Congressman: Illegal immigrants aren’t illegal

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Yesterday during a hearing on immigration policy held by the House Judiciary Committee, Representative John Conyers (D-MI) passionately expressed his displeasure with the word “illegal” (apparently the fact that these people have illegally entered our country and are living undocumented is just semantics).

CONYERS: I hope no one uses the term ‘illegal immigrants’ here today. Our citizens are not – our – the people in this country are not illegal. They are out of status. They are new Americans that are immigrants, and I think that we can forge a path to citizenship that will be able to pass muster.

“They’re illegals. They’re illegals. They’re illegals. They’re illegals. They’re here illegally,” Glenn said on radio this morning.

“Don’t use that term, Glenn,” Pat responded in his best Conyers impersonation. “They are new Americans… They’re out of status.”

You may notice Conyers initial slip of the tongue (a Freudian slip perhaps?), in which he refers to illegal immigrants as “our citizens.” He goes on to day that these people are not illegal, but “out of status.” With that mindset, it sounds like amnesty has already been granted.

“They just don’t have paperwork filled out,” Pat concluded. “They’re missing a post-it note – that’s all. It says they can come here.”

  • Draxx

    Saying that “illegal immigrants are not illegal”, is the same as saying “Legal American Citizens Aren’t Legally Here…”, hmmm, I don’t like it!

    • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      Draxx – the reason you don’t like it is simple: the democrats are playing a grand chess game of Machiavellian proportions and are nearing the end game for 20 Million future voters, plus all of the children they have or will have as well.

      We are talking about two generations of voters and future voters, that is the prize the democrats are going for in regards to the illegal immigrants.

      Remember, the leftists play for the long, multi-generational game, look at the gains they can make five or six steps down the line and see their actions unfold. 

      • Draxx

        I agree with you, but until we get rid of this “I’m too good to do Manual Labor” Attitude… the Lazy People Will Keep Hiring Immigrants!  Here in Oregon there are so many illegal immigrants because they can Get a Driver’s License Without Documentation Easier Than I Can Being Natural Born American!  Once they have a Drivers License they can get Credit Cards, Buy Homes, Buy Things On Payments To Get A Credit Record; and this all leads to Documentation That Proclaims Them As Citizens illegally!  Many More come here and Do Not Succeed in being productive, and they or their children become the Real Issue… more welfare and taxes to support them by Legal Americans (and they say we are not charitable)!

        I Do Not Have a Problem With People Coming Here To Better Their Lives!  But, I Do Have A Problem With People of All Nations That Do It Illegally!!!  And Leaching Off Of Us Hard Working Americans That Are Doing The Right Things In Life…

        • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

          I understand completely, I have worked on a tree farm and landscaping business of my grandfathers and know what hard, physically demanding work is all about.

          The laws of immigration are not the main problem – the enforcement of them is! We need to get that end taken care of, which means ousting the Democrats and all others who refuse to enforce the laws already on the books, and get people in who will.

          • Anonymous

            Im really beginning to think its all just a ” dog and pony ” show.  Its seems to be all about vested interests, the democrats are vested in big gov. and surfdom, the repubs are vested in big business and cheap labor, 50% of the country is vested in entitlements, and the middle class is stuck with investing in all of them. All of us “Americans”, conservatives,constitutionalists, patriots and tea partiers are just in there way. The last straws for me lately was the republicans that voted for the f-16’s and tanks to egypt and Rubio and McCain bringing forth immigration reform for Obama. God Bless us all, were gonna need it.

          • Anonymous

            Yes I agree – but you my friend have to understand  -what else are they going to use to kill americans if not the weapons we give to them – besides I can’t even put what I want to say in words anymore……- just like 100 years ago they had their camels today they get our F-16 and enough firepower to blow us off. And Our 3-some Obummer, Reid and Pelosi make me want to puke evertime I see them – with their insane grins!! us !

        • Robert A. Davis

          There are laws on the books that say thast even if you come here through the legal channels, you are NOT to become a ward of the state, which means no benefits witin 5 years, now they show up and can draw all sorts of them. Meanwhile, the CITIZENS, have to prove they are worthy of getting what we actually have a right or privilege to.

      • know it some

        It makes no difference if anyone gets amnesty. With the way Republicans talk, hispanics will always vote Democratic. 

        • Robert A. Davis

          Why can’ the Repugs just address the people witout pidgeonholing them? The filth is palpable.

        • Stephen Musclow

          1) Being a conservative does not mean Republican. 
          2) It’s not a racial issue, we are against ALL immigrants that come here illegally. 

          Do you honestly believe our enemies do not see how easy it is to enter the US undetected? It’s sad that it will take another 9/11 for some people to wake up.

      • savy

         I am ashamed and embarrassed this guy is  my rep from Detroit, stone cold commie.Conyers never disappoints.He usually has his stupid looking hat on. I try to talk to the folks around my steel fab shop 12 people laid off and gone for 5 years , massive industrial city all the systems have been dismantled and shipped any where but America…No robust making of things no America we will never out do the spending other wise and we have to stop whacking 330.000 of our own future vto do .. got me praying and working …word from Detroit

        • Anonymous

          I feel for you !  He is a real piece of crap. He is just as bad as all these dems who want nothing more that to further line their pockets.. It dosn’t matter how, just getting it is all that counts.  Fire them,  all of them  without their packages of benefits and stuff. No pensions they made enough money out of the taxpayers.!!

      • Robert A. Davis

        You are so right young Lady.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    The senator has demonstrated one more move to try and make illegal aliens ‘acceptable’ to the rest of the nation. This is a game of chess and so far the democrats are far in the lead with the final checkmate to come in short order unless the Republicans get their act together soon.

    Illegal is illegal, if you are here in violation of our immigration laws, then you are illegally here and thus a criminal.

    • Anonymous

      We started immigration proceedings 11 years ago for our som.  after 9 years we finally gave up – The whole system stinks to high heaven.  You have to come in undetected hopefully be criminal and Grampa Conyers will take you under his wing, That A..hole really thinks he can make saints out of criminals. – you know what JC  – go and testdrive a casket !!!

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    How about this, we start declaring members of Congress who refuse to acknowledge the truth of the laws of our land as ‘unfit for office’ and demand they be impeached at once.

    • Barry Levy

      how about we kick out of office those that don’t want to uphold the laws of this land, which include immigration laws.

      • Cindy Walton

        who knows what the immigration laws are anymore ,they keep changing.  I think we should go back to the original laws of immigration a stick with it. Agreed on everything else.

    • know it some

      Where were you when Bush was trashing the Constitution?!?

      • Robert J

        Examples please

        • know it some

          Patriot act, torture, secret prisons, lying to take us to war, etc.

          And yes, I hate how much Obama is continuing Bush’s policies.

          • Anonymous

            We don’t need to know what prision we take the terrorists to or what means we use to get info to save American American lives. Oh, and water boarding is not torture. 

          • Anonymous

             I’m inclined to disagree.  I know I’m going to get flack for this, so whatever.  Nevertheless, that mentality is the one that they have for the spreading of Islam through Jihad.  The way we act is what makes us who we are.  Otherwise, we are no better than they.  Don’t get me wrong–I don’t support Obama at all.  Nor did I Bush.  They were both wrong.  Protecting Bush isn’t the  right course.  Glenn has already pointed out that Bush also raped the constitution (may be taking a little liberty with what he said), but that we supported him because he was better than the other guy.  I’ve had enough of the best of two evils.  It is better to fail in a just cause than to succeed in a flawed one, because in your success comes failure.

          • Janet Butler

            If you think Bush was lying about the reasons for going to war, then every single member of Congress who supported it–including Hillary, Kerry, and a host of others–was also lying. I suppose they’re all guiltless in that, though. Yup. Of course they are. Puh-leeeeeze. The UN enabled Saddam to lie, to move his WMD, and to avoid being inspected. If you don’t know this…you weren’t paying attention much when it was actually happening. Was that Bush’s fault, too? And as for the Patriot Act? Do you actually KNOW what the Patriot Act said, or are you just doing the usual liberal knee-jerk reaction to “invasion of privacy ohmygod”? Secret prisons? If they’re secret, how do YOU know about them? And we mustn’t forget torture. No, sir. Bush is CLEARLY the only leader of a world nation who has EVER used torture on ANYONE at ANY TIME. Uhhhh, yup. You know, it’s a shame when it’s this easy. Go back to class now. You’ve got some learning to do. 

          • Kyle Anthony Moore

            Bush might have enacted the NDAA but Obama doubled down on it. Increased the spy drone count over America from 2000 to 15,000..”Secret kill list” was enacted by Obama as well…Along with a really broad definition of who Obama can target with an armed spy drone on American soil so broad that it leaves it open for multiple interpretations.  

          • Joy Galloway-Kennison

            Better brush up on your facts jack. It has come to light that “Bush’s policies” ie the patriot act was actually written by Joe Biden your god’s right hand man. ANd I don’t think you can compare “waterboarding” that went on under Bush to the Drone attacks and kill list of Obama. 

          • William Barker

            why did a 76 yr old unarmed man killed by seals team. OBL should have been captured but he would have talked about how the USA helped him and who

          • Anonymous

            Lying to take us to war???!!!!!  Oh, that’s right!  9/11 was just a trumped up, government-induced, unprecedented attack on our nation.  No one was demanding blood…..just that war-mongering Bush! Yes, I am also convinced he made up WMD so he could bedevil us all and open himself up for personal attacks the likes of which Obama never receives for ACTUAL lies like Benghazi, Fast&Furious, etc, etc, etc.  As soon as Saddam found out we knew about them why, oh why, did he not just wait around for us to show up so that he could present those WMD’s gift-wrapped in a pretty, red bow for us?  They say there was “no evidence of WMD’s” as if Hussein didn’t have ample time to move.  Do I think Bush was perfect??  Absolutely not.  His “one world” philosophy is not the way we need to go either.  But I have never seen a man in office like the one we have now who can say “Let me be clear” out of one side of his mouth and lie so easily at the same time out of the other, even though he is a politician.  He is all about “leveling the playing field” by distributing the wealth, getting rid of our nuclear weapons (and don’t kid yourself this is NOT his intention), giving amnesty to illegals, closing Gitmo so there is nowhere for mass-murdering, lying, international terrorists and criminals to go but within the US, and making a mad attempt at decimating the 2nd Amendment. Look at Pres O’s own book Words From My Father and you’ll know what he’s all about. 
            Now let’s use drones to zero in on US citizens who “might be” a terrorist or criminal.  Just as bad….no worse than Gitmo if you ask me.

      • Anonymous

         Anything to divert the issue, ay!! Typical liberal. Never say die.

      • Colleen29

        Gotcha.  So you seem to be saying, if one president does something to get around the Constitution, then it’s okay for every other president to do the same. 

        I guess it’s just fine and dandy Obama to push the the envelope further and see just how much of our Constitution he can do away with, right?  Next thing you know, Obama, the man who swore to uphold and defend our Constitution, will be giving the okay to murder American citizens – the real kind, not the ones who are “out of status” without benefit of due process simply because the DoJ suspects that person might possibly some day in the indefinite future pose some kind of vague threat to the US.  Oh yeah, they already said it was okay to do exactly that. 

        Doesn’t it worry you that our current administration wishes to give more rights and protections to people who enter our country illegally than to our own legal citizens? 

        By bringing up transgressions (real or perceived) of former presidents in order to excuse current transgressions is tantamount to a child saying, “But Johnny did it first” in order to justify his own bad behavior. 

    • Brian

      Oh leopard….those hurtful words! “Unfit.” “Impeached.”  Can’t you find any fluffy words to replace them?  “Demand” is pretty harsh, too.  Can we not simply “ask?” : )

      • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

        Here are my ‘fluffy’ words….

        Your fired.
        No benefits
        No retirement
        No health care
        No perks
        No fringe benefits
        IRS audits for life (four times a year)
        Investigations for all crimes committed
        Indictments for all crimes
        Trials for all crimes
        Maximum jail time for all crimes.

        You see, nothing hurtful about these words, I felt nothing at all.

    • Shane

      Guys like this are idiots and traitors. To these liberal twits all illegal aliens are really undocumented Democrat voters.

  • landofaahs

    Is Conyers the same ding-a-ling congressman DEMOCRAT that was worried about the people all on one side of an island tipping it over?  I don’t remember because these stupid liberal statements are too numerous to keep track of.  Anyway, if all those illegals come to America, won’t the continent tip over?
    Keep them illegals coming, we need to get wages down to $1 a day.  Bust them unions.

    • Anonymous

       …maybe that’s when California breaks off and falls into the ocean, maybe there’s something more to this amnesty for aliens after-all….welcome to America our Spanish speaking Mexican neighbors and to the safe haven of the Californian border….come one ..come all….the more the weight….the faster the fall….

  • Soulphoenix

    Conyers is a world-class loon. What a slap in the face to those who have gone through the LEGAL process to be here and waited up to EIGHT YEARS just to get a green card. Dennis Miller heard from a caller today about a Canadian girl who wanted to be a U.S. Marine, and so applied for a green card, spent her final two years of high school here, then enrolled in college here … and eight years later finally received the green card so she could enlist.

    And illegal immigrants (who have VIOLATED THE LAW, hence the proper term “illegal”) can just show up here, and because there are so many of them and the Dems want to pander to them for political purposes … boom, they get amnesty?

    Most politicians are far worse than ambulance-chasing lawyers – they’re just illegal immigrant-schmoozing vote chasers. It’s not compassion, though they’ll wrap themselves in it – it’s pure greed.

  • Sam Fisher

    That is liberalism for you open broader. Liberals claim to
    be for women’s rights but yet are not willing to secure the broader where thousands
    of women and children are being sold as sex slaves. They call us racist but
    treat Mexicans as little more than underpaid slaves to do jobs they are too
    lazy to do themselves and thinking they are the 99 they think no one else will
    do them even tho there are people in this country looking for any work to keep
    themselves from losing their homes and to feed their family. They claim to want
    to protect are children from gun violence but yet ignore the violence happen
    right a crossed the broader that spill over to our side and people die from
    Cartel violence.

  • landofaahs

    If they are not illegal, why do we even have an immigration office or for that matter, immigration laws?  Talk about an anal retentive idiot.  I bet if we proposed an illegal immigrant tax the democrats would be all for that.  Oops, there is a tax the “illegals” have to pay.  Why would they have to pay a fine if the did not do something illegal?

    • Anonymous

      the new PC way of spelling the word “immigration” is as follows….”imagination” office, having imaginary laws. 

  • Anonymous

    I love watching conservatives dis Hispanics, it’s just so rewarding in the end to all us Democrats.

    • Anonymous

      A pandering progressive says Hispanics.  Not me.

    • landofaahs

      What will you do when the economy collapses and the illegals start heading back to their country of origin because there is nothing left to steal? URA Cretan alright.

  • Anonymous

    That slip was priceless.  It was almost: “Our citizens are not illegal.”  I wonder if people who reside in other countries can be considered “out of (USA) status”.

    Want to play the word game?  How about: Trespassers? Violators Of Soverignty? Spies?

    • Anonymous

      How about GATE CRASHERS? How about INVADERS?

  • Barry Levy

    what is the problem with those elected to hold office and swearing an oath to uphold and defend the laws of this country, obeying the laws on immigration, or better yet, they can have as many illegal immigrants as they want, as long as they provide completely for them out of their own pocket,

  • longliveUSA

    OK. If these f##king politicians refuse to secure our borders then we have to do it.

  • Coach

    “In the
    likely event that your liberal mainstream media has not informed you of the
    current situation in the Middle East, Newsmax just released this breaking story:”


    Iran Now Claims to be Nuclear Power


    Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad,
    who is in Cairo, Egypt, for the Islamic Convention
    and talks with the Muslim Brotherhood,
    today announced that his nation now possesses nuclear technology, something the
    international community has worked to prevent.

    International sanctions have been in
    place against Iran since
    July 2006, as countries around the world have sought to stop Iran from
    developing nuclear weapons. In fact, it was during the recent presidential
    election campaign that President Barack Obama once again assured the
    people of the United States
    and Israel that
    was at least two years from developing a nuclear weapon.


    up, people! Barack Hussein Obama is a traitor who wants “nuclear
    parity” for his Muslim brothers in the Middle East so they
    can blast Israel off the map
    while threatening our country with nuclear terrorism … and now Iran claims to
    have developed a working nuclear weapon. How much more proof is required to
    brand Obama as a traitor and arrest and imprison him for treason? Islam is not
    a religion of peace and tolerance that Obama would have us believe. Are we
    supposed to wait until we hear the Muslim call to prayer being
    broadcast over loud-speakers placed around the radioactive rubble
    that was once our nation’s capitol?”


    “All Americans,
    regardless of race, religion, or political affiliation should be outraged. The
    time for talk is over. The time for action is now. We must take back our
    country and prepare ourselves for war against the dark forces of Islam … forces
    which have been armed to the teeth by our own president … while he has been
    busy sabotaging our economy, bankrupting our government, racially dividing our
    country, dismantling and corrupting our military, and attacking traditional
    American family values and religious beliefs.”


    “We have
    had enough of the traitor, Barack Obama.”

  • Anonymous

    That’s like saying a gay person is no longer gay

    • Anonymous

       Some are angry…

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

     So then if someone was to build an unregistered machine gun it’s not illegal……..
    They just have an undocumented gun and ATFE should leave that person alone……..
    ignoring one law while enforcing the rest is not the way to run a country… IF the government
    refuse to enforce one law how is it then that we as citizens are to contiue to respect or obey
    the laws as they now stand?  They cannot pick and choose what laws they will enforce they cannot have it both ways!

  • Coach

    This is pure insanity! Obama and the Democratic party want to reward 24 million lawbreakers with U.S. citizenship. And let’s not forget that Obama’s “blanket amnesty and citizenship” includes his illegal aunt and uncle, as well as an estimated 1.3 million Muslims, more than 100,000 of whom are here as “political refugees.” Yep! Those camel-corking, bomb-packing
    Islamic fanatics are included too!

    • John

      sir  –  well over 50 million of them

    • Karen Jourden

      Most don’t want citizenship. They want all the freebies and jobs!!!

  • jamohio

    They are not only illegal immigrants, they are criminal illegal immigrants!!

    • know it some

      Department of redundancy department.

    • Shawn Walsh

      isnt it just a civil offense and not criminal hence making them not criminals?

      • Joel Stoner

        No it is not a Civil Offense. It is a Criminal Offense.

    • Robert A. Davis

      No, According to the laws, they are Illegal Aliens. Now where does it say in the Immigration Act that they are undocumented Immigrants?  Only the legally processed aliens are immigrants. Conyers is a freakin’ crooked foolish idiot of the highest Liberal/Progressive elitist shltheads.  He calls them our newest Citizens?? WTF. Nowhere else can they get away with it, especially in friggin Mejico. One World Order? 

      Why are we importing muzzies into our country?  Because the shtheads want to be under sharia laws? I don’t think so, at least the True Americans don’t.  I’ve watched military aged male muslim aliens come into this country since 2001 seeking asylum, and they don’t assimilate to the western or American cultures. They kill their daughters because the girls become “Too Westernized”.  ‘Both’ the parents and the sons, conspire to kill them, and do it for being human and because of a violent backward way of life.

      They practice brutal sexual disfigurement on the females by cutting the clitoris and inner labias, then sewing their vaginas shut, with a section for the male to have intercourse and produce offspring to teach their hate to.  They do it with now anestesia ( spelling)It is the devils way of life.  Their god is not like Our Loving God, They are still stuck in the Old Testament.  I’ve seen video of a male child caulght stealing a piece of bread, they wrapped his arm in a towel, then ran a pickup thruck to break his arm.  Look up any information that pertains to the above described rituals, and you will see an American Judge allowing the Somalian sexual mutilation of the females of that sect or state right here in the U.S. . Ethiopia, pakistan, everywhere where it is followed, sharia law is wrong. When someone says believe like me, or I will kill you, that is something to think about and prepare for.  Right now in San Diego, or more particularly El Cajon, we have a population of about 20-25 thousand possible jihadists? In Dearborn , Michigan, there is about 50 thousand violent ones. I watched a video ( Dearborn) on youtube that showed adults and parents watching youths throwing bottles and other projectiles, yelling epithets at Christian Men.  The cops let all that violence go, and removed the Christians from the area because of the shoddy excuse of lack of manpower, yet further down the road, 8 officers stopped,. detained and released them.  What does that say for the current affairs opf our country, our way of life, and the current road our misguided leadership is driving the ship over the waterfalls? That they would allow violent mobs to attack people and get away with it? Not on my watch.

      • Anonymous

        Finally, someone who has it correct!  They are aliens, not immigrants.  As such, they are criminals – period!

    • Anonymous

       The “illegal” part of that phrase sort of makes the word “criminal” redundant.

    • Anonymous

       I think the word “illegal” sort of covers the “criminal” part.  No need for redundancy.  “Illegal” says it all.

  • Norman Henry

    There is no such thing as an “illegal immigrant.” Illegal and immigrant together is a contradiction of terms. The term immigrant applies only to a person who acquires immigrant status legally.

  • Mildred Fischer

    John Conyers is right.  The illegals are out of status by lacking the status of legal.  They do have  a status though and that is the status of a criminal.  They created their criminal status by entering the country in an illegal status rather than a legal status.  While I say John is right, I also must say he is in a stupid status and has been in the stupid status for years.  One think about it, if we send the illegals out of status back to their home countries we can change their status from illegal, crimal status to legal status.  However, regardless of what is done for Jon Conyers, his status will always be stupid.

  • John

    so, the whole world is “out of status”, some of them in different countries. 😉
    Illegals in USA have broken the Federal Law (border crossing, document falsification, etc) , and it is OK?People from Europe are waiting for decades to emigrate to USA.
    Our elected officials are showing us middle finger

  • czechsix

    “apparently the fact that these people have illegally entered our country and are living undocumented is just semantics).”

    Apparently you guys are doing the same thing. These people have entered our country illegally…and are living here ILLEGALLY……

    There, fixed it for you.

  • Karen

    If the Democrats thought for one second that the illegal aliens were going to vote Republican we would see the border secured and every illegal deported (including their “anchor babies”.

  • Anonymous

    Congress refuses to obey the laws it passes. They want to ban guns that will undoubtedly make felons out of millions of law abiding gun owners while making law abiding citizens out of millions of felon illegal immigrants. What a trade!!!!

  • Canadianlady


  • Linda Turner

    I’d like to see the Senator try that argument from a Mexican prison after slipping over the border without a passport. 

  • Anonymous

    Why doesn’t anybody raise their voice during this idiot’s diatribe? NO sane person should be allowed to say illegal immigrants aren’t illegal. Conyers should be evaluated by a psychiatrist to see if he’s got some kind of disorder or is just stupid. Maybe he’s been sitting there too long and is going senile. 

  • Connie Stanson

    I don’t care what Rep. John Conyers want’s. When your in America without citizenship you are an  illegal. Period ! I am so fed up with what America has turned into. When I was growing up You HAD to be a citizen of the United States, before you could A president. You did Not bad mouth or make fun or slander Christianity. You didn’t bring in Illegal’s into the Government and give them top of the line jobs. You didn’t go abroad and apologize for the actions of the United States. and you didn’t allow Muslim Brotherhood in America and let them have Sarah Law in one of our States, (maybe more cities or states now, I don’t know) Like Dearborn Michigan !  Since when do we give money, and/or F- 16 Fighter Jets. Come on ! What are we going to do about all of this. Just sit on the side lines and watch America being taken away from us. Rally does not work, Petition does not work, Voting doesn’t work. What exactly what are we going to do about this ? I really want to know. 

    • Robert A. Davis

      I see you wrote Sarah, that denegrates Sarah oif the Holy Bible, I know it was a misspelling, but yes, sharia is here, and they are making inroads into our Nation of Laws. I don’t like it, yes, what is the answer to what to do? God.  As long as we are under His Protection, no one can overcome.  Unfortunately, His Protection is not a collective thing like Oblamer says. I do not adhere to any man made religeons, that is why I am a beleiver of Christ Jesus, His Way, is to everlasting peace, and he will bring it, however no one knows the time.  Untruths are abundant in this nation, we have been a Christian Nation until lately, God does understand that we are trying, but evil is in the house, so your redemption in Christ is and always has been a solo journey.

