Senator Ted Cruz thumps Chuck Hagel

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Chuck Hagel has had a rough time trying to get confirmed as the next Secretary of Defense and leading the charge yesterday was Senator Ted Cruz. Cruz hammered away at Hagel and his flawed vision of the world in which America is the ‘biggest bully’ on the planet. Glenn interviewed Sen. Cruz on radio today.

Watch the interview at the top of the page.

TheBlaze reported on Hagel’s questioning:

In some of the most talked-about fireworks to come from defense secretary nominee Chuck Hagel’s Senate confirmation hearing Thursday, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) asked Hagel whether he thinks the state of Israel has “committed war crimes” — after confronting him with an old clip in which he seemed to agree with the characterization.“The caller suggested the nation of Israel has committed war crimes. And your response to that was not to dispute that characterization but indeed to describe what he said as, quote, “Well I think that’s exactly right,” Cruz said to Hagel after the 2009 clip from Al Jazeera English played. “Do you think the nation of Israel has committed war crimes?”

“No I do not, senator. I’’d want to look at the full context of the interview, but to answer your question, no,” Hagel said.

Cruz objected that the clip contained all the necessary context, then went on to say that “a suggestion that Israel has committed war crimes is particularly offensive, given that the Jewish people suffered under the most horrific war crimes in the Holocaust.”


The rough transcript of Glenn’s interview with Senator Cruz is below:

GLENN: Yesterday I actually saw somebody in Washington D.C. earn their money. Yesterday I saw a guy who we have to keep honest. Somebody who is actually going in there and fighting the good fight. I’ll tell you there’s a handful of them that are pitbulls now, and they are small government, independents and liberty minded and they know the constitution, and they also know what’s going on. They know what the score is. It’s not like these old timers that have been in Washington for a long time, and think they’re playing the same game. I talked to a congressman Glenn, it’s a different world here. He’s a freshman. It’s Chris Stewart. I’ve never seen anything like that. They actually think that things are generally okay. And they actually think that it’s not as bad as you think it is. You’ve got to strengthen these guys, and in particular one guy yesterday who made a huge, huge difference in the Chuck Hagel confirmation, and just took him apart. And even if you were for Hagel, afterwards you’re like, I don’t think I’m for this guy at all. Senator Ted Cruz from the great state of Texas. Hello Ted.

CALLER: Glenn, it’s great to be with you.

GLENN: You are on fire.

CALLER: Thank you. And there are a lot of challenges and they’re happening all at once. And stop some bad things that seem to be coming down the pike.

GLENN: There’s an op-ed about Chuck Hagel. Why don’t you give us the highlights why Chuck Hagel should not be the secretary of defense.

CALLER: Hagel certainly has a distinguished military career, and he’s a Vietnam veteran. Volunteer anyone questions his personal courage or record. But his foreign policy views have been really extraordinary dangerous. And they have been contrary to the security of the United States.

GLENN: He would not last night or yesterday with the John McCain admit he was wrong with the surge.

CALLER: That was really quite remarkable. It was an easy opportunity for Chuck Hagel what he could have. He prominantly posed the Iraq war, and the surge was the greatest foreign blunder.

GLENN: Since Vietnam.

CALLER: McCain got him to prove that the surge proved successful. Even with the antiwar views that the Hagel had expressed on the Iraq. I was against the surge and I’m grateful that it produced success. He refused to say it. He wouldn’t say anything good about prevailing, and that was — it was certainly a remarkable exchange between him, and John McCain.

GLENN: He refused to sign a letter to Clinton and Bush. Today he says that the mosque. Hezbollah in 2006. He declined to join a group of 96 senators urging President Clinton to express solidarity with Israel with the crucial moment, and done Democrat the Palestinian campaign of violence. He has gone on al-Jazeera we are the biggest bully on the planet. He has called the military response by Israel a sickening slaughter. He is —

CALLER: That’s correct. If you contrast Chuck Hagel with John Kerry. I was one of three votes against him. Kerry’s views are very, very lethal. And yet Hagel’s views are tremendously more radical than that.

