Is Obama a “full fledged woman”?

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  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Glenn why are you insulting women thus? Is not the fact of Pelosi the BoTox poster child bad enough to claim kinship with women?

    • Draxx

      To put Obummer in any category other than Progressive Globalist is to Insult that group of people…

  • JoAnne Davis

    Yeah because being a female is such a TERRIBLE thing!  *sarcasm*  Way to show your true right wing mentality. I am a “girl” and I’m also a wildland firefighter (you know, the kind that goes out west to fight forest fires) with chainsaw use certification, a field biologist, a hunter, a backpacker, and an all around outdoorsman.  So calling Obama a “girl” is probably a compliment!  

    • Mark

       JoAnne Davis do want all of the men to look like women and have no testosterone or spine to stand on? The reason I ask the question is because I though most women liked strong men how could move society and not be moved, Men who had honor, integrity against all opposition, and help women who do the same every day like good firefighters like your self do. JoAnne Davis Glenn Beck can be to Sarcastic at times but, what he trying to say, is this, do you want a man who run a way when the danger is near or a man who stands up and does the right thing. I as a man I have seen weak men, and they are useless without courage. Women on the other hand have a different kind of courageous in their own way that a amazing to. Please think about it.

      • Anonymous

        Mark — Honor to you and your thoughts.  I am a woman and your attitude and understanding is appreciated.

  • Anonymous

    yeah, the uber macho ex athlete Glenn Beck is even qualified to render an opinion on the subject. FYI Mr. Uninformed–you do not know what you are talking about again. Helmet manufacturers are still trying to keep up with the need to make more sophisticated designs to lower head trauma in football and another tough sport,ice hockey. Both games are faster and the players, even at the youth and high school level are bigger than in your youth, while you were not involved in sports. Obama merely is sharing the sentiments held, and the concerns expressed by parents of kids who play these two contact sports. i personally know two football coaches who have these concerns; one is head coach of a high caliber high school program (that allows post grads)  and the other youth football. Both guys played in college and their sons are in youth football. They are teaching the kids to use their heads for thinking; not tackling. they are happy about new generation helmets, but are still very concerned and cautious. Neither one of them has ever had their man card challenged. Oh and before you think of challenging mine–I play men’s league ice hockey late at night- this year,I have seen two guys go out with concussions even with the new generation (and very expensive) helmets.I used to coach club at high school level. it is a sickening feeling when one of your kids goes down with a concussion and has to miss  a week or two of school. Now that we are learning about long term consequences associated with repeated concussions, I think it is ok to be worried about your kids’ brain safety–to express it is no sign of weakness.

    Second, by denigrating the President’s lack of machismo ( as defined by you), and equilibrating it with being a girl, you are insulting women in general and women athletes specifically. Hey big man, how bout we put you out on a high school soccer field, basketball court or softball diamond, and watch you take an elbow on a header, attempt a rebound or swing wildly at a fast pitch from a well trained teenage girl athlete. Ever spend any time working out with a woman tri-athlete? Do think you could handle it Mr Man of Truth and values and Christianity?

    • Anonymous

      @279bluered: This is but one example of Obummer’s need to denigrate our ability to think for ourselves.  Obummer misses no opportunity to make the point that we CAN NOT think for ourselves, ARE NOT responsible for our own actions, and the government MUST protect us from ourselves.  Whatever happened to allowing us all to be humans that sometimes make mistakes and sometimes don’t make good decisions?  It is the freedom to choose (right or wrong) that makes America great. 

      Glenn has never claimed to be who he is not, and don’t assume to think that you can do that for him.

      • Anonymous

        Hmmn-I think the president was asked would you let your son if you had one play football. He gave the typical politician’s answer-he hemmed and hawed. I think he probably would not-but to extrapolate that to him telling us we cannot think for ourselves? Really–did he say that?

        as to the freedom to choose-I could not agree with you more. Until the concussion data becomes more clearly understood, there will be a lot of people wondering and I suspect a small percentage will keep their kids out of football (or the other big contact sport, hockey). In the meantime, if helmets are made safer, if coaches instruct kids to tackle safely, who loses? Is American machismo somehow deflated?

        As to Glenn claiming what he is not, I beg to differ on that score–by implication and otherwise, he fancies himself as the new messiah of a hybrid libertarian/ religious movement. I agree, I have never heard him declare himself to be an athlete. My point there is he is insulting women, especially female athletes, when he chose to call the President a girly man last week and a girl this week.

