Why is Jesse Ventura a dirtbag?

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This morning on radio, Glenn had some choice words for people who criticizing “American Sniper” Chris Kyle who was killed over the weekend. He opened the show with a critique of Jesse Ventura, who had sued Kyle for defaming him in his book.

Glenn read from CNN:

Former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura filed a lawsuit last year accusing Kyle of defaming him in the book by exaggerating his description of a fight between the two at the wake for SEAL Mikey Monsoor, who was killed in Iraq in 2006.

The book quoted Ventura, also a Navy veteran, as saying he “hates America” and telling Kyle, who was mourning the death of a SEAL teammate, “You deserve to lose a few.” Kyle described punching Ventura out at the Coronado, California, bar.

In the suit, Ventura denied making the statements in the book, contending that “the entire story about a confrontation with and physical assault and battery of Governor Ventura was false and defamatory.”

At his deposition last November, Kyle continued to insist his book accurately described his clash with Ventura.
“He was complaining about the war, that we shouldn’t be there,” Kyle testified. “Complaining about Bush, that, you know, Bush was a war criminal. How we were killing innocent men and women and children overseas.”

Kyle acknowledged in his deposition saying that he hated Ventura “with a passion.”

“I’ve heard him say those very things,” Glenn told the audience.

“Jesse Ventura is the biggest dirtbag I’ve ever met.  I’ve had the displeasure of meeting him I believe twice.  Once, I had the grand displeasure to have to sit at CNN in the makeup chair next to that guy.  He was getting ready to go on Larry King.  I was getting ready to do my show.  And at that time I was just one of the schlubs so I didn’t have the option of not being in the same room with Jesse Ventura.  And Jesse Ventura spouted his nonsense and his conspiracy theories and his absolute vial hatred for anything that represents anything decent in America,” Glenn said.

Glenn said that Ventura plans to continue his lawsuit by going after his family.

Ventura’s attorney David Olsen claims they can still go after Kyle’s estate or his book publisher for the $50,000 Ventura seeks in the lawsuit. “There are things we can do,” Olsen said, “and I know that the governor still wants to clear his name.”

“Chris never took a dime from his book.  His best-selling book –  he didn’t take a dime for it.  He poured it all into his charity.  What’s his charity?  To help other veterans.  Meanwhile, Jesse Ventura all he does is spread hate.  Chris tried to spread love.  Chris tried to help.”

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Jesse Ventura has proven to be a hate-filled dirt bag that should be cast into the night. He no longer knows what honor, integrity, compassion or loyalty means anymore.

    • Draxx

      It’s people like Jesse Ventura that will use Drones on Innocent People (you know, the people that are using assault rifles to blow up railroads like the Rev. Jesse Jackson said…). 
      hmmm, I was just wondering if any of you ladies still want to be “Jesse’s Girl”, but that might upset Rick Springfield.

    • jen

      Jesse’s story is right and Kyle offered to settle, but backed out when that settlement included having Kyle admitting he was lying.

      There are no police records of this fight as Kyle claims the cops showed up and that he ‘ran away’.  What a coward to run away – you’d expect better from a navy seal. 

      The story is stupid.

      Jesse Ventura is a patriot and there are no interviews anywhere of him spewing hatred.  Glenn of course as you know is a liar and has lied about newt, trump, and ron paul. 

      Other than Beck now and Kyle, noone has ever heard of Ventura even remotely saying anything to that effect.  Of course, we have long known that Ventura is not for the Iraq war.

      Numerous navy seals have also come forward to say the incident kyle put in his book never occurred.  And, Ventura only went to that bar once, and not on that date.

      You on the other hand spit on integry and compassion!!!! 

      • Anonymous

        Sounds like you were there Jen, were you? What other navy seals have come forward? Names please.

        • jen

          During future court proceedings, they should be released.

          • ken wagner

             The owner of the bar is one of them. He’s a former SEAL and says Kyle is full of shIt.

        • Anonymous

          Terry “Mother” Moy, the owner of the bar and world famous Navy Seal came to his defense and stated that this was a complete fabrication.  

          Nice try.

        • http://www.gruntstuff.com/ Afghankush86

          Marcus Luttrell is friends with the same guys, he confirmed from guys that were there and has said that publicly. Get off JV’s knob really….

      • Anonymous

         Hey Jen, by you saying Ventura’s story is right means squat…go find some actual links to back your story up otherwise get lost..

        • jen

          Google it.

          • lauray

            Show me where to go to google it or SHUT UP.

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003280141253 Lysander Spooner

            Typical partisan response, you need to get your frontal lobe checked, so does Glenn “I hate Muzzies” Beck.

            Proven fact, partisan Repukes and Libtards, have depressed frontal lobes, it is science proven with MRI, otherwise known as brain damaged.

          • http://www.facebook.com/daniel.allen.585 Dan Allen

            Do your own research dumb ass!

          • Moses Duarte

            Lazy fuck. u just proved ur one of those ppl who sit bak and wait for the “facts” to come to you . i notice that the ppl WHO ACTUALLY DO THEIR RESEARCH come to the same conclusion. YOUR FUKN BRAINWASHED. prick

          • Anonymous

            be nice

          • Anonymous

            I didn’t say anything to lauray. I don’t know anyone named that. there must be a mistake here

          • The Fall Seeing Eye

            It’s GOOGLE. How fucking stupid are you anyhow? CHRIS KYLE LIED. PERIOD.

          • Branden Nichols

            “Hold my hand like a baby and show me how to looks something up or shut up”

          • http://www.facebook.com/jonathan.d.lucas Jonathan Lucas

            Oh, so you like Google now, hypocrite.  Tyranny lover.

          • crazy betty

            did you mean tranny lover?

          • Anonymous

             Children, children, can’t we all play nicely?  And that’s not just at Jen, it’s at everyone.

          • http://www.facebook.com/people/David-Baker/100005136403439 David Baker

            I can never understand why people can not just have a conversation without throwing dirt on others comments and being disrespectful. Quit with the cursing and talk like adults, not little kids who are banging their head on the floor because they don’t get what they want. 

      • http://www.facebook.com/kitty.voelker Kitty Voelker

        Jen says Ventura is right. It must be so. If Kyle offered to settle it was probably for nuisance value. When Ventura wanted him to say he lied, Kyle probably decided settling wasn’t worth it.

        • Anonymous

           Personally, I don’t believe Ventura mouthed off and insulted Seals in a Seals bar during a Seals’ funeral.  Furthermore, I see no glory or honor in decking a guy 30 years older than you.

          Moreover, a court case determines what happened. If this incident did happen, then there should be evidence and witnesses that it did happen. Crap on the Internet means nothing unless these “eyewitnesses,” are willing to testify under oath.

        • http://www.facebook.com/jonathan.d.lucas Jonathan Lucas

          Lysander, you are sick in the head you anti-semite.  You are evil.  Grow up you bigot.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1264134361 Butch Blosc

        Jen, you need to be deposed.  Have you spoken to attorneys on either side, yet?  I am forwarding your post to them.  Sounds like you might have information that needs to be on record.

        • jen

          You are a nut – that info is out there on the web.

          • Anonymous

            And everything on the internet is true!  I think I will side with Kyle.  Ventura has more money than he knows what to do with why does he need to bother this family for $50,000?

          • lauray

            VENTURA is nothing more than a BULLY who needs cash.

          • http://profile.yahoo.com/AK2637LCN4GVO2FI3ZDZ54WUZE Donnie V

            It’s not about money.  It’s about calling out a liar.  Do you think he would pursue something even after death for 50K?  

          • NotSoFancyPants

             Oh it’s out on the web…?  Then it must be true!

        • http://www.facebook.com/joe.tucker.984 Joe Tucker

          Jen does not wanna do the research…..Today on Feb 6th 2013 I looked it up and it says Jessie’s lawyer will talk about it next week on a post 3 days ago

      • Anonymous


        After researching the websites I find the above site to be a more reliable story. If the story never happened, then I find it curious that you would call him a coward for running away. Make up your mind! The owner of the bar has a personal relationship with Jesse who is helping Jesse cover up for his embarrassment as being whooped which would also explain why there would have been no police report.

        • Anonymous

           Finally, a reputable reference.  I have read Kyle’s book and didn’t remember Ventura being named in it, so it’s curious that he would sue Kyle and now his family when he is not named and Ventura only goes on to show what a sniveling coward he is.

          What a NUTBAG!  Ventura, that is, not Kyle.  Almost as conspiratorial as Alex Jones. 

      • Anonymous

        I agree with Jen:

        And I wonder how many people who are offering their opinion on Chris Kyle—including Glenn Beck—have actually read his book or closely studied his profile. If one has an open, critical-thinking mind which is immune to government/military propaganda, and you honestly profile Chris Kyle, then you will find some really serious personality flaws in the man. By reading his own words, I find Chris Kyle to be just another bloodthirsty, psychopathic, government-trained, killing machine. Yes, Chris was good at his work, and he loved his work. I find Chris Kyle’s mental posture far more “despicable” than Ron Paul’s. The window into the mind of this trained psychopath is given by his own words and deeds, written in his own book.

        I’ll post a link to a well researched article that offers the other side of the story regarding this brave, mentally deranged killer, Chris Kyle ………


        There are two WW2 combat veterans left alive in my family, one is my father and the other is his brother. My father was a frog man and an underwater demolitions expert. Between my dad and my uncle, they have 18 combat medals. They both have been through some of the most bloody, horrific, up-close-and-personal combat on both land and sea that you could imagine, including kamikaze attacks where my uncle’s ship was sunk and he had to float in shark infested waters for three days. Both men were/are trained killers, yes, but they are not psycho-lovers or their work because they hated every minute of the killing; and there is a big difference between their mental posture and Chris Kyle’s. Chris loved his work, and he loved the Military Industrial Complex. Chris loved his government issued sword…..

        • Anonymous

          Yes and we all know if it is on the web it just HAS to be true. I ask the question again.  Were you there Jen?

        • Anonymous

          When your post includes the phrase “Military Industrial Complex” and makes reference to his “government issued sword”, it’s obvious you are a nutbag and your opinion is irrelevant.

          • Anonymous

             “it’s obvious you are a nutbag and your opinion is irrelevant.”

            ROTF!  I’d love to hear your synopsis of how everything works and who runs the country critiqued by a professor at the Harvard school of Governmental Studies.

          • Anonymous

             Oh Good Lord, Quincy Jones, so you think your are a Harvard Professor?  Yeah, and I’m Prince Harry of England, glad to meet you.  And if you are actually claiming Alternate Reality Seeker is a Harvard Professor — well, Cornell West is a Harvard Graduate also, and he’s nuttier than a fruitcake.  The fact is, Alternate Reality’s rant about Military Industrial Complexes simply shows his craziness, as does his other posts on being a 9/11 Truther and his infantile “Amerika” usage.  Clearly you are just as batsh*t stupid.

          • Anonymous

             Hey Keninmo.  There is an American Military Industrial complex. Just because someone with a clerk mentality can’t fathom something, doesn’t make it bat shit crazy.

            Its not like someone is going to take some junior college grad destined to be a perpetual wage slave and explain how engineers, computer geeks and investors can make fortunes working for the American war machine. You think its nuts. That why you work for them and they don’t work for you

          • Anonymous

            Gadzooks — so much ignorance crammed into one post.  Love the pseudo-intellectual “perpetual wage slave” — so let me guess, genius, you are one of those “investors making fortunes working for the American war machine” and you are just blessing us with your vast intellect on your free time?  Riiiiiggggt.  Now, tell Mom you need your food cooked now ’cause you are hungry, and you aren’t leaving the basement until it’s done.  She’ll get right on it.

          • Anonymous

             Hey Keninmo. No offense, but I don’t go on line forums to query anonymous posters whether the Military Industrial complex exists or not or whether it popular in certain circles to use the term.

            Opinions about the MI, as in most subjects which have little to do with sports or celebrity culture, are best formed by attending a good college, grad school, selected reading, and conversations with people who have actually passed a government security clearance or work in the field or industry.

          • Anonymous

            “No offense, but I don’t go on line forums to query anonymous posters
            whether the Military Industrial complex exists or not or whether it
            popular in certain circles to use the term.”  Seriously, Quincy, before lecturing others about the need for a college education, try getting past English-as-a-Second-Language first.  You got a noggin’ full of serious mush.

          • http://profile.yahoo.com/AK2637LCN4GVO2FI3ZDZ54WUZE Donnie V

            And it’s obvious you’ve been dumbed down by the govt indoctrination system..

          • Anonymous

             See my reply to your intellectual twin, Quincy Jones.  He’s batsh*t stupid, you’re batsh*t crazy.  You two ought to get a gay marriage.

        • Anonymous

          “By reading his own words, I find Chris Kyle to be just another bloodthirsty, psychopathic, government-trained, killing machine”

          I suppose that by your ill informed and extremely juvenile definition that I would be one of these as well, since I spent the great majority of my career in Special Forces and am both a trained sniper and one who has taken a few shots.  Nothing like Chris Kyle though, but then who has.

          I read the link that you referenced and this guy has no credentials and no proof of any kind, his only apparent purpose in life is to have a purpose, so until he actually backs up some of the garbage that he spews I’ll believe Kyle. 

          So I, like others on here, ask you once again, WHERE’S THE PROOF???  Either back up what you say with a reputable source or shut the hell up!!!

        • http://www.facebook.com/RyNoHunter Ryan Norris

          Chris loved his family more and why don’t you show some respect for the dead.

      • lauray

        Back up your statement with proof or SHUT the HELL UP!!!!!!

        • Brian Lewis

          The burden of proof is on the person demanding proof, lazy @$$hole.

      • Dave W

         Just because you decide to settle does NOT mean you are accepting guilt.  You obviously don’t know how it works.  Ventura’s lawyer is probably working for his 1/3, at least, of the settlement on contingency, he gets paid when he wins.

        Kyle probably decided it would be cheaper, & less intrusive to his life, to just pay the 50k than to rack up 75k in lawers’ bills to defend his name.  UNTIL pompus A$$ Ventura decided to make him retract the truth.

      • Anonymous

         “noone has ever heard of Ventura even remotely saying anything to that effect. ”
        I haven’t heard it. Vial hatred of everything decent about America? Give me a break! 
        Ventura is pretty much standard patriot baby boomer who goes to war and finds out how America really works. Most of the Vietnam era veterans, that I have ever met and continue to know, sound much like Ventura.  As far a Glen Beck, I suspect most people would put Beck in the same right wing conspiratorial category as Alex Jones and Ventura.

      • Anonymous

        “Of course, we have long known that Ventura is not for the Iraq war.”

        You got it!  If Jesse was for these endless post 911 wars, he’d be beloved by the war hawks and chickenhawks. People who likely never served in the military, wish to critique the insight of a veteran who was sent to an unwon and un-winnable war under the pretense his service would help stop the very communistic policies we now see emerging out of the Obama administration.

        I dunno. An old piece of cannon fodder has right to be grumpy and state his opinions. What the lesson here? Get a good yuppie college education and stay off the front line, so you can live to complain and encourage others to fight your battles.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dennis-Stepien/100000315371731 Dennis Stepien

         Jen<==is a LIBERAL. You can tell by the smell of $hit, when( if it actually Physically a "woman") she comments. Another POS ILLEGAL musSLIME obamma KOOL ADE drinker.

      • crazy betty

        jesse ventura is a turd.

      • blah blah balh

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      • Hooyah177

        Well, since you were there you’d know. How about shutting up about something you know nothing about. I was at Mc P’s that day just as I was at the funeral for our fallen brother and Jesse Ventura is a scumbag who noone on the teams either like or respect. Ventua was there that day and got his ass leveled for saying things he shouldn’t have

    • Anonymous

      Polly want a cracker? Is there anything Glenn ever says that you don’t agree with? I think you must be Glenn’s pet parrot and not anything close to a leopard. Get a life, really…….

      Jesse has his problems, but at least being a parrot is not one of them………

      • Anonymous

         Your other posts demonstrate you are a leftist loon, so your opinion is irrelevant.

        • J J

          It seems that anyone who disagrees with you is irrelevant, a very poor basis for open minded debate. Given you’ve provided no evidence whatsoever of you’re point of view, I can only assume your comfortable with your understanding of the world and not willing to change. Just a tip, spouting hate at your opponents will only solidify their position, try bringing some fact to the table, otherwise you’re no less another moron with an ‘irrelevant’ opinion.

          • Anonymous

             Uh, JJJJ, read the post — I stated “as your other posts demonstrate”.  There is a thing called an avatar, to the left the handle of the poster.  Click it and you can see previous posts.  Alternate Reality Sneakers is a 9/11 Truther, New World Order conspiracy loon.    And give me a break — going to the tired Progressive “hater” schtick?  Might as well flip the race card too while you are at it.

          • J J

            Again, you generalize. And you’re definition of the word ‘demonstrate’ is obviously very broad. And if calling someone a ‘moron’ ‘leftist loon’ ’empty skull’ ‘pathetic’ ‘batsh*t crazy’ and ‘irrelevant’ isn’t a form of hatred, then what is it Keninmo? Witty banter? A demonstration?Holding a different point of view to you doesn’t make someone irrelevant, you don’t hold the gospel and you definitely didn’t write it. That, I’m sure of. And, no, I’m not another person in disguise, just another ‘irrelevant’ person with an ‘irrelevant’ point of view. But I’m learning that attack is your form of defense, so I can’t see this going anywhere, like much of your ‘contributions.’ Have a lovely day :)

          • Anonymous

             Oh, I see — Alternate Reality Sneaker, really, setting up a brand new account just to make it look like some 3rd party actually agrees with you?  Pathetic.  “JJ” is a 1-post wonder.  Just as empty of content as your skull.

          • Anonymous

            Hahaaa–give it up Alternate Reality Sneaker.  Setting up a “JJ” account to boost your “support” is pathetic — totally.  You are a moron, a leftist loon, empty skulled, pathetic, batsh*t crazy, AND irrelevant.  I don’t hate you for that — I feel sorry for you. There is a difference.

    • Anonymous

       hate-filled dirt bag

      Lol. Well you know, Jesse sounds to me pretty much like I’d imagine John Wayne would sound if Wayne had had the misfortune to live in post 911 America. Over the top, vindictives for Ventura who is simply articulating a different point of view, and likely a point of view shared by a large percentage of Americans is divisive, unnecessary, and highly polarizing, and dishonest.

      One finds 1000’s of engineers and architects for 911 Truth. Not all people labeled “conspiracy theorists” are hate filled dirt bags. There is room for respected differences opinions among Americans, as long as this is still a free country and we don’t have a Federal Dept of “Unquestionable State Truth.”

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1402614770 Kenneth Frazier

      I’m wondering what branch of the military you served for this great country of ours ? How many missions did you do ? 
      How QUALIFIED are YOU to make remarks about a former Navy Seal and where do YOU get your FACTS ?

    • ken wagner

       Oh really? because he doesn’t believe obvious lies and has the guts to say so?

      He’s got more honor, integrity, compassion and loyalty than all the members of congress put together. Don’t even get me started on the right wing sheeple gate keeper Beck who rips off Alex Jones for most of his material. Then massages it to fit his agenda of deceit.

    • The Fall Seeing Eye

      You are so backward you’ve gone to plaid… YOU know nothing of honor, integrity, compassion, OR loyalty. This man has done more for this country in a single day than detractors like you have likely done in your entire life. 

    • blah blah balh

      dear venture,
      Please look into the baloch province. Our country has wrongfully been occupied by Pakistan and Iran in the 1960’s joined together by the british, balochistan makes half of pakistan’s land and is very rich in resources more then even gulf countries. The government of these two country are trying to exterminate us and it is kept very quite thats why many people are not informed abut the baloch race but there are too many of us. even america has kept the killings a secret and are well educated about the chemical weapons being used in our region but all the sudden when syria decides to use chemical warfare america has to intervene?. inside pakistan we are kept quite because we fear the government. people in the region are poorly educated and referred to as “peasants” because the governmant refuses to help us or provide food even though they take things of our land and we get nothing in return they do not even allow us to get good jobs thats why many of them have moved out of the land and are unable to provide for there families. the situation is ten times worse then in palestine and isreal or pakistan and bangledesh this should be related to nazi germany and the killings of the jews. the baloch have no voice we need help while our people are suffering we have chosen to defend our selfs with the baloch liberation army but pakistan being ruled by the military who are trained very well i do not think we have a chance of freedom and i was really surprised about the wikileaks and america knowing about the mass killing and standing by and supporting pakistan yet they want to intervene in syria. i would also like to mention that the baloch are a ver diverse nation who are realted to gulfs arabs historically and there are also many afro balochs who have lived with us for centuries and treated equally but pakistan does not respect our african communty and look down upon them as slaves and harass them. Our traditions art foods culture and even language come from iran. the baloch are very peaceful people and accepting we also have different religions in our territory not just islam. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W–xtwj3CPI

    • http://www.facebook.com/rob.runne Unfriend Rob

      you are an idiot. He has never said anything that would make you think that. You are simply repeating things that you heard because you cant make an opinion for yourself. Everything he says is out of love for his country, and us, the people. He is the last true American.

    • george david morris

      your a dirt bag.

  • landofaahs

    Well Glenn I guess if you live by the sword, you die by it, as Ron Paul said.  The drone killing is supposedly for terrorists.  I agree these drones flying over the US should be outlawed, but maybe you can see how innocent people overseas might be PO’d about their use also. 

    • Anonymous

      Obama hates “Whitey” (read his books)  He views historic Christianity as “Whiteys religion”.  And “Christian Whitey attacked Moslems in Iraq and Afghanistan
      Obama sees drones over American as “Bringing it back home to Whitey”
      Who will the drones be used on?
      Who does Obama see as “His enemies”
      Is Eric Holders Criminal activity being protected from exposure by White representatives?

      Absolutely everything is being portrayed as racist by this President, his wife and their sycophant followers.

      Jesse Ventura’s behavior is summed up in many circles as “Typical white moron”
      The parallel in Judges Chapter 9 says it all.
      Lazy Liberal and Materialistic America elected a bramble bush who has set himself to burn down the mighty Oaks
      Nothing new under the Sun

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    What does it take for the government to kill you anymore?

    Just stand in opposition to the current administration, and under their ‘kill US citizens w/o due process’ and the ‘detain w/o due process’ executive orders you can be hit at any time, place, and location when the admin deems you to be linked by suspicion alone to any terrorist group.

    In short, we have a President who is willing to murder our own people for the sake of his holding onto power for as long as he can. Its only a matter of when, and not if, the bloodshed begins.

    • jen

      To kill, the Republicans voted for NDAA to give Obama that power to kill.  Dufus – this includes Allen West, Bachman, and Rubio – all people Glenn says he likes.

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    This is meant for Landofaahs as it wound up not posting under his post.

    Understandably indeed, especially as on Obama’s watch they are being used against all targets regardless of innocents around the targets.

  • http://youtu.be/xm1F7ub00gk Sam Fisher

    I have to disagree Jesse Ventura gives dirt bags a bad name and you disrespected every dirt bag out there right now. I mean the guy thinks the twin towers where melted by ray guns invented be the government and yes I watched his show I needed a fool to laugh at late one night and seen that he had a show on. Boy he is missing a few screws.

  • Anonymous

    Libertarians need to be very careful to not make the mistake of confusing True Freedom with Permissiveness.  True Freedom stays within the Truth, Permissiveness, eventually, desires to supersede and replace Truth.

  • Anonymous

    Jesse used steroids for years and we know it causes brain damage

    • http://www.facebook.com/paul.redman.940 Paul Redman

      I don’t know where you’re getting that information from. Yes on the steroids part, but it doesn’t cause brain damage. 

      Hormones can and do alter brain chemistry, which subsequently can alter moods, etc. For example, “‘roid rage” or the depression that can follow being ‘off’ of such drugs for a period of time. 

      But they hardly cause brain damage. 

    • http://www.facebook.com/tom.sanders.18 Tom Sanders

       And Glen Beck was a drunkard who smoked pot, think that may have caused a little damage?

  • http://www.facebook.com/paul.redman.940 Paul Redman

    Kinda hard to “clear your name” when the guy’s been murdered and is no longer on this earth. 

    Pretty soulless to be pursuing a defamation lawsuit when the defendant is dead. Against the family?!?!?!? Can they please be allowed to grieve? 

    You know, Glenn never has mentioned Ventura in all of the time that I’ve been following him these past few years. I always was curious as to Glenn’s thoughts on Ventura, and now I know. 

    I’m not sure I understand Ventura’s motivation- other than self-promotion. 

    • Draxx

      Jesse Ventura is using total thug tactics, “Kick Them While Their Down…”

    • jen

      Ventura’s motivation is quite clear – to clear his name as he never was at that bar or spoke to kyle or made those comments. 

      Kyle’s publisher just wanted to create controvery to sell his book. 

      There was no need to even put that incident at the bar, other than to create drama.

      Pusuing a defamation lawsuit once someone has passed away is normal and legal and many do it, including companies as well.

      You are the heartless one, or rather filled with darkness.

      People don’t get into such lawsuits for fame, unless they are whores etc…  Ventura already has fame and no need for more promotion with lawsuits – duh!

      • Anonymous

         Hey Jen let me guess, you probably are a big WWF fan who has a poster of Jessie “the body” Ventura still on your bathroom door and yell at anyone who tells you that Pro Wrestling is fake…your a moron…

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Piledriver-Peterson/100000798451318 Piledriver Peterson

          Nah, she’s probably a “smark” who realizes that the show is fake, and maybe even thinks everything outside the show is fake too. Because all her favorite rasslers are such great people, despite evidence to the contrary.

          Scum Bag Steve Austin fans are really like that. Guess some of Ventura’s are too.

        • jen

          No fan of WWF or most sports – you are the moron.  This case has nothing to do with WWF.

      • http://www.facebook.com/kitty.voelker Kitty Voelker

         So, was Ventura there once or not at all. The first sign of a bad liar is forgetting what you said in the first lie. You seem to have a lot of so called facts with no show of proof. You must be a liberal.

        Ventura is a whore. A publicity whore.

        • jen

          Kyle’s bosses that worked with him on the book are the publicity freaks.  Had he not died, he would have had to deal with the embarassment of his lies and cowards at running when the cops showed up, as he wrote and told O’Reilly.

          • lauray

            Ventura, is an A- – HOLE, USED UP NOBODY who NEEDS & will do anything for publicity. I agree with Kitty, Ventura is a PUPLICITY WHORE!!!!!

      • smokehill

         “Ventura already has his fame”

        Is that what you call LYING about your service, insulting REAL combat veterans by claiming you were in combat in Vietnam, as a SEAL?  When it’s a lie on all three counts?

        Kyle’s record as the top sniper is what sold his book, and it was never promoted on the basis of that incident at McP’s.

        What Ventura is denying is being at some OTHER bar, owned by someone else.  Let’s see him deny he got punched out at McP’s, especially to the owner’s face, since the owner of McP’s (also a formed SEAL) backs Chris Kyle’s story.

        Ventura can go after the estate, but it’s just a nuisance suit, as any lawyer will tell you.  The suit is even deader now that Chris Kyle can’t be called to the stand, which makes it pretty hard to prove intent to malign, since Ventura is a public figure.  If Chris had intended to malign Ventura’s character — talk about beating a long-dead horse — he would have used his name & details instead.

        Considering Ventura’s long history of lying about his “combat SEAL” exploits, it’s pretty hard to even argue that he has any character to attack.

        He’d be smart to keep out of a courtroom where he’ll be exposed as the phony we all know he is.

        • Anonymous

           “Let’s see him deny he got punched out at McP’s,”

          Ventura is denying it. He said it never happened. 

          It takes more than a bar owner’s testimony, if Ventura can prove he was elsewhere, out of state, in Mexico, at the time of the alleged incident. When the rubber hits the road in court, that’s when stories change. As in “well, maybe it was someone who looked like Jesse Ventura who got punched out.” Who knows? We were all damned near passed out drunk.”