GLENN: May I say this is not your characterization. It is mine. But I’d love to hear your response on it. They are almost anti-American.

CALLER: Well, what they reflect is the typical contempt for Americans — I think contempt. Embarrassment for American strength that you see among the extreme. Among the radicals. You mentioned the al-Jazeera exchange. I played two excerpts from an interview he did on al-Jazeera. And Hagel heard that, and didn’t dispute that characterization at all. The second which was jaw dropping which was on the al-Jazeera, and the reality that the United States was the world’s bully, and he explicitly agreed, he said yes I agree that point is relevant. It’s a good one. I agree.

PAT: Then he lied to you Senator about not hearing that part. It was so obvious.

GLENN: It was so clear when you listen to the audio, and you see the interview. It’s up on “The Blaze” by the way. Senator Cruz’s questioning is up on “The Blaze”, and also we’ve added the video from al-Jazeera. It was so clear he knows exactly what’s going on, then he strangely had the courage to look you in the eye I didn’t know that. I didn’t hear that. What were you agreeing with then?

CALLER: It was really remarkable, and it’s worth under scoring. This is a man who is being put forward to be the secretary of defense for the chief civilian officer of the United States military, to go on al-Jazeera a foreign network that is broadcasting propaganda to countries that have extraordinary hostility to us.

GLENN: No, Al Gore says they’re for us.

CALLER: To explicitly agree with the statement that American is the world’s bully. That statement undermines the legitimacy of the young men and women that are protecting our rights. For our secretary of defense to say that I think it is the sort of leadership specs from a secretary of defense.

GLENN: Is he going to be confirmed?

CALLER: I don’t — that depends on the 100 Senator. It depends on two thing. I hope Republicans stand together. I think his views on Israel make him the most antagonistic Senator to Israel in the time he served. And I think his views on national security, on terrorism put him as a “The Washington Post” at the fringe. Republicans need to stand together. And number two, I hope that some Democrats I was disappointed at the hearing yesterday that none of the Democrats seemed to be willing to give him any scrutiny. I understand it is hard to oppose a nominee from your own party when your President has put him up. There are a lot of Democrats who sincerely and genuinely care about insuring that Iran doesn’t get nuclear weapons capacity, and I hope that the Democrats will look closely at his record. I think Chuck Hagel’s record is.

GLENN: A message for firearms, and manufacturers from the Chicago Rahm Emanuel. Texas welcomes you. And gun control invited executives to consider the warmer friendlier climate of the Lonestar state of the Bank of America, and TD /PWAFRPBLG. And Smith & Wesson. In Texas we have a more modest view of government. You are inviting the arms manufacturers to move down to Texas.

CALLER: That’s exactly right. This was in response to the widely reported letter that the Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel sent to two major banks urging them to cut off the lines of credit to two venerable gun manufacturers. Smith & Wesson. And Ruger, and pressure them into supporting President Obama’s aggressive gun control agenda. When Rahm Emanuel wrote that letter. I think that letter was abusive. I don’t think that’s the proper role of an elected official to be trying to bully private companies to enlist in a political lobbying campaign. So my response was to write a letter to those gun manufacturing companies, and to the Rahm Emanuel in Texas we have the view and that elected officials work for the people. The people don’t work for the elected officials. And I encourage the banks if they want to bring more business to Texas, and bring more jobs to Texas there’s a reason a 1,000 people a day are moving to day. I’m proud that one of you was you Glenn.

GLENN: Move to Texas for the freedom. Not the jobs. I mean if you’re coming here just for a job I don’t want you here. If you’re coming here because you understand that the jobs are being created because we are free in this state, come to Texas. Because this is the last — this is the last bastion of real freedom.

PAT: Don’t come here just for a job, and turn it into a New York.

GLENN: There’s a reason that Texas is creating 50% of all of jobs in America. There’s a reason for it. It’s freedom.

CALLER: I think you’re exactly right, Glenn. I have joked as you know know I’m very worried about border security, and at times I’m concerned about our western border. And all of the Californians if they’re coming here to embrace freedom. There should be an entrance exam when someone is fleeing another state, and do you understand what has happened from the place you’re fleeing, and not to bring those misguided policies, and ruin the freedom.