        To stick with the sports metaphor-that Glenn may not understand-cheap points and garbage goals are not respected in the world of manly men, Mr. Beck.

    • Anonymous

       It is the law that people wear helmets, if it wasn’t the law, people would choose not to. Whenever I see males on bikes wearing helmets they look like sissys to me. I remember back to when I was kid, and when I got hurt, I learned to deal with it. OBama is a girl, he phrases his explanations like a woman would. He sounds like he wants to please his wife and the other dominating women working in his group.
      Males on bikes remind me of male ballerinas with their tights.

      • Anonymous

        I think we were talking about letting your sons play football? Are you suggesting we go back to the 1910 era and play without helmets?

        But while we are on your tangential subject, we were all tough kids weren’t we. We got up, slapped a little spit and mud on it and got back inthe game didn’t we? Then we walked home from school 5 miles in the snow……. yeah and sometimes the advancement of knowledge changes the way people do things. I got hit by a car on my bike at 14, went flying and saw stars for five days. As an adult club cyclist, I hit a pothole at top speed, cashed and still saw stars. my helmet split but the doctor told me without the helmet my skull would have split. I’ll take the split helmet over the split brain case any day. glad to have the helmet was I. At the time, there was no state law for kids ot wear helmets–I did not need a law to tell me it was smart to wear a helmet.

        Hey big man–ever ride a Century at 15 mph or better? ever lead out a sprint at 28 mph?  You want to tell us cyclists who have climbed 5,000 foot mountains we are sissies to our faces? Who do you think has more stamina– a cyclist or a couch potato?You know why racers wear helmets–cause there is no insurnace for the race organizers without helmets. End of story.

        Men who do not cycle view cyclists as sissies because they do not know what they are talking about.

      • Anonymous

        a post script to my first reply–my two football coaching buddies I refered to above, who are concerned about their players safety and concussions also ride bikes and wear helmets. Like many former football players they have knee injuries and cycling is an excellent way of staying in shape because it puts less stress on the knee than running. They wear helmets because of the risk of getting side swiped by a car or truck. One played tight end in college; the other played safety. If you would you like to call them sissies to their face it can be arranged. 

    • Jalina Susan Stutte

      People can think for themselves and dont need Obama the fruitcake telling us how to act or what to eat etc.. Now if you do then I feel sorry for you, maybe its time for you to move out of your mama’s basement.I dont feel a bit insulted by Glenn and he is right. Obama is a very feminate homosexual and should come out of the closet.

      • Anonymous

        Wow, your intellectual depth is amazing! Did Obama tell everyone that thier kids should not play football? Or did your knee jerk reaction to an idiotic story by Glenn lead you to that conclusion?

      • crazy betty

        fruitcake !  that’s a good one!

    • Anonymous

      You and Obama should go get a beer together or maybe a room!

      • Anonymous

        You should try getting an education outside of Glenn Beck and the Blaze.

        • Anonymous

          What? In addition to my : 2 BS degrees 2 BA degrees and master’s degree as well as numeous extension classes,seminars, and years of experience and travel in several studies. Maybe a PHD– No I’ve had enough academics and stopped being impressed with college professors a long time ago. The majority are liberal/progresives and try to intimidate their students with their twisted ideologies. Anyway, one definition of the word “education’ ‘by Webster is–schooling.Another is “training”.  Thanks ,I’ve had both. With respect, thanks for sharing your opinions and remarks about ice hockey ,helmets etc,,but your defense of Barry seems to an attempt at persuading people that Barry really cares. About chldren, about parents concerns for their children and that he speaks for those people. My disagreement is not with YOUR opinions about the helmets,head injuries,etc,but the fact that you could  purport to know what he is thinking and put your spin on what you assume to know is in his mind. Everyone is concerned about the safety of their kids I don’t believe that’s in question. Barry has proven by speech, by action, by executive order that he is Not the least bit concerned with the well being of our children, their future, or what their parents think about raising their children. His primary focus is to transform this country into a state contolled, owned and operated society from  the cradle to the grave. He is an expert at camouflage ,misdirection and being a chameleon. Forget about the magic act , the smoke and the mirrors ,forget about the rediculous sound bites and look at the man–who he really is. I am also not defending Glenn’s remarks. He can take care of himself. I do not always agree with him on everything he says. But I do agree that Barry is effeminate and definately has some female traits. (whether or not that may be deragatory toward women) If the high heel shoe fits?  I agree with your right to “Free Speech”,but don’t have to swallow your words.
          If you stick to expressing your opinion without defending Barry I think your point is well taken about sports and helmets.
          I have never played ice hockey,but growing up in the city we played tackel football without equipment on concrete.( we couldn’t afford the pads and stuff) As a college student we played a form of hockey on bicycles . We used bikes on parking lots with palm branches, a volley ball and garbage cans for goals.(Blocking was allowed by running into the other guy.) Today, I spend time at the firearms range practicing shooting. I qualify as expert with the 9mm and 357 mag. I shoot proficiently enough with the shotgun from 25 yards and qualify with the AR 15 from 100 yards well enough to hit center mass ,but I need to make my groupings smaller.