      • http://www.facebook.com/brian.cameron.7165 Brian Cameron

        Fame and notoriety are two different things! Ventura  is notorious for confabulation. To him the world is a made up story. A showman of the sort to believe the show is reality. A regular nut.  

        • jen

          Kyle and all those pro-Iraq war are those that won’t live in reality by not admitting that war was a joke and had nothing to do with protecting US interests, but more in handing over Iraq to al quaeda and Iran.

      • Anonymous

         Ventura’s motivation is quite clear — he’s a has-been who, like all Hollywood types, thinks that even bad publicity is better than no publicity.  Filing a lawsuit is cheap — getting national news attention is priceless.  He’s an actor — wrestling is acting, being a governor is acting, he’s a fame hog.  He would have sued Kanye West if he had a chance.

      • http://www.facebook.com/paul.redman.940 Paul Redman

        Huh? I’m “heartless”?!? What kind of ridiculous comment is that? “Filled with darkness”? No offense, Jen- but I don’t think that you’re dealing with reality with those comments. 

        Last time I checked, Ventura is NOT famous anymore. He had fame; which was cashed in to win public office in Minne-SOTA, and since leaving office has been largely either a ghost or a joke. His show on True TV is mostly a tremendous exercise in schizophrenia, and rarely produces any tangible evidence of anything other than the need for better mental health services. He was big in the 80’s. WWF. Was cool in ‘Predator’ and ‘The Running Man’ with Arnold. But that’s about it. Ventura is most definitely trying to cling to any popularity that he has had (hence the many books as he no longer can fly off of the top rope and get up). 

        This is hardly about “normal and legal”. This has nothing to do with “legal and many do it”. Smoking pot is legal in some States, and many “do it”, but I don’t think that makes it right. Same with abortion. 

        My issue is with such a public figure, who likes to drop falsehoods that he was a Navy SEAL, a former public servant, desperately trying to hang on to fame, would defame and insult not only the prestigious Navy SEALS, but also just the brotherhood of Man by stating that “you deserve to lose a few more”? 

        As a child of the mid-late 80’s, I can remember the Iron Curtain. We were the UNITED States; united against a dictatorial enemy that had to build Iron Walls to keeps its people in. An enemy that was more powerful than us. If we were to prevail, we had to be united. And we were. 

        Yet, today we still have the common enemy- communism in all forms, radical Islam- but are divided to the point of allowing philosophical differences in policy determine tolerance for the other. 

        I stand by my earlier comments. So someone says something to you that is harmful. Had this tragic event never happened, how many people actually read this book? How many walked away saying: “Wow. I will never look at Ventura the same again?” I argue that zero is the correct answer. 

        I say to Ventura- grow a pair. Awe, somebody spoke poorly of you. So what? He’s a nobody. A Has-been. 

        And we certainly get a glimpse into the character of the man- whether its “normal and legal” or not. Have some damn decency and let the family grieve. 

        After all, if he’s as famous as he claims, why sue for $50,000 in damages to a family that has lost its sole breadwinner? Based on your argument, he doesn’t need the money. 

        Or does he? 

        I’m heartless. Sheesh. I think it’s time for you to see the Wizard. 

        • Anonymous

            “say to Ventura- grow a pair. Awe, somebody spoke poorly of you”

          Speaking poorly of someone is different than claiming someone made a  statement which defames his character.

          For example, some can say you are an asshole. Its an entirely different thing for someone to claim you got drunk and cursed blacks and Jews, which in turn caused you to lose your job, and gain a public reputation as a racist and anti-semite.

          Yeah, its despicable if Ventura made these remarks. Its even more despicable if Kyle was lying about the incident and what Ventura allegedly said.

          I personally think Kyle was lying for the simple fact, that for Ventura to file suit, and win, he would likely have to prove he was not in this bar on that night. If Ventura couldn’t prove beyond a shadow of doubt he wasn’t there, then a “he said, he said,” legal circus would do only harm to Ventura.

          • http://www.facebook.com/paul.redman.940 Paul Redman

            Man, no matter what “wrong” may have been done, the guy is now dead. 

            You’re not going to cure any societal ill, or right any wrong by going after the widow. 

            It’s a PR nightmare. Oh, ok, we’re supposed to feel sympathy for 250+ lb former WWF, “strap this on your sore a_ _” Predator actor, because a special forces veteran writes a book (that doesn’t even name Ventura directly) discussing his personal views, the guy dies, and he’s going to continue on with his defamation lawsuit against a widow? 

            Tell me how his sacred principles that need such dogged defense and correction can convince people that taking money from a widow is the right thing to do? 

            Help me understand how taking $50,000 from a widow and young family is the “Manly” thing to do, and that he needs it more than the family does. 

            Ventura is a former Governor! Act like one! There’s nothing positive that he can gain in the court of public opinion by hammering a grieving family. 

            The right thing for him to do at this point- regardless of truth- is to be the bigger man, and walk away. 

            Had this shooting not have happened, who even knew that Ventura was taking this action, or that there was even dispute? 

          • Anonymous

             Man, no matter what “wrong” may have been done, the guy is now dead

            Its about honor, not about money. And will be as long as there is shrill group of Kyle supporters haunting Ventura’s so they can continue to sully Ventura’s reputation.

            What I read which made the most sense if this incident did happen it should have stayed in the Brotherhood of Seals. Not written about or exploited such to cause a division in the Brotherhood.

            Besides, Ventura can get his day in court and not take a dime from the widow. In fact, I’d be surprised if he takes a dime.

    • smokehill

       Ventura’s strictly in this for the money, since he’s basically unemployable anymore and lives off a small pension.  Hollywood won’t touch him since he’s gone soft in the head, if not a bit psychotic — how crazy do you have to be before the Hollywood fruits won’t hire you?   And he must be the only ex-governor in history that can’t get a job even in his home state.

      The word thru the SEAL blogs is that Ventura has given up his US citizenship and is residing in some ex-pat community in Mexico, trying — with no success — to promote book or movie ideas he’s dreamed up.  Fifty grand could keep him in tequila and tacos for quite a while.

      It’s pretty sad to see him reduced to just being a part-time conspiracy pimp.

      • jen

        Those Hollywood fruits are infact very much pro-Obama – that in your book clears them as respectable.  Hollywood doesn’t touch on truth and is very corrupt, hence what they reject is usually bec that is a good thing.

        Like many who go overseas, Ventura does spend time in Mexico but still fully retains his citizenship – that is a fact. 

        So, Beck doesn’t delve into any conspiracies???, but just other republicans that don’t support Beck entirely.

        • Anonymous

           So, Beck doesn’t delve into any conspiracies???

          Lol. Every time I had the misfortune to listen to Glen Beck he was expounding on some theory which was right out of the John Birch Society handbook, circa 1960.

          So what gives around here? What’s the litmus test for wacko conspiracy theory? Whether the conspiracy theory supports or rejects neo con foreign policy?

          • http://www.facebook.com/paul.redman.940 Paul Redman

            If you don’t like Glenn Beck….then why are you posting on a Glenn Beck website? 

            Isn’t there a Rachel Maddow blog somewhere that you can populate? 

          • http://www.facebook.com/paul.redman.940 Paul Redman

            If you don’t like Glenn Beck….then why are you posting on a Glenn Beck website? 

            Isn’t there a Rachel Maddow blog somewhere that you can populate? 

      • Anonymous

         Ventura’s strictly in this for the money, since he’s basically unemployable anymore and lives off a small pension.

        Really? You know Ventura’s personal financial situation?  What exactly do you think is the pension of an ex governor of Minn? Somehow I doubt it could be characterized as “small.” I’ve seen minor governmental figures in my state, retire with 100,000 + per year pensions.

    • Anonymous

       “Pretty soulless to be pursuing a defamation lawsuit”

      Its pretty soulless to defame Ventura with words he never said.

      I’ve followed Ventura. He cranky but a straight shooter. A remark wishing fellow American soldiers dead is out of character and inconsistent with his highly respectful attitude toward the American fighting man. I don’t believe Ventura made this remark.

      Furthermore, the whole scenario of Ventura hanging at a Seals bar, getting drunk and mouthing off, doesn’t fit the man I see and hear. 

      • http://www.facebook.com/paul.redman.940 Paul Redman

        Oh, c’mon. The guy desperately clings to anything that he can use to prop himself up. Hanging out at SEALS bars is totally an MO for him- he claims he was a SEAL. I believed it, until I became aware that he was a part of Naval underwater demolitions Team 12, which later merged into SEAL teams, but he was never a SEAL as he claims. 

        He predated the program. 

        I don’t see the value in pursuing the widow of a veteran for a disagreement over a slight in which he wasn’t even named. Legal or not, it’s classless. 

        IF Kyle lied, then it’s over with. He’s dead. The grievance died with Kyle. His wife isn’t claiming to have punched him in the face for issuing anti-American statements. His wife isn’t trying to sell a book. Leave the family alone. 

        Unless Ventura is desperate for publicity. Does he need the $50,000 more than the widow and family? Be the bigger man that he keeps trying to claim that he is. 

        You know. Former NAVY SEAL, and all. 

        And what’s the deal with living in Drug-cartel run Mexico, by the way? He feels safer in that lawlessness? 

        • Anonymous

           Oh, c’mon.

          Well when you get my age, which is Ventura’s age, you realize a man can’t live very long without making many mistakes, some times big mistakes. Unless you wish to walk a man’s life in his moccasins, its wise not to judge too harshly lest you be judged later by your own standards.