PAT: For me that’s not tongue and cheek at all.

GLENN: I’m dead serious on that. But I’m glad to say hear it was slightly tongue and cheek.

CALLER: I have to tell you that the Hagel hearing yesterday, some liberal activist on Twitter sent was my favorite tweet of the entire day. Which is that this individual said now Cruz is going all Glenn Beck in the hearing. Which I took that as a high, high compliment. I guess it was that I tried to intrude on the hearing with facts, and put Chuck Hagel’s own record and words on the stand.

GLENN: That is a real compliment. I’m sorry they used me to try to smear you.

CALLER: I was honored by the comparison.

GLENN: Thank you very much, Senator. Keep up the good work. You just shout out. If somebody is trying to corner, if somebody — if you start to feel like I’m —

PAT: Darkness is closing in.

GLENN: It will it will absolutely close in around you. Know that there are millions of Americans that are praying for you, and praying for other senators and Congress none must not just like you. Just don’t lose your soul, and cry out for help.

CALLER: Well Glenn, in three weeks the “New York Times” to attacking me. Rachel mad oh, and morning Joe seems to devote to attacking me. And I’ll tell you that I view that as a sign we’re doing something right.

GLENN: We’re trying to fast and furious without getting in bed with the drug lords like our administration has. We’re working as fast as we can to build an alternative network that is beholden to parties and not beholden to any kind of liberal nonsense.

CALLER: I appreciate that. And you’re being lifted up by the prayers of men and women across America, and all of us and what you’re doing, and what I’m doing. We’re fighting to save our country. I feel incredibly to have an opportunity to make a small difference.

GLENN: I respect what you’re doing. I will leave it at that.

CALLER: I appreciate you, and thank you and let’s get it done together.

GLENN: Thank you. Senator Ted Cruz from Texas. If you haven’t seen what he did yesterday, go to the website

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Senator Cruz, good stand for what is right. Hagal got torched and duly so at that for it will be a complete disaster with him as Sec of Defense. 

    The world is shifting against Israel and in ever growing strength and numbers and given the sheer hatred for Israel and her people which Obama has, I will not be shocked if he sends in the armed forces to ‘liberate the Palestinian people’ under the Right to Protect. 

    • jen

      Remember, Cruz and McCain and virtually all Republicans are fine with Obama’s foreign policy of ousting secular leaders and placing Islamists in power.  Lindsay Graham and McCain even did interviews on Fox while they were in Libya meeting with Al Quada as soon they took over and were handed billions from Obama and McCain. 

      And McCain is for Israel, and is for all of Obama’s foreign policy is shifting against Israel, so Israel must be all for it as well – and hence, you should be thrilled instead of pretending to complain.  You are going against the wishes of the jewish people – and that is a sin in your book.

  • Sam Fisher

    If Obama was really a friend of Israel why did he appoint Hagel? He did it for a reason people and that reason is clear.

    • jen

      Then, why do 80% of Jews vote for Obama and fund his campaigns?  Since you believe they are the chosen people, then follow these jews.  Certainly, your party leaders adn most of your party is following them as they gave everything Obama has asked for. 

      I need you need to stop fighting senselessly because you and Obama and Jews are all on the same side. 

      Though Obama and Israeli PM don’t entirely love each other, there have been no complaints on any Obama policy.  It seems to be working out for them pretty well over there, and Jews here agree as well. 

      • Jimpsonseed

        @ Jen…the Jews in Germany also voted for Hitler.

        • jen

          Yes, and the bankers funded Hitler throughout, or he would not have made it.  This paved the way for the bankers to create Israel once the jewish were down on their knees.  See, you have to get people so hopeless and miserable and tortured to agree to do something stupid, like sell their soul or move next to Muslims.

          • Jimpsonseed

            While I agree with that sentiment, that doesn’t negate Sam’s point.  Obama is not a friend of Israel.   If your friends in real life treat you like Obama treats Israel, you won’t be calling them during the hard times because you know they won’t be there for you. 

