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On radio this morning, Glenn continued to speak about the troubling death of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, this time examining his own conscience in the wake of the event.

“I tell you there’s nothing more clarifying than spending the evening with Marcus Luttrell and his friends,” Glenn said. “I realized last night that I am not the man I promised myself I would be.”

Glenn has long been a staunch supporter of the military, but recent events have proven that it is not enough to simply support the troops.

“I’ve been so busy on so many other things that I’m the guy who went around the country with the rallies for America and said, ‘Let’s not treat these guys like Vietnam vets. When they come home let’s treat them right,’” he said. “And I thought by making sure that nobody spits on them, by making sure that people go out of their way, and shake their hands and say thank you, and welcome them home that I was living up to my promise, but little did I know.”

Kyle’s death demonstrates just how much the government has failed to provide for our servicemen and women, just how much we as citizens have failed to provide for them. The government’s solution to the mental and physical scars these men and women bring home is to send them to a doctor who diagnoses them with something, hands them a bottle of pills, and sends them on their way. This is not solving the problem; this is creating a new set of problems.

“We have let our vets down. Because we’re allowing this government to bring them into a room and say, ‘How are you feeling,’” Glenn said. “These guys have been fighting for 10 years. No one is built to fight for 10 years over and over and over again.”

“End the war. End it,” he concluded. “Bring them home. End it. Stop the violence on our own people. End it.”

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    It is long past time to end this war, under Obama we have long since lost it and continue on with an exercise in utter futility. The political leadership has lost this war for us, not anyone in the armed forces.

    • nutt

      That’s a stupid statement, even from you. The war was ‘lost’ from the start because there was never a goal. The bozo’s who marched in, had the job half-done, and then decided that Iraq was a better-bet – blame those. They’re long-gone, of course. But to blame the current administration is as stupid as it’s predictable. No fault of anyone who is serving or has served. A fault of those who thought from the word go they could succeed where every single army in history has failed.

      • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

        Obama’s watch and Obama’s refusal to get the troops home or allow them to finish the job. He never had the will to do either and thus has lost us the war.

        His watch, his mess, his failure, or does the fact of him being president the last four years and being the commander of the armed forces somehow mean he never was in a position to end the war?

        He lost it for us.

        • nutt

          What does ‘finish the job’ mean? What does ‘win the war’ mean? What does ‘lose the war’ mean?

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Understand clearly, the Obama administration and the Democratic leadership hates the armed forces across the board and sees them as war criminals, murderers and so forth only fit to be broken and discarded and disdained.

    This mistreatment of our veterans is deliberate, calculated and malicious to no end from the top on down. They want to discredit and break the military completely as they seek to break the nation to pieces and finish the fundamental transformation of the United States into a communist nation.

    • Draxx

      snowleopard, How long ago was I saying that they would be doing Exactly What They Are Doing To Veterans & Guardsmen… 

      They don’t want a Constitutionally Based Military that is Honor Bound to Defend It No Matter Who The Enemy Is!  It is pretty clear currently who they would perceive as the enemy, and I am sure it is Not the People That Are Supporting & Helping Them!

      They are getting ready for “Re-Education” of American Citizens in camps…

    • jen

      No such thing, Obama brought on more debt inorder to increase the military.  For ex, he expanded drones and military in Afghanistan over Bush. 

      So, why are you lying? 

  • landofaahs

    Finally Glenn. It took you long enough.  It is why some of us saw this never ending tour crap for what it is, a systematic deswtruction of the human mind of over exposure with no end and no goal in sight.  But I’m sure others will disagree.  Thats fine.  But please forgive me if I don’t even respond to your comments.  

  • Sam Fisher

    What are we even doing their now? The Middle East will always be fighting each other it is time to pull out and let them blow each other up if they can’t play nice. Their can’t be change if the people don’t want change and the clearly don’t and are more than happy living in a form of big government. We need to fix this country and what better way to do it then to end the endless war with bigots who have the minds stuck in the Stone Age. We know how to stop them here and to protect ourselves we don’t need to fight them over their anymore.

    • Myptofvu

      Stuck there so we don’t have another situation like Vietnam where when we left the enemy came in and slaughtered all who befriended us. So until they’re trained well enuff to hold onto power and contain the Taliban themselves we are stuck.

    • jen

      Hello???  That is almost word for word what libertarians and ron paul have been saying.  Now, the problem is that Israel commands that you keep fighting those freaks who will never change and infact want you to change. 

      So, you have to choose b/w Israel and your country.  You can’t have it both ways.

      • Sam Fisher

        Hello take your bigotry and shove it.

        • jen

          No bigotry, just letting you know what your choices are and whereelse I heard your exact words – and that is from libertarians.  You don’t have to be for Ron Paul, but libertarians of all types are very much against these wars that both repubs and dems have started and questioning why we are there while we are in debt.

          Where the heck is the bigotry? 

          Clearly, these wars are started with the intent of ‘protecting’ israel from the Muslims.  So, you either continue and demolish your own country at the same time, knowing that you have been defeated not only at home but also abroad as Islamists continue to grow by leaps and bounds.  It is their atrociously high birth rate and Islamist use of drones and US wars (that you are against) that give Islamists ammunition to get more converts.

