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Last week, outgoing Defense Secretary Leon Panetta made a startling change to military policy when he declared that women would now be able to serve on the front lines of combat. Progressives claimed the move was a giant leap forward for equality, but Glenn didn’t see it that way.

The military isn’t built to be a beacon of equality – it’s meant to be the line of defense between America and it’s enemies. The objective is to win, not give every person an equal chance to play on the field.

Women are already bravely serving in our armed forces as pilots, medics, strategy and a wide range of other capacities. But should they be made combat soldiers, where there are intense physical requirements meant to ensure only the best and most capable are in those roles? Glenn said that tossing women into close quarter combat doesn’t make any sense, and that shaping military policy to fit political agendas only hurts the military and gets people killed.

TheBlaze conducted a poll that had more than 150,000 responses to 40 questions dealing with the new policy and entering women into selective service. Participants were 65% male and 35% female.

The results?

Glenn invited a panel of experts onto the panel to discuss the issue: