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PC madness is officially out of control as schools are now flipping out any time a student plays cops and robbers or does anything involving even blatantly fake guns. Some kids have even been suspended for using their finger like a gun . Just the other day in Virginia, a ten-year-old boy was arrested for bringing a toy handgun to school!  It’s absolute madness but there is a reason behind all of it

The Washington Examiner explains:

A 10-year-old Alexandria boy was arrested after police said he brought a toy handgun to school on Tuesday, a day after he showed it to others on a school bus.

The boy, a fifth-grader at Douglas MacArthur Elementary School whose name is not being released, was charged as a juvenile with brandishing a weapon, police said.

He was also suspended from school, and Alexandria City Public Schools Superintendent Morton Sherman said further action is being considered, including expulsion.

“This is total indoctrination,” Glenn said. “What they are doing they are teaching our children to be terrified of guns.”