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This morning on radio, Glenn had some choice words for people who criticizing “American Sniper” Chris Kyle who was killed over the weekend. He opened the show with a critique of Jesse Ventura, who had sued Kyle for defaming him in his book.

Glenn read from CNN:

Former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura filed a lawsuit last year accusing Kyle of defaming him in the book by exaggerating his description of a fight between the two at the wake for SEAL Mikey Monsoor, who was killed in Iraq in 2006.

The book quoted Ventura, also a Navy veteran, as saying he “hates America” and telling Kyle, who was mourning the death of a SEAL teammate, “You deserve to lose a few.” Kyle described punching Ventura out at the Coronado, California, bar.

In the suit, Ventura denied making the statements in the book, contending that “the entire story about a confrontation with and physical assault and battery of Governor Ventura was false and defamatory.”

At his deposition last November, Kyle continued to insist his book accurately described his clash with Ventura.
“He was complaining about the war, that we shouldn’t be there,” Kyle testified. “Complaining about Bush, that, you know, Bush was a war criminal. How we were killing innocent men and women and children overseas.”

Kyle acknowledged in his deposition saying that he hated Ventura “with a passion.”

“I’ve heard him say those very things,” Glenn told the audience.

“Jesse Ventura is the biggest dirtbag I’ve ever met.  I’ve had the displeasure of meeting him I believe twice.  Once, I had the grand displeasure to have to sit at CNN in the makeup chair next to that guy.  He was getting ready to go on Larry King.  I was getting ready to do my show.  And at that time I was just one of the schlubs so I didn’t have the option of not being in the same room with Jesse Ventura.  And Jesse Ventura spouted his nonsense and his conspiracy theories and his absolute vial hatred for anything that represents anything decent in America,” Glenn said.

Glenn said that Ventura plans to continue his lawsuit by going after his family.

Ventura’s attorney David Olsen claims they can still go after Kyle’s estate or his book publisher for the $50,000 Ventura seeks in the lawsuit. “There are things we can do,” Olsen said, “and I know that the governor still wants to clear his name.”

“Chris never took a dime from his book.  His best-selling book –  he didn’t take a dime for it.  He poured it all into his charity.  What’s his charity?  To help other veterans.  Meanwhile, Jesse Ventura all he does is spread hate.  Chris tried to spread love.  Chris tried to help.”