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While “Republicans” may still hold a soft spot for “the architect”, it’s becoming clearer every day that conservatives are ready to wash their hands of Mr. Karl Rove. And amongst these conservatives is Glenn.

Glenn kicked the radio program off this morning by addressing the dying state of the GOP, Karl Roves “new” plan, and the progressive power grab…from both parties. Yes, apparently the half a billion dollars that DIDN’T get the job done in November wasn’t enough for Rove. He’s asking you to dump more of your money into his American Crossroads organization. Why? He’s going a “new” plan…

“Here’s Karl Rove’s plan:  to make that the incumbent Republicans, the established Republicans don’t lose again,” Glenn said.

…sounds more like an old plan, right?

“Oh! Well, that sounds exactly what America wants, doesn’t it?” Glenn said sarcastically. “Let’s keep the GOP’s heart beating.  Let’s make sure that people like Mike Lee don’t get in.  Let’s make that Ted Cruz doesn’t get in.  That’s his new strategy.”

“Whew! Man, am I glad I’m done with the GOP,” he added.

It appears Rove’s “new” strategy is hand all power over to progressives until the end of the country…which shouldn’t take long at our current pace.

“If that’s your strategy the progressives will be in power forever. Because if you ever do win, it will only be a progressive Republican that gets in,” Glenn told listeners.

Glenn isn’t accusing Karl Rove of having it out for the Constitution, but unfortunately, Rove is too out of touch with the American people to know what kind of leadership they’re seeking. Rove’s plan may have had a chance eight or so years ago, but not now.

“They are so entrenched in their own bull crap that they don’t even see that America is not there anymore,” Glenn said of the establishment.

“Karl Rove defending the GOP establishment is a recipe for death for not only the Republicans, but also a recipe for death for our constitution, and our Republic.”

One of the GOPs biggest problem is where it’s leaders stand in the public eye. They aren’t liked, they aren’t trusted, and they’re no longer being voted for. You can’t keep throwing millions of dollars and the same people, campaign after campaign, and expecting different results.

It’s insane.

If you want to change the image of the Republican Party to voters…the leaders of the party have to change.

“You have to get new blood in there, and you have people like Ted Cruz, and Mike Lee.  You have to have them,” Glenn insisted. “We should be moving that direction.  But they don’t want to hear that. Why? Why don’t they want to hear it? Because people like Karl Rove will lose their power.”

Everyone in America seems to understand this concept in sports — why are politics any different? If a coach has losing season after losing season….after losing season, what happens to them?

They’re fired.

It’s time for guys like Karl Rove to be replaced.

“The people that want to be a Republican or a Democrat is dwindling.  The people that want to see attack ads on one side from the other, is dwindling.  The people who want to even pay attention anymore is dwindling,” Glenn explained.

Why are people disengaging? Because they’re tired. They feel like they no longer have the power to make a difference or change anything. That’s what they’re being taught to believe by the progressive-controlled mainstream media and people like Karl Rove, who keep asking for their money and doing nothing with it but lose.

“If you’re donating to American crossroads now, what you’re doing is empowering the established Republicans to slit the throat of anybody who stands up to them,” Glenn told listeners. “That’s what you’re doing.”

“No thank you, Mr. Rove. No thank you.”