Should women be on the front lines?

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Last week, outgoing Defense Secretary Leon Panetta made a startling change to military policy when he declared that women would now be able to serve on the front lines of combat. Progressives claimed the move was a giant leap forward for equality, but Glenn didn’t see it that way.

The military isn’t built to be a beacon of equality – it’s meant to be the line of defense between America and it’s enemies. The objective is to win, not give every person an equal chance to play on the field.

Women are already bravely serving in our armed forces as pilots, medics, strategy and a wide range of other capacities. But should they be made combat soldiers, where there are intense physical requirements meant to ensure only the best and most capable are in those roles? Glenn said that tossing women into close quarter combat doesn’t make any sense, and that shaping military policy to fit political agendas only hurts the military and gets people killed.

TheBlaze conducted a poll that had more than 150,000 responses to 40 questions dealing with the new policy and entering women into selective service. Participants were 65% male and 35% female.

The results?

Glenn invited a panel of experts onto the panel to discuss the issue:

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  • Anonymous

    Yes, why shouldn’t they.  If you want to be a combat soldier, I say thank you and good luck.

    • Kit

       Yes, that’s all we can do is wish them luck…they’re gonna need it big time. Hopefully every branch of our military doesn’t lower their training standards to accomodate women. If they do, we’re in big trouble.

      • Anonymous

        They will “dumb down” the military just like they did in the schools. Putting women right on the front lines…stupid idea.

  • Anonymous

    Israel allows women to serve the front-lines. I think beheadings of any gender is awful. Come on, you don’t think men get raped by men? Glenn’s arguments are lame, sure Rosie is an easy target, but shouldn’t a man of faith like Glenn not stoop to that low level of “humor.” Oh wait, Glenn just sucks.

    • Anonymous

      OK so Israel allows it.  Doesn’t mean we have to.  If a sworn enemy surrounded us just a few miles away, maybe we should consider it.  A sworn enemy does not surround us.

      Some former governments wanted children on the front lines.

  • Anonymous

    Be careful what you wish for.  Someone may force that wish upon you.

    You want “choice”?

    You want to fight on the front lines?

    You want to get drafted?

    You pregnant?

    You say it is a baby and not a fetus like so many say it is?

    You’re just getting a Constitutional, legal, quick, harmless, non-back-alley, required medical procedure for your health so you can go do what you wanted to do.

  • Anonymous

    I am old fashioned. But I believe that because woman give their lives to bring children into the world and give their lives to protect children, I believe men should give their lives to protect the gender that bears children. The equal rights movement should be careful they do not force women to be drafted in the name of equality but also in the name of taking away the dignity and respect the female gender deserves (at least has the potential for deserving). 

    I know my gender–females–are not drafted yet but I am worried we are coming to close to it. I am for equal rights but not when equal rights means taking away women’s dignity. Women ought to be protected by men. And even if we say we don’t need your protection, men need to learn that lots of times women say those kinds of things to test the strength of men because ultimately, we respect men who want to protect us at all costs…despite what we say.

  • Draxx

    If people remember what happened to Military Nurses & Red Cross Nurses in Vietnam when they were captured by the Vietcong.  Then why would they want the women of our country to Experience the Horrors of events like this?  For those of you that don’t know…  They would be raped by untold number of men, and held prisoner so they can repeat their dirty deeds.  If they live and end up pregnant they would wait until the belly showed pregnancy and then cut off their arms and legs (cauterize the veins/arteries so they don’t bleed to death too soon), then toss their bodies on the roadside where American Soldiers would find them. And Yes, this was very demoralizing for men and women soldiers!  Now I am pretty sure that most countries that we would go to war with would do the same thing every opportunity…

    • Kit

      In Vietnam, I remember female Red Cross (donut dollies) would come out via chopper serving us hot coffee & donuts, on occasion. Actually, they and military hospital nurses are the only round-eyed females I saw in Nam.

      • Draxx

        Kit, Thank-You for Serving!

  • landofaahs

    How degenerate we have become.  Hiding behind womens skirts.  You have no right to call yourself a man if you let a woman do your fighting for you.  End of conversation.

    • Anonymous

      Says the grumpy old man at the back of the room thinking everyone there who disagrees with him are libtards big-government-loving progressive sodomites whose only chance is for hell… right?

