Glenn helps… Kim Kardashian? #SweetKimGunPic

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Kim Kardashian came under fire from liberals for tweeting a picture of a diamond-crusted revolver. She deleted the picture, but that didn’t stop the hate. So Glenn decided to start a hashtag #SweetKimGunPic and encouraged listeners to tweet pictures of their favorite guns!

Glenn tweeted his:

And so did Stu:

And intern Natasha (she claims she’s an employee, we’re not so sure):

Fans joined in as well on Twitter:

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Cute pictures. 

  • Brave_Pa

    I have more faith, love, trust and respect for the citizens of this country than I do for this administration.  KEEP YOU’R POWDER DRY!

    • Draxx

      Maybe you should have added and Keep Your Guns Clean and Working…

  • Brave_Pa

    My freind in my yard on my range.

  • Brave_Pa

    The day we brought G-G home. Yes her name is G-G.

    • Sam Fisher

      Man some people have all the fun. 

    • Anonymous

       I use to take one of those squirrel hunting as a kid

    • crazy betty

      I love it.

  • Sam Fisher

    Hell yes let’s do it for the first and second amendments.

  • Doug

    I wish I had a tweeter account now!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve got gun envy lol

  • Anonymous

    Glad I now am back in the South, where reason rules when it comes to our God-given rights. Recently purchased a 9MM and a 22 Pistol, and my wife and I will get our carry permits soon. Too much uncertainty in the world now to just rely on the goodwill of others. Too many animals that think nothing of harming you for a few bucks or just for the hell of it. Rather introduce them to the wrong end of a pistol barrel and watch them pee themselves.

  • Blaine Melville

    Why facebook or e as weapon you own? That plying right into the bean counters hands folks

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