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Even though the rate ticked up, 157,000 jobs were added – BUT 169,000 people gave up looking for work and left the job force. In Obama’s 1st term the total number of people who left the workforce is 8.5 million but fortunately for Obama those people are not counted in the unemployment figure — if they were the unemployment rate would be 14.4%.

TheBlaze broke down the report HERE.

“Unemployment is up at 7.9%. Gas prices over $4.  G.D.P. is down.  Inflation is up. But the good news is this this President inherited this situation from the last President,” Glenn said.

” You know what I thought of this morning.  We’re witnessing – because how many of us how did FDR get four terms? He didn’t turn it around.  He kept going, and going.  And using the same policy, and dig it deeper, and deeper, and deeper.  How were those people so stupid?”

“We’re living it.  If there were not term limits I’m convinced he could do four terms easily.”