          In the scheme of things fudging on Seal status or combat experience is a minor character defect. Not a major one. And likely more than balanced by good deeds and good character traits of which we don’t know.

          What I think is young American men are so estranged from male role models they don’t know a classic American man when they see one.  Most of the old guys and relatives I knew from the WWI and WWII generation were just like Ventura. If you wish to know how your great grand father crossed an ocean or a prairie, fought Indians, raised a family, plowed 40 acres with a mule and didn’t complain —look at Ventura.

          • http://www.facebook.com/paul.redman.940 Paul Redman

            Finally, some comments I can get behind. I know what you are speaking of with the WW1 and WW2 type of guy. That’s who my Dad was. My next door neighbor growing up was another. I’m a big fan of Clint Eastwood, and find him to be one, too. 

            The world desperately needs that kind of guy- but I think that’s a dying breed. I try to be one, but find myself sometimes short of the mark. I mean, I have God, I can suck it up and can “tough it out”, I hate whining, I sacrifice for others. I try to never allow my sense of humor to fade due to circumstances. Sometimes I win. Sometimes I don’t. Now, Ventura, for me…I would agree…his appeal to me and probably countless others is that American Man image. We need that. It’s tough. I don’t know the real Ventura. 

            I- along with most everyone else- is relegated to press clippings and commentary. At this point, I would say if this story is false…Glenn Beck has done more damage to Ventura’s image than any former SEAL could have. 

            But if true- then Ventura is a total scumbag. 

            If we can agree on the classic image of the America Man circa 1940’s, then I would say it is sorely missing. With no indication of it coming back. I feel that nostalgia for that character and grit. 

            But, would a circa-1940s man really sue a widow because he had a tift with the former husband? 

            I think that we both know the answer to that one. 

          • Anonymous

             “I don’t know the real Ventura.”

            True. OTOH, if my judge of character is correct, I think what you see is what you get with Ventura.

            His story of being read the riot act by the CIA in the basement of the capitol soon after being elected governor of Minn, rings true.

            If it is true, then who is to say how directly confronting the hidden power structure of the US would effect an unsophisticated, common man, who believed in the American system and had taken a governorship by his own grit and force of personality?

            Turn him into a renegade “conspiracy theorist.”?  What would I do? What would you do in a similar situation?

            Ventura didn’t fold. So I balance his defects with his nobler aspects of character. I would hope in a similar situation I could act as well.

            As far as the trial. Why not wait and see what happens. After all he can win in court and not take a dime from the widow. Or he could drop it. Personally, I don’t think the suit is about money and if I read Ventura right, the magnanimous thing to do would be not to take a dime.

  • Anonymous

    Whatever happened at that bar will probably stay a mystery. Are there witnesses who can swear to the truth? I doubt that Ventura is any less of an American hero than Kyle was, as they both were members of the SEALS. And ask how many SEALS oppose the war in Iraq or, Afghanistan? Glenn seems to be on the warpath these days by expressing HIS feelings for and against others, who just don’t fit his favored hero.

    • smokehill

       Except that Jesse was never a SEAL — he was on UDT Team 12, a whole lot different from SEALS, especially in RVN.  SEALS were constantly in the middle of it, but not UDT.  Compare the massive casualty figures of SEAL against the almost nonexistent casualty figures for UDT.

      Kyle was seriously in combat, again and again.  Ventura was nowhere near combat — never set foot in Vietnam and never saw combat.  Those war stories he told for decades were just that — and as phony as his wrestling.

      I give due credit to anyone who enlists, and especially in wartime.  But Chris Kyle actually saw the elephant, whereas Jesse the Mouth was not even near enough to see it with a telescope.

  • smokehill

    This incident has been discussed at length on many SEAL and other SpecOps websites, and the opinion runs about 95% for Kyle.  The owner of the bar (McP’s) and a dozen or so SEALS that witnessed the incident back up Kyle 100%.

    Ventura has always been a scumbag, and his “service” was as phony as his wrestling.  He was never on any SEAL team in combat … in fact, was never IN combat, period, and never set foot in Vietnam.  When SEALS were desperate for volunteers in RVN and sent the word out to UDT teams (like where Jesse was assigned as a supply clerk in the Philippines), Jesse carefully did NOT volunteer for SEAL duty and spent the war in a nice, safe place.  He never had the SEAL NEC code (5326) while on active duty, and now his spokesmen are claiming that Jesse never claimed to be a SEAL, or in combat, or in V

    • Anonymous

      The owner of the bar (McP’s) and a dozen or so SEALS that witnessed the incident back up Kyle 100%.

      Well that makes little sense. If the incident DID happen, then damage control strategy for Ventura would be different. “Yeah, there was incident with a loud mouth drunk looking to pick a fight while I was having a couple of drinks with old friends.”

      Ventura, however denies there was any incident, denies he was at that bar on that night, and denies (I believe) that he even drinks. Ventura has survived to old age likely because he is wise enough NOT to pick unnecessary fights with trained professionals half his age. On the other hand, Kyle is dead at age 30 likely because he pissed off the wrong trained professional soldier at a Texas shooting range.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jw-Appling/100001282155183 J.w. Appling

    I’ve thought he was a dirt bag when he got into politics and got to see how egotistical overbearing and two faced he really was.

  • http://www.facebook.com/djinxkirk Danielle Kirk

    Don’t know if the bar fight ever happened but I think in light of Kyle’s death, Ventura should drop the suit. It doesn’t matter at this point. The book was published, the denials are flying. It happened or it didn’t. A lawsuit is not going to change anything other than make Ventura look like a jerk and perhaps give the impression that the bar fight did happen. Man up Jessie and do the right thing!! Let the family grieve. 

    • smokehill

       If Jesse Ventura were a real man, he’d grow a pair and apologize to the combat veterans for all those years he lied about his “service,” claiming he “hunted man,” was a SEAL in Vietam, in combat, etc.

      He scammed the public for decades, and now pretends he never said all those things in the first place.

      For shame !!!

      These are not the actions of a real man — just a coward who’s embarrassed that he hid out in the Philippines as a supply clerk while real men fought and died in Vietnam.

    • jen

      Kyle’s death should have no bearing in Ventura’s attempt to clear his name and get his story out there.  You are suggesting Ventura do a favor to Kyle, but no favor is warranted.  Life goes on and Ventura is left with what he believes to be defamation and he has to live with that although Kyle and his family does not.

      Clearly, you want to protect Kyle, but for those who are not emotionally vested in Kyle don’t have to give in order to appease Kyle’s family.

  • Work2SnowSki

    Any money that dirtbag Ventura makes goes right into that fat piehole of his. He’s despicable. God Bless Chris Kyle and his family, my prayers and thanks are with them.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jerry.sutton.140 Jerry Sutton

    Anyone who has heard Jessie V. speak or seen his show’s knows he is a foaming at the mouth nutter.  When the spittle fly’s you know the person speaking is MAD. (crazy) 

  • http://www.facebook.com/jerry.sutton.140 Jerry Sutton

    By the way, every serviceman who has a brain flees when the cop’s show up, especially if it’s in a city the military frequent. 

  • Mario

    Ventura has proved time and time again that he isn’t the brightest light bulb in the package.  I can think of no reason to even listen to him, or read what he has to say.  I wasn’t there in the Coronado bar – but, I’d bet he got his ass kicked.

  • Anonymous

    What’s 10000 Laywers at the bottom of the ocean. A good start.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_27DPHGTZS2IFFK7QH3LQXKBKN4 Fireplace

    You’re over the top Beck.  Kyle lied about the so-called fight he had with Ventura, in order to promote his book.  The bar owner is a friend of Ventura’s, and along with several other SEALS present at the time, supported the claim that Kyle’s narrative was complete fiction.  Because you, Beck, refuse to hear any evidence (and there is plenty) showing the only “conspiracy” was perpetrated by the Government, you show yourself to be a ranting uninformed useful idiot.

    • Anonymous

       Yeah, way over the top. After all, what is Ventura’s “big sin,” which makes him a dirt bag? That he implied he was a combat veteran instead of simply a veteran? 

      No diddling kids or screwing around on his wife? No –“I didn’t have sex with that woman,” moment in his governorship –or bribery scandal?  No public drunkedness and drug stories?  If there was any dirt on Ventura, you’d bet he’d be buried by now.

      Why? Because he is popular and could conceivable lead or be a leader in a real third party movement. So they call out the talking heads, hysterical minions, mean girl gossips, cute metro-sexual slanders who give the signal to the crowd that Ventura is no longer cool. He’ a dirt bag. Persona non gratia. A conspiracy nut, dirt bag.

      All of a sudden Beck and the motley krew have dirt bag standards!  Anderson Cooper gets a simulated BJ by Kathy G on CNN New Years, and we are suppose to believe talking about a 911 conspiracy or FEMA camps is dirt bag behavior and simulated BJ’s on network TV is the new “cool.” 

  • landofaahs

    Frankly I don’t think much of Ventura and I don’t know what really happened in their fight.  Frankly I don’t care.  I give each a certain respect for serving their country.  Frankly Mr. Kyle was playing with fire in giving weapons to people with mental issues and it was bound to end badly.  It was not too bright.  I seem to recall a lot of people blaming Adam’s mother for having guns around an autistic son.  Can you tell me what the difference is between that and Mr. Kyles situation?

    • jen

      Agreed.  Although I don’t think Kyle should have written such a story in his book, I think Kyle and Ventura are both true patriots – both having the best interest of America at heart unlike politicians though I don’t entirely agree with things either did.

