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On radio this morning, Glenn continued to speak about the troubling death of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, this time examining his own conscience in the wake of the event.

“I tell you there’s nothing more clarifying than spending the evening with Marcus Luttrell and his friends,” Glenn said. “I realized last night that I am not the man I promised myself I would be.”

Glenn has long been a staunch supporter of the military, but recent events have proven that it is not enough to simply support the troops.

“I’ve been so busy on so many other things that I’m the guy who went around the country with the rallies for America and said, ‘Let’s not treat these guys like Vietnam vets. When they come home let’s treat them right,’” he said. “And I thought by making sure that nobody spits on them, by making sure that people go out of their way, and shake their hands and say thank you, and welcome them home that I was living up to my promise, but little did I know.”

Kyle’s death demonstrates just how much the government has failed to provide for our servicemen and women, just how much we as citizens have failed to provide for them. The government’s solution to the mental and physical scars these men and women bring home is to send them to a doctor who diagnoses them with something, hands them a bottle of pills, and sends them on their way. This is not solving the problem; this is creating a new set of problems.

“We have let our vets down. Because we’re allowing this government to bring them into a room and say, ‘How are you feeling,’” Glenn said. “These guys have been fighting for 10 years. No one is built to fight for 10 years over and over and over again.”

“End the war. End it,” he concluded. “Bring them home. End it. Stop the violence on our own people. End it.”