          • Sam Fisher

            Yes you are you just don’t see it. Most of your post screams I hate Jews. You’re not like landofaahs who just does not like war no you try to attack Jewish beliefs everywhere you go. Now I believe Israel as a nation has a right to defend itself but we should not get into their fight. They are big boys and can take care of themselves if the U.N. stops being bullies. I know it hard for people like you to understand that it does not matter which religion a country has they have a right to defend themselves. Oh the horror. It was because of bigots like you is the reason I could not take Ron Paul at his word.

        • jen

          Bigotry is when you are against a race of religion.  I am not against any of that.  What I do question is politicians decisions for all these wars, and these politicians are global in nature including the ones in Israel. 

  • Anonymous

    Just thought that I would let everyone know that the government does not take seriously, PTSD. Last year in the war against terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan, we lost 318 Veterans who defended Freedom for us. (BUT) last year, we lost 368 Iraqi and Afgahnistani War Veterans to (SUICIDE) because they did not receive the help they need to adjust back into their normal lives after returning from War. This is a travesty and an abomination against mankind that (OUR) wonderful 545 (MAGNIFICENT) representatives in Washington DC from the President on down put too much emphasis on themselves and their petty careers and not on the men and women who provided them their Freedom.
    I believe that the reprsentatives of our country should hang their heads in shame and find a place to hide their useless bodies that they live in. If I had the power, I would place them all in the heart of the fighting and let them figure out what to do for 5 or 6 tours with the mindset that they might not get out alive. Wouldn’t hurt my feeling one single bit to see them all squirm and see them all become a casualty because, THEY DO NOT CARE. There is no one who can convince me other wise right now

  • Anonymous

    The millitaryb is here to defend this country, it must have our support, without that defence we are dead, do you understand that you damn liberal idiots?

  • Anonymous

    This conflict shows the difference between a War and a Police Action.

    Wars are fought with every resource at a nations’ disposal until won or surrender.  War is deadly, tragic, horrific and final.

    Police Actions are attempts at containment with a nations’ excess until a “truce” or “cease fire” is determined with the expectation of help from the local population.  After a breather, the fighting goes on. Police Actions are long, lingering and never won — like a cancer that is never cured.

    Can one imagine the outcome of WWII if it were treated as a family-friendly police action, relying on the hearts and minds of Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan to achieve a peace?

    Iwo Jima and Okinawa should have taught us very valuable lessons about a fanatical enemy.  We didn’t learn so then Korea, then Vietnam, then Iraq, then Afghanistan, then…

    • Anonymous

      I agree 100% with you, in that, wars are fought to be won, not what the US policy has been in Iraq and Afghanistan. First, Iraq should be American soil today and American gas prices should be among the lowest in the world…bought and paid for by the blood flowing from our brave troops, who took on Saddam and kicked his ass out of power.

      BUT…Terror isn’t really considered a war, per-say, but the effects can be just as deadly. As Bush bravely stated, “You are either for us or against us”….essentially, what his mindset was after taking on the “war on terror” – WE Will Hold You Responsible to those nations who sponsor this new modern day way of waging warfare.

      The trouble with Bush – he had a two-front war. Here at home and around the world. Both houses were not in it to flat-out win the terror conflict (as they viewed it) once and for-all. Iran should have been destroyed shortly after 9/11….but now after Ten Years of leaving our brave solders – in many ways, as sitting ducks, we are practically in the same place we were back then when we first began.

      Today the stakes are much higher, after-all, Iran will have access to nuclear warheads sooner than later. Not only that, no one in America is even slightly interested in the actions of what other nations are doing, now that the news is out, that America will be leaving the area as quickly as possible.

      One nation in particular that has its eye fully focused on Americas future absence is Germany. This nation is considered a staunch ally, but history shows a much different relationship, and by the way, Germany knows how to fight a war and something else to consider, this nation also knows what to do after the hostilities have ended.

      Pulling out of the Mid-East might be politically expedient, but to do so now, when the world is 100% more dangerous today, than it was just ten short years ago, will spell out American defeat. And with no more America (Obama will be satisfied) but something tells me, the world will immediately be thrust into another  global conflict – but this time the conflict will become nuclear from the start.

      The United States has foolishly fumbled the ball. There is no longer an open window to wage our type of war, or at least the kind of war we have poorly attempted the past decade, no, we must act like the super-power we are, in order to quickly turn this thing around in our favor, but again, with weak-minded self-centered leadership at the helm you know and so do I, that scenario is stretching logic and common-sense and will never happen, that is exactly why, other strong nations are busy making themselves ready and are  jockeying for position for the inevitable withdrawal of American forces from the Middle East. 

  • Christie Polaski Riopelle

    Ending the war doesnt solve all of the mental health issues that reside in the military though. Things such as steroid usage to keep pt scores up, high alcoholism rates in the army, and not weeding out folks during basic are all factors. ACS provides classes on resiliance training, counselors and there are even confidential counselors attached to units- but isolation would have to be a huge factor- when folks leave the military world and have to adjust to the civiliian world there is a lack of community- I dont blame our leaders for this though, I blame people ceasing to be there for their fellow man. 