      The animosity towards Ventura is unbelievable as he also served in the military and does take pride in being a Navy Seal – yet Americans are putting him down because he doesn’t agree with all the decisions politicians make with use of the military.

      As far as helping PSTD veterans by using weapons could have been a good thing overall.  I trust he did this with credible research and had some good results.  As the motive behind the killing is not clear, I wouldn’t blame Kyle’s tactic in helping others to deal with PSTD.

      • landofaahs

        I used to let friends bring vets like on my property to hunt but I always insisted it when none of the family was there. After a while I just stopped all together because of the liability potential(another thing we can thank our litigious society for).

      • landofaahs

        The guys sister was afraid he would kill her because she said he was psycho nuts.
        Anyway, whatever happened between Ventura and Kyle, we know Kyle punched Ventura. Ventura is now 61 years old. If I ever saw a young man smack a person that old, he would have had an ass whoopin’ pronto. It is cowardess to go after someone 35 years your senior. But if you get used to sniping people I guess you lose any sense of respect for your elders.

  • Anonymous

    Wish Glenn would bring back his chalkboard and stop the petty in-fighting, backbiting material that is so often on his sites nowadays.

    The chalkboard was a great teaching tool and kept Glenn ON TOPIC, which is:  WHAT IS BECOMING OF AMERICA UNDER THESE PROGRESSIVE NUTCASES? and WHAT CAN WE DO ABOUT IT?

  • Anonymous

    Kyle was a murderer……an invader of another country… a killer of those who justifiably tried to evict the American invaders. IF Iraqi soldiers invaded this country…. overthrew our government and tried to impose a gov’t sympathetic to Iraq.  I’d be trying to expel every Iraqi soldier.
    Iraqis are in the right.   AMERICA IS IN THE WRONG.  
    Just like Vietnam. 
    3 cheers for Ventura. 

    • lauray

      And jtberger, you are an IDIOT.

      • Anonymous

        How astutely insightful..
        The intellectually bankrupt are left with only one alternative….when you cannot successfully attack a man’s ideas …. you attack the man. 

        • Anonymous

           It doesn’t take much insight to know you’re an Idiot.
          Why put any more effort into it than that?

  • Fuchs XXXX

     Glenn Pussy never served in the military.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jim-Smith/100004203240950 Jim Smith

     Ventura and Paul are compleat dirtbags.  Chris Kyle was, and will continue to be, a true hero.

    Those of you who support Ventura, well, all you’ve done for this country is take up space.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.tucker.984 Joe Tucker

    Ventura’s lawyer said they will talk about if they are going to stop the lawsuit next week and he said THAT 3 days ago so this info is false

  • Anonymous

    Yes Jesse Ventura has lost a lot of respect in the teams.  Wish I knew what happened to him. He did such a terrific job winning the Minnesota governorship — apparently the power went to his head.  Jesse has been seen on TV ranting crazy and hate-filled thoughts.  You notice he is rarely seen on TV these days.  There is a reason for this.

  • Andrew rapp

    Its interesting how many stories Glenn Beck harps on to try and divide Libertarians and Conservatives. Instead of focusing on the left and what they are doing to our country he keeps going after ppl like Ron Paul and Jesse Ventura….Just remember how much money Glenn Beck has, he’s getting rich off you guys following his every word. Do you really think we will have a chance at all if the right is split in half?  Wouldnt you think he would focus on common ground? I just think its sketchy.

  • Anonymous

    While I have not had the galling “pleasure” (and I use this particular word under strenuous advisement) of meeting Govenor Jesse Ventura, I’ve always had the impression that he was, and IS, an arrogant, vulgar bully who would not even know what humility and piety are if they were to approach him, thrash him to within an inch of his life, and say “We’re here.” It’s small wonder, then, that such an atheistic governor now has a residence in Mexico…where narcotraffickers live.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TWCZ6HLNSS3CWUMH46JCYIP3QI Ramblin Rose

    I like to watch Conspiracy Theories I Found out about the Fema Camps on the show, the underground bunkers or housing at various locations. To me, there are many, many more “dirtbags” ahead of him.Sorry Folks, I like Jesse Ventura. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jon-Charles-Acker/694102440 Jon Charles Acker

    As governor, he complained that the NCAA hit the University of Minnesota with sanctions during the basketball season, one in which the school was doing quite well.  Proof that he cares nothing about fair play.  He’s had one too many pile-drivers in wrestling. 

  • Anonymous

    glen beck taking s–t out of context again–  Jesse Ventura tells it like it is and thank you gb for giving him your audience, which seems to be getting smaller after listening to all the silliness on your radio show.  Calling him names is classical left.  Why don’t you tell your audience why you really think JV is a d bag?  Incidentally, before the Seals were formed, the navy heros were called Under Water Demolition. 
    And—your Minnesota accent (imitation) sucks..

  • Anonymous

    Blaze Radio — I am turning you off now because of the SS (Silly S—) going on at this moment.  

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003280141253 Lysander Spooner
  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003280141253 Lysander Spooner

    Jesse Ventura Responds to Navy Seal Sniper Chris Kyle: “It Never Happened!!”


    • Anonymous

       Jesse says it never happened. After all, how much sense does it make for Ventura, whose entire family, Father, mother, brother, uncle are veterans to make a shitty remark about “loosing a few?”

      So what? Character assassination by innuendo and gossip, because Ventura is the stern, unpussified, no nonsense voice that things aren’t right in this country.  This sanctimonious slander fest, trial by gossip and opinion reminds me of bitch night at some high school sorority.

       Ventura biggest crime is he isn’t some Metrosexual, “the government wouldn’t lie,” American Idol loving, Dancing with the Stars, kiss-ass media personality.

  • ThorsteinVeblen2012

    If Jesse Ventura was packing heat when Kyle sucker punched him there may have been a Second Amendment conclusion to the Chris Kyle story years ago.

    If Glenn Beck supports Kyle sucker punching someone because he didn’t like what he said, what does that say about what Glenn Beck thinks of the Constitution?

  • http://twitter.com/11phenomenon 11 Phenomenon

    Ventura is a sad individual indeed. His best years were in playing out fantasies in professional wrestling. Sadly, he now lives in a fantasy world of his own. 

  • Jeff Delagado

    Glenn- you, Jesse Ventura, and Alex Jones shouldn’t be against one another. You guys should all support one another to awaken the public. The more points of view we have the better off we all are.

  • Mike Nelson

    I have great respect for both Ventura and Kyle, and am willing to withhold judgement of these circumstances until the court case, when thus far unrevealed facts will likely come to light.  I think others would be wise to do the same.  Both of these men are patriots, but God knows, that doesn’t mean they are perfect.  Anyone who knows the personal stories of Warriors knows that most of them have been bitten by their ego or exploits, usually moreso after they have achieved prominence, and the real sin, imho, is the way our State media (read: *government-media complex hit-squads) urges them to greater conflict.

    As a matter of commentary on the 24-hour media: I find it highly unlikely that a physical altercation (read: a *bar fight*) involving a former governor, who was also a showcased public entertainment figure with a pre-eminent and conspicuous professional wrestling career, and the most celebrated Navy SEAL veteran of all time, would be ignored by the media.  As I recall, there was a firestorm that lasted about 36 hours, then when Ventura filed suit… nothing more.

    Strange, that.

    Finally, as a man whose current pursuit lies in the realm of conspiracy and cover-ups, it cannot be denied that Ventura’s reputation being damaged in the manner he asserts in this suit would clearly and unambiguously damage his current life’s work, because it undermines his credibility and good standing with the very people both he and Glenn appeal to: the American public.

    What I will say for certain is that Glenn is WRONG to stand on Kyle’s body and wave a flag, while pointing at Ventura to cry foul for something that can now no longer be unsaid, on the basis that the man behind the suit is “a dirtbag”.  I’m disappointed that he displays such a clearly anomalous tendency in this circumstance when it flies flagrantly in the face of his condemnation of the Administration for standing on the bodies of victims of gun crime in their attempt to disarm the nation.  Propaganda is propaganda, just as truth has no agenda.

    I know YOU know your “why” Glenn, and you’re entitled – and I agree with you about the gun-grabbing Reds – but you must either hold such positions based on the morality of truth, and apply this standard to all of your judgments, or you are engaging in hypocrisy and self-deceit.  Reference Dick Morris’ citation of an impending “Romney landslide” being what he thought was the right thing to do, after coming out as a truth-teller in regards to the inner workings of the Clinton Administration.

    You have to be right for the right reasons, or you’re just as wrong as Obama.  A bitter pill though it may be, I hope these words reach you and prove worthy of rumination and reflection.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1402614770 Kenneth Frazier

    There is no doubt that Kyle was a real hero and patriot . However; that does not mean that he told the truth about what happen between himself and Jesse Ventura in that bar . There was never a Police Report filed and statements from the witnesses say it went down as Governor Ventura describes …. Yes; Ventura did not like the war in Iraq and said we should not be there and I agree with him … as do MANY other Veterans .
    There are many who would jump on the HATE bandwagon for whatever the reason or purpose ; especially if it puts them in the Spotlight …
    Do some RESEARCH and get the FACTS before making claims that you can’t back up about the Governor or Kyle … 

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Clarity-jane-Seer/100002896137067 Clarity-jane Seer

      Not only did he lie about Jesse he was an amerikan  terrorist  plain and simple. there is a special place in hell for evil like him!

