Glenn’s list of the best and the worst Super Bowl commercials

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Glenn actually watched the Super Bowl last night, and he thought that there were some really great and some really, really awful commercials. Which ones stood out?

The Good:

Dodge’s Paul Harvey Super Bowl Commercial: “God Made A Farmer”


Budweiser’s The Clydesdales: “Brotherhood”

The Bad:

And The WORST:

  • Sam Fisher

    I don’t watch the Super Bowl football is not my thing I rather read.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Personally the commercial about the farmers is the best, the rest, same with the half-time show, could have been sent into a black hole and the universe would be better off.

  • Anonymous

    Give Paul Harvey the nod.  Good Day!

  • Anonymous

    I’m glad that I didn’t watch the whole thing as the excitement wasn’t until AFTER the blackout. The playing of the national anthem was a disaster and I switched channels after the first bar. I tried to watch some of the halftime show, but really couldn’t stomach it – not my type of music. After spending the millions on commercials, I wonder how much extra sales will be generated for the advertisers to pay the bills?

    • Anonymous

      It isn’t in the DNA of progressives to sing any American songs from the heart and it shows when they try. That’s why most lip sync because the words just don’t come out….they can’t.

  • Curtis

    Most of the commercials were promos for cbs related items which must mean no one was willing to pay whatever must have been necessary to advertise during the game. Taking this a step further, cbs must not have made much money which then in and of itself explains the such poor quality announcers we as watchers had to tolerate as they went on and on and on and on and on having diarrhea of the mouth instead of allowing us to hear the game as it progressed without their help.

    • Anonymous

      I am  surprised no one commented on the devisive Oreo cookie one. I hated that commercial. I’m not a sissy, but all the violence over which part of the Oreo cookie is best: the “white” filling or the “black” cookie? and then the question at the end asking something like “which side are you on?” 

  • John Beam

    I haven’t watched a Super Bowl since 1998, and I only watched it because I was invited to do so (the hosts were Green Bay fans, and they were VERY disappointed with the outcome).  I MIGHT watch it if the Lions ever manage to make it to one, but as they haven’t played a championship game since 1957 (only the second-longest championship drought, behind the Cardinals), and I seriously doubt that they will ever make it to a Super Bowl.  Some teams are just destined to lose.

    As far as the commercials are concerned, I liked the “God made a farmer” one.  The rest are just standard “super bowl” fare, and standard can go into the rubbish heap.

  • Paul Redman

    I liked the Mercedes commercial with Willem Dafoe as the Devil, and all of the things promised with signing your soul away…until he saw the starting price. That was cool. 

    Turns out I liked that Audi commercial too…where the guy goes to prom solo, kisses the hottest girl there, gets punched in the eye hole, then drives off…victoriously rebeliant. 

  • Anonymous

    If you share the Paul Harvey add on facebook, you can also help Dodge raise $1,000,000 for National FFA (the organization Mr. Harvey originally made the speech for).

  • Kelley Eidem

    God made the farmer was far and away the best ad. 

    The GoDaddy ad wasn’t designed to appeal to everyone. It was targeted towards those who want to earn a living online. So it doesn’t matter to GoDaddy if a lot of people were offended, so long as their target market liked it.

    • Anonymous

      Hope a lot of people dropped GoDaddy as their registrar/host after that disgusting commercial.

      –Just because something can be done, doesn’t mean it SHOULD be done… Whatever happened to decency and sound judgment? Obviously, it’s nowhere around GoDaddy.

  • Anonymous

    Love the commercial about the farmers…. still the best thing about America…God Bless all the farmers and those who love them!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Worst half time show I have ever seen…. and I thought Madonna was bad…Beyonce….. really, really bad.

  • Sandra

    Love the Farmer ad, and Paul Harvey.  The Bud commercial was neat too, can’t go wrong with the horse as a subject, but the perfect match was so very discusting.  I couldn’t finish watching it.  The rest of them weren’t that great.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, the one with Paul Harvey, “God Made A Farmer” is wonderful, and the Clydesdale commercial is good, too.  Both have a wonderful message.  I love horses, and Clydesdale’s are so beautiful…. love animals and love God, He is so good to us.

    • Anonymous

      paul harvey was so bright and intuitive you, i miss hearing him on the radio….you should heat paul harveys ‘If I Were The Devil’

  • suz

    i’ve had dvr since it came out.  never have to watch a commercial again…and i don’t.

  • Anonymous

    Hearing the late Paul Harvey rhapsodize about how God made farmers brought back pleasant memories of my late maternal grandfather, a dairy farmer and proud of it.  that Dodge commercal was right on!  The Bud commercial was the first decent beer commercial I’ve seen in years.  I can’t say enough how GLAD I am they brought the beautiful Clydes back.  I was priveleged to see the Budweiser Clydesdales in my hometown when I was a teenager.  They are every bit as beautiful as you think they are, and they are HUGE!  But they are so sweet and gentle, you forget how tiny you are compared to them.  Their noses are so velvety soft, and they like to nibble your hair!
    As for the rest of the commercials?  Ugh!  I am so sick of the gratuitous sex!  And that Go Daddy commercial is one of the most REPULSIVE commercials I’ve ever had the misfortune of seeing.  I certainly won’t be using their services……………EVER!!!

  • Heidi Hernandez

    The Kia one with the kid asking where babies come from was really cute too.  Otherwise I agree with your picks.  The Go Daddy one was DISGUSTING

  • Anonymous

    The Dodge Ram commercial gets my vote as the very best. That spoke to the heart of any true American and their sales should skyrocket! If I were in the market for buying one, That would be my choice. Good job Dodge…..the smartest Ad agency ever!

  • Anonymous

    the best was the farmer and then the clydesdales , the go daddy proves even the nerds can get pretty girls too , you just need money

    • Anonymous

      The GoDaddy ad proved Bob Parsons will do ANYthing if he thinks it’ll bring him more BUCKS.

      Others think so, too:
      Article quote:
      “Delighted by the reactions his buffoonery produces, he is having the
      time of his life, like a canine wallowing joyfully in his own crap. One
      of his four principles of entrepreneurial success is to “enjoy the
      ride.” “We’re not here for a long time,” he burbles. “We’re here for a
      good time.”
      Not to put too fine a point on it, Parsons is a sociopath.”


  • Raymond Smith

    Glen picked them well. A few were beautiful in message and production. The rest… well don’t waste words on them.

  • Anonymous

    Being an animal lover, I like the Clydesdale horse commercial the most.  It showed a special bond that exists between humans and animals.

  • Anonymous

    The GOD MADE A FARMER ad is great–very touching… TOO BAD, though, that POLITICS & CORPORATE GREED have UNMADE so many of God’s farmers, and now we have to get a lot of our produce from Mexico, Canada, Peru, Holland or (unless you refuse it out of concern for TOXICITY) China.

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