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, it’s about time that you and so many of your supporters STOP blaming Obama for veterans’ troubles. The root cause of these troubles lie in the fact that the US entered wars without a purpose and without support from the nation. When desert storm started, the troops were at the gates of Baghdad in short order and Swartkopf wanted to take it out along with Hussein, but was nstopped by the commander-in-chief, a republican. The war was NOT concluded. It was the same in Vietnam. These wars are political and have NO purpose for an end. THAT’S why so many veterans are screwed up. They go to fight but cannot complete their missions of war. War is hell and one must resolve to annihalate the enemy at all costs. Otherwise, new wars will continue ad infinitum.

  • Anonymous

    War is big government’s best friend.

  • John Edward Kapler

    Its timeto bring these men and women home. The political hacks in Washington are doing more harm to our Military than the enemy is doing. We increase their health insurance, fail to provide swift medical assistance and for those who retire and die their benefits cease for their spouse.Yet Congress continues to provide for themselves every perk known to man and do nothing even close to what our military has done by putting their lives on the line. What and outrageous, arrogant,  and insensitive government in regards to our troops.

  • Drew Janiszyn

    Glen Beck supports war and now says he is against. lol

  • Anonymous

    Thank you, Glenn Beck, for finally seeing the war for what it is and what it is doing to our men and women and having the courage to say it.

  • Shutter

    I agree.  I was there as a civilian contractor.  The place is more corrupt than our government.  its as bad as Mexico’s government corruption.  The governors and police chiefs are nearly all corrupt.  The ones that aren’t are outnumbered and are usually killed.  You can’t even trust the national army to not turn on NATO troops.

  • Anonymous

    Obama’s government does nothing for the brave men and women who are fighting for our freedom, He doesn’t give a rodent’s rectum for the 4 dead men in Libya, who  didn’t receive protection when they were begging for it.  Why should they fight if they cannot get help ?  I never saw anything like this in my life…A President that doesn’t care one bit for America, and dumb people who voted for him without knowing anything about their country or the history. God have mercy on us !!

  • ken.

    we have iran, russia and china setting up bases and providing weapons and training to leftist central and south american counties who hate us. terrorist groups joining with drug cartels and street gangs here in america who work for or with the cartels. iran, north korea, russia and china supplying weapons and training to the middle east instigating the violence. trying to ban guns here in america. they are waiting and planning to start a war most likely against israel and even south korea and africa. this is nothing more than a distraction to spread our troops out far away from home. leaving us open for attack here on in the u.s. bring our troops and most overseas military bases home now before it’s too late. with the technology and equipment we have today we don’t need most of the bases overseas to get the job done. we can keep a few in countries that are true allies. most of our bases are in left leaning countries that are moving farther left everyday and don’t support us. what will happen when we get into a war and those countries tell us to get our bases out of their countries? we will be stuck taking troops and other resources out of combat and/or defense to pack up and move. this will destroy us and they know it. this makes us weaker not stronger and we can spend the money more efficiently on building more and new equipment. remember when obama was talking about starting a new military branch to only work here at home that would be trained and armed just as good or even better then our current military? he has been doing it right under our noses arming non-military government agencies like the agriculture dept, epa, etc,… this is why they are stockpiling ammunition and weapons along with homeland security. they are all operating without congressional oversight by progressive left wing stooges of the obama administration. i don’t trust them to be for defending us from attack, i believe they are to take control of we the people. we are in some serious trouble here and it’s not going to be pretty. electing conservatives and libertarians are not going to do us much good if we don’t make it to the next election. i am not saying this will happen but i believe it will.

    • Anonymous

      I am sorry to say that you may be correct. I have been having these same thoughts; nothing concrete but my sixth sense is telling me there is something coming….something really bad and the public will be sucker punched and it will be too late.
      Osama and his minions are the cancer that is eating its way from the inside out and either congress is in on it or they have been castrated….poised to stand back and watch the carnage. I pray that something stops the lunacy that is this administration; For man plans and God smiles!

  • Snorri Sturluson

    The American people albeit those with their hands out for government money and / or attached to the public teat and / or ethnically and economically deluded re-elected Obama. We created this abortion of a Federal government ourselves. Viewing how the V.A., the Congress and this Administration treat veterans, and active duty military, the one obvious option is to keep your children out of both military and government service. I suspect that the U.S. will receive an economic “Tarring and Feathering” with most of the Congress and the Federal government being “run out of town on a rail” as a result. God help us, if such chaos happens as in 1930’s Germany.

    • ken.

      we need our children in military service to keep us free. we are supposed to be self reliant and don’t need the government or the v.a. to take care of us. thats the problem we have is that we expect the government to take care of us and it has made us weak.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, instead of seeing a doctor, they need to be handed an automatic weapon and taken to a gun range, great idea Beck. How’d that work out here?

  • Anonymous

    our current pres admin. doesn’t care about our vets. he wants our country to be
    like Africa. but were not.

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