  • Anonymous
  • http://twitter.com/R__O__D Roderick Bateman

    In the 60’s anti-whites forced ALL and ONLY white countries to open their borders to non-white immigrants. Then anti-whites forced ALL and ONLY white people to “integrate” or face consequences for being “naziswhowantokill6millionjews.” Now anti-whites are counting down the days until ALL and ONLY white children become minorities and eventually extinct EVERYWHERE. It’s Genocide. “Anti-racist” is a codeword for anti-white.

  • J J

    Finally, a needle of reason in the haystack of vitriol  No-one on this forum knows what happened that day, yet because of political and ideological alliances, we assume ‘our’ guy (whoever that is) is always in the right. As much as legislative processes are tedious, expensive and mismanaged, I can only imagine where ‘justice’ would lie if we only relied on faceless forums like this to decide truth. And please don’t tell me this any any sort of ‘debate’, its a plain waste of time. As a non-American with a keen interest in what I think is a great country, I am struck by this ‘left vs right’ battle to determine who is the most patriotic. From a distance, you look like kids fighting over a ball that you don’t really want anyway. I think it takes a very strong mind to admit we simply ‘don’t know’ and wait for whatever facts to appear rather than cling to an ideology which ‘seems’ right and make assumptions of fact based on this. I know this is a ‘human’ flaw, not just a ‘US forum’ one, but it seems so sad that we still insist on throwing grenades to try and change opinion, when we haven’t questioned our own first. Maybe I’m the idealist….

  • smokehill

    Still waiting for one of Jesse’s drooling sycophants to explain how he’s a “patriot” when he lied for 30 years about being a SEAL in Vietnam, and being in combat.

    Ventura was, and is, a fraud who was NEVER in Vietnam, NEVER in combat, and definitely NEVER on a SEAL team there.

    The man has no honor, so he tried to steal it from others by pretending to be a combat veteran.

    As I said earlier, he owes all real combat veterans an apology.

    But he isn’t man enough to do that.

    • Anonymous

      I’d say what Ventura has allegedly claimed is better settled among the brotherhood of Seals, whom in my understanding have no real problem recognizing pre-Seal UDT as authentic Seals.

      If you have evidence other than hearsay and Internet gossip that Ventura claimed combat experience in Vietnam, then post it. I’d like to see an authentic, verified Ventura quote where he claims combat in Vietnam.

  • http://twitter.com/FireSoCold Dragon Graygol

    Don’t kid yourself Glenn Beck. You’re still “just one of the schlubs”.

  • Force Nature

    No Jen, you’re wrong:


    “But in a motion to dismiss two of Ventura’s three
    claims of damage, Kyle’s attorneys include sworn statements from six
    current or former SEAL team members who were there, along with the
    mothers of two dead SEALs who also were at the bar.

    They describe a loutish and rude Ventura who seemed preoccupied
    with talking about himself. But of the lot, only one claims to have
    actually heard Ventura make the comment about “you deserve to lose a
    few” and saw Kyle punch the former governor.

    That SEAL, Jeremiah Dinnell, said that Ventura “was being a jackass” and that his words went too far.

    “That’s when Chris punched him,” Dinnell wrote. “All of us wanted to. Chris was just the first one to pop him.””

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jaron-Talotta/1120747835 Jaron Talotta

    most ironic thing of all time….glenn beck complaining about someone else having crazy conspiracy theories….jesus christ, that needs to go next to the word ironic in the dictionary.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/C4VEO67OJ46M6QUEGUWFG5YCZ4 Tammie

    OMG, I am SO sorry to hear this is happening. Jesse did a wonderfl job as Govenor and I had previously hoped he would run for president one day…….. The only way he could save face with me at this point is o drop the lawsuit and forget about the whole thing. But now, I still wouldn’t vote for him in an election. Too bad, I really liked him. Oh well, such is life

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/3XKI6522RJDSPQTMKYHWF4NO5Q Alex DeClair

    Very sick man–he needs medical evaluation

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/3XKI6522RJDSPQTMKYHWF4NO5Q Alex DeClair

    Glenn Beck is Very sick man–he needs medical evaluation

  • ken wagner

    Kyle and Beck are true dirtbags.

    I’d love to see the right wing gate keeper Beck, say it to Jesse’s face. Beck pushed for the bankster bailout, and is a Zionist assss licker who grovels at their feet. He HATES the truth. Frankly, I’d spit in his face if I got close enough to him.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jeff.weiss.7543 Jeff Weiss

    do you have any proof of anything your saying.  you and the people you represent are the ones that hate america.  you keep taking and taking from the mouth s of american people, including children.  you conservative assholes are the ones killing this country and the only reason can be that you hate america.

  • ramiro vale

    mostly every person that comes from war is not happy… maybe u talk like that because u were not man enough….maybe u should go try goin to fight see if u keep thinkin like that

  • http://www.facebook.com/joseph.tyler.376 Joseph Tyler

    http://www.reverbnation.com/joetyler/song/8777069-front-porchJoe Tyler Lyrics, Songs, Music, and Videos by the band Joe Tyler at ReverbNation

  • http://www.facebook.com/rob.valko Rob Valko




  • Anonymous

    Does it really matter now that Kris is dead?  He can’t defend himself or agree to anything.
    But to take money from those children is absolutely what the gov. would do.  So who’s the “hero” now?   Jessie SHAME ON YOU, YOU JUST LOST A BELIEVER.

  • Runar Hardars

    Glenn Beck is the most unsubtle shill on the internet

  • http://www.facebook.com/ellen.m.brown.7 Ellen Marie Brown

    jesse ventura served in the navy from 69 until 75. he certainly was a seal ,underwater demolitions , was a part of the seals. the seals were started in january, 1962, under president kennedy, not 8 years after ventura left the navy. this information, can be found on wikipedia.

  • Steve Elkin

    If I were you,jesse, do not go any further with this!

  • Anonymous

    Glenn Beck is a dirt bag, who doesn’t care about finding out the truth. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/joseph.bartek Joseph Bartek

    Do you know the facts Glen?  I’m a 100% disabled army veteran.  Chris made a huge mistake and its sad he died in the manner he did but to attack Gov Ventura is just sad! Most things he said about Iraq and President Bush is true.  How many more of m brothers and sisters have to die for lie of the American government for warmongers?  (Chris’s kids will be taken of by the VA just like my family).

  • http://www.facebook.com/joseph.bartek Joseph Bartek

    One other thing, a navy seal sucker punching another seal and just leaving?  Makes no sense, blood and bones would have been broken.  Gov Ventura would have had a security team around him I assume, did he?  How many other people testified to this story?

  • Lynn Stickley

    I just can’t listen to Beck anymore.  His rants are becoming more frequent with less credibility. He’s letting his ego get in the way of common sense and decency.  He is ruled by his emotions, lacking any substance.

  • The Fall Seeing Eye

    Jesse Ventura is a real patriot. He actually brought more damning evidence to light than Ed Snowden did, though I value them both as heros. Do you want to know what happens to REAL PATRIOTS? They are persecuted, harrassed, even KILLED (Hastings)… Thus, at this point in time real patriots can’t stay here in the US. Without the public backing, their truth is poison to the establishment, and they will eventually be killed for telling us anything other than the government LIE. Jesse isn’t afraid. He has faced death, and knows he has NOTHING to fear. 

  • The Fall Seeing Eye

    I would GLADLY trust my life and the life of my family to Jesse Ventura, and I would gladly defend his. He has proven himself. He IS NOT LYING. He has seen first hand the absolute corruption of this country, and I cannot in the least fault him for leaving. We should REVERE these people who risk their very lives to tell us, the oblivious masses, what is being cooked up for us and how bad it really is. He is a modern day Paul Revere, and people like me will not forget him, thus he has secured his name in history on the side of THE PEOPLE. Remember that when the shooting starts. 

  • The Fall Seeing Eye

    Chris Kyle was a war profiteer who stepped on the wrong foot. He WAS a good sniper in terms of kills… He was also the originator of a group of subcontractors for the US Govt who are basically deniable mercenaries for the most deadly and covert of jobs, good or bad. Motive does not matter… the PAYCHECK is all that matters. The lives of those affected are NOT a consideration. I happen to be an F-Class long range competition target shooter. With my Savage rifle, I can hit a man sized target, center of mass, at 1500 yards with a .300 Winchester Magnum round, which is not designed to go that far. Give me a Sako TRG .338, a Barrett .416,  or a CheyTac .408 M208 rifle, and I could kill a man at 2000 yards or more just as consistently. What people need to understand is that THIS IS NOT MAGIC. ANYONE can do this, if they are taught what they need to account for and how to calculate the trajectory. It is THAT simple. Chris Kyle just happened to be good at doing that math quickly under stress. THAT’S IT. Yes, it takes good trigger control, but that is NOT THAT HARD TO TEACH. My nephew of 13 years old, whom I taught to shoot big bore, can hit a combat target center of mass at 1000 yards. If HE can do it, then what is so damn amazing about being able to snipe people at that range??? Chris Kyle is no martyr. He had devious motives and caught a bullet in the back for it. Jesse Ventura just happened to be an easy mark to slander in order to inflate his own image. Plain and simple. 

  • Anonymous

    There is truly a hotter place in hell for cowards like this.