  • Take 2

    People…with a big brain…why do you think things are so screwed up.  At some point the truth of Barry ? Dunham comes out.

    Which means, we cannot be calling them illegal or aliens.

  • dennis reilly

    I don’t see the filthy rich Conyers helping any of these new immigrants he speaks of with his money. Nor do I see him setting an example and invite them to live in his spacious home. What a liar and hypocrite  this man is!!!

  • Garry Nosworthy

    Hi to all the GB audience, I must say I had a sense of DejaVu when I read the bit about not describing illegal aliens as ‘illegal’. I live in Australia and my country is being flooded with what we describe as illegal boat people, i.e. mostly muslim refugees, economic migrants etc arriving on our northern shores illegally in wooden fishing boats from Indonesia mostly. Our socialist Gillard government through our media oversight body, the Australian Press Council has threatened the print & news media with punitive action if they continue describe these people as ‘illegal’  
    It seems our governments lunacy is contagious but it seems to be a contagion that only effects socialists & progressives 

    • Robert A. Davis

      Not only that Garry, It is a “Fundamental way to take over countries” by the islamists caliphate.   

  • LanaJeanB

    maybe they meant “out of State/US”, and not “out of status”

  • CharlyO

    How has this idiot stayed in office? Because the bacteria in the Democrat party continue to vote for them. Pathetic excuse for a a member of Congress!

  • Anonymous

    OK so we cant call them illegals anymore….I guess we’ll have to call them they are…..they’re new defining name…bought and paid for “slaves” by the liberal elect who live in Washington DC 

    • know it some

      What’s an elect?

      • Anonymous

         look it up liberal

        • know it some

          Yeah, it’s not a noun. It’s a verb. You can’t be an “elect”.

          Were you home-schooled?

          • Anonymous

             Proud to be a conservative living in a capitalist nation, having a government duly elected by “WE The People” , and not by our neighbors in Mexico who sneak over our unprotected borders using the cover of night.

  • know it some

    Human beings are not illegal. Actions are illegal. These immigrants may or may not have done anything illegal, but they are not themselves against the law.

    And many who are here without documentation never did anything illegal.
    If your parents bring you into the US when you’re a child, they broke the law, but you did not.

  • Lucinda ( Lulu )


  • Wolfman Thomas

    illegal aliens are now illegal immigrantes

  • know it some

    You guys are totally missing the point.
    Amnesty is for people who were brought here as children. They didn’t commit any crime. Their parents did, but they did not.
    Meanwhile, they grow up here, go to school here, and excel here. We trained them, and we deserve to benefit from their education. You want to kick them out just when they graduate are are about to repay America for our largess?  That’s just stupid. Let them stay, and they will be loyal and productive Americans for the rest of their lives.

    • Anonymous

      talk about missing the point, you’re an idiot who thinks much to highly of herself.

      • know it some

        It’s not possible for me to think too highly of myself. That’s how awesome I am.

        • Anonymous

           nough said

  • Jefferson Davis Powell

    Drastically reform welfare and immigration reform will practically take care of itself.

    • know it some

      Too late, it’s already been drastically reformed.

  • Zachary Snyder

    Wow! Just Wow! The whole reason they are called “ILLEGAL Immigrants” are because they are Illegal. There is a difference between a citizen and an immigrant… I have no problem with immigration as a whole, in fact, without immigration our country wouldn’t have everyone that is here now, hell I may not even be in America because of one of my ancestors. The whole point is, that they are coming here illegally, not all of them, but a good majority are. If they came here in a civil, LEGAL way, everything would be fine and I would welcome you into the country of freedom (at least what freedoms we still have). The sad part is, I’m 17 years old… If more people my age 5-6 years ago had at least some of the common sense and knowledge that I have, maybe we wouldn’t have as many problems as we do now.

    • know it some

      If your parents took you to another country 5 years ago, would that be your fault? Would you be a criminal? Should you be kicked out of the US at 17 if you’ve been going to school here for years?

      • Anonymous

         At what point can it (illegal immigration) be considered an outright orchestrated attack on our sovereign rights as American citizens – it has to end now, or we are no longer a united nation….actually by not enforcing the existing laws already on the books has stripped us of most of our sovereignty anyway. 

  • Anonymous

    Saw posted somewhere else: Does this mean that if they have a gun ban and I don’t turn mine in, I’ll just be an “undocumented gun owner”??

    • Anonymous

       “yeah an undocumented gun owner who goes to jail” because you broke the law, no matter what illegals are called, they’re still breaking the law, but Liberal vote count must continue to rise at any means necessary…especially now that Obamas Socialist America is becoming  clearer by the day.

  • Zachary Snyder

    I guess so, of course that will be if we still have our Freedom of speech by then

  • Harold Mac


  • Anonymous

    How about the people from other countries that are here legally?  What about them?  I am a green card holder, who followed the law from begnning to the end, paid fees upon fees, obtained correct paperwork to work here legally, travel documentation, waited for years to obtain my permanent residence status, never complained or thought I was entitled to any special treatment, you know what, I don’t want to become a citizen of this country, I am appalled with the entire process, why should anyone get a free pass.  After working and living in the USA for years, paid my taxes, paid by bills, owned a house and I can’t vote, really???? Let’s just hand everything over to the illegals, give them free citizenship, parden me, I mean change their “status”, give them driving licences, the right to vote, welfare, the list goes on and on … what else shall we give up and give in to??  Truly I am a good christian person and like to help people, but a line has to be drawn somewhere and in my opinion that line has been greatly over stepped.  We as an nation are being taken advantage of, where’s all the help for our own citizens that need jobs, housing, food, transportation, why are we not helping them??  But instead, helping people that break the law daily by coming into the country illegally, if as Congressman Conyers stated  they are”out of status”  then why don’t they enter legally through the check-points, isn’t that what a law abiding person would do?