          • Anonymous

            actually, i do not defend Obama; I did not vote for him and feel his  understanding of the real business world, fiscal policy and taxation would make even old man Keynes turn over in his grave. I crtitique Beck, that is what I do. Beck is as much of a charlatan as Obama; he just has a different philosophy, target audience and profit margin. Beck’s parody of Obama as a “girl” is pathetic, based on answering a simple question by stating he would have concerns about a (hypothetical) son playing football due to all the new info on concussions. How does that make a  man a girl? I cite my friends the coaches, because they are knowledgable and experienced in the activity in question; its the opinions of people who actually get to deal with the concussion issue, not some loud mouth like Beck who never set foot on an athletic field that matter. The coaches (neither of whom voted for Obama) aren’t offended by Obama’s pre-game comments, other than why do networks drag in non football guys before the big game.

            My wise guy reply to you is again, how does worrying about a kid getting a concussion ( as a coach I got to be invovled with a few) translate into me being effeminate and in need of some alone time with the Pres? Does your use of ear protection at the gun range make you a sissy or just plain old smart?

            your bike hockey game sounds like it was fun. Always good to be inventive. 

          • Anonymous

            First let me say that I don’t believe that I ever said that YOU were effeminate. I did say Obama was effeminate and I came to that conclusion as a result of watching him on TV interacting with the Hollywood types,talk show hosts,etc or throwing a baseball, or swinging a golf club. Not because Glenn called him a girl. In so far as the beer and room remark I was being a smart ass because I intrepreted your remaks as a defense of Obama and his policies. Everything about Barry offends me! If You weren’t defending him please excuse the comment. My BAD. I still don’t have any problem with your comments about the coaches. As I said the kids safety is important to everyone.
             I wear ear protection depending on the scenario and whether it is just practice or a shoot don’t shoot type of training session. The reason being when you have to shoot in a real life event you won’t be wearing ear protection and if you don’t know what it sounds like— it could be devasting. You should perform in real life like you train— on occassion that may mean not wearing ear protection. Now having said that, of course if you are just going to poke holes in paper–wear your ear protection and eye protection. I’m just an old fart who enjoys messing with guns and trying to keep my hand eye coordination in working order. I ‘ve carried a firearm for so long it has become a way of life and I don’t leave home with out one. If you don’t use it -you lose it -so I practice. I believe it was Teddy R. that said “Walk softly and carry a big stick” Today it’s a gun! Being a “Paper Tiger” is not an answer to today’s violence.
             In so far as your crtitque of Glenn. I only have one question. I’m curious. If you already know where he stands on most things regarding the Pres, the government etc, why listen to him at all , read his comments or bother to reply–why not change the channel ,turn him off, tune him out, etc.?  Like I said, I’ll let Glenn defend himself.

            Neccessity is the mother of invention. If you don’t have the money to buy something being creative and or inventive can defintely be an asset. I agree–it is always good!

  • Megan Tischner

    Please, us women could kick That Guy’s butt. As That Guy has lost his Man Card and therefore his balls, he is clearly a gelding.

  • Anonymous

    Please stop insulting women

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, I can see the point you are making.  But using “woman” as an insult to mock someone is perpetuating a slur against a gender that has been perpetuated throughout the history of the world.  The way you used it denigrates womanhood, and even motherhood.  Womanhood, in its purest form is remarkable powerful, strong, wise, nurturing, charitable, and loving, and strengthening force.  A man named David A. Bednar has encouraged men and women to “reverence womanhood.”  This should fall in line with your statement a few weeks back about your marriage and family.
    I think you can find another way or another word to make your point, which would really be more effective.  Listening to you, Pat, and Stu on the radio take this approach made me feel squeamish inside, and I thought it not one of your best arguments.  All the best to you, and keep up the good work!