  • Anonymous

    Ventura isn’t worth the air he breathes. Leave his widow alone. Hasn’t she been through enough. What a disgusting immoral pervert you are ventura.I’d punch your ass in the face too

  • Anonymous

    YOU’RE A FUCKING DIRTBAG GLENN!!  JESSE IS VERY POWERFULL,  AND VERY INTELLIGENT, UNLIKE YOU.   IT’S DIRTBAG ASSHOLES LIKE YOU!  THAT NEED TO BE THROWN OUTTA THIS COUNTRY!!  Meet me face to face! – and if you don’t then I will make sure that everyone knows how much of a pussy you are!!

  • Anonymous

    YOU’RE A FUCKING DIRBAG GLENN!!  JESSE IS SERIOUS, POWERFULL,  AND VERY INTELLIGENT, UNLIKE YOU.   IT’S DIRTBAG ASSHOLES LIKE YOU!  THAT NEED TO BE THROWN OUTTA THIS COUNTRY!!  Meet me face to face! – and if you don’t then I will make sure everyone knows how much of a pussy you are!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/rob.runne Unfriend Rob

    You are completely full of it. Mr.Janos is a patriot. And he loves his country. He did a BANG up job as a mayor, and an even better job as governor. During the vietnam war we didnt kill innocent men and women and children? yes we did you pig headed bribe accepting lunatic. There are countless men and women that are coming home from Iraq and they are saying that they NO LONGER BELONG TO THE MILITARY BECAUSE OF WHAT THEYVE SEEN OVER THERE. You my friend are part of the problem…you are part of the machine You are whats wrong with this country. You make me sick.

  • george david morris

    I am 66 years old.A male who worked construction for one of the worlds largest manufacturing plants in Schenectady,NY.Also Belong to one of the Biggest Unions in the USA.I made excellant money for a blue collar worker,W/o.t.90,000.00 a year.For 66 years i was a DEM.Know W/A shut down,Both dems/reps.One of which i voted in.Guess?I today stand for JESSIE in 2016.GOV.US.NAVYSEAL.HON.I was USN.HON.NYSANG.HON..Before a leave you i want you to know this.The Father of our Country.GEORGE WASHINGTON,1st Press:Was not DEM/Was not REP.Thinks its B.S. check it out.JESSIE IS NOT DEM/REP.Want change,Not Oboma,Jessie will change your life for the better.Close all air bases in other countries,Bring our boys and girl back home.STOP giving billions to other countries.We have good people in the USA who have no food,Medical,ectBut hell with our own,Let send billions out of the USA.Food,Water Medical Supplies,RE_BUILD?We have childern In the USA who have had no food for weeks.No medical.Rotten teeth.ECT!Little kids dieing.But lets send help-out.WHO VOTED TO SHUT DOWN THE USA.YOU didnt vote for this nor did i.So in 2016 put a real man in charge,Get rid of the babies.I may not be here in 2016.Do to Cancer,Asbestosis level 3.But i would love to see you who do have a better life than i.Jessie V. will save you,And make sure your money helps you.ITS TIME TO CHANGE THE SYSTEM.Time to get the USAs shit-together.Heath care in the USA should be free.Take the trillions sent overseas.Give it back to our people who really need it.Feed the hungery here.Dont let anyone take there homes.Its up to you and only you to make the change in 2016.Want another Oboma,Want an other Bush/Chanie.I dont believe you do.HELP you NO?Lined there pockets$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.Taking yours.Give Jessie a Chance to prove to you what you really need.Thank you and may GOD bless America.Dave.M.Florida.

    • Anonymous

      Nonsense. Jesse Ventura is a liar and a fraud. Jesse, the liar, spent years telling people that he was a Navy Seal, while knowing full well that he left the Navy 8 years before his unit, the Underwater Demolition teams were merged with the Seals. He also has alluded to being in combat. He never heard a shot fired in anger anywhere. I am an Infantry Grunt Veteran and he is the worst a male (not a man) can be. He lies about being a combat veteran, thus defaming and dismissing out of hand so many honorable veterans.

  • george david morris

    And most likely a REP.Lets see you become a Navy Seal.You wouldnt last a day!For whom did you serve.!966 i was in V.N.

  • george david morris

    Before you make comments.For who did you serve with USA.Navy.Army,Air Force or Coast Guard.V.N.-Desert Storm ECT.Were you special opps,Nave seal,Green Br.Black Br.(WHAT)or do you just blow off steam.I served twice.Both Hon.Discharged.If you didnt keep your comments to your self.I hate B.S.

  • george david morris

    To those who think it a joke,Grow-up.

  • Bevin Chu

    Who is a “dirtbag?” Whoever behaves like a dirtbag. That’s who.

    As George Washington, 1st president of the United States put it,
    “Observe good faith and justice towards all nations; cultivate peace and harmony with all.”

    As John Quincy Adams, 6th president of the United States put it,
    “[America] goes not abroad, in search of monsters to destroy. She is the well-wisher to the freedom and independence of all. She is the champion and vindicator only of her own.”

    Ventura is conducting himself in a manner consistent with American Founding Fathers Washington and Adams. Ventura is championing their values of “live and let live.”

    Chris Kyle and Glenn Beck were the ones betraying those noble values. They were the ones in favor of “traveling around the world, meeting interesting people, and killing them.”

    They were the ones behaving like dirtbags. That made them the dirtbags. Not Ventura.

  • DaSimian Jones

    Glenn Beck is a Judas goat. He serves only Satan. When he tells you to bow before evil, you will see it in his eyes.

  • Bill Jones

    And the vile chickenhawk Beck spews his lies.

  • JB

    So Glenn, If shooting people in the back with a high powered rifle from a distant hidden position is spreading love, then I guess the admitted liar, Chris Kyle is your kind of guy! The dirt bag here is Chris and others of his ilk. Guess if he did not want his estate sued, he could have shut his lying mouth.

  • armbars

    This is a lie. Of the 3 million in royalties the book made, only 26k were donated to charity. The Kyle’s lied about this to gain public favor against Ventura.

  • Hooyah177

    At the end of the day Ventura continues to show what a low class scumbag that he is by suing the wife of a fellow navy seal. I don’t know what he thinks is left to ruin of his reputation. He lives in Mexico, spouts off crazy conspiracy theories and was a former pro wrestler I think he should sue himself for ruining his good name

  • Michelle Schmitt

    I’m a native Minnesotan and unfortunately, I know a lot about Jesse Ventura. He’s arrogant, overly macho, a whiny crybaby – he can dish it out, but can’t take it, and he’s sexist – made two different statements against women – “Tailhook is ado about nothing!” and “Women should expect to be harassed on the street!” He’s nothing but an idiot with a “BIG MOUTH!” All these conspiracies he cooks up are BS. It’s all to do with lining his pockets. He also waged two other bogus lawsuits (against different people) before this one. It’s clear he’s nothing but a greedy PIG! And yet, some of the idiot jurors awarded him tons of money for all this – money that should have gone to the vets! I hope some of these jurors and Jesse roast in Hades for this!

  • Bill

    So Glenn what happened to the willingness to sit down and talk it out with people you don’t like? Why haven’t you ever had Jesse Ventura on to discuss this or any of his other theories?

    Me thinks you are worried he would prove you to be an idiot no nothing. I am sure he would give you facts and evidence to support anyone of his theories which in a court of law would cause reasonable doubt. That of course would throw out the government’s case.

    Glenn is worried to see the truth. Especially since he supports most of the government and its programs.

  • Roman Stetson Gonzalez


  • https://www.facebook.com/pages/Help-save-our-United-States-Postal-Service/274848372536954?ref=hl ET-10 Simmons


    If it wasn’t about the money, I’d be happy to take the $1.8 million off Jesse’s hands…

  • Sharri

    Anyone who backs up Jesse Ventura has obviously not had the unhappiness of meeting him. He is not a man of even mediocre character. He has called me a “walking abortion”, not that I know exactly what he meant by that – but I’m assuming it isn’t pleasant. He walks around MN like he’s something special and in reality – he is not – by any stretch of the imagination. Just another over the hill man whose greatest decision was to join the marines – hard to have the best decision of your life be made so young. That means everything after that he’s screwed up. That is what he is – a screw up – with no moral or ethical compass.

  • Sharri

    Plus – to let you know – the lawsuit determined if Jesse Ventura “character” (and I use this term lightly) was defamed. Because Chris Kyle put it in writing – then verbally nam

  • Sharri

    (sorry computer glitched . . .)
    then verbally named Ventura in interviews – he had a case. And in a truly Jesse Venturish way – thinking of only himself – he decided to continue with the lawsuit following Kyle’s death. Even though none of the money from the sale of the book went to the Kyle family – it went into Kyle’s charity. This was to get specialized exercise equipment into the homes of wounded soldiers. Another very helpful way to combat post traumatic, depression and other issues for post war veterans. So – the lawsuit did not determine if the incident happened – it determined if what was placed in that book defamed Ventura’s character. Don’t get me wrong – they needed witnesses in order to establish the actual event – but – Ventura has a great deal of money and I wouldn’t put it past him to “help” people forget. Venturaville is not above much of anything – except ensuring Jesse comes out on top. He’s like the oily slime that slips to the top every time. Every stinking time. It’s amazing how little us Americans can look up to – can decide to believe in – can actually defend. Jesse Ventura is about as little as anyone can get. Not worth an ounce of energy from anyone else –

  • JimmyMac6778

    Just because libtard “wrasslin” fans say it doesn’t mean it’s true …

  • Oki Mike

    Jesse is a piece of caca…

  • doctorivy

    You can be a Navy SEAL and a total dirtbag. They’re not mutually exclusive. Look at Benjamin Sifrit.

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