      • landofaahs

        Believe what you want. I am not called to get agreement, only to speak. If I am so wrong, don’t listen. That is your right also. Have a good day.

  • Anonymous

    glenn asked for a woman who could play offensive line.
    nick mangold’s sister.

  • Philip Corner

    On one hand I’m told that women are super strong, independent and equal in every way to men – so why not let them fight. On the other hand I am told that nearly all women are the victims of domestic violence and rape at the hands of men. I am confused.

    • Anonymous

      Can you handle the concept of a woman being trained at combat and self defense? You know, even to the point of overcoming most men in armed/unarmed fights?

  • Kit

    Glen, enjoyed your show. My best wishes and a big “WELCOME HOME” go out to all three of your veteran guests, the Marine, Navy Seal and the Green Beret. I thank them all for their service. Vietnam veteran, 1st Battalion-27th Infantry, (Wolfhounds) -25th Infantry Division-1967-68.

  • Sam Fisher

    I don’t know which side is right on this issue. On one hand their could become a distraction and I believe that women are not expendable but on the other hand Israel seems to make it work and history has shown with the right woman could make a difference like Joan of Arc but I will need to study the matter more before I take a side on this.

  • Anonymous

    The first principle of war is to exploit you enemy’s weakness. Even if the women are not a weakness, I see the natural instinct of men to protect women as a major, potential weakness.   

  • Anonymous

    Best way to get rid of gays and women is to but them on the front lines. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why they are ok with this. Don’t forget the muslims hate gays and women.

  • Lois D’Ortiz

    Being a women doesn’t stop us from loving what our country ‘s been made of all these years.  We’ve fought, bleed, conquered and continue to evolve.  Women have always been there in one form or another and as we continue to evolve as a human species, woman will offer more than just a good meal and companionship.  We can fight right along side our men for a common cause – all I ask is that you watch their backs and integrity as you would a male counterpart.  A woman’s intuition and common sense will serve to be an asset toward our country’s fight to remain strong.

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      For some reason, I find this to be very funny; Not at all insulting. Bressler, you are a card!

      • Mark

          2liberate if you had man and a woman who had the same training as each other who do think would win? If you think that woman most of the time would win then look at the crime statistics they speak for themselves. 

        • Anonymous

          True, but sometimes it takes brains, not just strength. If I were a man, I would serve no matter what. As a woman, if my country needs me, I’m there.

  • qt

    First you develop an elite squad of women and then house them all together so their menses are in sync with each other. Then put extra hormones in the air, aim them toward the enemy, and STAND BACK!!!

  • J Nelson

    Should there be a draft for young girls /equality for little girls of 18? 0% HELL NO!

  • Anonymous

    This would only be a problem if there were a draft. If there are women out there willing to do combat after training, why not? I believe Israeli women are drafted. Aren’t there women have died or lost limbs while serving?

  • Anonymous

    One of the underlying reasons for his decision is that the recruitment levels have fallen below levels that they seek. So, to fill the lower level of military personnel, he says it is now O.K. for women to be on the front lines. Why don’t he just tell the truth ? Also, so many men have served 2,3,4 tours of duty and cannot return to combat areas. Is this part of this administrations way to destroy our military?

    • Anonymous

      To your last question: yes, all your anti-government paranoias are correct.

  • Selah Elisabeth Robb

    We’ve had women in combat roles for years in Canada. It hasn’t lowered the training standards at all. If a woman wants to have a combat soldier role, and can handle the training, then they should be able to.