    • Kyle Anthony Moore

      You, sir, are a great American and should be allowed to vote. I applaud you for going through the process with patience. I really hope millions of others would follow your lead. There are many, many others that are going through the process with patience and integrity but are also appalled by millions of others that bypass the legal pathway of citizenship. I wouldn’t blame the ones that are appalled by this because I stand with them and with you. Thank you! 

    • Anonymous

       thank you my fellow American…great post

  • Anonymous

    When someone breaks into your house, I hope you don’t call it “Unlawful entry”.  They are “out of status residents” of your hom.

  • know it some

    Human beings are not illegal. Actions are illegal. These immigrants may or may not have done anything illegal, but they are not themselves against the law.
    And many who are here without documentation never did anything illegal.If your parents bring you into the US when you’re a child, they broke the law, but you did not.

    • Anonymous

      Mexico must become responsible for its own citizens, even if some of these people were born in America or elsewhere. Your argument no longer holds up, due to the fact that immigration laws have been on the books for decades – liberal and conservative self-centered political ilk are all equally guilty of pandering for votes and not upholding existing law.

    • greywolfrs

      They are against our laws. The fact that they came here illegally makes them LAW BREAKERS and ILLEGAL. They do not hold the status of a citizen, they do not have a green card, they have no documentation what so ever, that makes them illegal and breaking our laws. If a child is brought here by their parents illegally, it’s their parents fault and NOT this country’s problem. They have no one to blame but their parents.

      • Anonymous

        ” If a child is brought here by their parents illegally, it’s their parents fault and NOT this country’s problem. They have no one to blame but their parents.”

        So blame the parents, not the children. They did nothing wrong. We don’t punish children for the crimes of the parents.

  • Kyle Anthony Moore

    Every single man in our service, Army, Marine, Navy Seals, go through torture training and that includes them getting waterboarded. Waterboarding is the least of the least of all the different tactics of torture too.

  • Richard Tennyson

    This is so much BS!  Why do these dumbass politicians think that these people have any desire to become an American citizen! All they want to do is work and make a decent living so they can support their families, save some money and go back home to Mexico or wherever.  Give these people a legal chance to WORK in our country, NOT just become a DEM voter!  I am a roofing contractor and need men who will work.  I had to terminate a good worker from Mexico because my workers compensation insurance company would not cover his minor injury, even though he had worked for me three years prior!  I paid his hospital bill and he went to work for another roofer the next week since his ID and SSN did not match.  He has a 65 acre ranch in Mexico and had no intention of applying for citizenship.  These politicians make me sick.    

  • Anonymous

    Pssst … I am a woman, lol, just wanted to point that out.

    • Anonymous

      prove it.

  • Joy Galloway-Kennison

    The bleeding heart liberal mind set. They broke United States law and most likely international law by crossing our country’s border ILLEGALLY gues that would make them criminals and illegal. They are not citizens of this country. 

  • Anonymous

    How about every US Citizen who isn’t of Native American heritage is an illegal? Your ancestors stole the land of the people it belonged to. Illegals, haha. Go away Mr Beck and all who share your views.

  • RiseNFallofUSA

    undocumented implies that they had papers at one time allowing them to be here. Nonsense.

    • Anonymous

      Actually, most people who are here illegally entered legally on student, work, or tourist visas, and overstayed their visas. So they did have papers at one time allowing them to be here.

  • Anonymous

    They’re not “illegals”, they’re just UNREGISTERED DEMOCRATS!
    These new “Democrats” are already covered by Medicaid and will now be eligible for Obamacare. They receive welfare, disability, section 8 housing, WIC, food stamps, free schooling (complete with Federally funded breakfasts, lunches and dinners), scholarships, Obamaphones, and they can even vote (especially in places like Chicago)!
    All these benefits (and more) without ever having to pay one penny in taxes, or without ever having to speak English!
    Our borders are being erased and the Communist goal of wealth redistribution is right on schedule. 

  • RiseNFallofUSA

    Can we call them parasites then, will that be okay with the braindead?

  • Anonymous

    John Conyers is actually a transgender female that had sexual reassignment surgery to become a man. He is just out of status with himself and believes he is a man, but he is still a female. It is the same thing as saying an ILLEGAL person is legal, just doesn’t have the paperwork filled out. Is Conyers prepared to reimburse the thousands of immigrants that spent thousands of dollars to enter legally. It is put up or shut up time John and if you are that stupid that you don’t know the difference between someone entering a nation illegally and someone that enters legally, you are a complete disgrace to mankind. Try sneaking into North Korea and they treat illegals with a firing squad. Try entering other countries and you rot in prison until you die. That is what they do to illegal immigrants, but keep deceiving yourself because your term of office is coming to an end and you will be judged according to your words and actions by those that do know the difference  between criminal and a real immigrant.

  • mudslide

     I prefer ‘law-breaking vagrants’.

  • LaVerne Velasco

    The trouble is, the government doesn’t know the mean of two words. Legal and ILLEGAL. Mexicans coming across the border with no papers are, ILLEGAL. If they bring a child with them, the child is ILLEGAL. I don’t give a DAMN how long he or she has been in the country. SCREW all of the congress that believe different. They are IDIOTS. WE all know that. ALL of em. It’s time to move on them. LEGALLY, of course. WAKE UP AMERICANS, your country is going to hell. Your president and people like him are doing it. Let’s STOP them NOW. WE have to do it, they won’t.   LARRY VELASCO, AMERICAN

  • Robert A. Williams

    And while were at it, lets loose the term “Rapist”, and in the future refer to them as “Unauthorized Sexual Surrogates”. And no more using the term “Robbers” or “Burglars”. From now on they are to be known as “Asset Reallocation Specialists”. Yeah – that’s the ticket.

  • Anonymous

    I prefer to refer to them as crimaliens.

  • Michael J. Simons

    . DEFINITION OF ALIEN;a·li·en  (l-n, lyn)adj.1. Owing political allegiance to another country or government; foreign: alien residents.

  • Nelson Stanley

    I hope no one uses the term –“Dumb cocksuckers” for our elected officials !!

  • Anonymous

    “They’re illegals. They’re illegals. They’re illegals. They’re illegals. They’re here illegally…”

    Conyers is a RACIST MORON. This is the jerk who wants REPARATIONS for blacks…
    Disgusting (BLEEP)!

