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With all the mounting problems America faces and a President seemingly bent on making them worse, this morning on radio Glenn explained what you can do personally to make a difference.

“Gather yourself together in groups,” Glenn told his radio audience. “There is strength is numbers.”

What Glenn means by this is to surround yourself with those who live by the same principals and values that you do. Stop going to churches where you don’t believe in what is being taught. Find a new church — one that strengthens you.

“Stop with tradition. Stop with convenience. If those traditions are not strengthening you, and strengthening the message and the meaning behind those traditions,” Glenn said.

Christmas and the 4th of July are also examples of what Glenn was trying to explain. Every Christmas, Christians around the country get angry about the “war on Christmas” being waged by special interest groups in department stores and other public arenas. What are Christians doing to actually strengthen the true meaning and traditions of Christmas? So many people spending time outraged by whether or not the clerk at Macy’s can say “Merry Christmas” — why are we spending Christmas at Macy’s?

“Our traditions are changing and many of them have been,” he said.  “Christmas was about Christ.  Christmas was about service.  Christmas was about Thanksgiving and prayer and all the things that are meaningful.  Christmas was getting together with family.  Now it is about gifts, buying, stuff, stress.  That’s not — get out of that tradition, and restore the tradition.”

What about the 4th of July?

“When the founders were around that tradition was about Thanksgiving, recommitment, education, service.  Now it is solely about let’s go out to the beach or let’s get some hot dogs, let’s go watch a fireworks show.  And that fireworks show is what? James brown and Bruce Springsteen, and maybe a Céline Dion song in there.  You don’t know what it is anymore,” Glenn said.

Many of the things that were once hold sacred have been made into jokes. Glenn recounted a conversation he recently had with his daughter who is working on the sequel to The Overton Window. She explained that she likes the sequel more than the original simply due to the change in tone.

She said, ‘as much as you don’t like it, Dad, when you talk in church tones or you talk about Bible stuff, or you talk about the try-corner hats, or you’re quoting the founders — people in my generation — it’s been made to be something that you mock. and so we don’t listen to it.’  It’s frightening stuff.  It’s frightening stuff,” Glenn emphasized.

This is why Glenn is emphasizing that there is strength in numbers.

“Find those people who are rock solid, and then hang on to each other,” he said.

It’s not popular to be outspoken on the things that were once considered good in our culture. As soon as you start supporting the principles that the media is trying to silence, they’ll try to destroy you.

Even Glenn, who is now one of the most controversial public figures in America and hated by many on the left, was once one of the most popular and likable people in the public eye. He had a ‘Q-score’ that ranked him more popular than the Pope and just under Nelson Mandela.

Glenn never changed. The media did.

This morning, Glenn asked the questions, “What is a man? What does he have if he doesn’t stand? If he is on his knees? Don’t live life on your knees. Say what has to be said. .  Say how you truly feel.  Remain on your knees for guidance, and protection because if you remain on your knees, for those things, it will be the only way you will be able to stand.  But stand you must.”