  • Anonymous

    People have the right to be exceptional.  A woman who has a passion to fight and die for her country,  should be allowed to.  I doubt that a liberal system will maintain the standards for women as front line fighters.  I can see how it will create a different mindset for all soldiers in battle.  The intensity of life and death situations makes every factor extreme.  or seem to be extreme,  or real because of how extreme it seems.  People with passion for a cause will often take on roles that are denied to them.  Every soldier needs a measure of passion to risk their lives in battle.  If you know a woman who is dedicated, devoted, and compelled into action do you tell that woman absolutely not because of a mountain of maybe.  This is about individual rights, because individuals are capable of accomplishing great things.  Individuals are history makers, and sometimes when they conquer our fears,  they provide the greatest contributions to any effort.  Faith and inspiration.  Women tackle dangerous tasks in tougher battles than  war.  What is tougher than war you ask? Missionary work.  This is a battle where the enemy presents it’s army while you stand alone.  The enemy brings it’s weapons, and you have none.  You can watch your family die right before your eyes, just for claiming your loyalties. Men, women, and even children engage in this battle because they can’t refuse it.  There is someone out there who wants to stand between innocents and their enemies.  Who can’t stand the Idea that evil will have their way with them.  Someone who can’t sit at home and sob and sigh while they die.  If this person is a woman can you tell her no.  Not everyone is able to build up that conviction, and put themselves in harms way not even knowing whether they will save one life.  I’m not a soldier, I admire anyone who is able to muster up that kind of conviction.  Being a soldier isn’t a career choice it’s a commitment and a sacrifice.  Separating someone from a cause they would die for can kill their spirit.  I don’t think someone like that should go to waste.

  • Anonymous

    They will lower the standards, the women will complain they expect more of them than they do the men. It will tear at a mans heart to see a woman beatened, because it is natural for a man to protect just llike it is natural for a woman to want to have children.  I have noticed how police departments have weakened, when it was men walking the beat or patrolling, they were able to grab and hold the men down when they were arrested. Now with women, they use tasers because women are not physical strong enough. I believe there needs to be women police officers, but not in certain positions. It is better to have a woman police officer to search a female they are arresting, they can work undercover. Good women wouldn’t want to take a position that requires physical strength because it is not fair to their counter-parts. But there are the women who want what others have, jealousy and an unhappiness with themselves pushes them to take what others have with no regard for the problems it is causing.

  • Anonymous

    It reminds me of an event that happened during one of the Occupy protests. A father had called in and said he was concerned for his daughters well being because she was a police officer. My first thought, if he is concerned she can’t deal with it, I am concerned I am in danger of not being protected by the police. It is just a fact, many women police officers are there for the money, they don’t care if they do the job well. It is all about the money. 

  • ken.

    as long as the standards are not lowered i think women should be allowed in combat roles. i know plenty of women who can handle it just fine and plenty of men who can’t. i also believe that the military should allow people who can’t meet physical requirements or over the 45 year old requirement to join and be used in other roles so other recruits can be used in a more efficient manner. we don’t need able bodied men and women used as cooks, file clerks, shipping and receiving, mechanics etc,…

  • Jacob Jones

    women will be registering for the draft too now

  • Lori Lynne

    I remember during Desert Storm my sister-in-law, a supply clerk in the AF, was put on standby to deploy.  She was freaking out and so was her mother, who received notice that same day that she would be the guardian of her grandchild should anything happen to her daughter.  Then when said daughter went to Afghanistan, for 3 months (compared to Army who were gone for 12-15 months & actually in battle), she was, again, freaking out.  What does that tell you?  We’ve had enough women come back in body bags from OIF and OEF; I don’t think this country could handle that number of dead women. 

    • ken.

      some women can handle combat some can’t, some men can handle combat some can’t. i choose to give credit for an individual ability’s, not lump everyone into a group as a one size fits all.

  • Ken Henkel

    The Israelis tried this when they needed so many new troops after the 1973 war. It did not work out as the men protected the women risking their lives and worse, the mission. 

  • Anonymous

    Women in combat?  Hell no.  I can just see women in combat when a unit is forced into hand-to-hand combat.  What is happening to my country?  All those low information voters who continue to vote for someone as if voting for Miss America makes me want to vomit.

    • ken.

      have you seen professional women boxers and martial artists and mma? i know a lot of women who are black belts and even masters of martial arts that can do better in hand to hand combat than most men in the military. a friends black belt 9 year old daughter who is 4′ 9″ 70 pounds kicked the crap out of a 20 year old 220 pound man who was harassing her when he grabbed her chest. the guy ran off bleeding and limping. she is also a great shooter better then some men i know in the military, she could do great in competitive shooting sports if she wanted, pistol, rifle, shotgun she can do it all. she.s even great with full auto.

  • TylerDurden

    There is no longer a “front line” and women have been involved in combat. This change wouldn’t mean much that is new. Women have proven themselves capable of combat in our military. Everybody is equal under our Constitution. If a woman can make it through the training, they deserve to serve wherever they wish.