  • Anonymous

    Beck, you’re a joke. What a pathetic thing to say.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, the prez is a gurly girl! See, Glenn, I did not use his name.

  • Robert

    Hey Glenn, FU. I just left a children’s hospital where my son, a football player, is being treated for a concussion that has had significant impact on his life.

    He wants nothing more than to return to contact sports and as a parent, I need to make the decision if he should continue and risk permanent damage.

    Am I “woman”? You are truly an idiot.

  • Anonymous

    Obama is sissy boy! One thing that bothers me more about Obama, he is half white and yet racious towards whites. With a problem like that it is no wonder the Obama suffers a psychological problem, obvious to many of us!

  • Anonymous

    Glenn loves calling Obama names but he refuses to call Obama what he really is and that’s an illegal and a fraud!  Obama’s SS# didn’t pass e-verify!  There’s so much evidence he is a fraud yet Glenn refuses to stand with the truth when it comes to this most serious issue.

    proof, Obama didn’t pass e-verify..

    • crazy betty

      you know what?  YOU’RE RIGHT.  glenn and o’reilly have bugged me for a long time with their lies and hypocrisy on this issue.  

  • Anonymous

    Maybe Glenn is showing his true feelings against the man he seems to hate so much. Obama is doing what he believes in, even though his intentions may be evil, enough people gave him a mandate for the next four years. We all know how corrupt Washington is, but the people have spoken. Where were all the republicans on election day? Why are these corrupt dummies being re-elected over and over again? You can name Obama what you want, but calling him a woman just doesn’t make it right.

  • smokehill

    If someone did a hormone check on the Obamas, I suspect all the male hormones reside in that Wookie who’s blowing the budget on vacations and travel to exotic places.

    I suspect her test would come out resembling those on most of the Bulgarian women’s Olympics athletes, whereas Hussein’s test results would probably indicate that he was overdue for a Pap smear.

    • Anonymous

      “Wookie”  lol

      Next Halloween I want to go out as ol’ ‘jungle-mouth’.  I’ll put on a full gorilla suit, then a sequined ball gown over that!  Oh, and as an authentic touch, I’ll charge it to the taxpayer.

    • crazy betty

      michelle the fist bumper wears the pants in the family.  that guy wears the panties.

  • Anonymous

    obumhole, the moslem brotherhood vagina in chief is more effeminately femmy than a, well, vagina.

  • Anonymous

    The other sad part, boys are growing up in single mom parent homes, that is their main example for how to act as an adult and now they have a President who talks like a woman. No wonder the new generation of males do not know how to act like men. 

  • Mario

    Yes, I believe Obummer likes “guy stuff”, and it has nothing to do with Football…

  • Jalina Susan Stutte

    Obama is a sissy. He is gay and Moochle is nothing more than a cover for his homosexual desires. His mannerism have gay traits. Besides He has a lifetime membership at a notorious Gay Bathhouse in Chicago. So does Rahm Emanual, in fact they have changed the names of some of the rooms there to reflect on the White House, like the Oval Office ETC.. Rev Wright’s church is a front for black gay men who have wives as a front to further thier carrears.

    • Anonymous

      It is always reassuring to know that whenever Beck makes an idiotic commentary, there are some among his fan base who are capable of lowering the bar to a level of discourse that even Beck would not want or aspire to. Thanks for defining the bottom of the Bell Curve for us.

  • suz

    he’s a chicken.

  • Jeff N

    another word Obama is Gay right?

  • Dawn Brayton

    The president needs to say which sort of football he won’t let his hypothetical son play. Tackle, Touch or Flag? American, Aussie Rules or Soccer? There’s no real worry on his part about allowing boys to play tackle football, kids mostly want to play footie(soccer)anyway these days.

  • Ramblin Rose

    There are other sports guys can excel in. I’m a Grandmom and had many conversations about football. It is too rough,period. Thanks goodness, The 3 took my advise and are great in their choice of  sports- so I will admit- I agree with the “:Fluffy One”

  • Carrie Defoor

    You are the most sexist piece, I swear!  How dare you insult women and say that we don’t like football.  The second he opened his mouth you called him a girl.  I could sit here and call you an immature jerk because you quickly judged him before you even took the time to listen.  I know you have a real hard on for cutting down the president with any chance you get but this is a new low even for you. You should move on to something that actually matters and maybe your fans will start listening to you again. 

  • crazy betty

    that guy is so effeminate.  I can’t take look at his girl arms and hands.

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