            Like I said, the Jewish people helped bring Hitler into power and while the banks may have funded Hitler’s rise, he couldn’t have done it without the Jewish vote. 

            They have always been easily deceived because they are constantly being viewed as an enemy by most of the world, therefore, they’re always looking for acceptance…and they’ve always had trouble admitting that they were wrong.  The Jews, as much as I love them, have a tendency of living in denial.  You’d think they’d be a little more careful about who they endorse after the Hitler years.  One of the reasons why Hitler got their vote and the vote of the Germans and Polish is because he…..wait for it…..promised them free health care.  That fact alone would make me raise my eyebrows and scratch my head.   

          • David Epstein

            I agree with you about Jewish denial. I have a number of Jewish relatives and they are totally in the tank for Obama. I even suggested last year that they would vote for Obama if he carpet-bombed Israel. As for the chosen people issue, Paul the apostle says that not all circumcised are circumcised (Romans 4). Too often my people think that their birthright guarantees them divine protection regardless of their behavior.

          • Anonymous

            Your above statements reek of ignorance and prejudice and cannot go unchallenged.  

            Can you provide documentation for your claims: 
             –  that Hitler could not have risen to power without the Jewish vote? 
             –  that promises of free health care swayed the Jewish vote towards Hitler?
             –  that Jews have “always had trouble admitting that they were wrong”? 

            What kind of rank b.s. are you putting out?Jews are the best-educated,most successful group in America, by a wide margin. Their remarkable achievement as a group has not come about through ignorance of reality.  The fact that Jews overwhelming support Obama should be food for thought for those on the political Right.  You need to do a lot more reading,  learning, thinking and soul-searching before you broach the subject again.

      • Sam Fisher

        You must really hate Jews and reality. First off the Israelis did complain about the whole 1967 broader thing and the whole Arab spring in Egypt both supported by Obama. Gee also if they are not God’s Chosen people than why he free them from slavery protected them and even feed them as they spent forty years in a dessert or do you believe that was an accident. Why did he raise the government of Israel not once or twice but three times and help them with their battles to this day if they behave themselves? Why did Jesus said they are the first to hear his massage of salvation and first to gain maybe he didn’t get the memo that Jews are evil in jen’s eyes. Why did Jesus pick a Jewish family to be raised in? Why Jesus’ 12 were all Jewish? Why do you ignore the Old Testament and New Testament and what it truly says about the Jewish people being first in God’s book? I guess God missed the memo that Jews should be hated.

  • Sandy Caruso

    Hagel is just another Obama boot licker. He was caught baldfaced lying and trying to backtrack his TRUE feelings regarding Israel. Hagel was exposed and there was no where to hide.

  • Jimpsonseed

    Hagel is a RINO.  And obviously, no match for Cruz.  If the Republicans don’t utilize the brains and integrity of Cruz in the next election, then they deserve what they get.  He is brilliant and can do great things to get the conservative agenda back on track.  But watching him b-slap Hagel was hilarious!  Hagel looks like a child being reprimanded for getting caught with his hands in the cookie jar. 

  • faxxmaxx

    We will all see who votes Hagel in as SECDEF. We will know at that movement where our elected officials stand. If Hagel becomes the new SECDEF, God help us and our greatest ally, Israel.

  • Anonymous

    Obviously, it mut be clear why Obama has appointed Hagel for the post. Just look at his whole administration.

    • antithetical radical

      All he wants is yes men. He is going to get them one way or another, but this guy is a real joke – “I don’t think I will be in charge of anything important…”

      Absolutely ridiculous…

      • Sandie

        How the H can the MSM ignore this and expect that it will never be brought to light?????

        • antithetical radical

          It’s the progressive liberal cranial-rectal insertion tactic – when ever something comes to light they can’t deal with or fit into their preconceptions, they blind and deafen themselves and it just goes away.

          • Sandie

            You nailed it with that, substituting their own version of reality for the true thing.

  • Butch Blosc

    Just like Oliver Stone, Hagel is a guy who cheered for the Viet Cong during his time in Vietnam.  Wouldn’t be surprised if the two of them fragged Americans while there.

