The much cheaper Bionic Man

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Everyone remembers the $6 million Bionic Man – well, today the idea of a bionic man isn’t so far fetched and it isn’t nearly as expensive. Check out Rex, the bionic man with skin, a heart, AI, blood and just about everything else a human has — and he only cost $1 million. What are the implications of this technology? Glenn explained on radio this morning.

  • Draxx

    My company is getting geared up to start Inductive (Ambient) Electric Experiments Soon (next 6-12 moths or so for first protoype using Pulse Modulation Extraction), sadly that still puts us behind the game from more Advanced Experts!  But, better to start as soon as possible…

  • Sam Fisher

    Thanks capitalism. 

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Amazing, absolutely amazing. This is what makes a capitalist society free, innovation and prosperity which is obtainable w/o the constant crushing regulations and taxation of an out of control government.

  • Anonymous

    These robots could be programmed to work against
    every country in the world.  Not such a good idea!
    Can you imagine all of the jobs that would be lost.
    Worldwide chaos!

  • Anonymous

    Eventually, this technology will be used to kill millions (or billions) of people.

  • bel

    If this tech come to full fruition, it will most likely lead to an entire “disposable” race. There would have to be a ton of restrictions, then hoping everyone minds the “rules”. 

  • Anonymous

    If one were to read Revelation 13, you will realize that the plan to put your ID and account information in a chip imbedded under your skin was predicted 2,000 years ago. This tells me that the second coming is near. The end is not near, it is here.

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