    And didn’t HE &/or HIS WIFE have a *LEGAL* problem a while back?? Guess that LEGAL PROBLEM was not “ILLEGAL” either.

    Don’t be fooled by his quiet (WHINING) demeanor. The guy is a con-artist that should have been RELIEVED OF DUTY eons ago.

  • greywolfrs

    People who break our immigration laws ARE ILLEGAL. They have no documentation to support their legal status to be here, therefore ARE ILLEGAL.

    First, Reagan signed amnesty, then William “the Zipper” signed amnesty, now Obamao is talking about amnesty. When does it end? Every 15-20 years we have to give amnesty because SO many come here illegally. They know they will get amnesty at some point. This is rewarding law breakers. Left wing dolts say they only want a better life. Well, I want a better life for myself and my family, so I should be able to break the law to accomplish that goal. I think I should be allowed to rob banks to make that happen. Then when I get caught, they should pardon me, because I only want a better life for myself and my family.

    It’s time to handle it like Eisenhower did, deport them ALL, regardless of where they come from. If Eisenhower could do it, then we can do it NOW.

  • Geary Morales

    Usual rubbish… by Conyers… he’s the same inept who ridiculed the U.S. electorate for expecting Congress to actually read Obamacare before it was voted on.  Conyer’s is as disingenuous as they come… unprincipled in every way and manner.

  • John Boyd

    Using Conyers logic a bank robber is not a thief he’s just out of money.  They may be voting Democrat citizens when congress is done with them but until then they are illegal since that is by definition what a person who brakes a law is.  

  • Ken Alan Draper

    Mr. Conyers also went on to demand that no one use the term Bank robber, Instead calling those who steal money from banks “undocumented account holders”. he also railed against calling men who have sex with children pedophiles & insisted they be called senator.

  • Patricia Stover-Greener

    So after my driver’s license doesn’t get renewed right away, I shouldn’t be worried…..I’ll just be
    Out of Status!…..NO worries!!!! Tell that to a police officer and see how far you get as a legal American citizen. 

  • Anonymous

    The congressmen is absolutely right if you base there presence on ‘ Inherent Law’. What he doesn’t say exactly is how that plays out.


    everyone on here…obama did this, bush did this….see the common problem…..your fn government did it and your not doing anything about it…..baaaaaaaaaaaah.

  • Anonymous

    Obama has been arguing in courts for 4 years defending his qualifications to be president in this same manner. His argument has been based on his registration of Live Birth.When he has gone to court it is presumed the Justice is administrator/executor in the court unless challenged and Obama is the Trustee. By presenting himself with his Live Birth registration he is claiming Inherent rights. Legally that makes him the Administer/Executor and the Justice the Trustee. In all the challenges to Obama’s eligibility there has been no evidence allowed in the court to make that determination and they have been dismissed. All of these challenges have been dismissed. Why? Very simple,  Obama has made motions to not allow evidence and to dismiss. As the Trustee, the Justice has to do what the Executor asks or He is liable! That is what has been happening. One interesting observation: US Supreme Court made it so lawyers are disbarred if representing their client ‘ In Propia Persona’. Are Obama’s authorized representatives members of the Bar?

  • Anonymous

    Conyers is an idiot…literally.  Listen to him talk.  He hasn’t got brain cell one.  He spouts the liberal line without having a clue what any of it means.  All he knows is that he is supposed to dislike certain words.  Please remember.  This is the man who said the following with regards to Guam: “My fear is that the whole island will become so overly populated that it will tip over and capsize.”

  • Anonymous

    How about anyone who is not in our country legally are illegal any way you cut it or print it.  We should impeach everyone in Washington starting with Obama first and working our way down.  Have we forgotten they work for us, when were they ever given authority to make decisions on their own without our input.  Get them out – I say!!!

  • kahsha

    Not illegal????? Then just what the hell are they and why do we have a Border patrol???  I have no problem with people coming to our great country LEGALLY but when you break the law you automatically become illegal in my eyes!

  • A

    I prefer to refer to them as non-domestic criminals.

  • andy

    How does this guy keep his job?

  • Brian

    He also used the word “citizens” to describe them.  While a more basic definition of that word might apply, in the current context, he is wrong.  And besides, changing what words we use to describe them does not change the conditions of their existence here.  They are still here illegaly and they are indeed immigrants.  That is the definition.  So long as we’re all clear on that point…we can call them ‘intentionally and self-misplaced humans living in our country without proper authorization or credentials’ for all I care.  Just so that we don’t use ‘hurt words’ so that they don’t feel bad when we talk about them.  Who hires these new-speak, touchy-feely, vote panderers anyway?  If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go puke now.  Oh…sorry, I’m going to go relieve myself of my breakfast. Buenos dias.

  • Jim

    And Blue Sky will not be called blue from now on, how about “red spectrum lacking”. And State highways will now be called “Federal support lacking roads”. And my “Right Shoe” will now be called “My shoe lacking space for the toes of my other foot”. Or how my “Port or Starboard Arm”.

    John Conyers is the perfect example of the “Peter Principle”.  People rise to the level of their incompetence. You get promoted to get rid of you. Judging from the incompetence of Obama, Conyers could be the next President.

  • Jim

    Does anyone doubt that John Conyers is from Michigan?
    No wonder the State is bankrupt and people are moving out of that state in droves.
    Now he wants to do for the country what he has done for his state.

  • Jane Beard

    We have been demanding that Barry be impached for months now, and nothing happens, what does it take?

    • Anonymous

      Nothing. Ain’t going to happen. Give it up. 

      Or keep wasting your time, it’s fine with us. It keeps you busy.

  • Anonymous

    Somebody needs to explain to conyers the definition of illegal.IT MEANS BREAKING THE LAW.If this comes up for a vote,all the names should be posted on the news so we know who to hold responsible.Are these people too stupid to realize that when they become legal they will no longer work for low rages.Also they will elect their own.Those pushing it will be the first to go.

  • Dawn Brayton

    That’s fair. It’s like saying people who haven’t become citizens are here illegaly even though they came in the correct way. Since THAT’S a strange statement then it shouldn’t matter how people come in if they want to leave their country badly enough. Goodness knows Mexicans have plen-ty of reason to want to do that these days. 