  • Anonymous

    We should be looking at his actions the way he voted as senator not believe in his phoney words to excuse his actions just as we do with obama !!!   If Chuck Hagel is question again he should be question on the event that happen yesterday in Syria and if he believe obama was right if on purpose of looking the other way,playing golf ,not present, or aiding and abetting enemies of United States and Israel ,Syria citizens who want democracy and freedom  hiding the movement of chemical weapons ???  Israel perform a air strike to destroy a secret Syria government convoy movement of chemical weapons  from Syria Government to Hezbollah !!!!  Question is Syria dictator who wants to avoid war crimes charges so he secretly ship these chemical weapons to his proxy Hezbollah ,so they take out his rebel enemies for him with no return address just say they were stolen when bases were overrun,Hezbollah will do this for Syria dictator in exchange they will also get chemical weapons to attack Israel and United States and the Free Western World !!! ?????  Now did this go over obama red  line in movement of chemical weapons ???  Why did not United State detect this weapon movement or knew and did nothing !!  ?? This proves that these radicals  Islam Muslim rogue governments we do anything to get their way,achieve there agenda of ruling the world by using their proxies radical terrorists groups for cover with no return address ,also to protect their dictatorship!!  Israel did the Free world a favor ,also help protect U.S from a terrorist chemical attack,help the rebel of Syria who want freedom  while defending Israel chemical attack threat !!!  Now what did obama do nothing but phoney words and his non actions on purpose allowing Syria to spread chemical weapons to terrorists groups who declare war on U.S !!  Is the same thing going on with Iran who about to spread nuclear weapons to terrorists group of the world !!!  Hey obama your helping the enemies of U.S with your non actions on purpose and phoney words !!!!??????

  • Anonymous

    To whomever did this conversational transcript:  Please proofread your work for understanding.  The meaning of much of what is said here is impossible to determine..  Your spelling is fine, the meaning of much of the transcript is lost.

    • Anonymous

       Your right I was in to of  much of a rush !!, I hope you can add to this speculation scenario that might be happening in the Middle East and obama policy of big talk and non-action ??????????????

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, did your eight year old son write down the exchange between you and Senator Cruz?  It was practically unreadable and in some parts said exactly the opposite of what you and the senator were actually saying.  Who’s minding the store?

  • Anonymous

    Hey Senator Cruz is a Texan, yea!!!!  You know that is where I was born and raised and live now.  Come to Texas we are the most prosperous in the country.  It is great here!!!  Love my Texas…

  • Thomas Ryscavage

    I have no idea as to ‘why’ people do not understand the ‘political attitudes’ of Sen. Hagel. Just follow the money. It is that simple. If it were possible to expose our Senators’ and Congressmens’ overseas bank accounts…well jeepers…everything would make sense. 

  • Kelli Brochon

    We can live with Rubio’s immigration plan IF we can get them to enforce AND make it to where those immigrants CAN NOT vote until they get their final citizenship status. Felons that are non violent are barred from voting for 20 years so there is clearly some court presidence in doing so, that way the dems wouldnt see an automatic new voting block.Additionally IF enforcement is done these folks would be working and paying taxes and after 20 years they would likly vote conservative, afterall hispanics are mostly socially conservative. Pass the idea along to your representative to get this added to the legislation proposal.

  • Anonymous

    Excellent, Senator Cruz.  We finally have someone doing one’s job in DC.

  • Anonymous

    All you “Honey Boo Boo” types that follow this dry drunk should go back to school and try to finish high school. 

  • antithetical radical

    Hagel is the appointee with the smarts of the average bagel.

  • bel

    I wish it were true that after that session that supporters of Hagel would at least question their willingness to back him. But the fact is that there are too many “drones” out there who will support him on the sole basis that the person they elected for President nominated him. At this point, most of them simply have an attitude of “if the Republicans don’t like it, it must be a good thing” and/or “if the President wants it, it must be a good thing”. Sam, I agree with you. That man doesn’t do anything without a reason and this one is still not clear. It won’t be clear until we’re looking at it with hindsight. You know, when it’s too late.

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