WATCH: Are we failing our troops on the homefront?

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They’re in the hospital and they’re supposed to be either doing healing, either physical or emotionally, it sucks to be trapped somewhere so just being able to get out and about and only be surrounded by vets you don’t have to worry about some psychiatrist or a doctor. You’re just out there one with the guys again, having fun, cutting up and it’s just being in the outdoors it seems to really progress their healing process and they get along so much faster to where the hospitals have now said, “whenever you want them, you just take them because when they come back they’re on a high for about two or three weeks.” – Chris Kyle on helping veterans when they return from war.

Tonight on the Glenn Beck Program, Glenn hosted an episode dedicated to honoring the troops and, in the wake of Chris Kyle’s murder, finding real ways to help them when they return from war. He harshly criticized the lack of real care provided for our veterans when they return home from war, and advocated for an attitude shift towards veterans and PTSD .

“There’s no greater act of love than deciding to lay down your life for another,” Glenn said. “Chris Kyle dedicated his life to this country and when he was done serving on the battlefield and then he continued his life of service.”

Following his service, Kyle became actively involved in charitable programs that counseled veterans who were returning from war and adjusting to civilian life.

Glenn told the audience they should be inspired by Kyle, not only for his service on the battlefield but for his efforts to help his brothers in the military.

“Our soldiers need your help,” Glenn said. “They serve the country and the constitution with their dying breath. Their honor is at times so incredible it takes away your breath.”

War is hell, Glenn explained. Soldiers are thrown into the belly of the beast, going from building to building and cave to cave looking for people who want to destroy America. Their sacrifices and hardship are often taken for granted by those who get to enjoy their freedom without having to fight for it on the ground. Even if they survive and come home, the scars last forever. Feelings of intense shame and guilt remain. Moral injuries far more damaging than any physical wound. These feelings don’t leave when they get home and are not left on the battlefield.

When veterans return home, they get a pat on the back, a medal, and more often than not a diagnosis of PTSD prescription a dangerous side effects like depression and suicidal thoughts.

“These soldiers don’t need wonder drugs,” Glenn said. “They need each other.”

Glenn said that veterans often rely on one another to understand what war was like and the difficulties that come when returning home. Glenn used his own alcoholism as an example. He noted it’s easy for an alcoholic to lie to doctors but other alcoholics can instantly recognize the warning signs.

Men like Chris Kyle provided that support to fellow veterans and helped them get through the tough times just by being there.

“Only somebody who has been through it is helpful,” Glenn said. “Whatever happened is not something I can possibly relate to or help. And quite honestly, neither can a doctor with all of his super-smart textbooks.”

“Turning our vets into over-drugged, emotionless zombies is not the answer,” he said. “It’s a national disgrace. We have an obligation to the people who have done things in our name.”

“Human beings are not built to wage a perpetual war with multiple deployments.”

Glenn related a story of how he spent time with a Vietnam veteran when he was young, and Glenn promised himself at the time he would never be part of a generation that treated its troops like those during Vietnam. Glenn held a series of tour stops, Rally for America, that encouraged Americans to treat the troops like heroes when they came home. Glenn thought it was easy to just get people to treat them with respect, but respect wasn’t enough.

“Because we think we are treating our veterans right, we are allowing another generation of Vietnam to happen.”

Glenn said Washington needed to drop the red tape and that state leaders and churches needed to fill the gap in aid provided for veterans.

“We can do something,” Glenn told the audience.

“Let me put this into perspective one last time, the vets we are talking about, most of them signed up after 9-11,” Glenn said. “While you and I wanted to figure out what was going on with our country, these guys went to battle.”

Glenn said we needed to change our attitude. Slapping veterans with a disorder label and giving them pills won’t solve the problem. Glenn hoped that the lesson Americans learn from this tragedy is that veterans don’t have a sickness that can be fixed by a doctor, but they simply need help that comes from the support of fellow soldiers.

Mercury One is now raising money to honor Chris Kyle. Glenn encouraged his audience to go to Mercury One to donate. One hundred percent of the funds raised will go to The Chris Kyle Memorial and The FITCO Fund, a non-profit started by Chris Kyle to help veterans overcome PTSD. He hoped to raise over a million dollars to help veterans struggling with returning home.

  • Draxx

    God Bless All Soldiers that have Served in American Armed Forces (and their families)…

  • Draxx

    I have been saying that the Fed Gov’t was going to start attacking US Soldiers as Mentally Unstable, and PTSD is the Gov’t Gateway Drug to ruining Soldiers and Their Families Lives…

  • Anonymous

    Not only failing them on the homefront, but in some cases on the battle lines, apparently…
    NOT EVEN GIVING THEM HOT FOOD TO EAT?! Unbelievable, inexcusable, downright EVIL.
    WHO in hell is running the military these days, making such STUPID decisions–and these are only the few that we hear about! Heaven knows what else goes on.