  • William Barker

    impeachable for not doing thier jobs. Now some one start the paper work. 

  • Danny Grimes

    You Must Become a An American, Just Like Every Person That Is A Legal American. If You, Or Any Part Of Your Family Cannot Follow That Part Of The Process That Makes You Leagally A American, You Must , Follow The steps that Will Make you Legal….

  • Anonymous

    If someone is brought here as a child, their parents broke the immigration laws, but they did not, because they were minors. Hence some people who are here without proper documentation did NOTHING illegal.

    • ken.

      then let them stay as long as they turn in their parents and have them deported and not be allowed to return for at least 10 years and also pay all the education, medical, back taxes and other costs in full.

  • ken.

    illegals aren’t illegal, criminals are not criminals, mentally unstable aren’t mentally unstable. terrorists are not terrorists, etc,… as long as they are leftists and vote democrat.

  • Jason Lattimer

    This is the same dimwit who made the now famous, ” read the bill comment” isn’t it?

  • Anonymous

    Who in this country is going to do the right thing and uphold our own laws?

  • luis nunez

    THE Land of opportunity,has become the land of opportunistics,where people come to this land and instead of taking advantage of the problability of becoming somewhat fruitful,the are reaping other people success by taking advantage of the goverment hand out,they rather take ,than give of themselfs by been productive citizens,they should not be allow to become dependents of a hard working society,that pay high taxes to be given to people that does not deserve it.they should be bar form this country and send back.!

  • Anonymous

    I am a Green Card holder and legal immigrant from Ukraine. My husband is an American. My parents tried to receive a visitor’s visa to come and visit me 3 times already during the last couple years. And all 3 times they received a denial from American Embassy. Why does the American government break my family denying the right to my parents to visit for 2 weeks their daughter? Why are my parents treated like they have done something wrong already. My father was very humiliated, the paper he received says that he didn’t prove that he is not a “potential illegal immigrant”. He is an honest, hard working man who wants to see his little girl. I have 5 days vacation a year, I can’t visit my family. I work from 8 to 12 hours a day and pay taxes to American Government. This is ridiculous. People who came to the states  ILLEGAL are not supposed to be treated as illegal. Please, American Government, answer me and my other LEGAL friends immigrants why do you break our families and our hearts????????

  • Anonymous

    first of all they use to call illegal immigrants, illegal aliens. and alot of the
    immigrants form different country’s came here legally with paper work.
    by the way bush was actually doing his job and yes he did follow the constitution
    of the united states. he also got rid  of Saddam hussian.

  • Kate Furgurson

    People are not “illegals” and the term is not legally accurate. “Illegal alien” and “illegal immigrant” are incoherent terms from the standpoint of immigration law. Immigration judges and ICE attorneys don’t use the terms because they are meaningless in the context of immigration proceedings. The Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA), the highest administrative body for interpreting and applying immigration laws, does not use the terms either. Ethical journalism includes respect for due process. It’s accepted practice to use the words “accused, “purported,” or “alleged” before a case is resolved legally. I know journalists are careful to show respect for due process and a person’s constitutional rights, but this term does not. Using language that paints whole groups of people as criminals feeds into a national frenzy that scapegoats innocent people for the faults of failed public policy.

  • Elizabeth WallaceDi Francesca

    I was in Lansing, Michigan to actually see the House and Senate in Action, it was like seeing a room filled with ignorant morons shamefully calling themselves representatives of the most impoverished, messed up state in the US.
    I wish we could form committees in each state to combat this liberal progressive, ultra ignorance..a game plan to destroy this nation in which they have not a clue, that the elitists who use them for their dirty work will come after them first in Agenda 21…You should come to the Oregon and see the network of Communist-enviromentalist morons and their plans now to make all ILLEGALS immediate registered voters, and citizens through the DMV.. We { white Americans] jobless, homeless, whose kids pay full college tuitions with no grants/ I thought the illegals had more then enough of stealing from the American people until now, they strip our tax refunds by the billions and IRS does nothing, they write illegal papers and IRS hands them thousands—- no one is asking one question when they do this, ” Are these people void of a moral conscience of their own ? Who comes to another country and begins stealing from them ? And IRS and the courts, that would jump on any of you allows [ them ] to get away with it. Our immigrant grandparents did not come to this country with hate on their minds, they worked their way through it all and did not live off the system while telling [ US] how no good we are……….this has to stop.
    Watch and see what they do by  Oct 2014 with the Health care, I hope you all understand the race mixing, the raping of America is all by design and a very spiritual warfare. I believe it was Clinton who said in a speech one day ” I can’t wait to look out over the crowd and see all brown faces” can you figure out what he meant by that statement ? The goal to to banish the bloodline of Sarah and Abraham. You don’t like “religion” ? Then why are you supporting these “religious wars” and countries and sending [ the formed state of ] Israel millions per day of Americans money ? Don’t take sides, come home and fix America !! Forgive student loans of America kids if you can “hand out free education to illegals”. Is this a common sense question and answer ? I say it is  “in your face” as they intended it to be by now.

    My freind [ a white women ] was raped, strangeled and beatten by an illegal in Mc Minnville, OR working for a huge warehouse, when he went to jail they found out, he was sent back to Mexico 4 times, and had prior assaults on women.But then to be far, we also have a Assistant AG who as a drunk beat, kicked, punched and strangled her lesbian girlfriend and was back at work in two weeks, with the Oregonian stating, ” How happy she was to be “putting this behind her and getting back to work ” [ she prosecuates, DV cases !!]
     It is the American whites and yes, the Christian Conservatives too scared of that 501c3 greed – walking with the tares of “tolerance” who say nothing and let their own people/sheeple be plundered. Try living by the boarder states for a while. Tolerance is having to watch a 30 yr old American white girl still finishing college with no real jobs to pay off the $60 grant in tuition which her classmates had a free ride. Or her being sick and having no medical or dental insurance or enough money to even pay for the clinics while the illegals come in for free. We are going to lose this country to complete morons and this should not be the case.The circus has gone on long enough !! Welcome to Babylon…

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