will break what brain you have left.

  • Anonymous

    I think he is on to something. Like they are asserting that criminals have dark spots on their brain. It is probably true that liberals have dark spots somewhere on their brains.

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