    Article quote:
    “I am here and its breakfast time and the dining facility is CLOSED.
    There were a box of MREs out at dinnertime last night for the taking,
    but no one seemed to be taking them (no surprise)…so, I surmise, most,
    like myself, are simply skipping the most important meal of the day.
    Bad decision by someone. Hot chow in the morning is not only good, its
    good for morale. Probably why on missions or exercises when MREs are
    necessary, they are offered for the LUNCHTIME meal, with hot breakfast
    and dinners. Why do Soldiers here have two hot meals back-back w/in
    three hours of one another, and then go without for 18 hours? Doesn’t
    make sense. All leaders know (or at least should know), there are three
    things you don’t mess with: A Soldier’s mail, his money, or his chow.
    Hopefully common sense will eventually prevail.”

    • Anonymous

      I totally agree, if any cuts need to be made it is all our government officials paychecks need to be cut they don’t do their job anyway and give that money to the military.

  • Anonymous

    You think it’s bad now, just wait until the women start fighting on the front lines……..

    The best way in which to help the troops is to not send them out in the first place, but, sadly, too many have to relearn that lesson. End the welfare-warfare state, so all this non-sense will stop, now, and it won’t keep being repeated over and over again and again..

    What a monumental overreaction there has been to 911. amerika has turned itself into a super-banana republic. And just look at the results: It’s been over eleven years and does anybody think Iraq is in any better shape now than it was then? No, Iraq is no better than Vietnam was when U.S. forces pulled out. Does anybody think Afghanistan is a country which is making any real progress whatsoever, by any metric? For example, Afghanistan now supplies more drugs than ever before, so, if you want to be honest, the U.S. is getting bled dry for nothing because things are getting worse and not better. amerika is becoming a country hated by millions. If the trend continues, amerika will be hated by more people than the U.S.S.R. was in all of its police-state glory……….And remember, how, now, the loving government wants women to experience the same treatment as the men. The women can now become homeless, drugged out, soulless creatures, too.

    Yes, amerika needs more cannon fodder so it can prolong all of the wars its losing……….sounds like a great long-term strategy for total collapse. You think the fallout from Vietnam was bad? Well, you ain’t seen nothing yet……

  • sylvia mills

    I’ve been watching this very closely.  The trend is to label these guys so they can get ‘help’, right? While arguement on the second amendment has swung to an arguement about mental stability and keeping guns away from wackos. Mark my words, I’ve been saying this for years. I believe the case is slowly being made that will prevent those who actually know how to use the guns from owning them at all. PTSD does not necessarily make one a psychopath. I’m already worried there is a prejudicial trend in the job market against veterans who ‘may’ eventually, down the road, some day, possibly manifest mental problems connected with his/her service. By the way, I have never served, never been deployed. I’m just a wife and mom and grandmother who is a little tired of media manipulation by politically motivation.

  • Amy Drake

    Thank you for caring so much. My son served in Iraq with the USMC and later joined the AK Air National Gurard. We didn’t know the signs of what was going to happen. He took his own life in Sept 2012. Everyone says that our military lets these guys down when they come home. I am looking for a way to help stop this problem. I will continue to follow this group to get ideas. I do believe one important way to help is to inform the families!  They need to know what the signs are and what the options are. I do believe that the only ones who really know are the ones who have experienced it but we were told by 2 people that they shouldn’t have missed the signs because they had already been there, but they did. Thank you for putting this information out!

  • Sam Fisher

    I wonder what my Grandfather and great uncle went through in World War 2. What my uncle saw in Vietnam. We need to help our vets.

  • Jennifer Mobley

    As the wife of a Veteran with PTSD, and having to deal with the veteran care system, and the veteran comp system, I can tell you they have dropped the ball all around. They are ten years behind in knowing how to even approach it let alone treat it. Add in the fact there is not help for those that support and take care of the veterans. We have been dealing with this for six years now and we are no closer to getting him to a point where he can even remotely function in public. Ask almost any soldier why this is so hard and affected so many and most will tell you that it is the lack of gratitude from America and the fact that they have not been allowed to finish the job. They cannot say “We did it” or “We won the war”. They are greeted not with flags, parades and honor, but with hate, disgust and indifference.

  • John Wright

    There are wars worth fighting and those not. How do we know
    the difference?


    Only a war approved
    by CONGRESS is worthy of a free people.


    Unfortunately, Congress conflicted their representative power for the people in 1965 and made war against the people by not approving the war but funding the war and approving the
    draft (for Vietnam).


    We became a certified Nation divided, and we now all are a mirror of the House of Representatives! We prove
    this in every new war and are responsible because we now volunteer for whatever war the President
    wants and no longer need the draft.

    A House divided won’t stand, but while it collapses we must unite and try to make right what we made wrong.

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