  • Anonymous

    You are so right, it is a waste of a good trained soldier to be cooking, doing paperwork and handing boots/uniforms etc. motor pool. It would be smart to use other loyal Americans who want to help our military which in turn helps our country.

  • Anonymous

    Some just do not remember or even know what went on to the women in Vietnam. Held for many months and tortured, raped daily but many men, beaten to a pulp and tossed like trash on the roadway. What women in her right mind wants to put herself in this possible position…for equal rights to fight on the front line. I have no doubt some women could be good killers on the front line but it does not make it the right thing to do.

  • Anonymous

    The geezer hipsters (liberals and progressives) and feminist want equal everything for females.  Good, let them have their equality.  When more start coming back in body bags than the male counterparts, then maybe … just maybe, they will admit their bad argument.  I have known several females that were almost capable of male strength levels.  Two were female US Marines that were stationed with the MEU in the South China Sea in the late 1960s while we were setting up Battalion Aid Stations along the coast and inland.  They weren’t allowed to go on ReCon and search and destroy missions with the troops as the Navy’s Corpsman (“Doc”) were.  A good modern movie to see that depicts what happens with unique military missions is “Tears of the Sun” made in the early 2000s.  Bruce Willis is a “much older” Lt. Naval officer leading a group for rescuing Americans in war torn Africa. US Navy vet, 1966-1969, Hospitalman, FMF Corpsman “Doc”; the “Big E” (CVN-64), the USS Repose (AH-16), the USS  Lexington (CVS-16); God Bless America; Anchors Aweigh, Semper Fi; America IS Great; Freedon IS NOT FREE, I Touched The Wall, It Touched ME; All Gave Some, SOME GAVE ALL: Thank a vet for your American freedoms.

  • bennettangeli76

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  • Anonymous

    I believe that women and men were born differently for a reason. Women should not be held to the physical standards that men are, and men should not be held to the same physical standards as women because biologically men and women should not be physically compatible.
    I believe that having women on the front line can be a strategic move for our military, especially during the generation of poor health habits. Militia stationed on the front line should be the most physically fit Americans enlisted in our military. There are aspects of fitness that women are biologically best suited for, for example agility.. the small frame of a women allows for swift graceful movements that men who have too much mass would not be able to do. I am not saying that one is better than the other (man or women), or that one is more deserving than the other. Both men and women go through the same excruciating “basic training” and given the opportunity both genders deserve the right to fight on the front line. I think there needs to be some changes when it comes to testing for physical fitness. Researchers could develop new strategies for testing physical fitness rather than just running, weightlifting, etc. because the results may be shocking, and our military may have the opportunity to grow and become stronger than we already are. Although it is difficult to break old habits we should  try to stray away from traditional thinking that men are physically more equipped than women, because it simply is not the case.   

    Growth can can never come if everything always remains the same.

  • crazy betty

    there are many reasons for the evil to want this but one is because women cannot be generals unless you have served in combat.  notice how the military has been gutted by this administration and all of the generals that have been ousted… hmmm….

  • crazy betty

    Isaiah 3

    The Lord, the LORD of Heaven’s Armies,
    will take away from Jerusalem and Judah
    everything they depend on:
    every bit of bread
    and every drop of water,
    2all their heroes and soldiers,
    judges and prophets,
    fortune-tellers and elders,
    3army officers and high officials,
    advisers, skilled craftsmen, and astrologers.
    4I will make boys their leaders,
    and toddlers their rulers.
    5People will oppress each other—
    man against man,
    neighbor against neighbor.
    Young people will insult their elders,
    and vulgar people will sneer at the honorable.

    For Jerusalem (America) will stumble,and Judah (America) will fall,because they speak out against the LORD and refuse to obey him.They provoke him to his face.9The very look on their faces gives them away.They display their sin like the people of Sodomand don’t even try to hide it.They are doomed!They have brought destruction upon themselves.10Tell the godly that all will be well for them.They will enjoy the rich reward they have earned!11But the wicked are doomed,for they will get exactly what they deserve.12Childish leaders oppress my people,and women rule over them.O my people, your leaders mislead you;they send you down the wrong road.

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